Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on April 15, 1920 · Page 15
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 15

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1920
Page 15
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I SOX TAKE OPENING GAME, 3-2, I rs vnmv. roi I insp nni mi ..ifriir' orAAlUrv rvir I Claude Williams, Aided by Brilliant Support and Good r ic A 111 A f Turn Rani- Tmam 17. r o iuin- " - aa&wo as victory Seems to Be Within Their Grasp 25,000 People See '.'1'."?"' nmmnmuv Continues rrom Fac,On. jioumann nan jusiv-ir itttci .ho count f at two each with . . -i i tlia jtiihhv rfirhl I -re.- , - ,.., DMhf bleachers in center ueia. ;r. rclt'h was outstripped by V,it;:. but ha gavo a dying leap, t:,r.j-.viiie up "is gloved hand. !:r''?i. '. .-Vii't.-'r fielder and half a Zjn"i rtus ff th Speaker variety ul have relayed the hall Jt' it) tin.e t Jluy Jra at the V.":' was hit hard an nrtcr- executlon Joos not ih i v.-'!h four hits, seven loss .-, .; i.-ilrm f r.-ni Dausa. still vit;,nci'- is "ot the fairest ni.nisurn the respective i.f ifi" pitchers in this case ; ;wi of the blows taken off u In the nature of flukes. -r.K'y enough both .loured. t:':i:iy was this truft of the :'tun (lint. Weaver delivered been Riven a l!f on T 1 1 1 . . in,.cinr1 11 n hi.-'.i the oilicinl fieore- i t'uso.i Cobh, w 1 1 n B OutluckedT BuBh. sk Young, 2b ... Cobb, cf V(Mch. if Heltimtnn, ii Flnetticnd. rf Pinnclll. 3b . Ali,snut.i,'" Duu sa, q Tolnl One out wh Lolbolrt. rf Wtavor. 31) ... k. i::iii.. :b. JnCKMlH. f ... 1'olSK-h. el JoiinJiin. !li Itlsboiic. as ... .Silirtllc. c WllU.iintt, D ... TfJlnl Timing!) DETROIT. AB H II PO i winning run mil!-. CHICAGO. au n it po .7 : II N.i ..mmm ,. , ,. MW, , , - i m TT i7 -."" J i i .! COVIE BLANKS ST. LOUIS CLAN Cleveland Hurler Tosses Five Hit Game to Start His Team's Flag Drive. MlXIN' PIRATES MAKE FLYING START Athletics Beat Babe Ruth et al.t Perry Doing Mound Work; Kain at Boston. 1 l. Cleveland i de;eatiny s. ' srr r ATIOX VA XTHO only ;i iiMo -litik oU-uh 1 1 ... - 1 1 vj.uawu it icoui as manager u ; XteSfnn AhxitiA I SM Sort, Pittsburgh Win- nine. 5 to 4. in Tenth. League FACTS rU .ith ! Cleveland, April opened its soaso:, u;, Louis, 5 to 0, tji'fui largest opening day history i, Cleveland Cyvelofcltie h-'ld St. hits and struck on '-levelutui liit Sothi toi ii'.K its hits in v wIi.mi It scored P.ur Johuaton'M t'n x w Score : ST. lA)l,ls. ( A El it Ollt! rowds in tin-oaseball. 1-oijls to live seven m-n. hard, h'lneli- e-MHl inniny if a feature. Austin. 2 ! wtilia-s.: 31.. .3 l 1 . U 33 10 ' , ' .ax:. whertT.a he landed siun :it (lie initial saeli, and, at'-;)!, "gummed" the ,!,. -.-h, ;i rotlins d.niMed him : .-.!::; the winning run. ITcilnumn IIlln n Homer, .-, :-;tu;ti.lon was almost Identl-:t, 'l.o !!ixtl), when, after live i 'it'., rn p 19. the Sox broke ;;.-! V.- enemy defense for n r r;:Mii until ltellmann f. .! ih,- wall into the left Held rs in tiif ninth kept the . : ;:. :i.:on In the lead. .;::; i-:tl by a painful in-t.'.-n.i! en his rig-lit foot, ;.i.r ii 3-lhoid'f slam to the ::!.; l., .-: and the hlow Kent ti. way to third base, - !.:!; point the athlete thus :i :-i ;i!iipiT-i home on a. Billy : r::;)ir by Weaver. r;.!-..'1 ;.y that sort of luck, :..':ih ".-ii alonj; for seven -.. t he Tl irers solved ; : ., .-'.ai. I'olili planted a sin-('.' : n: ill' !irft inninfj, af-:. !J... u-ln.le club subsided . ,-iKii of a safety until ;. nti-tiod sv.-nth. . r- r., -itisled npiiin to !i- r"'!tid. and. fol'.cwinrr the : V.;i'.-h and Mt ilmann, who v -!:".-! I.efhold down amiin !:;'.-. Pl.iustcad flumped a in :! i:'; Tiial counter iust . i'-::,! the White R., : !":.i.,. -i im.'s i-onderoun wallop :'. hinneiiei-H in the ninth v w-Tr. dnwn sent i he . .!:' cv;ra inniiiRS. ',r-( (o It.-ifisd hi Jilith. ::" btfore, tlie Tlgera -ii ! h.t I'm- six i; -: WilMarr.r .-. hi'k (h--uiLi:ii..iit;in!y and thev : n'lr.t, r. Iiiii;.-:.-i la.J yichl-! two tof.otlier for hvn - h. ti lif F.t.'l ;,, br-'ke. , v-. ii! u-.'i.-n Williams L'-tboTf-M i-ffort " ' 1 ' ddivr- 1 y 1 leiljTiann. .- .mi. I Williams wr.t. to .vlth a iJ"ii!a:itin. L-ft 7 S in it 000002000013 lilt--Weaver. 10. Collni Horn nin-.nellmanri. jrolnl ti rillrt tilt tilhv oiink- i" Hijb!i -o on iiy,:v-.;.!roU 5 (,h. iV-Aimith. :,ni&-nll Chili1 HEAVY TAX FOR RACING MEETS !!.( ;r;d .0 P 0 . . fi 4 o irtiltli. Ji. I nevor did fall to moan and to wail us a howling byena la-ii;hs: ! I've a tati like a bl.-omii, pea cock's with a eulur scheme that It; rare And often I'm sent by man who i lias be..'ii out on a heUiva tear. ; I ;-':Kl tti haunt lushers and booz-i its and trive them delirium I ih.Us; ; I m stiil takinx pride that always ; I'vo tiled to give thum un- ! usual thrills. j I've dodyed all their murderous j rushes, their pleadings , never foryet. And now with a siBh I lontrlnsly cry tur Cays : hen th country was wet. si-e that I'm out of employ-nseiit ; I'm nedinj; a job you can bet: low can It b t::ey will -;ive 'ne to me when the country it" longvf is wet? Braves, Reds and Brooklyn Are the Other Victors in National League. St. Louis, April 14. Pittsburgh defeated Si. Louis 5 to 4 In 10 In-:i!iu: s In the opening game of the i. today. An inuo:d hit by .Nicholson, a former Helroit Tiger, the h.isLS full, scored the win- :'"'B 1 l 'ob k was i or Hie box in th i ac;..unl ..f illness. I'frrsiu'Kuit. sr. All 11 .) A sis-., a. ..j j i e shottmi u-'. ;n....l i: 2 0 Hu;ln- '.lli'tli. r.S v i D StiK-k. third inning fcfin-; T. Lii:is. Ai: h If i i AMERICAN LEAGUE. kt.vniim;s. 'Gar" Wood Withdraws SMIM! raK Offer to Avoid A, P. B. A. Conflict I Event May Be SUged by International Powerboat Union Outside of Gold Cup Regatta. BY K. W. HALL. w i- ivt. I " 1 iXi N. -v Y' . 1 0 I OHO !'. ...;,! Vlneilay Kr.u)t . Hdrn't : :: ttm;:,s t'l'Vftlund j. 3t. IjJU-fl (1 tti.r ten-Wnsbinitirin. net Nw VcrU i Wnnhinjrt-.n TliurHflni'a (iumn, NATIONAL LEAGUE. Ims.- toi Khicst.'n.l for Canadian Half-mile Ovals Must Pay $5,000 and Milers 310,000 Per Day. Special tn Tim Vrcn IroU, Toronto. Ont.. April 14. Racing Is to proceed in Ontario for another year nt least, but thn tracks inlK. and half mile, will be subjected to umi-eced..nterj taxation?!"-000 per rarhiB day in the ease of the mile tracks, and $:..Pf)0 per dav for tht half mile tracks. Provincial Treasurer. Jtnnot ?hl. Peter Smith, n his buds -.-1 snercH before the Ontario legrsiature Tuesday made tills announne-ment " matter I want to specially mention Is where we expect to pl-t renyur.-ably incrctiS'-d r.'vciine. .-i i.ri n, . i :rom the race trucks. S-mie p.-o j meni eliould not allow gambling "ti traelta, but for ceriain r-a-.tis uhicli I do not care to mention to. nay we are going to allow it g-- on this year n nd we are i-u' n-; to cliarge the lialf mile tracks sr, -OtH) a day, and the mile tracks 53i'-000 a day. That will bring an increased roveaue to the amount of tlire.i (iviarters of a million dollars." DEROITERS TO ROLL TWO DA YS bf-r. Vllli.-iin. Lir:iej'.'.:.',vl ;"-s'!;.-.' ;,;!n ttu-k on;-!!;.- sothwa 1: ruvv, m.":".. 7. " j "Babe" Ruth's Inglorious t MufF Beats New York Philadelphia. April l t . i :,j t h"i ; muff of Uugan's long liner allowed two riinn to nhrn i, ti..i ,.i..i,.'. ... ; nillg ll.-rn tndjiv. irivlnn- IVH I ,1 1 . . a 3-to-l victory over Vnri the opening name of the'n Home runs bv P!pp and p.-rk scored the .-arlv tallies. ll,,th p. and Shnwky were in iln--- f,,rt-twiee double plavs e;i:n.- to the r cue of the local pitcher. Score; NEW Ydhk. ATHI.i-nrs Af! II l A , 'J!.-!'-!!. rt...i 0 Z '.' Wit; ,r.. : If ! W. AL. MTT One swallow m: but on otil.; of tin: rsiisi ui many a goud y not make swallow of i brand has man on i la- l'-;itted fur , 1H.ili.-d fur I Pituliurch ... I.oula I'lti! 2 13 ii Melle'y. I 3 0 Jiiiivrni 0 4 Cb-ront,. I) 0 4 I iMk, t. . 1 'l 0 i, J G Mi. f. H.-iin. t ts.-h.ili 7 SO 13 TotalB... V-lir:in In tenth. STANDINGS. W 1. ivt 1 0 I.iyni lti;i;iv: dnrda'n lU-MlIttt. In onler to avot with the rulc-j of powerboat ass-.cta 1 1, who last spring o! eunh prl.A for a r:t' St. Clair, oji'-n to n than hydiupla ties. ITr r to th 'lold Cm Wednesday's session This withdrawal long discussion and the ''on!! with A. P. it. A. rules witi.-h. w. i-pioilt from ita being stag.-d by ; ijoM Cup cotnmittee. which is subsidiary body in charge 1 hi Cup r:u-es undci- Am- any r-mnit-t :e American K',. A. W.., -l. i-lthdn-v of that b ;tmc afte dy .i:s!ve, IiieJuded thr-e honta of 5) iili. e:u h for the Wood trophy nd rash prises. Thla I el to U I'fMSflion and u3S devlded that h- bent way out wh fyr Wood u vithdmw his proffer, which h- did n fh.. lies IniTMtH of racing. To Unite v ftlTrr. Hnw-V i r. J : I., Iik-dy that he will nak- the offer to the International ''oweri.oat union, recently organ-zed her--, and that the race will bfl :tag-d he:- nt about tne name tlnm is the 'lold (.' I;, rveni. this matter -einir lert to ttia"t bdy for ded- rb- an P. :;e:i. is tti'-At th-st t !-o be he id ciati. Ju U o..'i". will bar carry ai th- elln; i l-iva l prr-.cvfMil for th epiemiier ;i t.. " havi a mce that type of etislne or tloii other than f I'peedboats. H- aimiteur status in , y fir.iwn tliat tne i:n- iintlntinl nil I'nar Isteen. t h -U '-- by. i vsTi;nv. ho mimes . Catcn. Thr.'e-:.;ise hit-'.;rlin:n "stoh-n v Io.ittlrotp. K.icrlfte-n-.Him. jttn... H.rni.. . iI..mii! 2. laitMiaw. r"f, 1 :l'tsh ii. St. iui '.4 i-.j.iii j. iuto 1; Mav 5 the racing j . Hit His brain 1 often piiny He B.'ts the stuff ..3 2 ir.... i i riliin. ifl. i i ; i-1 1 1 . ! Jlow jm-n That gent's Wh" tiaiiifi "1 don't lik lont. funny kinks. W'UldfT wl.ere he drinks. .i;(.;i: piiaiu. my- - 2 In 1-3 3 1-3 O'n- ,.t In I 2-2: AdatiiH Id h; : My i, li, tines eitns: Mt.-htr -A'lr.:. I'HtBl'iirKli 5. S!. i.-.-il t :o h-.r:l:,cl. Tlnirtdtij'n (IniiiM, linmnr'i .iV Nr-V York. I'itt.'-biirch at St. I-Jtiih. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. ft SO H H H n ; Pt. Puu; . Hattrif 0 0 :i:id H.tritrnv 3 S C T 5 I Superbas Make Hits Off Rixey in Pinches '-'-',"kl'm April 14.- Brooklyn ach Pullman "IIAUITT SAY da! 'bout my neir.hboT Mill th' ilr.i i'.V eity on Nov.- th th' Si. i.-they t'Oli: THAT III IIH ItO.Vn Tb.e French are striking wantonl Thi- iSernians it .-ernis in ;, 'phia in The ba:tin Contlnup-d -day arid bent Phil-i- ipni;iK game, 'J "T Whent and Knnet-ly. Myers, althi.uh n!y one hit. n tliree- rtms. flue to twicfl n Pane Sixteen. o n o o- and l!sfr; l'.r: Martlv Tl:.. a!iiltK'eluT.?""leri" Wont Plnjfrw to Re-port. Walter Punk rat. Will Tusdu.. and IjcvItisnii are nuked to t-ommii-n!-ate with J'iin .it .Ncriic.i-.iv MOTOR-WISE ERLIN-IZE CECONOMIZE) 7 Quality is the only test of economy. You save when your money buys Lowest Prices in America on SECURITY AUTO-THEFT LOCKS The greatest deterrent to auto thierery. At One-Quarter Off ! Get Yojr Now at Theio Price. Regular Our Sire Price Price 3" $7.00 $5.25 3H" 8.00 6.00 4" 9.00 6.75 5" 12.00 9.00 Full line of Quality Accessories at saving pricet. Price our goods. WHERt QUALITY IS ftR&MOUKT 678 Woodward Open Evenings. Mail Orders Filled SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION. Win roared. aku a difference orrd. ninth. Tfeilmn nt into Id Hied . ' f r-- IJ'-tlnu.iiti. -Knelt - ' - :' - f-f.ii.. ,uid wht-n "'i,llhi ' hi:: -nd d'.ltbV .- 'I .-oa'.pt c.r.ehid.-d. pDr-:Inl trt Th- Frwf IVn,. H! f rand !tap:ds. Mich.. April li Uetroit's jare delegation of buwl-s ( fi'fl will monopolise the 'dlvi .on! u i 2;! to 2." during the sevont ..Jri t li 'm--i cual state tournament which op.-ns "t , here Thursday evenlnp. d; ;.-and 1'tapids teams will howl the -1 : tir:,t evening: and after the :1-st j niKht eltv and state team; wli us" th- alleys together eNeept durinu--f'th.- period set uv,.,- entirely to th metropolis teams. IFynelntli Hyiicin-h StroK Trnit nr. -1 ihr -r.- In ii . still . st r"iiL'i a n i 7.n t i f the I.- ishin-, fr : 1 - ". .m- The mi:k:v. "T alway-.- i j-.uu Kh I ." said M. 1 E.-ad. after i-.c had boned usi:! ti I" . i - :-.n open! n;; day pass, "thai Kv.-i-eU S.-.itt -was a pret- i y jroud sh'-rist'-o. but I not i that the.-.-';, regular !I. lb amoiiK the recruits wii.-'s tr to take his Job away l him." j IIPItllY VP I 1 "The mills of the coils ennd si owl v ! but they grind eiceudins lino r Put pleitse. rio'ir pod. . Rrlnd fiist e en it yc.i d.,n Krin-I !! And p.-t to sraspint: iandl-ird j evlctii' in-: and i:.; i.e. M1STAKF.S WII.I, HAPPF-N ns the P!u:.i.lclrliia I'nbln l'-'lp;- :- sups o. casion.-iliy. In i ii'.adine r- ' em ly it sa id . ! "I-: KKKl-H ('Plt-!-:S HVA ; M ACK'H WliJTKS WIN'.- Savings Worth While Are Offered on Little Gents' and Boys QUALITY FOOTWEAR School Shoes Dress Shoes Piay Shoes Scout Shoes Ij Springt koys are harder on their shoes than usual. Ever; rpqA cloor Same means daily banging of their shoes. Not only are the 'J.-t h.v Ma Whites .very out- ihoes " J iiii-ii snots, iiut on iv are ne snni xvr -.fir- r : ii, i .1 t , - . . r , ; aciviteuuic learner, nut even the .stitching is rxti Mrong. And they are fashion to assure correct growth of the feet. Balcor Boy Little Gents Gun Meta! Calf Shoes. Made of oft lejra-r np-pers, with sturdy oak leather so!, ti. In Button r,r I.nce -'.utirn. They are stvlish and very serviceahle. Sirs. 9 to 13',. Cut price $2.98 Little Gent' Blucher Oxford. Made of fine quality ei" metal calf leather. Stronf-a a If soles. Comfon.iMe broad toe last. Fine appear-n?; and a splendid vjtlae. Sizes 9 tr. 13. Cut price Boys' Department on , Boys' Gun Metal Coif Shoes. lr. Lace o.- Biucbar Btyle. vde of Rood grade leather. osl; leatacr soles :hey are !onR wearing shoes .,!',J rr1 vahte. Sire I to " i. Cut price $3.79 Boy' Elfc.kin Shoet Iie ol soft. pliable -r.icKe chromo Icailier. gen-0.1c 0lt. Moil .tr-'.cable shoe made for boys. 1 lo 5':. Cut mie. $3.49 Little Men'r, English Shoes. ln darli na' le.Tt.;, M.ide rsaftlv lik- "n.i-i'' Sires 9 to 13 . Cut : c $3.98 Youth's f,i;e.'. I n Enlis-li at Youth's While Canva "Gym." Shoes. Trtratr.ed w i t h;i Pure ipim rubber ; t.l. Ar.kle pro!e,;to:f.. ju-; 1 brother'.. S;.-;-, ', ;r, Cut prite $2.19 Brown "Armv" Shoes. Mada of soft brown chrome calf, solid leather soles and lieeln, isoft ctpr,. :tronK and serviceatdr. Size. I to 5 1 j. Cut price $3.98 $3.49 Boys' White Canvas "Gym." Shoes. Trimmed with leather. Heavy gum rubber sc.-. Leather ankle protector. W;!! made. Siies 2 to 5'-i. Cut price $2.29 ''ai! Orders I 'romplh; Filled ' THE LARGEST CUT-PRICE SHOE STORE IN THE UNITED STATES yrl 15 92-94-96 Gratiot Ave. Near Randolph AM) LASTLY . t'.'in'i you h'-rtr the finle-j rini;;' And the hiMy r"'.'i!i,f; roar? :-.i- t y..ij :-ec the hurl.r:; :1 i r.irif; I GENEBAGH'S DRIVE WINS FOR MICHIGAN Catcher's Hit Scores Only Two Runs in Game With Georgia. Athene. ';':.., April' il.-'- Mirhipan i ,.-,,!:-, ;i nntver:-i!y h. re I'::- f. afir- f th.e- wa.c the 'lar!,e i'inl.-.! ;i R , w;,.- jo-: r,)v. n pr.-jitr lo:;,,,, ebn. -, s.i,.-!' ! w-li. Don't walk the streets looking for ; Trv m TURKISH BATH and secure a BED At the MnvniAri Wayne Mineral Baths Sfir Extra For a Bed Take Woodward Ave. cat ' marked "Through." Get off at i Second and Jefferson. ! Phono Cherry 4784 Buy Art Work now! Get the art work for your next catalog, booklet or poster started now. For the same reason you mass your materials before you begin to build your product. Buy when you can buy advantageously. Electric power for our presses has been cut off, but our artists are stili going strong under their own brain power. Skilled in mechanical retouching, they are working weeks in advance of the actual printing. You can keep your throttle open by getting the preliminary work done now. w artists are at your service. Evans -Winter Hebb IMC OBPCfATt t completenfinfijlO 'service Detroit Woodward at Erskine Telephone Glendale 4685

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