Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 25, 1890 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1890
Page 8
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ENDLESS LITIGATION May 1st we Want to Move We offer Special bargains in all departments—Too busy to cnumraerate. To-Day Childrens' Fast Black Regular made hose only 24 cents worth 50 cents Black dress goods still cheaper. Black bonnets for children. Low prices on everything OLDEN RULE. JOIN Harry G. Tucker's Suit Club. Investigate the new mode of buying a suit for f 2.00 RRY G. TUCKER, Merchant Tailor, 32O Pearl Street. Daily Journal. RETIRING FROM THE RETAIL CLOTHING TRADE Si. Grand Closing Out Sale! •'•':'• The undersigned concluded to retire from the retail Colthing trade and hereby offers his magnificent and Valuable Stock of goods at retail, at sxich prices never before heard of. It must be borne in mind, that this is'the most legitimate closing out sale ever held in Logansport. This is no scheme, no dissolution sale, no faker sale, no money required to pay out going partner, no quitting on account of poor health, not overstocked on account of cold or warm weather, no money required to satisfy creditors, but a bonaflde sale for the sole purpose and benefit of the proprietor Mr. Martin Frank a citizen of Logansport ever since 1833, who now wishes to retire from the Clothing trade.. My Stock of goods does not consist of cheap stuff brought here for a "30 day stay" but straight legitimate goods fit for Farmer, Mechanic, Merchant or Man of leisure. A saving of 10 per cent, or 25 per cent, as often advertised will be nowhere, my deductions will range from 33 to 50 per cent. 'Will sell you 3 Suits for the price you often paid for 2 Suits. Come yourself, bring the big boys, the little boys and be benefitted by this great sale. Goods marked in plain figures, showing former and present selling prices. Sineerly Yours MAKTIN FRANK, , On the corner of Market and Third Streets. If you have Defective Vision i . - . Have your eyes examined and fitted by J D TAYLOR, '-.':!'.,' • ' ' •' i ; Graduate Optieion AB|T Defect of Vision Corrected. For Sale by SIX-CORD COTTON. Leading Dealers. 34 Onion Square, New York City, Aug. 3«t»«88fl- '' ! After at fries of tests at our Elizabethportfactory, extending over <t period of several months, vie have decided to toe the WILLIMAJVTIC SIX-CORD SPOOL COTTON, Itlieving it to i>e~the best thread now in the market, and strongly tvempnemf'ti to ati agents, purchasers and users e£ttie Singer Machines. , -->' THE SfflGER MANUFACTURING COMPANY. FRIDAY MORNING. APRIL. 25. Choicest passmentrio trimming, at the Bee Hive. City Clerk Taggart was kept to his home yesterday by illness. To Mr. and Mrs. Will Drompp, yesterday morning, a daughter. | [China, surrah and India silks, at Patterson's, the Haberdasher. >' Black and white satin corsets, at Patterson's, the Haberdasher. Mrs. H. Kennof the West Side, is visiting her son John at Huntington. Mr. Tom Folen of the Wabash ticket office, is off duty on account of illness. Plaid surrah silks for combination with our choice line of colored hen- riettas, at the Bee Hive. I have a special deposit of §400 to loan for one or two years on city property.—Geo. B. Forgy. aprlSdtf City Clerk Hannigan and wife of jafayette, are visiting in the city, he guests 'of Mr. and Mrs. John Gleason. "A stitch in time saves nine," and f you take Hood's Sarsuparilla now t may save moaths of f uturg possible sickness. 2 John O'Hara of Peru, candidate jefore the convention for prosecut- ng attorney of Miami county, was n the city yesterday on legal busi- less. * Mrs. J. H. Grain, mother of Joseph 3rain of this city, is dangerously ill with blood poison at her home in Washington township. She is attended by Dr. J. M. Justice. Yesterday in the circuit court Mary L/. Sanger •was granted a divorce !roin her husband Adolph Sunger, and the custody of their minor child, on the grounds of abandonment. Logansport has an addition to its Chinese population in the person ol Wah Lee who hails from Crawfordsville. The enterprisiug Mongolian has opened a laundry on Sixth street Ladies know full well where to go for choicest styles of dress goods and outside wraps, and we are taking good care that you shall not be disappointed.—Wiler & Wise, of the Bee Hive. The Good Templars will go in body to the rink this evening to hear Father Campion's temperance lecture. All members of the order are requested to be at the hal promptly at 7:15 o'clock.—George P McKee, C. T. The divorce <-ase of Cora Harris against George B. Harris was callec in the Circuit court yesterday, bui on account of the absence of au im portant witness was continued for few days. The plaintiff alleges drunkenness and cruelty as causes for action. They have been married about three years. Judge McConnell yesterday ren dered judgement in the case of the State vs. Dr. J. W. Ballard for as sault on George F. J. Hildebrand acquitting Ballard on the grounds that his action was made in self de fense. This decision will prcbabl> put a check on the further progresi of the $5,000 suit for damages com menced by Hildebrand against Bal lard for injury to his person and feelings. Wednesday evening about, seven o'clock "Cooney" Kerns and brakeuaan by the name of Singleton got into a fight at Haley's saloon on Twelfth street, -which resulted in Singleton being considerably usec up. Knives were used and bloo flowed freely^ both were suffering flesh wounds. Singleton was quit badly cut in the arm and hip,' bn aside from a considerable loss o blood suffers no particular injury No'arrests. wo More Suits InnUtuted In the Bowen Kstato, and the Kn<t IM afot Vet. peclal to tho Journal. DBI.PHI, Ind., April 23.—Attorneys JIUK, Ryan and Gould u« attorneys or Treasurer Stewart, recently ap- jointed administrator of the Bowen state, began two suits in the Circuit court to-day wliich are of .interest. One complaint filed against the heirs charges the concealing, concerting and withholding- of property properly belonging to the adminis- rator and the sequestering of it for he avoiding of taxes clue. The cle- uand is made at $300,000. The other Oinplamt is against Haugh and Cerlinund arises out of the demand if the administrator for property n their possession belonging to the Sowen estate and their refusal to point it out. The demand in this case is made at $2,500. The partieulars of the contest over ,he appointment of ail administrator ms been given before. After the ruling of the court confirming the appointment of Stewart as administrator he made a demand 011 the heirs for the personal property in their >osession belonging to tha estate, and was presented with the follow- written notice: 'In answer to your demand for notes, bonds, money, books and papers belonging to the.estate of Abner ti. Bowen, I answer I have had none n my hands belonging to the estate since mv father's death. My father n his lifetime disposed of the same, belonging to him by gift to his then wife and cdildren. A. T. BowKN." Efforts to list the property elsewhere was met by similar refusals and the Administrator retired. It will b'e seen from this that the heirs ilaim a distribution of the personal property before the death of the de. cedent and that it therefore does not come within the control of the Administrator. The New K. of P. liand. The first appearance of the new Knights of Pythias band last evening was noted with pleasure by all within ear shot of the delightful serenade the boys gave. This band has been in practice) only a few weeks, but being made up of old band men has acquired a proficiency whksh places them way up in the ranks of similar organizations, and they claim, and justly, too, to be the best K. of P. band in the State. In a few weeks the band will come out in uniform and will present an appearance iu keeping with the excellence of^their music. They are preparing to attend the national conclave K. of P. at Omaha, in July, and of course are confident wresting the penant frcin the heretofore champion band. In this lately established musical organization the K. P. Lodge of this city has a baud it may well be proud of and Logansport another uniformed b.ody which is a credit to the city. After hearing the serenade last night everyone declared that the new band was a "corker," and all hope that it may nourish and live to a ripe old age, an age by the way, attained by so very few bands. The Journal compliments the new organization and congratulates its able leader, Prof. Bisbee, and each member of the band. The Teas. Contract. The Journal's statement of the true inwardness of that tax contract created much comment yesterday. It was an eye-opener to many and was a universal topic of conversation The unanimous verdict of the public was that the Commissioners had been recklessly careless in entering into such a contract. Many expressions of opinion were not so mildly worded. Last night the janitor chained the Court House securely to a tree to keep the Commissioners from voting that away. A Novel ItabMt Hum. Monticello Herald: The numerous wolf hunts organized In White county of late years have had little effect on the wolves, judging from the numerous reports of the capture of these animals in traps and otherwise. The passengers en the east bound ^passenger train Monday morning near SeaQeld were treated to the original spectacle of a wolf chasing a rabit at n<$ great distance from the. track. The rabbit ran towards the train, and the *olf. apparently thinking he was getting too near civilization, abandoned the the chase and stood watching the train till it wag out of sight. The Mrs. Palmer, who caused Mrs. Zimmerman to be arraigned in Squire Fender's court Tuesday, on a charge of provoke, does not live on the South Side as stated in the Journal, but lives on Railroad street. New French and domestic flgurec ohallias, at the Bee Hire. CONTINUATION? Of the greatest bargains of all the bargains ever offered here is now going on at HARRY FRANK'S The entire stock of Mr. S H. Kasley bought at a great sacrifice will be sold at less than 50 cents on the dollar. Flanel Shirts Sfic. <Jas«imere Shirt* 35 cents. Suspenders 15e. Linen Collars 10 oent» Unlaundred Shirts 33c. Laundred Shirts 43 cents. Shirts and Drawers 25c. Knit Jackets 50 cents. Jockey .Caps 25c Children's pants 23c And thousands of dollars worth of other goods. The's are wonterful bargains Unparalleled in the furnishing Trade. Prudent buyers owe it to themselves to call and see for themselves—We boldly and truthfully state that no Merchant can sell his goods at such figures unless procured at similiar circumstances—Come and be astonished HARRY FRANK, Leader of Low prices at Logansport and Delphi. C. B. KILBORNE'S BAKERY AND RESTAURANT, 317 Market Street Is the best place in the city for board, by the meal or week. Meal tickets of 21 meals only f 3.50. Use "Peerless" and "Boston Brown" Bread. What Merchants Say "There's something wrong-for we can't make those' prices, we cannot buy at some of them. McCaffrey's will not sell at what they claim to-or, if they do, poor qualities, short weights explain it" Nonsense! What folly if we'd advertise a price we did not" hope you'd come and buy at. We had better close our doors than to refuse to sell at what we say we wi 1 !. As to poor qualities and short weights-those who know best know better. Compare on standard such as neither they nor we can cheat on. These: instance Be^t Sugar Cured Hams, fresh smoked, per Ib many dealer charge 12V» *.»....._. 8 Best Sugar Cured Shoulders, per ID iHsc is the price at other stores ;..... tofac Best Breakfast Bacon, per Ib Look at your Pass Book and see If rou are not taring 10c_ Best smoked side meat, ]ier Ib Best Dried Beef, perlb Best Country Lard, per Ib FancySorted Potatoes, per bu _ 38 e Another quality Potatoes, per bu '&> •'A good Family Flour, per hundred , $1 16 The Best Flour, Pink Sack, under the brand of "Snow Ball" guaranteed better than any I'rand of Flour made In Lognnsport, per hundred 2 flt « Corn Meal. White bolted, per Ib 1 Fancy Golden C Sugar, per Ib * Choice Fancy C Sugar, perlb B Choice extra C Sugar, per Ib. White, extra C Sugar, per Ib. Soft A Sugar, per Tb Standard A Sugar, per Ib..... !i....".".!!™l".".™l!".~V!.".".'.".".".~ii"..i... 6' Best Granulated Sugar, per Ib.. Fancy Bulk Kuasted Coffee, per Ib ....™..!.™i.".."."".".i!".i!.."i."'.".".".'.'.i".!ll'.".".".;."."™."..- 23 AJax—Roasted Coffee, per Ib. package „ 21 Extra Choi e Package Roasted Coffee, the Cordoba—with a Story Book enclosed—per Ib "" E. L. C. Package HoasiedCoffee, perlb : The Vesper Packa e. a • omblnatlon blenrted to make a most excellent drink, per Ib. .- Slocho and Java Roasted CoBee. extraordlnay fine per Ib „ _ __ A Good Green C flee, per Ib , _ •& A Kancy Green Coffee, perlb t..T..... 23 Kaney Peaberry Green Coffee 25 Fancy Bananas, per doz »6 Fancy Layer Flxs per Ib „._ <-W . Fancy Dates, per Ib 10 * Onmges, per doz , ]0 c Fancy Lemons, pur doz .-. 15 e Fnnoy Mince Meat, per Ib No business ever prospered as ours for ten with an element of fraud about it. What Mechanics Say Some Mechanics tell us they have saved $500: iu the last five years by buying of McCaff ey's. What costs them $20 elsewhere must cost the-f 11 here to do it. One could soon buy a home with such a saving. Argument is folly anyway. Our prices are facts that need no comment' reputation guarantees our weights and qualities, were not so McCaffrey would not be a compe,tjtpr worrying about •••.••;•». V' As it is who would not trade with us? vv > v McCaffrey Our If & worth

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