Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 31, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 31, 1896
Page 8
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ANOTHER GREAT HIT AT OUR CHAMPION SALE. Our Eastern Buyer having purchased for us 500 pieces all Persian Ribbons at a price that others pay tor cotton.^ __ rt] tomorrow this immense lot of Persian all Silk BitoDons worn '•7.60 to $1 a yard, at the low price of 29 cents a yard. We being the only house in the city that could handle such an immense lot of Fancy Ribbons because of our great Out let with our two stores. Hence the Low Price. FANCY DRESDEN AND PERSIAN SIL IS. Also a lot of Fancy Persian and *^^*£ffi? T £*%!£ $1.25 to $2.50 a yard, Tomorrow's price will be 39c to $1.25 a yard. Be on hand early. TO THE SOLDIERS Were Addressed The Eloquently Stirring Words OF LOFTY PATRIOTISM A Day with the Revered Dead of the Union Army, and Among the Living. Golden Rule, Why not Wear the Best. The place to get the best shoes is at Wald- Our Ladies 20th century Walking Shoes m both B'ack and Tan are strictly in it for «n's $1.98. BIG INSURANCE Suits Filed by Babbit Schnadig et al. for Fire Insurance. STERLING STORE FIRE 98. . . 04-Trlc. laafcs' Recalled by the Attempt to Secure Our Men's dress shoes in latest style lasts are "high grade" and up $1.48 to $2 98. Our line of men's working shoes are the best value aver offered for the money 98c to $1.98. E. M. Walden & Co. 315 Fourth Street. N 7 OT THE BALL GAME Is what we wish to crUl your attention to. Most of the nobbiest and swollest hats seen in Logansport have come from our ".store, ••where the stock was never so replete with novelties as now. All the newest styles to suit any taste arc hero in profusion, and the golfers, tennis players, bicyclers, or all-round athlete can suit his fancy from tlio most fanciful. Our new straws are dandies. HORRIS FISHER THE HATTER. Payment of Indemnity. Four suits were, illod in the clerk's ollico yesterday evening by Attoruey.s Mahoney and Nelson & Myers.--Tlie complaints were against four fire insur-. anc-c coiii.pMiiios, a art it is promised that: eight additlnnal suits will be placed on UK) dot-ket Monday. ^I'lfe plaintiffs an; Babbitt. Schnadig et al.. and-the chum is I'or insurance alleged to bo due'on tho damaged stock uf dry jrdods involved in 11)0 liri! Insl February at the Sterling dry goods store on Fourth street. The amount of the insurance was ¥1..V 000, and i;: was sotlli'd by flic' adjusters lliat the merchants shmild receive !?4,- SfiO. The sixty days allowed for the settlement of the loss expired two weeks or more :ii:o. and an.extension of a fortnight \yas granted 'by the myners of Kie damaged stock, in which the insurance companies were to pay the amount fl::od.by their agents. Tile object of. th 1 .; suits" Is to fnrc-e the payment of the insurance money,, which the losers,allege s due.. Tho reprysenlatives of the insurance companies have not appeared to answer, ind the future course of tho ; corporations is not known, WHEEL TALK. The latest invention for the benefit of SJJeyele 'riders is the Tulcanlzer. -The 7 u!cani7.er Is. a machine In which, through a certain process, worn and iiorsted tires that have herc-to-Core 'beca beyond repair, can be made good .w new. This is done by vulcanizing i-aw rubber into the detective parts. In the past when bicycle tires became •from or bursted, they had to be thrown ssldc aud new tires substituted, neces- uitating one of the greatest expenses of Ibe bicycle. Tills, however, Is done away with the invention of the vul- oanlzor. The Burgman Cycle Co. late- >-acelved such a" machine and are la ^neitina to mend any rubber goods that aa-'e-lwa considered beyond repair. We TOleauiKe every day. Call at.our »tore and see us do it. In our repair shop the braxer Is 'i y«ry useful tool. AVe are so equipped that-we can do the very finest of work, in this particular line. When you journey on your wheel wirry a kodak with yon. For sale only tuo Burgman Cycle Co. The Japanese government has placed orders for 18,000 watches, not to cost more than $2.30 each. They are to be distributed among the officers and-men who distinguished themselves in the late Avar and are to take the place of. the medals usually awarded at the close of national hostilities.-READ OTTO'S OFFER. otce to the Ladies. liiave established my office in the St. jBImo building and ladles who are BUf- Jerlng from ecswma, wrinkles, freckles, Setter atid excess redness of skin, to "•jbose who purcha*i: one bottle ot Madam Strlnghain's face bleach are entitled to one free treatment for face for •3ie next two weeks.. Superfluous halt and. birth marks are treated success- 2BHy.. All ladies and gentlemen are lit- to call and see me. . . Caffierine Stringta DERMATOLOGIST. This Watch and Chain FREE with Men's Boys' and Children's Suits and Shoes or ... The WATCH With Suit. The CHAIN With Shoes. Otto Kraus "Of Course" WUT FOR ra° F - HIESHBBEG Do not trifle witb your eyesight, bu consult Prof. Hlrscnberg, the .recog nlzod New York Eye Specialist, or one of Ws Btaff, who will b« in Logansport at the stare of his neent, D- A. Hauk May 25th to 30. InclualT*. Eyes examined free of charge. You can't cover up a freckled face but you can remove the freckles with Hallack's Anti-Freckle. Only 35c x Ben Fisher's. 3LI55ABET1-I GOTTSHALL ADAin. Elizabeth GotshnH wits born'in Phila- lelphia. ra.,,Aug. 32th, • 1S31. .She novcd with ht-t- parents to Ylgo comity ndiana l.n -1.S3G. Then to Cass county n May, 3844. She was'mnrried to John \. Ad'air, April 5th. 3849; came with ho; insband to a cabin on rbe fanii on vhlch she died, and which shclia'd 'born; icr part in clearing'a ml improving f.rc.iu . forest to a farm. Tun. chH'lrun were jorn of this'union, five girls and'five icys. One daughter aiid one. son and icr husband preeedud her to the spirit world. She was a consistent member of •he Presbyterian clmrt-li for forty years, llhig to bear her burdens and those of others. MAJOR STEKQ3 WILL BE THERE'. Peru Chronicle: Cap!:. Ira B. Myers lias received a letter from Major Steel* tihat he will be' present at the old soldiers' reunion at Miami, Thursday, Time llth. The.people of Miami arc making bl£ 'preparations for the boys, and all who attend will have a ?ood time, as there will be soldiers from Cass, Howard, Grant, Clinton and Miami. OPERA HOUSE CLUB ROOM. We have opened up a first-class club room where, all 'devotees of pool ctia spend a. pleasant time. .Tobacco, cigars and confections. ' Soft; drinks of all kinds. THE 'DELPHI BATHS. The Delphian Baths of Delphi, Indiana in cases of Rheumatism, LaGrippo, and Nervous, Bloo'd and Stomach Disorders, never Inil. , ADDITIONAL LOCAL. 100 rugs at'lSc each this week at the Trade Palace; • Handsome feather and silk fans for 23c.—The Bee Hive. Thompson's ' Huntington ice cream sold at Kennedy's cream parlors only. Everything, now in it'he shoe and slipper lineatMurdock's shoe store, Market street I •*.••• Carpets «ntt draperies at prices to please the'Closest .buyers at the Trade Palace. Linen handkerchiefs for Oc is one of the wonderful values.at our.sale.—The Beo Hive; ' ' ; Thompson's Huntington ice cream delivered to:any part of th» city:from Kennedy's bafcei-y and cream parlors. We are going to close out the remain- Ing 100 dozen linen handkerchiefs tomorrow at Dc,.10c arid 19c, worth up to 25c.—The Bee Hive. ,. '•.'.••' . At !> o'clock yesterday morning, a do- tail 1.1 f comrades, under convir.and of Sergeant I'atti.'rson, marched to (he old cc-iiK'iwy, aiid decorated with Hags aud (lowers, tho graves of the soldiers who slerii in that'hallowed enclosure. This was the first part o:l MIL- Memorial day I'XKi-c-Uus. The detail marchi'i] from this sadly pk-asanr duty. h:ivhig performed it. to the Broadway r!:ik, wl'.ero the Ci, A. n. was assembluil, with tho I'.mlle.s 'ft the 0. A. 1!.. tin: W. U. C. ami oilier patriotic- orders, a-nd a T:irgu concourse of t'itl/.tms. to join the solemn exercises that, were to follow. At 0:30 o'clock tlVe choir, composed of Mrs. Carno Kadabaugh, Misses Gertrude 'SVin- t.-rs:. Mamie and Adah Ciishman, and Messrs." Ciffe. Ashley, Moore and ttVldge, led in the singing of the opening iiiuslt.-.' and a prayer by the chaplain cl' Logan '-Post No. 34 followed. After a iiinsicnl selection, the afldnws of the day was delivered by the Kcv. F. M. Huckleberry of the First Baptist chni'Ch. A-mong other things the eloquent speaker said: "We are here to honor our comrades who'gave their lives in dufeuse of the Union.- We must look beyond them to the ca'iiso for which their lives were Civen. A. good cause is of importance. If not, that we call patriotism is sentiment.'' There must be something real In such devotion, or inon would not give tlieir'ilvos to prove their sincerity. "Civil provprnmcnt is of divine appointment. God gave command to man to possess I lie world and subdue it. When it''occurs that the minority lias control, the government is founded on sand, When .church or state seeks to keep'the masses ignorant, they are planting moral dynamite that will ulti- ma ti'ly explode their fondest hopes. •The race .struggles up for liberty. The suppression of liberty has impeded progress! . Our colonial fathers fought lor the race. It was a strike for popular jrovornment. It was strange that our fathers should allow some of the very things to enter into the life of the new nation, from which they had fled. Human slavery rook hold on the life ot the nation. There" was a strong feeling of ancNslavory rising. -The storm gathering'for a ccntuo burst in.lSitt. This is why you an swcri:d the bugle call, my comrades This is the reason why you left home mid dear ones and turned your breasts to I lie fee. '•—This nation is not largo enough foi two'nations aud two Hags. The-Stars and Stripes alone represent union, civi liberty, a lid efiual rights to Americans •\Ye .have, shaken hands across tin. bloody chasm. Every American pa trio bows at the same national altar, :ifi> his hat to but one Hag. the nag of die union/tho Star Spangled Banner. '•The triumph ot the Uuiou armic) was not an achievement: for Amcrici alouo, but it was a victory for the whoh world'of humanity.'" Our example w.l furnish an inspiration 1o ;he common people of every land, to claim their d-hts under the f.ag. n'-ul to demand them. Let the people rule. Their voice ilone is sovereign. •Tni'e patriotism docs not exhaust itself in a single acl: or in a series of acts, but repeats iiself in every crisis, and i'u the every day duties as they may apjit-nr. True patriotism lives for the future. Comrades, we know that true patriotism throbs i.n your breasts.for wo have seen you irled in n si-eat cmcr- sency. •Now comrades, in condusion. let us stand with uncovered heads, and hearts filled with profound awe, as we rcca.J the sufferings!, sacrifices and death ot our comrades whom we Have come here ,o honor today. Come with us ye of venerable age, ye of young and tender , r , r < ye mothers, wives, sisters, lovers, come -uid with us look on this army of n'martyrs, and let our tears fall to- "ethcr let us tot™ a eulogy fit to express our gratitude and reverence worthy oi their valor and their unselfish devotion to -our country in the time of its direst need. "Sleep on in peace oh! ye valiant sons of valiant sires, for your comrades, a noble band of patriots, still live to remember, honor and perpetuate your pa- 'triotism; sleep on thou .martyrs to the cause of liberty and union, your graves are sacred spots, aud your memory is enshrined in the heart ot a grateful nation; sleep on. ye brave and loyal sons, the nation for which you fought, suffered, and died, still lives as the monument of-your fame and your sacrifice; sleep on oh! ye of historic fame the stars'and stripes float unrestrained over the "land of the free and the home of the brave;' " • The oration, which was given great impressiveness by "the surroundings, and the spirit that held sway over the "•atherlng, was followed by a song by the choir,, and the meeting closed -with the singing of "America" by the nudl- Nearly Everybody Was. At any rate the biggest crowd ot buyers that ever collected within the Four Walls of a Logansport business house, filled and packed every inch of available space in our store It was'a sight never to be forgotten--About 10 emp'oyes were kept busy as bees from 7 a. m. toll p. m. Nearly every township in the county and city sent its share of purchasers. This shows the deep interest manitested in this GIGANTIC CLOSING OUT SALE. Many families bought 5 and 6 suits. This great Losing Sale continues until all is closed out. Respectfully. HARRY FRANK WERE YOU AT Harry Frank's Yesterday. 313 Fourth Street. I Am Showing = the Finest line of Spring Suitings That Was Ever Seen in This City. P. J. HOOLEY. 418 Market Street. The parade was immediately formed on Sixth street, as follows: Military Baud. St. Matthew Commandery, K. of St. .7. St. George Commandory, K. o£ St. .7. School Children Carrying Flowers. Members of G. A. K. Ladies of the G. A. K. " Woman's Keliof Corps. Carriages. At Mt .Hope cemetery, the services provided by the rituals of the several orders were carried out, aud the grave; were decorated by the children, under the supervision of Capt. Cushmau, and a. derail under command of Senior Vice Commander C. H. Ban-on. The esor- cisus at the burial ground were very beautiful, and the flowers were more plentiful thaircver before. THE WARD PRIMARIES. Delegates to County, and Joint Representative Conventions to be Chosen. A NEW FAD. A Novelty in Watch Guards Made of •the New Shades in Leather. One of the very latest things In gentlemen's watch chains of guards Is made of leather. They are very handsome and unique. They are made In many different colors, embracing all the new shades. That they are a great favorite with the gentlemen goes without saying; and especially is It so with the bicycling public. A. little- nickle-plated buckle Is used to attach them to the clothing and also to the watch and thereby. avoiding the danger of losing your watch while on the wheel. These guards are being presented to Line rilling's customers with shoes. Pilling the up-to-date shoe man makes it a special point to always do as much, if not a little more for his customers than docs any of his competitors. Free watch guards and free shines with every pair of shoes.— Pilling, the Uepublicans arc reminded ot the ^^Z^S^"^ ^ -"•- - B *' wort - c,i call o.f the county chairman, pub- Ind;^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ride a Columbia is to buy one. They lished in another column. Delegates ar to'be chosen for the county convention and for the joint representative convention of Gass and Miami counties. There should be a Ini-ge turn out at nil these primaries. DON'T NEGLECT YOUR EYES. The Hirscliberg Optical Co.. of New York, have completed arrangements to bave.Prof. Hirschbcrg, or one of his staff, visit their agent, D. X -auk, May 25 to 30th inclusive and examine eyes of all who are in need of glasses. This will be a rare opportunity for all who are suffering from defective vision to have their eyes• scientifically examined and'corrected. The Professor comes here wholly In the Interests of the Hlrschberg Optical Co., and will stop with D. A. Haute whore may be found a full Jlne of Hirschbarg's spectacles and eye glasses. All oculists and physicians everywhere pronounce In their favor, and all who use them are only too glad to testify to their clearness, durability, comfort and .ease they give to the eyes, even on the most difficult work. Consultation free. seil themselves.— Line 412 Broadway. Pilling, agent, A DECIDED HIT. All our Persia and Dresden designs of silks )?o tomorrow at 39c to $1.25. These filial are worth from $1.25 to $2.50 a y.ard.-Golden Rule. 100 pieces of a late importation • of French organdy lawns for fine dresses at a close price to close out this weeks at a close price to close at the Trade Palace this week. See the new bicycle suiting, for skirts. . To The Ladies This *s the season of the year, when the unpleasant but necessary w<5rk of house-cleaning claims the attention of the housekeeper and not a little do pends on'the appearance of your lace curtains as poorly done-np curtains spoil the effect of a •well-furnished home quicker than anything else. TTe have experienced help tn this class of work who do nothing else and we know we can give you perfect satisfaction. We are also making a specialty this year .of laundering shirt waists, belnff the only firm In the city using machinery exclusively for the purpose. We will. appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. _ 429 Market St. STOP! READ. Tn LOTS FOR SALK. 1 blnnd Pa flt - Osmer's Addition; In John o iBast Eml Addition; In M»p to Grow M Jloore Addition; In Drifts ; Addition; In Mcnowll'fT Addition; In Woodland Addition; In-. LsBOBi idditlon. L M. M. QOBDOK. ., Office No. 1 Spry Block. Pearl St. f . ;' ; p ^^^IJiil^^il^iliiMsliliiMi^^ii

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