Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 23, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1896
Page 3
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Almost Distracted D ID YOC EVEIi.V-uiTer'irom real nor- voiiswws? Wbuu every norve seomod :o quiver . 'ivitU a peculiar. -croopy feeling. 'Ji-st In one place, and thea another and «!! suomcd tlnuUy- to.concentrato Ina wrltMiiq .J--im:>lo m Uio Drain, and. you bo- como -irritable, frctfut-aact ocovish; to bo. followed by an impotent, weakened condition oC :ho nerve centers, ringing in the ears. aiik sicepioss, taiscrablo nights ? HOC-' Mrs. Eufcuo Searlcs, ua Slmontoa st., Elk- iar "i Iat! -' says: " yo! ~ TO=S troubles had made £StO"£S sic nearly insane and __ ... pi-.ysic-iuns were unable nC<util»«»c. tobeiome, My memory was almos'; pone and every littlo thing •worried r.ic until I was almost distracted. Irenlly towed I was becoming a maniac. I imagined all sons ot evil thlncs and would cryo'ver nothing. I commenced taking Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine and lour bottles of tnis wonderful remedy completely cured mo. acd I am as well now as 1 ever was." Dr. Miles' Nervine is sold on guarantee, firs* bottle will benefit or money refunded. R STATE NATIONAL BANK tOGAJJSFORT. IND.J CflPITrtL • $2OO,OOO /. F. Johnaon, Pre»l<l«nt. B. W. Ullery. Vice Pr«rtd«nt H. J. HeltbdnJc, CMhler. DIEECTOKS. I. T. Joltnaon. B. W. Ullery. 3. T. Elliott W. M. .Elliott, W. H. Bolder. , Buy «nd i* 1 ! Government bond*. Lo»r, •on«y «n personal lecurlty and collateral*. -Isiue special certificate, of aepo.lt. tatrlnc : oer cent. Intere.t when left on« rear; 2 per cent, per annum when depoi- Boxei Tn°^afety Deportt Vftulti of thli tank for the deposit of deedf, hi«uranc« •SlMM. moorage, and ether TaUuablei rented at froin V to HB :*» year. Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY Shower Bail RING Hot Water . , . . Proof r|ose |8 Iipress Ad, S6c. ,Prevents Wetting Head yioor or Walls. .., Hornless Water Closets. Send for Catalogue Fro»t Proot Water Cloets, eell-Aotlng Water .Closets. Kellj Slop and Waste Cock, THOS. KELLY & BROS., No. aoi Madison Street, Chicago. KROEOER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. CHAS. L WOLL, .-: UNDERTAKFR - tlirht. C«n' N* 417 Market«..™- C«J1» attenOed to proliptly,- W. •' ;«ntr»l Dnton «nd Mutual Ulmtieaaefi Office, No. 16; Remldenc*. No. 12L V7 ANTED. IHTMV—tftn 'to learn terter trade:- 'only »» elibt w«kl nxtulreU;new oppotmnitj;«lt- MtlOD» s«!ur3 graduates. Send. .hr catalogue, Sole" Barbw'ScHool/283 «outh Clark street, CUeaio. -.- .'••' '-.' • ' • ••' l ' : •' • "• P Wf .See •'those .elegant., capqs fd^f2.25 at the Golden Hule. .. , -:£Cry- r our J. J/R. : :brand':M8»fl'a and Java cofte. It Is fresh.—Bothermel. ' \Vllllam Cookson Carpenter, now 93 years old, Is an attorney in active practice In New'York.' A complete line ot heaters and cook ,6t6v«i at the neiw stove store.—Flame- gin's, 310 Marketstreet, The papers made ari .error In stating •that James Pomeroy was the fathei of a new baby. Ed.Pomeroy. Is the b'appy father, while .James-- Is only "Uncle Jim." •.''"' ., . ." • ' J. E. Button has drawn out of the ^Morning Reporter at South Bend, disposing of his interest: to-,\As partner. in- tho enterprise, Mr.. J.C...Greening *' Tbat last 1^ a very suggestive name. '." How are your ;kldneys? ^Tbe box of Dr.,, HobKs .SporagUfL .Kidney Pills ;.,wKlcb^ou sent me;wer'e;;glyen to a ? rheumatibfpatlen* wSo •reports-.herself much, pleased : wltb the effec'ron her 'kidneys and.rheumatlsm. Dr.I. MIley •79. East Kynn street, Anderson; -Ind ,-Fbr sale Jn Logansport by .BenJFisBer ^-» j on n Coulson, "druggists. -' i THE W. W. Ray Tells of tils Model Terre Haute Office;' . EAST BOUND FREIGHT General News ,of Railroads and Railroad Employes. W. W. Bay, chief train dispatchec of the Vandalia, claims to have -the best equipped dispatcher's office- at Torre Haute in the country. He says: "I thlr. j we hive one of the most convenient offices in the country at the old depot, corner of Tenth and Chestnut. Che room is aimed to be equipped with all the Information a dispatcher will ever need. One of the latest Improvements we have added is an electric alarm by which the wreck crew can >e called at a moment's notice, . This^s one of the reasons we are able to get to wrecks so quickly. Carefully prepared blue prints have been made jhowing where nil switches .ire located along the line and also the grade of the road at any particular point. This is used a great deal to determine how ong it will take trains to travel certain distances. Perhaps the one thing that is watched more than any otlier^ by the operators Is the clock. These clocks aro of standard make and are never al- owcd to run down. The weight which runs the clock on reaching a certain point starts an electric bell to ringing and-tiie noise does not cease until tlic clock is wound up again." •EAST BOUND SHIPMENTS. East-bound shipments from Chicago last week were G3,38T tons, against 01,- SiC for the preceding week and GO,ODS for the corresponding week of lastyear. Hie roads carried tonnage as follows: Michigan Central, 7,338; Wabash, 5,112 Lake Shore, 8,230; Fort Wayne, 8,350; Pan-handle 7,015; Baltimore & Ohio, 5,507; Grand Trunk, 0,3S2; Nicklc- pla'tc, 0,043; Erie, 5,760; Big Four, 2,)04. Shipments were made up ns follows: Flour, 3,108; grain and mill- stuffs, 24,807; provisions, lard, etc., 13,189; dressed beef, 0,97c; grass seed. 1,802; flaxsoed 1,017; butter, 2,302; hides, 2,000; lumber, 3,179; miscellaneous 801. SEIZED TjW.0 LOCOMOTIVES. Yesterday morning City Treasurer Bryan of Lebanon, Ind,, levied on two engines and other property of the Chicago & Southeastern railroad for. $500 taxes-owing that city. One of the ofllc- ials of the road' objected 'to the levy, claiming that the road was In the hands of a, receiver. Pending investi : gallon of this claim, Mr. Bryan allowed, the levy to stand. RAILROAD NOTES. ,T.i'm Collins, a night, man Is off duty on account of sickn'ess. . - , O. W. Blue of the round, house is off duty from the effects of an injured' eye. Charles Deer of the Panhandle' freight house is taking a few .days' ; va-, cation. ., ..,.;. -.,.'•' Mr. Dunn, round house foreman at Cincinnati, Ohio, is visiting friends In the city. : ,.' . Mrs. Smith of Anoka was tho,guest of bei- son Marvin of the" boiler shops yesterday. Panhandle Conductor George Jeffries and-wife are'the guests of relatives at New Castle. ' . ' . Andy Kelly is at work again In. the round 'house after a lay-off on account of an injured foot. < Panhandle engineer, Joseph Beal is ..spending a few weeks ' vacation at West Baden springs. . '..' Martin • Henchen Is on duty in the lathe room after a three weeks' lay-off on account of an Illness. H ILlTCUULl-L UX «n-» *»»**««.•"• . • • .George Lambert is on duty in the car shops again after, a-two m'onths' layoff on-<acc6unt of sickness.' Charles Butler has returnetl to work in Genei-nl Fpremau Hamion's , office after i" tew days' lay-off .on account of sickness Frank Vance and Dick Chapalier of the Panhandle shops are taking -a weeks' vacation nnd spending their time fishing The Wabash line is fitting, up all of Its switch engines With screening, .coal grates and will burn coal screenings In- stead'of lump cbaL ;• The office in'the, boiler shop was torn down'yesterday and will be rebuilt In a more convenlent.place east of,where It was formerly located. • Mr. and Mrs, A. W. Root have returned to their home- at Northvllle, Mich., after a visit with';thelr son, Frank, of the Panhandle .shops. ;,:, The .ti-anscontinentai roads are .all stirred up over the discovery that since the resumption of businessmen Its Sunset-route the Southern Paciflc has-.been paying 515 ; commission-on .ftvery passenger from New York to San Francisco, who Is ticketed pyer r ,the A S.unset route. This'is the, highest .commission yet .paid on:-transcontinental '.business asvwell as to immigrant business. •'In speaking '-of 'ttie •tnanner :ln which M. E. Ingalls, presid'ent '^tli'e .Big Four, remembers statistics,"^connected with the' operation' "of the B!g Four road, It was remarked by a railroad official formerly on the road that Mr. Ingalls's memory was better than the statistics ot the .auditor's depiu-tment, for he had them In hJs mind In such a manner that, without hesitation, 'he could give results, going back years with an accuracy which, is a marvel. Joseph .Ramsey, "7100 president and general manager of the Wabasli Is one of the hardest working railroad officials In the country, and lias a remarkable knack of .turning out a large-volume of business personally. Often he has-been cautioned against over work but pays no. heed, even when littered )y his superior officers, who would like to -have htm more cautious in the matter. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Reported for the Journal Dy F. H. Wipperman, Abstracter. John W. Rogers to. Henry Funk 32 a 'N Pt. E %. SW % Sec. 13. Jeff. Tp., quit claim,. $1.00, . .- , '. J, , E. Redmond to J. E, Gibson, trustee, W 30 n,N % SE % See. 23 Noble Tp., and other land. Quit claim, ?!3.00. J. E. Gibson trustee to J. E. and Ida Redmond siiine as above, quit claim $5.. Cheney and Owen to Chas. W, rant lot 222 and.pt. lot 220 Pleasant Hill add. Mt. Hope, warranty, $90, Ch-a» B-.-Longwell to Emma S..Beatty lot 19 H. Heth's «dd. X side Linden :ive W of Wilkinson St., administrator's $1,201. Robt, I-InniDhreys to Hettio Brown W V> E V- outlot 02 admiu., add near SAY cor 30th nud High Sts... execut-jrs *3,000. . ' ...'.,• . -.'• J. T. Elliott to -Rebecca -Harrison N 30 A SE % SW % See. 17 Bonne Tp., .. , . .. ... John D. Bepl to Lev! Weaver W % NE 1/1 Sec. 21 Washington Tp., warranty, ?5,400. Thomas J. Willlnms to W. F. Pherson E % SW %• SE 14 Sec 2 Booi>e Tp., warranty, .?700. ' ' ' ' Oliver T. Snyder to Kobt, Barket, trustee, E % : S,W % Sec. 10 Jackson Tp. quit claim, ?1.00. . Robt. Burket, trustee to Oliver ,T.. Suyder and wife same as above, quit claim, $1.00, ' John Morphct ot al., to Dr. F. M. Kistler. lot 2 and pt. lot 1 O. P. Royal Center, warranty,.? 850. Melissa McCombs to Wm.,S. Kistler lots 10, 11, and 12.McCouibs add., Royal Center, warranty, $235. Twenty mortgages filed aggregating $42;408.Ci.' ' . . CLOTH CLOTHING. THE JOURNAL LEAFLET NO. 0. (Cut this out and put In- your pocket for reference.) ; , .Some well-meaning people are greatly puzzled to understand why, .If .the: silver 'dollar would be a DO-cent dollar under a, free and unlimited coinage act, it Is not a. 50-cent dollar now; 'and why, if'l-t 'is as. .good as a, good dollar. n'ow,' It -will n»t;coii'fcinue to -be. worth lOO'Cemts. Republicans and' gold Democrats are charged with asserting that the silver dollar now in cumulation is a •DO^ceht' dollar. : They assert nothing, of the Mnd, The prcseat,silver dollar is no more a 50-cent dollar thai) the present paper money is.ni 50-eonit- dollar; and no sound money man says thflt it iS. , .. .; :, • . .,; ' ' . ' :.. The buDlbn in the present silver dollar ls, : *0 be sure, worth '.only '50' cents But what of thkr The government does three thlmgs for the silver dollar.(I)' It pledges.lts faith to the lioader. to. keep it at par wJth.gald/ 1 (2) 'It binds ihseif to accep't-.tt In .'payment of debts due the go.v'ei-nmenfias the full .equ-lva- : lent of .100. cents i|tt- ; go-ld. (3) 'It-main-. tains -af all -times'. a sufficient, gold re-, sei-vB -in .the Treasury as. a guaranty for the redemption of its promises. Bo-: cause. It does these three things, It. has a. right to insist 1 . 'that' the; ''silver dollar shall be a, legal tender for 100 cents:. measured in gold, and the. power .to sc : . cure its acceptance as such in business- trttn'sacttons .between "private citizens. Should at failltb do these three' 1 things, or any one of them, the legal tender act . would become a dead letter,, and the. silver .dollar, would pass;current at Its bullion value .-and no more. .-..-.•• Now ,Iif. unlimited coinage of silver were allowed at a false ratio,' that Is, any, ratio other, than the commercial ratio, the government could no longer redeem the .silver dollar ln ; gold, .directly or. indirectly. So many silver .dollars would be 'coined, that they could not : be : unloaded upon the' government' r ^dues' The. We have no old shelf worn goods, but everything new and up to date. Read the following prices: . . • • * Our $15.00 Suits go for $12.00 Our $12.00 Suits go for $9.00 Our $io.OO Suits go for $ 7.50 Our $8,OO Suits go for $5.50 Our $5.00 Suits go for $3.50 5i)G FOR CHOICE OF -*H STRAW HAT IN TBE STORE. 25c choice of any/of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys' Duck Suits one third off, th«y are bargains. Now is the time io buy a Suit of Clothes, a Hat or Gents Furnishing Go ds, and 526 Broadway is the place to save money, These Prices are For Cash Only. JOSEPH G GRACE & CO., • . , • '264 3'EOADWAY. " ..... . '. - ,- In 'the payment of treasury ^. only, way in '.which/ th''e..goy«rnmeht; could then ma.iB.tain,theparity; between'. , its gold and .sliver coin- would be :by- exehongiing 'gold for Silver :and . silver: for- gold -on demand.; To • do -this,'' a; ; largDr'.gold reserve VouW benecMsaiT..; But, instead of being' larger, under free and unlimited coinage It would disappear. entirely; Then the -pledge of the povernmeint to "maintain the silver aud the gold dollar at par wjth each other would become worthless, bec&nse 1m- ' possible of , fulfillment. Xhat would ellmlimte from the silver dollar the element of credit wMch now attaches to It and floats it at no more than 1t Is 1 •north as bullion, and no accept Jt In trade -tor more than fifty cents in gold. ". . . . Wlien ail this -process of depreciation should have goaia through and the cud of it reached tlicn-and not until then— tire silver doUar -srould lie a 50-cont dollar. The' expression "a 00-cent dollar" relates exclusively to the future, not to the .present current valuation of the silver 'dollar. 'It. Is a prophecy ;md a warning. • $100 'REWARD. $100; : The readers of. this paper will be pleased, to learn that there Is at least one. dreaded disease that science hns been able to cure In all Its stages and thnt is'.Catarrh. .Hall's. Catarrh Cure Is the only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being 'a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional ". treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken 'Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the 'system, thereby destroying the foundation c.' the disease and giving the patient strength' by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing/its work. The proprietors have so much faith in its curative powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that It falls to cure. : ?end for list of Testimonials, Address F. .T. OHENBT & CO Toledo, i Ohio. \ Sold by 'Druggists, 75c: -. SAVfiD BY HIS PIGTAIL. , St. James Gazette: John -Chinaman has penetrated even to the hearfol' .Matabeleland. AV least, there Is 'one 'adventurous Chinee who reached there and who owes bis life to his pigtail and; ithe quaint personal peculiarities of 'his; •race; He was oii )ils way to a certain Imiriing district to act as cook, etc:;'to : some prospectors, when the present 'disturbances began. Poor- pigtail- found that to continue his journey or • to return would be rather risky, but 'decided on tlic latter .plau. He had 'passed the remains of many murdered ! whites lying along the road when he 'was' overtaken by some 10 or : 12 Mata- ibele bloods 'on murder bent, and armed' '.in. various ways. On reaching -hiim-and- : flndin'g' : th'at "he was not a "Bc'oongar"' or white mani they "consulted among themselves,' and filially, after. -circling ; round the Celestrial one in'a-hesltatlng manner,' they 'drew; near, and,: with rc- : spectf ul awc> 'touched •' him to make Isure tliat 'hi was in reality flesh 1 and ' blood; v He' w'os \ certainly 'neither • a ; Cape' 'half -breed; Hottentot, : nor any- 'thing else they had ever seen;. so,' after; an aiclia-nge 'of co'fnpliments, carried^ • on In best Matabele and Chinese 1 - re• spectvely; .tliey ..... withdrew, .probably ' thinking he 'was a powerful •English ; "Witch doctor" whV might -have' annihilated them' by 'some mystic'process/' HUNTING AND FISHING "' " : ' ' Ointntiif All Kinds oif Drawings Made by BVR0N B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block; Logansport -. . A guide to tBc test tuntlng and fishing grounds of the west and northwest; 1 containing an excellentTni^ ot tHe lake regions of Northern Wisconsin and MlcWgnu, will be sent free bri application to W: B. KnlsKern,' ;.-22;-Flftli avenue Chicago, 111. • , ._„ OST.R1CH PACES' A'' 'BICYCLER."' ' ; , , Sunday World: A pacing ostrich was .one of the ndvel features of the Nebraska State fair. It "aroused great interest and enthusiasm, .particularly on •children's day. It Is' owned by Ben •Allen of Colorado, Is an Australian os- 'trich,'and the only racing bird in the iworld. The announcement of its first appearance filled the -grandstand and 'the'quarter-stretch, and the unique exhibition created an immense sensation, i Manager Dinsmore attended the trial for the board of iaanagers", and'aftcr- 'wards! expressed •himself as believing' ithat the older the bird became the; better it would pace; It Is now not more' than half grownr As it'requires great- le'r strength 'much faster time can be made In a half-mile dash.' Mr. Allen ^hopes to. speed the, bird on a mile track (against a trotting horse next year. He 'says'W. W. P'.Is thoroughly domesti- •cated, is not fretful in the harness, and '.he believes It Will 'yet'mate a brilliant '.record oh the race track. • TICKING; DEMON. ^. ; ".'.A.' funny story comes from Formosa. iMr; Hiiyama^a-Japanese^fficlttl was re- 'ccmtly married-to a.daughter.of one of ] the-raa-tlven.cMefs-.'-She-was, an untutored child;of .the foreert,, who had i seen .little of clvJMzatlon.and lived to a • hut of bark and bamboo near the sum- mdt of one- ottiie.great.mountains in •the center of the Island. -j But she.truly •loved her husband .and•. accompanied •him toTamsui. with;* happy-and cbeer- Jfui heart.-During, the.nrst.uright she ^ spent to tier'new' home,, however, she • -was Awakened by '•> the. ticking of a • clock. The persistency and the inono- •' tony of the .-sonod suggested to her in1nd"tHa't' tlie-lnBttument must be .possessed of an evil Spirit.'.. She awoke her Husband and listened to his'explana- .tlons, but they did not allay her alarm.; L-uid; wheh : lie bad gone to sleep again- she slipped quietly from the bed and'. 'escaped to the primeval forest, .where she was safe from the. influence of the Iticklng demon.-W. E. Curtis in Chicago Record. , ., _. A SPLENDID PK.VY. "In Mizzoura," Augustus .Thomas's most successful play, will be. presented 'by Hamilton's Company of Players at the New Dolan theater next Thursday : evening. This is the first time that •this drama' -vrill' bo played by a company specially selected for; their indi-: Ividual fitness -for the characters, and 'Mr. Thomas, the author, who rehearsed them was. particularly pleased with tlic'selections and says it is the best fitting-'company he ever reheascd. An entirely new stage setting will also be given. . • • • •'••'.' The company includes A. S. Lipman, P. C. HamlltoE, Chas. Mason, Chas. H. Rlegel, A. J. Edwards, Fred Web- beri Chas. Hall, Jas. H. Surfldge, H. Charles, Billy Woods, Miss Margaret Dl'bdln, Mrs.-Jean Clara Walters, Miss Mamie; Johnstone, :5Hss Margaret Mer- •cer, the imperial'Quartette, etc. Entirely new scenery has been, painted 'and fliat from sketches taken.from the locality of-the. story. ' J The Indiana Sunday school association has, set Sunday) September 27, a* : association rally day and the day will be observed In all schools.throughout the State wlth.a special program along the line of Sunday school association; ;work. Offerings-will alsoDe taken, for Stater wort. that, day.- Tlie -schools of this city .Will observe the day at.-thc usual hour and all are Invited to attend the- services yat the' various 'churches; 'v - •"" ••'.-'.• '•••' ''• : '. ''. ' d.

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