The Courier News from ,  on May 16, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from , · Page 5

Issue Date:
Saturday, May 16, 1936
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MAY Ifi, 1<)3<J BIA'THEVlIXt), (AUK.) COU1UUU I'AGE FiVH Qassifle CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate p«r line for consecutive Insertions: One llnic per Tme ...'......... lOo Two times per line |>er day .. 08c Three limes per line psi day . OSc Six limes per line per day .. 05c Month rnto per lino 60c Minimum unarge &0o A0:>' ordered for inrce or alx times niul slopped' before oxnlra- llou will be charged for the number of Urnes llic nd appCHred and -<Jiislnient oi bill madu. All ciassinco A'Jucrtlsliig copy submitted by porsons residing oiit- BUIC o[ the city must be accompanied by cnsli. Hates may tic euily computed from above Lablo AcrvernsiuB orneved lor irregular Insertions take UIG one time rate Ka icnpunf.lulluy will be token | for moriy tlmn one incorrect tn- vsrti&n of ftny classified ad. Business Directory [Wanted - Used Furniture _.' . ) AWNINGS FOR HOUSES COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS Ke:idy Made Aivnlugs $1,25 up liest Prices lor Quality Work Carney Awning Go. Wade Furniture Co. •JOl-303 E. Mlllll Formerly Davis & Dodson Batteries Call 013 113 S. First HARRY BAILEY'S AT MISSOURI STATE LINE Open D?y and Nlghl PRESH CHAI'I'IE Me livery Friday, Saturday & Sunday LION & TEXACO GAS 16.Sc (jnl. Ciyareltes SI'.SO- Carton UlCr BASEBALL, C5AMH EVERY SUNDAY Phone 1503-F-l or 143 Call J. B. Clime At Tom Jackson's iit'rvke Sliilion Laundry PPIMG GUIDE! For Kent Lost l.aisi' inmt fo<i| Bedroom, Mif- lii'ss lull, cull MO. e kill, ~ r COO], Iirtlnxims. rc.isounblo. Mrs.i I'.nv Grain, S1UH \V. Mnln. Him;. Siiuslimlliil Knviml "j- return. "M. 107 Olh .St. J. Kloln- 15-ek-Ul \V anlcd To Buy '1 r<ium FmniMied upnrlinvllt, I Oil '"" ll Jersey milch rows, fresli or W. Kentucky. Plione Oii:i. pk-2i;,. , springers. Cinlu's l);ilry l-'r.iuklln si, 74. c . u lluiiui SlicirliiRfl I'Kin'il IH K h 5-Al.T liAKK CITY UJl'l -'I'lien' Is iv shnrlinso of l.lfltuum lumuvi in (ho UnllMl Stall's uud lo.tton.- (;(ll) homes nro In'lnw devout stuii- durds of llvlni;. Allen 'I', h-jiiiimi, Utnli diriTtoi', nuthumt eiiii'i|!i'ney cmiln'11, snlrt lli'i'i- In pivdlelliii; I'.rcsperlly roi 1 the Ijulhtlnn trmlrs Works fur Nuvy 15 Vi':irn ' MAHK ISLAND. Cnl. <lJP)-Wil- lliini U. Hol/lmiU'i- will retire this numih us n nuvy ynvd worker uiti>r •15 yrnr.s of coiilliiiioiis st'rvlco. ]\'.i fnther first went lo \vork In I'.iu imvy^yiird In 1805 an,I |he fmiiily ' IB nuvy ynril puy lia.s lii'iiii on d rolls ever .•j i I'UKNISIIKD niiartinent.s, adults ,,..,,,,,, "' - »»ly. Avallnljl,. Jim." 1. -115 Jo'iiii- ,v ',' UK ' • sn:( ' U1 ' IH.Un-VON -OH Av<>., Urfi-ulu Ark . lli-ftk-'M '•" <'<>hNt.U. Bl'ECIAI, SCHOOL - '. . . 1'ISTIIICT (! OK MIKSISSIPV-I }i i-nrini liMiiw,, rii,.,t«..t,.i.i «„ ....TIIL, (.Ol'NTY, AHKANSAK nine l:uiiiileriil}; rvpertly done. Rr».s»imljlL>. Mrs. O. a. Aiule'.'- son, MOT S. Mill. r Shops HOW'S RAK»I!» S11O1 1 101 South and St. HAIRCUT Me, SHAVE 15c Bath— Closo" 8 pill.— Shlno ti room lioiisi'. furnished or iinfiii 1 - nis'jial, '2 bulbs und sleL'piiv^ porch, [ill Wiilimt. C. J. crime. CM !i<i or -20. pk-20 Tor rein -:', V1BAL1A. Cnl. (UPl-The local '.1, sportsmen's nssodnllim lum <(«-' vised n new project fur nsMiiiii!; sutTlcU'iil |inim> for hnminu Tlv.'y Imvc offered lo supply nil riiiieh- . r ' ll|lr '' IK liereby plrni (but Mill ' ' Al ' kiulii i»\ C'ouii- Aiitoniolive Buy With Confidence Drive With Satisfaction JIONKY HACK OlIAIlANTliK Willi Every |t. & C. Or Scinaic Deal Car Bought From i'liillijis fttolor ("o. KO1MV V-« TUDO'lt. TOURINfi — Blue color, 3.001) Miles. Same as Do You Want lo Build a New I'KlCIiS OUT ON AUTO 1'AliTS Tires, Tidies, rmttertcs. Paint, Tools. Motor Oil, Floor Mais, Sc;it Covers. Get our prices before you buy. Save Money! WOr.V AH1AN I'lllllle 17G llid E. Mulll HOME? Investigate Our FHA to 20 Ycur Payment Plan B. C. Robinson Lumber Co I03SFOIU) V-8 Till) OU TOO RIN'f:. ll:ullo. A j Heal liny SW5 19IH FOlil) V-K Ft) It DOR SUDAN—Same as New .. $3!)j i9:ir FORD »v-s ni: LUXK TUDOIt—New painl, new (ires ..- S'J'j MONEY liACIC GUAKAN'l'liE ON AI.Ij MAKKS I ihcnil Alin\vai:rf, On Your 1'res- cnl Car - - I.oiv Finance Charge Tlirnugh U. C. C. t)i:cn livenincs for Your Conven- icrt-e. Drive iiy I.tds anil Clcl Aeiiiwinleil. Call S10 - SI1 for Deniamlralinn nr infornialiun. Ask for Graves, Slianfo, Calvin or HarUer. PHILLIPS USED • •-- CAR "LOT - 5th & Walmil Diolie 810 or 811 O|icn Al Night We Guarantee lo Save You Money on Screen Work of All Kinds 'iBarksdaleMfg.Co. Phone 19 very ivu.soiuiulL 1 . Cluii'U 1 :; room FUliNlHlli:n npavtnient.] inodc-n. 1117 Ash, Mrs. tieoiv.c ck-lf >V -1 room modern furnished iipurliiK-nl.s, Heasoimulc. Call 281), 14-ck-li lo I),' held in (io.sni'll. Ai 1 - i::iiwiii. «n the 20 (lay nt May, 'i'-li'. at. wlili-h (he qualified eli'ii- i''i'--< nr Niiii sohoni niMi-ua slum "'!-' mi iiu> question of a 7 mill 1 iiildiiui (mid lax. lo l» colleeU'd annvully on I lie iisw-ssed vnliintloiv "I liic luxuhle picipiTly In the IMMriel. lu'tilnnliii; vlth'llm iaxes ci'llccteil In I!);t7, 111 ropay tllil principal and InlcivM. cf a |u-,i- Jiosed i-efiindlnK linnd lasui- *I | Sir>.iwo. wlileh will run for ^-1 lilnekberi-y :,pionts which In turn will invnisi, u,,; I'liiielu'l's wllll hliicklieiiii'.i pro\Id(^ u cover for \\iiu Modern furnished house for ..I"! 1 : O-ck-li jj|. ly _ ,,,.„._ |. HiWri , n u u ," hours ot •i bi'd,,,,,,,,.; „,. ., tTvo room riir-!" 1 ' 1 ! ''•"• «»H «:30 P.M., nnci olh- nlslied ap'irtmcnl- 'Keiisanaljlu l" wls<% '» ""-' Si >i«e manner us Mi". J. T. Collins. 'l020 Heiirn. ' j l"'" vill '''l by Inw for hole}!,,,- s|w- _ ._ ..„ !' :ll >l «'liool elections, nt v ||io fol- Foi' Sale o'i: Trade Excellent residence lot on Hcnni Street, with pliimbing, yrnded low taxes paid nji 'lo dale, 150011 litlc with iibslrncl. Only JIGS. Terms or Trade Sec or Plione Hoy Calvin ',<> Phillips Motor Co. 13-ck-lll Wall Paper NEW VATTERNK— LOW FRICES CANVAS, TASTE AND TACKS ASK AltOUT riTTSBUKGH-S NEW 1'AINT FINANCE PLAN The Arkmo Lumber Co. I'lionc 40 Free Estimates For Sale MINNOWS-lc each Ccrliiicd I'oliiui Plant- 1 ;—Tomato, Pepper & Eas Wants C. C. Hawks Cor. Lal:c & Main or 520 Madison MINNOWS AC each U:^.--,' ixiSHOT Good Used Trucks 1935—1)4 Ton Ford IMS—',1 Ton Fiml Pick-Up: 1331— IK Ton Chevrolet 1931—1!4 Ton Ihlcriialional All liavc Gooil Slake ]!o:Iics TlvItiMS Delia Implement Co $125.00 Credit on New Chevrolet or used car. value $408.00 or nio r 3, l(i hiiycr having- no trade-in. C!'.«l diMiount for cash. Box "AH 1 '. Courier Hows. (Hi U s. Poultry Jilrort tested, Bnrrod Rocks, Wiiite Hecks, Hcd5. I.cgliortis, etc.. 100 -S6.00. Prepaid; live delivery. Cairl: Halchcry, Wcslliluvlin, Mo. POULTRY BOUGHT '& SOLD higher.!. Prices Paid B. T. WORTHY—315 E. MAIN Gash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry ail Mnin Wanted To Rout WANTED — Furijishrd 2 rooir nparlmrnl. iUjsl Have private ciilr.nuc, Call "S" Courier News A B room house by desirable family of four, no children. Must he clean, in good neighborhood "D" Courier. 25-ctt-tf Shoe Repairing Best Prices Paid For > SCRAP IRON WOOL Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones HJyfhevillc Iron & Metal Co. 221 W. Clierry Highest Market Prices I'AIU FOll IRON Found Arknnsfls Truck license No. 217-731). Owner nmy Imvc .same by calling at Courier News office iin-1 pay- Um-er (!<H,I M 1013 \V. Walnut. A mifiirnisliucl rooms. Call a27-J. ck-tf UNl-'UHNlstllil) -I room apnrlmciit with iKilll. Call :t27, or S3 ill "Wit. 12-ck-ll West Pmni.slied Aparlnicnt In Sliiinr Dii[ilex al 111-1 West Asli. Cnll 107 or 571. ck-ll> Fiirnisliuil -3-romr House. COB N. l-'il(li SI. Couple Only. dli 5 lioom Aiiarlmcn;. •! rooms fnr- nislipd. J. II. Smtii-t. Call 805-J 2c kit ROO^!. i/o 22 uy ,E-0, next 'n I Tiro .V IJiMlery; newly Tom Jackson. Plione «. 25-ch-tr imlllns lilui'e, lo-wlt: linsiu-ll School Hinijip. Witness iny lumcl nils 25 (lav :f A])i-ll, IIKIli. WlNNlIC VlfKHI, TURNHIt County All while rnl.s lire clenf, provided they Imir liutn bled fror lime wlillo slock. i j ii|i| KITRl'ttlCKS 1 Every (lay on i-'<i«i. |,<| um . Mcu(.i. t.irot-crles, i-'nvsi, i,',nii s and I'riidiK-o, Puney ami Htnirte nny timinllty. I-'or coin-enli'tii't' u-i- nffrr "1'ru- (11 Sliarlnir I'rolivllve Crcilll" Come- In or I'lioiie RITE PRICE GROCERY riume. a;ti \\> K UHI,.,,,. iii.i-:. Mnln in oid i'. o. SOLD Ol) I Wo life mil ol iilfnlln seed and e«M not [;c(. nny more from (he wo K»t (lie khnl vu have liuiilllivii, und -,(,, „,,, Hfralil nine hi lenr (hut Ihn tccd vould r.ol In. [|.| popnlnr us ||u. H' Unit \v« liiivit been iielllni;. Wi> Iliiink oiii- I mile for |lu> :ond volume of siile.s that we have 'iijoyeil, Wo will have Iheni iiniln Ills fall. We now olfer Hoy beans-Uiredo, Viijjiiiln Hi-own. Miimmuui iirowii mid llelslii, I'oas- Whips, Mixed und Now l!rii. And nny kind of Cotton fieed Brown hero, See or eall us. L. R. M.itthcws Gin Co. Collon, Collim Sml * c ua t ONE RADIO REPAIRING Tiilrs nml l'iirl« IWMtARI) ' TlllE A HATTKUY CO. r, «i« \Vrcrker Service - (Ja» Ol'UN AU; NIGHT I'HILLII'S SKUVICK CUNTBU Phones 177 - fllo HKKVICU STATION . , roil vouit (;ONVI:NIUNCI-;' SINCLAIR GAS AND LUMtlCATlON Service — Itiuliiiliir JU'i>iiir — litnly Woi'k — l''L'iuk'r Work — (;ins.s hwlfillcd — Auto Paris W. T. BARNE1T i.. odKn * I'lyinoulH Dealer PHONIC 888 Now lxicH(«d at 101 North Kccoii'I ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWAKDS, Proprietor All nukes or rclmllt Typewrllcrs, Addlm; Mncntun «ni Cal- culrdor»—Ktpalrliij—I'srU—Klbliom ALf,KY'o01 r CUFFSIPE DISASTER. VICTIMS RECOVER ALLEY OOP AWD DIMMV, GIVEW UP FDR DEAD.SUFFEC OK1LY M1WOC 5KJJUf2IES- Astonished Modvrans Delirious With Jou. \_ (ill/, PKEI'AKUS FOK \VAl( HEY, GUZ -1 6OT .GREAT KJ6WS POI2 VUH.' OOP WASW'T KILLED JUS' STUMMED* / HE \S HE'S ALL EIGHT- (WELL, MOW AM 1 DIUMV •^ 700 - HEAR! ll'.ymi liavo n hurijil ii.ssoointioii ccrUlicalc of tiny kind on your loved onos when thuv DHS» iiwny wo will .iicci>[)t it (it full viiliu. on llio i'linorai, pmvulcil yon buy as inudi us ?DO or more in COBB FUNERAL HOME I'lIONK 20 HOOTS AM) in R Till Dim S \i\. nuujiijiji >i_i_ Metals and Rags, Etc. Wli SELL AH Leading J)r:inds of COAL Small lots r Truck or Carload Delivered Anywhere. Also WOOD - KINDLING Superior Coal & Mining Co. W nole.satcrs, KelailcrK & IVlincis N. Ifi'i'.iy 61 Opp. .fake llnj;ar Gin I'hnnc 700 lllylhcvillc, Arls. Extra Special! SOLID BRONZE Screen Wire 5c per sq: ft. Hubbard Hdw. Co. Mrs. .1. J. OaYin — Bper.ccr Corsetlcrc Call -m-W for appointmenUs WANTED — AM, KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 to S3 Ion Aluminum, Iflc !b. Brass. 2c to 4',ic Ib. Copper Wire, 4c to 5c Ib. Radiators, 4'.4 a Ib. HIDES & FURS WOI.F ARIAN PHONE 17C 128 B. MAIN WlCE,EH-yEAH! AIWT 7HA1 MICE - l!v Iliimlin m»%Mw* 1 ^' ^;j:l^;V^W;j. f,y>'•& S-'/iT n-ji'wf DV HCA srnvicr. inc. JLaiJAk-.ift.A K T. u. ncc, u. s. PAT. orp. -BUT, JDS'L6T THAT MUG7RV GITTIU'TMIS v CROWM BACK - m^tfL* m&JB: WASH TUHUS THIS 15 AS FAR AS I CAN GET, IK TH' CAR . NOW TO SNEAK IN BEHIND Tli BAN PITS AM' MAKE 'EM TVIINK ; MEANWHILE, THE ROBBER ' K(- " SHEgjff^/ I?y Critni HERE HE COMES-UQIU <:uf]lfrf WHERE'S MY P GUN? " VACCIN.OL TERMITES JKilis <I*r«vonts When They Swarjn I'houc 100 E. C, Robinson Lumber Co — —. j STOVES eroiiEn FOR Shocs Repaired, 65c ^ up Strings uilh job. lc extra SATISFACTION GUARANTEED TRUE BUTE SHOE SHOP Next to I). T. Worthy's MEB Local Hauling My Coal fs Black nut I treat Von White JOHN BUCHANAN-PHONE 107 H14>H TIME I'M CLEARING OUT FRKCKI.KS AN'I) HIS KRIENDS ^.^~ YOUR HOKIGR.eVSJ TU 0 ~TM, S BO s, D(D LEWE A CO!W |M P/w^ E krr •Pt MEDICIWE ME TOOK, IT WAS v-j U.OT SUFFICIEKtr TO COVER THE ' V ~~^l COST OF THE (i. ;-. -7 MED1C1WE !.' %','-•( ,;•• • *^~> _ £v IN/l of \ KPWSaV «Pl '• • •% r-oA\ XN ' \ .WS>. / «%.' i !?«t<?5< i--' *m^ THAT WAS REMOVED FROM HIS SHELVES AT OME fJOLLAR • THE COIM HE LEFT WAS DATED 1878 , AWD IF "toD WILL LOOK IN THIS COIM COLLECTOR'S BOOK, YOU WILL SEE PROOF THAT THE COIM IS WORTH ... MANY TIMES A DOLLAR, THAT SEEMS SUFFICIEKT TO COVER THE COST OF THE MEDICINE, MP.TvVIDC^, AK'D TO ASSURE "tbU A NEAT PROFIT.' DISMISSED/

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