The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 26, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 26, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOUTJfEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI • . VOL. XXVII—NO. 112 Blytheville Courier, Blythevllle Herald, Blythevllle Dally News, Mississippi Valley Leader. BLYTIFRVlLU'l, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JULY 26, 1930 I lousecleanmg Promised by John Sheffield; Outlines His Highway Program. HOMEEDniON SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' Called to State Task Graft and Incfncieney in vuilous departments of the present state government of Arkansas are custiir elected .stat Ihe taxpayers of the state $2.0aO,OOr a year, it was charged by Jud»t John O. Sheffield, candidate .to;- (jovcrnor, In an address at the 1 courthouse last night. Judge Sheffield, whose rcuulallun as a vigorous campaigner had ai- traded a crowd thai practically filled the court room, did not disappoint his audience. He was frcr In the use of names of state olficer-- and others - whom he accused ' profiting at the expense of the taxpayers and spared neither the 1'ar- nell nor the Brooks Hays organizations. He accused Lee Wilson. Lan Wil- , Hams, and the Memphis Comnier- I cial Appeal and Evening A))]ieal o r j mbirepresentlng his posiiion or highway affairs, and charged tha' the series of articles that the Eve ning Appeal has been carrying predicting a Parnell landslide in east cm Arkansas were part of a des perate effort to halt the swine r sentiment toward his own candi- j dacy. 1 Judge Sheffield spoke at Osccnla Friday afternoon, covering in large measure the same points that he took UD in his address here. Court C-.muWate Speaks . The Rev. R Z. Ncw- som, pastor fo 1 / the past year of llie Second church hero, \ylio has been lhe Baptist stale executive bciird, Lftal Pastor Elected State '.Qmiinby Running Neck and nvaiifjclisl by Baptist j Neck With Leader on San Lxectitive Board. I Angelo-Douglas Leg. • i • The Rev. E. K. Nowsom, pastor j EL PASO. Tex., July 30 (UP) — of i hi' Strand Baplisl church hero, "smb" quinby of Molmc, 111., one lias been notified by Hit Baptist ;<i , (he 1( , |u|(i] . s |n -^ B i,. Al|Ull . lcnn ilr derby, made a irlu<-llnt,' stop here today en vouic from Sim An- 'Devastated Area alite executive board of his dec- tion us slate evaniji' 1st. Mr. Keivsum. who 1ms bueii pas- Icr of the- local chinch for n year, has not made Ills decision on ac- criitance of the suite position. o'nce Mr. NCV..KOUI came lievc from Porayould last ycni 1 the Set- . , . f ' uollg , BS Qimlnby landed at n local flying Hold at 16:42 a. in. to have his gas (iink rc'lllcd. He left Sun Augelo second place this morning but ' oiul Baptist. cliurch has had over ji:iwL'd I.oo Gelilbuch, the leader, ICO additions in Ms mi'inUershlp, i -.\hoii Ohluaoh Inndrd fnv fuel. Ulh limit improvement in church, 1 finances and In Interest In diurch : Before Qulnby could get nway affairs Prior to coming here Mr. ! liclilbatli Inndcd at 10:4!) a. m. M.VSUIII served for uboiit eight • '"ley tcok olf toncther m 10:50 for jcnvs ai Paraijrmlrt. He lias uhvuys iii-eii active In cvaiiKi'lisiic work. Olillnu'h Is friini 1{u - k . Ark. Mul joins Olher Candidates for Governor in Annoimcinu Support Reappoilionmcril Brooks Hays added his support of reapporlionment of tlie Arl: 1 -;!-.- sas general assembly on the baO-- Judge Sheffield was accomoanlef O f Die 1930 census, io the enJor.-,"- berc by John E. Harris of El Do j racnt of t hc lll!ln n i rcril iy g i vpll j,, rado. candidate for associate jus j Governor Harvey Parnell and Jolin lice of the supreme court, in onno- ] Sheffield, candidates for governo: sition to Justice McIIaney. Mr. ilar- O j t t, c . s i atCi j n a n j K |, t i euer ,..,. ris opened the meeting \vith a brie' talk In his own behalf In which hf charged lhat the supreme court, r> at present constituted is not givin 1 adequate study to the cases thn' come before it, with the result that there have been many inconsistencies jn Us decisions. A situation h? pro\vn up. he said.' under which i' !s Impossible to predict what position the court will take mi a-- ouestlon that may come before i' He cited several cases where re heatings had. been eranled an aplnlqns^wrltten by his opporien 1 reversed or modified. He also de• ciftr«d-tt»U,he"favored election o'- justices from seven districts, instead of from the state at laree. in ord?" that all pnrts of the state might b r reuresented on the court. Foo Bad for Frank Poiice Don't Read -MILWAUKEE. Wis., July W (UP;— On his automobile Frank Buuc-lm, 28, displayed one of those signs reading, '-Don't shcoi. I'm not a bootlegger." foul the Milwaukee- police are skeptical. Two of Ihem didn't shoot b'jt they stopped Butteha, looked into the back scat, and ' found 250 gallons of alcohol. [b 1TH1LD MS People of Devastated Reg-: ions Gain Encouragement from King. HOME, July 20. <UP>—The dV)ly government casualty figures for lhc soiilli Italy earthquake are'^.na dead and 4,551 injured, on repoits received here up to 11 a. m. today. Tiie death list was an increase of 'J39 over yesterday's report.while the number of Injured persons in- isi-d 287. |Non- Resistance Campaign jFrisco Railroad Blocked Drainage J. D. McDow- Claims in Suit. Determined Upon b y 1 Nationalist Parly. ;j ! C\IRO Foypt Julv 20 (UP)—i Alleging that the Frisco railroad i ward of 3700 lives were reported lo have been lost In tho most serious •The' EgyptiaTi chamber cf' deputies i prevented lhe natural draining;of - • - - , *'"' **OJ I" ' , ,|i r r.,,. n ,,-ntrt,. 1,1 tlllk rurllUT ftf 1 flOT The wide area in Italy which v, p ns devastated by earthquakes Is Indicated on this imip. The apparently centered about Melfl. Rescue work there was hampered by the destruction of roads and bridges leading to the cily. '!Vj-lhlrds of the population of Vlllanova—before th? qunXos a town of IJOOO—was wiped out. The metropolis of Naples, less scrloi^ly alfcctal tlinn some of its sister cities, wan the headquarters for relief v.'uik in the trkken area, when: up- \C'M\ no confidence in the 1021 ceived by J. Meil Brooks, secrstarv of the Blythevilte Cliamter of Commerce, today. In his reply to n telegram sent yesterday by Mr. Brooks after queries had been dispatched several clays 350 by mail asking the position of the ti)ree leading candidates for governor on reappoiiioimienl. Mr. Hays stated Uiai he had not received any letter from the chain bpr secretary. His telegram filed at Little Roc!- last-i)ight ai>d received here this morning reads: ' • ' J,-;l^U.-:Hrooks. - -- -••• Secretary. Blytlieville Chamber of Commerce: In regard to your telegram of i 24th do not have your letiev of J;ily -.. v..- u , . •mem of Premier Mustaphn Sidky ;b>' closing openings along the right I pjsha in a session held here today. ° f ««>' of the railroad between , ucspilc the unfavorable-- vote 'it I Blylheville and Jonesboro, formerly ! v, a- not iKlieved Hie government' • <now » »s the J. L C. and E J. ' would rcsi-'ii since the chamber '. D - McDowell has nied suit against j me! without the. sanction of King the Frisco for $2.200 in civil court 1.. and in the Saadi club in-1 l:?re. J. T. Ccslon, Osceola attor- Attitude of Party Leaders May Result in Post Being Left Vacant. WASHSINGTQN, July IF, (UP) — If strenuous objections are raised • by party leaders lo the • plan to : i stead of the parliament building; » c - v . 's representing McDowell, I Abdul Sallam Fahmi. vice prcs-'j The complaint asks damages to iidentof tlis chamber, presided ovc(i ccvcr losses McDowell says he In' lhe session, which was preceded byj c >'"« ! '» "^ « lltnl of m Mr , cs 'a )en»tli» meeting of the Wat T ' ° f land " or( " ° r the ™ llr ° [lt ' "SM dists 'nationalist party executive I of way, near Dell, and his ex- committee. The committee dccid- i reeled profits. The complaint ed lo instigate immediately a pns--s»>«« that the Frisco by obstruc - sivc resistance drive against the ! '"B «'« '""n™ 1 flo »' ° r f urrncp ™}•• government by refusing to' pay ! f < "used water to back up on ho xes . iland he rented rendering it worlh- TJie Wafdists. 'led by former I** 'or crops during 1927. cnrl |, S ), M |( S s | nro the tragedy at Messina In 1008, when lli.842 persons KiiiE Clifors People ' BENEVENTO, Italy. July 25. (UP)—A noticeably Improved morale appeared in southern Ilaly today as IClng Victor Emanuel tour- id the earthquake devastated dis- IricLs giving words of encouragement and sympathy to his grief slrickcn subjects. The king came from Rome .on the roynl train and traveled between towns by train and automobile. The people seemed less distressed than at any time since the . disaster as Lhe king walked 'among them speaking kindly and sending them back to search among the debris for the dead and Injured. . It will lake, days to determine the approximate number of. dead but the unofflclol sources in close.touch with llie rescue work still believed 3.700 were killed by the quake. Tiic army division at Naples alons had sent' Into lhe islrickcn lerrl- lorles so far V.OOQ tents capable of housing 30.000 refugees, together with 1,500 field blankets. 150.000 cans of preserved meat, 118.000 rations of biscuit and nunntllles of other supplies. News of Accident Kept from Dale Jackson, Endurance Record Seeker. Both Mr. Harris and Jud^e Shef- 19tl1 s! °P tavor "apportionment field were introduced by the Hrv P i according to Article 8 of State C=n- Q. Rorie, pastor of the First Met 1 ' j s^'" 10 ". w°«!<l apprecia odist church, who had known til- >' olir icltcr of Jlll 5 T "P 1 1 appreciate copy of former while pastor at El Dorad- and the latter while pastor of tlr Methodist church at Helena. Mr. Rorie told of the corruption that existed in Phillips county pol itics some years ago. and of the .clean-up of county affairs stage-' by Sheffield as county iudee. "Harvey Parnell." said Mr. Rorie "Is a good farmer, and perhaps Ir and Justin Matthews are able t' hold down the governor's chair Brooks Hays is a nice boy. and pt-r haps with his father's help he toi can manage the aflairs of statr But John Sheffield is the only rea' man in the race." Position misrepresented Declaring that his position or highway affairs had been misrepresented by the Parnell organization, by R. E. Lee Wilson, and b< the Appeal papers of Memphis Judge Sheffield recounted his par in the fight for a sound highway program for Arkansas, recalling that he had always stood for a policy that would keep the road deb' of the bonded counties olf the Ian- The Parnell organization. lr said. now realizes that it is Sheffield, not Brooks Hays, lhat they must beat, and charged that editorial and news articles In the Memphis newspapers, including recent interview with R. E. La- Wilson, were part, of a dcliberatel- planned campaign to halt the swin- of sentiment in his favor. "All my life." he said. "I have believed in the Memphis Commercial Appeal, but since the death of n p. J. Mooney it has b?co:nc the- kept paper of financial (merest; which dictate its policies. "Tile people of Arkansas arr awakening and demanding a complete change. I have it from nvvlzh/ Blackwood that the Parnell organization considers Brooks Hays eliminated as a factor In this campaign I am carrying the fight to 111? peo- _, (S:gnedi man of th committee, it is believed likely the i . pep', may be permitted to remain 11 vacant for the present. Although the proposed Fess- Lucas combination as being dis- rovcrstes over internal ppli- ,ics have led to numerous riots in Egypt during recent weeks and one at Alexandria in which Europeans wero killed and wounded ted the British government to l-HOUEL Father of Watkiiis Child Will Ask $ 100,0000am- from Hospital. friends and advisers, some of the ; senators of the socalleri "eld guard" ' are declining to endorse this talk. I The idea of the Hoover group is • make Fess 'national chairman. : temporarily at least, and to make • Robert H. Lucas-of Kentucky chair- ! man of the national executive committee, a post corresponding to that hrljl by Jouelt Slv'iise in the Democratic organization. . CHICAGO. Jnlv (UP1— Thn Waikins-Bambe-ger mixed baby case may go to a civil court for a final settlement. Waikins has announced through his new attorney. Uarrct OTara. that he contemplates two .suits agaist lhe wcod hospital where the alleged switch occurred more than a week . ago. , One suit for SiOOOOO againsi (he I rrspital will be filed early next week. This suit will be on behalf of Watkins charging that the Clevoland Corn Sugar ' Racket Leader Slain > Constable Claims Man, Transporting Liquor, Resisted Attempt of Arrest Neill Reed, deputy prosecutor. Beaten In CupJUatch PARIS July 20. (UP)—Henri Cochct and Jnques Bru'gnon of France van over Willmcr Allison cf Auslin. Tex., and John Van Hync of East Orange, N. J., In the doubles malch of the Davis cup li- ftials 'today So give France a lead in the challenge round play of two matches to one, (he score was 6—3, 7—5. 1-C. 6—2. Ccchet. last minute choice for the doubles play, was in excellent form, while Allison, regarded by many as the leading doubles play-1 ST. LOUIS, July 26. (UP)—Dale Jackson, endurance flyer, and his I companion, Forrest O'Brine, flew on I in. their attempt to break the Hunt- ,er brothers endurance record to- 'day,'unadvised of the fact-that Jackson's wife had an accident wlille on her way lo prepare breakfast for her husband and his companion. Officials at Lambert SI. Louis field j decided to keep lhe news from | Jackson as his wife's injuries con- (sisled only of cuts and bruises received when her car turned over on being forced off the road lo lhe airport. Breakfast was cooked by Mrs O'Brinc and sent aloft. The flyers had been up 12-1 hours ot 11:07 a. m. methods used by the hospital resulted In uncertainty regarding parentage of the two babies. CLEVELAND. O.. July M (UP)— stated today'that he had received James Porcllo, member of the pow- , no report of the shooting of Clyde which reputedly con- Bryant, negro, by Andy Barker, (nils llie b-otlcg corn sugar traf- . dspuly constable of Clear Lake fie here war, shot and probably . township, on July 13th. latallv wounded today bv gunmen ' A report of the shooting wascon- wlio " trapped him in a grocery firmed by Justice.Oscar Alexander , [orc , out of whose court Barker' works. '" He vr-i the second of the seven ! who stated that lhe negro nUrmol- Porcllo brothers to be "put on the ed to beat Barker wr.en tho office it " "Sir 1C"" Por-llo leader oi - attempted to capture him afte' ' was killed three weeks stopping the negro on suspicion of transporting liquor In his car. Thr th "' ST. LOUIS, Mo., July 26 tUP> — Men or machine showed no sign of weakening today as I'orrcs Obrine and Dale Jackson piloted their endurance moncplanc "Orcat- Capers and Records of Cook County Grand Jury Witness Broken Into. ST. LOUIS, July 28. (UP)—The office of Harry ' T. BrundLge, reporter for the St. Louis Star, wa= broken into during the night and papers and records ransacked, Jt was learned today.) ;;U-:V.~A_- Brundldge appeared'before a Cook county grand jury in Chicago fir qucstionliij; in coinu'clion with charges he made in a scries of articles that certain newspapermen of that city were engaged in racketeering practices. The ofiice is located on the fourth floor of the building occupied by the St. Louis Star. A reward of $2,500 for arrest and conviction of llie person or persons who directed Ir robbery or actually committed It was olfercd by the Slar. Brundidgc and Frank. W. Taylor, managing editor of the newspaper, returned from Chicago yes- terdav. er St. Louis" into Its sixlh day er of the four, slumped badly In | Thc _u ots nftCl .- j-jding out- a lhe first two sets. Bruguon played 1 5trmg gnlc ,j sl nl| , ilti pa ;&;d their unusually well which enabled thc' llgtll nollr ln thc n i r n t G:ll a. in. French side lo gain Its early leafi.j ccntral standard time. All is "well and lhe old ship Is bumming merrily along", they sai'J to the ground Seek Plane Seen to Fall Near Clarksdale, Miss. CLARKSDALE. Miss., July 26. (UP)—A search by ground and air was being carried on today by pilots from the Clarksdale municipal airiwrt and county officers for au unidentified plane believed to have A third brother. Jrthn. whn was with James today, escaped without injuries. , The gunmen threw their sawerl-.' off shotguns from (he car as they ' fled. omcer'is slated to have shot lhe ! crashed in the Lewis swamp near negro while lying on the ground Th negro, wounded in both here. A posse was organized by Sheriff The other suil will be filed in i A murderous war. reputedly br behalf of the Walking baby, for | tv.'ccn ihe Frank Milana underworld i. and was carried to the Blythe-1 Lee Matthews of Coahoma count !e hospital by Barker where he | after Jake Jones, a negro, and an ^as administered treatment. He > unidentified white man. told of wit- was later dismissed ami held in jai' | ncsslng lhe crash froin^a distance, for seven in notes dropped crew. ROOSEVELT. FIELD. L. I., July 2(5. (UP)—Pil:ls Louis Kicher s and Robert Black, who are seeking lhe refueling endurance record, brought Ihcir Stinson monr.plane .close to earth early today to signal an "O. K." to ground crews by means of a flash light. At 5:34 a. in. eastern standard time the flyers had tern in the air 132 consecutive hours. comiKiisation for ridicule which interests the child may face in later life as a m.ult of lhc incident. making bairJ ' Each said the plane tell late ycs- inriinc Tlr ! terday. A while mnn. Will Gaines. )lcI " ISna " Uh ,"Tiken^'irut' flv-- ; °m«r claimed to have^fouml a five | living near the swamp, corroborated }K r a«Tte.",d^°wnhin a monn.. fallen co.Hniner of «,„« in fn-j Jones'statement. and those control ?ii us • Norris Ready for Fight to Hold Seat in Senate LINCOLN. Neb.. July 2G (UP.) — In a fighting mood and realizing he faces one of the bitterest campaigns of his long political life. Senator , Ocorce w. Norris arrived here topic and the tide is turning in my i ^ay to oprn his fighl for rcnomln- dlrectlon." ! atiTi as lhe Republican candidate "The recent articles by Red Copeland In the Evening Appeal are "The filing of Norris number two on the Republcbn ticket was the simply part of an effort to stop this dirtiest, meanest and most disrep change of sentiment in my favor," j (ltn ble trick that was ever pullet he said. pulled off." the senator said in giving his Idea to the highway program since he has been In the governor's chair. Notice I didn't fay since j „.,. nnmc , lns bem dropped "fron "Harvey PnrnnH.". he continued. opin | Dr . of n, e a n ng of Gcorgc w "has never brougnt n constructive J N OIT J S grrcer of Broken Bow, as '"'"'" -..-- ^ Republican candidate .In opposition to Senator Norris. The groc- „ . j i er's name he has been governor. Nobody ever I (he tjckct accused him of being governor." j Submils Highways Program The Martineau road program. lw' CATERPILLAR INVASION said, expires in 1931. and it will I PHOENIX, Ariz. (UP)—Destroy be necessary to draft a new pro-1 ing all vegetation as they go gram. Neither Parnell or Hays, he said, has submitted such a program. He then offered Iris program, consisting of four major points'. (1) The. state shall continue to green-bodied caterpillars with saw-like tail have advanced on No vada like an army .according t forestry officials. The horde wa last moving on Mina, Nov. Fan experts say they never have ::ear pay the road taxes of the bonded i of such a visitor In that vicinit (Conttmiect on page throe) I before. Girls Die in Nashville Automobile Accident is mm Slricken Town Scene of Horror AQUII ( ONIA, Avellino Province, Italy. July 2C (UP)—The horror of the Italian earthquake has been shown best in Aquilonin, a' town cf 3,000 Inhabitants which was virtually leveled between the. earth's rise and fall In the early hours of Wednesday. • Indescribably . revolting scenes were witnessed here. One-third of the total, population "are dead nnd oiie grea.$ • hole dux' _ln_a'lot near the city,contain- .' I ed 130' niingicd'Mdie« r lju'rie'u .t'ncre" '"'• as hastily as possible to avoid the . danger of disease. The odor about the city was scarcely endurable and the crle:) of donkeys, cat* and does trapped beneath the debris aroused.a useless- pity for none could pause to free;. the animals when undoubtedly hundreds of bodies of humans and possibly some still alive lay beneath the fallen masonry. While companies of soldiers 1 and other rescuers whn hail been working steadily for 172 hours continued to search among the ruins Father Francesco Glurazza, archpriest of the main Catholic church here and the only priest in the parish, devoted his attentoln to caring for the sffering and bereaved. The priest told how he himself had escaped deatli only by. a miracle. He was awakened by the first lrcmor : he said, and hearing the screams of victims ran out of [doors to help them. He succeeded _ , ., T in saving several men and women i'lltrell Refuses to Lltr In- heads were protruding from junction Against Board's Teachers. Old IttlC "Till lioVl* Bryant, driver of the car. and •-•'" c6mpanion. are said to have * IIVRIVI *,uin^«iit«ii, «•• *• ••.-•— -- ...... - •t\r \ Station i Lm P«' out ot lhci> ' cnr nn:1 slnrt : Up Tree lor rull Week OWUUH e<[ riini)ine when u , c onlccl . S t 31 , n c^ r _ ,-T-T-,V «nnTiiK- ?r , u,,)^ •H 1 <'' r c ar. Barker B ave chase to Bry LITTLE. HOCK. Julj 20 'UIJ • ant. he Li said to rlaim. Biid when station will be con- : Burns Boys Have Been * I NASHVILLE. Tenn.. J'.iiy 25 i i —Two girls were killed and two d John & cont , mlcd [young men probably fatally injured when the automobile in v.-hich they v.cre rin'ing plungoil frail lhe Church slrcet viaduci last night. . l° Miss Martha Cnrlis almost Chancellor J. M. Futrell at Para-, gould today refused to dissolve n temporary restraining order granted by Judge O. E. Keck of llie circuit court enjoining Ihrec teachers employed by the "Cooper faction" from teaching school at the Gosnell school. The temporary order was grantee* lo what is known as the "new" board of directors by Judge Keck | on July 15th when the conflict be?en factions in the Gosnell scc- 11 flared up again after quiet har reigned for several months. As '. result of (ho order liirce teachers who claimed lo have contracts wit!' the "old" board, were nnjoin:; 1 from teaching and the srhoo" of the refusal of the debris and who were crying In ,iain and fear other tremors would Diiry them completely. Wife I" Naples NEW ORLEANS, July 56.. (UP)— Mrs. A D. nlnwiddle, wife of the president cf Tulane university, was ' believed to have been in Naples at lhe time of the earihquake, Dr. Diiuvlddle announced todny. Dr. Olnwiddls said he expected his wife had arrived there lion- day. He has heard nothing of her since the earthquake. nerce, according to an announce- hor sllcc(!cdc< i m puiimg his gur i gan strcet Ulis raornlng ftl g O ' clock [ jously injured. ,icnt here. and shooting the neero. ' This afternoon the boys passed tho i • Tho station will be one unit of . No date has ycl bsen set for lhe j 175 hour mjrk and announced! m n „ , , system to be established though- negro's trial on a ciiaree of tn>m- u , lnte , u , on O f staying up past Two Fined $20 Each nit lhe nation and located 300 ()0r iin K liquor. He is out on S50 r .. elcctlon dfl y- j t necessary. • * miles apart. _ __. n , band.^His^ companion has not been [ Hcrbcrt Rn(1 Clayton Fowler and ' " i Harvard Massey joined the group • of endurance contestants last nigh: when they climbed aboard a tree at 101 East Vine street. Daniel The purpose of / the stations will ; apprehended. be to inform aviators bo!h in the iir and on the ground of weather ind field renditions. Hold Services for Vcrnon Infant Today PAPER CUTS EYE POSEYVILLB. Ind. .(UP)—John! Hirsch, Pofcyvlllc, suffered injury Funeral services were held todav 'o an eye when he turned the page for Marshall Vcrnon. 18 months old ot a newspaper. Thc edge of the son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Ver- sheet struck his eye, cultlns a gash non. who succumbed at the family in the eye-ball. Physicians said homo west of this city at noon ye.i- the sigh: had not been impaired. ;. terday. In Police Court Today Ernest Woods ar.d C.irmen Simp son of Helena. Ark., wore fined S20 .. v — —— each on a 1 charge of illegal co-hab- Boonc, Vlrgtl Wright and Charles' itatlon in police court this morn- Noll art other candidates for the i ing by Judge W. D. Oravctte. tree sitting honors. • | ' 25 YEARS IN PASTORATE STUROIS. S. D. itipi— Rounding closed. As a result Chancellor Futrell today to dissolv- lhc temporary order it will remain effect until chancery court con- Divorced Wife oi How to Contest His Will LOS A..GF.LES, July 20. (UP) — A suit contesting the will of James Eads How. "millionaire hobo." wilt be filed by Mrs. Ingcbord Sorenson How. lits divorced wife, she announced l:erc tcday. Mrs. How said she will fight for ... . _ share of the reputed S500.000 venes here. Thc "new' 'board, hold- cs | a t e for Holgar Karl How, 12- ing that the court's decision war year-old adopted son of the couple at least a mornl victory for it. announced today that the schoD' would be re-opened Monday will: their teachers In charge. Claude F. Coaper, leader of one of the factions, is acting as conn- sel for his group, and W. Leon Smith for the other faction. CATTLE TESTS COMPLETE LANSING (UP)—Michigan stands : out 25 years of service in his first as the first large dairying state to \ and oniy pastorate. Reverend Cur- complete tuberculin cattle, testing, roll D. Erskine, Pr&sbyterlan church Tho Rev. Williams officialcd a; I in all counties within Its borders, i pastor, celebrated lhe anniversary the services today and intermen*! according to Dr. T. 3. Rich, federal. of lus first sermon. Erskine. who BlUTfinAV PRESENT mode at Sawba ceme- I Inspector In charge of bovine tuber- i preached his first sermon in i PORT WAYNE. Ind. lUPl—An [ Cry -r ne Cobb Undci inking com- lrnlo"s eradication. Only North'shaky little frame building, with eight and one-half pound son was puny was in charge of funeral »r- Carolina and Maine, nellher with-broken plaster on the ceiling, car- born to lhe wife of Lcsl.? r B. Har-; rangcments. an extensive dairying industry, | petless floor and smoky stove now ]>er, Fort Wayne attorney, birthday. on Ills i The deceased Is survived by his pr.renls' r.nci one brother. ccmplcUrd lhe task before Michi-1 heads one of (he finest churches In gan. (the state. who was left only $5. The noted hobo benefactor left pracilcally all of his estate for 'education of the unemployed." Mrs. How obtained a divorce two years ago because her husband preferred .the company of hoboes. FED THHOL'G HNOSE UNION CITY. Ind. (UP)—Lena Theurer, of Salamonia. whose windpipe was severed in an auto accident, June 28. is reported gaining In her fight against death in a Union City hospital. Physicians said they believed Miss Theurer would recover. She is being fed through a slass tube placed in her nostriK EXHIBIT OF REUCS WAYNETOWN, Ind. (UP) —An exhibit of relics will be a part of Waynetown's celebration of the 100th anniversary of its founding on July 30. ANN ARBOR. (UP) —Students entering the University of Michigan this fall will have to pay $5 more for enrollment fees. It was announced this week from the Institution. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Generally fair tonight and Sunday; not much change In temperature. According to the official weather observer, Francis Carpenter, the maximum temperature here for the past twenty-four hours was 89 and the minimum 77 degrees: cloudy.

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