The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1946 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1946
Page 13
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THURSDAY, Al'IUL •!, 1!MG BIATIIEVILLK (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Correct Glasses Will Iron Out Eye Wrinkles The bad habits of frowning, squinting, close-purring, straining the muscles around Die eyes or 'cowling as a woman reads, talks, or sews Ictirale the need for glasses. If these hublls are responsible E'or horrid little lines which cold ream fails to Iron out, sec an oe- ilist soon, for goodness sakes. You fin only Iron out the lines by cor- ectlng the trouble. Face creiuns arc lelpless In remedying the damage, if you continue in youi 1 habits. Wrinkle-taxes will also accrue — which will have to be faced one fine day—bv the woman who indulges in facial postuhngs. We're calling a few of these boldly by name, so that yon can be on your guard and battle them down. Wrinkling the nose is one. As cute as the habit is, stop it. You won't like to see the crlncklc.s etched in. Raising eyebrows in naive wonder in another bad actor. Keep your brow serene, unless you like 'furrows in it. Drawing down til corners of the montli. when talking, has two strikes against it. The habit is unattractive. It will Mild Cream Aids Dry Young Skin There arc teen-agers whose skins ue dry. These arc the exceptions lo the rule that the adolescent skin-plight is over-activity: skin flooded by oil which invites blackheads and dismaying pimples. We refer to tbose dry-sklnnpd little girls who after searching probes In mirrors for more cntran- •ing images write to ask If they -•an, like their mothers, use creams. If so. what kind? H that's you. of course you can use creams. There are creams so safe that they can be used on babes-ln-anns. Where a sensitive skin hasn't, taken gracefully to (lie rigors of winter, my advice to its young owner Is to use the same types of bland creams that are prescribed for Infants. There are such creams formulated for teenage users. These cosmetics keep you safe from the risks of loading a young, active skin with heavy oils. Mother's pet creams and lollons may be the wrong kind, since Ihey'rc apt to be adult preparations, geared to older, less-active skins. speed down the .sagging movements i ol the face. PAGE THIRTEEN. 'Pooch' Pouch Spices Bags For Easter Suave Lines For Easter Suits and Coats Join the Fashion Parade Welcome Spring With a distinctive coiffeur, individually styled to your personality. LORENE'S BEAUTY SALON StiOO.WW llrlirf Itrfllilllril CHICAGO iUP> —During the last eight years $000.000 has been collected from former relief recipients who liiisiTpre.scntcd thoir needs, according to K. A. Rase, commissioner of the Chicago Welfare Administration. Tlie administration collected (91.- j 000 in 1945 on notes of restitution executed by recipients or their relatives following investigations. LOS ANGELES (UPt—California ranks second in number of oil wells drilled betoiv 12,000 feet in clopt'n with Q5 deep wells, the "Petroleum Engineer" reports. Louisiana is first with !H, Texas third with 41. There are 217 wells below 12.000 feet in (lie world, all but three of them in the United States. Artiste Lorene Hamilton 1215 W. Mcin St. Georgia Hudson Phone 2842 Carnegie Hall next! That's the ambition of Rose La Rose, strip- teuse extraordinaire wlio is now doing her routine—slightly modified—for a Hollywood movie. Miss La Hose contends stripping is an art, and bases her claim to classicism on the fact that she uses such classics as "The Anvil Chorus" as background for her ^»....i_ bumps anil grinds. Parasol-Sized Hats For Paris Shoulder-Wide Straws Shown In Stylo Mart ' Romantic In Appeal PARIS— i NEA '.--Provocative lints is bi^ us parasols rival the bur- neonillt! lives in the Hols lie Hou- c fur first sprliiKllmc attentjoll of fashionable Parisieniifs. Triin- iied with ii .s'.virl of paradise feathers or black Chanlillv lace these shoulder-wide straws haw a picture-book look which whoops up romantic appeal. The majority H f hats shown In j sucli style-leading collections as Legrou.x Socurs. Maud et Nano, 'aulelte, Suxanne Talbot and others stress an "olf-thc-foi ehcad" pose. Ecpially chic, however, is the 19-Hi version of the "canollrr" which is worn straight across the brows—not clown over llu; eyes oi 1 even slightly tilled. Veils, from Ihe mesh to the wide fishnet ami chcniUe-doUwt types yive a Second Umpire touch to the myriad small hats scl aside for cockiail dales or the theater. Veiling often picks up the stiadu of the: trimming or else is the sanig blonde color as straw. It Is used yelietaolisly, lying in blf; bows at tile back. The "bird-cage" veil covering the face ami tsaltie-red Into n neckband is back again. YELLOW LKADS WHITE Yclow, including natural and burnt straw shades as well as bar- Icy suyar yellow, is smart and newer than white for the hat Parts, iennes wil wear with black, navy or C''ay spring .suits and later with summer prints. Lcgroiix Socurs use the flattering lines of Ibn "boaler" for hats in a variety of sizes ranging from the microscopic to the cartwheel. For midsummer wear, the palllas- son 'straws ai'e simply trimmed with black velvet, ribbons and bows. Most of the trimmings are plnced •H a new nn^lc towards the back. Many upturned brims of straw are faced with fabric, usually pleated or .shirred. Paillette's collection Includes a "portrait" hat. with upturned brim in sun gold straw, trimmed with matching chiffon popples. This is tied under the chin with narrow black- velvet strings. Maud et Nano. the younger set's mo- distes, like a youthful fiischiii colored felt, the rro\vn banded in black giosgrain and trimmed with an enormous bow of lime green and fuchsia nylon. Bundles of cherries or love apples- complete with blossoms porch hteh on crowns or brim edcsrs of hats designed by Su/annc Talbuf in straw or pastel felt. Crownlcss hats in pastel shades 'A cellophane straw arc alsn .shown. For the nndcr-tweiitics there arc youthful Juliet, caps trimmed with laiyc posies over each car. NKW YORK (NKA>--The names of bans—"pooch", pouch, Noah's Ark, nnrt Week-ender, for example —Rives you an Idea of whal's com-. Inn up for KaMcr In big uut not whopping, functional but not yad- gety, carry-alls. More li'fttht'r buys arc back 111 colors that match shoes and blend in with c<Vitumes. IVacelliniTc- pln.sllcs make the plusllc pat- enl bniiti which look us prrrmilully Spring as shiny black shoes. Hack from I lie wins are metal hhiKcs for faclln frames. Fur belter grip most bags have bundles tor arms or straps for shoulders. Newest strap swings a moroccaii Icalhi'r en vi'lopc bag from a wnmnn's shoulder but is leiish-lnnB and has metal fii-stcner which sniips on Towser's collar, as shown left. The two while bans .shown below —Koivl's three liou-d calfskin loi daytime, extreme left —typify the Importance o( while for this scn- son's accessories. Called Ihe Weekender for what It will carry, I In. liat-box-styled Monocrafi bai;. ccn- li'r. Is njado of bviiKiilliir and 1> pcrsonall/ed by told iullliil.s. The Josef-designed patent pond with a mock-loi lolsc shell liaiiu .second rlijht. l.s typiciil of the sty I- tnii of pla.sllc for smart haiidbaiis which are impervious to tempiTa lure changes and won't crack o lose hixirr. The Noah's Ark biu, exlrcm,, right. Is a Mark Cross di signed drawstring calfskin. So named because It Is THAT bii:. this bag claims the two-by-two ai'k prlncliile of wciirlni; u cither hnnil- Sulivo Taster outfit Is lUis flaring, knee 1 IrilKlll. pearl gruy wuill tunll A'llli a print Mouse NKW YOHK, (NKA)—While the Easier parade will odcr » urand- .sland view of coals' nnd suits 1 new curvca. llieac gny cxhlbltlonlsta will meet .some stiff competition In straight - lined, .smooth - as - glass fashions which women with llb-soin flunres will still want to wear. Catering lo IlitH iierfcctly ICRltl- mati' vanity are coats and sulU a.s lean as whippets In outline. Severely .stripped of the uuddod- lady look, these streamliners owe their fashion excitement to color, somtlines to fine Imported woolens, and always to moulding fit, particularly throuxli the torso lo make a wlsh-of-a-walsL. . Ot« lliuno-dcslgncd suit, for example, which Is ear-mnrlcod for tlio par- Is pln-slrlpcd In brown on pule blue; woolen. Made collnrtess and for crnck-of-rtawh slmpllclly, the neckline Is slashed, the Jacket Is link-closed, nnd the only concession lo new whoop-la are kiil(c-Hku pleats, placed vertically ul each side of Ihe skirt. On tin- swing-skirled side, however, are plenty of suits such as the Urnwnle-de.slgned series In shock colors, like royal blue wool Kurh skirts are topped by short curved Jackets with pulled-ln waistlines ami deep-cuffed elbow length sleeves and \isuiilly show i whopping bow p»:c[ilur; out. fron an rye-rlviMIng combining two shock colors. Flaring out like lumpslmdc.s fir also tunic jackets and tunic coats One lalked-abdiit tunic coal, fen lured by ivlvlcltc, l.s almost knee U'lilitli. Made of, a pearl gra flare »ho»» only « brief of » black woolen skirt «nd br efcr p«p »f an en»emMed print blouse with, matchln* turn-' bade ciiffn, ... ••-..:; Coats which go all-out for. fullness—with bulky top* and jith- ercd skirts—usu»lly h»ve cor»elet inserts, placed In between to whit-•-' tic down the waist. As nipping In • ! stays, e. bedpost and an oblUf- ig knee Is the corcelet walnt hlch x coat-deslgner Monte-S»nt> ses. for example, to pare -down wat/H of a bulky-topped, lull- kirlcrt double-breaste<l co«t in wo shades of gray wool. «d Courier.Nein W»W Ad«. * Insurance of every kind Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Glencoe Hotel Bldg, ^^ ; -1 ' John WLUtnv.'Mlcsljjiiccl woolcu, tli WASHING MAKES THEM NEW AGAIN Would Tan Ill SOAP 'n MVATER' .OncoBdmoriallT Waatiabt. Rayon Gabardine! Gay Gibson doos It a0aia in dream color*. 9 to 17, 3O1 WEST MAIN * BLYTHEVILLE ^v New Blouses $2,70 to $5,95 Soft Spring'f, in u,l:j M.a.son'j; more cxclttni: . . . mure detailed , . . more feminine .stylos. Trim little tailored styles . . . pert little party goers, mouses tliat turn u basic suit. Into a U u.m. to U p.m. wardrobe. Sec them at, liOSMN'I'llALS. Color bright Spring Sweaters $3.45 and $4.95 Sweaters you'll live in ... and love! . Wonderful pullovers with long ur shorl-slcevcs . . . lovely cardigans. Marvelous with your slacks, skli'.s . . . and your suits. At ROSENT1IAL modest prices. Easter-Pretty DRESSES Mtitk'Hdy I'rjccd $5.95 til 1 to $11.40 Women, Misses iiiirt Junior Sim 1'crl little clresties with' a touch of the frivolous in their soft hip .drap- ' cry, shiall waistlines, lirief sleeves . . . sweetly curved for sheer femininity. Delightful for Easter and after.. * and they're priced to meet your budget. Women's lirmvn LOAFERS The bulky top and full skirl of thl Ibis doublc-brca.slcrt, Iwo-tonci gray wool spring coat arc scpural cd by a snug corselet. S'1.7!) Special Pro-Easter Sale! 300 Pairs Women's Smart Oxfords A special purchase — strange as it may seem—in these days of shortages. All low heel, comfortable walking styles, nearly all sizes. Special, pair We Have Them! SANDALS- PLAY SHOES $2.59 to $4.95 Choose your own colors- all with the comfortable, small platform soles. Special pro-Easier values at ROSENTHALS. Special! Boys 'Tee Shirts Well made cotton "Tee" .shirts In simul .striped patterns. The kind he'll wear this Summer. 48c and 63c He Man . . . and Hep for Spring . . . SUITS $9.95 to $11.25 With I,miL' Pants Well designed, sturdily constructed coat.s and pants for the little srhnlnr and athlete, created wilh an eye to tcrinj! his pliyslriuc. Kyc^ catchlnp paftcvns he'll like. Sl^cs from 7 years to 1C. Choose his Muster Suit at UO- SENTHAL'S. Loafer Coats for Voting l''cllow.s $8.80 Beautifully tailored In All Wool materials, for particular boys. HOYS SLACK SUITS $3.00 Blue ami [;\n col- 015. SlZCS -I tO 9 years. I. ROSENTHAL Phone 2562 INC. 226 West Main St.

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