Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on February 25, 1964 · Page 9
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 9

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1964
Page 9
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TUESbAY, FEBkUARY 25, 1964 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. V€RN0N , ILll ^i6 ^S 9 4-SPEED TRANSMISSIONS POPULAR Young Drivers Like To Shift For themiselYesi By CHARLES O. CAIN Associated Press Auto Writer DETROIT (AP) — One of the Burprlslng things in the aulo in- dustiy tliis year is the heavy demand for foiu'-speed, floor- m'ounled synchromesh tranmis- slon systems. Some sources predict tliat over -lOO.OOO of these will be marketed during the 1964 model run. This would compare witli 284,000 in the 1963 model year and 188,000 in the '62 run. Measured in terms of percentage of total U. S. cars built, the four-speed market is not Rreat. Tile surprising thing is tliat at n" time when motorists are demanding more and more conveniences and luxui-y items, ranging from bucket seats to air conditioners, they show such willingness to give up the auto- malic transmission. Auto sources figure much of the demand comes from the so- called youUi market, tlie young drivers who literally like to shift for, tliemselves. i A spot check of the industry filiowcd these percentage of WANTADS DOTHEJOB! four-sp|ed floor * transmissions being turned QUt| by. various auto makers: f Corvair, 44 per'cent; Tempest, 9.5 per cent; Falcon, 8.2 per cent; Chevelle, 7.5 per cent and Dart, 5.3 per cent. Some cars, such as Imperial, Lincoln, Rambler, Cadillac and Thunderbird, do not offer the four-speed synrhromesh floor transmission. „ Chrysler Corp. car lines and the Clievy II made their first real told for the 4-on-floor market with their 1964 models. f The demand was of particular interest at Pontiac, which in 1938 pioneered the moving 6t the gearshift from the floor to the steering column. Today, it has i-elunied the gear shift to the floor ijn its Tempest line. Tlie installation rate on the 4- on-floor Tempest is almost triple what it was during the 1963 run. ————— Cuba Give Up Stolen Boat KEY! m:Sv7~T]a. (AP) shrimp boat stolen from Key West by an American who defected ito Fidel Castro was back today.' Its owner, Cliarles Griffin of Savanriah, Ga., brouglit it from Havana Monday night. The 25-foot Johnny Reb was anchored off Key West pendmg immigration and customs routine. I Tlie' American wlio sought Cuban asylum, Dennis Kirby, 22, a California sailor, had said he was dissatisfied with American life and wanted to compensate Cuba for the seizure of four Cuban • trawlers near Key West. The ti'awlers. returned to Ha- vqia^ilast Thursday. Asthma Formula Prescribed Most By Doctors-Available Now Without Prescription Stops Attacks ih Minutes ... Relief Lasts for Hours! '—in tiny tablets called Pn'jiiotene®. Mmr York, N. Y. (Sp «el«1)-The asthma formula prescribed more than any other by doctors for' their private patients is now available to asthma •nfferers without prescription. MeflicaVtests proved this formula stops asthma attacks in minutes and irivcs hours of freedom from recurrence of painful asthma spasmB. This formula it so effective that It is the physician's leading asthma prescripUon— BO safe when used as directed that now it can bo sold — without prescripUon In most state* These Primateno Tablets'open bronchial tubes, loosen congestion, relieve taut nervous tension. All without painful injections, The secret is—Prlmatene combines 8 medicines (in full prescription strength) found most effective in combination for asthma distress. Each performs n special purpose. So look forward to sleep at night, and freedom from asthma'spasms. Get Primatene at any drugstore. NEW-Open Tuesday, Feb. 25 THE KARPET KORNER 4th and Casey (Open Tues., Wed., Thurs. Afl^ernoon 1-7 P.M. Fri. and Sat. 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WASHINGTON (A?) - Tlie United States Beet Sugar Association estimates tlia't tlie U.S. Treasury has made a net "profit" o£ more than '$450 million on the government's sugar control program since 1937. The program is designed to stabilize 'prices and . supplies ' of sugar to flife mutual advantage of domestic producers i and consumers." It divided the U.S. market aitipng dorfie.-Stlc, offshore and .fore'ign producTirig' area^ 'under d '^fiota 6ysteni._ The- government' 'collects ' small ^xcise tax of about a Half cent A .pound on dpmestically prodifcfed as well as iijiported sugar. Some of the money obtained .through this.,tax is paid to dornestic producers of sugar beets and sugar cane who comply with minimum wage, child labor" and other conditions of the progi-am. TJiese payments are designed to supplement grower incomes from sale of their • beets and cane. .The t£ix collected on the su- gat, says the association, has Seen in excess of the amounts paid to giwvtrs and the cost of administering the pi-ogram. The extra money goes into ihe general fund^ of - the Treasury. • • i WASHINGTON (AP) -' Agriculture Department researchers report that linseed oil emulsions show promise for safe, low-cost use in curing concrete and protecting il against damage by freezing and thawing. Tlii& oil is a product of flaxseed. ' They say that these emulsions Broadways Greatest Striptease Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort FASTEETH, a pleasant iilknllnc I (non-acid) powder, holds lal&o teeth more flrmly.To ent and talk In mpre comfort. Just sprinkle a Uttle FAS- TEETH on yiour plates. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Checks "plato odor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH at any drug counter. Says Sonic Booms Shrink Furniture OK1.,.\HOMA CITY (API—An Oklnlionia Qly woman says her furniture ' is shrinking. Anollier person chides: "You tliink you're driving u.s nuts with tlioso booms? Well, we're gonna drive you crazy with calls." An average of telephone calls, frequently along llicsc lines, has jammed a special switdiboard within minutes after a faster-tlian-sound Air Force ,ict plane breaks llie sound barrier. Sonic booms from F104 jets jlit tlie center of Oklahoma ity eight times a day for one purpose: to dotemilne public reaction to the sudden burets. Tlie tests began Feb. 3 and apparently most of Uic affected riO.OOO Oklalioma City and sur- i-ounding area residents seem to be adjusting rapidly to the joint Federal Aviation i\gency and Air Fon-e project. "Tlicro's a definite decrease in tile number of telephone calls vVc're getting now" and FAA official said rece.itly about Oie react ion on tlio scheduled 26 week tost. Oklahoma City, home of tlie FAA's aeronautical center, is tlie first lieav-y populated area to become a testing laboratory to dctomiine if public operations miglit restrict or stop fu- tiire use of commercial jet cni'- go planes. Foiu" homes, nil less than 10 years old, also arc equipped by the FAA with highly sensitive devices which measure the stresses cmited by sonic booms on the' structures. "We've found that effects of the sonic booms on them fU'e no greater than from a thunderclap—and a distant one at that," said J.K. Power, cooi'dinator of tlie FAA pix>gram. A woman dalled to say 'thante for the booms. Since they started, sh(i told tlie FAA, "My television reception is much . better.". Wliat slie didn't realize was that tlie TV station to which she refen-ed had just switched over tp a bigger transmitting anenna closer to Ihe city. TEXICO LEGAL NOTICE STATE" OF. ILLINOIS ) )SS. SIrlpped to floor slab.s nnd bare steel jjinlers, the bullrt- ing known to millions iis Times Tower stands denuded In the heart of New York City. Workmen spent five mnntlm gctthiff (he bulldhi),' Into Us pn'seirt condition. The next step is to put a. completely HM\, .modern exterior on the structure, wlilch will house office's of the Allied Clieinlcal Corp. (Al» Wirephoto) would be .safer and would cost loss to make, haul and handle than flammaijle solutions now used for freeze-thaw protection or solid materials used for curing concrete streets, highways, bridges and similar projects. The department said commor- cialiation of such emulsions is oil. WASHINGTON (AP) - Top- ranking officials in tlie Joiuison administration will speak at this y(>ar's convention of tlie National Farmers Union to be held in St. Paul, Minn., March 15-19, They include Secretary of Ag, .,, J , , ,^ . I ricullure Otville L. Freeman, feasible and could i-esult m a i undersecretary of State W. Av- large new mai'ket for linaoed' . . . . „ THE DEPENDABLES: SUCCESS CARS OF '64 Get something off your chesjt. Your knees, for instance! roll fHarriman, Assistant 'Sec- clary of Agriculture John Baer, and sens. Hijljert H. Hum plirey and Eugene McCarthy i)otii Minnesota Democrats. Humphrey is assistant Democrat leader. WASHINGTON (AP - An Agriculture Department expert on foreign trade predicts that the Soviet Union will continue in llie market for U.S. wheat after tlie 1964 crops are liarvested. The official, who asked that lie not be named, said informa- ion coming from the Soviet Union indicates that wheat produc- ion there this year may ii^ain i)e insifficicnl to meet needs until the 1965 crop is • hai-vested. Imagine, unwinding and relaxing in a compact-Now you (an! compacts. For even more .action, tliere's an optional new Dart V8 And that goes for backseat passengers as well as travelers up that takes no sass from any size car. {ront Because Dart is a compact in the large economy size. Lots of But don't let the comfort and sizzle fool you. Dart is a compact, worn for hips, heads, feel and knees. Family-size room all-round. Witness its low price, easy upkeep, great gas mileage, and snappy And what goes for Dart in the comfort compartment |oes ditto parkability, and you'll know what we mean. If you're tired of in the performance department. Standard engine is the famous cramped, underpowered compacts, talk to the man who can do Slant 6 that'll outscat the extra-cost engines in most other, something about it-your Dependable Dodge Dealer. Dompant Dodge Dart ^CHRYSLER WtSI MOnU CORPORATION SUMMERS DODGE, Inc. 1113 FISHERS LANE —MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS S£E.".THC BOB HOPE SHOW." NflCJV. fiH.ECK YOUR.LOCAL USTlNG,-- WASHINGTON (AP) — Secrc- .'iry of Agriculturp Orville L. Freeman has indicated he may wait until Congress acts on pending wheat and,- cotton legislation before setting the price support for 1964-crop soybeans. There has been much si>ecuia- lion that, he will increase the support from tlie present raic of §2.25 a bashel. Freemtu^ t(jld newpman that the cotton legislation, if enacted, could well result in an increase in soybean plantings. Some land which would be diverted from cotton might well be planted to soj'bcans, he said. Thus, the cotton lcRi.slation—whether passed or rejected—could have an influence on this' year's soybean production and the government price support obligations. Suspicious Parcel From Home FULTON, Ky. tffl — When Mis. Mary Arrington answered the telephone, a man asked if she had a son in the Navy. "Yes," she replied a bit fearfully. The caller, identifying himself as a postal insiiector in Centralia. III., then barked: "What arc you sending him in a package that tic lis and buzzes^?" Il was a liattei-y-operated toothbrush with the switch turn- led on accidentally.* COUNTY OF '.lEFFEllSON ) In the (Dircult Court of Jefferson County, Illinois William W. Martin, Jr., and H. W. Campbell, Plaintiffs -vs- Eugene Page and unknown owners. Defendants No. WCIM7 IX aiANCKKY PUBLICATION NOTIOK NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN YOU. ENGENE PAGE and UNKNOWN OWNERS, that a suit entitled as above has been commenced and now is pending against you wliercin plaintiffs seek partition of the following described land: NW',4 NEVS. Section 24, T2S, R2E, Jefferson County, Illinois. And you are notified that unless on or before March 16, 1964, you shall appear and defend in said suit, default judgment may be entered against you on tlie day following or thei'eafter. , (SEAL) JERRY B. GOTT. Clerk of the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Illinois CRAIG & CRAIG Attorneys for Plaintiffs • 1007 Broadway Ml. Vemon, Illinois Telephone 242-3310 A/c 618 2-25 PUBLIC NOTICE OV MASTEU IN CTIANCKRY'.S SAI.E STATE OF ILLINOIS ) )SS. COUNTY OF JEFFERSON ) In the Cii'cuit Court thereof National Homes Acceptance Corporation, PlalntiU. vs. D. C. McRoy and Mary Ann McRoy, Defendants IN ClIANCKRY NO. &1-CH-8 Public notice is liereby given that in pursuance of a Decree entered by the (jourt in the above entitled cause on the 21st day of February, A. D. 1964, I, Demetri Hassakis, Master In Chancerj' of the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Illinois, will, at the hour of 1:.30 o'clock P. M., in the afternoon, on Friday, the 20th day of Marcli. A. D. 1961, at the South Front Door of the (bounty Court House in the Giy of xMt. Vernon, County of Jeffei-son and State of Illinois, sell at public vendue to the highest and Ijest bidder or bidders, the following described reed estate and premises, to-wit; Lot 155 in Country Heights Subdivision part 2, in the City of Mt, Vemon, Illinois as shown by Plat recoi-ded in •Plat Record 2, Pages 74 and 73 in thb Office of the Ch-- cuit Clerk and Recorder of Jefferson ' County, Illinois, situated in Jefferson County, Illinois, together with all improvements and appurtenances thereon, subject to all taxes both general and special already levied or hereafter-to be levied and subject to the Equity of Redemptbn. TERMS OF SALE: Cash in hand at time of sale. Said sale and all my proceedings in this matter are subject to Uie approval of this Court. Bidders are advised to consult the Decree in the above entitled cause from which my authority is derived. Dated at Mt. Vemon, Illinois this 25th day of February, A, D. 1961 DEMETRI HASSAKIS Master in Chancery of the Circuit Court of Jefferson •County, Illinois. National Homes Acceptance Corporation, Plaintiff CHARLES R. VAUGHN Attorney for Plaintiff 130 East York St. Olney, Illinois Phone: EX 2-5851 3-10 Tlte A team clieer leaders were supper guests \n the home of Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Byars last Monday. They wci-e. Patsy Kimtes, Kntliie Estes, Vivian Wan-en, Angela Koch and Broti- da Shlck. After supper tlicy attended the ball game at Dlx. There will" be a \'arie(y show in the Field Consolidntcd school Friday evening at 7:30 with local talent. All pi"occeds go for the March of Dimes. Mr. and Mrs. Walter McKinnoy were dinner guest with Mi's. Mae McKlnney in iMt. Vemon last Fi'lday. Mr. and Mrs. One Slaley were guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Staley last Fi-lday night. The occasion behig Mrs. Orio Stalcy's birthday. Tlie Woman'.'! Society of Christian Sei-vice of Union Qiapel met with Mrs. Olcta Shafer last Wednesday afternoon tor business meeting and regular monthly meeting. Tlicro were 10 mem- bore and one visitor present. Mrs, Agnes Shafer celebrated her 78th birthday last Saturday in the home of her dauglUor, Mrs. Rita McKinnoy with whom she makes her home. Mrs. Shafer rocoivcd several cards and gifts and a beautiful birtlidny cake hich was made by her 10 year old gi'eat granddaughter, Debbie Huston. Mrs. Shafer was well pleased with eveiything that she received. Mr. and Mrs. John Ward of Dix spent Satui-day evening with Mi-s. Agnes Shafer and Mr. and Mrs. Harold McKinncy. Mr. and Mrs. Rn>' Hayes and .son, Mr. and Mi's. Oric Slaley, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Staley and children spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Bob Staleys' to help, celebrate Gena and. .Becky's birtlidays. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Johnson and cliiidrcn, Mr. and Mrs. David Blankenship and .Sheii'y- spent .Sunday witli Mr. and Mrs. Jess Price. Mi-s. Anita Huston, Debbie and Junior,' Mrs. Rosdmarie Blankenship, Steve and Mike visited Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Walter McKiivney. Dinner gu,e.>)ts in the home of Mr. and Mis., Troy Green Sunday wei*e: Mr. and Mrs. David Hanes, Ruth Anri and Billy, Raymond Maxey, and, Eddie .McKin­ ncy. • . Mrs. Clariee-fTate visited Sunday with Mr. and- Mi's. Ben Curl. On Saturday Mrs. Tate visited Willi Mrs. Lovtlla Hlckey. Mrs. Deliah Claj-k and son. Dean were supper guests With Mrs. Clarice- Tate Friday evening. Simday guesls In.the home of Mr. and Mrs. Qarcnce Green wore: .Mr. and Mrs. Roy McDan- lel, Mr.' and Mrs; Goldle Mc- Dnnlol. Saturday 'evening visi- toi's. were Mr. and Mrs. Gib Hoeinghaus of .Wopdlawn. Mr.' and MITS. ROy Biwkman called on Mrs. !Fenie Woodromu one t^fternoon tlie' past week. . . Rita McKinnoy, Cor. Haley Mills Explains The Beatles' Popularity By BOB THOMAS AP Movlo-Tclcvlslon Wrller HOLLY\V(X)D (AP) -At Uusl wo have someone to explain the Beatles — Haylcy Mills. They're simply marvelous," l-Iayley enthused, sharing the opinion ol her sister teen-agers In Britain and — sigh — tlie United States. Yes, but why are they siniiily marvelous? "They just are, that's nil." she replies. "I RUe ,<!s they ap- j)eal to tlie mass of girls because they are ordhmry. They're not vei7 good looking. Tliey're not very good musicians. Yet they mannge to manufacture a group sound that is rather appealing. "A year ago nobody knew who they wore — or c!ii;^cd. Now they've made so much money I don't suppose tlicy'd ever have 16 work again. Yet they have taken the whole thing witli good humor and they haven't lost the common ouch. "You know what their ambition is? One of them wants a beauty parlor. Another Xvants to run a garage You know that comnwn blood still pulses in their veins. Tlint's why youii.i; audiences like tliem. That, and (he hairdos." Haylcy hasn't met the Beatles, but she'd like to. Only one thing bugs her about tlieiiv. the shrieking females they attract. "I think those silly girls are absolutely revolting," slie scorned. Hayley was In town lo do a Danny Kayc television show with her father, John Mills, and to talk about "Tlie Chalk Gardon," which she also nvulc with her father, plus Deborah Kerr and Dame EdlUi Evans. "It was a challenge," she said, "because it was tlie fiift time I ever had a chance to really be nasty in a film. Cm usually so sunshiny tliat it gets sickening. But in 'The Chalk Garden' I could really be bad and — I suposfe I shouldn't jd- mit this — it seemed to come easy to mc." The film, which was made in England by Universal, marked Haylcy's first American movie iiway from Walt Disney. Slie li;is made five for Disney, from "Pollynnna" to^ the unreleased "Moonspinnoi-s," and has one more to go under her contract. Hayley will be 18 on April 18, and she continues to blossom into a lovely, lively young lady. Despite her advanced age, she ha.s no yen lo fly tlie nest. "Marriage?" she said. "Out of the question. Wouldn't think of it until I'm 25 or 26." CAR INSURANCE iii )UE? Save with ! Stale Farm's low Insurance rales for ^ careful drivers.l See me. Q \VILI5URN DAVIS 'Um Broadway ^l'>-S770 Office 'i\i-W9 Homo STATE FARM MUTUAL AUTOMOtlll IMUMMtCOMPANf Homft Oltice; DIoomington. Illinoft 89 -3 r PO Lost Own Checks LOUISVILLE m — It was an embarrassing, arid upsetting, incident for the Post Office staff here. Approximately 100 paychecks for government workers in the federal building were mailed from Chicago to Louisville. One week later, they still hadn't arrived. John Daley, an official of the General Services Administration, flew in- from Chicago in an effort to track down the checks. He found them. They had been delivered to Intenial Revenue Serylce, two floors above in the same building. IIP • •'Siipi _ , ;'Jv.-r-y'.M use our NIGHT y6 O m \ - AFTER A BANKING shining Dura-Brasa KirscK decorative traverse rods Brand new desi^ in lustroua Dura-Brass. Practical for long wear, firm (lupport and smo- o-oth operation at windows up to 20 feet wide! The "rings" don't touch the rod — can't Bcratch it — and pass freely over the (supports^ Strong, durable cords ''endlees" for uee with tension pulley. Adjustable ler\<^^'' 30-48 Inches $*B0 48-86 Indies. S6.''«> 86-150 inches . 130-240 Inches ^H-O* Select "ring" or plain i^idea leparately. See our complete teltt' • tion of Kirsch drapery kardwart. THE MAMMOTH DEPT. STORE Yes, you can make deposits ANYTIME... day or night... , when yoo use our convenient "Depository" service! We'O mail you a receipt after each transaction! Enjoy tliis "24 Hour" service OFTEN! THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MT. VERNON

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