The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on October 26, 1919 · Page 20
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · Page 20

Nashville, Tennessee
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Sunday, October 26, 1919
Page 20
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MSHVI LLE SPORT NEWS SECTION SPORT NEWS SECTION md (She JKaskuilJU Axmritm NASHVILLE, TENN., SUNDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 26, 1919. Commodores Win Hard Fought Game From Auburn 7-6 Cody Leads Teammates To Hard-Won Victory FOUR VANDY Ml:N WHO MADE VICTORY f'OSSIBI.E GEORGIA WINS FROM FLORIDA TENNESSEAN Jsh" Recovers Ball and Runs Fifteen Yards for Touchdown When Zerfoss Blocks Howard's Punt. H.V FENNEIt IlGATIICOCK .Fighting stubbornly nsnlnst fate. Josh r'ily find n Vanderbilt. "Mike" Honolulu's Plnln.uieii wont down in defeat vf."-lenlay afternoon mi Dudley Field before Mo(;ugln's Commodores liy llio i-Io-m- scon-of 7 to ;. Making tlirir only touchdown on n blocked punt curly In the second quarter, the Commodores plaved ;i defensive game throughout tbe remainder of riio game. With Dudley Field in ierfe-t condition tin tho result of (!' two dovs of good Weather niul the highest crowd assembled o fur tills season, cvcrvthllig was favor utile, for Hits great game. Tlio dav was ioudy mid warm. The clouds which threatened rain yesterday iiIhmiI mum brolj-and left the sky ck-ur ami bright fur tho game. ( Cody Sllll Auburn Nemesis. Big JobIi 'od.v. for years I ho Auburn Nemesis, again loomed iiu to keep the Alabama warriors from winning. When lie recovered u blocked punt hi tin- second period mid ambled across t lit- goal lino with the rod-beaded Howard hanging tn his , kuees, the game wan won. it locking punt nt Auburn bus long been a pastime with Mr. Cody and lie seems t stand between I he in uad victory every tune (hoy flush with Mcliugln's men. lint Tommy Zerfoss crabs off att eoiiyl share of the limelight in this soul-stirrlug play which will be the subject of discus slon tit Vanderbilt reunions fur time Itn-iiieinorahle. This 1-U-pound end entered the gaino. "under the weather" and retired lifter tlio flrat half a sick man. Bui ho had Hine to sneak through anil meet the pigskin ub it was leaving Howard's educated tue. The lmpiet of Tommy's body sent the ball bounding back for flftoti viit-iln urn! Vauderbilt and Auburn raced to retrieve ir. i.ody galloped across ((iff field mid snatched it mi the bo nine from the flugcrs of Howard ami set wall for a touchdown. As he erosBed the Hue Howard snagged hlni wllh kiicJi vim that he had io be carried from the field. H ll pi ek Come. To Aid. This was the first hi thrill from Vim. derhllt'a standpoint. When Auburn came back with a powerful attack and burked the ball over for o touchdown In the name period the thrill was all on the other Mae. However, then1 was re jo Icing when reie nomier, who nail neon rougiilv Windier, failed to klek the goal, giving th. Commodores a slender lead -of one nolnl Auburn came back Mke a whirlwind in the final period and kept hnminerlng within striking, distance of the Commodore goal line. Three Union Howard attempted a goal from placement. Three timet the ball went low and Vamlcrblit supporters chukiii ineir orewui. e Still clinging; to their load, the Com modorea olavod a defenalve came, denend tag most at the while on the toe of .Frank oHr, wno eame onto me neui in iiih eiti-zen clothes an a result of a apell if lck-nesa. Ille fever was tO'l Friday, but he played like n world boater Katurdny. Time ami again his long, twisting puma drove the Auburnites hack from Vnndy'a goal. In addition he played a wonderful defensive game. In the last few minutes An hum hod the ball within Vandy's ten-yard line on a first down. At thlti juncture the glgan-i tic form of Tom Lipscomb, hobbling on his Injured ankle, unpen red on the Held. His nfesence added thn necessary Ktretmlh tn the line and bhvp courage to the oiher nnnmcn. Aunurn waves neai ukuiiibi a stone wall and when the ball wns fumbled and Top Richardson nestled It to his breast as a mother does a babe, tho vls-"Itlng erew was beaten, tloar punted it out nrtd It was never brought bark. The whls- ' tie blew too sooo. When Howard's toe drove the hall far Into the Vandy territory on the kick-off, the hardest name played on Dudley Field In many a day was begun, A fumble by ncrryhlll on the first play gave Auhurn the hall on Vnndy'a 16-yard line. For a while it seemed that Auburn would push icross the line for n touchdown, but Hubert Wiggs saved tho day when he fell on the ball as It rolled out of an Auburn back s hands over the Vandy goal Hue. The ball was put in plnv on Vandy's L'O-yard line and Zerfosp puuferi the ball up the field out of danger. Purtng the remainder of the first (pmrter (he hall was iu Auburn's possession the majority of the time. From th start tho Commodores iilayfd n defensive game, puutlng upon first or second' downs. Fireworks Start. Tlio ball was put in piny on AuIwtij h r-.-viird line with the Plainsmen In possession at tho beginning of the second period. When Howard attempted to punt early in tho ODorier, Zerfoss broke through and blocked the kick. Cody who was lingering near picked up the ball and ran 15 yards for a touchdown, lio also kicked goal, giving tb Commodores a 7-polnt lead. At the time things looked Tcry bright for the Vandy bunch.' Before tbe half was over things took on n different appearance. Kcott, Auburn's peppery little half, got his handa on out of Zerfoss' M-yard pants and r:icod up the field for a i!.Vyard return. (Williamson and Shlrllng then began a hammering nttaek on tho Commodore Hue which brought the balJ f 1 yard of Vandy's gooL After two trials Whirling carried the ball over for o touchdowu. Pete Jtouner missed goul. making the score 7 to u iu favor of Vnndy. , Tho second half was one of the hardest gridiron battles ever staged on Dudley Field. Tbe Commodores continued on the defensive game which they began In Die tirst half. With fresh men tn tbe bark-held, Auburn trained with consistency on the McCugln machine. Williamson and Srott were wonders on the offensive. Scott pu'Ied n pretty broken field run after imother for from 10 to -." yards. He also made severnl beautiful returns or Vamly's punts. Williamson, who relieved Howard In the second ijnnrter, wjs Auburn's most brilliant itsr. His off tackle plays generally resulted Iu modest gains for the HuHistuen. VsAdy Defense Wonderful. Time after time the Vandy goal line as threatened, but on each occasion fate stepped In and saved the day. lint the Lord helps- hint who helps himself. Aud it may he said in this counectlou that the Commodores were certainly there when It r'anu to helping themselves. Whenever the Auburn backs threatened to score, the Commodore line would stiffen nnd bold. Some of the prettiest defensive work Imaginable, was contributed by Cody and the other Vandy lluesnwn. Three times Howard dropped buck for n pIsceuK-nt klek Iu the last half, hoping thereby to turn the tide In favor of the Plaiuswen. All these kicks went wide, however. Twlee Auburn' caMied tbe boll within the shadow of the Vanderbllt goal. On both occasions they were held fur small gains. Shlrllng fum-1 !ei the ball en one occasion wbeu be was within f yards of the goal. Itfcburdsou recovered for Vnndy nnd Goar punted out of danger. , , Speaking from a nonpartisan standpoint, the I'mlmwen deserved toe game. Their offensive swept the Commodore defeuse aside time after time and threatened to turn the tables. Had It not beer for tbe Mctiugin line which baa ' been declared worthless by the wise ones if), the score would have been much different. The underbill bunch showed a great Improvement over the work iu the Tech game. Tiie defense was much stronger and the olTetisii hart Improved slightly. They are .ill vv oe I'll My weak at this point. Kerry-i lb ami Latham, got away several Ulnes for pretty gains, but were uot steady. Hurry hill uiad tome good returns of Howard's and Ol linger' punts. Wlggs also, showed, up to an ml vantage, plugging Hie line for moderate gains throughout the funie- fl"i'l made one or two guluw, but his real value lies In the nhUHv "lied" has te keep tlio Icjuu together. " He has a inlzlity Bood football brad under that red hair. AIT Adams played a wonderful game as lone an was In It. Ho not a few knocks In Uio Mvond .jnarter whtch handicapped him considerably hi tlio last part of the half Ho Mas in there, however, fighting awny nil the time. Zerfoss was on the other end keeping pace- with Air. H0 was hi every play. Ii was Zerfoss who blocked (lie punt ami allowed Josh to stoic. He aKo made some spectacular tackles during the game. Toward the Inst of. the gauie he was relieved by tloar, who litis been flufr.Jhig from toitaf litis. His playing wiHim-d no liud eHects or IiIh Illness, as In' was there as usual booting the. bull for mi average of about to yards and (nil-nig ineui as wen. It was tile footwork-el' Coar ami Zerfoss that prevented An-burn from scoring during the last half. Vandy punted on the first down whenever she not her hands on the ball. The work f the Auhurn line must also be mentioned as It was there almost as st roiig as the Commodore forwards. Pete llouiier was a wonder at tackle, figuring in every way. Two Auburn heavyweights were also there with the good. Pesplte their weight Warren and Sineuiore were insr. ami aggressive. The line-up of the teams and the summary follow : Vundrrbllt (1) Position. Auburn ((1) Adams Right Knd 1'rultt Kilt ley Right Tackle ECogers Holmes Right Cuurd H. Komier Marly Center Snider iiucKner Lett (iunrd Sl.ctnore Cody (,'.) Left Tackle. . I'. Homier (',) ZerfoBS Left Mnd OMtllger l.ntham Quarter . Trapp i-loyu itiglit liair ... Howard Horr.vhlli Left Half Scot! Wlggs Fullback Shlrllng SMbstltutes : Vnnderbllt AVestgnte Tor Adams ; Adams for West gate ; Nelll for yierius ; jiemiri.v ror Adams ; idrmirnson for Itorrvhlll ; Morrow for Nelll : Coar for Morrow; Thomas for Floyd; l.ockman for 1 hoinas : Ml n nick for llnckner ; Ml for Marly; Ijlpscomb for llalley. Auburn Willlamsnn for Howard ; Shlrllng for I run t ; itogers ror it. itonner ; w arrrn for Rogers; Howard for Williamson: Mr-Crury for Shlrllng ; Stutibs for Trnpp ; Kirkwood for Scott. Soore hv iieriods! Vailderbll't 0 7 0T Auburn 0 il 0 0 (iffleiuls: Walker (Vircluial. referee WUIlaius (Virginia), umpire; Couuselman i. i'. i.i. Dean luiesuuiu. Summary: Touchdowns. Cody nnd Shir ling; goals from touchdown, Cody 1. PLAY BY PLAY. KJrsf Quarter Howard kicked off to 1'i-yard line. Zerfoss returns punt 10 vnnis. in'rrynm iiimnies. a (in urn recovers In-varil Hue. Shlrllng failed through line. Scott got 'J yards around right end. uownni got - yarns inrougu line, ouirung got tt yards around left eud. lied Floyd throws Seott for 4-ynrd loss. Kail on Vandy's 8-yard line. Shlrllng fumbles. Ball roiis across goal tine, uerryum reeovers. Hall brought out to 30-yard line. Zerfoss punts ;it yards to Stiirliug, who fumbled. Snider recovered? for Auhurn on Vandy's 40-yard line. Time out for Auburn. Shlrllng lost I yard on line buck. Scott made 0 yards through line. Shlrllng fumbled. Zerfoss recovered. La t hum lost 5 yards on end run and fumbled. Auburn recovered. Shtiilng gained :i yards through the line. Trapp 3 yards right end. Shlrllng gamed s yarns uirougn line. mi i rung makes tirst down. Trapp gained 1 yard through left guard. Howard gained .r yards through line. Shlrllng made :i yards through center. Shlrllng made tirst down. Kail on Vandy's 10-yard line. Time out for uiniy. iiowurn iaiieu 10 gain. ncoii, gains :i yards n round end. Shlrllng made I yard through line. Cody intercepts forward pass nnd returns 0 ynrdo. Zerfoss kicks 4.i yards out of bounds. Auburn s ball on her own ,'tfi-yard line. Howard gained 1 yard over left guard. Scott gained ii rnrds off tackle. Shlrllng made first down. Howard thrown for 17 yards loss ny Kcnoss. tiownru tost j yarns on fake tiunL Howard punted 4f yard n to Kerryhlll. who returned 15 yards. Kerry-hill made S yards through Jeft tackle. Wiggs made 5 yards and tlrst down through Mne. Tlmii out for Vnndy. Wlggs hurt. Latham gains n yards on end run. Slxetuore broke through and downed Kerryhlll for no gain. Lateral in, Kerryhlll to Cody, 10 yards loss. Zerfoss kicked 411 yards to Auburn, who returned . yards. . Scott gained Ti yards. Trapp made 1 yard around end. Shlrllng pained :t yards. Quarter over. Na! I In Auburn's possession on hec own 30-yard line. Second Quarter Howard attempts to punt hut Adams blocks. Cody recovered on 15-yard line and ran the distance for touchdown. Howard injured and was taken from game Codv kicked goal. Score. Vandv 7. Auburn 0. Williamson goes In for Howard Cody kicked off to Auburn's 3P-yarl line. Auburn returned 10 yards. Scott slipped on end run and failed to gain. Williamson made Id yards off tackle. Shlrl!g went through center for 4 yards. Trapp got 2 vards around eud. Time out for Vandv. Floyd Intercepted forward pass. Trnpp to OlMngor and whs downed on Vandy s 30-vard line. Kerryhlll lost 4 yards on end run. Zerfoss kicked AO yards. No return. Auburn's ball on own 20-yard Hue. Wll Ihitusoii gained '-' yards around end Scott lost 4 vards. Time out for Vandy. OI-liuger punted .".0 vards to Kerryhlll. who returned XI yards." Kloyd gained :i yards around end. 1atham went through -enter for r yards. Hall on Auburn's 10-yard line. Two vards penalty on Auburn for time out. Wlggs made first down. Floyd gained :i vards off left tackle. Wlggs went tbn-iigh line for V yards. Kerryhlll gained - varus. incomplete iorwnm imso i;um Latham nnd Adams. Halt goes over to Auburn tui downs. Scott made 1 yard. Williamson pained 3 yards off tackle. 01-linger punted 45 yards out of bounds. Votidv's ball on her own 3-yard line, Shlrllng goes In for Prultt. Zerfoss punted 35 vards lo Scott, who returned 17 yards. Sfilrllriff got 1 yard through line. Tnmp idumhlod on eud run for 2 yards loss. flauison failed to gain. Olllnger PUntej 41 vards out of bounds. Vandy's ball o her own yurd line. Zerfoss panted 45 vards to Scott, who returned 23 yards. Warren goes lu at left tackle. Itogers switches to center. Wnilumson gained 1 vard Williamson made 7 yards off tackle. Scott made 4 yards and first down. Williamson made 10 yards around end. Shlrllng fulled to gain. Ball en Vandy 1-yard line. Sblrflnc carried ball over. P. Konoer failed to Hick goal. Score, Vandy 7,CodvUklcked off to Auburn's 5-yard line t,n ratumiMl 3fl vards. Time out for Auburu. Scott failed to gain. Williamson gained 3 yards aronnd end. Of-llnger punted W yards to Berrjbtll. who r.e. "r"eu ii . n in i I ii if 18 v ar d s in fake punt formation. Kerryhlll gained 2 nrda through line. Latham calnedl yard. Zer-foss kicked l yard ouf of bonnds j Scott ruineii n vards aronnd eno Williamson mnile - yVrdi. Auburn penallKd 1 ard for tlmo out. Olllngm, pouted W yurrt. arrow eMl MM. Vaudjr ball on own 20- ' o"....;' i,iv-l .10 vords. No return. Tronp fnlleil to Itnln. Half up. Auborn a bull on hn own 48-ynM llne. srore: vanuy i. .." SMood Balf. -riitnl Cnilv klt-ked to Aubnru'R 10-rard Hue to Scott, who returned 40 vrd. Scott (Mined 5 around end. W-Iluniflon gained 4 through the line. Forward n u i i , , ,,, . , Photos hv Temif ssean Staff Pliolocrapher. .m M?$?tX ,eJt,,,"ubcrt i1' Va,ldv u,,Ibacki uPPer ri,lt- r"Pt- Jhu- C.dv. left tackle, who made all seven points for his team- lower left Johnny Red Hoyd, halfback, and one of the real stars ot yesterday's same; lower right. Jim Earl v. center, who also played a cond brand of ball These four men were towers of strength in the battle wiili Auburn yesterday, and but lor them Vanderbilt would probably have gone down in defeat pass, Pratt to OHlnger, Ho yards. Floyd tackled from behind. Shlrling made 1 yard through the (Inc. Williamson made 1 yard. Scott gained ',1 yards. Incomplete pass, Trapp to Ullingcr. liall goes over to Vandy on down on Id-yard line. Nelll punted 5t yards. Aubtirit itimhled. but recovered, llendrlx went in for Adams. Trapp failed to gain, llalley threw Williamson for fi-vanl Iohm. Shirliuir made 4 yards through the line. OillngL-r punted to lli-yard Hue. Berryblll fumbled wbeu tackled. l-'Ioyd recovered. Latlinm gained 'i yards ou fake punt, llcrryhsll gained 4 yards. Zerfoss punted 40 yards lo Scott. no remrncu iu yarn a. Kiciiardnon goes in for Hcrrvhlll. Trann valued G vnnls. Scott made S yards for lirst down. Shir ing gaiuca .i .varus turougti (lie line. Wiilfaaitnui made d yards off Incfcle. ftm-k- ner threw Trapp for "J -yard loss. Forward pntta, Trapp to OHlnger, incoiuplcie. Unll goes to Vnudy on bcr :!."-yard ;ine. Nelll p Doled yards out of bounds. Williamson failed to gain. Scott galued 10 yards around right cjiJ. Morrow goes fn for Xeill. Williamson made 5 yards tbrouah the line. Sliirllne madp 1 vard. Shlrling failed to gain. Shlrllng made nrst flown, toming lost l yard. Auburn penalised '2 yards fur time out. Williamson made 10 yards around end. Slitrllni: made ;i yards through th Hue. Shlrllng fumbled ou !!ne buck and Williamson recovered on Vandy's 5-yard line. lUmlrix threw Williamson fur IV vnnl losn m.m- drlx broke up forward pass. Trapp to Jt- linger. Vandy's bail on downs on :,",-yard line, tiour punted -10 yards to Scott, who returned 8 yards. vaudy iciiali.ed lo yards for holding. Floyd out. Williamson made one good off -tackle. Auburn ball on Vandy's "Jo-yard line. Third quarter , up. Score; Vandy 7, Auburn 0. Fourth Quarter Ited Howard for Wll llamson. K. chard son threw Howard for no gain. Forward pass Incomplete. Tripp to Olliuger, -Howard dropped buck for placement on 33-yard line. Failed. Vandy's bai: on own 20-yard line. (;oar punted ;i yard to Scott who returned 8. Trapp gained 7 yards in cross-buck. Scott made 4 yards and first down. Thomas went in for "Ited"' Floyd. Auburn's ball on Vandy's IK-yard line. Shlrling gained 2 yards through line. Howard -gained. J yard around end. Scott gained 4 yards. Hownri) droiw back to 3JJ-yard line for placement. He failed, Vandy's ball on her own 20. yard line. Goar punted 53 yards out of bounds. Auburn's bull on own 30-yard line. Shlrllng made 4 yards through line. Scott gained 2 yards off tackle. Howard punted 50 yards to Latham, who returned I-' yards. Goar thrown for 8 yards loss on fake punt. Qoar poo ted 47 yards out of bounds. Auburn's ball on own 32-yard line. Mc-Crary went tn for ShJrllng. McCrary lost 1 yard on line buck. Trapp gained :Ul yards around end. putting hall on Vandy's 32-yard line. Mlnnkk for Bucker. Scott made IS yards around end. Howard made 8-yard line. Trapp failed to gain on yard line. Lipscomb for llalley. Howard made 2 yards and .first down. McCrary fallad to line buck. Vandy penalised Ii yards off sides. Loekman for Thomas. Howard failed to gain. Hall on Vandy's (1-yard line. Trapp failed to gain or double pas. Mc,'rary fumbled, Richard or double. Uoss McCrarv fumbled. Ilk-hard- Auburn, Though Beaten, Has Full Share of Glory v Gained Nearly Four Times as Much Ground as Victorious Commodores Claims Seventeen First Downs to Vandy's Three. n fib st sin. Vanderbllt's indomitable lighting splril. coupled with the keen cunning or the gi gantlc Josh Cody and diminutive Tommy Zerfoss, has again triumphed over ihc Auburn plainsmen. Hat Mel! ugln's men can claim no more of the glory than ( he heroic AlattamianN. who fought like tin- Tigers" they are from start to iluish and all but snatchml away that slim 'one -point margin in tbe bum Plainsmen. "They are the gamcst bunch, of players 1 ever met," said tho veteran Alf Adams as lie Minpcd 'off the field. "You've got to huiid it to them. They plnv real foot-bail anil they play it clean. It would be no dlsgrare to have been beaten by a ienui of that callher." Alf voiced the sentiments of the entire Commodore eleven. Nothing but praise for the lighting spirit of the Plainsmen was heard among the players as they steamed under the showers in the gymnasium. These arc not idle compliments. They cone from the heart Imchusc of the wonderful uphill light staged !)' the Orange and lthic. Auburn Outplays Vandy. Beaten as they were when the final whistle blew, the Tigers outplayed the son recovered ball on ft-ynrd Mne. Ior punted 40 yards to Scott wlvt returned o yards. Scott made 4 yards off tackle. Hill for Early. Stubbs for Trapp. McCrary gained 4 vards through Jine Scott made 2 yards a'nd first down. Stubbs -made 3 yards around end. Scott fulled to gain. Forward pass, Stubbs to Olliuger, incomplete, Howard -dropped back to3.Vyurd Jine to trv for field goal. Howard failed. Vandy's hall tin her own 20-yard line. Goar punted 40 yards to Scolt who returned 10 yards. Kirkwood for Seott. Incomplete forward-pass, Stubbs to Hownrd. Kirkwood failed to gafn Howard piintod 35 yards out of bounds Vandy's bull on her 15-yard line. Gear punted 35 yards to Kirkwood who returned 10 yards. Forward pass. Stubbs to OHlnger. Intercepted by laitbam who returned. It 10 yards. Vandy's ball on own 35-yard lino. . . . Final score; Vund l-t'Jw A Commodores throughout the giiiir ir; pnic tlt-ally every department. Tin v i--anied more ground, led lu forward passing and even avcriiged more on lliclr kicks Hilt the gigantic form of Josh I'oily :ini the slender shadow of Tommy Zerfoss spelled their doomthese two. aided by one man out of a sick bed and another hobbling around ou a battered aud mvoI-len ankle. "Tech can hoot Vnnderhilt fumet!iuej." remarked a sobered Auburn tun Inn fl;e can't beat Vandcrliili. Josh Cody and Fate." He might have added to this a lighting spirit that ban never been surpassed and he would hav,. hit the mark. Auburn's offensive strength outclassed that of Vamlerbllt to such a degree that one wonders bow the 7 to (1 margin could have ttccn maintained. In advancing the lull from ficrfmtmigo Hotiuhue's men guined nearly four tunes as much ground aa their conquerors. Their total distance was 28 yards, as compared tu 5'.i for Van-derhiit. Auburn skirted the ends for 150 yards and hit the Hue for eight vards more than figure. Vmid.'s total distance gained around the, Auhutn ends was onlv 30 yards, while In the itne the (ioid and Ilincli plungers registered hut 20. Vatiderbilt registered but 1 hrre first downs, one of which came in the first Keriod and two lu the second. In the last alf the visitors gained only 2 yards. Out of four efforts to udvnnce the ball In tbe last half, 2 yards were made on an end run. another attempt failed to gain, and S and 1 yards, respectively, were lost the other times. Auburn gained the required distance 17 times, all except on one play being by old-fashioned line bucks r etui runs. Their ningJe successful forward pass was good for 'Si yards. Four of Auburn's first downs came In the first period, two tn the second, live lu the third nnd six lu the Jast, Their attack seemed to grow Btronger as the game progressed. It has been often said that Conch Donahue pars little Jtttcufiop to the forward Cos. But tbe work of his team yesterday eltirt the statement. Where once Vamlerbllt used to make the AubunilteH groggy wjth their aerial stunts, the tables were now reversed. The visitors tried no le-sn than teu passes, only oik- of which was successful. Hut it was good for 25 yards, and came near result lug in a touchdown, Vuuderbllt tried the imss twice and It was iniNMcreseful both times, though on the Inst one Alf Adams ma standing lu the clear oe ii 1 11 1 1 1 n j uiMiru jjoul line. An inac- urate pavS kept him frum registering au-idlier touchduwn. For the lirst time tiiln year ViinderMIt p 11 tilers have been out booted bv opposing loe artists. Zerfus-.. Nelll and t;()ar kicked 17 times for a total of 000 yards. Their coiiiblned average was but 30 yards, due largely to a re.oril-lneaking kick of minus one yard, whii h erloss was responsible for in the second period. He glanced the ball and it ivciit out ol' bounds one yard behind the line of scrimmage. Goal's general average ou his seven kicks was 41 yards. Howard and OHlnger, Auburn's hooters, a vciagcd 4:1 ya rds on t hel r nt ne kicks. Their total distance was 3S7 yards. In returning punts. Vnnderhilt had the edge with a ilistam-e of 105 yards, us compared to !Hf for their opponents. The longest return of the day was when Berry -hill sped for 35 yards lief ore he was don ned. Later In the same period he Trough t buck a kick ,'IP yards. Scott brought one back for 17 yards and another for :i0 during the a fief noon's t-nlertulu- HH'llt. rtfiiildes were frwjpent, both sides f-f ceding often. In the last period especially Scot I mishandled about five of Uonr's punts, but recovered them ail. Berryhill's fumble tiy fame started put Vauder-IilH hi danger :nil it was only Latham's kecness in falling on an Auburn fumble behind the Vanderbilt goal line a few minutes later that saved a touchdown, But the world's champion recovery was that of Top Ulchardson In the lat-t few minutes of piny, when Auburn hud 1 lie ball In Vnndirbilt's five-yard line. When Top sine) led that one out he proved himself to be the greatest little leather hound In captivity. Longest Kim by Scott. The longest single ground gaining stunt of the day Is credited to tho elusive little Scott, safety man for Auburn. When the third period opened he grabbed In Cody's kirk -off 011 his own live-yard line and raced back 40 yards I w fore lie wns downed by Berryblll. Kxcepl for the Vnnderbllt quarter, he had gotten clear and It looked mighty like n 05-yard run for a touchdown. The game was particularly free from penalties. Vanderbilt was penalized twice, once for 15 yards for holding and again five yards, presumably fr off-side In the last period. The last penalty nearly spilled the beans, however, for the ball was on Vanderbllt's 10-ynrd line, as a result of one of those famous Auburn offensives. When nu additional five yards was given Auburn the crowd groaned, hut the crlp-rtled Tom Lipscomb, Cody und others held like a stone wall, Auburn's clean game Is demonstrated by the fact that the only penalties she received were for taking time out more than the law u1Ioh3. Neither team was guilty of rough stuff, though they fought desperately. After all the dope has been simmered down, tbe fact stands out more prominently t hii ever that Auburn possesses bei full share of glory in spite of her defeat. They're as game and dean a tuition of fighters us ever appeared on Dudley Field. Mav they beat Tech ou "Turkey Day." 1 Alligators' Defense Crumples in H Third Quarter. TAMPA, rta.. O, t. 2 n - After ntitnlnytps llie tJeorglaus firodcl) the first half of the game, the Florida defense was unable to curb Checves' end riniH In the third, and two lou cii ilow ns result erl, though tho doughty substitute for the rippled ,1 1 in Hey nobis made neither of Their touchdowns. Hotlic made one on a live-yard Hash, and I larch a n Hindi- the other, run -nlng back a punt forty yards after Cheer- had carried t ho ball well Into (lator lerri-tfrv. rollings' Held goal, a drop-kick lined out of the Hme dust of the forty-yard line completed Georgia's total of 10 points In Florida's not id tit;. Through Fcrrr'f ability to handle I'ny. the Georgia star center. Florida outbn. -keil Georgia, but "Mi end runs I lie Cnn kor ends and tackle i repeatedly rtineareil the Gulor efforts. Only four passes were tried, all by Florida, aud all failed. The line-tin: Georgia (111) Pus. lav C Welsehell H. G , . Florida (fti.: I'errr .... Connell Baker . Wuthsrich Vaiutlver L. G.. IMfi.lon It. T, 1'ew I,. T. Gnidsbv . Itevnolds H. L... Ceilings (,. K.... llatchnn ..y, IV... Cfioeves It. fl. IV. Kothe L. 11. IV. , ... Clemona: .... Tuoimis! Tatton; . . Knarkmuoj C. Anderson: M u II 11 I- . I Score by quarters : Georgia 0 0 IS Florida 0 0 0 Merrln Scoring Touchdowns. KOtbe and Bar- chan ; goals from touchdowns. Neville tic hi go:ifs. Colifugs. Substitutions: Geor gia MeWliorter for t' beeves. Neville fn Munn Illglismltli for Welsehell, nose fori Day, Cliecves for McWhorter and Men Wiioricr for Itothe. h'lorlda Wilson fori rtparkinun, B. Anderson for ration. ush-ni'll for C. Anderson, Ford for Connell, Sua rk man for Wilson. Norton for Bsker tllson for Merry. Ilakcr for Goldaby. WebsK, lor rerry . a i ucr ror wuiueririi. Officials Coles. Clemson. referee: Ar nold, Auburn. Umpire Sutton, Florida, iH-uu linesman. CLEMSON TIGERS DOWN VOLUNTEER! Tennessee Team Unable t Check Tiger Back. CLEMSOX COLLKGi: S. C rtet fl . CleuiBon deteated the I University of Ten) nessee here toilay by a score of 14 to 0 i a game featured by tin; back Held work o Harris and Armstrong of CJeinsou. Tea, nessee outweighed Clemson, but could uoJ uii-in turr anii-iiiiiK foil TUUB Ol .ieiUSOI backs. Tennessee never serioUBly threilteust the score. CARPENTIER OR BEGKEfa WILL FIGHT DEMPSErf 3 i earns said to Have ArrangecBe for Bout in London. LOMJOX. Oct 2.1 fni Huh heavyweight, will meet the ' Frenel star, Georges Curpeiitier, In a 20-rouu9 uoui iiere on ifecciiiuer -t, promoter Cocll nirio aniiouiced laaf nirht. Nnthtntr tut illness can prevent the match, the promo tor said. The winner of ibn bout will niMd Jack Dempsey for the championship of thl world some time Iji the sprlua. nccordlnl to tentative agreements which are sold tl nave own conciiMieti ny jack iieurnfl umiHigur oi i ne worm n cnumpion. WONDERFUL SPIRIT OF 1905 PENN, TEA. NKW vaitK, Oct. 25 Football plsyei may do well to remember the wonderfi achievement of the urcat Venn team I 1!H)5. That great eleven, ripped tu plceeHil oy accMiciiis ano lacany rulings, reniuiussarm eieu a team wntcti ucieatoa Harvard, ivns wnjMon me services r several of its bei men, won all its mimes and came down t the struggle with Harvard. At half IhuKfl tie score was licit, u to o, it was on thuHH? Hay ll in t M Ike M u ' p h v . coach of Be n n made hit Immortal speech between tls uaives. "I've onlv a little while to live. bnva. mi lil Mike, who was a sick man at tha time. "Win tilts game for me," And Ptud fired by the words of the great coach, weal out anu won. LAFAYETTE FIGHTS AGAINST PENNS PillLAltLLIMlIA, Oct. 25 Thm XJulveiW til sity of Pennsylvania defeated Lafayette the annual footbalt gniue at Franklin ficll today, .'1 to It. Lafayette put up a atron resistance in the ftrsL half, boldloar tt Bed and Blue to a single field goal. Sooi alter i ne tniru penon openea, nowevei the Kastoiilans weakened and gave wa; to tbe powcriui nnm'K ot ineir opponemi Both teams struck mostly to straight fooM ft) ball Lufavelte outwcltxhed Pennsylvania b on average uf three und one-half pOundH iu itw man. PRINCETON FALLS BEFORE C0LGAT1 PRINCETON, N. J. Oct. 25. Colgate di fen ted Princeton here today 7 to 0 In ol of the bitterest football straggles ever see in rainier sieinoriai .mjhhbio. ine iigei held tite visiting team even mrougnoui ii greater part of the game, and had the In deep In Colgate territory most of tl fourth quarter. Colgate resorted to a forward passing a tack ut the start of the second half, wi kin fun ml a hole III the rlffbt Side of tl Tiger Hue, and on a4 forward pace, Andei son to Wntkliis. took the ball over ror touchdown. West kicked the goal. FITZGERALD AND CLARK DEFEATS B. G. A. TEAM 1,-lUVKt IN Tmi il-t M (SiipelaVl' l.-tttri-i-itl.1 ii lot' Chirk 'in h SCort of 2d to l! won a hard-fought gume here this mornlw from B. (. A. The lo.-al boys did splendn worn, ohihi-iij nun iiijii vwii . atur performers. Mi

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