Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on February 4, 1972 · Page 21
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 21

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, February 4, 1972
Page 21
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78 The Ari 1 l Television schedules for the i KTVK.lRn ' Channel I Channel S Channel II Channel 12 Channel 21 t KPHO KUOLCKS t liTAH-iNOV ? Black and White Programs J (Others in Color) FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4 ' 5:45 (10) Meditation V8:50 (10) Farm and Ranch J 1:00 (10) News (12) Today Show Stagehands bonanza Solid gold By CHRISTOPHER LYDON New York Times Service . WASHINGTON - Stage-hands at the Kennedy Center - are making as much as si5uu Xa week under a union con-. tract evidently the richest -in the American theater :; that has become the center. ; management's biggest embarrassment and headache. For approximately 125 local ' members of the International Association of Theatrical and ,'. Stage Employees there are at lpact fnnr hasir plpments in : the Kennedy Center bonanza: 1 Hourly rates that are the highest, on average, in the country: $7.70 for the head electrician, carpenter and property man in each of three theaters, down to a minimum $6.60 for their su-.: bordinates. The comparable hourly wages in Los Angeles arp SR 9.5 and tl 35 On Rrnart- .. way, aepanmeni neaas cei $8.65 an hour, but their more rtnmorniic oceietonto rroi Bk ui ten is less man ineir ' counterparts here. .2 A rule requiring four hours' pay for each assignment or "caU" At the Kennedy Center particularly in the frantically busy, multipurpose concert hall there may easily be four or five . calls a day. Stagehands get a full four hours' pay for each of the first two calls and time and a half, or six hours' pay, for each one thereafter. 3 A minimum complement of three department heads during each use of KAET-TV kEducational TV, NET (8) Black & White Programs (Others in Color) I! 8:00 Hatha Yoea f8:30 Intro, to Physical Sciences (9:00 One to One J 9:30 The Electric i Company (J 1)0:00 Sesame Street 11:00 The Electric Company 11:30 Misterogers Neighborhood 12:00 Hodgepodge Lodge 12:30 The French Chef 1:00 Hatha Yoga 1:30 This Week 2:00 World Press 2:45 David Littlejohn 3:00 Thirty Minutes With 3:30 Private Lives of Americans 4:00 Sesame Street 5:00 Misterogers Neighborhood 5:30 Hatha Yoga .6:00 Hodgepodge Lodge 6:30 Electric Company 7:00 Wildlife Views 7:30 Wall Street Week 8:00 Week in Review 1 8:30 Film Odvssev Pt0:39 David Susskind Hi 'iV ijahcer experts ' a) W T J ; TUCSON Cancer specialists from the National Can-;iber Institute in B e t h e s d a, jwd., are visiting the Universi- it. -f a : t i: i r . this week to review needs for , a proposed radiotherapy cen- . ter here. The center envisioned ' wnnlrf raro far nparlv 1 flflfl ' cancer patients each year, ; medical center officials said. SW1 ! I STARRING PETER LORRE TnnnhhatKfiO KAETChannel 8 , Friday, Feb. 4, 1972 6:25 (12) R.F.D. 12 8:30 (12) Today 7:00 (10) Capt. Kangaroo (12) Today 7:25 (12) News. 7:30 ( 3) Cartoons (12) Today 7:55 ( 5) Paul Harvey 8:00 ( 3) Western Art ' : ( 5) Spotlight on Homes (10) Phoenix Show (12) Today in Arizona (10) World Turns art center? each theater even for a piano recital and a "fly man" to handle scenery in the opera house and Eisenhower Theater. 4 An apparent shortage of stagehands to work Washington's booming schedule of performing arts, so that by midweek the available help has clocked its 40 hours and continues at time and a half or double time. Kennedy Center officials are trying anxiously but not hopefully to renegotiate the stagehands contract The fact that three theaters are clustered together in the single Kennedy Center works to the stagehands' advantage in the overlapping calculation of overtime. A man who puts in 40 hours during the week in the concert hall starts any weekend work in the opera house at time and a half, even though he is working in a different theater for a different producer on a different show. Channel highlights 6:30 p.m. (10) Copper State Cavalcade: The All Arabian Horse Show, live from Mc-Cormick Park in Scottsdale. 8 p.m. (12) Winter Olympics: Coverage from Sapporo, Japan. (Also at 10:30 p.m.) 8:30 p.m. Film Odyssey "M": Friz Lang's rarely shown 1930 classic thriller, starring Peter Loire as a demented child murderer. TV MOVIES 10 a.m. (5) "Gidget Goes Hawaiian"; Stars are Deborah Walley and James Darren. 2 p.m. (5) "It Grows on Trees"; With Irene Dunn and Dean Jagger. 7 p.m. (5) "Becker; Richard Burton, Peter O'Toole and John Gielgud are the stars. 8 p.m. (10) "The Glass House"; Stars are Vic Morrow, Clu Gulager and Dean Jagger. ( 10:30 p.m. (5) "Five Pennies"; Starring are Danny Kaye, Bob Crosby, Tuesday Weld and Louie Armstrong. 12:15 a.m. (12) "Go West Young Man"; Mae West and Randolph Scott are the stars. KHCS radio has KCAC frequency Radio Station KHCS has begun broadcasting in Phoenix on the frequency formerly occupied by KCAC 1010 kilocycles. The 500-watt daytime "station, owned by the Golden West Christian School, returned to the air Saturday. It is programming light listening music, Gospel songs, news and public service programs. Gary Floyd is general manager of the station and Reed Gale is station manager. 8:15 ( 5) Community Corner 8:30 ( 3) Jack LaLanne ( 5) Anthropology (10) My Three Sons 9:00 ( 3) News . ( 5) Ladmo Show , (10) Family Affair (12) Sale of Century 1:30 ( 3) That Girl ( 5) Movie Game (10) Love of Life (12) Hollywood Squares , 10:00 ( 3) Bewitched ( 5) Movie (10) Where Heart Is (12) Jeopardy 10:25 (10) News 10:30 ( 3) Password (10) Search : (12) Who, What, Where 10:55 (12) News i " ; 11:00 ( 3) All My Children (10) News (12) Dinah's Place 11:30 ( 3) Make a Deal (10) World Turns (12) Three on a Match 12:00 ( 3) Newlyweds ( 5) Phoenix Mid-Day (10) Splendored Thing J 12) Romper Room 3) Dating Game (10) Guiding Light (12) Doctors . 1:00 ( 3) General Hospital (10) Secret Storm (12) Another World 1:20 ( 5) Sewing 1:30 ( 3) One Life to Live ( 5) Candid Camera (10) Edge of Night (12) Famous Trials , 2:00 ( 3) Love, American Style ( 5) Movie (10) Gomer Pyle (12) Somerset 2:30 ( 3) City Talk (10) Lucy (12) Our Lives 3:00 ( 3) Anything You Can Do (10) Mike Douglas (12) Concentration 3:30 ( 3) Mayberry R.F.D. ( 5) Munsters (12) Flying Nun 4:00 (3) Wild Wild West ( 5) Wallace and Ladmo (10) David Frost (12) Daniel Boone (21) Spanish 8:00 SPOTLIGHT ON . HOMES 8:15 COMMUNITY CORNER i v 8:30 COLLEGE CLASSES 9:00 LADMO SHOW 9:30 MOVIE GAME 10:00 MORNING MOVIE "GIDGET GOES HAWAIIAN" 12:00 PHOENIX AT MID-DAY Variety 4 Homemaking 1:30 CANDID CAMERA 2:00 MATINEE "IT GROWS ON TREES" 3:30 MUNSTERS 4:00 WALLACE t LADMO 5:00 GILLIGAN'S ISLAND 5:30 ANDY GRIFFITH :0Q DICK VAN DYKE 4:30 IN PERSON NEWS Close-up reporting of the day's events by re-.- porters who were there! 7:00 MOVIE Richard Burton in "BECKET." Historical drama of the 12th Cen- tury. . 10:00 irs your in 10:30 MOVIETIME Danny Kaye, Bob Crosby "FIVE PENNIES." Bioqraphical drama of - iaii musician Red Nichols. 12:30 STUDIO FIVE 7:00 PM DAVID FROST REVUE Join David Frost and special quest-star, Charles Nelson Reilly when the wonders of science are comically dissected on 'The David Frost Revue." 5:00 NEWS 12 HVI O'CLOCK REPORT 5:30 NIC NIGHTLY ' NIWS - 4:00 NEWS 12 SIX-O'CLOCK REPORT 4:30 I DREAM O JEANNIE Another Company of Combined Valley Channel chuckles ByBIl Keaae 'It's called a split-screen shot, son." 4:30 (21) Spanish 5:00 ( 5) Gilligan's Island (3) (12) News (21) Jimmy & Tammy WORTH WATCHING ON NEWS : Mitch J Duncan If Tom I ABC Evening ncwara K.anim Ana Harry Rzasoner , v 10:30 DICK CAVETT llhisislhep'.acetobaj Our new customer service telephone number for the metropolitan Phoenix area Is 258-8711. It's the number to call to order service on or off, to obtain emergency service, to report trouble with service, and to obtain information on service and bills. Our other telephone numbers (for neighborhood offices, etc.) remain unchanged. You'll find a detailed list of them in your telephone directory. Towns included for the new number are Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Laveen, Paradise Valley, Peoria, Scottsdale-and Tempe. ; ArieWra PuMfe SmwIn Company " WINTER OLYMPICS4:30 AM TODAY 7:30 PM SANFORD & SON Redd Foxx start with Demand Wilson s an aging Lot Angeles funk dealer who becomes suspicious of man sell-, ing unlc. Dont mitt tonight' t comedy and laughter. ' if - 7:00 DAVID FROST . ,1 REVUE 7:30 SANFORD l SON 140 WINTER OLYMPICS Features bobsled ding, ladies' downhill " skiing, figure skat- . ing and eross coun- . try ski event. Communications Corp. An Affirmative Action 5:30 3) (12) News ( 5) Andy Griffith (10) Walter Cronkite 1:00 ( 3) Petticoat Junction ( 5) Dick Van Dyke (10) (12) News (21) Sports 1:31 ( .3) What's My Line? ( 5) News (10) Copper State Cavalcade (12) I Dream of Jeannie 7:00 ( 3) Brady Bunch ( 5) Movie (10) O'Hara, U.S. Treasury (12) David Frost (21) Country Carnival 7:30 ( 3) Partridge Family (12) Sanford & Son (21) Country Place 8:00 ( 3) Room 222 (10) Movie (12) Winter Olympics (21) A.B.C. Forum 8:30 ( 3) Odd Couple 1:00 ( 3) Love, American Style (21) The Gap 1:30 (10) Don Rickles 10:00 ( 3) (10) (12) News ( 5) It's Your Bet ' 10:30 ( 3) Dick Cavett (5) Movie - (10) Merv Griffin ' (12) Winter Olympics 11:00 (10) Merv Griffin 12:00 ( 3) (10) (12) News 12:15 (12) Movie 12:30 ( 5) Movie 2:00 ( 5) Paul Harvey KTVK-Tvl 10 PM SPORTS news ! Rav ! raudhnS Schoendienst News With I. F. STONE a brand new number for 72 10:00 11:30 11 - Ot 12:11 RAY THOMPSON . NEWS WINTER OLYMPICS Feature men' S00 motor tpaed skating. NEWS 12 FINAL REPORT MOVIE 12 . . . "Go West Young Man" Equal Opportunity Employer m cps. VK CAM I HOW YOU UVI 4:00 Sponlsh Drama S:00 Jim V Tommy Children's Show 7:00 CoouHry Place 7:30 Country Carnival 0:00 AIC Forum Horry Evoringham 9:00 Tht Cap "Your Family Station" mmm o aim ACQUANETTA-JACK ROSS TONIftHrS MOVIE "THE FIVE PENNIES" Louis Armstrong Denny Kaye CHANNEL 5 10:30 P.M. PRESENTED BY ' JACKKOSS LINCOLN'MERCURY 4iS W. MAIN, MESA 5:15 5:20 5:30 :00 MEDITATION FARM AND RANCH -SUNRISE SEMESTER CBS MORNING NEWS JOHN HART Beginning f Monday, this early morning news program expands to a three-man anchor team, plus new features including a children's news segment. ' CAPTAIN KANGAROO Today's guests, the Bor-ievas, present a plate-spinning act. -. THE PHOENIX SHOW ! Bishop McCarthy, Jimmy Dee Quartet and Sgt. Leo Beaman. MY 3 SONS An old girl friend, played by ' Joan Blondell, terrifies Steve by acting as though she plans to accept his proposal of marriaqe. FAMILY AFFAIR Buffy tries to make the neiqhbors neighborly. -LOVE OF LIFE . WHERE THE HEART IS CIS MID-MORNING NEWSDOUGLAS EDWARDS SEARCH FOR TOMORROW ROOL NEWSTOM THOMPSON Late-morning report on newt of local, national and international interest. AS THE WORLD TURNS SPLENDORED THING GUIDING LIGHT - 7:00 8:00 1:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:25 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 KOOL-TV 't -. PHOENIX to Fnor.i rmr L THE VERY BEST OF JOHNNY TILLOTSON DEI.1IS R0USS0S MAS jC? All ( -0310 I THOMAS MALL vVpUI 959 6:30pm Copper State Cavalcade sponsored by PHELPS DODGE 1:00 SECRET STORM 1:30 EDGE OF NIGHT 2:00 GOMER PYLE ' Serqeant Carter suspects ; that Gomer is being fleeced by a con artist. 2:30 LUCY SHOW "Main Street, U.S.A." 3:00 MIKE DOUGLAS Co-Hostess Amanda Blake, guests Marilyn Beck, Monti Rock and Scots Guards. 4:00 DAVID FROST Pakistan Ambassador Zahir Farooqi and former administrator of Howard Hughes empire, Robert Maheu. 5:30 CBS EVENING NEWS WALTER CRONKITE :00 KOOL NEWSBILL CLOSE Meteorologist Roy Allred with weather, Bill Denney with sports. 4:30 COPPER STATE CAVAL-CADE SERIES "The All-Arabian Horse Show." On location coverage of the 1971 All-Arabian Horse Show at McCor-' mick Ranch in Scottsdale. John Davidson is host and narrator. 7:00 O'HARA, UNITED STATES TREASURY Jessica Tandy, one of the foremost actresses of both the English and American theater, portrays an elderly but - ' peppery former Parisian artists' model who be-' comes essential to Special Agent Jim O'Hara't THE VERY DEST OF I..ELTILLIS toTtpall AIID THE GLASER BROTHERS t mrt wr w& , i'"i I... i in. Li ii i $g98 REG. MFR. LIST STEREO $99 TRI.CIYY prnpHUnH mall . VIIUIJVJ 969-5507 III i II I ii i attempt to build an income tax evasion case aqainst a racketeer specializing in art swindles. " 8:00 NEW CBS FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE Truman Capotes "The GIh; House." Vic' Morrow, Clu Gulager, Billy Dm Williams, KristoffaV Tabori and DearoJagger star in Truman Ctpote't shocking drama $4 tragic power straggle -among inmates of 'a -state prison. The prod,ijfion was filmed entirety on ' location inside Wtarf ' State Prison with many inmates appearing in supporting roles. 9:30 DON RICKLES Much to Barbara's chagrin, Don buys a sports car from Tyler and treats it like a rare gem until a garage mechanic played by comedian John Byner informs him the car had onea been in a major accident. 10:00 KOOL NEWSDAVE NICHOLS Steff Meteorologist Roy Allred witb weather; Bill Denney with sports. 10:30 MERV GRIFFIN "International People" Deii Arnaz, Miyoshi Umeki, Pat Cooper, Rob- art Clary and Lawrence Harvey. 12:00 KOOL MIDNIGHT NEWSNICHOLS 4 - 1 A CBS AFFILIATE 7 I

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