The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1944
Page 8
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I'AGE EIGHT Chicks Fill Open Date BLYTIiEVILLE .(ARK.). COURIER NEWS The''. Blytlievillc Chicks liavc accepted a challenge Inn led i)£ tiiem by "a former tribesman • poach Arvil Grcoi, licarimnii of the tribe, announces that he lias scheduled Coilicfvllle, Tenn., for a football date here Pridaj night to fill the only vacancy on the 1944 grid schedule. The chick mentor also reveals thfe v ccnte.'it was arranged witli Raymond : (Brick) Bickerstaff, former Maroon and White euarii, who Beryes- as part time coach of the Tenhesseeans.' "Brick" held down a guar^berth for several jears undei Coach. Joe ^lldy, and also attended £ Sunflower Junior College, Miss., where he, v> as sent bj Ole Miss lor lusher seasoning -/ "Brick" 1'raiscs Team Bfckerstaff has ween unusuallj keejn-pver the chance's of the Cnl- liejville team .to turn tables on the Chicks,:For;some lime it has been his jiig topic of convocation poinl- in^oul the faqt that Ihcc lime won threo of their four stalls He described them as a fast, shitty bunch,-well 'verse<t In the razzle daJKle:style of gridiron offensive, 5feedless (6 say, Coach Green was ehttmsed'Over the performance of hb charges lost week In upsetting the-heavlly favoied Batesville, end- Ing not only R four-game losing streak, but ending a two-year supremacy held 'over the Chicks by the "Pioneers. Although they went into the gatae with the big Batosvllle outfit in,poor physical condition and minus two of their regulars; Cnptnln Jimmy Stafford and Jim Smart, tfte^chlckasaws came out none the less worse off There were the usual, expected bruises and humps, to be sure, but the victory served us a shot in the aim to the depressed joungslers who had taken it on the chin foui times in a row. ., .. To Keen Uncuii True to spoils custom Coach Gjfeen plans to keep last week's starling lineup intact, If nt all possible Billy Kooncc, the lough little 145-pound guard who turned ta'a whale of a game despite a buln leg, is still suffering and may not be able to get back In this week- Bills was hobbling around favoring lii e biuiswi leg all during the game but It didn't keep him ouj of the thick of battle, lie stny- ed 4n and kept battling. Conch Green kept ghmg him rest bv substituting liis .pal-competitor, Charles Roy Lutes, and the big redhead did a pretty good Job, too. Stan Hoocj is the toast of the fafis for his fine work nt left halfback Inserted at the running back slot for the first time Stun exceeded the fondest expectations. He ran well with the ball, showing a deceptive hip motion in op- en.field niirj spun ucbusly in close line,play for additional yards. Poguc Shows Tower ; Harvey (Cotton) Poguo was another who came in for his share oT'the plaudits He showed tremendous hitting power, 'handled his blocking" assignments "well and .•teamed*with'..Gerald '(Corky) BIo- meyer and Joe Nell (Rip) Ratcliff to form an Impregnable defense down deep In Blythevlllc territory. J. L, Johnson, Joe Ferguson, John Bruce Wilson and Eugene Kcmper were more than adequate in that forward wall that stood firm In the clutch. Frank Nicholson and David Sylvester rounded out a smooth working' backfield. Several times it appeared as It Frank was going to break away for long runs. He is expected to improve as he gets experience. Conch Green is sold on him and even predicted before the season that.he would be the sensation of the campaign before It is over. . .. •. •.!:•••. Calls Good Game Sylvester's' all-round field generalship played no little part In thai victory drive. He mixed his plays well and kept the defense guessing as to which he would call next-. Coach Green indicated the training menu would be comparatively light Hit? week. He Is anxious to get the ailing members In shape and Intends to concentrate on speed and polishing of plays In an effort to improve the offense that has netted only Iwo touchdowns In five games. Dirty Work Here The men of Barrack 14 at thc liAAP arc Ihe incanMl men In the Army. At least, lhat's whnt Cpl. Gilbert Kozfik, a cook, thinks. He bases his opinion on a recent occurrence. He went lo Ills barrack lost Friday allcrnoon and spout three quarters of an hour washing and polishing the window next to his bunk Then, he went lo FT, ,' Upon Ills return, he discovered Ihal mischievous buddies hail removed ills spotless window and replaced it with thc dirtiest one they could find. ... For a moment Corporal Kozhk was speechless. Then, he let out n scream of.rngc mid shook his list at his pals. .•..' .-.^. "I'll whip everyone of you,"'lie shouted. "Just come at me'-one at a time." i >. • • - - '< .- ^?.. Corporal Kozak Is about five feet lall and weighs.but 125 pounds'. •.:, WARNING ORDER ;;; : 111 Ihc Chniiccry 1 Court, Chlckasair- l>:i Dislrlcl, Mississippi County, Arkansas. ' . . ; '.. Mary Freda Prlngle,. Plaintiff, "••• vs. No. 8815 ' $ Oda o. Prlngle, Defendant, -'li Tlie defendant',-Oda O..,Prlngle is hereby warned'to-appear wlthir thirty days In the''c'oiirt'.liaracd In the cnpllon hereof and 'answer the complaint of the plaintiff Marv Freda Prlngle. " ''..>.- ; Dated this 0 day of Oct:,' 1944. : . HARVEY; MOEIUS, "dierk Ed B. Cook, Atty. for Plf. . '.'•>•;,' J-' Oeo. W. Bnihani, Ally, lad Lltein? ... .. ..101iq : 17-24-31 8*»<l Couh« «ewi W»nt Ad* Wisbar; Malone Win tag Match Take Straight Falls To Trim Roy Allen And Knielsen Gus Wisbar and Roy Allen each ad victories lo show as.souvenirs to celebrate their return to the American Legion ring last night. Allen gained Die verdlcl over Wls- iar In their individual preliminary match, but a us teamed with Eddie Malonc to win Ihc feature tag match n straight falls from Hoy and Stocky" Kneilsen In one of the wildest,. most comical shows ever tngcd here by Promoter Mike Me- oney. The program was a dandy, a clever combination of science, skill, •oughhouse tactics, and plenty of comedy to keep the overflow crowd n excellent spirits. There.was never a dull moment as the four giants pulled every trick in the book. Numerous Funny Moments Thc show was replelc with amusing Incidents but two especially drew lown the house. Thc first came nldway of the first fall. Malonc, In fine form, was knocking Allen Hat on his shoulder blades ns fast as he could regain his feet. Each time he >rose Allen looked pleadingly at Stocky who proceeded to show him with proper gestures how lo block those blows. Finally afler hitting Ihe deck five limes Roy gave It up ns a. bad job and Slocky slipped through the ropes to show him how to prevent such occurcnccs. Thrice he blocked Malonc's right hand socks and as he nodded lo Allen as to how he did It MiUoiie let lly with n haymaker that set him down on his haunches in double fjiilclc time "Stocky" couldn't crawl out of thc ring fast enough. it was -this same Kneilsen who provided the other outstanding extra funny moment. He had just taken a terrific lacing from both Malone a Wisbar via thc monkey nips. In fact, he had been wound up am downed but before Hefcrec Meroney could, declare the fall, Allci leaned over Ihc ropes and knockec 'Wlsbnr loose. As Hoy slipped Into the ring to assist his partner lie wa: Ijodlly picked up by Kneilsen am slammed violently ID Ihe ring and had It not been for nefcree Me roncy, likely would have received i repent dose; as the fans went wild with laughter.' Action Is Uoufih ' Billed, ns n likely slam-bam affair with such a combination of outstanding performers, thc show was Just thai. It was fast mid'rough with very little overlooked.' Tho'dM fall' wont 22 minutes before Malont and Wisbar won It. They took It' bj concentrating their attack on Kneil sen. Actually they kayoed Allen nvs via; the "Casey Jones special",. a stunt In which Malonc caught ^1 •Icn'wltli n hcndlock, rqced across ilic ring' and banged his head' ngains Hint of Wisbar. H» was knockct colder than n Russian wlhler. Bu iu,. DOPE BUCKET •X i. P. FKIKNU FANS AHB WONDKItllW local football funs me asking its question: "Have ihc Ulylhe- .lle High School Chickasaws fin- Hy arrived? 1 ' After four disappointing weeks, ill-Ing which Ihc Chicks looked nythlng like the team expected lo cpresenl Ihc Maroon and While ils season, Blytlieville cntlni/ilasls ee n definite ray of liopc; a sign ' better days ahead in the con- icing B-0 defeat, of powerful atcsvillc last week, Now beating Batcsville was not i Itself anything to do n great cal of shouting over. Thc Pioneers o rate among the better teams. ul the fine manner In which Ihc • Back from a mission, fighters compare bottle notes . . . many shocking their heavy flying clothes to relax in their underwear. Because underwear has become practically a fatigue uniform, Army specifications insist ihat it be comfortable and durable. • You get real comfort when you're properly filled in underwear bearing Ihe familiar Hones name. During the past 43 years, Hanes has made a specialty of knitting fine underwear at moderate prices. From long experience, each, garment is tailored to accurate sizes and gives the comfort and value that men appreciate. __, • When you ask for Hanes, you join the millions of men who've found these garments give full satisfaction. If sometimes your dealer's stock is low, he should have more soon. Our production is helping to clothe the men in our Armed Forces and those at home.... P.H.Hanes Knitting Co,,Winston-Salem,N.C. "Vv'S.? ;;/;s-:v."/'"'".;v : ;-i', ; ;v •!': iilf^- ;i:V| •r'v^'i like spoiled the trlrfc by ruling it lit. But Gus and Eddie took vcn - «. «>^n<.u >. cancc on Kneilsen, spinning him power, defensive .strength ami 1 times In a row, and followed with teamwork for the first lime this body pin, Allen Insted only two year. lore minutes us Malone went to ' And tire amazmi; thinii about il ,>ork on him with right, and lefts. , s t i,e Chicks can c "ugh in in u Alter Allen had saved Kneilsen two .strong cogs. « ,„ Ir o J inv roin sure defeat, C!us all but kicked Jim Stafford ind Jim Sm-u oinv/i ilcpover toehold In 14 minutes. "" tllc " .. hil1 nlul "° '""B"' Ktiellsea Is Hurt •I'ho program came to a sudden „.„ ,... „„„„ „„ „, ,. . .. . .. inatcwhcn Kneilsen Informed net- •„,, V n ,? , )e ?rce Meroney that hn hud received , le local c'ulomers. in Injury during Hie first half of "" (l CVC " somc of Uldl ' mosL 1 ' aWd ,hc second fall and was unable .lo wnlliiuc, nutoniallCAlly giving Mu- one and Wisbar thc fall and thc nnlch. irlljc turned Ihe trick was, the thing that impressed me most. I liked I heir grcal determination, tlieir door-die spirit, especially down ,-jn their own goal line when their backs were twice backed up against pay dirt, when to yield meant possibly HID payoff. They dug in. They charged. They stopped 'em, They wouldn't be licked, That was the tiling that counted. I don't know what "dood il'!', to borrow R lining expression from "Red 1 ' Skclton which 1 am sure he won't mind. Hut the fnct Is they did "dcocl II", and howl It looks as if Coach Arvil Green Jins struck on a fine combination. I'erhaixs it's Ihe one big thing that lie has been seeking all year and until now hasn't been able to work It out. The team showed renewed TUESDAY, OCTOBER, 24, 10-14 admirers. Those empty sca ts In Uic stands Is conclusive proof They Jost many when Caruthersvllle walloped them, l9-f>, i n ti lc opener When Parkin defeated them 14-7 thc following week that was almost the last straw, especially since Parkin lias been beaten G-'rj by Marked Tree. In recent years such teams were Incapable of even holding the headgears of Chick elevens, lo say Ihc least of Irim- inlng them In combat. Then followed the overwhelming blastings by Little Rock and Pine Bluff, the worst In local history. And we are supposed to be in the same class. We are In Hie same conference But one victory' docs not n season make. The Chicks still have a good chance to redeem llicinselves with Jonesboro coming up in a couple of weeks, followed by North Little nock, niLsscliville, and Forrest City conference teams, and CoIIIerville' Tenn., and Humes High of Memphis, non-conference- foes. Thc fans are pulling for Ihem 100 \xt cent and have tlieir fingers crossed in hopes they will come through. It's up lo them, and this week Is ns good lime as any to keep it going, A FUTUIIE UIUDMAN, Remember Alvln Justice, the big lumbering tackle of the Joe Dildy era? He's an aviation cadet, class of 44-1 at the Douglas (Ariz.) Army Air Field . . . GETS WINGS —Lieut. Wallace Smilh, who was a member of the Chicks during Ihe championship cjays of 40-41, is visiting his mother, Mrs. J. p. Smith, and looks like Ihe. proverb- al "million' in. his beautiful «nl- lorm and bombaYdleriwlr,gs/-to say soon go Into limited production after a year and oiie alfs re trlc- lion by the War Pro due fan Board ', ' w r^ , , , Chl "' les Wright, a tackle on thc same grid learn, dropped In the office a few days ago to say "hello" and them a ,, the sports ^uipment was made pos- slble hy recent cutbacks 'ind cin cellntlons of war conl-acts said ' who by the Army . . , Charles is stationed somewhere in England and has the meticulous Job of directing air traffic at one of the big Army Air Fields . . . DinjA KNOW that Johnny White, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben White, has been returned from the Pacific and sent to Tulane University under the.V-12 program? . . . MEEJ'S ANOTHER'—The • luck of Bobby 'Peanut) McHnney in encountering Blythevllle- boys in the S, W. P. Etill holds nut . . . He and T. H. Caraway of Ihe Seabees are on Ihc same island, Palu. As I understand it, the Marines and Senbces have .been .serving mess together there and hence the meellng. T. H. writes a certain young lady here lhat at night the Jap snipers used '-to come down. But the Marines took care of that . . . Recken do lliey know that Sea- bce Lee A. Moore .also Is on thc same Island? , r'li f -i'« < ' ) " GKh ''" Malone and Kneilsen waged a biter slugging bee in their match lo open Ihe show. They battered each other from pillar to post until Ma- onc brought il to n climax with a nstlc rally that engulfed "Stocky". Officially it was a step over loe- liold thai won. Actually It was n vicious right cross lo the chin. True to expectations Allen and Wisbar waged a beautiful duel. But il was plenty rough, unusually rough You're Not Too Old" To Feel Young This is a message for men who have known life but no longer find it thrilling because of the lack of certain vitamins and hormones. Tromone, a recent medical discovery combining vitamins and hor- inoncs may multiply thc vim am 1 Msl and enjoyment you once knew. Your whole approach, your whole attitude toward life, may improve when you begin lo use Tromonc. Now it may be possible for middle ". »«.•> 1'iuui.y IUUBII, unusually roiiuh •,„„,] „ „„ 1 , T , ••"""•Tor the skilled giants For a time it . f'L™ ,ft " B '!, C T y thc samC looked as if it would end In a stale- ' ' Vllallty nnd !" cns " r<;s " iat mate as both failed to be outfoxed But Allen ., and pleasures that mode their youth a thing to remember. Added may not siib- and druggists everywhere. More Fishing Tackle ' Will Be Manufactured WASHINGTON, Oct. 24. (UP) — Fishing rods, reels and hooks will From where I sit... by Joe Marsh Heather Kidwell Scared By Pumpkin A lighted pumpkin in Sue Tab- 1 hot's window scared the daylights out of Heather Kidwell. And Heather's so thin there's iiol much more than daylight to her to begin with! Well, she storms into Sub's Itilchen and demands that the "horrid apparition" be removed. Sue holds her ground. "Come Hallowe'en, wo always put a pumpkin in Hint window," Sue explains. "And now that Dave's overseas, he'd want to know we're keepin' up the little customs lie remembers." Of course, that makes every- thingOK with Heather. They end up by clipping the pumpkin's teeth, and putting a smile oh it, so it won't look so fearsome. Iff? a small thing, a lighted pumpkin at Hallowe'en... like a family sing on Sunday nights— or a friendly glass of beer at bedtime. Iliit from where 1 sit, those little things help mean home to n soldier overseas. .Let's keep thosc"liUlc things" alivcUll they conic back. © 1944, BREWING INDUSTRY fOlipHTOlN'. ARIuWS*SYcbi»MITTEE J.HUCHWHARTON, State Dinctar^DZ PYRIWID BU)a> lITTU ROCK L 3/TIMK SINCE PEARL HARBQR^P Mt HAS PUT SOmOW'S WITH PROPER WOUtO ST/LL'JSE RUNNIN&. PROPER CARE NOW CAN HELP ON THE ROAD .' Of OCTOBER Ol94t-.ESTIMflTS GASOLINE POWERS THE ATTACK — PONY WASTE A DROP \IRE STUDIES SHOW THAT 9 OUT OF 10 ROADSIDE "FtATS" COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED BY PROPER CARE. PRECAUTIONARY E CARE IS AN ESSO DEALER SPECIALTY. MR LATEST NEWS-TUN6 IN VOUR E5SO REPORTER EVERV MY BTCHASSIS MO DJFFERENT/AL Ef'MOMTOR ESSO DEALER CHECK EVERY POINT OF WEAR NOW FOR COMPLETC WINTER DRIVING PROTECTION! EEL TH£ AtAWPOWER SHORTAGE, BUT (T WON'T COT THE QUALITY OF OUR WORK CHASSIS HAS 25 POINTS WHICH MUST BE AWNV WITH SPECIAL GREAS&S, VOUR ESSO P&UCR'S.AN STANDARD Oil COMPANY OF LOUISIANA LET you* esso tsstf DEAUft vlllnns lo augment their family food supply with fish CHICKAS4W; West Main Near 21it St. 8»t. itarta 1Z:45; Snn. trtkrl* 1;U Night ahovn 5:45 '.'. '• Except Monday, open* 6:43 . Continuum flhowi Sat. and SBJJ. j Tuesday BUDDY NITE 2 Tickets For the Price at i. 'CITY WITHOUT MEN' »itb Linda Darnell Comedy Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature 'THE LADY HAS PLANS' with I'liuletle Godtliml & Kay Milland and 'THE SPIRIT OF STANFORD' with Frankic Albert RlTZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. •"'-.- WEEK-DAY NIGHTS '•'••; Box Office Opens 1:13— Show Starts at 7:30. . "••."SATURDAYS & BDNDAY8 '; Boi Office Opens 1 Show Starts 1:1 5 • ,:,.,• ; Tuesday & Wednesday, "ETERNALLY YOURS Open 7:00 Show Starts 7:il5 Tuesday PAL NJTB A! IMcrcc, Dale Evans & Gloria^ > Stuart Selected Shorts. Tuesday & Wednesday ' THE GREAT Vmtiw, PICTURE OF OUR TIME! ORSOttELLES JOAN .FONTAINE »;* Margaret O'Brien "Si* Peggy Ann Garner • John Sutton Directed b/ RO8ERT STEVENSON Sirrcn Ploy by Aldoui Huxl>x, RoberlSlevenicn end John Houseman News of Ihe Ray • ' Short "• -

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