Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on May 8, 1981 · Page 30
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 30

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, May 8, 1981
Page 30
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I PUBLIC mail The Arizona Republic Friday, May 8, 1981' Finance Santa Fe climbs Santa Fe International Corp. had record earnings of $45,078,000, or 93 cents a share, for the first quarter of 1981. Net income was $13,057,000, or 30 cents, in the first quarter of 1980. The 1981 per-share figure includes a gain of 16 cents on the sale in January of the semisubmersible pipe-laying vessel Choctaw II. E.L. Shannon Jr., Santa Fe chairman, said the remaining 77 cents "represents a record for operating earnings by a large margin." General Dynamics undynamic Slow commercial orders slashed the first-quarter profit of General Dynamics Corp. to 56 cents a share from 67 cents a year although total sales rose to $1,267 billion from $1.07 billioi. Net income slipped to $30.8 million from $36.3 million. v Perini advances Perini Corp. had first-quarter net income of $3,058,000, or 90 cents per share, compared with $867,000, or 26 cents per share, for the first quarter of 1980. Construction, real-estate and coal-mining revenues totaled $179,402,000 for the first quarter of 1981, compared with $176,724,000 in 1980. Invoiced II INVITATION TO BIO Slurry Sl Work Sealed bids will be accepted until 11 an Mau tl lQfll in IhA Purrhxtina iepf., Glendale Elementary School Glendale, Xrliona, for slurry seal worn 10 oe periormeo at vanou District sites. Bid plans and specifications may be picked uo at the above office 8 A.M. to $ P.M. Monday thru Friday. Bids will be pubiicanv opened. Published: Arizona Republic May 7, 8, 10, 181. Invoice W04 Notice is hereby oiven that sealed bids will be received by the Board of Trustees of Madison School District No. 38, 5601 North 16lh Street, Phoenix, Ariiona. until 2:00 p.m. on ricuiicfuaT, fiiar irgi iwi ivui . Copy Machines. Specifications lo which this bid must conform are available at the District office of Madison School District No. 38, 5401 North 16th Street, Phoenix, Arliona; Robert Brosius Purchasing Department, phone 264-5951. ruonsneo: Arizona Kepuouc may , a, 1981. LA firm takes over software supplier Republic Wire Services SAN FRANCISCO Informatics Inc. of Los Angeles has acquired the assets of Professional Software Systems Inc. Walter Bauer, chairman of the board and president of Informatics, said PSSk a Phoenix-based supplier of proprietary software and minicomputer turnkey systems for law offices, becomes part of Informatics Legal Information Services Operations. ' PSS systems are licensed to 75 major law firms in the United States and generated approximately $5 million in revenue last year. Legal Information Services Operations, a part of the Informatics information-services group, markets a legal-support service that helps lawyers design and develop systems to organize, store and retrieve information from documents. With headquarters in Los Angeles, Informatics maintains offices in other major U.S. cities, Canada, Europe, South America and the Asia. The company develops and provides information-, processing systems and services, software products and professional services. ' Invoice "9630 PUBLIC NOTICE Invitation for Bid FCDII-ll The Flood Control District of Mari copa County is calling for bids for furnishing and installing approxi mately 31.170 lineal teal ot tour wire fence at the Cave Buttes Flood Retar- dant Structure located near Happy Valley Road and North 7th Street in Phoenix, Arizona. Copies of plans and specifications are available at the Flood Control District offices al 3335 West Durango Street, Phoenix, Arizona for a charge of 15.00 which will not be refunded. Bid opening June , 1981, 2:00 P.M. at the Flood Control District offices. The Board of Directors reserves the right to reiect any and all proposals or to withhold the award for any reason. Every proposal shall be accompanied by a bid security for five percent of the amount of the bid. Published: Arizona Republic May 1,9,- 10,11,12,13, nvi. Invoice "9629 NOTICE TO BIDDERS Notice is hereby oiven that sealed bids will be received by the Curriculum and Instructional Development Services, an agency of the Greater Phoenix Curriculum Council for the following: - Financial Auait ot fiscal Tears 197980 thru 198283. Sealed bids are lo be filed with the Manager, CIDS Office, 415 East Grant Street, Phoenix, Arizona, on or before 2 00 P.M. Tuesday, May 2. 1981 at which time they will be publicly opened and read by the Manager. Specifications lo which this bid call must conform are available al the above address. CURRICULUM AND INSTRUC- IIUNAL DEVELOPMENT SERVICES an aaencv of the GREATER PHOENIX CURRICU LUM LUUNLIL $Dr. John HuWev (Manaoer) Published: Arizona Republic May 8,9, 1981. Railroad buys 42 new cars Republic Wire Services SAN FRANCISCO Southern Pacific this summer will put into service 42 new rail cars that will do the work of 210 conventional flat-cars, the railroad said Thursday. y "The cars will save energy by reducing the weight of the railway equipment needed by jnore than one-half," fcaid the railway's president, D.K. McNear. "This means shorter trains with heavier pay-loads, a reduction in fuel use and more capacity at railroad terminals," he said. " Southern Pacific said it has placed orders for .the cars, worth about $8 million, with ACF Industries at St. Louis. Invoice 961J INVITATION TO BID Roofing Work aIaH hide will be accepted until m.. May 22, 1981, in the Purchasing Dept., Glendale Elementary School District 40, 5734 W. Glendale Ave., Glendale, Arizona, for roofing three buildings. Bid plans and specifications may be picked up al the above office 8 A.M. to 5 r.AA. Monoay inru rrioav. Bids will be publically opened. Published: Arizona Republic May 7, 8, 10, lBl. Invoice 9593 NOTICE Or KcUUcST FOR PROPOSAL. The Arizona Department of Health Services will accept proposals lo provide occupational therapy services tor the Newborn intensive tare program Follow-up Clinic unill 5:00 p.m.. May 22, 1981. Request for proposals (RFP) and related information can be obtained from Arizona Department of Health services. Division ot Administration, Contracts Administration Section, 1740 W. Adams, Room 404, Phoenix, Arizona 85007. Telephone 255-1040. The contractor shaH provide evalu ation and training services to specified clients. The contractor must have the Qualifications and experience to per form the services as required by the RFP. Published: Arizona Republic May 1. 8, I9BI. Public Notice Invoice "9628 The Arizona Department of Corrections requested proposals from interested agencies lo provide Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime (TASC) xc. vivos ill nrm nuv. rum, uvviiniv. and Vuma Counties for the period of July i, 1981 through June 30, ivuz. Services Include screening, diagnosis, monitoring, reporting and uriw Ivsis on sub&lancei abuse clients involved with the Criminal Justice System. Contractor will be selected bv his ability to provide specific services i listed above. Proposals will be received through May 28, 1981, and three copies marked '1339 should be forwarded lo me Purchasing Manager, Arizona Department of Corrections, 1924 E. University. Phoenix, AZ 85034. Published: Arizona Republic t Phot- nix Gazette May 8, 14, m I. Invoice 9623 - NOTICE Or PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be hekf on Monday, May SB. ivl on the IVWJ Ar zona Ac (ounlabillty Report for Vocational Education", pursuant lo Public Law 94-482. The purpose of the hearing it lo give the public opportunity to express comments prior to the adoption by the State Board of Education Vocational Education. The hearing schedule and location it at toiiowt: Date: May 18, 1981. Time: 900 am. Location: Arizona Department of Education. Room 417, 1535 West Jefferson Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007. The Accountability Report mentioned above will be available for public viewing prior to the hearing, al ine state Board ot t (location voce tkyial Education office al the Arizona Department of Education, from 8:00 am. to j:ao pm., during regular business nours, May n - is, mi. Published: Arizona Republic May 1 10,13. 16 1 Phoenix Gazette May 8,13,- , mi. Invoice 9613 ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS CITY OF KINGMAN , 310 North Fourth Street i KINGMAN. ARIZONA 86401 Separate sealed BIDS for the construction of THE CENTENNIAL RECREATION COMPLEX, KINGMAN, ARIZONA, will be received by THE CITY OF KINGMAN al the office of the CITY CLERK until 2:00 r M. islandard time), on May 19, 1981, and then at said office publicly Urcntu ano reao aiouo. The CONTRACT DOCUMENTS, eonsistino of Advert semen! for Bids Information for Bidden, BID PRO- ruaAL, diu Bona, Agreement GENERAL CONOIT6nS SIIPPI F MENTAL GENERAL CONDITIONS. Payment Bond, Performance Bon NOTICE OF AWARD. NOTICE Ti PRftfFFD. CHANf.F ORDFP. DRAWINGS, SPECIFICATIONS and ADDENDA, may be examined at the following locatlont: OFFICE OF THE LIIY CLfcKK, KINOMAN; CON :tion plan rooms in tuc Copiet of the CONTRACT DOCU ME NTS may be obtained at the otflci Of the CITY CLERK, CITY OF KING STRUCTION PLAN ROOMS I SON AND PHOENIX 11,11 iM-miaA mt lift klArll. C,..t Street, Kingman, Arizona 86401 upon payment of 175 00 for each set. Two tett will be issued lo each prime bidding contractor, If more than two sett are required mev may be pur chased lor $75.00 per set, non-refund' able An BIDDER, upon returning the two Sett Ot CON I KALI DOCU MENTS promptly and in good condi tion. win be refunded hit payment and any non-bidder upon so reluming the CONTRACT DOCUMENTS will , be refunded 150.00 per set 4-15-81 -Date 'tA H Carpenter - A H Carpenter, Mayor Published Arizona HeouOlic May 7. .'.. II, 12, 13, 1981. Public Notice Invoice "9595 LEGAL ADVERTISEMc NT THE ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC SECURITY ' Solicits proposals from Qualified contractors for the conduct ol a training program for economically disadvantaged persons unoer iitievn of the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) of 1973, and the iv8 Amendments thereto, serv ices are to be proviued to train twenty 120 ctiA eligible participants as farm equipment mechanics within a funding limitation ot 1 1 su.uuu.uu. aerviio or ueneu iv uv trwiucu in Pinal County during the period of July 1, 1981 through December 31, 1981. To secure a coov ot the off rial Request tor proposal Rf-Pi, inciud ing particulars, interested parlies vivuiu i-aii wi wine. Arizona Department ot Economic security Special Emptovabiiirv brants Ad' ministration private sector programs section Post Office Box 6123 920-Z Phoenix. Arizona 85005 Telephone: 16021 2S5-3538 or 255- 3539 Deadline tor receipt ot proposals bv the above office is May 18, 1981 by sooom. Published: Arizona Republic May 1, 1, IVBI. Invoice 09631 SECTION 00020 ADVERTISEMENT FOR BID Sealed bids win be received until 7-00 P.M., Wednesday, June 3, 1981, bv the Governing Board, Winslow Unified School District I, for the furnishing of all labor, material, transportation and services required for the Demolition ot Washington School, Winslow Unified School District 'I, Winslow, Navaio County, Arizona, in accordance with Plant and Specifications on tile in the on ice ot Kossman partners, 4601 East McDowell Road, Phoenix, Arizona. 85008. Bids will be opened eubllclv and read aloud at the regularly scheduled Board Meeting In the District Board Room, Winslow Unified School District I, 800 Apache, Winslow, Arizona, at me above-reterenced time and dale Plans and specifications tor t proposed Work may be inspected al the office of Rossman Partners, or copies may be obtained bv making a deposit ot per set, whieti deposit win be refunded upon return documents as per procedures outlined In Instructions to Bidders. A certified or cashier's check or a bid bond for five percent (5) of the amount of the bid must accompany eacn bio at a guarantee thai contrac tor win enter Into contract to perform Work in accordance with Plant and Specifications or at liuul- dated damages in the event of failure or refusal of Contractor lo enter into contract, which check or bond win be returneo ra unsuccessful bidders and to the successful bidder upon execu tion of a satisfactory contract and bono as prescribed By Arizona Revised Statutes. H shall be mandatory on the Con tractor to whom contract it awarded. and upon any subcontractor under him, to comply in every respect wilh the provisions ot Titles 23 and 34. Arizona Revised statutes, and with a other requirements of the laws of Arizona, applicable lo contractors for construction of public works. Contract or any part thereof shall not be sublet to a tuDconiracior who hat no! paid taxes at provided by section 34-24IB, ARS. The Winslow Unified School District 1 reserves the righl to reiect any or all bids or waive any informality In any bid and also reserves the righl to hold any or all bids for a period of thirty (30) days after date of the opening thereof. No bidder may withdraw his bid during this thirty (30) day period. Contractor to whom contract awarded shaH. within five (5) davt after awarding of contract, furnish to aforesaid Winslow Unified School District l satisfactory performance and Saymenl bonds in the form prescribed y A R S., In an amount equal to one hundred percent (100) of the full amount of the bid. Performance bond shall not be limited as to lime in which action may be instituted against the surety company tor possible nonpar lormance bv Contractor. Work shall commence within ten i iui oavs after award ot contract. WINSLOW UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT l BytFrank Higglnson ' Clerk, Governing Board Published Arliona Republic May I, 15, 1981. 1 Public Notice COUPON 10 OFF T VALID THRU MAY 31, 1981 CLIP SAVE MAY SlIUTTIRIZil. SALE CLIP SAVE IT'S SHUTTERS FOR: PRIVACY, INSULATION. LIGHT CONTROL, BEAUTY, DURABILITY coupon ; SAVE 10 :wXi. VALID THRU MAY 31, 1981 ; CAEWJOfl CRAFT IMSTAMT SHUTTER KITS BRING IN THIS COUPON AND SAVE 10 OFF OFFER GOOD THRU MAY 31ST Now it's So Easy! You can install "Decorator styled shutters" yourself in less than ... 10 MINUTES! No special tools needed Easy step by step instructions Sizes to tit nearly aH windows -special orocr Prehinged.presanded on fabric Available Prefinishedor Unfinished '.. frame kits PA -"it! HI f-f'i . I a: f.. NARROW BLADE OR FABRIC FRAME 2 'A WIDE BLADE V WHITE Of WALNUT "8.0. WHITE Of WALNUT 24MX24"w0THXHaGKT...:.4260 424" WPrLxHEK5HT.....535 24"x36"51203S"x24" 51 24"x36" 6490 36"x24" 6270 28"x24"472 36x36" 65 28"x24" 5720 36"x36" 7920 28"x36" 5660 60"x24" 68 28"x36" 6930 60"x24"10459 32x24"4940 60"x36"10870 32"x24" 6050 60"x36"13090 32"x36"6 170 72"x24" 96 32"x36" 75 72"x24"11550 36,,x48"1048fl72,,x36,,11600 36"x48"12560 72"x36"14080 40"X24"54" 72"x48" 18740 40"x24" 67t0 72"x48"231 40"x36"6790 48"x36" 72 40"x36" 8250 48"x36" 88 48"x24"5970l48"x48"1194048"x24" 726048"x48"14310 READY TO FINISH 3 SHUTTERS American Pin " MOVABLE LOUVER AS LOW AS 138 Wf STOCK WIDE BLADE. FASMC rnire fixed iouves I 6"x16' MANY OTHER SIZES IN STOCK. CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE AT SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS special oeotes ON FINISHED ATlODOOIK UNBEATABLE VALUE Patio Vista Doors 212" Wide Blade for sliding glass door. e ti atwatiwf aoaoontaiM 6 PANEL 72"80" G A VflOF fttC0efltPJS) ffVfStfftMt He er enimni HofMtof - WiMiBwH tar com FMTTMEeVtm toman louvemo doom roe rami nuoJ - oooei 4 PANEL 72"x80" UNFINISHED 219.00 FINISHED 325.00 6 PANEL 96"80" UNFINISHED 289.00 FINISHED 434.00 UNFINISHED 299.00 FINISHED 448.50 OTHER SIZES AVAILABLE ON SPECIAL ORDERS . 2!V' WIDE BLADE BIFOLDS 2K" MOVEABLE LOUVER WHITE or WALNUT I UNFINISHED 24x80 118.18 24x80 81.26 28x80 124.10 28x80 84.22 30x80 131.48 30x80 87.16 32x80 138.88 32x80 90.12 36x80 144.78 36x80 " 94.56 80" FIXED LOUVER DOOR HI PANELS 12x80 21.36 15x80 24.14 14x80 22.22 16x80 25.58 24x80 35.98 owtstztsAVMAacs CUSTOM MADE SHUTTERS FREE ESTIMATE CHECK OUR LOW PRICES 272-8475 EXTERIOR SHUTTERS UNFINISHED PRICE EA. 15"x39'. 1192 15"x43'1230 15"x47".1292 15"x51" ia92 15"x55".;1508 LARGER SIZES AVAILABLE S-0 SHHa 30' 1 tttJs FULL LOUVER BIFOLDS 24"x80" 54.92 28"x80" 57.16 30"x80" 59.42 32"x80" ......61.38 36"x80" 65.74 48"x80" .99.32 60"x80"....107.12 72"x80".... 116.76 IWMMC1MlHHIMMfn (TORI HOURS TUES. THROUGH FRI 10 TO 6 SAT 10 TO 5 SUN, 11TOS COUPON SAVE 15 VALID THRU MAY 31, 1981 CHECK Oua PHICES MWi, fiSSSkl I visa' p3G?3 THE (EST IN THE WESt SHUTTERS by CklinOU CRAFT 3126 West Thomas Rd., Unit 103 Phoenix, Az. 272-8475 f i ' ! COUPON ; SAVE 20 CUSTOrHUI- VAUD THRU MAY 31, 1981 Pulsar Quartz, timely gifts for everyone. Pulsar technology keeps prices low with quartz accuracy that goes beyond any other watch. Come see our new collection just in time for Mother's Day, graduation, anniversaries and Father's Day. Use our convenient layaway or payment plan. Fine Jewelry. V 1 LI .... ' " '4 i A.$75Goldtone, brown strap, sweep second hand. B.$85Goldtone. brown strap, timer and alarm. C.$110Goldtone case and bracelet. D.$120Goldtone case and bracelet. E.$125Goldtone case and bracelet, sweep second hand. k1 rm . S . turns 1 iff 'ivV i.V" 1 " j 1 ? ! I i.'!l tyf ..'-..JLMwf t.Jm fJ r- ! vuaar X StSKSSKBSa j m m m mm m wm m . tm m :tcti. F.$85Goldtone, brown strap, daydate. , G. $105 Calculator alarm, stainless. H.$145Goldtone case and bracelet. 4 W AD WAY SOUTHWEST SHOP 10 TO 9 (vpNDAY THROUGH FRIDAY; 10 TO 6 SATURDAY; AND 12 TO 5 SUNDAY AT CHRIS-TOWN, BILTMORE, METROGJENTER, LOS ARCOS AND, FIESTA MALL.

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