The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 25, 1930
Page 6
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p^^'-.,v:)-^ $•"''• •-','•'• : '' • •;;•••: ''AGE SIX^ __, HLYTHKV!! I.K, BRUSHING UP SPORTS 2233*3S3SlS*sl By Laufer . Cubs in Victory But Robins Split Two; Giants Cop From Pirates. NEW YORK.—The Brooklyn Scbins held to first place in the National loop by dividing a double leader with the Cincinnati Beds Thursday while the Chicago Cub .von from the Phillies. The Dodgers lost the first game •,f the two game bill 4 lo 3 in i .-,ard fought battle with the 1^ •ounling the winning tally in llv .Ighth inning. The league leader? .'ot right in the second game anii cored nine runs in five innings in . n abbreviated game called on ac- •JUIH of wet grounds. Phelps wns ne winning hurler in the secairj anic while Kolp won the flrst and Vance lost. The Cubs marched over the Phi! : cs In a heclic allair al Phlladel- nia, 19 to 15.-Each team made ' ..Its but the Cubs piled up a 13 f '• lead at the first of the game. TlK Chillies counted seven runs in the The New York Giants • and Pilts- -.urgh Pirates were enabled to play ..ut six innings at New York with aln halting ihe attain A home run ' / Lindstrom and good pitching by lubbell put the Giants ahead 1 lo ••• when the game was called. The nly tun came in the first Inning •\t the end of the sixth Hubbell allowed the Pirates but one hit. The Boston Braves defeated the rt. Louis Cardinals n to 4 al Bos••)ii. Chick Hafey, Card oiUMclder .irove In three runs, hitting two comers, ,a double and a single but : 3ticd to put the Cards across. Ber- ;er, young Brave gardener, also irashed a homer, his 27th of the reason. Bobby Smith was the winning hurler. With tlie score lied, Jimmy Foxx, Bonnie Mack's-first baseman, crash•d a home run with one on that ;ave the Philadelphia Athletics nn ; to 0 victory over the Cleveland 'ndians at Cleveland. Simmons anc 1 Morgan also hit homers. Rommell •vas the winning hurler. Ted Lyons and the Chicago .Whllr '3ox upsL-t the stride of the second place Washington Senators yesterday, subduing the Nats 10 to 4. Lyons allowed 13. nils but kept them well scattered. Led by Earl Webb. Red Sox fielder, the Boston R*d Sox scored nn 8 to 5 victory over the St. Loui Browns. Webb pounded a homer, . double and'two singles and batted in three runs. Russell burled iffcc- tive ball against the Brouns. The New York Yankees wor from the Detroit- Tigers. 5 lo 2 at Detroit. Guy Cantrell was charged with the defeat although he hurled good ball until Babe Ruth smashed his 36th homer. Sherid was the winning hurler. O.S.OPEM 60LF CHAMPIONSHIP UJH1LE 9 AMERICANS MAV'E limns Take to Night Baseball Like Ducks lo Water; Pels Win. ATLANTA, Cis.—The Allan'.! couple of errors, a base cu balls and a long single netted the visitors 3 runs. Porter, Cotton States l.iaguer, Is slated to face the Tribe Sunday, The young rljht hander has been winning for the Mor.etic boys and the fans believe that he will tame the Indians Sunday. Wcrne, Eason or fiaton will pilch fo r the Indians. The left- handers have lost only on? game' pugilist of Marked Tree, Franks on Fight Card For Monday Johnnie Franks, the well known ai'na .Monday incst Blylhevilte fans as ft glove throwing bantam Is now a full fledjcd lightweight, and will tackle a boy who packs a go:d rcpu'.a- lion up St. Louis way, li< Buddy Sclerlh, a youth who has come to the fi-citt rapidly In the past few months. In the six. round semi-wlndup Sandy Ridge, ihe rugged country boy who h,-, punched and wrestled Ills way to victory. ov.?r everybody Promoter Joe Cralj ha-i been ab!e each for Osccola while Beaton has lo a Blyiheville . .sulfered defeat twice since joining i 1 "?" 1 !L; ' '•** illM ! " n; J" lc ' e I to find for "him this year, will face the Indians. irr-orcd a two round knockout over i p rc |, a ))iy n, P sternest opp^itlm IIL- 'Herbert Ar.dcrlon ^i-vcial WU.-KS . j us ., cl |) ecu called :n lo nscil hii'k-: :L ::cnrs yr ;t:-rduy brtfniv l'i<"; lii'ally fell in til 1 .' wakn <-,'. ih •iv:bf!Sim-!i, 3 10 2. Hurry ;-:?'!*• r.'us hur'cr, i:hutk?:l u;> hi' LV.ii vU'loj-y ot th? !.;a:::>n Ui: •.-.•• Ii;rc j jfl to unlous'j .some nifty ji:-.. 1 in;; to (;:iiii (he vi'jiiry. Tri'j Crfl'-!:- us i-rrc-fd their I'm runs i:i t:-; the iesl ol the way. Mobile Bears divided a :|JH : >!C IK!' ChaH-moi^u wilh th<: L-joV:.;'.'; I !•.vamping the P.ruins in Ins fir:;' ; K lo 2, bill losing UN; .seerm:! 7 tc i 13. Chultanorjya ina:h .srven cno;-..; ill the fli^l H-iiiic- but thi 1 H»;',-- I i\ tr> lak'j iidvanhiji' °' H.r breaks. •• 'lii" Ncv; Orleans Pelicans v.-jt'ii i Jr.hir.O'i on fie mouiul W.MI i:i | fashion from the Na:.'r.-.'l: ' Vols. 9 .to 1. The reform:; s!i:iv«d fjff v.'ith n four lun lead In UK lliini find v;trc never ::ead;':!. Mc- C:)ll v.a-. (ho losing hcrbr. A fo;;r run rally in tli° ninth inning put Ihe flnisiiini; touches 10 a victory over ih? Trsvclsf. :. I.i'.'.h ficck last nlfh:. 7 ;o Ii. iLii'.e runs by Weis an:l B!acker!:y ljrc:ishl defeat for Uie Pebble-. Lidalph was the winning and Mc-urr ihe- losing Inirlp;-. Tiie lnv!'= \.ci • uiainnitd \vhen ci.i:. v K'ti hi. 1 ? homer. C'cecla will, play in Canidrn. |'r.;nn., Monday. Tuesday and V.'p:l- a & Q - . | r.rr.duy. , - ''•"•iii'.s, who is Oscscl.t lilt Ci:i:c-: hard l:> win w , many {r [ ]K (() ihp ffiinth game of iiie .serlr: \vi!h Ssiisitcljia, Miss., score 4 13 2. TlM vici ly yislt'rduy \vas t!ie third win for Dm India':. 1 , in the fuir yumc:; ".iikv. G: al Hi'.le, rrc'.nlly taken ci: by !):•.• :.:timiys. '".'A;; '.11? slar •i has yet. 1 in Roy Mauley ol I.epar.lo. iiiLs in ihe plate or" n' « l»y with wallop that slops '(-ni lln tl:eir Iracks. 5{e duclan-;. hi: >p yniing Ic-flhai'.de'r, : will have Sandy on '.he tuj-.viss i:i Kenntobia' boys only >hi.rt cvdcr. Bui. such a ntun-i!:!.-;:. oul ten. would never v.crry me ensy K">->'~ but f-Uth prcducl of Sandy Uiil:^-. Two four lO'.inci piel:min:i::i-: f.p:n '.!•••: rhow. i.uri- run. Wpvnc Eu allcv,-ed ihe three hits and struck •nit iour.gsur (us lost but one s-.iiii:-: i.incc- joinii:;; the Trilx? of O-i tola. C ar: 1~ B_ Phillips Motor Co. OPEN AT NIGHT and listed Car Salesroom . Scout II. son of Sir Gnllahad 111 and half brother of Gallant Fcx. was listed among the favorites . in the Epsom Dnwns Y^rby. He finished oulslde of the -noney, but his decisive victory later In the Lincolnshire places him In high rank among (lie thor- mghbreds of England. : s • ! j Atlanta ............. 50 Little Hock .......... 52 Chattanooga ........ 48 Nashville ............ -13 Mobile ............. 30 50 53 51 W 70 New Worlds to Conquer It .is' evident that William Woodward reads more than just the racing news on the spar Is pages. He has announced thai Gallant Fox, his sturdy thoroughbred, will go to England in search of pri?cs, immediately following the American three-year-old champion's campaign in this country. Mr. Wocdward must have noted in the sports pages that Americans have been -capturing British -honors right and left this year. The double" triumph o! Bobby Jones in golf and the -tennis victories o Bill Tilifen, Wilmer Allison, John Van Ryn and Mrs. Helen Will Moody must have convinced Gal lant Pox's owner that the Urn to strike is while the iron is hot. And so the son of Sir Galla- had III-Marguerite, who has won six consecutive stake race victories this season, will be l?d aboard an ocean liner and shipped to England, immediately following the running of the Jockey Club Gold Cup race at Belmont Park. American League W. L. Philadelphia '. 01 32 Washington 58 30 New York 54 40 Cleveland -13 47 Detroit « 52 Chicago 37 55 31. Louis 3 <j 5U Boston 35 58 National W. Brooklyn ........... 53 Chicago ............. 54 New York .......... 49 St. Louis ........... 45 Pittsburgh .......... 43 Boston ............. 4'2 Cincinnati .......... 42 Philadelphia ........ 31 Tct. .683 .5SG .515 .500 .495 .471 .422 .300 Pet .001 .017 .51-1 .510 .464 .402 .'J8 1 ! .370 Pet. .187 .581 .53 f .SOS .478 .472 /">' .3 CO III) YOU, KNOW THAT— Connie Mack, who worried a ,lle aboul his wobbly pitching; nd .shady hilling recently, nov. declares t'.inl his boys will win lit . . . "ili?y're beginning lo clock now," nre Ihe words ol he veteran manager . '. . Con- ilc still likes 10 talk of thr ast world :-c::i'b ... In spile cf what r-vciybcdy said of llov,- ard Elunke and Lefty Grove ii thai series. Conir-; thinks Earn slmw did (lie niftiest job o pitching . . . although he losl 3 to I. . . . John McGraw sill Ihcs in hopc-i that he'll fin n Jewish ball player who ca play good ball . . . Scout Die Klnselln. who reams thc.coas circuit for McCirnw. was ii structed lo supply at least or Jewish lad this season . . His conlributions was Hari Rosenberg ... If Rof:nbc becomes a turnstile magnet t'.i year, it is because Ihe Broi beys like Ihe way he lilts fn gees to the culfielders in pra lice. K.\ .1 t! 3-iS His Chances LOOK Gcou Mr. Woodward's decision to ship the American champion to foreign tracks was not reached until alter he had given it considerable thought. The successes he Cias known abroad with his extensive string of thoroughbreds during the past few years was a determining factor. It is barely possiK,:, too. that Mr. Woodward looked upon this as an American year of triumphs in England, in view oi what has gone on.- The Fox will be given several weeks to become fully acclimated and familiar to running on sod. His trainer's Instructions will be to get him in perfect condition and then race him in as many stakes as he may prove eligible to start in. There is every reason to believe that Gallant Fox will win on British soil as he has won in this country. He has the speed and If he Is allowed to become accustomed to English racing conditions, he should succeed. Relgh Count, the American three-year-old ciiam pion In 1928 made an extensive tour of England and enriched his owners, Mr, aiid Mrs. John Hertz, of Chicago, by several thousand dollars. Lord Derby, who watched Gallant Fox race to an easy vic- lofy In the Kentucky said lie could Games Today Southern League Birmingham at Memphis. Atlanta at Uttle Rock. Mcblle at Chattanooga. Nashville at New Orleans. American League Washington at Chicago. Boston at St. Louis. New York at Detroit. Philadelphia at Cleveland. National League St. Louis at Boston. Cincinnati at Brooklyn. Pittsburgh at New York. Chicago at Philadelphia. lands and shoulders. Firmly, olve that you'll keep your eye he ball mull It's started on vny. That isn't miicn to nsk. Unt I. It'll be a light. | IVioneUe Buffaloes to Invade Gsceola Sunday j OSCEOLA. Ark.—The Moneuc i rc _ • ^uilaltrt's \vill play the* Indians a on rrnirn same at Osccola Sunday, i [•j s 'I ho came Ian Friday, which re-]| j sullcd in ;i vlclory for tl"; Mo'ncltr:! .club, was the best -,cen en ihe! "1' ; Iccal diamond this sensoh. The'. I game «-as won in the 10th when a : 777 Tire and Battery Station Plume 810-811-777 Complete Service 8 HOOTING ^UJttfl HITE -Denny Shute You'll be able to take from three to five and maybe mere strokes off vom- next round rf Edf if you fol- ow explicitly Ihe tlirocticni in this ! article. Let me warn you. though. I Hint lp"y are mi'ch easier rend linn accomplished. | The next lime you play, even if | it's a match you particularly wan: to win or if it's svnebody you especially want to impress, do what J I say and you'll be proud cf your- I self. The peculiar pan of it i? that I've told you the same thing before, but not in exactly the name advice every week lor the resl of your golfing life it would lie Ihe brst Ihing you could do to improve your game. How far Is your best drive? Or your best brassic? II it U 2SH yards. Just go out an hope you hit them all that far. But don't care particularly whether yn;i do or Road Courier News want Ads. j don't. Forgcl nboul your fci't and Round Trip Tickets less than Price via On Sale Daily Limit 3 days—including date of sale Good in coaches. Al=o in Pullman car s on payment of usual additional charge for space in such cars. Hound Trip Fares from Blytheville to Sl. Louis. . . 85.00 Cape Girardcnu — 53.15 Sikeslon §2.25 Curuthcrsville S .fi"> Osteola S .SJ> Wilson — S .80 Memphis. . . $2.00 THE "DRY" ETHYL GASOLENE TCXAS COMl'ANY • Texarn I'rlrolrum 1'rudiiclt Proportionate Reductions to Other Destinations for further details Ask the Frisco Agent XACO+ ETHYL =TEXACO-ETHYL 'e original • nationaltit famous. the oriyiiia.1 'DRY" GAS 01 \ Till: 7F'A\3 fOMPAST nalionally famous. ANTI-KNOCK COMPOUND THE "DRY" ANTI-KNOCK GASOLINE Tires Main and Fifth — Phone 235 MAIN SERVICE STATION ,Car Washing and Greasing Texaco Products Road Service

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