Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on April 11, 1920 · Page 23
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 23

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 11, 1920
Page 23
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- " ' - - RMa-gg I, ironwr iMWBMWBaiMMi) i r m. w&mp ro... 11. 19:2 0. riGERS BAT 1M!2? I , JHUGHIE LOOKS HDIAMPOLlSi FOR BIG YEAR lac Up Eight Runs While the j Minor Leaguers Are Die to Get But One. tOBB GETS GOOD START, r-- D.. Witk Si'nrl Hits " r,rsl , , and Drives Uut uouoie; Dauss in Form. BY HAKKI . . . April 10. Out of , .;: i;i-t. ll'c Tigt-rs l;t- ' r'- ouil weather in '.,, -i-i-lf. played the ,. ; i; thai can be ex- '. , i i.ij'-r league cl ul and V - iii.-t a Hide sorry '.:::..ue!' Jail; Hendricks : e ' .c Men oi Jennings to ! o!" hi athletes. jjE i ... r 1 PRICE: TKX CENTS. infield cogs'WW f IMICHIGAN WINS i 1 JN I KELAYo Photo by i'. M. Hayes TYRUS COBB. Coming direct from his home at j Jennings Optimistic; Says if i Team Is 5 Per Sent Stronger It Should Win. Georgia Peach Meets Rest of Team at Cincinnati Saturday Morning. BY HARRY BULLION. i Indianapolis, Intl.. April 10. ' Tlirec days ahead ot the gong that ! sounds tire inauKi'.ral of hoslili-. ties in the major leafjuc.- Manager ; JcnnitiRs is exi remely optimistic i o: the Tigei-' chan. u- to make a I Nans-tip f.ght for the pennant this : year. lluhic isn"l claim in& tin; bunt-ins neither "ill In- . on nut now ai feast, that any club is mor.- in tin- H; lt;it bo maliJifd to 'oniemis, with spirit a.nd cnt.iid, Hendricks sciu l Augusta, Ga., the American league; ph-xion to the race vr,t v.lU there miultl he i battinir fliami,, ,j J.:1" "i " "' ,.. .- o "f'i nun Li-tuLiiiciuer ., pennam winner in j joined the Tigers yesterday and, in : riaiion. hnt i hey j the game at Indianapolis drove out ' Heciively, ;iL ; a double and a single. He was at ' iioiiMi t h in tlu- elite : bat four times. I : : -nal pastime. , . j... Ili-osicr;; li;ul W:t inl'i the elior vito I Mil Hull Hard. fii i ,i i iii ; wo ft Hi- WORLD'S MARKS ARE BROKEN! """ ln;'.:ii. in i.liu-aj,-" w, In a no-asnr.;. the. fvcliii!? of suranee of slrf-.airth in Hi ltMi::al Jr.. in ik slum-d bv the plavciV in lho ranks. They eon I . nil thai .uilv iarl tiu:k, the ovcr-il ism rhif h '.hoii-lu of th-j vr.;tcMeil Ktait it your ao this ttpriiiK. was lh- priu-1'ipst! I'actnr i t thtrir failutu i.j ,iif-tan. t- iii,: ir with a f ! l.t tllO .h .1 t1- ir lib aii'i "ii inpl' t ! y v i.f tin; (mi Adunia. villi,; alia .-.hi hi. .i, ,.n the I 'ft rttil ' I 'lllllll llf .-lil- I ;..'(. 1-. th.' rlub- ! t-al.- a- tliv unii: in rluh In iiutLt- any t .-ciuhiiicO ct- t a ml Aytis. the ! i: ii tt.ur bits. , Ted Cann and N. Y. A. C. Girls Are the Swimmers to Set New Records. '( 'biy fa mi. MvimiMiim in,..;r tbe . . oio,-.- f i, .,uvi, A. . ,,. . i. at lon.-i . Lu-yarils .-ha in n unship in "'I "atni-ia Tram Lnoks NtroiiRcr. "ll w imn-li sit rontrer ilo v. a nrt; the team this year is oV.r yfurV" .IviniiiiK.s was uyU l. ibm't know," HiiKlu-- r-pljti th ft simp!.' roa.son (hat u-.: h;tv, ha.i t iit pporiii.:tit v !" wirl fU'ri ;in w . slnmbi. Kin t IKI t I Captain Johnson Leads Team ! to Sweeping Victory in Arena Garden. CHICAGO A.A. BACKS OUT . i I.', i ; i I . ... 1 :......'! :JU, . ...... ., . , . " ' ;- - 11 ' -' ave , uui ui inc ni'c movers in tnts ininut nm i,r,i..c nf tr.t 1 i;... .jL . . t . . y;j' n-i'sr i..w. ami ii;. is. , . . . i ., .. ' I . . . ------- - "i oeuoou uim uk uuici li (7 ncun omcr toio is giving LSobbv l, r ,.. , j :.R . . p 7; , ' " , . . , , tei ngm. ore uottt; Jones, 3b.: Uomc liusli, ss.: and, al Hie right. -mi i a:,!,. ,i K.,.- ..,., .1 i, 7 J j ,' ' r ",e "0I corner l0"- ' "c lmo heails al botlom- W to right, arc Wnin, Hdlmann, first - ."unnnil till ijikc nvi-UI-liiir. unu i fj j UUilg, OCLOIIU yujt. Ralhgeb and Dc Buck Put On Pretty Battle in Events of Gymnastic Nature. ! "ni ct'Mt.y ot M teiiian":-, tr;u lc team, luatl-'l by Captain Cat l juhii-.on. made a clean -weep in the iirt annual relay carnival at the Arena garden-, Sal nrdar a; ! enujon. under the aupiee ot" th- lietroit . M. O A. A :i eb'vr-n lh - ht";r : .-l.-j: ram from the C'hle.i?o A sh !.:t.- aH.socialiMi tatr.t it woabl (.., i nipo.sibU: for its l -Bill !i c.-rnt.. ,i- ln the Ill-.-t.-i. J-i- Ixomis v;n hav. heailt-'l this iitfijreKaUiMi. "t h rosiult tf tlw- It-feci ion nf t Ii. i -hieniro ;ti hb!.-s I wa ituil Ji.hns . i an-l hist ! am linul'-i fruni . an A" tmr lia'I 1 i t T ; uoutil- in wici.nm praetiealiy j rvv.ry c ::nt tli,;y ciu .-red. ; iJra.J.. uml liigli r;laj team.. .Mari.-i nn iin ni.-ii ami although m r.;ui-il wa.s hunj, up Xcrt b wi-.t - i n anil '.-.sivrn bjmeJ fctn.nyr i n tlivs. .veil,!. . ti.;r St fit.: Xr-mal rnaile a! yh-.wiiiK ui tii-eclb-ir., r.-liiys Mi.'lirjMr. uuiwi.iit ' runm.rH ha.l litlb; tro'ltilc winning ih-lr s(ft:ial r.hiy ak-ainst M i;t n AfiKio D-atn. Hul.h-r an. I Wft.-i v.Tf Hi.- itlual stars. 'a rl .loh n. son rat 1 1 -r 'ti-ap point tin- fans v.l.-n I .- .nt.'r.Mi only thf running binh jiitnp l his he c.ip - ii-a n ii" t h: f.. t-Ul', Norma Km ;h.- ,. ,i ... T. pJtr; .-, Mining; by III. UK' I'llIU-. hal-.r aim I- hiL lh': ion! 1 lull. lh ! h.: w.iila ba. I o i ttie paH:- II lllLl iJoK-!r.pU:.. f-Miyhi i. r. t-t rtkf . i h . it 1 !": .iii;h. AlMKll.T Itr w Vor-l, S-v -a. n of f.:ii I Switch of Interlake Regatta to Erie, Pa., Popular With Yachtsmen Pennsylvanians Have Great Harbor, New Clubhouse and Are Good Entertainers New Challengers. BY K. W. HALL. :. -mi i Yacht! ncii e'te rally we icmnr a I h ih;i t : I change Ol -eene tor tlf aim tia! j :'nnt ' Ms.. " w ! 1. I.. N . A. resaita and thai Krie. j ''.'"' i- an idea! place u.r th.; liold- .irh.-r va ini; ul' .-nch an event i-. cncede.l. . i r,' alt ul" wliieli means thai ihe tar ; J 1 v, ho take in the 1 ''JO in -h water ' -:ai it. n. taeiiiL classic s-Iuuihl have a graiut ' , -!' T-,," ' tl" l.;ik,-I Ilauk.y,- 1 1, brim; .in'A 'T. tl k'ine.s for i h.; ra.:C al. si for lit.; rinht m. i b-a in .-r tin Miss in- GOTHAM PAIR TAKES HONOR Sackman and Gordon Defeat Ohio Team in Doubles at Local Court. Sa.'k-m:i!i ami ;rrrl"n, of N. u York, una ihf .io.,l,i.-;: ti!b: nt" th.-National J nvi ia t ;..nal II.-. 1 toiiriianitit at th.; i . .. IVbiay a'm1' ' :l1 ;t atui Satnriiay by tl.-fi-alin S-'iranl ! eliamp ifinsti 1 1 tlrcws. Ser!;i Match Play to Decide Championship in British Amateur Golf Tourney Rules for That Event and the Open Title Are Made Public for Benefit of Americans. V'!).;- ff Ihr hi; I hi' i;iirniV;i ! w n: bittt li; ViU.:l by winner of vryniti:i wurlU m ' v pi.;ii nm in S-i n J.'ra n Ml l'Jta, un.l Adolf li, Hitek. :u '-tiyrnpie. cum.Miint a-nl eiiin miivi'lual hoimrf m ih Y. Al. t at Dayton, oh;.. .evral v Itadii,-. 1) won !v o .,! Ui-i'a in uliii'.-n i.-:-f.;i:i vb IfUiht. slip 1 1 1 the miiI. lu-.r:..-J v.-cnl a K a i list h.'l hi'-k . w bo iin j Willi a :;: p.M-f-niai;--. aKb.oi j .'juiim baek str.ui);- u. to.- n. vt . parallel bar-, i Is pi y i n eb: fi-a Now York. April '. - f jeal qoK ilaycl authoiilii-s bavf rreeiveit enpii-s ot .hj'nl!1' tip; finiiliLions i;o pi'miiR tho lirit.- ' '," isli open and aiiiatftir olf chain- ptilv pioni-hips of 1!:u which wnr; : i n k s Mnirllold. I hori.n t.. r'd:i.-.. i K,.iK Driro 'tar-l I" ili, 1 i'-'1 "-net:. Hi,..-: In winnin- th-- uoubK-s . ii.-. ,.). .u snip (h.. N. w VorL. rs defeut.d hot! tutrnit. tcam.s. Mania and Miens Tiirntinsoii and Holl. I "I I iti'V not-Nn. Snvfird-I-'aviif. i;f vt'land. bea nil ion -) hekinson, l A. i.'.. u l -1 u p' th.- N.-w i h- Id her .w wa ma so t, j, T): I lookit- ' had i .-.-ond 1- li, p. ,.-s. :.;s. d. a ! i hu-'l. spvi;t . .Jb- he M. 'I! ,,t time. ;:; ; ! ul ! morn e otb.r li.t of ' ;i i I'm -in-1 ta : rurally 1. -cat liiabb.- p-.ini ! ii.-lit. ated to bo.-n , vhi,-i is; haa an; h.; lali.:K. I If Kri-i n i oiis to ; I w.-.k if a :;,. hev.- of l!;.- ,-oin-ncbt to.-th-T. to plans for the vptetnber t. i'tank I!. T-'r.- bft,- !!' baa ha mill y an; vit ,1. II tl..,ll.. 1 DRAKE RELAY TO nun.'.1 ui r I ; a ! I : lt b . nnal u ytniiast u- foat 'ir.'. t nd I. in ,,r: i' niiinh.-r ..I" ilay r. !- eonrlnsioti of ih ': ' f-sb draw is i. !, 1,- .-ntir.; will b- phiv- j N:; , ),-'.., enl. merlin of lh.- rubs' ..f ami i u, ' r, i;,'t 'r.,.'s ' 'iu. k'm:" '" " jininiito,. at St. An '''.Vi 'l''!.y ; :"':'!'rt',J h' tl'." ' n.phi. s. "'..' , ,, , ' , " . : r'l" tin- hall-mil.- hirl, s.-hool rH, ',,,"1'' u 1 ' ' "' "!t HiLrhlaiHl I'ark .1 r. s-hool w As tin; 'nilett Siat-s will h- j,.. -,..i ' ""ur' r",,n'1 ' i l-'r-"- ' U.l t rnseiit.iiil by nmatonr and irofcs- "tat.b .-hall .-..n.isi .r on-- 1 u"-n-"Tic(..' sional players in tlbt; coim-sls '".""V1 ."r,.1 "-ni thnt tlu- .stael- n..-.- aptor tlo M. ry-Ctarlt. f,v York ami hcai. Ahrrii-Siniii.-im-i-, er'J-l-'avnr. i I.M-.-bind. .-nm; ii mo unnoiincMiu-nt-s mado i..- plaM d will ho ol int.'i-esi to Anifriran - cv.-o-.t o yoh.-rs. r.'il;!!'1! Vv .-to-. rial haH.-d i rai e da In ; n-lT.'li l I -IT. t.;!, bra I K land, J- trott, hen do. 1M-I" n-i ,r.-l-n. N- w Yorl-.. h-:r icas. I'ctn.i-. -l-i:.. : - : T SKMI-KINAI 'li, In any ill be I c;i"h .C In- Opi-n Kr ri.nllci.uc Ir :'l - -11. Ha I'll?. I'lnrn- ' M. A ' U ' ll' "s ii for I v. .. hil.-- ! t;ii. , hi.s laai. ;.p for a br.v4 f llHIJ I,, ic . ;ird and John uM.paw pifli- 1 om ,-alif..r,.i'L time t no ma In ram dirt v ami .r :i.;ursa-.n "f West Ml- 1 ! i any lo start, i ia homo work j iU..i Obl- ! boi rayii lack and it join- .. fbilad--Iph,.i. -.a: ''inn in tto- sc d W.-iH.-r. .T Ihe Illin 1-..T.-. f. r.t M . !l '' ;it ,I li.tndlojiti ':iii'. Ii. D. A. C, I . ."-OlKt. Tit 'National A. A. ant.--Tt 'l'iv nrd. I t 1317 Hum ft DDII Qli' ":i'u ,5-l.-;.,.-:v-'- uu uuuu tu iuv ai YANKS BEATEN IN THE I3TH IMASONIC CIRCUIT I Bigesl Entry Lis! in Yearn at Iowa'? Annual Event. "" ; r. atla ,t!iv 1 "I'll'1 I'll 1- tllto! April in entered thi.- 1 1 r i t In April 1 I l i j. n at l.n riistomnn; - and ):). ins bcar nl'crnoon. lh.- Hol'in- I hnnipl(inrhipi. del; de- i" n ' ! ; I. t o hint i :iiab. Yi.unK'f ''': .'inybi lo b;ft run in tho 1 n V.iJf! oUl. WllHIl irr.'.d in tin nr;Xt 'd a mran double hen Sianaj,. kiii- y if b ,i ia,,-!,: ((, 'Hf Irlnnnlj. '. I-III-IH I'.irv M-i;mu Ti ::' -t .. , .lnt.l. .r 1 va m-n,a i--ivr,,iiili 1 1 r.-l.-a W.-inw trud.r K,l,T!n, ! Atiil.-iic .-Inn worhl'M roconl ,11 pi atim-une' rii'--!i t bv is. .-tl iti (.i"afoi- . i.-b at it,i,.. j'-Lv'v'xr.,!- iod word from a I " ' , ',i; 'V, U))' l:;ti -n.w ii'--v. r be- j pil'-hin for i h.- m m i Roprfsrntatives From Leagues j to Arrange for Banquet. i ; r.- .t -ii ii. ;i in-diins: of n.o ; . M-i. no- i...,!;,,,- al ibo M;i - f -' ! .'i-t in' - ruv.. i-ilnl Taciit. Iv.'-Wnn i Nat.o I. ! I !i lo II i:mf audi nihi rdly WTfA'C TV AIM fC rjr 4 tv HriFiirr'n: r-Katt . N- S-..if!i l.a- , Jlydf Park biih Ab-ui 'du-.- ATHLETICS TAKE ONE. Hroo.;in hy.U It; Pflonn. Ml., Apri' 11 - n.-imii ami Mf.-hiijan pri.ti whnier. an-notrr-co ( f..r '.., ,pl-o.. tiv n ami aM-.--cM;. of ih" Ameriean iirn.-iiin-iit, i n I-:. Ii. Set I .vardilsnif n a r--o ; ;ilw;iv .,.. i 1, 1 lOric :o ht etal. ; omtTv-n''- a rt- I.' and Ulno s t h t".' 1 r!U,rn:i,i"n'" 1 I--Ki:.- ! bent An. s to 1 . '"ot r,v wi'ordsvilb- (tnd : !'rst string AinTicm I r.b. prep s.-iionl out- 1,1 !,n .vhibifion rani-nb-r-.d in th.; earm- ;i f 1 i in'--' n. -Unltirn.t team init- Ma- 1 1 .- b : Tn,,,, ,.owi .-onerrv.s lo V I. m :).,Vn? 'Iio hih of ' h. in I ' ninKli.s. sup- t ', .', . ' . ...,.....' Mlft !i;f;h l.. ot th.. -Ill'1 choice, notte.l lar-.i r:capt:il in ttu: ilfiv-.-. ayain in ij,,t '-"Mi rloublcfi and i t'T tlw ijixt.h run. tv for I lie Titrcra infi i:. Muii in folk,..'. t .- iMiiil-.j in ividnals. A S :;.-: tt.nti llisla all v Indiana U ba t ivo-mi 1-- CARDINALS BEAT BROWN Third. ! 'onrl h. ? ; ." . 1'iftli and fix -Tilh ami Niiiili ;,mj if-nlb pi. I I'.' -i" O r'linpf I II I'-Il K layd bv . trnkr-s tm d;t( pi or-lintr the rul.-v ..f :.-f,:f ri'M-d bv tl,.. I: oval and inf.. Any --,.mp. file-- li" n. past :i v dii nvi;5ti-;,. "V, .-in';-.' !'- r ... If.r the I'.a; H'lnim rn: Hois I'-lam-event, tiir.ii! th.- boais - tin h. from ir?' pb-nty ia- . j." di.r.rv .;n- :: PHILLIES ARE BLANKED. t boi f; i(!i k 1 tins idt'TM and won tli i th a total yatii.-s j of t be i 'nrtls. Sot h. 1 'olnnib'i :-. "i.-o. ri i : 1 r..-- -Th' tint? for !h Rrowr Mi;oi,.(p.,ia .National-, w.-ro slmti " lh,-- f.n- iimfe laniKt "I rnin came, making fo 1 in U or n did the hnri- MACK JRS. WIN HANDILY i : ;i ! ,- id nl,. BLACKLOCK TO EDDIE CASEY BE PLAYER HERE; BECOMES COACH " !MfwiHin(r walked ,':,'t; ,:.' , wall r,p for tiiree'ba.p-.s imj " i' !!;, th' I i, : ' 1 1 . S'ltnrda ; N''!'ih''ster 1 -dn-sday b: Jl"it Rooters (" to Cc eland r.M.lcPH. ,,,rncl, f,,. ""''""J- "f llrlroil ."'"l,.-.n,. ..,, "-'"T in Cl.v., n,o, ,. i::.i.t I,',ls ll,.trj, s.,, l-". i.-f ,i ,.1K M.,n.ln.v :,M.r.ii,,., ' ", l" '- r..r nwl.Ii.- ul". ih (o ,!.,. -'''"r'- "' "I S.rr'. 1 SI.". ,,,,.,, " '-a.-L.TJI ll.-l,,.,. ai.i. i :-. i rvo-Mi':' i:vi;n' ILLINOIS 'U' PLAYS ; Motion Pictures to be Used to Show j GRIFFITH'S TEAM IN DOUBLE HEADER sg tmetes 1 neir r aults on 1 rac ni id-. i; nh .!.. siirnini; Ins art like, hist AGAIN BEATS REDSigSf COLLEGE BASEBALL. GIANTS WIN, 7 TO 0. Beats Birmingham, But Loses to College Nine. lorm::;-. Ala.. April 10. - I!- i.oi.; i ni. :-si iy-.s I -.s.-bait team. . Mhn-ii is loiirini? tin- south iif-p;ir-:..ioiy to ih'- '""rirerene.i eha.aipion --l.ip sen.'..,,, piay.-.j n doubl, -lo .1.1- i- h- !- (...biy. bn-ak ini: .'Vcn. In ib" m-min C.e.-rKe H off-: pv.dei-d-i. at-d the I :: rmini: l..m South. Association t- run b-, tl,. b.,-si'!e.l M..f. of Z to :. imi in ; Hi" a ' T-t, --011. a i-'a a : a n: il -v. t. .las-. fomid Ihe i- .j nu rtjt: I th.- funonr AII-W, t- liil- w!:i! M. A. y.-d v.-itli ti:e Or-ar vjtcio rtuttiiuca wun vanaiaates, uives Training Rules and Appoints Captains. i Taltes Game Played in Cincin- : nab by Score of 10 to 9. BROTHER BEATS Boston Marathon Olympic Trv-Out h:i.J iih Ar ir,- rub-:- the !- d lor Lii ".-M. A. f . N., new lean will be eb-i ?-- r.t detc.-.Md. in;;'na..: y. Si..... ii:;i"i;.;-il , . . . . 1 BtrTUrD U C DC .orK.jiiio local bas.-bali s-'.-on wiih! .-ns of a'mj ! WiiPbini?! ; t he s. -or, ! j Xaeh.iry di -f la defeat mi a! i" -?a in,, bv ! n yd"r a n 1 j ii!m for th ib th- He rd form !il op-; nnii? ,,f (lie ii,--Yacht dab lor t li s. a.son take 1 a ee Tli ti rvd ay, April ... tn- iii.w , -;rnsi v.1.1 ; ..i-.-rv inird w-.Tk and; K'O. l'20. -no yard -intJh'-f. and broad i "l" 'bin;rton Am.. ompb-te -,1 0f!.i'J;np; wai"- 111 !h- mile :,.nd loi'iielnh t!fnni do ,. . .... , ' nine; wiih-m in ihe w.-iRht ii. i-i. .ui.i- ics son j til(1 hijh jump :tn( individuals who 1 vault; Amofi in 'he hurdbt m'euro.-,. intirsion in the two mile. s of the frank ! A lol of new talent appeared ke phie.- lu-i-rv ' t!ic last im.:LinL- as iwt 1.1-t f .-. : p Irt n - tli'1 squad nnl wMti '.'oac!. Smith's ''" i. :'!, ! 'iini I.iI.m- tiition thai more ;u.;- ar. ir. is ( wen- mi ib- n; . ;,.i f..r tie; Na il aa - a irmip of 1 i.,,,.,., .... lufiilii':-- t-...m. ml; advantage j nt the wildn'.'s ff tlif local pitch- j able j f'rs- rif' ";,v iar fruru b,i- iiiff ideal Tor baseball. Ne-e York. Apri! in.-- 1 1, the fi., T-o.ind of the miTional amatnir .-on i--aiiis totirnan;' nt piay-d her- t day e. Suydam iruttinj? of th, Nr.. Vit'k Uacrpj.-t and T.pnis club d ..U'd h's bi-.-.tb-T. C. Koltnn I'u if! t iirf t I Mll.-l.t .-.-.-I;., - I . K- nieri ea n 1 1 inoi Tile lf.,.,JH"ll K ; mertea n vn;; n:ioii::e.-.s li,.a n:'p:'4'sn..f" . '. t-a.-li n.cthods and fornis 1 . :e.,. ,l llii-s,; irieetlllir:: d:s- mtv nr uhv,.tv .rL- ,,-ni. 1: i-iii.s an; to take daee nlat ivo . Moro men am apparini? for th" i "''"" Vi tW : S 01 K'"uiMS I'CKiiItM in 1 weights which is an cvftnt whore but the Na . 1 ine Atrcies are weak. tV. t.- 1. . . y,:ar.s captain I thc-sft hopefuls are sizeable athletes :" , r..,-.,-iu ,u uiu'Gim 01 ana wiiii irainint- Jhonld las. . uu so u;at. tlie Aggies art I to make grood, records .!; elian I. 'da ill I-. Mfmh'TH of the Hoin" Tlnarrej .iite.-;i ,.f a!! ti- . club will hold a special meeting 1 m that rae-- and I-'i iday nlirht at S o'clock. Mom- 1 Hint n d onlv t t.e hers unable to come notify .Manner ats,. others finishim Ivasperaa. bo upon the team."" ..Md. y;ion ikuii? part belieTOn v uin:r but well will r

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