The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1930
Page 3
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-MONDAY, NOVEMBER 24 Wotta Maul He,Dqesn%Throw the Bull-He Lifts Hiiii, Every Day! Start Work Shortly on iisouri Link of Coast Coast Route. . , 'Mo,.' Nov. - 24.-Flnal< »rriu>|emenU' have -been completed 'vr..tfi» trading aiid' surfacing 'of " 5 Missouri -section of federal jW W, with the 'settlement at thj^eootwersy .between the sT. Wttiii Southwestern .railroad and th* sUte highway commission concerning the allowance o( additional fijhV-cf-way for the railroad which extended over the prescribed right of way of the proposed high»iy between St. Francis, Ark., and , : Mc. ; ; . tag to Engineer P. H. Dan(eh of Uw SlkesUra division of the - highway department, nothing er to obstructing the move lor the fedeti! highway and work will fc» aUrtei) early in December on tht MUsouri side. Bids have been •pked «Qd will be. opened and 'the wptfuet aJlojKd December 1. \ Tjie jCstourt stretch of road, at JfttiioV Incomplete, which will re- Wet additional surfacing and wid- Includes ill the present r. between St. Francis and by way of Campbell. The <U«t«nc«. approximating la inflta; weaalljrbe completed by rxfef or early summer, ac- |to M?. Daniels, If the bids «r» «»U»t«ctory and accepted -as ex'- ••- ' i. by." trie Ark-mo Highway as foo which' haa' been assisted '.local organizations in each of ft* 'towra aad 'cl'Uea tn southeast r through" which' the route ' jQURIEIf j- ^TTTT^^r,- * ,'' v •Lr' H> *" * """ JP.Smead N«w Owr of Mtjr»*lU , SriNOZA'8 BIRTH On Nov. 24, 16»;Benedict -'spin- a, a famous Dutth-Jewteh phjl- cscpher, was ]>tih at AmsterSJr, ine s»n cf R PC*tuguese.meKharit who had fled there'to'escape rW- Cious pauscutioa. ' -..'I Dough a delicate child, za Etudlpi dlliiaiUy under He was later alUnated frrro -(he orthodox beliefs of' his rrUdoh ''and bc:»usc.of._hi» bereales, .-,wu **- communlcated from 1 . the grmfOfuu, After n>ehdinj some Unit to nil* In abstruse and difficult atudlei he bought out ah abridgement- bf : the philosophical .work* of Descuriea. I He was $0011 offered the 'chair 'ot~ philosophy at' Heidenberc < tnd ;•'a- pension. If hfl would dqdioai* Ua work to UnUs XIV. 'Ttwit he'i? ed on Ux frpuril fJbejr woutd «n- iger his Indtpenfenc* abd'lnM*-' rlty of Ihousht. He preferred, instead, to:llve to jwrertj. ; .,: i \( •' The nub 01 Spuvsa : iJRUUophr' if this: ExUtence corijifUj of t&e ma- lu^ world and UioutJU- Baci'of se realm* 1» lndep»cdtat of V^ other. Thought d««'not Influfjjr* matUr, and matter doc* not. lor fluence thught Ne»«thelM». : th» mov,;meuls of one are panmetjor analogous to the. nwvtBieoU of .toe other, and the rnomnento of. e**i depend on all per»a41n»: eiaeace, which.iaeoulTaltnt to dqd. ) f • , , lonntrly, yrrole; Motor QVMT tee, h»s , from Roy W»t»t». Kt ,will «pr»t« uie bustoe». : hl«««lj; and to 0«f aal Air for WfthUf' can. . J»» tax** • pori- truinagtr of the'- Nrt Mptor WU»on, of Early Teuw of »« Pearee —,^» .ua 'lll«l?#..The4e depended'lanWy on. . elegfriedt who Induced Dr. .«enh L., Jep*n. and a J. Moles, ions «nd> jMtery, .—,. ._..„,„. for each • purpose twins; found in large quantities. ' , Doctor> Hobby Remit Diaouur Efft i* UJLLINOS, Mont., (UP) .J. The discovery of- fragment* • of dinosaur iW near Re<| Lodgr/MoM-, by ITInceton University teltritaU MP- cc-ntly, resulted from'a 1 hi»y ' ., . . , * vl ?!t Uw Dry^Greek oil fi-ld. here the tcfe'nflas found "tha first dlnowr .fragments In America, arid the second ever found In'the w^rld, similar discoveries having! both made In Mongolia by Roy' Chapman. Andrews. . The Princeton men eitimatsd the tit fragments to b* 67,000,000 yews oU. put ot which aao of-property yalue* from 'thi' nul-. s«nce, Mta AJves.Loni of the Mfe- • rourl WornenVClub said In an address her*. ' • ISMOKE COSTS $».tt«,M* ST. LOUIS. (Up)-Bmoke here ofannually costs.a 130,000,000 Iocs, a COLDS MAf DEVELOP INTO PNEUMONIA ..CmtJU-- - "~~ " KC BAKING POWDER . tcteu True trtkw |j»- jt „{ u^.Qull.of ^Bitaa; p»4r. hli' ORE THROW fe. aF*£Z£. i . M™?"!!' JENN.. -. Somebody , he take some animal when it Is- very young and small and lift it on its feet every :ay, and keep doing it while the animals grows - .• i ,'O. a, Outhrie, representative of Vie abate nam'ed . organlzatlonn, J'^« hrsre; made a strong effort ). hvr*. the new highway designat- ,.4 along a. route where the most tot*teats: could be. served and at « Unie where the expense ~\ be top tremendous to al„ arid federal sanction'. The i association has .labored in_ . ly toward-this end, and we ..,( that our efforts have been jus- tiflsd by the outcome. The highway Is now asaored." •'Coining-on-a direct route from t\ PESO, Tex,' where it makes con- ^«CBOB wjth another highway lead- te|;tb Ban-Francisco,'highway 62 Mai* aeross the north middle sec- W»|'«f- Texas and the southern. Bin of Oklahoma. It enters Ar- Vaiuas in tho northwest corner and ~" "fa 1 to the .northern boundary of ;i*M» the -entire 1 width ,of it; through. the centers of '-n;oC ea^i'of the counties r ..uiSa •aecUori.' ProirivPoca- ., in .'Randolph • tounty, - it t.through eralghcadi Greene rUy'couhUes;-from. Corning it i, Rector, . Piggott, and St. A >here' .it enter j' Missouri -*'""- *i ,Cairo,-m.;;ijy :Way Iden'and'NeyMad-. Tr , r-f- -----"•?£ the river .'at" Cai- fe»}'.the;road ,has -a'.direct route .to »»srt}l«^I£y, Where it'takes over -^r'..mite .that leads, to fiuf- *;••:»,• V!; .Alortg the'route'.high- r jn toache* the borders'of Can- ,-»nd Mexico and Will lessen the toward maturity and sophistication, you will be able to pick the animal up when if Is. fully grown, no matter how bi» it is. Mr. Mann, having an inquiring mind, . decided test theory. ' He lives on a farm near here, and among the animals on his farm was a bull calf. This calf was, at the time, a clumsy little thing weighing only 60 pounds. Mann picked .It up. It: was 'easy. Next day he picked it up again. It was still easy. -So-he mapped out bis- routine. Thereafter, :lay after day, he went to Uie pen and 'hoisted the puzzled bull calf up on his shoulders. Just to-keep his'hand in. Time passed, and the' bull grew md grew. And every ''day it got by Mann. • it got heav-1 ier, and Mann got stronger. Now comes the climax. The bull today weighs 600 -pound's — and Mann can still pick It up. and put it on his shoulders. , I , "I don't know what I will do if this that bull gets to weigh a thous- [ and pounds," he says. "I may not be .able to lift It, but .1 hope I can." . . drug stores. Poplars, willows .and . aajien; are the fastest-growte? shade' trees. •_ * distance from coast to' coast one thousand miles. At the" present time the highway from MaWen to Cairo has been completed, according .to federal specifications and additional right ol/.wtjr, has-been secured;and platted at'the" disposal of the : commls- sion. . • Condemnation cases have all been settled-along the route where new roads must be constructed-from Maiden to St. Francis. ' Federal 1 markers have been -placed along the--route in both the east and west sections, according to highway officials, including a part of Arkansas. Markers wil not be.placed on;,the Missouri section until. the completion of the r-wfl construe-: tion: now under consideration. FDont Risk < ' Neglect/ Kidney Disorders Art Too . Sermon* Ip Ignore. . , If bothered .with bladder if- ritatiorn, letting up'at night and.constant backache, don't take chancej! Help your, kidneys at the" first sign of disorder. -.. Use, Dam's PjJIt. Succ«|i|iil for' , more than 50 years.^Endirfd by : hMndreds of-thqu'sandi of L grateful-.users.,'(Set Djkin'j:to- Lday..Sold ev'e'ry.where:^-;, : Cold, Weather ;j Ahead! i-> • -•.-••• ' . -.•<',-. Safeguard Your Radiator "' wUh ''•-' "•>* --^? Prestotie |; Glycei4h| or Alcohol Less talk and more taste— •W X. '!'' better tafste •\'.- i^.-v • -- . .' ONE will always stand out! <t>l*3e,MaKTt k Mvtu Towcco Co. . co-op«r»tion er FondaOoo. CXrpuj . with" 1 Uw Atone 12 BIT W I* a». , You ca« ; ia« ikZ Crtwnul^D, M HublM moist* thit it pkawal .(» tako. trowi. . Of, all known diuA • aootlw »j t mtmbfiBrt ud «top i iba. stpsuck,"'' ia iSmM? inio" tW blood, atitdu tkesui at iKa irtolib OecBLl»i«n; is iur'Mteol stiitfae-' tory in ihe trealaKiit of couaas fim coldt, branchltU and BuW^na* «1 anacbUl irrltstlo9s,-snd'ia exctUeat f9r buUdiBi opllw iyti (> after coUa MM * ' " " * fOROVIR GiwrMiUtd pwt we! •Miciwit. kit (kin el prktdbr«nd«. I Ml-. 110 MS OF POUMOS USi BV-QUR COVtBNMENT i the Thanksgiving Home Coming r '• ,f,-'.-' ,50 If.] • I [; : : 'WliiMiye term tlna extraordinary sj>ecial, j WQ^ld be proud to wear. r Y6u:can wear a new .suit Thanksgiving J "" ^nd ?ave, real jnouey-drpp in tomoi:row look them over, T , Clothing •ivlTA'i."

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