The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1946 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1946
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLK (ARK.) COUKIKK NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 19-10 IHE BLYTHKVLLLK COURIER NEWS H. W. HAIRM. > BAMDVL P. apto K«ttop*i Wiltac* rwitawr Oo, N** trott. AUusto, Ueaphfc. Tort. Cblotca. D* Published fta •fit BundftJ Entered M leoond Oum nMMr •* ttM offSo* tt Blytherille, Aftaaw* ODMr M» of Ooo- grea, October », 1»17. " aarred by tin UolUO Fn» , BOBSCRIPTIOW RATB8 By carrier in th» dty <rf BlTtberUte ruburban town when cantor Merle* to ulned. 30c per w««k, or Me per month. By maH. within a radiuf of « mU«, MM p«r year, $2.00 f or iU month*. lljOO (or tteM month*; By mall otitddc M mUt «oo«, »IOJO p«r JMT In advanc*. Vieu* of Sounds Like a Good Idea Courage! Let Your Child Be a Drip when (hey Postponement at the Crossroads "• Those who are inferring, from President- Truman's postponement of "Operation " Crossroads," thnt the Bikini atomic bomb tests were designed; to frighten Russia arc crediting this government -with- more cynicism, bad faith and belligerent posturing than thb miich-criticixed Russians have yet sh'own. 'Jtat.ouly* is. the inference unflnlter- ing "hi "UsV'lAit 'also somewhat illogical. Since Russians not a naval power, any muscle-flexing display of atomic bomb- hij? would probably have moon made OH a land objective if the purpose was to frighten the Soviet Union into good behavior. .^It seems '.'perfectly sensible that ''Deration 'Crossroads" was planned for the announced purpose of measuring. a power which we have already used against the equipment of one bQinch of our national defense which h;Ts never felt that power. Z H also seems sensible and important that congressmen should have the opportunity of seeing at first hand the destructive power of atomic weapons against naval vessels before voting on appropriations for our future Navy. Tie Bikini experiment will be costly, but it might have the effect of saving Vain. American people a considerably larger, sum of its results should have a dttistic effect on naval design and construction. .£ Quite possibly the Russians and the reet of the world were more impressed by the destruction of two cities by two bombs than they will be by the atomic bomb/.s. effect upon warships. Never- tlJeless, it would seem that this country should proceed with the Bikini test at the new date, if only to banish the notion that the tests were planned as a- threat, and withdrawn with the improvement of international relations. Juveniles become delinquents begin to act like their parents. If they raise Iheir children in tlic same fashion as they were raised, we will linvc to build more i>enitcn(lnrles. These words of wisdom fell/ from the HIM of D. S. Hosteller, Memphis FBI chief, Jn a speech to n luncheon club of adults hi Memphis Itys week. He jilso pointed out thnt there is an increase In tlie number of juveniles conviclcd of serious oflenscs. He adds ilia) .something should be done to parents who make no real effort to rear their children. Hosteller spoke words of wisdom. What Memphis needs today—what America needs lodiiy Is parents who have Ihc cournKO to take hold of tlieir children. Parents, who like Ihc prophet of old, can say and menu It, "as for me and my house, we will—" Parents need to know where their boys and girls arc ul night. Being permitted to go out lor the < veiling "just lo ride nround" may well be the danger .signal. Too many parents siiy (hoy don't want Ihclr l)oy or Bill bo "a drip." We need parents lcn;.iy wiio have the conr- a^o to lei their son or daughter be a drip— an honest, well-behaved drip. —I'RESS-SCJMITAIt. SO THEY SAY •~Now that we are at peace, never forget that y&jf (soldiers) are not in the Army lo keep a lot of-brass in Iheir jobs back in Wnshlngton. You ar'd in the Army because the United Stales has taken on the Job in Germany and Japnn to protect what we paid an awful lot of American liws to win,—General Eisenhower. Nobody in Washington seems to know what our foreign policy i.s. if any, and where we are Boinff. if we ai'c Boin;; anywhere.—Rep. Alvin E. O'Konski iri) of Wisconsin. * ^ » An fit'cmpl is being mmie by (he Russians in Berlin to build up a rtimsi-C'otnnumisl party in their zoi:e o! occupied Ciermany by showing special favors Lo groups of left-wing Germiln lenders . . . Whatever conclusion may he drawn from Ihese facts—and facts ihey are—this is certainly not the liberated Europe we fought to build up.—Winston Cliurciiill. * * t In a iuiuiamentai way mathematics is responsible for the aloin bomb.—Dr. Marshall Stone of Harvard University. * + + The excessive intennnrriage of U. S. nnlion- alily groups Indiciites that they will in. lime lose their identity.—Dr. Milton L. Barron, Syracuse U. Sociologist. * * * To move American oil and chemical industries underground would be a task of staggerinB magnitude nnrt would still leave (he industries susceptible to s[raii!;iaalion thvonsh attacks on trnnspoi'tiition— Oil Division Report, U. S. Strategic Bombing Survey. » * * MacArtlun's directives are usunlly accepted by the Japanese government with nn oulwnrd nhow of submission, but they arc carried oul cither weakly or not, at nil.—S. Plyshcvsky, Soviet Army ncw.spnper Red Star writer. * * * True collective bnigninlng that mniutnins the liberties of bolh inbor and management is the most lasting .solution lo wage controversy.— William If. Davis, former WLJ3 chairman. IF YOU THINK You CAN MAKE. HIM BEHAVE. ttow ABouT IT , IN HOLLYWOOD Whero Your Flowers Are—You Are! One call to us will arrange to have your remembrances sent, not just once, but month after month. Ask about this plan. T J^LFLOWER SHOP 8crric« We Deliver An/where Ph. 4fcl Mr*. J. M. (Mae) Williams, owner GlencM Bldf. Radio Service "Pig" Angtl Refrigerator Service Fred Lawlcr Washer, Ironer and Gas Engine Service Philip Frel Vacuum Cleaners. Fans. Irons and Small Appliances Repaired. llaljy Strollers — Swings Presto 4 Quart Cookers Premium Vacuum Cleaners Phonograph Records and Accessories Fans—at (it 1 , window, pedestal, and (able types.. Adams Appliance Co., Inc. J. W. Adams, MET. >; Successors to Hardaway Appliance Co., Inc. y Phone 2071 20G-OS West Main >| '*'*;»!»;;*!;*:>;>;»;>!>; >;>;>;»:>: »:»;»»; >"*"*:>"*»;:*; x*;»;»"+"*: >;>"#:>"*;•'• A NATURAL AMI FOR Hyper-Acidity OF THE STOMACH Mountain Valley Water Is a nalural aid hi helping eliminate wastes from tho system. Not laxative, it wnrks gently througli the kidneys. Ask your doctor about this famous health water from Hot Springs, Ark. It has been prescribed for more than 5 years. Free booklet on request. OUDEIl A CASE. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Rlylhcville, Ark. by Ha?el Heidergott Oi|')Tii!lu Mil, rac-SmilW.c,. ni»lril>u1r<1 l.y NK.\ SlillVlr.K, INC. „ XXIV VNN was in Ihc kitchen, making '-,!••« chocolate Bavarian cream, vhcn Susie came in from school. ; Dicl you sec the doctor?" she )urst oul, without preamble. Ann opened Ihe refrigerator floor, cmd shoved Ihe mold inside. "Yes, my Susie, and it's all very Irut. Piclure me as a fond mother if you can." "Why not?" Susie demanded in- dignanlly. "You'll make a beau- tityi mother, Mrs. Drake. What Ihe. world, needs is more molhers like you.' ^*So nice to he answering a crying need of Ihe world," Ann murmured. "Are you going to lell Mr. Drake now?" 2inn looked a liltlc impatient "1 thought we had scltled thai. Of course I'm not going to tell him— not until he gels 'back. It would UJ think von ought to iell him,' Susie said stubbornly. "Well, • I won't—and, Susie!' Aim said charily, surprising purposeful look on the girl's face "reinember Ihat it isn't any o year business! I can't think o anything worse thanColin's learn ing, it from -someone other tha met" Which was a fortunate wa pi Jutting it, she thought, watch ing^the look of'rebellion on Susie face fading inlo/conviction tha Ann was right, at "least on tha pohil. T : * .- •• •. That night, after Susie had gon to .bed,'Ann settled down with new magazine and a cigaret, b shir didn't read. Why shouldn thc^y adopt Susie? Give her family, and give themselves he»d start on one. She could hear Colin teasing her about it—"When yo\i go in for maternity, you do it in * big way, don't .you, darling?" ,Bui why not? On Susie's own account, she was awfully good with definitely be the daughter of the house. Send her to college—she wondered how her sorority would lake lo an orphan. Still, Colin Drake's daughter—and she would be legally thai—would have n babies, and they'd have one for her to cope with before too long. But of course, they wouldn't turn - — • • - /servant — she \voulii atus of her own. II was dcfi- tely an idea. * 'HE idea took a firmer hold on her mind Ihc next morning. I breakfast, Susie said non- halantly, "I forgot to tell you— can graduate in June. I've got novigh extra credits so I can, il come oul all right this r. And if I don't, it'll be because m a half-wit," she added fcr- cntly, "with all Ihc help you've een giving me." "That will he grand, Susie." "And then I'll gel a job . iTrs. Drake?" she said sort csitantly. "What, honey?" "I've been wondering: ... do ou have to have a real nurse or your baby? I'm awfully good vilh babies, and I thought maybe you'd giveime n job. I'd like th.n an awful lot better than some olc office job. Il'd be wonderful I, work for you all the time!" Susie' big brown eyes shone with ado ration. "But, honey—I'm not sure, course, but I've discussed it a liltle with Colin, a long time ago—how aboul college? Wouldn't you like to go on to school?" "Of course! But how can 1? I'm almost eighteen, you know, and there's no reason for the Home to support me any longer." "I thought we might send you to the University," Ann said, sort of diffidently. Susie stared at her, wide-eyed. "Do you mean thai?" "Urn huh. I'm a great devotee of the Gospel of belling On," Ann murmured. Happiness broke over Susie's Vnn's side and hugged her. "I Iways did say you were Ihe weetest person in the world!" she xclainicd extravagantly. Ann wasn't altogether plensec.'. She didn't like thinking of herscl' s sweet. II seemed a bit insipid" 'It'll he Colin's money—not mine — that docs il," she said. "It's your idea, though," Susie nnisted. "Urn huh," Ann admitted. "Bet- ,cr run along, darling, or you'll be iato." She kissed Susie's cheek, hen spnnked her to propel her on her way. She felt very good. face like a wave. She seemed incredulous, stunned, unwilling to believe it for a. moment, then, as she did. believe U, she sprang la AS she lil a cigarel, [feign Carpello come in. "Good morning. Ilelga," Ann said pleasanlly. "Yon can clear the things away anci do the dishc.s before you start on the washing. I'm going lo walk inlo lown." "Good mornin'. Mis' Drake," llclgn answered. "You don't need to Ro for the mail if you don't wanla- my i'cte'll bring it out if you want. Ho don't have nothin' olso lo do." "Oh dear. Ifclga. Has Pete, lost his job again?" She was gelling a liltle tired of finding jobs for Pclc Carpcllo. He was such a good carpenter, loo. "I'll speak to Mr. Hanscn and see if he can use him here. But he'll have to stop drinking. Hclga." "Yes ma'am. Thai's whal I'm always lellin' him. Bui it don't scerr. to do no good. And he's gol :uu'h an awful temper, he will gel inlo fights. And he's awful jealous of me, ma'am," she added, not vvithout pride. "But, Hclga, you don'l give him any occasion to be jealous, do you?" "Well, ma'am, I can'l help it when people like mo," Helga murmured. Ann looked at Helga, who was rather good-looking in a big, bovine sort of way. "I suppose not," Ann said helplessly, Ihinking with dismay that Colin was right—she couldn't keep out of personal discussions with the people who worked for her. It wag awfully, undignified, and certainly not suitable lo her posilion In Porl Drake. "I'll speak lo Mr. Han- scn," she said firmly, and loll the room. (To Be Continued) BV EKSKINK JOHNSON NKA Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, April •!. INEA> — Don't tell anyone wo told you, but "Forever Amber" has become forever perpendicular. Hollywood's version of the Irollop uith the wallop went before the cameras this week, with everyone connected with it assuring live / Eric Johnston office, thc Legion ! of Decency, etc., thai Amber will keep bolh feet firmly planted on the floor throughout the picture. There arc only eight bedroom scenes, with Amber actually in bed Sti bill one of them. And then in ' thnt, we suspect, she will keep one foot on the floor. As you know, Peggy omniums. 21-year-old English across who played Alice in "Alice in Wonderland" on thc London stage three years ago,-plays' Amber. • All of Amber's ••jprjrjeliial lovers. we can report, are in the film version. The incidental ones huvc been ciiminnteci. As someone reasoned, "II wasn't a question of morals. It wa.s a queslion of the budget." KETKIBUTIOX SURK To comply with the censorship code. Amber will have to pay for her sins in the final reel. Thc script writers arc still cookin' on Hits. Whether she will be boiled in oil ssed Into Ihe sea. or parted from 1 her nylons, we cannot say ut th c writers, with the censors oking over their shoulders, are hipping up something really spent. Otherwise, it will be a faithful j enditiin of Kathleen Winsor'sj orrld best-seller, will! 330 scenes. 2 exteriors, and 102 interiors. Joe rcen of tlv: censorship office prob- bly plays a bit role In every one f them. As Aniber. Pcpgy wears 42 cliffer- nt costumes, all In gorgeous tccli- icolor. The picture has a S3.000.00o pudpr-l, and a 128-day shoolinp. chcdule. FILM IIIJAVYWKIGHT 1 .' We like thc inscription on Pmil- tte Goddnnl's new red set chair: Paillette—Capacity, 120 pounds." x3 much?... Brian Doulcvy does i slrip lease in 'Fandonga.' 1 lie ilays several major scenes bare- chested ... A dress designer con- idcd lo us tiiat Carole Lnndis ncasurcn 38 inches around Ihc bust nd 36 inches around tnc hips. No comment. ..Could be thnt !hr masculine clientele at Bouita Gran- villcs' beauty shop will full off low that a Dr. James B. Hamilton lias come out with the slateim'nl lint b.ildiug males are Ihe grealcst .overs. All of Honey Cavmichael's soncs me in a leather-bound volume that on his grand piano as a gift from his wife. Thc cover is inscribed. "It's Nol Commercial." ..Tlic morning after the Acad- emy Awards. Imply whiskey bot- '.les dangled on slrinfj.s outsido every window in the wrilci's' building nl Paramount. Gary Cooper tells it on himself. One ilny while working on Sara- logn Trunk." Onry nnd Jerry Austin, the 42-inch ficlor who played Cupition, were \\alum^ lo Lho stil- l-life. Som c tourisis drove b> in a bus and one said, "Look there's Gary Cooper." one?" another asked. When Navy Lieutenant Eddie Al bert came away alive from Hi bloody invasion of Tarawa, he vowed that would be the last he would ever see of Ihe place. Now he's yelling "type casting." He plays a Marine officer at Tarawa in •"fh c perfect Marriage." Radio Star HORIZONTAL [I Pictured »' radio star, •" Jean .J, 8 Weird i 0 Peel 11 Vehicle 2 Symbol for erbium 3 Get up •' 4 Chair 5 Unclosed 6 Music note 7 Waste allowance 12 Bargain event 8 Vehement 14 Abstract Being 10 Follow i Re.,,, U Solicitude 16 Storm 13 Behold , 17 Short jacket t 15 Satiate : : 18 Czar 16 Decay 20 Mineral rock 19 Crimson 21 Indian •% 23 Observe 22 Pithy 25 Charger "&% 27 Half-cm ^ 28 Hour (ab.) ' 29 Defied . 32 Prey bird's ii nest 36 Malt drink 37 Request 38 Forest t~ creature 40 God ol war 44 Heap 45 Uncle Tom's favorite 46 Interlwine 47 Individual , 48 Italian city 50 Leases 52 He also appears In ; ' motion ', VERTICAI, 1 At this place 24 Conclusion 25 Her 26 Attempt ; 29 Father 30 On the sheltered side 31 Female ruff 33 Showers 34 Island 35 Piece out 39 Rough file 40 Fish sauce •U Sun god 42 Unbleached 43 Soothsayer | 44 Cooking , J ,* utensils. ',^" 49 Palm lily • 51 Compass point $ \ Boarding House with AAaj, Hoopie For Our Best Customers Pumrfidris will flsuaily keep through the year if they arc. stored in a dry. frost-proof room. Nevada is the driest state in thc United States, with 8.81 inchc* annual rainfall. A Spring Hat is a Tonic for Milady '. A New Lamp. A gaily colored Vase — Coffee Table Accessories — Figurines or some rare Antiques will give a real lifl to your home. It's Snml lo Shop at The Gift Shop MO I) Kit N — ANTIQUE Moss Bryan 103 E. Main Phono 225-1 Whatever flic rule you've cast for y(nir.-,clf (his Sprint* ... be it sweet and sentimental, smart and sophisti- i-iiU'd. or that calculated casualncss . . . T\VKKDIK STYLES will carry out your theme beautifully, comfortably and inexpensively. And you II love their exciting newness and freshness of desijjn. Step out this Spring in TWKKDIKS. IflE'S (=* "V VOU'V/E SOT JfrSONi TO riELP YOD VlITU THE HOLJSE- &OOD MOOR BE&-LIWE- MIWD t'M IDL& &IMPL-V BECWJS& I'M ABED/-" 1 - ABE; VOU CHOICE HE PORCK FURNITURE OR PRETTY VOORSEUF UP FOR- OME-WfxV TRIP TO NEAREST THOUGHT TriftT MF\V GOLMe A-ULTHE WORLD'S P£08—, " HOLDJ DON'T Ll FT THW TO P Al NITER.- R. Williams Out Our Way >"^

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