Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 23, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER u_ ' " " ' iiiiiiitiiiiiih^^^ uuui ^^^^" T It Will Soon Be Time to Vote. , am a Candidate. Of for, but I want to be .elect d Your .discriminates against no class I prc recognize Euit of .lolbe. tc .your ^^^S^^ , «,| clot.es no ««P«' to ' ln *Jf .^"t^ hlng to look over n,y stock a d art ° the and pat " terna in Fall Woolens. ' H. Q TUCKER The Original Pearl Street Tailor. .Rob Roy. The very latest in SHOES for children, See our show windows Full ot the handsomest new stje shoes eyer shown in the city. Damage Suit lor Alienation of the Affections of a Wife. City Commissioners Appointed- Indictments Returned. 403 Broadway. - THE BANK - OF.- . LOGANSPOKi. . .INDIANA CAPITAL $250,000. DIBECTOB8: ' T wioo. in a. ,t B Depart.»ent B promptl y Wanted.-A good girl at 200 North Sixth street . Priced stovos.of any.kind)at Flanegin's new store store. ; •:• Mrs. CotMr'iarfll wltli^typnold fever nt Ber home on Linden aTcnne. Only eight more days until the Columbia cigar f2G guess comes off.. Floy* Nelll of the Southside Is taking a course at Michael's university . cloaks! cloaks! A complete 4J1OBKS; viu"""' -------- , Hue of Jackets and capes at prices to ' 8U ,teverybody,-The Golden ' Merit In medicine means the power to cnre. The great cnres by Hood's Bar •aparilla prove Its nnequalefl merit. oFcloft. The best toWe oil cloth .only 13 c a yard, and a good qualltj SroHclothatl8cayard.-Golden K Mlss Nellie Burnett entertained about sixty of her Wends at her home two miles north of the city Satnrdaj basball plteber.of this aoeefo.r .some time visittag at Bay, WJs,and has Wlaymg the ball team at that city, nis e game was.a -victory over, the Appletons by a score of 10 to b. The Logansport. State.- BanK, after three years.of business, last Friday sc aside ?5,000 of Us net earnings, to the ^urpto^nd-lncraaslng-lts^t o tfi'at amount.. -There. Is no w,.f 12,000 in the.snrplusfund, and ¥.50,000 In capital ' •• Another peculiar damage, suit was filed in the Circuit court yesterdny. Nelson Vayett wants da-mages in the sum of $5,000 from Charles Koblman, claiming as his.ground, of complaint that Kohluwn hns alienated the affections of ihis wife and broken up a once happy home. The complaint recites that Yoyett and bis wife nnd daughter lived together very happily until the 23d day of November, 1895, when Kohlman appeared on the scene and by his seductive wiles, enticed the love and affection of Mrs. Vayett from the keep- Ing of her 'rightful lord nnd -master, and appropriated them to himself. John W. Harvey is- plaintiff's attorney. The damnge suit of John Wolf vs.; Martin Bettcher went to-the jury yesterday'-afternoon at about 4 o'clock.; The suit Is'for damages In the sum of $2500, the'plaintiff claiming that his character'has suffered in that, amount because ofcertaln false, accusations alleged to have been .brought against him by the defendant. , Judge Lniry yesterday'• appointed Dennis Uhl, Frank M. Harwood, William Burgman, .Lemuel. G.. Patterson, N: R. Donaldson to net as City Commissioners for the ensuing term. Indictments have been returned by the grand jurjvngalnst the following persons: ' ' John Bowers, larceny; Ell Ranch, larceny, and receiving stolen goods; Frank Buchanan, nssauljt and battery, with Intent to commit murder; Willinm Mlt : ch-ell, larceny; James Scott, housebreaking and larceny; Barnard Dally, house-breaking and larceny; Alonzo Saxon, assault and battery, with intent to commJt rape; bond raised'from .?!,500 to $2,000. '•• . ' "Shanty" Hamilton, who is In for larceny, nnd Frank Buchanan, his side partner in crime, were tafcen to the photographer Monday and sat for their pictures. Their mugs will adorn n space In the rouges .gallery which. Sheriff Adams is collecting. , , Charles L. Stewart and Flora Gnng- wer secured the papers entitling them to wed yesterday. /BUe County Commissioners were busy yesterday looking over tbe list of claims. .;.••• He Gets the Handsome Columbia Wheel Offered by the Sisters. CLOSE OF THE BAZAAR " , . i A Success in Every Respectr- Eight Hundred Dollars •• • Netted. •,.... ' j The bazaar'given-by the Sisters of St. Jo'seph's hospital which has been In progress at the rink for the past- week, was brought to a close lust night about 12 o'clock. . The fancy, wor.k?, ; dolls, etc., which were exhibited In't-jie" different booths were nil sold, ns wns nlsp the eatables which were left from last evening's supper, Stdnhnrt's orchestra was present nnd rendered somii fine music'while a.number of the young' people passed, a morry hour in dancing. The wlicel contest between W. E^ Widgeon of the Vandnlia line, and'Robert- Green of tlic Pennsylvania system, was' brought to a close at 11 o'clock shitrp- and Mr. Widgeon was awarded ".the; wheel, he receiving 428 votes while Mr.' Gveeu received 327, The total number of votes cast wns 7">5, which' at ten cents a vote netted the 'hospital $70.50, Miss Mnzzlno Gallagher, the popular stenographer in McConnell & .TenKines law office, acted as champion for Mr. Widgeon, while Miss Katie Hoffman rallied Mr. Green's forces. Mr. Widgeon, the lucky contestant, wa.s until recently rond foreman of engines on the Michigan division of the VaudnJln and was located, in this city, but'was promoted to. round house foreman .at Indianapolis. Tlw> bazaar was a success financially. It Is not exactly known how ranch w-ns cleared, butane amount will probnly readi ,?800, The Sisters nnd promoters of the affair desire to thank those who contributed:to the good cause, and nlso those who attended nnd assisted In'making It a-.stic- cess. - ."-.'.'''. > ISS^'.-bank^Tia'pet', including", bank 'yieckT Srfatsj bills ot/«kcnange, etc., lias lncren.'*ed"w.ith even greater 'rapidity, thus adding cnormonsly to the cur- i'enc'y'of tMb 1 wor'kil It will b'o'-seen from t.hc above brief statement ot facts'that the assumption tha.t jjold Ua.H' appreciated Is not war--' rii.ntedrsiuce.the reason for Its "appreciation" or increase in value could be only because of an Increased de- mriiid-'ror'it:'' This is nlso clearly shown by'ano'flierr.ncftlmt will be discussed :iu tbe-next leaflet, and which wllVin- •terest.everyiworklng man. THE POLICE REPORT. Sevent>-Three Arrests Made in ';';,the Month of August. ' '"'Tiit- polled 'report for the.-month of August, ivas'"been submitted by Chief 'Micii!iei;xiprr'issey.n-n'd shows, that sev- ' _ •'., "'ftI.''.*. 1' — ..'..,mt-'e, nr.'t.nn nlfliTA ' HO'VOlltV . 'eiiity;fiiree.nrrest*i were, madife, seventy 'of \viioni were men and three women. ' Following 'are flic' offenses upon which fliey' )ver'e in-rested: >: ' !Xssa,nVt"nna' battery 2;. drunkenness ^•'iifceny'S; robbery 1; vagrnnoy 27: 'vlofti'tiu'pjie'niuli ordinance 1:'. violating •fls'kiaw'2;i:'vlolatioin n.re nlnvm ordl- ylolji'tidn' stock ordinance 1; park ordinance 1; MOB '«ET THEM Fish Wardens Warmly Received By Burrows Seiners. 'on movVng tra.lns '!."' '"''' THE SPEAKING TONIGHT.^ Opening of the Sound Honey Democratic Campaign, j The Sound Money Democratic mejet- lug at the rink tonight promises to;be well attended: Peru will send quite a delegation. There:are-a.t least six hundred- Sound-Money I^moerats.Jn Lo- Vansport aid many'of these will-find; it convenient to be present Many Ke- publlcnns will attend also. Hon. John H. W,!so i, Dr. Charles Seholl of Carroll county and Hon. Rufus Magee are the speakers. . ' '..•'.-• The Peru delegation will arrive about •J-IX; Jrtiu ucic^««-*v" ..-•- C'30 o'clock wltli the Pem band. It will w |us ULU ^^ M be met at the station l>y I^^ansiwrt^.^-^^^as not been seen since. _ _. ' <-v svt.n*t- TITttlV^llP Tj*>.'l'"; I',/'.1^ l»i -Ynuici'-'-LYnlnfV tf> nilllOflffO* "f tie'crises w^rc disposed''of as fol- fiuod to IAV _. _, _ discharged •M; committed to cbn.ntyjfn.il 3. Num- ber'of persons given lo'd&njr in .InII 12. n.'t :: nii expense'of i?10.8&, : Expense of department pay roll .$S&'lC. ' \4Lijipunt of personal property report'• ccVstoien'' i?134,2. r ,; amount recovered "'''Finis collected for violation of liquor la;w's'$lfl.50!'' 'AmomU.roeeived. from 'pound'.$3..;' _ ', <•...;• jJiim-ber of saloons -last* report 50. Opened, since last repqrt-i:,-'; ' ; :.'. :: STOLE A BIKjE,e, • . : O.'ir r..---' .^;-i!', ' ' '" . And A\vay He Ran--Will Cham' hers Muchly Wanted. "'Will Cliambers, a young-man about ••twenty-five-years of age, who .resides about nine miles southwest; of'this city, In'c'nrrbll county, renited;i| bicycle from Burgmnn Bros. September 5th; for the period of'one week. He snld he would return th'e : -wheel September 12th, but failed to 'do so and after wnlting ten days over time Mr. C. W. Burgmari went out to see him. He found that. Chambers bad left home, taking with Mm the' -wfieel. His father said that ho'lind nt one lilme. been conflned la; nu asylum and was stili subject to.crazy •spalls; that last Thursday'morning he tin'd one of his spells nnd drove the : family from the house and after supplying himself with a suit of clothes, •jMnt-and'two shirts which belonged to his brother, rode away on his bicy- t ?.'''..'• _i '. i. A„ -*f.* 1i/i/» n COAn SlllOe. 1 HG Sound !*Ioney Democrats witli-the Kn n,portband. : ' S * •±JM, .JOURNAL LEAFL'ET: jc.o.!ip,- (Cut this but anil.put In your.,Docket for reference.) . ' •'•• ••••'•"•' |- : "•-' • The "rising dollar" Is a-.favorlte iex- pressiou of the friends of : free and jnnv limited "coinage of'silver.- TJiej'. assert constantly Unit' gold h'n ^appreciated;. <n value, by reason of a'senpclty; or "cornering" of that metal, nnd that, therefore, the gold'dollar 'is*''Plijing;- dollnr" and' consequently.•moreuHffliult to cet while at'the same'ilme,. It pro- tVf *»*•*•* ' ./ ',V_Vit / *, He "•'| : ^*fd ; he w- : ns-going to Chicago. Tiie k'tieel-ls a Hickory, No. 2581. The Burg- nihn-'Cycle company will pay a reward for the return of : the wheel'and the arrest and conviction of the young man. to ge, Avne ,. sents to its owners a tfemptittlpri to, " rowtlL !.yiluc. •<lOCC ' .•--.-• • ,,, " .-A-rfickless V 'bVcyclist,nained William Albert; . residing; % atBnrrows, while "scorching"' 'through the streets of that village Ja-s. t Sundtoy. run down the five- vear-old.' child -of, William Bandolpb, breaking, tHe '.child's th.Igh and nose ' nnd'^therwse-urng . . : The flftb'.ward-blmetaUIc. league has cbosen delegates and alternates to the National cpnventipn^of. Democratic , d«^,as:follpw:»::, W. V A. Osmer ..and jota Hench,,delegates; James Gijmoje and WJllard Fiuer, alternates. ,, October 3d. -. ANOTHER BIO GUN. XHE NEXT ., Katie Emractt, who is a.populnr.fav- orito in this city, comes to us Saturday Sept 20, at the new Dolan, in an entirely new version of her greatest success "The Waifs-of New York." It Is u comedy drama that will please jill classes of theatregoers. .TJiore . are thrilling climaxes, and effects .for the lovers of the sensational,' novel specialty Acts and-catchy songs for those who like that'style of^entertainment. It abounds with-bright.lines and dramatic situations, and Is interpreted by an ..excellent company of sixteen people 4,nd Vealth-of characteristic scenery .representing Greater New .York. : T^he Democrats tried yesterday, to K et the notice of their meeting tonight in the PharoB, the former Democratic organ, at regular •advertteing rates, -hut it was no go, The,Pharos since it went'o,yer to.tbe .Eopocrats. has no love, for Demoerats. .-."•• :; ••', -.- honrd".it-for.Its..mere growtlL Instead of allowing It -to go'ii None of -the misleading -sta.tements^ wMch' the silver nd'vpcates-.'niafceHa! more deceptive .and at -the' Sftmt? time. more effective tton .this oner :;,..', j ; ' :/i ; ' The fact is that the nmount.,p£ gold,. money.' in the world ig-'increasing. H&. muc* -greater speed -In the past' Zero years than most p«ople' suppose.* (Sala, is now being produced froin.th»*i}j»«: a,t the rate ot ^ .$200,006',00b;a ^entp/A: lialf century ago a pr.od.uctl.bn ..of, ten millions a y.ear'wns pheubinenal. ,, As n' consequence the amount.pf gp.ld-1n| the world Is today-three times as larg^ -a* it was fifty year* -ago: TtteTbegristatf s/ : tlcians put tho amount of gbl»'tnjt|ie. world fifty years- ago, cpined; ; and[ un, at less than if2^0d,000,000>«hlle- 1 1. i— ~-ri«n»ntt HTT. -nVIiT* . STjnOO.OOOi*" Hon. Rnswell Q. Horr at the Rink Friday September 25. J7HonV:.Itoswell.G.,Horr, tie famous exponent of sound. money, will epeak Ail the fink- Friday,. September 25th. -He '-will arrlre from Chicago at 1:55 p m;,' and will begin 'hls-s-peecb at 2:30 o'clock, Mr, Horr was '.for,, years tbe financial editor of the. New : .York Tribune/. and has. a more, than national reputation aa a debater aad financial anrthorlty. He went into the hot bed of free silver and debated with "Coin" Harvey, rooting, that famous,dlstorter of facts completely. He 'has done much' for the. cause of sound /money. .Prl- Couldn't Get A Bits to Eat-Trouble Ahead For Seiners. .micro Is serious trouble nhcad for the violators of the law against taking nsh from the streams with-seines and nets.. Forbearance has ceased tp be a virtue with the deputy fish wardens, who were appointed by the State Fish Commissioner to break up the practice of seining,- :uid nn experience the two of tihem had Inst-Monday with the gang of Carroll', county fishermen has determined ihcm' to push- the prosecution of those 1 who may be caught in t-he fnture to the limit of -the law. When tbe wardens captured the seine and trammel net nnd caught the ten, Cnrroll countynns in the act of breaking the law last Friday, they did not exercise their power of arresting and taking the men to jail, bnt. on the promise'of the law-breakers Ihnt (hey would go before the .Tnstlce at Bur r .rows and en,ter.a'plea of guilt, the wardens let them go home and agreed that the lowest penalty fixed by the law would be assessed ogainst the offenders. Consequently, when the two. deputy wardens went to Burrows last Monday to see that the cases were proper; ly settled, they were not expecting the warm reception they niet, A crowd of about sventy-five men nnd boys met them at the station, nnd they were followed up town amd hooted and guyed unmercifully. The crowd tried to in- timldnte the officers, and threats, idle of course, and only meant to scare, were made o£ hanging and shooting. Justice WIrrick lives, just outside the village of Burrows, and the crowd fol- ;lowed the officers ori their way to the Justice's office, offering them nil the In-sults they could think of. When the officers returned to town and tried to secure something to eat, they found that old "Mr. Boycott" had gotten in his worknliend of them, and there was not a. person In the village who would give or sell them a bite'to eat. One •of the officers has .relatives living about three miles from, the town, and as a last resort they decided to walk out there and pet dinner.. As soon as tho crowd, found that the wardens were going to the country, a mule team '•n-as hastily hitched to a big wngon and three men drove out on the road ahead of them, stopping at every farm house and'warning the people not to give the officers a bite to eat. , The officers are now .determined to prosecute the offenders to the end of the law' The ten who were implicated Inr the seining last Friday learned of tws intention on the part of the officers and representatives of the party came over into Cnss-county yesterdny and went before Justice J. S. St. Glair of Clinton township, where they entered pleas of guilt to the charge of seining, hoping to escape the prosecution which the wardens threaten. The wardens sny this does not end the mat- ter'by any means. They propose to prosecute tbe offenders on the charge of having nets and seines in their possession and this means a far more serious trouble, as the fine for this offense Is not less than fifty, nor more than •two hundred dollars. While there seems to be a disposition on the part of the people living In the vicinity of the rivers to lend every aid in the preservation of tws fish, .the chief offenders are those who, living off thc-streams, load up a wagon, taRe their dinners nnd spend *. «ay ™ &™& gins the river, taking the flsh by tbe wholesale. ESCORT GUARDS; ? McKinley Banner Ordered for Marching Club. The McKinley Marching cluU, or Ei- con Guards, as ttiey arc now uaiiwd, met last night in called meeting at Republican headquarters with a good.at- tendance. The Finance committee made a very favorable report. It was shown that more than one hundreffl. men had signed for uniforms, and the costumes will before many days be ordered. Those who intend becoming working members of the orfwnization are asked 10 be present at a special meeting of the Guards this evening at headquarters. Those who join win'to expected to take part in the worfc CC the club, when called upon. Last night an order .was given for a big banner for the Guards. F. W. Potter is now at work on it. The cost ot Die banner is to be $5. It will display McKinley's pictiire in tJie center, and the legend will be "McKinley Escort Guards. Logansport. Intl." The following committee was named to confer with the Central committee on the question of assistance in the enterprises of the flub, which- is. to'be made a credit to tho .city: W;ill McKec, Dock Zartman. .Tames West. Al Brycr, Wdll Rosier. HA\F.«-SCHUBAGH. Bert Hayes, the twenty-year-old SOTS of Vandnlia. freight conductor. "Bi'oT Hayes, nnd Miss Emma Schubncb. eloped-to St. Joseph. Midi., last. Sunday and were married. Mi.«s Schubncli-fe the pigbfeen-yenr-oW daughter of Mrs. Rowc. wlio now resides at Marion. Thr> youiiK couple liavo boon lovers for tin-. past year and fearing pawnl-al opposition, decided to KO to Michigan and get man-rod. They returned to this city. and nre nt present stopping with On 1 groom's parents on the Westsldc. Both •nre excellent' young jwoplo and their many friends join in congratulations. DEATH OF JOHM CAREW. ' John C. Carcw. the Po-nhnndle e»- glneer, dknl at 12:30 yesterday afternoon after an illness of many months. The funeral services will be held tomorrow morning art 10 o'clock from the Fdrst Presbyterian church, of wbjch the deceased was a member. Services will be conducted by the Rev. D. S- Putnaro. A wife nnd two grown SOM survive him. The deceased wns a member of the Brotherhood of Locomotrre Engineers and a member of the L tX O. F. . . Lost-Between Eleventh nnd Thirteenth streets qn North, a pendant «et with brilliants; not-of much- valnerto anyone except the owner, as it Is an heirloom. Return and get reward.— Sol. H. Cohn; one door oast of Murdodc hotel. . The' people should allhear him. day -.afternoon, 2:30, September . 25th. todny It is. apparently over- 000. Thus It, will be sep« quantity 'has trebled 'In a Fifty years ago one-tblrfl of -, ; -. HO! The -Republicans of Lognnsport and Gas* county -will go .to'Giwiiton one day next- week. .Telephone'.;. or; -hand Tour annie to'Sol D, Bi-andtVand a« soon as •forty names n.re seeurcdih* .iS .TOfty n'UIllUP* ll.Lt rn^v.Mi.^« v i--- -...' : of-,the excursion wili.bV.given to • '' • • gold Fity year in 'the world. ..-was coined;, m)W, .two ' old In the world.Wgdne third's'.of the gold In I Into money. . .'.-. --...;.. t.-.-is'' Thus, it -will' be: seen,'that. t^rd.., six times as much: gold .'com~:ini th*,world today is there"was-,' '&&* j|at s ago and since the populatlpn;;htt;s bnly jnereased fifty per,.cei*CJn ; ttiat;ijJme, It- follows that there, js-fquEj.ttip*r*« mnch gold .monjey;. for. efl,cUriJi"Hy \$V' as there was hailf a eentnry-a'go,?! i :!< . ,', iA,k ^o illviiT^mone.'F'^ot tl • Meanie th<|, -silver ^ world, has' more, than double}!;: nelur now-.four billions:.A^.-< lollflrs ' ^i le;.rft was-less^tliawtwo. billion? a t »fllf ceitf tnry ago. The paper rrionex"<-*4 tbe world has nTso Increased ' - " n addition Venient ,a_nd elastic -medium, • r "Lii "fjTtf ottfcr Williami Burgimnn of ;,.the. Southside is re-lover of the vn.rietyjin; nature. On his lot adjoining: the fRfer be hns almost : eveiy '. variety ot^fr.ult-bearlng trees growing, includingl'emon,,orange, 'date,-, etc., while the • v'^etnble world "j S ."stiri,,more. largely represented. M^ Burgman claims ..that ; flie soil of Indiana will- produce pretty .nearly any klnd-of vegetable.or graln>;..and next "sfiitson he proposes to,experiment with ,a small .rice, crop, ' ]' •'.;• • .tetter from your.sire,, baby mine, ..;,!/ - . .baby mine.. .... :, He;saysrhe-icnn't vote.for Bryan, vote •' V 1 ' ,.--•;..•-- '' fQr Bryan; : ,n» Thouirh n life-long Democrat, Re's not talking through his hat, ',He.,fcnows wnere he Is at, baby mine. for Th«- . Underss-ear. Everybody needs lerwear this kind of weather. Everybody can buy underwear this kind «£ wcaitiicr at tlie prices the Golden Rule'. are selling them. B OtAN'S OPERA HOCSK. VTlIllam Dolan M»nB(f or. SEPT. 24. HAMILTON'S Company of Players. Fl duclllf AOUSTUS THOMAS CAMPAIGN HEETINOS. Three Good Ones Held in the County Last Night. Three good meetings were held by the champions of Protection nnd Sound Money In the country last night. Sen- -otor Boyd nnd Q.-W. Funk hnd a fine meeting at Walton. Each made a ip eech of nn hour to a crowded house Jp. C. Justice and W. T. Wilson bad f big crowd out nt Clymer's station, and they were heard with the closest at tentlon. Qulncy.A. Myers spoke to a : good , crowd at,Fox Den'school house In Jefferson township. • M'KIN-LEY ESCORTS ATTENTION- There will be a. meeting of tbe McKinley Escort Guards at Republican headquarters tonight:'. This Is nn important meeting,, nt which a full nt-: tendance <is desired. Turn out.those who wish to be counted as active members of this organization. I nni the Schlntter of the Platte, I'm here:'to tell you that, that, that When Jt comes to oratory, You'll see n clond of glory A'flontln 1 In the region of mv hnt IN niZZOURA Prices ?1. 75c, 50c, 35c and-25c! Seats on sale at Johnson's Drog'stoK OPERA MOBSK. Dolnn 5A NIGHT ONLY. tRDAY SEPT. 26. - MERRY KATTIE EnriETT AS '.. •-' ' •' WILLIE RUFUS " In Eer Fsmoa? P!»y The Waifs of New York. With its wealth of novelties, scenic aa« melodramatic effects. The- original-of nil plays.dealing wltfe "life in the great metropolis. Home Seekers Excursion VIA Wabash Route -OJi- SEPTEMBER 29, 1896- Don't forget the D«te.

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