Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 25, 1890 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1890
Page 7
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r CHAT ABOUT THE STYLES. BLACK LACE DRAPED OVER WHITE SATIN. ubout Jackets—The >"ew SIcevcH—Caru of the Halt—A Costome "Worn IJefore the Queen—A Farls Ke- crptloii <<owii—Notes of th« I'ashloiis. ELICATK BLACK lace o v c i- white s a t i ii ••omposiw many a dinner sown, trimmoii with sto<>i or of jet. One, recently ordered for Nice, \viis plainly urnumt'd with Mack lace fulling over while satin, sind tlirei! U'li.ffliis of black velvet ribbon, iibout five indies wide, falling straight .down from Hie waisttot.be ed.se of the skirt a!. botH sides. Each <nit> \vas finished o:f wltli a fringe of stivi ;:ml had another frin^u sown on about_threc-c|uartors of the way down. The bodice was partly of velvet and partly of black lace, drawn over white satin; the sleeve, on tlie velvet, half, cousisu-d of a rolled band of velvet, with a frinsio. of steel and au upritrln. steel-beadprl epaulet, that on the other being a continuation of lace over satin, with thesiee! epaulet. Another bl:u-k and white sown sent with the above had n plain frunl. without fold or fullness of any kind, of rich whito silk, with a deep pointed jetted guipure a! the eilgc, the. uoints going upward: bodice and train of bla«k satin brocade, with a large design of crescents, and a scarf. loosely tied at tlie left side, but very well forward, of white silk muslin: the. sides hitncr plain. •JarUets and Sleeves. Very large desicns are to be fushioi;- r.blc on silken and woolen fabrics, and ••verything is to hang as plain as possible. Some, early stiring skirts have a velvet band at the edsre and another ut a little distance above. The bands are from three inches U> four inches wide and correspond with the general coloring. There are now 'on an average seven single-widths in a skirt—four at the tt soio, oimc.uecl ou the corselet and along the tunic fronts with Brussels lace and eold embroidery The Anno of Austria bodice is opened to display a chomisette in mousseline chif Ton, edged with sleeved friilings, and shoulder epaulettes In wire lace. The muslin and embroidery ore visible in front, and spread tn a fan plaiting over the feet. 8qtiaretra.il!. Jewel coronet In hair. Worn Before tlie Queen. I.i: .1ACKKT. back, two at the sides, and one in front. Xo steels are added and only a small pad; some women do not have even this. Fifteen yards of single-width material nre sufficient, for a gown, inclusive of foundation. Home bodices are edged with a Hat ulr.ited cord, or a round one. which sometimes finishes off in long loops and ends. The. Irigot sleeves _are tjuite in the height, of fashion for jackets and sown?. In i.oth they are to be seen in velvet as well as in the material. There, are two styles —one is cut on the cross, very large, and fully gathered at the top. graduating till below the e.lbow it is so tight that it, is buttoned up the inside of the arm: the, ether is a plain sleeve lirat, with a wide one over it from shoulder to elbow. This overpiecc, which resembles a long puff, is frequently of another material from the gown, or if not thelowcr part of the sleeve is. Epaulets, of open-work beading, like small tiaras, are being sold for fixings on to low dress bodices, and also floral ones. On some of the t-ea-gowns the epaulets are exactly of tlie same size and shave a? thv, horseshoe brioche bread supplied on tho continent. The old-fashioned narrow silk fringe trims some of tho season's tga-gowns. It edges the entire front of the gown on both sides, and also the short scarves which form in many frowns the. over- sleeve, resembling a scarf passed under the arm. and gathered UD high on >he top of it. In this style an i-ffective combination is a cinnamon silk gown and fringe, and scarves, opening uver a front, and tight long sleeves of white; or an emerald grt.cn over pale salmon-pink, or jrrey. All tlie now jerseys have raised sleeves, although not many have appeared yet A red siik one, with cuffs, high collar, and small yoke of b!r,ck velvet, is much worn at orescnt for quiet homo evenings; and Mack with red vests, braided over with black, for day. Half-fitting brocade jackets, with laco waistcoats and trim- wings, ara worn by elderly ladies over. th". same or other skirts. Wide scarves of sprigged net with overcast scalloped e3ges have superseded the lace ones. Some of the newest cashmere cloaks, very long, and lined with shot silk, have iiigh collars, yokes and inner waistcoats «f black lace. Later on they will como into fashion among the be.st dressed "'omen. Paris Reception fiown. At the: last drawing-room at Hm-kins- ham palave the Hon. Le Poor Trench wore the costume figured above. The train and bodice were of cream brocade, <triped with lerra-cotta and. pale bine, and lined with te.rra-cotta silk. Tho petticoat was of terra-cotta silk, draped with beautiful Brussels lace. THE Government of Saratoff, Knssia, Bells each year to the people an immense quantity of tar for use in their business. All the sales are on credit, aucl as the peasants can neither read iior write the account of each is kept by means of certain signs made with the tar upon liis doorpost. Pay day comes every fall, and thcn'onlv are the doorposts of Saratoff waslied clean until a liew account is started. Xo.ui DIIEW. a once prosperous Michigan farmer, who went crazy over religion and went to England to join the Zoezreelites or "J«ew and I^ater House of Israel," lias just died and been buried in the Potter's Field. Pie spent his fortune to further the interests of the i Zeezreelitos. Kev. Cano:i Cooke, of Brompton, and other clergymen are trying to raise funds by public subscription to send his wiilew back to her home in America. NEVER FAELS. rjiriTioN o~ FACI: AMI NECK. Alter suffering for eight nmmlis with u troublesome erupt ion ou ray face und nccfc.nnrl Lry- in-'Bll sorts of remedies. I vent, finally cured V; Hikins a few boules of Bvviffs Spcc-ifiV. It In- creasfil my iveipht from 9r» to i:& j.t.n]nl.-. A. \V. ClKiGK, OlUiliM K;ui. IIIIEKMATISJI ELIMINATED FF.OX Till! Dl.'.^U. I am satwficd thnl P. S. S. is the bffl liiix.' remedy in the world. 1 )mve used it fur rheu- matfcm with the bi~t results. 1... L. RofssEL, Sherman. Tcsas. r.AK CASE or FltOST BITE. \ patient under my charge was bodly :ifil-i'le«J witli Woo J poison. T he result of frost bite ii 11 lie feet. Both feet had sloughed off before be was turned over to me. He wan cured sonud with a few twiiles of S.S. ^.. and 'a now walkinc about en bin knees. K. L. Woor>. MHledgcvillc. <!n. Treatise on Blood and Skill DisenFos in;til<'<j fYiV. g\V!FT HPE'IFIC C^l.. Atlanta. <;;l. throng! my irork to-day1' I fee/ miserable, headachy, tiled, pain la my back, my food won't digest, my -whole 6ody seems out of order, vr c answer that it is no •wonder you are in such a brotea down condition, and you will keep petting trorse unless *oa can cure year LIVER. This important organ aout of order and voa must cure it by promptly Dr, C. McLane's Celebrated Liver Pills. Efacy TTll restore you and giro vigor and tealth to four TTholo system, making you strong and ireU. Only 25 cents a box, and they may save your life. Ask your druggist for the genuine Xto-- O. 3MToE^^a.3a-S3»SS DELEBRA TED UYER PILLS —MADE BY— FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa. OS-Look out for COOKTERFCTTS made in St Louis. BREATH. illustrated is of moon- not osly diaacrecablo but very duigercmft. Ton lm*7a cnro them tn ttmo or you micht £nd i t J"op saafe, «ur* nail nlonsGixtz«inedj t oca thnto be rslied upon tor botn odulu uad chudrea, lu* csssrso. Prepared by Fleming Bras. Pittsbargli ' THE BEAUTIFUL THE GHAS-AVQBELER Gh- ELY'S Cream BalfflB^-Y's Cleanses tlie Nasal Passage Allays I'ai and [iifiamtnution, H eals tli eSoresj Restores tlie Senses of Tastci ami Smell ... Ti-y the CureHAY-FEVER A particle Is applied Into each nostril and is agreeable. Price SO cents at druggists: by mall, registered, 60 cts. ELY BROTHEBS, 6B Warren St, New York. m MOORE'S They act in tbe Blood. Slightly lax*tiY& Pilules Absolutely Sure For Malaria, Chills. & Impure Blood They expel disease germs, and Parity tho Systeia Druggists, 4 Dr. C. C. Moore, 78 Cortland St. N.K They Positively Cure. The Great Kujrlisli Prc.ncrlptlom, A successful Medicine used over years in thousands of cases. Cures .Spermaforr/iea, J?crvou*\ Weakness, Antts*ioTiB. Impotency and all diseases caused br abuse. [BEFORE] indiscretion, or over-exertion. f Bix packages Guaranteed to Cur<- ie?Knauot?tcr»- FaiL Ask your Druggist for The Orent £ncll«h PrcKcrlptlon. talce no substitute. One packftge SI. Six $3, bv mail. Write for Pamphlet. Address £urek.u Cbcixiical Co. f Detroit* micha F« sate by B. F. Keesllng. marSdiwly MK'.V HEAD NIKS CDKEITbT 1S1BLK TUBULAR EAR CUSKIOKS. VTblspura hcird. Con> . » &11 Uen«dl«i (Ut. Soldbr F. IlfSCOX, 13 Er'dwvr. Sew lork. Write tor bonk at pn»& XUXS PARKER'S HAIR B&LSAfti ic^jiies and bcauiifies the hair. 'roinoU"; n luxuriant growth, ev.^r Ks '•$ 1o Restore Gray Hsipiii*-, YouthfuJ Col^r. i'^ ;• i .-irriri un-l haji- lalilne HINDERCORNS. The OBly B»ire Ctiro Tor Corns. Stops ftllpnln. Ensnroe comfort to tho feet. luc. a.r. Dnicpista. Iliscox .fcCo., N.Y. J^^R- Have voaUot PARKER'S CIKQER TONIC. It ha« cu thavorwi cftsedramiisthelxs-stronH-cfy fur nil ills arisi from dcTccUro nutrition. Xako la time. 60a and fil CHICHESTER'S ENGLISH PENNYROYAL PIUS. Itctl Cross Uiumond Hrand. ^"^ ^Vi "-e orrt.T rclla'jlfl pill for Bale. Safe »n« icw. n*fc >mccrt arLcn. iniiu red nmallicboiw, tetZeA it)ttoa. Take no other. Bcnd4c. hir pnrtkuUri mnd "Itelief Tor ." in leti.tr, by maiL Xamt Paper* Q ., rUUad»» P*. MADE V/ITH BOiLiNG WATER. WADE WITH BOILING MILK. /"' ASTHMA Calsrri, Hay Pmr, Dipltteii, Conili, CTOID ml Comoa Goi rccommendefl by Physicians sod s"M gjsta tliroughout tho world. Send for Tree HIMBOD MAinJF'G CO., SOIB PEOPStBTOBS, 191 FULTON ST., NEW YORK A Scientifioand S laniard Popnlar MeUicai 1-reMlssca tlioErroraof Youth, Premature Decline, Jfervons :in<3 Physical Debility, Impurities ol the Blood. ' ixii<ii:imi{ trom Folly, Vice, Ignorance. Eic«.sea or O\L-itaiution. KneiratlngaDd nafittlng Ihe victim for Work, Ku*lnt*s, tbe Starried or Social Bebdon. Avoid unskilful pretender*. PoMen tbte great work It contains £00 pages, royal Bvo. Benutifnl liindrng, emboeMd. tab giH. 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I'-.lRMKRs: with all Ihycettitif; get a liouin in hv sunny south, where blizzards and ice dad 'tains art* unknown. H'.p t^uetn tfe Crescent Route is i*4 Miles the Shortest and Quickest Line Cincinati to New Orleans Time 27 Hours. £mire Trains. Baggage Car, Day Coaches ;ind Sleepers run through without change. :.110 Miles thetShortest, 3 Hours the Quickest Cincinnati ;to Jacksonville, Fla. Time 27 Hours. The only line running Solid Trains und Through Sleeping Cars. UNL.1 LIN I FEOM CINCINNATI TO Challanogtu Tenn., Fort Payne. Ala.. JferldJaa, Mifs.. Vickburg. Miss., Shrevevort. La. 20 Miles the Shorti'st Cincinnati to Lexington. KT. ^ Hours Quickest Cincinnati to Knoxville, Tenn. Hi Miles tbe Shortest Cincinnati to Atlanta and AUKustu, <Ja. M Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Anulston Ala. !''IfUys 1 he Shortest Cincinnati to Birmingham. Ala. 1". Miles Shortejit Cincinnati to Mobile. Ala "Hrect coimecUoDs at New Orleans and Shrevepoit For Texas, Mexico, California. Trains !rave Ontral Cnlon Depot. Cincinnati. ossing tlie Fumous lligli Hridpe ot Kentucky, uitl n>unUing 'the base of Lookout MonnUUn. Pullman Boudoir Sleepers on all Through Trains. Over One Million Acres of Land in Alhan:a. the future Grrat State of the StJUth subject tn ijre-emption. Cnsuriias.-ed chniate. For Correct County Hap*. Lowest Rate.s :uid full particulars addres. 1). (!. KBWAEES. C.m. "senger it Ticket Agent, Queen <t Crescent Borne. flncliinaU. O. aprilodiwly U you are golns j SOOTH on EAST See that your tickets tv-ac VIA. I C., I., ST. L. <fc C. By. For It 1» the BEST find QUICKEST RorrE. THE POPULAR LINE Between Chicago, Lafayette, Indianapolis, CINCINNATI. The Entire Trains run Through wit I out change, Pullman SleeeperB and Elegant Reclining Chair Cars on Night Traing, Magnificent. Parlor Cars on Day Trains. FOP Indianapolis, Cincinnati and the Southeast, take the C., I., St. L, & C. Ry., and VandaHa Line via Coif ax. THE ONLY LINEc!n^n a S a ^ fiieat Objective Point for the distribution ot Southern and Eastern Traffic. Tbe lact that It connects In the Central Union Depot, in Cincinnati, with the trains of the C. i O. tt. K. C W. & B. B. li. (B. & O..) S. Y. P 4 O. H. B. (Erie.) and the C. C. C. 4 I RT [Bee Line.1 ior the East, aswellas with tbe trains of the C. N. O. A T. P. H'y, [Cincinnati Southern], and Ky. Central Ball-way for the Souin. Southe.-ist and Southwest, pives It an advantage over all Us competitors, for no route trom Chicago. Lafayette and Indianapolis can make these connections without compelling jiassengers to suhnilt to a lonir and disagreeable Omnibus transfer for both [assen- eers and baggage. Four trains each way. dally except Sunday. Two troln each way on Sunday, between Indianapolis and Cincinnati. Through tickets imd bacsnige checks to all i.rtn- clpal points can be obtained at any ticket offlce C 1. tit L. &C. 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Incorporated by tlie Legislature, for Ed- cational and Charitable purposes, and its fran- -tilso made a part ol tlio pr»ser.t State Constitution, In 1879, bj- an overwhelming popular vote. Its JfAirjIOTH DRAWINGS take place Seroi- AnnujLilr, (June and DecemN»r), and Its (rEVND SINGLE NUMBER DHAWjiSKS tike place in eacli of tlie other tc.n months of tbe year, antl axe •11 drawn In public, at tbe Academy of llustc. ew Orleans, La, FAMED FOR TWENTY YEARS, FOP Integrity ot its Drawings,an<3 Prompt Payment of Prizes. Attested as Follows: 'We do hereby certtff that we supervise the arrangements for all tbe Montblj- and semi-annSl Drawing of the Louisiana State Lottery Company and In person manage and control the Drawings taemselves, and tbat toe same are conducted witt aonesty, fairness and in good faith toward ail parses, and we authorize the Company to use this certificate, with fac similes of our signatures at tacbed, in Its advertisements." We the undersigned Banks and Bankers nQl paj all Prizes drawn In The Louisiana State Lotteries which may be presented at our coun ters. K. M. WALcMS.l.BY, Pres. Ix>nlsloii Jlafl Bank. PIKJEKK liANAirjc, Pres, State Snt'l Bs.uk A. EIALiOWlN. Orleans Ti&t'l Bnuk M. Inlon Kational HanU. Grand MontMy Drawing, In the Acadetay ol Music, New Orleans, Tuesday, May 33, 1880, Capital Prize $300,000. 1OO,GOO Tickets at 'jfwenly Oollars each. Ilalvcr* S3O; <^i!arier» *3; TenthH S2 : TrveutfpHis si. T.I3T OF PRIZES. 1 Prfee of $300,000 la ................... SSXUXJE 1 Prize ol 100,0001s ................... 100,00(1 1 Prize ol 60.1XX) is ................... 60.000 1 Prize of 25,()OQ is ................... 25,000 'L Prizes of 10,000 are ................. WflOt S Prizes of 6,000 are ................ 2a,OCi.) 125 Prizes of 1.00C are ................. 25.0UO 100 Prizes of 500 are ................. 50,000 200 Prizes of SOU lire ................. 6WX 600 Prizes of 200 are ................. iPPEOXlMATJOS PHIZES. 1(JO Prizes of $500 are ........... _ ........ ,,.$5(),UC*) IdO Prizes of 300 are ........................... 30.000 100 Prizes of 20(1 are .............. _ ........ 20.WC TKEJOSAL FRIZES. 999 Prizes ot $100 are ......... „ ............. SftiKlO 999 Prizes el 100 are ......... _ ............ B9.900 S,1M Prizes amounting to ............... $l,0ui.8(r NOTE.— Tickets drawing Capital Prizes are not en titled to terminal prizes. AGENTS WAITED. For Club Kates, or any furtlier information desired, write legibly to the undersigned, clearlr stating your residence with state, county, street and number; More rapid return mail delivery will be assured by your enclosing au Envelope bear ing your fall address. IMPORTANT. Address 31. A. 31. .* By ordinary letter. contaliUn? it oney Ord issued by all Impress Companies. New Yorte change, Draft or PostalSote. Address Registered Lelters ContaiBing Currency to NEW OHLEANS NATIONAL RANK. Now- Orlpnns. Lr- '•KF.MK33tS.- ft. ;|I.M lav |.:ijin«-n! nt 1T1. Is Cfi' A ti-i ,'->•{• '. . - s; i K«*t Si XATIOX ; t. SI V> K"> ••• >f.'. Or-'.vis. ami the Tickets;ui> ,«V-iieiI hv ;bc ITH.-ldent of ;.n ias'J tutlon, wbo^'.b ch;iner«-l i'mht> jiiv rtx-i^iii:^Hl in the highest Courrs; tl:eieli:Te V^-«ttr^ or' fill !m IcaHona or anoiiymuns >c!ienu--« " OXI; I>OI.i.AK is Ihe pric-e of the snial!«sl part or fraction o! a Ticket )!!•!•>« KI> BV i:K Inanj Drawing. Anything In our namo offered for less than n Dollar is a swindle. fl • TTHimW Tstc- no shorn nnless (.Allllllnl W.I,. BOMIM-name*»<J UAU A Wil price are stamped on the bottom. If tne dealer cannot supply •end: direct to factory, enclosing price. OurMalyoor Perfection Byrliifr.- fn-i- \-itb every bottle. 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Ti'shefalneM, KcaUl Depression, goft- olu.>. of tbe Er»in r*»aJUng in iuwnlty and lead- n« tr. ralecry J d«*y fciul dwth, Prematare CM VRO. Ear re en wa, lsou>of powrin either 6*1, nvolnntar> Lof»e* «B^ flparnMtorrboee oacs«d by v«i exertion of tk* braJm eeH-Ataae or OTcr-la- al«?«cce. Each box oenialn* one moath'n tr«ftt- ent. ll.OOa baj, oriiT boiM.-for $5.00. wntbj •11 pr»p»ld on r*s«lptoCpHc«. WE GUARANTEE SIX BOXKS near* «.Df :ii 0 . With e*ch ordtr rfr^ iT«J b sTor *lr borse, &coompaniitd viihR-'-i, ITS wj «nt thspurohMier oar wrtttsu giurci~t.4e to r«fnn i« aioney if the tr**tm»iit do«9 not effect * fior* >cs.ai:t«e3ltBDftdonl> bj E, T. nSo Ac*at tor Lagmtupcrt. OTOPS ALI. ^-* UKiwilural 24- hoars. manGoTtramesfcCor Hospital &Armyutc P.S.C. is put up for American trtde in a patent bottle holding syrinjjc (sex c»t; At druggrati, SLOO, in 3 days. No Stricture NQP a L..sU_RE| SM . 5e3 j. <! j for y^ TheVonMc*IComp3ay. ClnciniaH.CWo. -tmn. D. F. KJEESLISO. Agent. Loffmsport, JOSEPH GiLLOnS STEEL PENS COLO MEDAL PARIS EXPOSITION IS73., '• Nos. 3O3-4O4-I7O-6O4. ; THE MOST PEBPECT OF FEUS.- Th -y will dye ererytMnjr. TI-? here." l>rire K\c. :; :«-. .;:n.c. ri for Streopil., Jtn-.-h:>!;•-- ".^...i orforl'.'t:i---" .'u:-. .. ..• • Theyd'j • : Ben Klsher. 311 Kourtb street. S3.OOSHOE FDR EEJTTLEMEBT. The only 3'ina Calf Seaiclesa $3-OO Shoe in the •world'witli a smooth Innersole. No Tacki Nails or Heavy SeamofTIiread to hurt the Feet and vcear out StocSRcgs; une- Genuine unless Stamped on Sole* „ SERKINS & IOYCE $3. SHOE WAMNIHI fW. M. GRAFFIS, Logansport Inci SWISS CONDENSED MILK RIGI BRAND 6KNBIKK SWISS COM>ENSK) HILK. Guaranteed the richest and purest milk roau- factured, containing ovfr 50 p*r cent, cf butter. Children and Invalids will thrive wonderfully, ami families will find Its use more economical than ordinary cows milk. See your srocer gives you genuine Rig* Swiss Cornier.?*! Milk. Irr.rxm Agent, JAMES P. S3HTH, Sew Yort and Cblcagu. 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