Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on October 13, 1922 · Page 15
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 15

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1922
Page 15
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1 THE AEIZONA REPUBLICAN, PHOENIX, FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 13, 1922 (Section TwoT trade Mart 'Sac O: . It Qtflet t Copyright MU by H. C. TUhtt : Jeff Meets Mn.J'Sj'HCk MUTT & JEFF By Bud Fisher. AMUSEMENTS a TO HI Tl - - ; n i,i i m mi i-i . - ' -r r-: y . - . - V : - . I MANSLAUGHTER DPI m FILM PALACE Attest'"'? In ""cry scene to the carina and skill In advanced ncreen-jft always present In a. Cecil B. nuMlfle production, "Manslaughter." vjr iauet Paramount aaper-epeclal Jimes to the Klalto to start its en- , arerocnt tomorrow. Btlnff screened simultaneously with .TpresentaUon at Grauman's Rlalto ino Angeles, Phoenix readers ol tjU coast press are perfecly familiar Irita the tremendous reception It has bui accorded in the city where the odiences it ha, been said are the nuM 'critical motion picture fans In 2ithe world. It la a sayingr amons the iatta authorities "get a picture by Eoi Angt-les. and Its success le as- ?5d all over the country" and this belld UCCH tWMiUICU Hi ever D'S production the acreen haa jo'lbe belt evidence that "Manslaughter" haa captured Los Angeles, u the zeal of the crowded houses, and tha long lines waiting every day of He run. which has now covered several weeks. "Mnnlaughtcr" is easily the big-irtst DeMIHc has ever made, not only from the tremendous nature of the theme, but from the overwhelming heights be has reached in its filming. Spectacular dinplay reaches an tin-oarallcled degree in the passage depleting the old Roman bachannal, Krvlng a a sequence to empnasize ''the thought brought out in the story that many wealthy people are today leading lives equally us wasteful and equally as tragic . The theme though Is entirely modern in its even- phase. It concerns a daughter of wealth whoso speed jaanla in an automobile Is responsible (or the tragic end of a motorcycle officer who plunges into her machine In attempting to slow her down. She Is triod and convicted of manslaughter the prosecuting attorney, her sweetheart, who sets aside all affection and vigorously holds for conviction and the limit of. punishment 'Into the prison, she goes, nnd there, he startlii events transpire respon-tlbto for her rejuvenation and awakening to her real duty towa.rds llfo. But If the experience has been helpful to her It has been disastrous to the man who loves her, and he goes down the ladder to the depths. From tola brief outline, it will be seen the theme has tremendous possibilities, nd in tho hands of DeMille, these posslbUItics have been utilized to the furthest deirree. -3 Thomas Melghan, Ijeatrice Joy, 'Lois Wilson, Casson Ferguson, Jack Mower, Charles Ogle, Ethel Wales, Edjthe Chapman, luclen IJtchfield, Mickey Moore. Sylvia Ashton. Guy Oliver, Edward Martindel. George NOTICE Dance at Cashion Saturday Night The Glory of Conflict! When one is fighting for the woman he loves The thrill of romance and the appeal of love told amid a background of glitter and sumptuousness utterly staggering. You simply must not misa mr 1 MABEL SPENCER B1LLINGSLEY B EXPRESSION, READING, DRAMA, AND STAGE TECHNIC 9 DRAMATIC PRODUCTIONS A SPECIALTY B Studio Opens 9 A. M, to 5 P. M. H ADMINISTRATION BUILDING B Phone 4244 331 N- Firlt Ave- Rex Ingram's Production ThePrisoner of Zenda Antl&oxuy Hope A METRO CLASSIC SEATS NOW SELLING PHONE 6117 ELKS THEATER Sunday Smashing through scenes of such settings were ever conatructed intense than this wizard of screencraft has ever evolved. ALICE DIIPR MILLER'S PAMOUS STORY FLASHING THROUGH REALISM UNBOUNDED, THROBBING THROUGH AN EPIC OF HUMAN - D I A I T ST -. , ;.. ,. , , . , ; : ' Fawcctt, Dorothy Cumming, Raymond Hatton, James Nell!, and Shannon Day are among the more prominent players In a company which is cited as the biggest DeMille has yet assembled. Tho management at the Rlalto Is urging attendance during the matinees, calling attention to the limited engagement. 'PBEIOFZEIA' STILL POPULAR WITH READERS OF FICTION Rex Ingram's latest production, "The Prisoner of Zenda." "which as a Metro classic comes to the Elks for a five days engagement, starting Sunday, is going to duplicate in Phoenix that same success that is attending it everywhere, judging from the rapidity with which seats are selling. "Tho Prisoner of zenda" is possimy the best known work of romantic fiction extant. It was the original of tho "mvthleal klncdom" novels, and set the pace which Innumerable writers tried to lonow irom time 10 time, but through the years, through the changing Btyles of literature, through the fickle fads and fancies of the public "The Prisoner of Zenda" has always stood and still stands as one of the most popular books ever written." In its picture presentation Rex Ingram has brought to the publication that intimate KnowieuKo ui bwbbh value which has caused his "The Four Horsemen" to become internationally known as the most perfect motion picture ever made. in the former worK ne naa realism, DeMilles PRODUCTION Thomas Meighan Laatriea Joy Lois Wila'on Julia Faye Casson FerguaOn Charles Ogle Edward Martindel Sylvia Aahton Luoion Litchfield Ethel Wales Jack Mower Raymond Hatton Gt.-y Oliver, George Fawcet, Ja- lea Neill, Mabel Van Buren splendor you'll wonder how the plunging through - drama more LIFE TO THE CORE. is i f Starts .Tomorrow DOINGS OF THE DUFFS in the present structure he deals in romance, and with the written text seemingly always before him, so mi-' nutely has he' followed the novel, he has again caused a wonderment in the screen world which has reached to its four corners. Selecting for his principal charac ters Le.wis S. Stone and Alice Terry, screen fans are assured the very pinnacle of excellence. Stone's romantic spirit, the fire and dash of his presentation of the psuedo king, and his skill in swordsmanship in the great conflict scenes contrast strongly with his serious emotional qualities revealed in his interpretation .of the incbrite and unfortunate ruler responsible for the intricate plots and counter plots which the story develops. Always considered one of the most capable of American actors, his place in the sun is now assured for all times. Alice Terry has been cited as the most perfect beauty in America. Combining this beauty with an understanding of her role almost uncanny in its accurateness. she scores as heavily as Flavia as she did as Marguerite in "The Four Horsemen." Stuart Holmes as Black Michael, and Malcolm McGregor as Fritz, are two more perfect examples or screen artistry. Ramon Navarro as Rupert of Hentzau admirably portrays a villain so desperate he is positively fascinating. So the perfection goes throughout the entire structure. Seats for the engagement are now to be had at the Elks box office. Phone reservations are promptly handled by calling 6117. There will be but one matinee ana one evening screening on carh day of the run. ST E3 Phoenix is anxiously awaiting the opening of the engagement next Wednesday at Mauk's Columbia of the E. Forrest Taylor players, who promise the theatergoer the most pretentious organization Phoenix has ever had; along with a repertoire of productions more prominent than anything ever done here. With E.-Forrest Taylor as leading man, and Miss Anne Berryman as leading lady, the company is headed by two of the best known players 1(1 the western portion of the country. .Mr. Taylor was associated for the last nine months with the Majestic -theatre players in Los Angeles, while Miss Berryman after utterly capturing the hearts of the theatregoers Of . San Francisco, at the Alcazar, of Seattle at the Wilkes, and of Spokane at the American, duplicated the feat at the Denham theatre in Denver, from which city she comes direct for this engagement. Selecting "Wedding Bells" as the opening production, Taylor has hit on a bill, of the widest appeal. It is dainty and charming, unfolds a very delectable romance, sparkles with the cleverest of situations, and offers everyone a. role o the greatest possibilities. In New York, it was pronounced srsat by every critic, and its being offered Phoenix at this time Is an evidence of the high standard Taylor has set in his productions. That Phoenix will support a good, stock company has always been conceded, but it rightfully demands the best. With this in mind. Rickards & Nace selected the Taylor players and in doing so they are bringing to this city an organization of guaranteed worth. Equipped with their own scenic artist, their own technical men, and their own electrical men, the very ultimate In both scenic and electrical eirects Is assured in every bill. une reservation books are now, open at the Columbia where season reservations may be made. This arrangement assures the patron get ting the, same location for every bill. It Is planned to change the bill ev ery Monday, and to establish popular matinees on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The engagement will be a popular pncea one, ana is bound to be a ortniant addition to Phoenix theatri KEEPING UP WITH VEti YOU'LL HAVE LOTS Op I CrONNA TAKE TWO BfVTCHELOB. GftLS TO DINNER NEXT MOHDAY NIGHT COME ALONG. lYs GONNA be ft SuaPR.lSE r Pact-' ) s f ice. Reservations may be made in the meantime by- calling 6006. Turf Film at Strand "Queen o' the Turf," said to be without doubt the most, thrilling racing story since "Checkers," will start a two days' engagement at the Strand today. This story is highly melodramatic, abounding in sensational thrills and swiftly moving action. The theme, of course, develops a pretty romance, and woven around the always fascinating atmosphere of the race track, it is bound to be a universal favorite. Here we have realism to the ultimate, not only in the atmosphere, but in the conduct of thevcharaciers and the handling of the situations in which they are placed. Action that grips and thrills' races through the story at a tremendous pace and paves the way to the startling climax reached In the race scene which for. sheer realism and genuine thrill has never been duplicated in any racing sequence. This scene has elicited the un bounded praise of the finest and the most eminent authorities on racing subjects in America. During the run of this picture in New Yor'f the most prominent of the sport writers took occasion to write ' feature ai tides in praise of the picture, laying especial Mress in the tremendous climax and race. "Any Old Rags" is the comedy for this one, which will positively hold but today and tomorrow, giving way Sunday to the opening of the engagement of James Oliver Cunvood's story of the north, "The Man from Hell's River." ELKS THEATER TONIGHT AND TOMORROW MATINEE TOMORROW 'The Season's First Road Attraction WILLS AM A. BRADY Presents MIS YEAR-LONG NV.HIT BY FROM THE STORY 8Y JULES ECKERT GOODMAN JOHN FLEMING WILSON "The' Blue Ribbon Play of The Season" With Robert Armstrong, Peggy Allenby and e$t of Distinguished Players . Prices Nights 50c to $2.00, Plus Tax r Sat Mat. 50c to $1.50, Plus Tax Seats Now On Not So Wise, After All - -yssazzmtmT,' . it . ,tr " rog- a AL- 4 THE JONESES FUM. YOU SftY EDDIE HOKLUn HAD HISff SPINE BROKEN? -v EDUCATIONAL FILM CLOSE Todav is the last day of the en gagement at Mauk's Columbia of tho widely discussed -pictures "Rejuvena tion Througn uoat uiana transplanting" and "The Human Life Be gins..' The publication of these two pic tures offered the layman his first chance' to study at close range subjects which have heretofore been as a sealed book to him. The former subject describes clearly and simply how and why glands are transplanted in both men and women. It describes the effects on the system, and the result attained. The simDlicitv reached in the presen tation of this subject makes it easily within the grasp o feveryone in every audience. "The Human Life Begins." a marvelous motion picture detailing nature's mysterious story of life's indention, has tiroven intensely 'inter esting to the capacity houses on hand to see it. . The custom of screening the shows for the ladies exclusively during the afternoon, from 1 to 5, and lor the men from 7 to 11 in the evening will obtain on this the last day of the en gagement There will be no one admitted un der 18 years of age, no matter if they are attended by parent, guardian or elder. - This rue is positively invio late. - Tomorrow will start the engagement of Priscilla Dean in "Outside the Law," returned in answer to the popular demand, this picture being the last one booked tne opening of the E. Forrest Taylor players in dra matio stock scheduled to start next V V II lib 1 M M I II III .1 II II I I Af I II IJI I imM . 1 to 1 Sale" At The Elk Pets Afraid of Surprise Party? J Wednesday. Seats will go on sale for this engagement aSturday at the theatre. AMATEUR NIGHT AT RAMONA Amateur nicht at the Ramona means another Joy night with the pa trons of this popular house. ' The establishment of. this night, as a permanent feature, kt the Damona was a signal triumph, arid: the list of embryonic stars on hand to '.'try out" grows more, extensive" every week. A very promising - program nas been arranged for this -evening, the list of amateurs' stunts covering almost every branch of theatrical en deavor. Cash prizes are awarde'd the winners in these events, the leaders being identified by the applause of the audience. No one who has ever attended a Ramona amateur night will miss one. which means a capacity house this evening. AM In addition to the regular amateur nicht. the Ramona Girl Revue will add to the ' enjoyment with the presentation of their very clever mu sical melange of mirth and melody. Franlt Samuels ill' his character comedy role is a scream, while Billy Riddle continues to go big in his eccentric fun making, as. well as with RAMONA THEATER AMATEUR NIGHT Don't overlook this All in Conjunction to Regular Picture Program and the Ramona Girl Revue Always Friday Nita Rickards '& For screen times Rl ALTO Last Time Today Rex Ingram's - "The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse'' The Wonder Picture of .All Times Starting Tomorrow "MANSLAUGHTER" Yes, it was B&OK.EN AT f i v es inn r a c 11 & I ' UUIMIJU 1 SEAT SALE FOR THE E. FORRE8T TAYLOR PLAYERS'.' DRAMATIC ENGAGEMENT. OPENS Clarice f'VES HIS VfE SURPRISED HIM AT TJINNER WITH TWO -SHOW eiRLS.' , his clever dancing specialties. Violet Mansfield will, of course, score not only in single dancing specialties, but as the partner of Billy Riddle will share honors with him with their team dance. The' chorus never fails to please everybody. They have . a big pro-- gram of numbers in this bill.- With flashy wardrobe ahd singing the lat est songs,- they have been trained to perfection .In the dancing numbers in which they always excel. Tomorrow night Is ;-evnus nlghr, THEATRICAL EVENT OF THE YEAR SEASON RESERVATIONS NOW BEING. RECEIVED AND FILLED. ADVANCE SALE" OPENS SATURDAY. PHONE 6008 ru.......A starts Columbia Wednesday Nace Amus ement Enterprises, Inc. or any Jnrormati on of our .theaters phono 6401 STRAND TODAY AND TOMORROW The most- thrilling racing c'rama ..oyer filmed "QUEEN O' THE y- TURF" See the exciting race. scene that electrified all the critics. Comedy, "Any Old Rag" . . By ALLMAN "By POP MOM AND HEY! 15 THAT YOU fi'lLL? WELL THAT ' "X" SURPRISE PARTY 15 ftUL OFF. YEH - ABSOLUTELY with a complete change of program arranged for Sunday. A complete line of motion pictures augments the musical bill. ' WE ARE NOT OUT OF THE WAY. YOU MAY JUST THINK SO. .. W .Fll 'your prescription 'for lesa. MASON'S PHARMACY Cor. Second St. and' Washington . ', -Phone 6168 E. FORREST TAYLOR PLAYERS WITH MISS ANNE BERRYMAN Offer "WEDDING BELLS" as the initial attraction of THE SEASON OF DRAMATIC 8TOCK Every production accurately . staged Every bill a guaranteed. value. THE. PREMIERE "' Starts Mauk's COLUIVIBIA LAST TIME .TODAY "Rejuvenation Through ' Gland Transplanting', .- ;nd. ?The Human Life tr i-k -Begins" LADIES ONLY ' Afternoon: 1:00-5:00 MEN ONLY ..- Night: TsOMIsOO . . ; cal rlalto. SATURDAY AT nTHE COLUMBIA .' The advance seat sale will aopen saturoay at tne Columbia box ot-

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