Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on September 10, 1911 · Page 43
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 43

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 10, 1911
Page 43
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' PART" THREE. rHfc DETROIT FREE PRESS; SUNDAY. SEPTEMBER 10. 1QH ON OUR SECOND FLOOR ON OUR SECOND FLOOR j Autumn Sales Extraordinary For Early Buyers All manufacturers had orders to ship fall goods late. Dealers imagined that the extreme heat of the summer would last late into fall. S Manufacturers, therefore, were eager for "ready money." Our buyers took advantage of this condition-allowed early shipments-in return got very much lower prices from the producers. ' mucn lower Starting with Monday, we allow the liberal discounts we received to our patrons instead of waiting a bit longer and pocketing the additional profits. Patr"s. Men's ISc Cotton Hose Plain color -per pair -Fall weights 35c to 50c Embroideries Flouncing and Corset covering per yard $5 Fall Silk Waists In Taffeta and Messaline choice . 12c and 15c Ginghams Dress weaves in various patterns per yard Up to $2.50 Lace Curtains SO patterns in perfect Nottinghams per pair. 16-Button Kid Gloves $3 black and white French Lambskins per pair $1.98 New Mesh Bags "German Silver" engraved frames.. . Fall Hats up to $2.50 Trimmed and Untrimmed samples Monday 7c 19c 2.98 9c 1.19 1.98 1.00 1.00 59c Full Size Aprons Amoskeag Ginghams-have sleeves $1 to $1.50 Fancy Linens Scarfs and Centerpieces to match..: Children's Pony Hose Manufacturing imperfections " w pans iur $1 to $1.25 Kid Gloves Factory mended women's Two-clasp style $5 Panama Dress Skirts New high waisted models choice .... Women's Best $1 Umhrll,. Steel rod tape edge cover choice $1.50 Black Velvet Bag 39c 79c 25c 50c 2.98 79c Metal fr9n -:it handle choice Women's $3 Fall Shoes Cloth top and all leather per pair 85c 1.95 VINEYARDS NOW TEEM WITH GRAPES Prospect of European Wine Season is of Exceptional Brightness. BY CABLE TO Tilt F HE K ri)KS. London. September J-:.tremely fine weather for many weeks worked wonders in the European vineyards and prospects now are gratifying. "It seems to be almost Certain now." snya the Wine Trade Hcvlew, "that the vintage as a whole will be of really tine quality, ns is nearly always tho case with an early gathering, and that the quantity will be greater than was anticipated. Our Bordeaux- correspondent states that there w 11 be a good average yield, and that tlio character of the produce is expected to be line. x.fniH t,ie, cjiampajno countrv the Mnes are free from disease, aiid tin -i8..,i0n.,?lhh,S ,Ktansely unforeseen ? quality is ,-ertaln to be D D"iiiv-t 11.1.1 similar rp ?,r ".bc,of elleni clinrRc- vin aKe report that wo l,,"ve hi. I 'ennany " prospect, arc equally favorable, for. according u ?Ji k yenS .corriient. there li .nJ sa,tls'etory output, and It IS,..r.nn''e.V."y "Peeled that the ?n. v'l.ii-r0m Pprto w 'rn that Iiorior quality ereatly su- v.V...i;i . 111,1 Jeiu is probable 5afloto?vPO,!!l,,.'ne to f '"orouBhb quality Is nec...l be goiS a d It Is estimated that the field will vear"; I'"" y than las TOUSO." somewhat under the BED TAPE WOKKS FOLLY Tr,".V C;lE TO THE FREE PRESS. Paris, ientember S.Jean Javal, who was elected deputy for the bens division of the Yonne department In Kranee In 1910. houirht a ttZB" 5 Sens ,Just "n Sec? !!?.. , nicverlnB a few days ago that he had never paid any u, on the property he looked "'up thS list and found that his name hid never been placed thereon nR V sclf-rfsnetlnK Soclallst-Kadlcul Republican deputy would cure lo avoid such an obligation and not forgetting the weapon nonpayment of taxes would give to his opponents In a future election I ifXL" tD!hJ ""'horitles an'k-ing to be Inscrihed on the list His ncatlon that his request could not be considered unless It was aent In on stamped paper, with a 0 cenllme (IS cent) stamp. CHINESE CROWD NORTH OF MUKDEN Many Are How "Working for Bus-sian Masters in Gold Washeries. bt. Petersbui-ff, September 9. An accumulation of testimony comes from Russians in Manchuria and the Russian Amur territory of the great Increase In the lan nvo years in the number of Chinese residents. Many of the Chinese go as field laborers north of Mukden, but most of them strike further north to the Sunearl and the Amur. . In the Blagovertchensk' . region thousands of them are now employed on the works connected with the Amur railroad. The field laborers among, them are subVentioned bv the government with travel money and allotments ot land. They brine their families with them. There are already busy colonies of Chinese at the Russian gold wnshcrlcs. In the. Russian Amur territory it Is calculated that over 150.000 Chinese have settled in the last two years. Even Koreans who had settled earlier are driven back before them. Most of the Chinese settlers are young, strong people. Past Noble Grands will hold their next business meeting at G. A. R. hall Thursday. Business Printing when I r iniln y aPPrance m Printing. A distinctive individuality t S 'S :mder the d,rectin of a" up-to-date, intelligent crafts-"complisl, appelates the purpose Printing is intended to There is the artistic side, appropriate to the artistic subject; there is the humorous appearance which occasionally may be used to advantage, and there is the strictly business appearance which makes the literature of the agggressive business man profitable. You know the Printed matter you receive at vour own desk from your correspondents-how ,t impresses you. Perhaps one-half is discarded at a glance, and then you strike a piece of business-looking literature-business m the make-itp-busmess m the Printing. Your attention is nailed. This is what we mean by Business Printing, the kind we turn out for business men. ' We have a Printing establishment equipped to meet all the conditions of these aggressive business days, and we solicit your Business Printing. If you cannot come to us, we will send a competent man to you in response to such a request by letter or telephone. And, put it down there is nothing in the Printing line from a Business Card to the largest Cat-dot? that we are not prepared to execute in a businesslike wav, promptly satisfactorily, economically. " J' The Richmond & Backus Co. Printers, Stationers, Business Outfitters. 111-113 WOODWARD AVE. N. W. CORNER CONGRESS. APPROACHING MARRIAGE HIalHBv"' uCaHHaBtal (Photo by c. M. Hayes.) MISS MARY A. BUCHANAN. The marriage of Mlas Buchanan and Mr. Arner will take place Tuesday evening. September 12. at 7 o'clock at the home ot the bride. U06 Fourteenth avenue. P". FRED. I,. ARNER. WEDDINGS. MILLARD ARMSTRONG. MiTLcdi?iCnsd.y el'enl"K- September 6. Miss 1'lorenue Beatrice Armstrong eowned. in white chliron over JAni 0 Tro " '"'X5 veil and carried a shower bou.iuct of bridal roses. Her maid of honor Grace Lois Hermans looked viry LT. ne, . ovJr-wT.lte mefsallnT and""!? ried a shower bouquet of pink romi S;Fr'!r,,k a"B?r assisted as be?t S1aHn .T.'""'u sc''ee of green 52? c and..lalr 111 the evening snnl "My Hero- The musical program was carried out by Mr. Charle. mJIILI pM1t,MP,.wn 5?e"t were Miss a fr-"-S;- ArniBtrons and Mr. ami Mra ?hMr ?.na Mr1'- MilId will at home after Hepicmbor li at 1472 Sixteenth street. 14,2 HAMBRIGHT LODEWYCK. tneih6prelty a,lt'""" wetldlnga i.MyAnn i''odpwyfk aS united ing A reception follow,-, tht cere. 7. atMrtHhe homo of the b,W Woodward aveniif. The invitation ramtly. 1 he bride wore white and carried a shower btitiqunt of white rosea. Mlas Mario li-yok RttonJ sistr s niiii.t-of-honor. The Brooms elft to the bride was a Parl brooch. The hinle's pift to aant. Mr. and Mrs. Humbrluht left IV a to B,,n""l" "'! the east ?0l y-'J1 be at homo aftt-r October 1 at 375 Pennsylvania ai-iM.ue. PARKS I'KTKRS. pJir weddinfr of Mi Clara 1 Peters and Mr. .Im.s II. parks took Place baiurdiiy m tim of the bride's parents. Mr. ami Mrs. Fred Peiers of Ornnvill. pi;i(w. Tim bride wore a whito emhridein Rown irlmmed with I;i-,- ;inrl whitft ribbon pnd carried a show-f-r bm:iUet of bridal roses. Wiift KiVfin awa by her father. Mis.- Lillian Rrandt of Danville. lii.. u.i, t.r(dsmaW aJY T''?re A ?OWn wf w hiIt! "'Mrnnis a bouquet of pink nsirs. Mr. Pat- eexon acted jis h.-st mn. The ceremony was performed lv Kcv Mr Hal! of St. Oeorcn's fiuirc.h and was followed by a dlitner ff,r a quests Mr. and Mrs. Parks ifft for I":invIllo for a weddlncr trfp ami will be home to their friends afior November 1 at 751 Chippewa avenue. ' RRDKOKI---l A quiet weddinc: September ; in .lam the home of Mr. an son. 30 McKlnlev av Horace G. od-.n, First M. K. ehuivh, riae their ihtuRlu Victoria, to Mr. .Ml ford, of this city, mony and coniri.i(i dlnir dinner wax Mrs. Bedford left lit for Buffalo and I' for a month's t Lake. After October at home to their Greenwood avenue. elebrated '.-it own. N. Y., at 1 Mrs. K. Erik-t-iiuc. when Rev. , pastor of the united in mar-f.r. Miss Adlna rt I'epcy Bed-After the cere-ulattons a wed-erv-ed. Mr. and e mime. evenlnK trott. en route uy at Ilubhard l thev win h friends at 359 FILER- Mr. and Mrs. C, the marriage of rcnore Marie. Filer. The vrv.U nesday afternfm the Messiiili. n familie- tieinir p Itttrt Barber p mony. The lui her sister. Mif. matron of !: Filer, brother best man. .Mr left on an e.stt-i will lie at li-: after Novcuil t 1 avenue. SCllXKIDER. Vhneider announce to Mr. Albert John illtijr took place Wed-in a: the church of nlv the. immediate inherit. Hev. H. if0 'rfornietl the cere-iie was attended by ANlnir P. Dfetrle. as .; n-.d Mr. Granville r tli- Krfiom, acted as and Mrs. Filer have en stern trip and n,- t( J lieir friends iit OS I Jefferson STIOH -HIPltlAlIE. The wed-iin ' Miss Josephine Bldlgare an.i .Mr Arthur John Stlch was held at the i.onie of the bride's wh to embroidered voile over white SV'S carried a shower bouquot Mt.E ridrttl -r"- The bridesmaid, Mlas Gertrude Donohue, wore a eown of Pink voile over pink satin and carried p nk rosos. The groom aareathied hy, Mr" CharlieM pare, brother of the bride! The noiise was- decorated in pink and white. Mr.-and Mrs. Stlch left for aff!ih0t .trip and wi" be" at home street 6r J at 314 Charlevoix . DENISON GILCHRIST. The marrlafte of Mr. Harold Thomas Denison and Miss Luclle Gi -Christ took place at Hotel p"a Wednesday evenine. Rev Gordon penormed the ceremony in the ores '"?. ls tho n!lce Mrs. Emma J &np ,rtv?, r us Tho'Ssa'SslSs. Mr'JInd B Denison will he at home "tier IS vo?kbecri,yat 3 Uni""'ty Plil. Sow CLARK MALI.ISTER. ihA Pret'y weddlnR took nlace at was attended hv Mis" pilJ ih Ij and William Mlle ite" a, man Mr. and Mrs. McAllister will Gerald street nfirr Octooer 1. . WELSHM'LEVET. residenee oVlrbrld'f " Winilaor. Ont Mi,', . a.uuiie. Windsor. ... LOCKE DOUGLAS. Donslaa and Mr. William E uksi man. - Collector Arrrsted. Want j . ehftr1;' -,.f.warK. N- .T-. on a venr t,t - """ '" J- aim is v ) nfd01.1.-. !.! ea.t.V,. hind him unpawf wa? ar'"f J.Z Reld and ('SvwierrffiS u.i uie wrfy lo itr-trnlt for him. Mlvnrip .. ot the best known pioneer (i.fmnn w!i"inrt" 0t ck"' ' dead ,", bif hi. di'f."1?. old .an'1 ls "irvived A CI.KVEH STVMJHOOK. F(.rh.r,n .1.- .'r"'m.?.0,W?,,r,.n5 wSm!!nls,..rL0w mail'- Unlike pSerICif&s?, X?S-T!"'1,t'is- men ""os 'needs are H?. "?. ,1,"t nre e,,uable to depend upon the tallorR: fashion Plates and clothiers- style- Ti';khoof5r 'is. nfl. ?Sk" 0,uTno Enellah Woolen wilh wJrT. bl5 tali,""-"K concern wiv iSSf "vc "Hies have al-iml h.5 accepted as authority ana have commanded . an.? . cleverness of conception a hlehermark' lhA,nCni,s,7oTcrS';.'r'.? nV.". ";Vlly- . lo- tor those k . '""ow it. The present nfiVi cc"m,Pllsiies this. The f;,sh?on "V'-arAnder: faahion artists, and each plate, b" rore cnsravlnB. was passed upon H a council of fashion authorities, which, added to their artistic cleverness. rriv..o ?',?mD..ot Hnnllty. Each plate has Sl-U I aecompanylnir back view . m K w . ! the tei"- course. style-pictures, there Is a mlKh"? iln y . luicIf-reference correct- -.a mat is a model of conciseness and comprehensiveness. Exquisite Beauty ' This week we will have a Special Display of Madame Irene Beautiful New Corset Models Authentic Creations for the New Autumn Gowns $5.00, $7.50, $10.00, $12.50, $15.00 o . lrr those not familiar with the merits of these opeCial 1 fine Corsets we have induced Mme. Irene to Feature ) make us two sPecial ,ots of g"3 value which " wc offer this week at Special Prices. One model in Imported Toille Batiste, new low bust, extra lonB skirt, giving the new straight lines over the hips, handsomely trimmed with embroidery and satin ribbon, three sets of garters Regular Price $7.50 pf $5.00 One model in beaatiful quality lightweight Figured Broche, fashionable low bust, extra long skirt, giving the new straight lines over the hips; daintily trimmed with fine lace and baby ribbon; three sets of fancy shirred garters Regular Price $10.00 Special Price $7.50 See Our Handsome Window Display. Mme. Irene Corsets are sold exclusively by us in Detroit. Fittings Solicited RAPID PROGRESS IS BEING MADE Hew Oil Fuel Steamer Hearing Completion Will Be a Money Saver. BY.CAaX.ETO.TBS H.EE PRC3&. London,- September 9. So rapid has been the progress made on the i-iyde. at Whlteinch with the con structlon of . a steamship of 6,000 tons burden, drlvon hv nit fn.i built for the Danish East Asiatic tuinimny, uopenuagun. tnat it ls now expected she will be runninc demonstration trials on the Clyde before the end of the year. The most serious of the problems involved by the peculiar propelling .....a., j una uccii niiivcu. UI1C Ot the sixteen-inch cylinders has been in O Deration with niiin.itn... suits in the wo.-kshop for some weeks, and it only remains to make me uiuerg uu me same model. This vessel is designed for a speed of 12 knots, and it Is be-lieved she will run as far on 100 tons of oil as Bhe would on 300 tons of coal, while the spaces usually occupied by the bunkers will be filled with cargo. There will be no firemen, funnels, smoke, ashes or dirt, and the engines can be started in five minutes, as compared with 15 hours required to raiso steam with boilers. ine omy ouier vessel or trie type In course of construction In the United Kingdom is belnff built at ..iiimiwuuivugn ior a snipping corn-puny, of which Lord Furness Is chairman. It is on the continent, however, that most of the enterprise in connection with the aonllcatloT nf oil (Mi pines to ocean going vessels is Two are in hand for the Hamburg-American line one of 6,500 tons, on the Elbe. The German Levant line and the H inburK-South American company aico iirvu mviur v ease i a on oroer. FEAR OF DIVORCE CAUSES A SUICIDE Woman Vainly Pleads With Husband, Kills Him. Then Ends Her Own rife. BY CABLE TO THE fKEE PRESS. Vienna, September 9. Horror of divorce has been the cause of a ipuble tragedy at a hotel at Kios- a holiday resort nrsr Oavnq. ltZCriHIlfl. w hem U wnmnn snm niiitod suicide after killing her hus- , few days ago a young Russian r.nnifM HirfH-iifeld, who whs in an ;i.Jvarird Mage of consumption, ar-riwvi ;i( the hntel. and was followed ,i tw hmira afterward by his wife, a v.-finati of remarkable beauty. Tlie n-wt .luy one of the chambermaids f-ui.r.d their bedroom and found I r;u; I Itrschfeld lying dead on tlie Ihwr. her hand stills grasping a revolver, while the body of her hus-bar.ii was stretched on tho bed. rorrpondence found in the room sfcowM Uiat while Herr Ilirschfc-H was at h sanitorium at Davos his wife had been staying at Lucerne. A ti.ti rosnlt of a communication he boean divorce proceedings, but Krau llirs-.'iireld wrote a letter asking for u last aonointmont the miisumptlve husband ic-HnH to -stay the proceedings, and Frau HirsrhfcM frightened at the Idea of divorr-c. killed her husband and shot hers-lf. CAN'T SLEEP DJ CEIXAES Poor of London Bitrict Are Interdicted. ,v cab Li; to the trek ,css. London, neptftmber 9. Tho bor-oush council of Marylebono has .......l,. aiiroachinfr con sifrnation among the Inhabitants of that n.. basement in the borough Khali be used for sleeping purposes "if ihc surface of the floor ls more than inrce feet below the surface of the road. Marylehone Is a great boarding hou-e center and boarding house keepers are declaring that they wili be r-.ittit-d if servants are to use rooms winch would otherwise be i,eft tK'Ks- Moreover, expensive flat bti tidings have been erected In Marvlebone with bnfiement iioi. i. at good rents, four or Ave 'feet below the surface of the road. There are similar flats all over London which let readily at good rents, if the Maryiebone council's example is followed by other councils It will mean a tremendous loss to owners of house property and cause inconvenience to thousands of householders WOMAN TAUGHT BALL STARS HOW TO BECOME ACTORS Miss May Tully Says Christy Mathewson and Indian Meyer Were Apt Pupils Ty Cobb Should Apply for Lessons. j Ik? ww vi MAY TULLY. "TIow to Make An Actor Out of a Baseball Player" Is the title which May Tully. formerly leading woman of the Madison Snuaro Theater Stock Company and a prominent emotional actress unler the late Angus Line I 'aly, is contemplating for a text book on the art of ' the stage. Miss Tully solved the prnMem in a most effectual way. I,ast season she played in vaudeville In a one-act comedy written by Jtozo:nan Hulger. a New York spurting writer and th author of ".Swat Mliilsnn." The play was entitled "Curves" and her associates were Christy Mathewson and Indian Chief Meyers, the invincible buttery of the New York Giants. .Miss Tully confesses that the ground was fallow for the histrionic plow, but adds that the .uriif course of sprouts would make an actor even of ilonus Wagner or Tv Cobb. "It was not a difficult matter." mp.vs Miss I ully. -to teach Mr M-y.-'rs and Mr. Mathewson the rudiments of dramatic art. Both ar-: 'ullcse men. Malliowsnn r,.. Hucknell and MeyVrs or Dartmouth. mii in iiuuinon iney ar.; mt.-n or keen perceptive abilities. Of course I had considerable dlfllculty in erad icating the awkward gestures of -"e imcncr ana t;ie catol Kelng hahltuutcd to the baseball iieio. tnese Clever men empliaslzed tlie points of their conversation ml.. iiiiiuiuiiy wun tne attitudes and geture3 to which thev are accustomed while In tuir.-.nif of ti-f. iiiiiMMiiii game, i-or instance, when .Mathewson wished to impress a point in his role as an actor, he swung his right arm iTs though he v.ere aooui to semi an lnshoot over the home. tIstte whitf n uimiia put into the mouth of Chief Meyers a'-ii'-'iiiLj.iiiiiiH iy a lerrinc swing of the rlgJit arm, sucli as the desperate effort to catch a bas'e run ner trying to steal second. "Where a situation In the dlatoguc 01 curves nrougnt rortli an argu-; ment, both Mathewson and Meyers would assume the attitude of a protest to the umpire. The funny situations, however, appealed to their sense of humor and they good-naturedly attacked the rudiments of t,U?.em' Pro'ssln with th mma oetermlnatlon to triumph and to master, that they evince when Mc-uraw and his men are play Ins 'A?"'",91 tnelr traditional rivaleT Pittsburg or Chicago. I think I have made very good actors of New nrks great battery, and if they should ever be sent to tho bench permanently, there's a good living for them upon tho stage on their merits." May Tully is considered ono of the best technicians of tho modern stagR. Her training under Augus-tin Paly and other great managers and her experience and success as a star in vaudeville splendidly equip her for tho task of making actors -(,'.llt ,?f, ha--cball player, n view of l ( .obbs contemplfitwd stage carerp tni., v.-int-r. his manager. Vaughan, ' 11 fr;, '? seriously '-onstdering th .iff', i.-al.ility of securing Miss Tu-fur the leading female comedy rolo In tne play, .fiss Tuliv and her own little company of plavera will head the viitidevillo program at the Tempi Theater this week, begln-tng with tomorrow's matinee, when will prfr.'ient a riejjt:htful trav-ety on the divorce doings at Reno, entitled "The Battle Crv of Free-.l":n." whlrh Ml.-s Tullv wrote with tn assistance of Bozetnan Bulger -w Saoltarlum Opened. Dr. W. !. ;rinieS- county physician in 1 90S and has recehtly opened a sanitarium i-rt Klmunfi I' a. -p. where he will fire for all kinds 01 iR-iical and surcical cases. I he building, which is - known as the hdmund sanitarium. has been remo-ifcled and lined with modern hospital fixtures. Two operating rooms and a sterilizing room, entirely separated from patients' quarters, form an up-to-date department of the institution. The bui I fling, with its j private ,.:id ward rooms, has a very pleasant' and homelike air and !r. Orln;i:s boasting of It as ihe best equipped and mojU com for tab:,- rltim the city. BERTHA M. WOLFF Gowns and Coat Suits French and American Modlls. 733 Second Ave. Phone G. 1074.K

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