The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1949
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVrLIJ? (ARK.V COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 1949 THE NATION TODAY House Members Finally Muster Courage to Shelve Fantastic Pension Bill Offered by Rankin ~ r By Jjunn Marlow '; WASHINGTON, Marcli 26. (/ft— The veterans' pension bill seems dt*d for this year, buried by Ihe House. 11 had a dizzy lunctal, one of Hie ftrangest. [ Thinking or the veterans when election comes around, House member* apporached the bill like a man examining IMC teeth bt a lion. One of then), unabashed, told ncwiinen ironically. / "TJiis is where I rise above the principle and vote political." . But another, less gay about vot-t —. Ing for something he didn't believe In, told reporters: "It isn't a question of whether I'm for or against the bill, but whether I want to ge re-elected. So I'll have to vote for It." In the end. he voled against It. 60 did R majority of the congressmen but It took them tlirce days Capitol of Europe? cned out. Otherwise, \ve wouldn't have known what we were voting for." After watching the truck roil over his baby, nankin said: "That kills this legislation (or tills Congress." to take that step. The finally did ' it by tormenting and disfiguring the bill till its own father wouldn't know It. In this case the father was Rep John Rankin, Mississippi Democrat, > little man with a bright tie and perpendicular white >iaiv. Rankin, a veteran of World War I, u peppery at 67. His bill nould have given veterans of World Wars I and II a pension of $90 a month when they reached 65, whether or not they needed the money. ' Cost Would Be Prohibitive If the bill ever became law, government ' officials had warned, it would cost the country $IL'5,000,(IOO,- 000 In 50 years. And, thinking of the big debt the country nas already, President Tru man and his leaden In Congress didn't want It. Right from the first, It seems, the House members didn't want It either but In the beginning they didn't want to say so publicly where their name and their'vote against It would be on record. Almost Immediately when the bll c*me up Tuesday a majority of the House voted to kill it. But till was in the kind of vote where their vote was listed by number", not b fie me. But, almost as fast, when the; were called upon to vote by name they voted against killing (he bill Iri three days they changed Ihel Vote five times. "On the second day they begai to beat the bill out of shape b voting changes In it, right on Hi tloor. By the time they wer through that second day practlcall no one knew what had been vote Into It. ?AI1 the while the House had lice roundly lambasted In the press fo Its tactics. And Thursday. Her Block, cartoonist for the Washing ton Post which congressmen teed off on them. ';". 'Cartoonist Gels Results His drawing showed a monstrous I»t man, labeled "House of Rep- I resentatlves." bending over while! a "congressional medal" was pjiued on the seat ol his punts by a slaphappy character called "pension grab." The medal read: "For unusual running, dodging and reversing without regard for the call of the duty." And yesterday the House came back and by one vole—208 to 207— killed the bill. Not outright. The House voted to "send tt back to committee." That's something like sending a body to the graveyard. When the House'votes to send a b!!l back to committee the measure almost never comes *^ '' on the floor for a vote. In this case it was sent back to Rankin's committee which had prepared the bill In the first place. Any congressman who's questioned" about it, can always honestly say: "I didn't vote to kill the bill. But »o many confusing changes were \ made in It on the floor, tt hud to be 1 *t:nt to committee to be straight- Obituaries '•ormer Blytheville Man Dies in Little Rock Last rites for Will Moslcy. 49. iur- lerly of Blytheville will be cou- ucted in Little Rock at 2:30 Monay. Complete arangemcnU were ol avaih.ble. j Mr. Moslcy died last night at a ittle Rock Hospital, where lie was chortulcd to undergo an operation is morning. He apparently stif- ercd a heart attack. Mr. and Mrs. dosley had made their home In lc Rock since he left Blytne- Ille about 25 years ago. His par- ills, the late J. H. Misley and Mrs. losley, lived here for several years •hern Mr. Moslcy was engaged In arpentry. His sou also was hi that tuslness In Little Rock. Two aunts and an uncle, Mr... Sula Rutlcdee. Mrs. Frank Webb md Joe Scruggs, all of Blytheville ir« among the survivors ol Mr. Mosley. His wife, five children, his mother and two brothers all of Little Rock, also survive him. It is believed the "Palais du Rhin," above, In Strasbourg, Fiance, will be the Capitol building of Hie proposed Council of Eumpe, which may be the (list step toward a United Slates of Europe. The Council's constitution calls for a cabinet and a 103-man assembly which will meel fora minimum/>f one monlh each summer in Strasbourg, the Council's capital. Mackenzie ELECTIONS Memphis Judge Speaks To Baptist Brotherhood Approximately 60 attended the Brotherhood supper meeting at the First Baptist, church last night when Judge John McCail of Memphis, president of the Southwest Regional Brotherhood, addressed the Blytheville group. Judge McCall, also a member of the board ol directors for the Southern Baptist Convention and president of the Tennessee Baptist Convention, spoke on the responsibility of men in the home, church and community life. | Prior to Judge McCall's address | Worth D. Holder sang the "Blind Plowman." Continued fiuni I'aftc 4 finest democrats in the world, All jnenibers ol tlic .suobaomey are boors. Generally speaking th^y also are bores, because snobbery and low mentality are fairly well .synoaomous. There arc cxceiHions to the rule. j Snobocrac.v permits of a half-willed blue-blood viewing and treating i \vorkman genius with contempt, on 1 the basis that blood alone counts. Wars on Snobocracy So it 1* stiobocracy at which Hie \vorkcrs for democracy really are aimlny. Few would claim that classes must disappear, but the crusaders are trying to eliminate the barriers of intolerance which urc based on absurd notions. However, to get brick to the Duke of York. This is the way hts royal highness has gone about his campaign: He Ls head of n summer camp for Coulinueu from Page 1 Brewer. Wii'tl IV—Judges: H. H. O'Neill. O. B. Middlclon, A. P. Dietrich; clerks: LJyion Moore, Forrest Moore. AKetnrtes—Judges: Cecil, U. W. Mtorc, Vcsler Moore; clerks: O. W. Coppedge, Floyd Rechtin. headers' Views Editor Courier News: Much criticism, verv little If any oiislructlve, has been aimed al le Arkansas legislature during its <tsl session. After talking to a nuni- cr of people connected In ony way r another with our state govern- entj a plan lias bem conceived. The one body system has been pcratcd successfully In the state of Nebraska for a number of years nd is under consideration in several ilher states at this time. I believe that Arkansas could real- ''•<•- a more efficient legislature it Ills plan were put into operation. ['he one could consist of 47 nembers, elected afler the 1950 census. Their salaries should be increased to around Si,500. Many legislators liave complained hat due to the lack of time they are nimble to make a thorough and accurate study of legislation pre- sentpd to them. Msny of our more important measures are not introduced until the las'. 10 days oi the 60 day session. Why not change the dale of the meeting? Instead ol meeting on the second Monday In January, change it to the first Monday in February. This will give the governor an opportunity to familiarize himself with nis office and the problems that confront him «"tl the legislature. The legislature would meet for 30 days in which time all legislation should be ill troduccd. appointments considered and organizational routines settled Then the legislators would go home for 30 days. This would afford them an opportunity to discuss legislation '.vith their constituents and give them time to study appropriations nd consult with educational heads c. The last 30 days, In the month April, would be devoted to posed legislation. The 'ab^ve plan, I believe, would be of much benefit to the people of tile state of Arkansas and go a long way toward giving them a more efficient state government. Frank Swilling, Little Rock, Axle. Mediators Intervene In Conductors' Dispute WASHINGTON, March 26. W)— The National Mediation'Board said today It has intervened In a nationwide strike of Pullman conductors set [or March 31. Tills means an Indefinite postponement of the walkout. If the dispute is not settled and the 2,100 Pullman conductors eventually strike, it probably will mean complete withdrawal of Pii!!man nrs from the nation's trains. The Order of Railway Conductors ORC) called the strike. Its sriev- racts. boys at New Romncy. His organization has several hundreds of them there at one time. And this Is the point: They are drawn equally from the working classes and the aristocracy. The duke, sly young man, pours his little workmen and little bhic- blood.s all into his melting pot and stirs them up until you can't tell one from another. What Is more Important, the lads can't sec any difference themselves. The duke sees to It that no games are plnycd In which the "public school" fwhnt America calls "private") boys, that Is. the aristocrats. can show superiorly because of their school training. Everything team work, and the sides arc made up equally of the two classes. Small lords and tiny mine workovs labor New Atomic Site 'reasurer's Wife Dies CINCINNATI, March 28. W— Mrs. Gertrude Means Julian, wife of Treasurer of the United States W. A. Julian, died yesterday at her lome here, her family disclosed today. 'Julian, who arrived this morning from Washington, said hts wife was 80 years old and had been 111 for several months. for mutual advantage In tugs of war. Duke Takes Ducking 1" Vnurl One of the moving spirits in the cnini) is an instructor named Uois- sicr. from the famous public school at Harrow. He Is a "regular fellow." and the boys affectionately call him "old boss eye." The duke himself spends considerable time at the camp In nondescript clothes, and he Is treated as one of the gang. For a lark, the boys even have chucked him—second son ol their his appare! oii/Aiid lie llketl It. Tne duke has publicly admitted that the greatest compliment ever paid him was when one of his camp hands referred to him as a "human being." The duke's camp is a great level- cr, and it fs a shrewd move. His royal hlgness catches 'em young, being mindful of the fact that in a few short years these lads will be the backbone of England. Their democratic influence will spread. The peculiar 'thing about, the duke's conspiracy is that few people Judges: Joe Hires, Richard Thomas, C. P. Powell; clerks: Bdllh McDiintels, J. M. Majors. Alternate.? —Judges: John A. Williams, W. H Mciiclows Jay Kockendorfer; clerks: Mrs. H. T. Ballcw, Mrs. J. I. Mlf- Ilin. Dell Judges: M. R. Griffin, Eugene H. Hi-.ll, "Earl Miigcrs; clerks: W. D. Cranford, J. W. Gordon. Alternates —Judges: Charles P. Armstrong, James W. Dorcn. C. C. Burton; clerks: Curtis Downs, Lee Bevln. Manila Judges: Bill Borowsky, L. T Brown. Walter Wright; clerks: Max Fred Powell. Alternates- Judge?: Walter Griffin. Bill Davidson. Vinson lay, clerks: Earnest Horsby. George, PCX. LcaL-hvillc Jut'ees: H. V. Smith, Louie Wcin berg, W. L. Bryant; clerks: T. J PitTcc, Donald wheeler. .-Utenift p. L, Lee. John F. Bcardcn, H. G Jolnison; clerks: G. M. Nelson, L Robeils. Joiner Jiidpr?: Wallace Miller. Ba Wcisi. Julius Rulph; clerks: J. B Wilson. Aubrey Paulk. AUernnle. c Judgis: Murphy Carey. George Tinsley. Tull Johnson; clerks: Cecil Sherwood, Dave Frew. Keiser Judges: A. M. Parker, John Pick- ctt, Hci)ry Mills; clerks: J. H. Watts, J. W. Hall. Alternates— Judges: E. W. Watson, Jr., Henry Ariams, Henry Mills; clerks: Clyde Bnriiclt. M. L. Siewnrt. O.-jCcola. a city of the second class Correct PIANO TUNING And Expert Repair Work Guaranteed Radio Service AM-FM Television Violin Repair Experts Everything In Music BROOKS Music Store 107 E. Main. Tel. 811 f nu-nding and acting upon the pro- Megro Deaths Services wil) be conducted at 1 >.m. Monday at the First Negro JnptisL Church by tlie pastor. Rev. ?„ H. Haywood, for Lizzie Slaj'tor, 4, She died nt her home on East Walnut, Wednesday, A brother and sister survive her. Burial will be Ht the Burton Spur Ceujetery, east of Blytheville. under the direction of the Caston Funeral Home. CAMERAS FOR RENT Flash or Box Type Cameras. Also a complete stock of flash bulbs in all sizes. Barney's Drug Store 2006 West Main Phone 3647 KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL Phone 2089 Phone 4141 G. O. POETZ Railroad at Cherry Funeral services for John Talkington, 21, will be conducted at II a.m. tomorrow at the Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church by the pastor. Rev. C. W. Alexander. Burial will be at the Joiner Cemetery. He died at his mother's home on South 16th Street, Thursday. His mother, Lizzie Brooks, a brother and three sisters survive him. The Caslon Funeral Home Is in charge of arrangements Read Courier News Want Ads. 4% HOME LOANS Elbert S. Johnson Thb Ki|tiitable Lite Assurance Society GENTLEMEN: To have a suit that really (its. be measured b; a tailor. Now showing all <he latest spring a»d summer imparted and domestic woolens. Drop down to our shop any day of the week. GEORGE L. "Btylheville's Onlv Tailor" BABY CHICKS Henlthy, Sturdy • Buy the Best • Master Mix Feed- None Finer Lewis Poultry 419 East Main Phone 3317 ! You Are Cordially \ Invited to Visit The j Accessory Shop will hold its biennial election next year. D.P.L NO. 15 COTTONSEED Delinted, treated and Sacked State Certified 85% Germination 1 Yr. from Station 1A Ton or Carload Also Good Alfalfa Hay for Sale IB. Nu-Wa Offers You the Biggest Laundry Value! ROUGH DRY 1 Ac BUNDLE •U ALL FLAT WORK FINISHED WEARING APPAREL STARCHED Shirts Finished . 12c each Extra Pants Finished 20c each Extra Call 4474 -4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS Six Service Trucks The Atomic Energy Commission announced H has chosen 400,000 acres near Pocatello, [da., as the best site for its mammoth ncsv atomic power reactor plant. The area includes the Navy proving ground at Arco. Second choice lor a site was the Fort Peck- Glasgow area in northeastern Montana. THE SECRET OF A BRIGHTERCLEANER WASH Handle Your Health With Care When Sickness Strikes. S«« Your Doctor • - And Remember Rothrock's For Prescriptions Phone 4451 Send your clothes to the Blytheville Laundry ami they'll come back to you cleaner, brighter than ever before. But that's not all. Vbut clothes will last tanner because they're treated carefully, gently . . . ;m important consideration today when it's so expensive to replace them. Next time call Blytheville Laundry and you'll discover what we mean by rcallj "good laundry service." Blytheville Laundry & Cleaners Phone 4418 Feminine Apparel J Mabel Hngan Hotel Mnhle Blrlg. Blytheville. Ark. Wins Grand National and complete BUILDING SERVICE AND SUPPLIES AINTREE. England. March 26.— f.'l*t — Russian Hero uon'the 103rd Grand National Steeplechase today. Rolmond wns second, and Royal Momit was third. TO MY FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS realize 'Just what he Is up to. A lot of folk think he is merely singing u summer's frolic—very pleasant UNDERWOOD FOR SALE BABY CHICKS Concrete culverts, 12 inch to 4S inch, plain or reenfurued- Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than [amber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, toot sheds. We deliver Call us for free estimate . v phone 691. Newspaper Boy 4A Quality Order Yours Now L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Clierrj * Railroad. Phone *493 DON'T MAKE HIM CALL BACK! He has only 3 days to collect . . '. beginning Saturdays and ending Tuesdays. CALL BACKS HURT HIM Since all weekly subscriptions are payable on Saturdays, please try to pay your carrier some lime between Saturday and Tuesday afternoon. HELP BUILD TOMORROW'S LEADERS ENCOURAGE YOUR NEWSPAPER BOY— Courier New* Circulation Department Seed Soybeans Our Specialty SPRING PLANTING OATS i Also Alfalfa, Lcspedeza, Sweet Sudan, Sudan, Pasture Mixtures, Lawn Mixtures and other field seeds. Call Us for Your Requirements BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORPORATION Blytheville, Ark. 856 Phones 857 • MEAT CURING • STORAGE . • FOOD LOCKERS • PROCESSING FOR HOME FREEZERS BLAYLOCK'S Highway 61 North — Phone 3172 Baby Chicks • Custom Hatching • £99*

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