The Courier News from ,  on October 24, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from , · Page 3

Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1944
Page 3
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TUESDAY, .OCTOBER 24, . Benefits Await Returned Vets Under Gl Bill Relatively few returning veterans arc availing themselves of llie opportunities offered under the so- called Of Bill of Rights, according to Ed B. Cook, re'-employment com- mitleeman of local fionrd D, who today announced thai the 'Veterans Administration In conjunction with the Social Security Headquarters and the Arkansas Service Bui-can all arc anxious to assist discharged veterans of World War II. WOMEN "The Vctemns Administration.' Is desuuous or Immediately locating o'iEiiUled veterans of World War II residing in Arknnsns," Mr. .Cook explained. "These disabled veterans arc particularly In need of prompt and special service, especially In connection with the service that may be rendered by a vocational rehabilitation program." Pointing out that victory grows nearer from day lo day, Mr. Cook <oi.|.lmied: "TSie chiuiges wlllilii tlie past year have brought new hoi>e but they also are bringing closer new problems, new responsibility for leadership In every community, Foremost among the challenging adjustments that must be made will be tlie readjustment (o civilian pile of the greater part of YOUR is your age betrayed by HOT FLASHES? If jrou—like so many women between the ages of 38 and 52— suffer from hot flashes, nervous tension, arc weak, tired, cranky, r. bit moody at times—all due lo the functional middle age period IJccullar to women—try' Lydla E Plnkham'! Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms. For almost a century — thousands upon thousands of women —rich and )x>or allkt.—liave reported remarkable benefits, in fact many wise v.-omeu take Plnkham's Compound regularly during this Lydia E. Pinkham |>erlod to help build up resistance against such symptoms. Puikham's Compound helps nature! Also a grand stomachic tonic. Follow label directions 's VEGETABLE COMPOUND' |ll million nidi ami women whose lives have been disrupted. When they return there will be the strangeness o[ changing to civilian clothes, ilic feeling ot 11 sudden letdown, llii; struggle to live. Ihc Joy of returning to (lie Job of milking a living. "The veterans of this wnr will Imvc n right to expect that Hie reality to which they return will conform to the iilenls lor which they have fought, They will be Hip Ilrsl to disclaim any desire to crnstitute themselves n special class. Nevertheless it is up to us to prcpiirc lor them concHHons tt'here'.n they will find nbiUmct, of freedom translated Into roil op- liorl unity. "Kcadjustincnl unit re-training of veterans lor civilian life will bi' just :is much a part of the cost uf the wnr as the training lor \vcir itself, upon the Mem! Govern- inent therefore rests the primary obligation lo provide litsle funds and programs, such us provided hi the Gl Hill of Hlghls. "Iwo phases of that bill are of iiiimouiit itntiortaucc to all. The cx-servlce man or woman who was not over 25 at the lime of outer- ing service or who eun demonstrate Hint his or her education was tn- lemiijlcd or Inlerferrcd with by Induction or enlistment, may resume such education not later thnn two I'cars after discharge or cud of the war. Tlie bill provides for one year of high school or college cd- ueiition nnd if this course Is tom- lileted sntlsfnctorily, addillonnl education or training not to exceed the length of lime .spent in active service. The government will pay to the veteran 550 per month i[ single. S15 per mouth if married, out of ivhicii lie will have to pay his living expenses, BLYTI1EV1I.LE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Nazis Play Wounded To Escape But Trick Worked Only Once > PAGE limning in Ills of Blvty. 10 mile* do,- >b IVIII 11 UL O1M_V, if IIIIHVl of Nancy, until lie hud knots . .,.., neck and his eyes uched, Lfke a grxid mortar man, Dnlton was keeping Die weapons of -his I'lnioon (mined on the roads from the town, waiting for the Germans to attempt n wHIidnuviij lo u for- Ires 1 ! atop nearby Ml, Toulon. Hut when the Oerimins cnnifl out. s ( |1,| most . !,„!' of Die mi-n 1111 . in tlic nwd to be boim fide t , v his ulusscs showed liorsi>-ilrawn 1J«I Cra wo, u- lowe,| by » niccll:' pushing » vvhet'l- bnirow loaded with supplies. Thou cnme itnolher wagon loaded with mm, und « lni-f,c group of whin looked lo be wnlklni; wounded. be Dnlton withheld his fire, It happened. The Oeriimn drivers suddenly lashed llielr horsos "Ho a gullop snd (he so-pullnl milking wOundKl men liroke. Into a v/ilil inn nnd disappeared around heavy, | llk> ll1 " nmt I nol 'l •luulon'. ttil- ()1 imned the Amorlrans: "Oully. tliey fooled us." "If the veteran has service-connected disability he may bo trained in.a college, business or tradr> school. Tuition, books, supplies and «|iil|mu>m arc provided nl government expense. Ourlng trnlnlng if Hie peiisliii) beiiiK receh'cd Is le.s.v than $80 a monlli it will be Increased lo (Ills amount If-single,' $M u month If maided, with an added S5 lor each child and $10 for each parent." •That's right." snld Dnllon, who i-miii'i: from Lund.snw, Ky. "Ilul [hey nil|!lU ivy 11 again. It would be illlllll), Illlt (lljiy mlljhl. so lie wnlhxl Ihningh the n-sl of Hie day while (lie mile |,, W n fumed and burned under the phos- "Do you really think they might come, l.leiileimnl? 1 ' sum |he soldiers. -Hell, sir, even (he Jerries wouldn't be that dimil)." And Uul- lon kept rluhi on silting with Ills glasses to Ids eyes. He said he hnd u feelliiji ntjoiit ti. Suddenly at least ;I5 Ciermans "iilkeil out of the village, nil wnv- hi;< white cloths. They walked Mrs. DALTON C. POWLSTON, |{. A, I\I. S M OltQANIST nnd TEACHKIt of . PJANO — 01JOAN nixl V01CK Former New York Organist and 'iVacher For Appolnliiicnl Write Mrs. Fowlston 1101 Chlcknsawba or Pliouo 20111 Announcing the of our Located At 106 F. Main St. We have newly remodeled and painted this department; stocked it with fresh cakes, pastries, pies, rolls, and breads; and proudly present it for your approval! We certainly appreciate the loyalty our customers hove shown to Hart's bakery products during the weeks our store was closed, and well do our best to merit this confidence in the future. Hot and Fresh Every Afternoon At 4 O'clock! * * RETAIL STORE HOURS Weekdays Open 9:30 A.M.—Close 6:15 P.M. Saturdays Open 9:30 A.M.—Close 9:30 P.M. CLOSED ALL DAY SUNDAY * Opening Week Fresh Cocoa nui Layer Cakes --- (All This Week If the Cocoanur Lasts) Hart's Bak Blytheville Owned-Employing Blytheville People owly .up the hill toward Ml. TOII- ii>. Dnllon miule quick calculations ml sol Ills plcitoon ready. Then ho waited. Three-fourths of Ihe way up the hill, the new group of "walking wounded" suddenly dropped their while Jliijjs nnd brake Into u dead inn. 'Ihen nalton Mid the words Into his phone, and a volley of liluh explosives lnce,| (he sky over his head, The Germans spill, Into two columns with half heading for Hie. fort imcl hair for u small grove or trees. One. volley from nalton's «i landed In the middle ot the vrouii racing for the forl, ,\ second bit (lie groups under Uu> trees. Out of 35 Cicrninns, Iwo reurhal (he fort alive. ' "Anyhow, we taught those Cler- miins not to try fooling Amni'leim inorlm- men," said DalUin. rubblm' Ills stiff neek. ninloly 200 irt. North of U'o's Gin, to IK used for business pm'ijoses. . '"'•, 'SlKiiedi'j. o. Ilurgclt. * NOTICi: The undersigned, ,1. ci. Ilui|(oU proposes to erect a bullduit; Id ft.x 2-1 It., <>1 concrele construct inn. u 'n i-ot 8, lllock 10, located upprnxi- More than 11,000 Jewish refugees fled from tticlr homes' In Ocr- many"*,l6 Palestine ;i n \* the nine monlris following April J, )833, Mr. Farmer: Wo Can Add Months To The Life Ot GUARAHTKD WORK — CEILING PRICK MODINGER-POETZ TIRE CO. liny, fll North Tne Army Calls fheirs PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE <Cs We Call Ours ierproof Change from summer tcv winter driving calls for-extra care. This is your car's fourth war winter. Because of weather haz- arcls, strain of winter'driving and. older age, all cars need now the protection of complete \Viiucrproof Service. ENGINE Worn oul summer motor oil is drained —replaced with the right grade of fresli, lough winler Mobiloil lo insura quid cotd-wcalhor starls—more gas mileage—safe, sure proteclion of vilnl engine ports. RADIATOR The cooling system is drained— cleaned thoroughly of rust, di'rl and scale wilh Mobil Radiator Flush; then prolecled against freezing wilh the right amount of Mobil Freczone—(he safe, dependable anli-freeze. GEARS Gear oil used in summer is drained • gear cases carefully flushed—refilled wilh the proper grade of Mobiloil win- ler gear oil for easier winler gear shifting and protedion of fiard-lo-replace gears. CHASSIS All chassis points are properly lubricated wilh winler Mobilgrease—the correct grades properly applied in Ihe. right places. Tlie enlire car should be carefully inspected to uncover any serious needs for repair, replacement or service. T ' rc Switch ami Inspection —'Mobil Wheel Pack Setv- ice— Mobil Air Filter Service—'Mobil Upperlube Tonic Treatment —Hydraulic Brake Service —Shock Absorber Service 1 — Mobi! Polish and Wax Service. ' PREPARE YOUR CAR FOR ITS 4th WAR WINTER LISTEN TO RAYMOND GRAM SWING, Blue Network, Monday through Thursday nights. A-WP-H F R'OTEC r VOU R H O'ft $ E-R O W F R G. 0. POETZ Phone 2089 Blytheviile, Ark.

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