The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 25, 1930
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JULY 25, 1930 BLYTHEVILLE, (AKK.) COURIER-NEWS PAGE SEVEN, CLASSIFIED ADS . TWO cento a word tor first Insertion anil one cent a word for each subsequtnl Insertion. No advertisement taken lor less than BOc. Count tlie words and scud the Phone 306 CORAUE: STANTON and HEATH UOSKEN COPVRIGHT .1Q5Q .AX CHELSEA. MOUSE. FOK SALK FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. Custom hatching each week from now on. Marilyn Hatchery. 2Gck-U IIKCIX HKIIB TOIIAV J1MUT11 ITU A NT. nr<UI'» niutlcl, lmr» AI..VS STKVXB, n» din'! f'llU.M3IV MUIIM-JV. hrr lu-nl IrU-inl. 1:11111111113- Ktiil luvrd Slt;lic j-i-nrn JiRo mid lout Iu-r iin-niiir)- ^Uirn he tvciil nvYdM •!>, lluiuch lie lent-* Juailli, JiiUlth hikUU lir :irr>- ChunHLlr, \i ' l»r]MH,rj- lil Take That Trip In a Good Used Car. You will have the use of the car while you're there anil also save traveling expenses. Make your Selection From The Following List of Used Cars. Lowest Prices and Easiest Terms. 1020 Model \Vhiunct Cuach.. • $295 1930 Model Ford Itoadsltr ..S'^5 1928 Model Chevrolet Tour. ..$195 1830 Model Ford Coupe ... $525 1020 Model Eb^cx Coach .. §155 19<!7 Mcdel Ford Funlor Sedan $105 1030 Model Ford Tudor Sedan S435 1920 Model Buick Sedan ... $175 1029 Bladcl Ford StO. Coupe 1JV25 1920- : Model Ford Sill. Coupe S3U5 1028 Model Chrysler C Sedan $335 '1020'Model Ford Touring Car $85 We will accept your old car as part payment on one of Ihe above late Model Used Cars. See Us AT ONCE—Phone 311 TODAY. Used Car Dept. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers FOR SALE—One 24x54 Ice Box idlest), one ail" meat block, one 10- gallon water coilcr. Ail in nrst-dass condition. Call at 105 N. Second St. 22ck25 M. JlElllllL ktUjICK ellLlLClnU ""^ IJTCUIIICM Mnr i)C u inui»lr:il Mbdtv Imrkcil liy rlrli UUi:Ci: (.IDKON, Mlio IK InfatuuceJ ^lllli lirr. 311-nmvblli*. cltiiiintiy Icarni llint .IdJIlli mid stcyiir nre In love nnd !,rrliU« lirr cnKiiKTCinfnt till Ju- dlcTi rcf»«rit lo ninrry SIC) we, u-llluK Ulnt IIF licloni^t <i> ( l(uj(iiur. ATtcr HI,me iiiunlliH, Cliiiiiiiu?- nail Stcym- rc«wn(c (liclr UIHIIH*-incut. Clclcun tU'H Iu nl- liu-l£ Judith 111 b\n iLliarrjiiFnt, ndil \\hfn Khe TCIU-IH him acfc* her (o tnnrrj Itir.i. Site retime* nitd K«ct 1,, i:iirii]ic on n trluin^nntH l<ro- frskiotKil lodri llirri- (ilic luirn* tlinl Clddinit)- nnd Strynr htive krl ^0\V CO OX WITH T!ir..Vi'OHY CHAI'TBIl XXXIX CTRYNB and Clavlssii Morley hai lixi.d H day in Seiitctnlier fa their wcddliif. Chnuiuiy hanll. knew how it had come ahout. The FCL'incil to have drifted logetbc agn!.i. Alan look ill) painting one more, and often came lo her to hlnls and encouragement. The month of August was woi dcrful. They seemed to he alone I New York. Kven the Invelcra 'Xo! What? 15 It lad news?" me from llio others. "Judy!" The 0110 word came from en's lip;) like a wall. Chummy'n eyes souuht Stcyno'a ,co inslincliviily. Klio saw It Bel ml liiird. like a nwsk. Ho s handj. "judy!" A Kreal cry went np •cm every corner of the cafe, "lias onicthins happened to Judy?" "Haven't you heard?" Duniout out 0:1. "It's in tho papers. The heater'whero she WHS iliinciue was urneil to Ihe Ground, There was . panic—" Chummy conlil not lake her eyes rom Alan'.s face. He was not look' UB at her. lie was not looking at iiiylioily, or at aiiylhlnK. To her lie seemed like a dead man. "Was—Judy—hurt?" askcil Mich- icl Slolie rather hoareely. "She was frightfully Imrneil," Duuioiit went on. Ha talked me- chanicnlly now, liko a man in a trance. "They don't think she'll die. She could have saved licrscK easily enough, as the fireproof cur- laln was lowered to shut oft the stage, but she saw an old man and jumped down from tho stage- to help him. She waa caught In the crowd—" "Don't, BasUcu. don't!" said whllo Judy was lying III In a for- clfiii counlry? They wero all wiilling hi a stale of suspended anliuallun ni.lil Judy ciiiuu tack. Slio camo In Ihe fourth week, ot September, ami It wns llrnco Old* £K>n's yacht that liroui;lit her. All lier arltst friends, with their vivid Imaginations, wero Rlad, for once, liiat elio hail n rich man to help her. She w:is brought back lo New York to a muting home, and for a few Oays noltujy could BOO her. It was rc|»rtcd Hint fiho had been very well cured for after llio tire having made a host ol friends, line being nursed ilovolcll} in III' house ot tho foremost citizen ot the town. Chummy wai llio first to see her Judy askeil tor. Chummy, mill wen habitues of the Cafe Turc had gone | xony Leigh in a voice Unit positively ached. "Judy—Judy caught *UU FOB RENT—August, 1st, one office, Ingram Building. Inquire Parkhiirst Company. Oc-tf. FOR RENT—Three room Hat, all modern conveniences. 1013 West Walnut St. Call 678. lOc-H FOR RENT—Modern six loom sluc- co house, balh and double garage. One and one-half lots corner Mib- souri and Franklin. Has been newly decorated. Rent S35.00 ner month. Also a five room frame house $12.50 per month, Dr. J. A Saliba, Phone 410- 2ick2S WANTED on a holiday. Judy was still In Scandinavia. Dutnonl hail been to Toulouse, to visit some of his French relatives. He had come back bronzed by the sun and full ot energy; hut they saw little of him because he was in 1 the frenzy ol creation, working like a madman on a great symbolic canvas; winch be called "Life's Cliou House." Chummy and Alan had their meals together, as of yore. In the evenings they drove up the river i:i Alan's two sealer. Sometimes they took a day oft and drove lo some tiuiet little placo by the sea. One nioonliglH night—a night ot enchantment—Alan asked Clarissa whether she would not change her yiind and'marry him, after all. So on those moonlit Bauds she opened her soul to him. and they went back to tosvn betrothed anew It was after midnight when they reached New York. She ran up her stairs, locked her door, and threv, herself on her knees besido thi bed. WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 104 S. Lake St. 17ck-tf |'AT ONCE—SOUTH AMERICA OK UNITED STATES. Permanent I positions: , clerical. mechanical ! salesmanship; experience unnecessary. Salaries S25-S1GO. weekly, transportation furnislied. BOX U'!5I CHICAGO, ILL. 23pk24.| fame the last days ot Au >- '-,'£j! Ru£t,'arid ^a^gieat hlack clou LUST LOST—Black leather hat -box containing ladies wearing apparel from car Sunday at Sixth and Main slrcots. Bay has initials R. P. H. 535.00 reward. No fmcstions ashed. Highlili Cotton Co., phone 352. 24ck28 A LOT EASIER [ DORIS: Papa is immensely pleased to hear you arc a.poet. YOUTH: Is he? DORIS: Oh, very! The last ot my boy friends he tried to throw out was an amaleur boxer.—Answers. , suddenly, descended and envelope all the little band. Chummy and Steyne were in th - Gifo Turc one iilglit. Michael Stou nnd Tony I.eigh were, also Lhere, having returned f rom _ their noli' days. Uaslieii came iu,' white and distraught. "Have yoit heard?" he cried. "Have you heard?" lie was so wildly agitated thai his wor&i tumblw) ov;?' one an- olhcr.- In n paulcky crowd—liny llltlo Juiy!" Then everybody tiegan to talk at once. Emotion loosened all their tongues but Alan's. Alan continued lo sit there, looking like a man ho has ceased to live. Chummy vas very quiet. All her acuities wero taken up In school- ig herself sn that Alan should not now. Slio had seen that ho still oved Judy, and ho must not uow it. It began to be Intolerable to Chummy that Slwno should just it there, saying nothing. She touched his shoulder. "Alan, it's very hot hi here, This news has upset us all so" much. Shall we go outside?" He looked at her quietly. It was as if bis mind returned from an mmensely long journey. There was no awkwardness, no hesitation n his voice. "H was just like Juay, wasn't it,' ho said, "to .try to Eave tho oli man?" His voice sounded almost indiffcr cut. His friends "looked at hli askance; but Chummy knew tha he was.not indiflereut. lie was sin ply not tbere among them in th Cafe Turc.' His" real self was mile with Judy on -her bed on asking for her mull tho doctor gave way. Chummy made her way through rv roomful ot llowcrs. Slu sllll had that curious senao of not being able lo feel anything. Judy was not In bed. She waa 111 a big chair, licapud with pillows. "Chummy! Darling, darling Chummy!" said the hoarse vok-o. "Judy! Little, lltlle Jisily!" "You can't touch me!" laughed Jmly hysterically. "It you want to kiss me, you must Just neck at m> cheek. It seems I'm wade of sugar and I cnn't bo pul out in llio BUI or left out Iu the rain. I'd melt "or break, or something!" away, pain. rpHE little crowd thought anrt •*• talked of nothing else Init Judy during the next tiirco weeks. It J'-'IIUMMY pressed her lips to (ho '-' ImidiigGil Imnd dial lay on the satin quilt over Judy's knees. "Judy! Wonderful little Jmly!" le brcatheil. 'Xot wonderful at all, Chummy nrlinj!," suiil tlic g;iy, hoarse- voice. I was tn a blue funk, I can toll ou!" 'But you risked your lifo to save an old man!" "Chummy, ho was such an aw- ully old man—a lillle old man, all lent aiid (inlto helpless. I Ihink they hail trodden on him. Ho had sncii ulnc eyes, anil lio looked sn muddled, as if he didn't know where ho was. Oh, IIP was over so old!" And Judy sishcil. hccause the litllo old ninn hail'since dieil. She asked after everybody, anil after Alan, too, in the most natural way. She was so Klail that Chummy aod Alan were going to be married. It was splendid, and they must really hurry uu and svasle no time. "You know. Chummy, they say I -may never he able to dance again; but then, nr. the other limit], I may. So it's a toss tip. you sec!" 'Oil. Judy, Judy. lii;.l would bo awful! 1 ! The nurse caifce in with somn nourishment, and very hindiy hut )UR BOARDING HOUSE (to Hl6H GEAR ME A BIO WITH A -r TODL BE.-FAU.eM VoUR UritA* TO LEAwe in ,. LAS-f PEAL He HAS CAKP soon?" "Yes, Judy, nultc noon." I WO days later, KU-yiio I'.iuic ti> Hen Jlldy. Shu hit" lliu to ooliU 1 , In.). Slio \*:is uU KUV as could lie, and iei-o u tln^c of color cliecka. Kiie tohl him liur bad ncwd first. They think I may never TtK-ro nre some- lltllu In one foot that hnvo i;ol till tin toRcl-.iT. Isn't thai lunny? '1'lu-y X-inycil mo Ihin morning; bnl nivn'l i;'.i!tfi sure, you know, still a ili.uicc. 1 ilon't think I r.u.s inucli," i-!io milled. "I'd almost a:t Bcon In LI model again." Klev:n-. liko Chummy, was at fcclcd viHi dninhnrys at llrnl. Ho looked :,t hoi- and looked at her. '. aie yon thinking alionl?" once, loni;. was mid-September, but thero was no lalk of marriage between Chummy and Steync; and ihe others found this quite natural— especially Dtimont. How couhl anybody think of getting married firmly decreed that Morlcy must RO. She went out of the room while tho fricndu said gooclby. "Cinnnmy," Judy whispered, "you f;on'i wait any longer, will you, net? You'll >ie married qniu' he ii:-linl ilonrc v,i< w too "You." ho ai!<;' Slio i!u:.ln-il, liut Irolfed nl him vllli l.i-i- straight, cli'ar naze. Vo'.i arc i;oliiK la marry Chum i ii--. aren't you?" she ns'.:rd. "Yes." he said, "if you still want me to." "Wai-.t you lo? Of couiae you must! I heard H was all fixed." "So it in. While "you were- away, I thonx.Iii I conlil." You ciinhl/" Her voice was full of fear. "I Mill can. Judy, now I hnvo seen you," he- said sravi'ly. "I can't quite I'Mihli:. Inn it's like till*-you've lauplu i:;c. You could risl; your life for an ohl mini you'd never .seen before. You never tlioiiglil of yourself." She bushed. She cnuhl not help herself. The strain was hccMtiiis too much. "I diiln't thin'.; nljnut anyllilim nt nil, i,llly!" sin; cried. "You don't —In n ]il::ce like that!" Steyne knew lie must EO. Jmly'a eyes were fever bright, mill her faco was scarlet—just as red as wlien ier clk-jks ]:;;ii been iialnted. Paint wns mil cncoui-nscil. pwliahly not allowod. In the nursing home. He slci'ii looking down al-licr. in his lilui 1 c-ycs was the imspoaUahlt!, the cK-nnl farewell. She lookcil nn, smiling. She was liko sniiio little ghost of u Kir!. "Gcoilby. Alan!" slio said. "I'm just a wcc bit lirpd." Hoth IHT h;-,in]* were bandaged [mil hy outside iho quilt: but ho illd not lonch them, lie fell on hta knees, nini for a moment he laid lu-nil in her hi|i. KUe haul over il. ami hc-r tears fell on his brown hair. He un asalu. and she Einilcd like an April il.iy. ''Don't, iniiul inc." slio s;iid payly. "I'm .1 :<illv ivom;in. I'm so Bbd ilial Ci.unur.y i., ^-ihi;; lo IID ]i;^!i,y! And so will you. ll!is:i you forever aiul ever—both of von!" Steyne wvr.t out of Ihe room as the nurse c.-.:r.o In. Sceini; liiir. youni; and t«o.l lo look nl, ami having fnllrn iu love with her na- ticnt, she sinik'd )u kimlly sym IKithy. (To Itu rDsUniicd) ^. AMBRQ5& DEPARTfeP . HE A TO sue HIM FOR BREACrt OF PROMISE, LOCATED HIM „.,«-. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES I V OPAL IS DOWN ON GUDKKS By Martw Spanish spoken by most Mexicans lias undergone a change similar to UiaUuncierBone by English siwken by 'Americans. n \ Closing Stock Prices 'A. T. and T 216'-: Aviation G 3-8 Chrysler 30 5-G Cities Service 29 1-8 Coca Cola Fox 47 3-8 Genera'. Eiectric 71', General Motors 45 3-4 Grigsby Grunow 15 I. T. ami T 45 Montgomery Ward 36'i Packnrd 14 7-8 Radio 15 1-8 Simmons 26 3-4 United Gas 35!i U. s; Sleel 167 5-8 NOTICE From Ivfay 1 to September 1 ju r dental offices will be closed :ach Thursday afternoon. Dr. L. H. Moore. Dr. H. A. Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis- ninern! content than apples. Cooked or raw, Ihcy. are a delicious and valuatie fruit and almost any meal and any course can find a n-ncc for them. After thorough washing, apples are one of the best raw foods and can be served without paving as a breakfast fruit. Wailiing Is necessary for many reasons and shouH be well done when the fruit is to be served the mineral salts skin in apples, it's advisable to eat the fruit without peeling. They ars particularly good for the teat:], counteracting the effect of the soft modern diet so frequently deplored by dentists. Baked apples are delicious for breakfast, luncheon or dinner aiul are very easy lo prepare. Even babies unaer a year old n:ay be sieve when ulvrii (rj infants. Growi u;>5'oitcn thSni: tiic- baked skin o: t;.E appie the b:*-l part of it. Served pl;iin rjr v.-i'.:i su;;.ir nr.ti ci-eain. n perfectly baked apple- Is always popular. Apples van ted fcr baking shonlrl iic- i/orli'L 1 ;];, furmnci. cl" good siz^, ami firm ilno.idio'.it. They should , not be of too line n texture, f^r the pulp of plain naked apple. It | delicately graln;:l fvull is apt uncooked, or r.nparcii. Since | should be carefully scraped fro:n I full np-.irt while bakins -ud he nn- neral sails lie close under the ' th2 skin and rubbed through a nn:' altraclivi.- for semnj. 6OWDS 60 , -VMOtlttVltt BOOT WOW U)H6 OP FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS \VUAT .DOKS UK .1IKAN? 15 v IJlossei NOTICE Why wait until cold weather? Book your coal orders now, for future delivery. Get my prices and save money- See or call JOHN BUCHANAN 108 N. R. E. Office 107 Phone lies. 717 V. R. WASHAM— Transfer Dally trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rales on carload lots. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 New York Cotton NEW YORK. July 25 (OP)—Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close Jul 1232 1255 1232 12430 Oct (old) 12C7 1292 1207 Oct (newl 1261 12C-! 1242 Dec (Old) 1290 1307 1286 Oct (new) 1251 12G4 1242 Jan (old I 12S6 1309 1290 Jan (new) 1273 1288 1270 Mar 1291! 1303 1238 May 1310 1322 1305 Spots closed steady at 1275, 10. 1284 1257 12S8 1257 1304 1281 1301 1316 | WERT |Il.e Makes 'Em See New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. July 25 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close Jul 1220 1232 1220 12250 Oct 1255 1267 1242 1258 Dec 1271 1285 12G4 1275 Jan 1276 128D 1272 1231b Mar 1290 1303 1290 1303b May 1310 1319b Spots closed quiet at 1249, up 5. Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping; Systems Vhonc 52 Ingram Bid?. Blytiievillc, Aik SISTEI7 S LOO/! Bcr/i TM' )-^-=r SRcJHD IS JUST J __ ^OMECeO MIITH / pl?>^.-^ ( J ; \HCUU..:WtRE THEY (Jo-US \>!£Hr /( TO SL6£P TGYl^' \ To COOMT S HOvl 1W»S6 KIDS I HAD To PICK 1W£ SAIAt OF OTUERS To CMOOS£ iMOJI'N I'OI BV SlSTtll JIAKY NBA Service Writer Tlic home-maker who must fii;- tivc closely to supply a family with nourishing food can find-no cheaper and better source of vitamin and AM- US OIIU-S AUK AMUE a By Cowan t?° \ tcvk'l- ttllZ~.^cf®^^

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