The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1930
Page 5
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2-1, 1030 ' "BLYTIIEVILLB, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first insertion and one cen$ a' word fcr each subsequent insertion. No advertisement . taken for less than 50c. Count the words and scud the cash. Phone 306 FOR SALE FOR SALE—Sacks for cottonseed. Junk Dealers, opposite Frisco station. 21i>-k26 FOR SALE—Barred Rock chickens. Mrs. E. ll. Alley, 2',b miles north of Barfleld. 24P-K2 FCR SALE or TRADE—2 teams and farm tools. Mrs. E. R Alley, 2',-i miles north ol Barfieid 24P-K2 FOR SALE—Cafe, 407 W. Ash St. Cooler News Notes Mr. and Mrs. Rltchlo William's and daughter Meggie, of Heber Springs, Ark., who have spent eev. eral weeks here, have returner home, , ; Miss Jeanette Courtney recently gave a shower in honor of Mr. and Mrs, Otis Clark, and entertained v-lth music and dancing, while games were played for those who did not care to dance. Refreshments, were served and many useful presents were presented to the youthful couple. . Claude Okene ara( T, N .Brlg- gars hive returned home from a hunting trip of throe days dura, tlon." Mrs. Leslie Gllmer and small son, Edward, are spending a short vacation in Dyersburg, Tenn., among relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Dunivan of Sanford spent last week here. Born to Mr..- and Mrs. John Henley, a boy. Chas. D. Travis, Probate Jurge elect of Premiscot county, wil' Texas. 24P-K12-2 FOR RENT fejr WM. E. McKENNEY was bid, the following play resiilt- Setrtiiry American. Bridge Lew led, West opened the king of dia- The declarer In today's Ijand bids | nionds and then switched IQ a his. four-card suit first and later trump which the declarer won trj bids two no trump to show an orlg- the dummy with the jack. A Email Inal .four-card suit bid and'a Jair- " ' ly well balanced hand. This allows North, his partner, to take the contract' to four odd. A neat squeeze play assists the declarer in going game, riORiu S—K-J-IO-7 H-J-S-2 " 0-7-4 '• . SOUTH-rOEAUC,. 'EAST v-a-6- s-t -\-9-~ . .4 ,...3-8 FOB RENT—Furnished bed room for gentleman or couple, Adjoin- ins bath, 119 South jLake St. 22P-K26 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, garage. 305 Dougan. 14p-k28 FOR RENT—9 room Jiouse, two baths, all newly painted and papered, located on corner Highway 01 and Highway 18. ideal lo- cation'for tourist rooms. $40.00 per month. Call L. L. Ward, 968 or MO... 12CVTF FOR KENT—Rooms. One month rent free. 914 Hcarn. 13P-K27 FOR RENT—Modern 6 rcom house, f Garage, 2 lots. 16th and Main. - Will rent or trade 8 room house on Lilly St. J. W. Maloney. 17p-k24 apartment, Quite a' large number of fans frcm Stcele attended the basketball games here Friday evening. • John T. Gilliland. ha* erected a beautiful four room dwelling on his Oak Ridge farm. ; Mr. and Mrs. Cuba M. Hijdon, of SUele, and Clifford Correll, of Holland, rendered some excellent music at the home of C. H. Bym, of this neighborhood, recently. Everyone present enjoyed the en. Icrtainment. \ . • Mrs. S. V. Wolverton is spending a few, days with tier son, W. L. Jenkins, in the Shake Rag vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Evans, of Gibson, have moved to this section in order for Mrs .Evans to teach in one of the schools of the Cooler district. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Turner and Tompsie Evans, of Milan Tenn., are visiting In the. home of Mrs. A. F. Evans, near here. Lccn Earl, of Steele, refereed the , WESV ?S—2 . H—0-10> 5-3 D—A-K-6• 3 C-J-8-4- Z -' ' : Tb« BWdinj, At. some- tableau-South, the deal- r, opened the .contracting with ne no trump,.. 'but the -approach ype bidder preferred 'the one. spade, Vest overcalled with two diamonds, North- went to- .'two fpades, 'East passed, South b^jd two ho tfiiinp to show a ,'--'-•-— - — ;i — ------ ult and West passed, '-and..North in most on the West hand. The singietgn blind, Charles Abbott recently Glint cases;.-three spades, and In spade and the four diamonds sliow and killed a fox while hunting wliu ^e case 'jumped to; four' spades. a four, four, lour, one 'distribution.: his mother In the woods near here. . .- - : : .-TlN( Fiay : W ','• This would leave West with' a sin- |Mrs. Abbott, sighted the fox ami At. the itable /where,' lour' spades' gleton heart., undoubtedly the ' successfully directed her son's auii. P-K-25 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, close in. Jimmie Ledbetter, Clarence Saunders store. CK-TF FOE RENT—8 room residence, 2 baths, Walnut sU new garage. Phone 683 I basketball games here, Friday even- Ing. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, of Steele visited here, Friday, and attend« the basketball games In the even. SW month.- 21c-k25 Ing. "The Wild Cat Special", Cooler i j high school paper, has just come !- from the school press, being the FOR RENT—Pretty country home, right at town, bath, lights, waler, terraced lot, shade tress, garage, servant house, chick yard, wonder- Thoraas 21c-k35 ful place. $35 a mouth. Land Co. November , issue. The Freshman class, recently der the directions of Prof. Rlcker 'presented lrt the auditorium a very unique and enjoyable radio pro gram. The program came from Station L. W. F for "Live Wir Freshmen". • •" FOR RENT-Furnlshed rooms. for light housekeeping, 700 Walnut, Also unfurnished flat, 1013 Walnut. 24C-K1 - FOR'RENT—Nicely furnished'bsi room. 916 W. Ash. Phone 90. .. PK-30 .FOR RENT — Furnished house. 130G Chickasawba; Garage and servant house. Call 83 or 280. 24C-K27 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and Ironed by compe- Ivlrs. Brown, 17CK-TF ietit white woman. 704 S. Lake St. WANTED—Family Waitings.' Alice Beard,. 1046 So. Lake St. 22P-K29 WANTED — 100 White Leghorn hens. H. E. Koonee, Blytheville i. and three clubs, therefore tficlarer leads i;the Vaicen of diamonds to squeeze the West hniid, If- West discards the Queen of lieaiis, declarer will discard a dub in dummy and the Jack of hearts will be good. If a club 1» discarded, declarer will. dUcard the jack of hem-is and all of hk cluba arc good. With the aid pj the squeeze p!ny, the declarer has successfully made liis contract of four odd at spades. French Plan Special Cifan for Women PARIS, (UP)-Sp'uired'. by fash- Ion's told adoption of trousered rev!*", f or evening wear and pa- Jamas fcr informal afternoon nt- .„ „,. ....... n ...v.. „„* „„., ' : ' c - ihl French tobacco monopoly by East with 'the ace. East re- * " 1 >"s clew of tho finest texture turned the nine of hearts, declarer hn * "nnoanped that It Is creating winning with the king. Declarar I " : -' Oif'ume. • leads the five of dtamonds and ! Ci B ar smoking by women Is nol ruffs to the dummy with this ten '™' at France's fehlonable sea- of spades. ' I M ^ rcscrti, but until this fall tho if lr !K"' 6'YCrnmehi has net £cen led, declarer winning with ] diamond was relumed from my and the ten sp:t flnsssed, which goes to West's ace. If West a club, game Is easy for the declarer as he will allow the club to ride to the king, killing East's queen—then lead the ton spot.and If West refuses to cover, take the finesse. . . West in this case returned his fourth best heart which was won iY taste In ci. i, after a tour of is the queen, West discards the'slx 6l- are, natural sugar has. a minimum'^four-card spade , ind ^the~ diamonds:'-^topped,] of spades, his last trump, West discarding the deuce of clubs, dummy the three of clubs and Eist follows with his last trump. Tlie declarer has n pirfect conn! "Vnonopay, of whch is <:> innmifticlui'c a special size cigar fe Vi'cmen- 'BLIND BOY SHOOTS FOX URIDOTON, Me. to get a radio' by selling subscrtp lions for the Curtis Fublishta Company. Thcf^'Brown Owl Eight", higl school'! quartette, will sing several good numbers, at the Thanksgiving program, 'Nov. 25. Kate Baker, formerly of Cooler but) now of Dyersbure, .Tenn., has returned here and will spend the winter months .playing basketball with the alumni team, of which she is a member. The daily average attendance of Cooler consolidated district Number 5, during the, past 'month was approximately 800. Thelma AfcAdams, of Tyler, spent Friday night here as the guest of Velma Jane Travis. New York Cotton Rout a 2. 22P-K27 WANTED — Sewing—Quilting--at my house or yours. Phone 377. 24P-K2 PERSONAL TAXI—F. A. MCGREGOR Day or I*!ight Service, Phone 10. 1C-K30 THE REST HOT PIG, CHILI AND COFFEE RUSTIC INN NEW YORK, Nov. 24. (OP)—Cotton closed barely steady. Open High Low Close Dec. nevr 1077 1084 1073 1074 Dec. old 1075 1082 1073 1074 Jan. new 1097 1100 1083 1083 Jan. old 1098 1102 1083 1084 Mar 1124 1128 1111 llll May .... 1152 1158 .1137 1137 July .... 1169 1173' 1155 1155 ; Oct 1186 1191 1173 1173 Spots ,quiet and unchanged at 1085. WERT He Makes ''Em See V. R. WASIIAM—Tr.in5fcr Daily trips to Memphis. Will nick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phone 851 -Memphis Phone 3-931 GOOD STEAKS AND HOT FI§H TOM'S'CAFE New Orleans Cotton ORLEANS, Nov. 24. (UP) —Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close Dec ..... lfiS3 1091 1078 1018 Jan ..... 1100 1105 1088 1088 Mar ..... 1125 1132 '1113 1115 May .... 1158 1159 1138 1139 July . .. 1173 1176 1158 1153 Oct ..... 1188 1181 1171 1174b Spots closed steady at 1054, off 11. ROCHESTER, ft. Y. IUP>— The bumpy pavement in St. Paul street is oad for trucks bearing bootleg beer. Three Vcgs of beer were catapulted from a vehicle. They were discovered by police, v.-ho turned them over to prohibition agents. and Sewer Taxes District No. 1. Now Due C. G. CAUDILL, Collector. Upstairs in Farmers Bank Bldg. •_,., NOTICE «',tli our i-ecenl partnership with Air. Oco. Carney, «x- now nave the best equipped independent shop la town. CARNEY-JENKINS - GARAGE I'lckwlck Building More than 203 artesian wells have been sunk in the city area of Londan. These go down to a source of water much softer" than that of the public wafer supply. IN THE MISSISSIPPI COUNTY CHANCERY COURT, CHICK ASAWBA DISTRICT. American Building and Lean As sedation, 'and W. L. Delony as Trustee, Plaintiffs, vs. C. H. Garner, et al.. Defendants WARNING ORDER. The defendants, C. II. Garner Ma* L. Garner and King-Haas Furniture Company are warncc to appear in this court withii thirty days from this date an< answer the complaint of the plain lifts, American Builriing and Loan Association, and W. L. Delony Trustee. In Witness Whereof, I have here unto set my hand and the sea of the above court this 1st da of November, 1930. W. W. HOLLIPfTTER, (Seal) Clerk of the above Ccur' By Harvcy-Jloiris, D. O ~ ' 3-10-17-2 You mor.e ; to wait than to have those needed ' "repairs-' '.attended to promptly. Your home tieeds repairs no doubt that you have been 'intending to have done for . a 'longtime. You've invested in that, home but you must keep it in good con- ,ditipn.;:or7;your investment >vill deteriorate.;. : '../ TAKE G^RE OF YOUR HOME .AND CARE: OF. YOU.. '', PHONE 100 Try'.puB; Home Maintenance .Service.- Pay Out of Income KKP YOUR HOME IMGOOD REPAIR Cheqk This ||st See It yoor horn* ne»d« any of these repaira or Impravcmenti ; • Mate closet space '•:.-. . . Shtltin; ' Cupbtards- • . . Dears . j Garaje ' : New waiks OT ir{rewa;s ' New floors over old . 1 Eooflni -..-•• .j. Paint Screens or.screen dears Repair or rtwm aide . . ' 'walls '•..'•'• New front entrance TVlndon Or fruau .New. him ' . - . jPHtUUons '.: , ~ Enclose porch • OUR BOARDING'HOUSE OVER "^\f VlOULP CAPITAL. SPcRfffc BOOTS ANf) H£R WHAT'S IN THVWIND? ...-:.;..;..-.••.,. i-vn-.'-' t .--V LUMBER -fob';.:' -Eft^*-*—^,, >.^WW« - LUMBER . \j,. '••'.: ^ipp 'f; ^ARKANSAS ..ft :Res* T •- FRECKLES AND. HIS FRIENDS THEY'RE OFF V- AWv... THE SOONER. THC L5T HER M*ME IT, PI L6Y.'. 1 WASH TUBBS CLOSE ey, SIR. \ o TORWM& TMERE-Vie'RE RONNIN6 A. BIT MET (*JPtftV!£K OFF SHIP. US ?LW£ TURNS WGH WJRSfS M SOWSIWOUTWlTflN W6WCO, >T1 OtCUPftNTS EM6M1ES.

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