The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1930
Page 2
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; . i'A!.£^Rr& •'••• :ii ' ; ".' ; - ; ii'-:-3nW.n •- ••;--;v^:K r -'.'- :; ;:.^- ; .:''-'---:--^^=^?:»~—--- <TMi2Ml&':!:»n ^.-'^"MONDAY, and News,;of Womeo '^>. ! li r ' f ^: i&fllifc:':;'-.:: 1 '-- : .v of .tb« iluneftl o(. Mrs. ' isatwrdty.'-.after- liartyilolftne AU«r society « .the Churth bt the Jramacujite, Conception, planned, for that day, was postponed. ?Mfa. .W.-tWi 1 McKepiie •nd'iCr«;'T.;a.'.8e«l. J wlU, sponsor the »«»lr 'td'' Mostly sevtral son, D< j.,.H:V;K'<iimp&r«.y, who' wa^ierl-' cusly fo'ljilirfa,; wtfjn h> Cell,OB- root severs! d»ys 140, 1» '- ppvln&f j, ^ f; 'V. •-,•'• well BS je open- uig-^n£,ol' tb'ecArmory Thanks, giving'night'Invitations havelseen - - - - ^* • < ••' yighoiit north- tolitheasi'MUi' with ' M r £: W'j,.fc'J?<>' ( :'f*tU r M. (il tj( attended'a party 'Saturday. .... ; Ra» MoAllW*r,^of Paragould; IWM he guest ot.Mtti-Virginia Boifrltwi "or • the weekend.- • • ' .">•'"' jrfri. Myrtle .M.'Bburiand icr' guests" Sunday Mrs, H. "p:, Hoiraiid'.hff. Milfl/'Hertart Val.- A,. Hale have? . sourl:'wh(>yij«nd,> : es 'and^tt* 'nieni pWi ; A»'eric»hi poEVmembiS also-- beeip In hive -Proceeds of the dance will be pisced In-the fund for purchasing gymhaslum : equipment for the bu'lliiihg. •'• :-.- . •••',-' ' JoEn Waterman : and 0. R, Bab- cocji are; member* ol the committee-in charge; of arrangements. Mr. and. . . . is. thdr gu««U;to(Uy. Mre. C. R> erjilth aiidi .twe^soru »nd, two diughtert,-' of 'Homtop, Texas, »nd ''• Misses'Cahtori Tompklns, J»i» Weathersb'y.'and Evalyn Emerson, wli? are'attending Joresboro Agri- Cultural eollegel spibt the week|'end with'<h«lr : lainUie8 in'OsceoU. - • ' of to Mem- Miss- Mildred -Portl s, Mich. They ^r^.enrp phis from Detroit where' the hare beerr vlsit)ji8..-'Mrs. tormerly Mlw Sadl^, Belli Pohls and her sister .u.ved! -here for a nupibcr -of years;-- ' ;/ ..MlSF,. Mary Lynp Haw, derY»nt »ri opeiatlon' at th» Mem phis Baptist -hospital/ ,ten d*ys ago Is . G.iH: 8«»i 'Trt»jp- b -^ '. : - ! ., Foniied IB Hl»k Seheel. . A' second ttpop : of Olrl Scouts betn-orgaiilzed in Q« city's ptibUe schooli . among students of theTienior nigh .group .with Mls» Frakees Miller as captain. There arsr,'|& charter member*. . Troop 1, .with Mia Monta Hughes as' fader, hM 32 taembers in Juh- school, ' Jflis irfc Merrltt and Mr. William' H.'Vchandler>-both of ; Hutf : rajih, were iMue- i ccnse • Saturday. ' is now much Improved. Mrs. B. R, Allen returned today trom' points ot Michigan and Can- a'Ja wliere she spent five months with her soil, Warren Allen, >nd ((rn)ly. Enroute home ihe went tp'Detrolt.for 4 trip.- thrpuih Jtlw new" tu'pncl' under'-the' rlvef.jmd also went-on a. number of sightseeing trips in Canada. Mrs.'R. L. paints »hd daughter, Billy Louise, have returned from Dyersburg, Term,, where they visited Mrs. Gtlnes' parents.. .. Misses Elizabeth 'Blythe; 4 and Veld a Adcock motored' to -- Haytl Sunday. They, ver£ accompanied home by • Miss Martha , Reynolds wl'io yip be . employed '•' at the Hunt office of-the Frisco railroad. • Among the Qsceolans In this city yesterday were: Mrs. Dave r - — -..* -«•[_! .m7Mi.Kl^ 'rf-H&AW-A W«Vth_; Mia'- 'J<*ephln'^ Montague ' of Memphlj'spent-'ttve week-end jilth her . fatheirj' J. [Tf. Mpntagiif nnrj sister, Mlas Josephine Montague, In O&ceola. . ' .', - .'•;. Mr. ahd Mrs'.'i: jf.S Burton li as-their guests'-jlri.VBUrteh's ter,' Mrs. Frank .Bright* arid Bright, from HerKlerson t '.N.'- J 0;,'-j>"u Wr mother, Mrs. 'Jlmmle'.WlgB! o: Le"\vlsburg, Ten hi They will rern'atp through Thanlsfclvtag.-'-*'^'--'--' 1-1 Floyd Chaffiln, formerly ot WU, soil, Ark., who Is * inlnliterlal stH- dent at Jonesboro'Baptist colleg! tfis the week-end jdest of Mr. ani Mrs. R. H. Jones ami Miss Lucille Welch. Dlxlu-Lee Qulnn,''|J*r|h: : • Socjety— Miss Faye McClure l»,»ry ill with nn - alt»ok'.-of -llu; at-<M(;|ionk( n Cooler, , .. .f -. -j ;V lindsey SmltJi mt^e' a''buiines5 Ip to CaruthersvlUe MowUjr, „ \ j-Mri. Loiinle Jordan of'-V.OWtff [ptet Monday - with Mrii^fhjijk lordah of here. ' .-'•':..-';"'• •' | Ur.'«nd/-Mre .M. B, iccompanied thelt' Bmall lijt Hab'y ''clinic 'In 'VjempfiUi ;; | 'JHarry Talkington, Out,' Oene • Browri ..and /|i.. J, ,r left lor : Florida' Monday; : ___,..„,. Tlie boys 'plan' to 'i'pend tw»ln-' te? th6e:' ^-' : ' r ; " •-"^•' 'Mrs, Abner Aihcraft d» in CattttheHvilie yi ... lef and Jrli •Miss Lorent w Bridge by Ria^io!fSe^Qtt Will Be Launched lomgrrow gsnie win te put on U» be put on tj*»>pm(oiw to tf* broftcUiut jtfcd U» iJJrTeflWpMe thttr Judginefit:wlth that , IfgBr orw*«ap»rt*. • ,•/,-;: j': r • '" : --n '- ' Anj.account'tr tW? funs >'Ur»P: News the. day, ' ' Kdrlhf, ton'- spent SaVdfday 5 In Blyth'evjlli the guests of MK. VlrgUdreehe. .Friends of Jacob Doyle, father'. of George Doyle, superintendent . of schools- In'. Dscfola, who Is known to a'hoit' of 'friends here as "Grandpa" : -tX)yle, : ,'wlll be uiterested to know-! that "lie went to St. Louis this. i- morning for an operation, which wjlH'be performed at the Jewish hoipltal-there. For the past [our weeks Mr, Doyle has been under the care of physic la'nG in the ho'spltai at Cape Qlrardeau, Mo., . shower In honor of Mrs. John Me.-' Clure Prld»y evening at the 'prel' 1 ty country home of L. W. Z»'.' After the : evening was ipent HV merry .making and music »ts.e!i-: J9yed over 'the--nidio, the be«utlful- .j^ presented and • 'They ..bfow^Hare);'fijr, ... ; .._ HfJidrix-Henderwh- Collee? ui ,- kaiu».'..'"MVsy s Hut^iSp'.on^-" above is a UUIe Jreshinan girl-who Was i-bt«d' b'afid.sponspfjH?r Kt.ine N£Shvilie; Art I)--:'{*'. i.V:;', '• •»•• . WVWY 1 **** *»* I Mr In" ths Coiiiri alloying broV J " The gcr---"- rac't and Work; la 'aiaoflatipn;' with. • vldely Xnbwjf'ij(u : thoritl?s. , \. . v An innovation .In '• thlj.'.^arjt n-les will .bi-.-a iseriei.-of':'-^U" allrig questions presente4.- :a't he iend of eikch Game by Mj. Work—that i*fMr. Work win pro- xnuji two qujations at the conclu- lon^of -Ihe'.'-tttadcist and: during he iplxtb/'Brldie' By Radio;'Game, le will five tHe; answers so that the iist'SneJi'-in' may rate themselves as to, their, playing ability.. This \EO': will'- be : repeated durinj the .;V fiye gaMes and the antn/m ilJi'bfe.irfM during the Twelfth Brid?e.:by-R!dio Gsme. ' . ' Pa'rt«fe^ttfe<- in the first game wlii:-.bto)«i-£fH. T. -* 'iiiitA::- . New -H«Tei ' Voung Hiyti Wom»n Wiw SSOOinNewipaperConte* . Wsst=rvelt: of .-Connecticut; :Mrs,' of Karirjf ' City, Mists and Mr Wyman of i«r' oi SpAane, . Wash- ; -ls' 'boniplcte in itself nted that the listen- take the names ot the *U1 appear In thU\P«p»r 'and. a cojnp^t* summery .of .the game will appear the. day 1 'following broad jit,. % • ' ,. ,:, .,'-. • Following are the hands for the flrsi game. Mrs. H T; ; Westen'elt of New Haven,' Cciinecucul. "Scuth/Jthe Dealir, holds: Dlamortca-K 10.3 2 ''Mrs. Anne.'Werson 'of Kansas CWH»?5Q,» 8 spot Z :• City^Mu "West; 954 8 ' '' C'luU-K 1 4 Mr, Wplter. P. Wyman of Arilng- •ton;, Massachusetts. "Nrrn," holds: ' ' 8padet~J 10 8 spot .' Hearts-^j 10 9 7 1 • Diamonds—<S 8 spot - Olubff—A '10 6 Mr.. R L.-'Rutter- of: Spokane, Bp«de5—A ,7 6^3 Htertfi—8 spot 3 Diamonds—J 975 • ciute-^j 5,3; >irove Your The Yarhro 'Parent Teacher as- EoqiiUon' will Have a carnival arid play.'-,tonjght;:-'«t .the school. Mils HHda / Holland's pupils wUl.-'.'prt- £ert( >: a.ispeclal attracUon- iii . thf play: I.'.- •-..•.;. : - ' !$"•.-' - . . M|^ Louise Miduieton and Mr. M. J*. Smith, both of here, obtained a ' marriage 'license bere Sat- llcerlie was Issued Satnrflay : to Miss Helen Dclbrldge and. -Miy 'Earl -Shane'lIeU, both, of Blytheville. • . , -' " ' '" ' All 'busings .women':of the c.lty nre'j invited io : the. public speaking class;sponsored -by the Business' arid Professional .-Women's club for. the'.-second lesson tonight, 7:30 o'clock/, at the Ooff'Hotel. The cmjree Is being given free-.with Miss Luna B. Wllhelni, instructor of the city,' in charge. ''•: _ Osceria .Cltlin**, '*. ' Atitifd Chnich Htre.^ .''.;. A. ;numb(>r of members ot Ihe Osceola Presbyterian church at- tefid^d the morning service of the 1 FirsV- Presbsterlan church here Sunday.- " ';. . .'. This c'onzregatlon has been with, out' : a pastor since September. *- ' ;-•'*'.• - « Bojd-C»rter. Hiss Gladys..Carter, of Poln Laney; MlEs.Bltntti.e-Cleer'e, . .,... ah;! Wein))erg,'. tJoe' Clajf^ 1 '.-Young, Godfrey White, G;-B.' Driver,''James, firlv'er and" Miss. Spencer Semmei! BUCk; ' "" V'":'---' . •'-• -V ' Miss Eileen Foster and Miss Mary McHaney . were 'visitors in Mein- phis'SaturiJay^. ,:,... ,,,.„, ;' . •-. Pat O'^int attendW- to_'business in JpriesBoro Sunday..'"r Mr. and'-Mn. Fre<l. Blblhiyer and daughter, ^rba'rs, -; : of:v<jajcjitrers.-. vllle, were Quests of Mr." arid Mrs. E. F. Blomeyer Simiay. V. O. Holland and; A; B. Holland spent feunda-r iB"Paragould. Mrs. J.' M. Crockett to,leaving today for. her. home in tfcpHunfllaV Mo., attef spending a m*jth' r wiffi iir. and MTSA George R~.' Crockett nrjd Mrs. Margaret H.. Ml nor. Mr. and Mrs. Welch-Foster had ,as-their guests yesterday.. Mr! and Mrs. Hale'-Jickson, of Osceola. J ; " VvF, ^P. Jacobs, of Qrlder, spent yesterday in the city., • -l'->, Mr. and Mrs. A.- Conway and their niece; Mrs, Godfrey .White of Osceola, returned Sunday from larshall; Mo., where they visited Irs. Wnlle's father arid other rel- tlvcs. Mrs. White also went (o Co- umbla, : Mo., for a brief stay with Miss Vivian Dlllahunty at the_ state university. 1 •' ' -" '•.-'.''',:••-). C. T.-Krarher and'. : Oeqr'ge ;M.- Lee were in St.-Louis-over.,the week-end. ' ' .,'•...: '.'• Ernest Jones spent 'Sunday :In Parkin, Ark., visiting'relatives..' i ~%rs. H. A. Taylor,^who-Vent to Memphis Sunday where she entered the Baptist h6spltal,.-wlli under- go'a goitre operation'.''.ThUrsday. She was accompanied by' ! .Df^Taylor who returned last night. He will go. do\vn for the operation. his.-home town-.gls gene{»l. cpndl- ilori showing'-'litUe imprpvemtht ™-.'_ •' • —A..\°' ...^J&,1 *.*Vfl :>~i "•• ng'-'lUBe I i&sste George Doijr)e c wef|? to Captjairat"; d^u Friday-.wnefe,. He m.8t otheh members.-'of ihe.UBnUy. aii^whetet a 8t. Louis specialist was called In consultation, and advised'the operation, "/ .-'•-' . : . - cent marriage,' Mtu Adelle Zahrier. Wm. Chrysler p£ CaruthersvilSe' transacted business here Monday.. Bob Buckhonna ani George Lo»s ot Caruthersvllle and • the \Mlxses Velms Shiader and Mignl?a VIcV: motored to Haytl, Wednesday eve'-. ilng. • : . ' . , • Mrs. Gus • Joslyn . of Newbei ri, spent last week with. 'he? " ter, , Mrs. Arch Jordan'.. -. ".", . .Otga. J^njo'riVof Blythevii:e HAYTi; Mp.; . ridiiyscott,;.well Jcndwri-yqunt lad admired by At a late'Hour-the ..-«,,—„ ed delicious refreshments??.' : 'M?t' ,, —. ... - Mrs. McClure was before her' re- of Haytl,.!* the.proWd poueasi* ,p • • -- a $508 check that she/received-from thr Missouri Herald, 'j^aytlj afwln ner of subecrlptipri ,-opnteit held b the -Herald.; A»-j._flr#';prlze) ; irtinf .;T. - v : \-\ lilis : ^iUinie Morris Saturday es his customers -at the rate of SI Will' .Lawhorn motored 'to with Milton . Worfcii""!:! Auction Contract Bri» Tuesday ': ..WM : C lau . Dr. James A. Anderson, presiding elder oKthe Joresboro district,' occupied pulpit :at the First : •Methodist ' evening. . GETS $1 FINE. BACK .' GO8HEN, N. Y. CUP)— The doU la_r fine which was levied on Joseph Qibbons In city court was returned » him. when ><5c»mty C<juri Jildge Russell Wiggins reyernd thi decision ^Gibbons was charged -with paisslrig »' stop sign at, vatj-eet in- tcersectlon. •-. -.1. ;-;.' . .. ding a felif w^ijb here u the '|ot;,-^Ir.piaii4,| Mri. .. M . : i},' Taylor and-.Earl Blythei[lll f : Thursday. . aVflrrt ; Miss i3cott'had!hfe Sjolce if a For ' ' ''~ y Agents Have Full * - ^ . __ . _^_ . The 'seWtog capacity of the Yankee Stadium in New York is 80.000, and the record attendance at a baseball game 'was '85,265 dur- "— -"— •— — ... - i a. UK3CUA11 6*" 1 *!-" ">**> «*»,*!«* for This Wfeek *"* a ! double-beader v ui 1928. .; ,. She- chose. the':|5pp.'J*rsV"T. 1 R.. Pascbla',.-Md.r'a's 1 se<»nd •rliiS'V ner, had her choice of a trip • Florida or 1200. She. chose to ; take the JZOO.-':-"?'.^ :; "•:• ',-'-..: 'The major contestants were: Miss Marlon Scott/ <EEayU; /-Mrs. ,T. <R, Cole, .Pascbla; Mrs, .O.-T.. Martin, Hayti;. r Mlssi AileBi)' LaFont, r .?orr tagevllle; Mlss'iV'jfaulthe. .-Heard, transacted business ' in \ Mem'plAs.j Haytl, and Mrs. .Vlck : Slegler, Hayti.' 1 >'— :J ..... ... .' J _ . .:•! . . '• " ' '•'•••• • •". .Tli»,Woman's Missionary locStli-'i motUt-tln home ol Mrs. p. I. 6la& I .Mrs;-B.'C. meet this a'ttcrnodn at the' norne ot Mrs. O. -A; bur nivfn/' , • • : ;.Miss .Josephine -HoilJ-and.brolly;j er, 'Jerry,'left; Sunday a week a^jj for 'an "extended :'vlslt .wlth.'-relaV] tlvei In Muskogee, pkla. " '-.'• '•fy . f Misses Nellie' - Simm'orui,' Mnb^l- Poik and Bethel •• Holly of Coot^. t'v -s^the Sun- Psalm ;Ior.atV6tlou-;' . day guest ot, Mrs.imri iPeters: , , 'Mr. Joe. Howard; Cof^Qreen Briar ' ' -'of Mr.: Virgil. '' 1 w^rc'Stccle.vlsttors ,';'Mrs. Johnnie Rhodes, who befW'jVery llj/jis able to be-up a? Hosfilial Notes ' Louis Argehd, city, was admitted to- the Blyt^eyllle Hospital " Mrs. Ererett- : Petty and,.. Mrs. CJharles.'PeteW^slioplJHMn Blythe-" ''- i.-'Henry^Taytnd»r-vUited -Mrs : . •• T Mr. 'A, K*W«lcfch"i ; ai VBIjfth'eTlile visitor Mcnt&y.';- '' ' -•' - •-. ; -..; Satur. .. L day guest otrliir?:A.''J. Lewis.' ' ' Miss'F(oa»! ; A6iams was 'the. guest Th'e activities • of the county agents',-J'. E. Orltz and S. D. Car- center of Osceola,. and home dEm- onstration • agent,- Miss Cora L«e qolernari, for this week include j meetings:.of Boys and Girls. 4-H clubi and. Wornen's clubs through- .put, MliiJisippiV county. • The Loue Oak Women's club. Is to'-H*" BfiW this '.alternoon. with "Miss Colsmah 1n 'charge. '• . Tuesday-Mr.'-Critz'and the'wo- -men'* kftder ; go tcsCarmt for 4-H .and':Worheri's.'clulil and the 4-H- club of Leachyiile also'meets \vitli Mr;-'Crilz'-rfs sponsor. ..-Hatcher- and-. West Ridge Will te visitjd ^eSnesday by .S. D.,Car- pen,ter'ft'nli 1 Miss Coleman for boys and : .gBrlB\ meetings. ; The'. jy;ornan's. club at StiUmau Thiiridajr'.^''is- the only me'eting ithediiiidVf of ''this hblvday. ••'' • l',HWI'«ifit'will- a'tterfd the' 4-H MetOrijjt>aU Line -Oak-'Friday and iliss Grte'Tn^ff vvill ^preside at the Wom'afrs >cln.b here.. M*fej3D : -;rBEE M -iArk. (UP)Whai> Albert-; Vaugh;. village ,black- emith;' fias : .tp..l^ave''his shop to co'l- lect Ijad accpupls. or to get money for biidfcfi^cks'-'presented .he charg- Cafry Yoiir ; Medicine In Your Handbag Our Vegetable Compound is also told in chocolate «wted tablets, iuBt as effective'as tie liquid ,1.^ ^ . - - .-^. . ..-.r. • ' .. - 1 ' ' Kndontd by half : a ntulion' women, this.nicdichic'ia particaixtlf..V«Liial>le during tho tht«i trflrig pwioda ofra' luiitjr, mMtemiij ' . 98 'out o] 1.00 rnport btncfit PLAYERS ' '"£ South (Dealer) —MH/ Hi TJ'-'-V ; Westervelt, New Haven, Coriri. IS ' Was t —-Mrs. Anne Wesson, KaqyiV.',' City, Mo. - '.' -:™ North — Walter F. Wymaa, -Ar<V lington, Maw. • - -"' Bfit — R. L. Rutter, Spokane,*^ Woih. ' . " •• - ••>:•' • Jlo« .' ' ,' ''' 0 J 10 9 7 4 ' •• ' o'Q'8'. " V ''"'* " " 4 A 10 6 ' - •,"•• ' • Q3 54 V AK6 0 A64 • * K74 . : (J !8 ; . W+E S •'• • K 2 ' -•' V QS3 ' . 0 K 10 3 3 « Q9«2 Do you know your "crit'. 1 p The correct No Trilmp lead J 10 9 x.x? .Whether bidding of tli band should vary *t Auction Contr«ct?.Work out this<!tal.y way now": . . then see wh?t ' experts do in the Radio Game. ' ' • . •••:• .'':••• :• '•' -. DOA't i .--'.-''.--.»>r' A ivmmuy'oi itii* &*&* .1 .. Plegsant, i!o., -' and Mr. Charles Boj'd., of Ohllllcothe. Mo., were married here yesterday by the Rev A. ;J. Hill. : . . . : ' --.»••"• . - 1 F.lmort-WillUms. , T)ie marriage of Miss Mary Williams, ol Cooler, Mo., and Mr. O«n Elmore, of Yarbro, took place here Saturday with Justice C. O. Counce, of Lcachvllle, performing the % ceremony. Jerk-Walker. The marrlafe ot Mrs. Susie Walker-and Mr.'J. F. Jcrl?. both of fnchvllle, occurred there today with Justice • C. C. Counce performing the-ceremony. :' Ex-Chief Celebrate* . . ... '.'Mrs. M.. 8. Slsger has..Jss-he> guest her mother, Mrs. M. M..Robinson, ol Tunlw, Miss. .* ', v: ..' Mr. and- Mrs. Milton AUenbSerg and daughter, Ruth Ann; Sir. and Mrs. Milton Silverber'g.-of.'Me'nt:- ^phls, were guests of B.- H.'-Levy-4nd : Miss Addte Levy Sunday. •' " Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Thwealt and daughter, of Mlddleton, Tenn., spent Sunday with Mrs. Virginia Keck and Mrs. Eva T. Morrison, Mr..Thwectt is their'nephew. .'• Niinley Wade, ot Savannah, Tenn., arrived here Saturday,|o be with his fiither-ln-!aw,'J. H. Humphreys, who was scrloudy Injured Chest Colds ^r ^k Kliti well bv«r «m«t «a d«*e of •VYEST. HAVEN, O=nn., (UP) — Foliar Police Chief Robert French, 72.: tasljust received the felicitations of his I« children and nine grandchildren <m the occasion'of l:is aeccnd silver weddlnj annlven- ai*.' . -Frerich's first wit!, . who tore hun'tll the .children, died soon af- te^.^ilrtratlng Uielr i!5th ahnivers- aqr.- 'He remsrriei ' '•'..; STor qiliie a time I used soda for gas ; -.»ria aqiir stomach. Then I dc- pide<l to try.AdlcrlKa and tound It fatjljejter tijan sooa."—Ed .Mr.Keltl. inW^pkE spoonful simple elycc.-- ln,i/aillne; e*,, as mixed. In Ad- lcruli, l rielie«s GAS and sour 5torn- acmj- >icti on .BOTH upper and low<f: : bcnrei;-r«mov!n!: old'poisons yo%; nerar .kaew were there. No ATb.wg^-jl^/City.Dnig fefors. A finesse that.never \rin<v.''. when you try to subsritutepoor ' quality paclc« for the snap. <e5- Hhty, and Wth ImtroSfinish'of CONGRESS SICK;] Suits, Overcoatl.f Shoes ' • -.'•' -.-'•.= •' ' " 'ifi.-'f,- : • '• and Furnishings •I,*-,. _ 'FprMcnand-0pys.;; ! >-. Continues all this Week !g|P'^Qp^NI) SAVE . D. HUGHES & CO. Cftf^pfetc Out titters,Jor Men and Boys »y'v'-:^;^».v^^s^^ : .;,'^^8^;^ ;';.. ,:''i ••;-.;! ,-...«.p r.,. OGONY OTQR OIL is ALL Oil! PARAFFINE BASE " DEWAXED tiiwi-iiia;:WKwi-ES^ j-->riiaS:-r?..:-sVSj.J;*V,5f| |UPER^FJLT|REP Free of wax anil all iiiB|nir- ities 9 tlie lubricating v^i^e •* „ , --.'Is increased 'Jliere is nothing left in tlie new Socouy Molov Oil; to.^retard free lubrication in below xero tweilher or.-t<i*Hinder its friction-rcsigtih« ' ! \'tf^\- -.--•'.;,'-. ' C1 , ; '' qufililies under gruelling liigh speed peratures. It is paraffine b'ase for strength and ! stamina, but e'very particle of wax haa been removed. All sludge and non- iubricaling elements are taken out by Ihe super-filtering process. The new Socony Motor Oil is waiting for you attbc first Magnolia Sign. 4 SOCONV MAGNOLIA PETROLEUM COMPANY MAGNOLIA SfATIONS AND DEALERS THROUGHOUT THE SOUTHWEST

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