The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 27, 1949
Page 3
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MONDAY, JTJNS V, BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Courier News Photo MINGLES WITH NEW MODELS—This 26-year old "tin lizzie" one of the newest additions to the display room at the Still and Youn Motor Company here, and it has at least one of the features which Is be ing emphasized in some of the new models. Flivver of Flapper Age Puts on New Point And Sits Proudly in Auto Salesroom With Uppercrust of 1949 Models on Display Here (Courier New SUH Writer) The "new look" in automobiles meets the flivver of the flapper age at Still and Young Motor Company's showroom where a 1923 touring car of the Ford variety, with Its original equipment, is on display. And the two cars are as different u mama's bathing suit of that year i from Sister Susie's today! , All dressed up in a new coat of «int for the occasion, the 26- year-old "grandma of the convertible" sits staidly amid sleek new 1949 model cars. She doesn't «em a bit embarassed by her old- fashioned appearance. Her back fenders, in contrast to today's swept-bacfc fashion, stand up stiffly like the skirts a dainty lady has lifted to escape the mud. Gadgets Come I.ater Hsr single-gauge dashboard—containing only the ampheremeter beside the transmission switch — frowns In disapproval at the frivolous dashboards of the modern car. (Puzzled as how to tell when the ear's out of gas? Why, just lift out the front seat and loot in the 10-gallon gas lank!) And when it rains, she gets all buttoned up In curtains with isin- gbss in them. The car, purchased about three weeks ago for display purposes by Q. D. Hammock, sales manager of the firm, has been driven only about 100 miles. Its original owner, Henry Fronabarg-' of Atkins, from whom Mr. Hammock bought it, has kept it on blocks in his garage almost since Its purchase. That was in 1923, when such an automobile cost only about $500, a price determined by the local firm from the almanac Issue of Automotive News. The last license platej bought for the car—and still on It—read 1929. Three-Door Design 0k Although a four-door model, It nas only three doors. The entrance on the driver's side is only simul- lated and the operator of two and one-half decades ago had to climb over the side to get at the wheel. The hand-brake, at the left of the steering wheel, also operates one of the three pedals In the car, regulating It for high and low gear. When the pedal is In mid-position, the car's in neutral. Besides the lamps, the only glass in the tar is the windshield. The upper half can be slanted in or out, according to which way the occupants wanted the wind to blow The rubber flooring, barely worn. lift« from the backseat floor to reveal the battery. The battery, incidentally, is the only piece of equipment which isn't original with th« car. Even the first oil can furnished for manual lubrication is still In the auto! Still Rani Narrow tires-30 by 3 In front •nd 30 by 3V4 in the rear—rim the •wooden spokes of the wheels. The car was in excellent, condition, Mr. Hammock said, except that one light was burned out. It has been replaced, and Mr. Hammock believes that parts for the car are still available. Internally, the old model seems fn fine running order. After an initial cough, It runs smoothly. The spark plug wires are connected to a magneto instead of a distributor and it runs either on the magneto or battery. •With all its anachronisms, though, the car does have one modern feature: like one of its present-day descendants, it can claim to be "the car you step down jnto," for the back floor is four inches below the door Etcp. Condon Urges Caution in FBI Investigations IDAHO SPRINGS. Colo., June 27. OP)—There Is "need for care and caution In connection with Investi- gatory procedures," Dr. Edward U. Condon his written FBI Director J, Edgar Hoover, The atomic scientist wrote that I do not believe that the welfare of our nation ts served when slanderous material about decent Americans becomes part of official documents." Condon demanded June 11 that Hoove apologize to Mrs. Condon because her name was mentlonec in an FBI report introduced the Judith Cop!on espionage trial Condon's letter to Hoover sai< "I regret any inconvenience tra I may have caused you." The scientist, who Is head of thi U. S. Bureau of Standards, Is hen for a cosmic ray research con ference. His letter to Hoover wa published Friday in Drew Pear ion's column. Last night Condon to!d report ers he is ready to appear befor the House Committee on Un American Activities "either on in vItalian or by subpoena" anytime the committee "wants to ask me anything." "However, I do not feel that I should ask the committee to give me a hearing," Condon said. "If I did that. It would be presumed that I had something to tell them." tlobile Is the only seaport in Alabama. Gillett fro Fight Appointment of Carroll Switzer WASHINGTON, June 27. -—Sentor Gillette (D-Iowa) announced iaturd»y he will fight President •ruman'a nomination of C»rroU o. iwltzcr u a federal judge In south- rn Iowa. Switzer was defeated as the Democratic nominee for governor of owa In the last election. His M ection for the Judge&hlp by Presl- lent Truman drew a previous pubic protest by Senator Gillette, Saturday Gillett* made public etter to Chairman McCarran (D- Nev) of the Senate Judiciary Committee announcing: "I am opposed to the confirma- ion of Mr. Switzer for this appointment." The Judiciary Committee must pass upon the nomination before t can go to the Senate for action and Gillette asked the right to tes- 'ify against the appointment. A bitter Democratic Party battle s In sight if the administration Jresses the Switzer appointment for confirmation. Gillette had recommended William P. Kiley of Des Moines or Ed Halbach of Clinton as his first and second choices for the judgeship H, said he did this after polling choice of County Bar Associations am Democratic State Committee mem bers. Wife Shoots Self After Argument On Doing Dishes SOUTH HARPSWELL, Me., Jun 27. (ft*)— The 24-year-old wife of artist shot herself after a quarr with her husband over doing tl dishes in their automatic washe Deputy Sheriff Norman Emerec said yesterday. He said the shooting occurred ,he home, of Mr. atid Mrs. Stephe Etnier after a supper at which t! poet Robert P. Tristram Coffin was guest. Th« deputy quoted Etnier, 45, a painter of marine canvases, aa saying: "Before Dr. Coffin arrived, my wife had been upset by a mixup In grocery order. She is very high strung and the incident continued to bother her throughout the meal. "After Dr. Coffin left, we went into the kitchen and a spat developed concerning washing the dinner dishes." Emerson added that Etnier said he considered the spat "harmless"! because ''we have an automatic dish washing machine and there is no effort to washing them." Mrs. Etnier shot herself with & .22 caliber pistol while sitting before her dressing table, the deputy said. After an emergency operation at Brunswick Hospital the young wife was reported in serious condition but with "a good chance to live." UAW Will Discuss Gaming Charges Hurled at Local June 2«. (AP)_Th Workers said yester DETROIT, OIO United day that the affairs of its Ipa'terson N.J., local, Including two'-year-ol charges of gambling and racketeer ing, would be aired at the UAW convention in Milwaukee nex month. The UAW's comments followe publication of a New York Time story that the 1947 UAW Interna tlonal Executive Board had sup pressed a report on the gamblln and racketeering charges. The UAW restricted its forma comment to a statement that "'he union does not want to go any farther than to say the affairs or la- cal 669 will be discussed at Milwaukee in July." i Well-informed union sources New Low tot Thitvtry TOKYO, June ». (API—Thievery IIILS reached i new low in Japan. Pearl King Koklchl Mlkimoto complained to police that poachers descended to the sea bottom south west ol Tokyo and made off with 24,000 pounds of his cultured pearl- produclng oyster.',. The K»ltab National Forest In Northern Arlzoo* comprises approximately 750,000 acres and contain* the largest stand of virgin Umber In the world. Canyon De chelly In th* Indian country uf northern Arizona contains more than 300 prehistorfc did and 138 major ruins. At DREIFUS FAMOUS AND TRADITIONAL ifcWm. Rogers* snmnm 52-PIECE SERVICE Complete With Chest CRAY MATTER—Here is the first formal porlrait of Cordon Gray in his new role as secretary of Ihe Army. It v.'ns taken in his Washington office soon after he was sworn in. said, however, that the Patcrson local had been one of the storm centers of the UAW in recent years. A mass removal of its officers took place In 1945. The Times said the suppressed report purported to show a link between many ol the officers of Hie Pater.son local and gambling and racketeering Interests in New Jersey. The Diet of Worms was nn assembly held In Hie city of Worms 1621, where Martin Luther was .summoned to answer charges of neresy. Rattler Spoils Broadcast RUSSELLVIUf, Ala., June 25. (AP) — A rattlesnake i'orced radio station WWWR off the air for more than an hour today. Engineers found a three-foot rattler had crawled into the tuning unit, shorting a circuit. Read Or.mer News Want Ada -HOT PUSHES? Are you going thru th* functional middle-age' period peculiar to women <38-52 yr«.)? Do*s this make you suffer from hot flash w. feel so ner- v&us, high-strung, tired? Then no try Lydla E. Plokham'3 Vegetable Compound to rellsvc mica cymptom-,1 Fin&nim/a Compound rlso has whi.i Boctora call m. stomc-ciiic tonic efi'cctl IVDift E. rlKKHAITS vzerrsms LOOK!. Guaranteed I COAL SAVE ON FUEL 10 DAY SALE • Guaranteed First Line Coals Genuine Super Washed 7.tif kr llunoU, 6i3 EH Lump Reg. $72.50 PER TON '995 For 70 Days Only Alabama Home Stoker or Lump Sl'.SO per ton. All other frades and sizes similarly reduced. These are delivered prices; however, we most haTe your order within ten days, with delivery to be made at jonr convenience between now and October 151 h. Dry Wood $3.95 Per Rank Highest Prices for Scrap Iron & Katferies BLYTHEVILLE SCRAP METAL & COAL CO. PHONE 6372 LISTEN TO KLCN TOMORROW 3:30 -4:00 p.m. OPEN HOUSE INAUGURAL CEREMONIES Gov. 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