The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1942 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 26, 1942
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTIIEVILLE (AUK.) COU1MUK NEWS TUESDAY, MAY 2G, 1942 'THE v BLYtHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher >= SAMUEL P. NORRIS, Editor • Wto. B. WHITJ5HEAD, Advertising M»Mg«r *' Sole National Advertising Representatives: Wallace Witmer Co., New York, Chicago, Dt- taott, Atlanta. Memphis. ___ •" Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter at the post- office at Blytheville, Arkansas, under act ol Congress, October 9, 1917. , Served by the United Press. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in the City of Blytheville, 15c per week or 65c per month. , By mail within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 15c for three months; by mail in postal zones two to six inclusive, $6.50 per year; in zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year payable in Advance. Second, wince lie is \vronj?, could it .be that he is merely Die victim of an honest error of judgmentV Self-Appointed Monitors Herbert Hoover's plea J'or freedom of - criticism, in this war effort, can not be brushed aside cavalierly with the retort that such freedom is under less restraint in this country than in any other. .That is true, of course. It is equally true that, except for a few instances where sedition appeared to exist, the Roosevelt administration has leaned over backward not to act against persons or publications which were bitterly hostile to almost everything that is done in Washington nowadays. But to dismiss Mr. Hoover's discus- . sion on these grounds is to miss his entire point. Nowhere did the ex-president suggest, by remotest implication, that he felt that the federal government was using its power to squelch critics. He did attack that "war intolerance at the hands of self-appointed persons and organizations" which "has already, in five months, risen to great heights." He denounced name calling and "the sadistic and higher art of abuse—that is, smearing." ' • • » » * There is an enormous diversity of opinion, among our 130 millions, as to what we ought to Go and how we ought to do it. That is democracy. Its suppression would be totalitarianism. There are those who thought, very' sincerely, that we should not get into this war. Some felt our very venture into Europe's quarrels had resulted dis- ~ ; ;astrously for us and, in the long run, had done no good for anybody. Others feltj\y;e;2cpuldl-defend ourselves, if attacked, but could not turn'the tide of ; .battle against the axis. : ; ;; Once the die was cast, almost with•-out ^exception those isolationists united - with the rest of us in willingness to • venture all to win the war. But certain elements on the other .1 side refuse to forget, and mind their ". own businesses. They are determined I'tp ruin everybody who differed with ' them before Pearl Harbor. These believe, or pretend to believe. • that in addition to the few actual trai- • "tors and crackpots in our -midst, there ' is "a. great,.group of Americans somewhere -tir-some "dark corner who want defeat." .Like Herbert Hoover, we have not hejar-d of a : single American who wants . defeat. We all want victory. So the next time somebody differs with you on anything about this war except "as to the one vital issue—victory at any cost—why not pause, he- fore you brand him as an appeaser, compromiser, defeatist, fifth columnist, sixth columnist or pro-Nazi, and ; ask yourself two things: First, could it be possible he is right? The Roots of Inflation Ont-e upon a time many years ago, a little wart appeared on the side of the fourth linger on our right hand. Since it was not painful or particularly obtrusive, the wart was neglected. Gradually it grew/ In time, tiny warts began to appear on other fingers which came into contact with the original excrescence. Disturbed, at last, we attacked the newer growths and kept them under control. Kill, the original tumor—the seed wart —thrived on, and bred new offspring. Eventually w<> wen) shaken out of the manana attitude, obtained some at-elic arid and killed off the seed wart. Thence forward we had no more trouble. All of which comes to mind whenever \vo stop to think about the way Washinglon is trying to control that inflation which New Deal and Old Deal both dread and say that we must stop ill any cost. [>y imposing a ceiling upon prices which rc'biik.Ts can charge legally for most commodities, we are trying to slop the Jack's beanstalk climb of the price k'vel. The prices which competitive retail outlets normally charge are fixed .generally by the costs of the goods they sell. 'Those costs are governed largely by raw material and labor charges. l.'.ut the cost of labor and thc price of farm products—two major elements which go to make up the cost of those things still flowing to retailers' shelves —arc not to he fixed. Thc rdailcr in March was selling commodities which he purchased before March, at prices lower than those for which he could replenish his stock in March. When Leon Henderson fixed retail prices at March level, he sentenced thc retailer to a very substantial cut in the markup from which hi;; expenses and profit have io come. Neither retailer nor wholesaler has any reason to expect that even this reduced markup margin can be rnain- laiued, for Washington insists upon permitting readjustments in wages, which enter into the cost of goods. Mr. Henderson has said he is not going to stand for price rises to correct such injustices, which if not eliminated may sound the death knell of American merchandising except in thc case of Iho biggest, most efficiently operated stores. Instead. I he administration would prefer Jo subsidize those who otherwise would be. ruined by politicians' refusal to ulYend "Labor" by fixing wage levels. As [he situation now stands, we are going to permit, the seed warts of inflation to Hourish, but by proclamation forbid them to he communicable. As new tumors defy Mr. Henderson and do appear, we shall cover them wii.h bits of adhesive tape in the form of subsidies, and deny they exist. Can a tumor he pollyannaed away? Our wart couldn't. SIDE .GLANCES COPR. T9-» BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. 5. PAT. OFF. Travel Plan tgfrwr&Jzv. .> ^m?ss#€^ y-xti'tfj Sw^s'w^J^ •U&Ktfii., AJfcSfi&fcii «^-r*v- If* lit ****** v<>f>5^ ttefes* «* ^ ^ ^^'.^ ifl od Iff* t^TJ^T^jr*^«^i- ^••^i/'-A^-'.'^C-^ '•.-i^-iXX'V ^f^'i? •. . - l':-..,.,"^-,,,- v ••^-f'v^-^^r^ : •' :*k"V"O_*.' . '-.-»•-_/•.''":• •-:>'*-=£»•. «^i',?.'"vi^rs_.';:;^ '?<S&, IWWASwiwa: 'aSiiJinr^A^Sfe •af&i^x^f-y"'^\ ^•' 5#t#^j^S£~>| <i?iif".r its- !tfC££«n -•i.^^.w^y^^^^Ki-ftr' t *k---i =^; ; ^-t». -TjC^^^j^^X.v-lj W'«'Vf'fcSw j^JST^w?;* iS s"!i-4?i«> ^^lv!Ji<^l•»•u•vf•A•,^/ ^^S-'ii-wiriv--'"-! ^^^^^•'•^^fXl; Sivvo ^JSo^fSSv: ^h^S i*.»Cjf3^S; 5^^3iW35>«Sj ^•t^^jXi.vkAjc.^l ^«^;«V.i KJ*.*-;> iVnttMWC**;* tfeS&P *d*jK1 ffff^mX 0-5 .to WES: "The ceiling on prices has spoiled her fun—she used lo call us robbers, but now ail slie says is 'humphI*" THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson \-;i^;::i;-;"-'V^^-'V^>^^S^^.c-,-: : ..- : ;^V;; v ••••-...,'., .-(•••.- - V.'-." '" _ „. ..„ ^>C_llll^^^~-^^vV^v^^:"-< i -^^-vK.irr.-/.-^-«'^-.^-"--^V r i^.^^-'Y : '-"- : -"{..'-l'Vf V;V.----; j:-:->f^ : ^.-;«i*>^M7^ ^X^ ? ...^^^;^>^vr^,^-;.^J^u;xV . '<-.' ' ^ : ' /- ~ ~ ';. .'^T-^'J c-W-"--?-?' v^^vir^rC^'^''"^^'-'^'-^ • V' :C -' ;% • •7^27;^^^-i;^ '_' "^!!*'T.'•'-•'Zl^-^ •»*»^'^-.':r^-:^': ; ^;^^^3-c:;;^;;,:.. —' ** --'v^^^ii/^i^^ 11 -'^^^"'- — - v •"' ^^]Z'.^.,-^^^. .„....-.,.,,..;.., - "-'•••>:H ^ -.<*'-'! I 'A Li' -//!l"ji-^.;-J 8-r^^-^ Hamburger. He loses the match be- Rooncy's girl friend." . HEAVY BOMBER j cause he overtrained. Saw a sure enough movie heavy SONG SWITCHING Judy Canova playing 10-year-old triplets. today — 280-pound Sydney Green- streec. Conti-ary to the screen tradition that fat men are jolly and funny, this double-bellied, triple- chinned behemoth is an evil and There's a fantastic song sequence in "Road to Morocco" in which the three principals trade voices. Dorothy Lamour sings like Bing Crosby. Bob Hope's voice unscrupulous creature in Warners' j comes f rom Crosby's mouth, and "Across the Pacific." As Doctor Lorcnz, he plots to bomb the Gatuu Locks of the Panama Canal and is thwarted only by Humphrey Bogart. Of course, fat men always will have a natural place in movies. Over at RKO. for a sequence in "The Big Streen," they're staging an eating contest in a restaurant. One of the contestants is a skinny woman and her opponent is a huge fellow whose real name is Art Hope is shown warbling like Miss Lamour. The sound tracks on the film are switched. Paramount has turned Ginger Rogers into a 12-year-old brat for "The Major and the Minor"; Warners turned back Joan Fontaine to early 'teens in "The Constant Nymph"; and Universal shows Diana Barrymore as a 13-year-old in "Love and Kisses, Caroline." But Republic tops 'em all in "Lazybones," with Driver Briver Is Amused CAMP ROBERTS. Cal. (UP) — Pvt. James R. Driver, who has been chauffeuring in the army for 19 months now, doesn't mind being ribbed about his name. "What really tickles me is when I'm Driver Driver for Mess Officer Lieut. Dick Kitchen." Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn ^/HAT IS THE MEANING OF THE NAVY "E" PENNANT ABOVE AM INDUSTRIAL- PL ANT / T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. AVAL€ ANATOMIST SAY5 RESEARCH FINDINGS INDICATE THAT ...NOT 15- A SIGN OF MASCULINITY/ "> SERIAL STORY. S.-26 CARIBBEAN CRISIS BY EATON K. GOLDTHWAITE COPYRIGHT. 1942. 'UEA SERVICE. INC. Thrrr \v;r- never any intent, cither directly or insiiredly lo MM up oven the slightest rcsem- !:!;•• nrr> of Gr;-.!;tpo methods in plnnninc; gaso- hnr ruticnin:;.- Price Administrator Leon Hen- ANSWER: It is the official recognition of excellence in the accomplishment - o£ Production for Victory. Js'EXT: Birds in Manhattan. HARRISON IN HOLLYWOOD BY PAUIj HARRISON NEA Service Staff Corrcsomlcnl HOLLYWOOD—On the sot of "For Me ami My Gal," Judy Oarland put down the. telephone and turned back to her dressing room with a shrug. "It v;as my husband." she said. "He had «• train wreck out at our place, and got son of banged up." of - : cn,;cv JoncH A S abrupUy aS il ^ "'I™ ^ . I J.-»- ».nv> rrvvnnr-ri iwnc nviT SlVllt.ll — he had put on a super-charger, or something, and before you could sing two verses he shot off a curve through .some .shrubbery into a ravine. "Sometimes." sighed the actress. "I wonder why I didn't, marry a book-lover." What Miss Garland is intrreslr.3 in these days is i'orthcoinini THE STOHV—Bill TalooJt In bout <o return <«> New York nftcr six years on .1 OnU-h \Vcsl Indian island :JH i>r:im-h ni:ni:iK«r for :in Hcric.'iii o»«cimr:il firm. <<> face nrces of xhorlsitre i" hi* »«'•lilts, brought liy an auditor. Hill Is'to rcturu will* M:\IKCJ-. who was to siicccril 1iin>: SlnrPmvrll. » private detective; .lunr I'nterson, cousin of Bill's former roommate, and two refugees. Martha Sweii- son nu«l Prof. Con s<sm tine, who T»:tve J>foii landed on tin- island Iiy n villainous wniiiSSl'cr iinmrd .lack- iii. itiil fare* tty_£ jmditor. who remains in eharjie, with accusation that 1 nttcr's charges arc a frnincupt engineered by liigher- * * * BILL MAKES UP HIS MIND CHAPTER XI elf. Maybe I framed a few guys or divorce proceedings, but it vas because the guys themselves vanted to get framed, see? I ever been a party to framing a uy for the pen, and I'm too old .o start now." Bill Talcott could no longer control his surprise. "Do, you nean you have evidence that Struthers is trying to frame me?" MacDowell moved his hands nastily. "Listen, I didn't say that. I only said I don't like how this thing smells. So I'm gonna help you if you'll keep your mouth shut." The pint-slzeo slnr went, on lo (cst for the role of Poppy in Pearl explain that Bandleader Dave Ruse Buck's "Dragon Seed." It would is cur-r-razy about anything thati^ c ] ler fi rs t substantial dramatic runs by steam, so he put in a. ro j c> - ou t, mostly she \vanUs it for railroad that wanders around their the'change it would allow in her small estate. Thc train is a mid- j appearance. "I've always looked Kct, but a sure-enough coal bur- | j Mst tno s ame." sh<i saii^ "As ner. and its clanking and puffing | p 0 ppy, I wouldn't look like Mickey scare Judy silly. To speed ii up, | ' OUT OUR WAY By J: K. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hooplc i.E \( SOU'D BETTER. HIT ^ i.. \ • i \ r~r~\<~) T"I \TL \v 'r"r2r-\c. X 616 OTTO'S ' v '•\ \ GO LEANiDtR- IS RfXSCAL/ |.^-, -u^l'LL • ; '{ LfXOGrA IT OFP ' \^ 60OD ^QK^ I AMD O&N/lSt \ DMIQU^ FOR.X\ OF- WHAO"S THAT ? - -. Jt- 0, CAM' SEND A THIMG LIKE. 7HAT--WHX THAT'S TERRIBLE/ V^S ; ALVlM.' \\ f-1 1.1M' V!!M .<5W t A E OM W i \\ ITS CHUJ.V ASV C1'..\VUV JU&JLG- otcfc'crn. O ASCOT IT, 1415 ROBOT \V\<=> WET AM SVL'Fr •- 1N\ \\.UIM* TO KIM sA.-v-j "ToMAM: ooTi4 ZIP AS \v;\E AS V.CfTHERS GET GRAY conference was over. Struthers, who seemed to hove as little use for food as he had for sleep departed for the ofncc again taking Halsey with him, and thus Bill Talcott was left alone will MacDowell. Thc detective was shaky, off balance and very near collapse. "You ain't such a bad guy, MacDowell muttered as Bill Tal cott directed his arm into a sleeve T guess you had to hit me— Say d'you suppose I could have drink?" Talcott nodded, summoned th boy. and when thc drink wa brought MacDowell was clothed. "You nin't such a bad guy," MacDowell said again. Suddenly he put thc glass down and tiptoed to thc window, looked out and all around: tiptoed back to thc door and searched thc 'hall beyond. Apparently satisfied, be returned to the center of the room, inclined his head and in a hoarse whisper said, "Ya know sc/mep'n? I don't like that guy Struthers." Talcott covered his surprise. "No? I thought you fellows were important thing? were going on without you. You stood and gloated over your antagonist who, in the last analysis, might be merely an agent sacrificed to prevent you from reaching the end. MacDowell was something else; -*- deeper, more \i;,ychologically significant. Already, in the eyes of the men, Halsey \vi;s boss. The new man had prov-r-cl himself: while Bill Talcott lud lost face. How would they intc.iirot his continued inactive presxiscc? What would Sebastien and black Tomas and -all the others thi-'ik of him if he were to remain, vindictive but ineffectual, an impotent vcge- W7AS this a trap? „ " was in Strulhers' employ; he table ripening to rottenness in thc had come to Abas with Struthers sun? He could face accusations and Halsey. Ho was hand in glove could fight words and tracks and with the auditor, and if a plot legal proceedings but he could was cooking, he would be an in- never bear to see thc hgh. of ic- CT edient. But Mr. MacDowell had ?pcct and affection in the: eyes of taken a few nasty raps that 1-s men change to darkness bitter weren't in the cards. Was this and hard Wltn disappointment just a new txvist to the old con- No, thc locus of thc thir.g lay fidence game, or was the man fed in New York; perhaps ir, the up and sincere? Talcott eyed him cloistered offices of Federal Chcm- spcculatively and decided to Meal itself. No matter what thc gamble. manifestations, his task was c!ear; "All right," Talcott said. "What's he must avoid and overcome the your proposition?" lesser obstacles thrust as bait in MacDowell inhaled sharply, his path. His object was thc end. 'This is a Dutch island, ain't it?" Slowly he turned, "f appreciate Yes." y° ur offer, MacDowell. I fully ap- «rU--iv \VV,af Tnr^pnq if VOU P reciat ° what ^ COSt yOU t0 m ° kc Okay. What happens if youj.^ Thc advice you havc givcn mt: is valuable, but I'm not going to refuse to be extradited?" Talcott stared. "You mean — ' .. take it." "If you don't want to go back to New York with me, I ain't got thc power to make you. You can tic This thing up in the courts £.ttiem go ahead an anca. with a writ of habeas corpus MacDowelFs mouth gaped, 'What? You mean you're gonna r you? You're gonna take it layia* m returning to New buddies." "Me, a buddy to him? I'd like ' " NVlVli Cl >*»!** \JL. i4L*^v-w*v ^.^.-j--,^-. j Legally, they can't touch you un- ao ^! n - til you been extradited, and that \ m ^f°- 1 - srsSt srji HnSSt FT "^ r ?™£ i^~^^^\s^^™™ :V^^.,. nn vrt ,. That wav von the way I'^i built. I've got to clinches on you. That way you could do it. See?" face Winters- for a showdown." to kick him in the pants—'Mac- Dowcll. get up! Do ycr clooty!' Talcott swallowed a smile. "Strange, wasn't it. how he avoided all that trouble at the dock?" "Yeah. Listen. I been watchin' you, an' the more I watch the more satisfied I am .somep'n ptinks besides thr fertilizer around here." MacDov/cll paused. "Listen, can you keep your mouth shut?" "I can." MacDowell bont forward further and in his eagerness his eyes were distended until he stared from their tops; his voice was sunk lower still. "Private or public. I'm still a cop, sec? I'm gcttin' paid to do a job, and so far as anybody knows I'm j?onna do it. But ~ '"'"' ~"~ l ~ Talcotv searched the other's face "But while you're outa here, he in amazement. Here indeed was can __ . ... help from an unexpected quarter. "He may do anything he likes. Abas being a Dutch island some He has taken a stand ^ ^- r 600 air mile* distant from the seat I much prefer mine, of government, he could stand on MacDowell started his rights; c.mld dispatch a letter something in protest when a ncvv for legal counsel and wait calmly voice from the doorway caused *- v e? _ -ill-.* *-vs +f\ ** >Vv i »•! f\ t-*r\ t *• So have I. MacDowell started to sputter while lawyer* and judges argued him to whirl about, thc matter. Ho could remain on June Paterson w«s there, calmly the island, a Siorn in Struthers' eyeing them. "A very pretty side watching tabulating and speech," she smfre.1. "How such compiling evidence in his own de- a virtuous creature *s you seem fense He could squat on his to be can get yoursei! m so much haunches while the little auditor trouble, I don't understand. So yapped like a terrier. It would you're going on the Blue Petrel be satisfaction in a large measure too! My, won't thai ba a jolly for what he had suffered. party?" That way he would get satis- A slow, angry flush stole faction But would satisfaction through Talcott's cheeks. Some solve the problem? Revenge was day, he promised himself, this up- like getting drunk; you hurt some-I start cousin of Lowell Byrd's body else because they had hurt i would find herself across his knee. ram^'such'a'bad'gu/my- ^^.^.^.^t^.^-1 : ( ^^£° ntin . Ue 5 ) :

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