The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on April 9, 1922 · Page 54
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 54

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 9, 1922
Page 54
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heat Stake Labor Boycotts Baseball navies ax w f. . " www 0 WUfV RL B ft I Commissioner Is Scored for jt Lexmgton .,n'. Ky., April S (Assoc!- I i,j !CV arroiiK"-''' fo!" --vcnr-olcl fJciC . mn :it Lexington dur- 0clt lloise llrccrtc-rs' Asst.- "rt,1I'-, miimiiHv.l here today. 'm V Ciillnl the -May Kav '"1 onirics will close on heats out Wr1il receive at least .?.0fll) nnoum-om.-nt by 10.1 V of .be assm-mtm:.: ;.'1 fee raial.lcon May & .... ,i ..,l, :m ml. ,nf rich starter payable nn in c. been mnrio bv - i i.. t.-.i-.i i ......i.-ir. i'lUM.iu . ....... .... Br.-jjBi .t K. Maililell, Lf- S'VVftv ,...ii.,.,.,iiu,.f JlciliUUia. ."'' n rteno. John K. i nompson ni"ht of Chie.-mo. ST. l.fnre I .W.',;;.,rlv hav,: tr.W ... 13 ikrcli Leaguers er tor opening vj balmy breezes of the last few ",t-re 111 thnt was I,ei'cssai'" t0 the local amateur ball tossers J,viicdtsire to set nuU ... .... T . tirin" anion::- those ".ftl. The decision lias been fS ihc limit the number ot Iran tOItOWIIIK Koali " . .-ear -i,t.-iineI by the i,?J T.,tist Tabernacl lria Twenty-second ana nai-iTiSt. First Ensltoh J.utheran. n.nt at. west tsroamvay J Warren Memorial. Milton- tVi 'Reformed. Pal"" Hcrormeu. fcln-ciue I'l-eshyterian. Several -.arc conswenns emerins ami in "TffltnMlitv the iT-iiiaiinim nan- .r. ' "tn 7io:i Kvanselk-al and JTER'S WILD THROW GIVES WINNING TALLY IQ'MORAN'S BALL CLUB i . Ifatinufd from Virst rage.) from Richmond. Ky.. made his l&tWore Louisville fans yesterday tie role ot pmcn njiter. ne dul- .iforLon; in the iftn and was --id on an infield out. In trying liat out the hounder Earle tripped (ell a few leet trom me initial U.T)' Doyle and his Xashville Vols the attraction at the local i-i this afternoon in the first of a m-nme series. Word From Broileni. tey Ilrotteni. the catcher obtained re folonels from the Birmingham :') of the Southern Association, will eh ill Louisville Thursday evening. iniivswas received last night by ;jii:s Manager Aeal m a niessacre sfrottem. The telegram was dated an. Wash. Brottem will act as :ed. string catcher to Bill Meyer. Kdier Joe Deberry, who sustained sinful injury yesterday morning in fcaice when hit on the leg by a ;;ed rail, had an X-ray examination di ot the injury which revealed pi no bones 'were broken. Deberry Ira pitching to the hatters when Ly- aunii cracked one a mile a min-liiat struck the pitcher on the K;i has been received from Srr)"' Stanley, the Louisville boy. F-) was farmed out to the St. Peters- Ha., club by , the Colonels. He Stanley was sent to the Florida ib as a third baseman he has been li-tsi to the outfield. hints Trim Jeff. foS". Xaiier nine annexed its sec-i victory ot the season yesterday, j'Sting Jtffersonville bv the score to 2 at Hish School Parle. Tlu vn Rent ni-i- tlii. tiloto lis timely hit of .Simpson, sending lmlswitt ahead of him. In the ot.IV HJlu.liej Fver the left fielder'shead. but was 'n ivnen he overslid third. The Mr?SOf thO .'n.nn i.-r.,- 1 1, n w,.i,: 1 JpzmU. the hitting of Simpson M "is stellar fielding of Captain CHOICE OF ANY MAN'S I" the House ; "lues to $35 . BARRY HYMAN 1 244-246 E. Market, 5 Uoors lielow riovd 7"E HOVSE OF li.RG.M.S." COURIER-JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 0,7 1922: Chicago. April S (Associated Press) -Fmmct T. v00a, Chicago represent-(alive of the American Federation of Labor, today announced a complete boycott of professional baseball on the part of unions he represents. The boycott will continue, he said, as long as former Judge K. M. Landis is baseball commissioner. Mr. Flood charged that Judge Landis, who acted as arbiter in the Chicago building trades dispute and handed down a wage decision, permitted himself to be used as "a tool o big business" in its alleged efforts to disrupt building trade units. "His so-called standard agreement" he said, "makes the union man as helpless as the professional Lall play er, who is bought and sqld at the whim of the club owners. It makes the union man work with the nonunion man. under almost any conditions his employer wishes to impose." Mr. Flood asserted that most of the trade unions had agreed to fine members attending a big league game and said other unions were asked to fol low the example. "It will be cheaper in the long run, he said, "for the magnates of baseball to pay landis his ?50;fl()0 a year for the six years remaining and dismiss him than thus to antagonize organized labor. We are intent on making club owners repudiate their commissioner give him the gate." Trade unionists, Mr. Flood asserted, will patronize the semi-pros and amateur games, "and mav even throw the old pill around a bit themselves." Phillips and At Jefferson FOUR bouts make up the regular weekly fight card to be offered tomorrow night at the Jefferson Theater under the auspices of the Southern Athletic Club. The headline- cf the card calls for ten rounds, the scmi-windup eight, while two four round preliminaries are to be decide:!. Tommy Phillips of McKeesport. I'enn., is to snuare off with Jimmy Dalton of Indianapolis in the main go at ten rounds. Uoth boys have appeared here before and the fans can depend on them to put up a real in teresting encounter. Soldier Thorpe of Camp Knox and Kid Myers of Louisville will meet in the semi.-windup. Loth are hustlers from the sound of the gong and this bout should prove thriller all the way. George rtichards and Eddie llrinev will meet in the curtain-raiser, while Tim O'Tee and Billy Anderson are to clash in the other preliminary. i , 1922 Bluegrass league Schedule Thursday, .jtrll bovine. .Saturday, chc&ter. April IVinciester at Mays- Maysvillc at Win- -Mt. Sterlincr at Lexinp-Paris; Cynlhtana at Suniltiy, Aprlf 23 Paris at Lexington. Thursday, April M7 Lexington at Cyn-thmna; Mt. Sterling at Paris. Sunday, April 31). ton; Winchester a Maysvillc. . Thursday, May 1 Lex ins ton at Mav?-villc: Cynthiana at Winchester; Mt. Sterling at Paris. SaiurdRT, May G Lexington at Winchester. Sunday, May 7 -Taris at Cynthiana; Mtiyaville at Mt. SterUnc. Thursday, May 11 Lcxinpton at Faris; Winchester at Maysvillc; Cynthiana at Mt. Sterling. Saturday, May 13 Mt. Sterling at Winchester. Sunday, May 11 Cynthiana at Lexington: Maysvillc at Paris. Thursday, Muy 18 Mt. Sterling at Lexington ; Winchester ai Paris; Cynthiana at Maysvillc. Sunday, May 'Ji Maysvillc at Lexington; Paris at Mt. Sterling; Winchester at Cyn-lhi;na. Thursday. May 2." Lexington at Winchester; Cynthiana at Paris; Mt. Sterling at Maysvillc. Saturday, May Ji7 Maysville at Winchester. Sun titty. May Lexington at Paris; Mt. Sterling at Cynthiana; Tuesday, May ; (Decoration Pay) Cynthiana at Lexinpton: Winchester at Mt. Sterling; Maysville at Paris. Snturdny, June 3 Paris at Winchester. Sunday. June 1 Mt. Sterling at Lcxing-, ton: Maysvillc -it Cynthiana. Thursday, June 8 Lexington at Mays-ville; Paris at Mt. Sterling; Winchester at Cynthiana. Sunday. June 11 Winchester at Lexing- j ton; Cynthiana at Paris; Mt. Sterling at j Maysville. t , Thursday. June IS Pana at Lexington: Cynthiana at, Mt. Sterling; Maysville at Win-1 Chester. Sunday. June 18 Lexington nlCvnthtana; Pans at Maysville; Winchester ut Ml. Stcr-lmg. Thursday. June 'It Lexington at Mt. Merlins: Pans at Winchester; Cynthiana at Maysville. Saturday. June 21 Cynthiana at Winchester. . Sunday, June T Maysville at Lexington: Mt, Sterling at Paris. Thursday. Junt' ','f) Lexington :it Winciie ter: Paris at Cynthiana; Maysvillc at Mi. Sterling. Sunday. July Paris at Lexington: Mt. Sterling at Cynthiana; Winchester at Maysville. , Tuesday. July l (Independence Day) Lexington at Cynthiana: Paris at Maysville; Mt. Sterling at Wim-hestcr. Sunday, July t Lexington at Mt. Sterling. Cynthiana at Maysville: Winchester at Pans. Thursday. July 18 Lexington" "at Maysville: Paris at Mt. Sterling: Winchester ai Cynthiana. Sunday. July l(i Winchester at Lexington: Paris at Cynthiana: Maysville at Mt. Ster'ing. Thursday. July Lrtxiir;tn-i at Pari-; Cynthiana at Mt. Sicrlinr: Winchester ai Maysvillc. Saturday, July 'Z'i Mt. Sterling at Winchester. Sunday, July Cynlhiana at Lexing ton: Maysville at Paris. Thursday. July 7 Lexington at Mt Sterling: Paris at Winchester: Ma;ville at Cynthiana. Sunday. July .'SO Mavvii!e at L":;ington: Paris at Ml. Sterling; Winchester at Cynthiana. Thursday, August 3 Lexington at Winchester; Paris at Cynthiana; Maysvillc at Mt. Sterling. Saturday, August 5 Maysvillc at Winchester. Sunday. August I Paris at Lexington: Mt. Stirling at Cynthiana. Thursday, August 10 Lexington at Cynthiana ; Maysville at Paris Winchester at Mt. Sterling. Saturday. Ansuit t'! Pari at Winchester. Sunday. Augtist 13 Mi. Sterling at Lcx-hr.-ton: Maysville at Cynthia na. Yankees and Giants Win By Same Score New York. April S (Associated Tress). Baseball began for New Yorli this afternoon when the Yankees Giants and Superbas returned to the city to nlay their final exhibition ,n tho nnening of the reg ain,. onr.n The Y'a'nks defeated T3rr.r,t.-lvr, at 151111013 Field 5 to 3 .Hid the Giants downed the Chicago White Sox at the Polo Grounds by the same In Brooklyn, Jones and Hoyt pitch ed for the American League champions, with Ruether and Decatur knriinir for the Dodgers. The Ameri can League entry in Manhattan was represented by raoer ami .sc !,.; lino while Douglas and Virgil r.arnes pitched for the worlds champions. Kelly's hitting featured i, rifnt.Kr.lVhiff. Sox came, bcores: At Brooklyn ; Yankees lUtteries-jon'es',' Hoyt' and Devoi-mer: Ruether. Decatur and Debet i, Taylor. . At New lorK White Sox i-r, 0 S uianis ..... ;; chik Batteries i- auer. y " " Douglas. V. Barnes and Smith. Sox Regulars Win. Special to Tho Paris, tiy.. April 8. In a closely , . .i ' iw-o this afternoon thc Boston Red Sox Regulars defeated tlv. Yannigans by the score 01 j .10 The smallness of the park and the ban condition of the diamond prevented , .'1' .. nf hit- league ball, which ftc small crowd gathered had expect- ed to see. Attcr tne aa. " the game was a slugging match and ball after ball went over the fence into .'. " LJ of the neighboring stream. me - Score: . . s nTi Innings .1 - ; ? " . ., , nir "'1003 0 0 3 0 310 Regulars Yannigans 1. 1. S. vs. St. Helens. rm Anril 15 the Louisville Industrial 1 i.,inro niiv champions ot 1J-". aeiiu." uu... - tho will formally open uieu ,.i,r.i ,-oimrls bv crossing bats witli the fast St. Helen's nine. Six sames will be played at home wiien '."-"f" schedule will taue tne 1. nil other teams in the league for six mo t:.-imes caneu ;il - The Colonels, Winchester, Lexington, And Other Leading Teams Are AH Wearing ROE-O'CONNOR QUALITY Baseball Uniforms 5-pc. Baseball Uniforms $ with Initials 25 ami UP THIS WEEK'S E' High-Grade Baseball GLOVE Kodak Fijii'sking Eight-hour Service ROE-O'CONNOR Louisville, Kyi Broadway At Fourth Incorporated Ruth's Finest Sporting Goods Store Michigan Wins Over Kentucky State Nine Special to The Courier-Journal. Lexington. Kv., April S. The University of Michigan defeated the University nf Kentucky hnsenall nine this afternoon tin Stoll Field by the srore of !) to 1. It was thf opening panic of the season for both teams. Mich. Uteritz s Wimble Knnde I Siiackel- ford r Kipke m Klein 1 . Paper .'I Vick c . ShulU p ab. h. po, .." 1 Totals .:it; 11 : a.i Ken. -I;Perccm !'ILiu!cr-Jl wood .' fKing p OlRiimham O'nrnwn I 0;Rram r nlSlomer p ."ill'ribble '.Tone m 14 Miller 1 I i Tot nli ab. to.; 0 0 (t fl Z 4 1 IT 1 (1 I I Innings Miehigan Kentucky Errors Utcritr. bMvn. .Stolen U;i 1 ft S !)- 0 I) 10 0 14 1 'l ! (1 0 0 1 0 l 0 0 0 1 Knnde. IVrgcni, Kin::, Kipke, I'apcr. Sam- lic-i: Hit.- Sha-.'kel ford. Klein. Hurnhah. ychultz. Two-rjaw Hit? wimble. Srhultz. Three-base Hit Knode. Double Play Shultz to Uteritz to Knode. Hits Off Slimier fl in 7 inniiiTp; off WahJcn in Uapfs on Dall? Off ShulU 1: off Slonrr "L Struck Ont Ti" Shultz ,"i: by Slnmer 1. Left on Bare? Michican 3: Kcntueky 4. Papped Ball Prih-hie. Time of Game Two hours. Umiirc Wright. ' Goldbergs Start Work. The Goldberg. Tailors baseball dub has organized for thc coming neason and will be under the leadership of James Van Dyke, well-known in local baseball circles, while "Whitey" Jjn-sing will captain the club. The Goldbergs made a wonderful jvrord last season, but this year, with the addition of some of the best T!cg ballplayers in the Falls Citk.-, tiio Clothing Boys will present one of t?v strongest independent bail clubs in the Falls Cities, and will make a strong bid for the local championship honors this season. Games have hem .-chedulcd with the best teams in Kentucky and Southern Indiana, but a few dates are still open. Any first-class organization wanting games ca-i arrange same by writing Bascbal: Manager, in care of M. Goldberg & Hons, iflii youth Fourth Street, or caii Home Phone.. City TaO. Manager Van. Dyke will start the initial practice today at Shawnee Park and requests that all the Goldberg nlaycrs report for practice. Any player in thc city desirous of making; the" team can arrange with Manager' Van Ovke for a tryout. Manager , Van Dyke will have in his lineup two of the "most. promising young twirlers in tho Falls Cities in James Bowles and Turner Gregg, with Kvcrc-tt Whitten behind the bat. NAVAL STORKS. Savannah. Ga.. April .S (Associated Press. Turpentine firm; SO'ie gallon: pales .!S ltoin firm: sale? 400 barrels shipments 7T.": Ptock E F S-i.0."''i 4.(t: G K 54. PJ 4.:i.": M. fir, . -:(n . ".tD: ww. Thursday. August 17 Maysville at Lexington: Mt. Sterling at Paris: Cynthiana at Whichever. Sunday. August -0 Winchester at Lex-ingtori: Cynthiana at Pari; Mt. Sterling at Maysville. Thursday. August 2 1 Lrxincton at Paris: Mt. Sterling at Cynthiana: Winchester at Maysville. Sunday. August "7 Cynthiana at Lexington : Paris at Maysville: Winchester at Mt. Stcr'ing. T' August "1 Lexington at Mt. Sterling: Paris at Winchester; Maysvilkt at Cymhiaua. Saturday, September '.I Cynthiana at Winchester. Sunday, September it Lexington at Maysville: Mt. Sterling at Paris. Thur-ilay, September 7 Lexington at Wiiicherte:: Cynthiana at Paris; Mt. Sterling at Mayviilr. Sunday, S:"ttemhrr 1(1 Paris at Lexington: Cynthiana at Mt. Sterling; Winchester at Maysville. Thursday. September 1 1 Lexington at Cynihi;:na: Maysvillc at Paris; Mt. Sterling at WiiM-liL'Ster. Sunday. Srptember 1 7 Mt. Sterling at Lexmgiwj; Winchester at Paris; Cynthiana at Maysville. Thur day. September ;i Lexington at Maysville: Pnria at Mt. Sterling; Winchester at Cyn'liiana. Sunday. September '.'I Winchester at Lexington: Paris at Cynthiana; Maysvillc at Mt. Sterlhr-. Thur-day. September 8 Lexington at Pari-: Mt. Sterling at Cvnthiana; Maysville at Wipi hivlrr. Suml;y, Ortotier 1 Cynthiana at Lexington: Paris at Maysvillc: Winchester at Mt. Sterling. Thur? :tnv. Octnhrr 5 Lexington at Mt. Stcrl'ng; I'uris at Winchester; Maysvillc at Cyi'thiana. St urduy, (letuber 7 Cynthiana at Wm-Uh';e. S:n:d.iy. October "8 Maysvillc at Lexington: Mt. Sterling at Paris. TiMiisdny. Ortitber Pi- Winchester at Lexington: Cynthiana at Paris; Mt. Sterling at MaysviM". Jay Gould Retains Court Tennis Title Record of Bond Sales On New York Stock Exchange VNITEI) STATES WAR ISSCKS. (lurnlshcU by John L. Dunlap S Co.) Bondg. Lllicrtr ."IVi's I.ilicrty 1st 4. '. ..... . Liberty 'il 4's. 1 Liberty 1st I'i's Liberty ill IVi's.. '' Liberty I'i's Liberty Itll l'i's Vlrtary SVt Victory l:!i's ibe nlmve quotation. Prev. CI050 cIoec. Rlsh. Low. tim.'ii sn.r;i $un.:in suu.a i tKi.'io uu.30 uii.n im.o ..... ' IIII.IO IPD..-.8 !H).-iK MII.30 o:i-' titui Dii.-is UO.1-HI l)l)..-(i 1)3.. Hii.m i)!.r i)i).o nn.-in jon.01 loo.oj inn.O'; lon.uo loo 'in loo.iii mn nn rfo not Inetutle nreruetl Interest, Int. on Sl.OUO b.jn.N. SI0.U8 1 !..-..- I. ".SS i:.:ii 1H.KH M.ll ao. r; II. -7 1 i.un iilik-li Is ndtletl from date of previous coupon ynpment tu tlntc ol sale. .OTHER nONI) PRICES. (Uy Associated i'ress.) ' (iovernnient, Stutc and Munblmil. Illsb. I.nw. Close. notes 31isce!laneous Uonils, s JO loreicn Sales (in r 1.(1(111 1. :t City nf Bordeaux- (Is ... City uT Cbrlstlunla 8s . . 1(1 City of Copenbngen .V.s 24 Clly nf Lyons (Is . . X City of .Marseilles (is !.. 17.- Clly or Ida Janeiro 8s 28 City nf Zlirleh 8s ... . " 18 llanlsh Municipal Ss. A.' (i.'t llept. nf Seine 7s 5 Dominican Keliuhlle' 'r.s 7 Dominion of Can. 51, 21 Dutch East Indies lis :!8 French (iovt. 7 Vis 18 Do 8s :l(l Jnpanese 4s . . ' 1 Do 1st IVis 12 KioKdom of Belgium (is 2 no 7's ; : . . KXi Khisfloni tt Denmark (Is .... I Kinsilom of Italy (i'js 1 Kiacdutn of Norway 8s i" Kingdom of Sweden (i (i Republic or Chile 8s, Illlli ... r Hepublle or 1'rupiiay 8s 2 State of (lueenslnnd 7s ,T Swiss Cnnfcd. 8s (!8 U. K. or (i. II. I. 3 Vis, l'.)2:: :w Do rvis. i:n 71 !)( oVis. 11)2!) ' . . 2:t V. S. ot nraiil 8s (it C S. of .Mexico 4s I.'i Do 3s . . Itnlhvay and 17 Amer. Asr. Cliem. 7Vis ' Amer. Smelting 3s H Amer. Sugar lis 7 Amer. Tel. ft Tel. col. 3( 4 Amer. Tel. X Tel. cv. (is 1 Amer. Writing I'atier 7s 1 Armour & Co. 4 Vis 2 At. T. & Snn. Fe rv. Is. l!).-.r K At. T. 4- San. l"e gen. Is V Atl. Coast Line 1st Is 2.7 Atlantic J'rult 7s 2 Atlantic Itclining liVis :::t 11. & o. cv. -His :i 11. .V O. ref. 3s 7 II. .V O. (Is . . .' 1 Hell Til. nf I'eim.i 7s 1 Hcthlchcm Steel ref. 3s 2 Brooklyn Edison gen. 7s, Ser. I). 7:1 liruoklyn It. T. Tr. Co. ctrs. 7s stpii 1 Canadian Northern (iVis ;i Canadian TarlUc deb. 4s i:t Central Leather 3s 1 1 Cerru de l'aseo 8s 73 Chesapeake v Ohio cv. 3s 21 Chic. Hurl. .V (1. nf. 3s 18 C. .V K. I. gen. 3s (new) .. 14 Chicago Creat Western 4s ........ 18 C. .M. H St. 1". ref. IVis 13 C. M. & St. I', cv. IVis 40 C. .M. & St. T. cv. 3s 1 C. & X.. W, (iVis 2(1 Chicago rfailways 3s 2 Chic. K. I. & V. geu. Is i:t Chic. 15. I. It I". reL Is r. Ch.. SI. I". Min. 4- Dm. deli. 3s . . l:t Chic. .V Western lnd. 4s 2:t Chile Copper (is :t Coin, l-'uel 4- Iron 3s I Coin. 4 Sou. Ilfg. IVis Ill Consolidated Cns 7s (i Cuba Cane Sugar cv. 7s S8 (ll)a 88 87 101 li:i 112 flli o:t S7T KHIVi Kill'. 1I2V1. 02 V" 87 87 87 87'i in:t,i 101 312Vi 112 112 113 on im'A o:t o:t lo(i ioov. lnoii 0 1 v- 0 1 y, 0 1 a 1021;. 102 jn2-'I- lo(!-sM idfli, imv, 73-11 73 V, 73 V, ',-, '.Hl'.f, IHIH 10:1 102 in-rv, J08-!i 103 103 !l !IX !I8--K 011 03 , on m in-y, iii"', 10();h 100V4 ioov- 101 lO.IT 101 ion io.-Tis inn limvi io8V, losii 11(1 llli'.i llllYi 107', 10(1 107', IO714 107 1071,4 100 100 101)'. 107 loii-y. 100 03 V, 311'. 113 Vi !)() oa 101 ooy, 08 V'l 08 11 Hi 82 88 -y, 70:;', 87 S8'(, 101 ooy, 08', (17 IMVi 114 82 S2-', 88 83 70 7i) 87- 87 8S 88 :l .!.-.'. joivi 101'. 81 81 83 83 !)X DK-'i 107V-1- 107','. 107'. 01 01 01 A 107 107 HI', 80'. 10!)'. !()', 78 77 78 117 07 1)7 lKi'l 110 Vi '" 70 my. (!-:!.'. 7 08 1 07 Vi 81 82 70- OC'Vi 10 1 14 81 83 08 107 81 1011 V'l IK!', 111'. OO'j H!) 01. 78 r.:i'l 02 70 0:1 Vi 02 08'. 00 08 107'. 107'. HI 70 82N82 70 7!) 00'. 0(1'. 70 73 80 'A 8(! 83' 87 111) 83 83 100 8(i 83 87 110 83 Sales (in S1.000) 2 Cuban R. R. 7'.s 1 Del. 4- Hudson cv. Ss 38 Den. 4- K. (i. Itef. o 2 Detroit Edison Os 10 Dn I'ont de Nemours 7Vs ... .. 3 Duquesne Light (is 213 Erie (len. -Is 3 Erie Con. 4s 3 Flsk Rubber Ss 7 Cenerul Elec. 3s 011 (ionilyenr Tire 8s. 1031 2 C.rand Trunk (is 30 (ircat Northern 3is I I (Jrent Northern 7s 18 Hudson 4- Man. Adj. 3 31 Illinois Central Rfg. Is 1 Illinois Central 3Vis 131 Intcrhnro'Mrtro 4 Vis 308 liiterboro-.Metru 4',is rlfs 311 Interboro Kupid Tran. 3s 32 Inter, Mer. Marine Os 27 Inter. Taper Rig. 3s 2 Kas. City Sou. 3s 23 Kclly-SprlngflcId Tire 8s 1 Luke Shore 4 M. S. Is. 1028 . . . 2 Lehigh Valley (is 7 I.orlllard 3s 1 Manhattan Ry. -is, tax ex 8 Market St. Ity. cons. 3 (il .Mexican I'etrnlruiu Ss 1 Mhlvale Sleel 3s 1 Minn. 4- St. L. rfg. 3s li Minn.. St. I 4- S. S. M. (IVis . 0 Mo., Kan. 4 Tex. 1st Is 80 Do aili. 3s, new l;l Do pr. lien 3s new 7 I .Mo. Pacific, gen. 4s 3 New Orlrans. Tex. A Mex. 3s . . . 50 N. Y. Central deb. 0 3 N. V. Central col. 7s 20 X. V.. Chi. 4- St. L. deb. Is 3 N. Y.. X. II.. 4 II. deb. Is. 1037. 0 X. Y.. X. II. 4- II. deb. Os. 1018. 10 X. Y. Railways rfg. 4s. etfs 2 N. Y. Telephone ref. Os 27 X. Y. Westch. & Bus. IVis 1 Norfolk 4 Western con. -Is 0 Do cv. Os 20 Xortliern Pacific 3s 3 Do Is 11)0 Nur. Pac.-tlt. Xor. Joint OVis . . 2 Nor. States Power 3s 13 Northwestern Hell Tel. 7s 3 Oregon Railway 4 Nov. con. Is . . 2 Orrgon Short Line rfg. 4s I I Oregon-Wash. II. It. Xav. Is .... 13 Pacific (las 4 Elec ."s 1 Pacific Tel. 4 Tel. 3s 30 Pan.-Amer. Pet. 4 Trans. 7s 40 Penn. R. It. gen. 3s JS Penn. R. It. OVis 3 IVre .Marquette rfg. 3s 0 Pierce (111 Deb. 8s 10 P. V. C. 4- St. L. 3s 8 Reading gen. -Is 10 Rio Cr. 4- Western first Is .". It. I., Ark. 4 L. IVis I(i St. L. 4- S. F. Pr. in Is. Series A. 8 Do mil. lis 43 Do Inr. (is 37 Seaboard Air Line con. (is 0 Sinclair Oil 7'js 7 South. Bell T. 4 T. 3 22 Southern Pacific cv. Is 10 Do rfg. Is 32 Southern Railway gen. -Is 13 Do first 3s 3 South Porto Rico Sugar 7s 2(1 Standard Oil of Cal. 7s 07 Third Ave. adl. 3s 3 Tobacco I'rodncts 7s 3 Tol.. St. L. 4- W. col. Is. etfs 10 I'nion Pailflc rfg. 4s 10 I'nion Tank 7s 3 V. S. Realty 4 Imp. 3s 22 V. S. Rubber 3s 01 I!. S. Sleel 3s 13 I'tnh Power 4 Light 3s . 1 Virginia Railway first 3s 3 Western Pacific 3s 22 Western I'nion (iVis 10 Westinghoi'.se F.lectrlc 7s 7 Wheeling 4- Iike Erie rfg. 4 Vis . 0 Wickwire Spencer Steel 7s 7 Wilson 4 Co. 7 Vis High. Low. ..Wse. 102 102 102 OIVs 01 Mi !Vi 10 40 40 Vi 102'.', 102'4 lO'i'.i 103 101 103 101 101 101 30 4!) 30 01 01 01 103 103 103 00 00 011 100 Vi 100 100'. 101 101 101 00 00 00'. 107 Vi 107 107Vi 81 SO'- 81 SO 70 80 00 00 00 18 10 18 Vi 10 13-7', 10 03 01', 03 00',.'. 03 00'', HIVi 81 HIV, 87 87 87 10(1 Vi 100 100 02 02V'. 02V'. 102', 102'.', 102 Vi 03 Vi 03'- 03'. 02 02 (12 00 I'd 00 101 10:1 101 80 80 SO"', 17 47 47 101'.', Kit'., 101 77 77 - 77 3.7 'j 33 33 83 8311 83 V, 03 Vi 03 !3'. 07 Vi 07'. 07'. 10: 1112'... 102'. J 03 1 03 J (13 23 21 21 47 17 47 72 71 72 31 .:iiVi 31 103 103 103 10 Vi r.) 40 80 S(! Sl. 100 100 100 03', 01 01 83 S3 H3 103 103 1C3 00 0(1 0!) 3 07 VI 107 107 08 1)8 08 00 00 00 70 70Vi 70 00 80 8!) 01 01 0 1 08 OS OS 08 1)7 08 107 100 107 01 1)1 01 08 OS'', !3 1)3 04 'j 0 1 'i 8 1 83 Vi 8 1 77 77 77', 80 80 80 71 70 71V1 7Vi 7!) 71) (7Vi 07', 07 V'. 30', 30 30 103 103 103 02 02 02 00 DO'- 0(1'. 87 80 87 03 03 (!3 IMVi 3 l 07', 117 V'l 7'i KlOVi 100 100'. 33 33 .VI !)!) !!) !) 7'i (17 Vi 07'-80 83 8,1 . l()3Vi lO.lVi 103'. 01 01 01 88 88' J!8Vv 102 102 102 03 OlVi 03 3 03 03 87 87 87 10 103 108 lllBVi IOOV, 100', OlVi 03 Vi oty. 00 00 00 100 01) .100 FORJwSf LEAF Will Now York, April S (Associated L'itss). Jay Uould of New York main tained his long-held supremacy court tennis and retained the national amateur championship today by win ning three straight victories from Hewitt Morgan. New York, at the racriuet and tennis club. The score was: C-2, (i-i, C-0. Morgan won the right to challenge Gould through the default of C. S. Cutting, in the semi-finals. The chal longer was completely outclassed and the champion showed he had lost none ot his speed and wizardry. Another Record for Johnny Weissmaller Detroit, April S (Associated Press). Johnny WcissmuUcr, the Illinois Athletic Club star swimmer, clipped two-Hfths of a second off his owti world's? record for the 220-vard free style in winning the national cham pionship for that distance m the Detroit Athletic Club tank tonight. His time was 2:17 2-".. Boicie Entries. Race Track, Howie, Mil., April S. Fnl-lov.-ing arc tile entries for Mominy. April 1(1: FIRST RACK Purse. SI.'-OO: maiden 2-year-olds: four furlongs: Wrangle ll-'jArmndeo 113 niliy Gibson ...II 3,BuiIdugie il.1 (a) Oor'o Choos tl."'(.-i) Carmen I'an- (x) Woodland . AV'J tn?cs 112 Elizabeth Ilri.e .112! Ixt Crrsta 112 (alChuos entry: (x) Whitney entry. SECOND RACE Purse. S1.200: c:.-iimin-3-yca;--o!d3 and upward: six and one-half furlongs: The Nephew 'The Decision Ace of Aces Heiiocross .. Malvolio . . . Kozinh Welcome Stranger Lucky Girl Pretender . .11:".! Rustler . .1 l.'.j Alex Hamilton . . 1 12: Paul Connolly . .1101 "Iron Boy ... . .1 101'Little Maudic in.-'.i'Siesta Or-Right Ancle . 07! "Pcrigourdine .1121 . .113 . .112 . .112 . .110 . .IT, . .103 . . 1 OS . .103 receipts ttOli; ;n.2SU. Quote: H. D. It I Sl.OT'i i'i .4.20: S4..10: N. S3.2U: WG. THIRD It ACE -Purse, Sl.IOO: claiming: 4-year-olds and upward: six furlongs: Dantzig liointra Gold II:' Chas. I.eyilcekcr. 1 '("i'Kranl; Monroe. . .1 1 1 King John HTjRedniou 110 Apple Jack II. . . UO' FOURTH RACE Fairfax Handir.m. ?1,3(I0 added: 3-ycar-oids and upward: seven furlongs: Ballot -Mark 1 1.2i Yashmak- MX lalPIueky 107! I a I Jewel V. D.. .104 Flyhall lO.'i'Dick Dcadcye. . .101 Miriam Cooper. . 1 OIJl (a)Smithsun entiy. FIFTH RACE Purse. fl.-'OO: .7-year-olds e"d upwinl: one mile: The Archer lnfvTom MuTagcart . .1 04 Thc Lamb HH St. Allan 1U4 Gain dc Cause. . . Kill SIXTH ,KACE Purse. SI. 200: claiming: 3-ycar-olds and upward; mile a:id seventy yards: "Ettahe lKliilribcd Voter Dr. Charles Wclis.l 121'air Mac .. Clean Gone I tOiMastcr Jack Searchlight I1I..10S Trickster II Oueen Blonde . .. OT ! - Verity Zouave lO'jiSlster Flo . SEVENTH RACE Puree. SI. 200 Each Section of District Have Own Sales Committee, Passonneau. Says. ing: -l-year-oids and upward: mile and one sixteenth Hendric l-izer Challenger . . Horeh Jacques . . . 'Sammy Jay Turnabout King's Belle Apprenti. ' Weather clear 30S; 'Amnze . . 10415m:.rtv . . . . loiiJevil Dog . . 1 1 I rl)iiinie Wal I'O.lVnlkup . . . HDiDaillir 00: 'Tan II. .. !IS; 'An-hivc .. allowance . .'aimed. track fast. Senators Beat Indians. April Columbus, O.. l'rcssi. Cleveland Columbus Batteries Coveleskie. Nunamaker; Pahnero, Hartley. Wilson. Special to The Courier-Journal. Franklin. Ky., April S. Five hundred Simpson County tobacco growers this afternoon applauded Joseph Passonneau. chairman of the Organiza tion Committee of the proposed Dark Tobacco Growers' Co-operative Asso ciation, who explained the terms of the contract, the nature of the organ-Izntinn and nredicted its success, in an address here today. Mr. Passonneau said the contract is "water tirrht" and that in each of the fourteen cases where suits had to be brought on such contracts, which are similar to those of the Burley Tobacco Growers' Co-operative Association, the co-operative had won. He told the growers of the Increase in production in the raisin, prune and fruit industries in the West and of the increase in price realized at. the same time for their products by the Western co-operates. He cited the success of the Bureau Tobacco Growers' Co-operative and said the growers in the dork district could do as well if thev followed the example of the burley growers in their choice of their best men to represent them on their board of directors. Mr. Passoneau explained the system of financing the movement, said it was not intended to take any man's business from him and that the present warehouses would be needed as receiving plants by the association, which would take them over if the warehousemen favored the movement as they had favored it in the burley district. He predicted that 75 to 00 per cent of the growers of .the dark district would .ioin the association. He said the contract was made for live years because it had been demonstrated that hort-time contracts were not suc cessful and that good men could not lie obtained to manage and direct the business of co-operatives on short- term contracts. The speaker said separate pools-would be established in eacli of the four dark tobacco districts and that sales committees composed of mem bers of tho Board of Directors would be formed in each district to act with the president in the sales of the tobacco signed up to the association. .Mr. Passonneau told the growers hat for the last four weeks 500,000 pounds of burley tobacco had been idded each week to the holdings ot 1 the Bureau Co-operative; that before, the coming drive was over it was probable "the XiurAu Co-operative; would control 'JO per cent of the btir- lev production of the United States,! and that the growers ol" the bright! belt in the i-'nuth had 73 per cent I pledged to their co-operative. The expense of conducting the busi-i ness of the burley association, Mr. j Passonnpau said, was less than the; warehouse charges in the burley dis-j trict under the old system. impressing the importance of co.'-1 lective action, he told how each grower under the "dumping plan." was a competitor of every other grower, and how the dumping of surplus tobacco on the market broke the price for the entire crop. Dr. J. 11. Claypool. physician and farmer and acting county chairman, who presided, anil Judge W. S. Mc-("lanahan, manager of two warehouses here and lor years interested in the tobacco business, said Simpson County growers would sign the contract it they understood it and that the only thing needed to bring about success of the organisation in this county ( ss3ciated i ;1 campaign of education among j. j j the growers. 1 11 " i Both Dr. Claypool and Mr. G. O. P. Meeting Bachs Napier for Congress Special to Thc Courier-Journal. Lexington, Ky., April S. Representatives of ail but two counties in the Tenth Congressional District met in tho Phoenix Hotel ballroom this afternoon and indorsed the candidacy of C. W. Napier of Hazard, Perry County, against John W. Langley, incumbent, in the race for the republican nomination for Congressman. Mr. Napier declared immediately following the passage of reso'jitions that he would begin "then and there and was ready to fight to a finish," which was the kind of political battle decided upon. The meeting was called to order by It. Monroe Fields o Whitesburg, chairman of the Republican County Com mittee of Letcher County. Second Man Convicted In Murder At Covington Covington. April S (Associated Press!. George Sanders. 21 years old. of Cincinnati, was found guilty by a jury in the Kenton Circuit Court to-dav of complicity in the murder of Morris L?e. theater manager, and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Lee was shot and killed by bandits the night of January 22 while seated in his automobile in front of his home. Last week James Powers, 21, of Covington, was found guilty of com-plicitv in thc murder and was sentenced to die in the electric chair. Two' other men are awaiting trial in the same case. The jury returned Its verdict at 0:1" o'clock this morning, after having had the case under consideration s'nee 2:30 o'clock yesterday aft.-rnuon. CINCINNATI MARKETS. Cincinnati. April 8 (Asroinatcil Press) Wheat Red winter grade No. 2 51.40 Gi 1.41- N11 . 3 .1.:)7M1.3!. Corn No. 4 white 37 V-. ff 3Sc: No. 0 oOiii.i.c: Nc 0 .I.V.iMe. Oats and rye unchanged. Hay Timothy S-'aii 23.30. Potatoes unchanged. Live Poultry Fowls. 3 lbs and over. 2lle: .1 n.o ......I over. 23e: under 4 lh:-.. .c. Fresh gathered extra firsts 23c: firsts V-c: ordinary lirsts 21c. Butter and cheese un changed . 112 .112 .110 .HIS .103 .100 claim- During the Past Year FOREIGN EXCHANGES of the Principal European Countries have shown a vast improvement. Will this recovery continue during 1022? Write for our Pamphlet X-2..1 Gutcheon, Nash & Co. 8 Weat 40lh St., New York Chicago Packing Concern Plans Capital Reduction Chicago, April 8 (Associated Press). Stockholders 'ol Libby. McNeill & Libby. packers, were called today to meet April 2S for the purpose of reducing the capital stoc'K from S27.000.0II0 tn SlI.T.ID.OIIO. in view of an operating toss ol S22.000.0OO last year. INDIANAPOLIS. Special lo The Courier-Journal. Indianapolis. April S. Hogs Receipts 3..".00: market steady; good to best heavies Slo.S.'i: medium and mixed S10.75: common to good ligiits Slo.T.i: bulk of good hogs S10.U5. Cattle Receipts 200: market steady: prime corn fed steers ST.2.Vr S.25: good to choice steers S3.r0'.i7: common to medium S.7.25(.Z5.?.-. Calves and Veals Receipts 300: market steady: common to best veals Slo.ri0uH2.."i(): common to nest calves S7n9. Sheep Receipts 100: market steady: good to choice sheep S5fr9: common to medium $.V.i4: good to choice lambs SIS (15.50: bucks S2 5T4. Bowie Results First Race Purse, Sl-,200; 2-year-olds: four furlongs: Better Luck, 113 (Ktimmer). $10.00, $4.00, $2.40 .1 Forshala. UO lMorrisl. S3.70, $2.20. .2 Rork, lib- (Keogh), S2.10 3 Time. :4S 2-3. Buddugie, The Muleskinner and Dick's Daughter also run. Second Kace Purse, $1.-00; claiming; 4-year-olds and upward: six and one-half furlongs: Whalebone. 103 (Gantner), $C50. JI.SO. 1 Pretender. 112 (Walls). $25, $10.10.. .2 Perigourdine. 10S (Thomas). $4.30 ...3 Time. 1:22 3-3. Dairyman. Mose. Litle M.iudie. Capers, Roy C. Encrinite. Miss Parncll. Uncle's Lassie, J. E. Hertz and Zanivr also ran. Third Kace Purse. $1,200:- fillies: 3-year-olds; live and one-half furlongs: Grace Slavers, 10S (Obert), $31, $11, $i;.00 1 (a)I'Iucky. 312 (Stirling), iO.M, $5.20 2 Bountiful, 110 iConov), $11. SO 3 Time. 1:07 2-3. Fannie Bean. (a)Jewel V. D., yashmak, Sliriam Cooper, Sailing ' Along, Last Effort and Blue Ribbon also ran. (a)Smithcon entry. Fourth Race Capital Handicap: purse, $1,200; 3-year-olds and up; six furlongs: Wellfinder, 101 (Lang). $3.30, $3.00. S2.70 1 Tianslate. 101 (Cardner). $1S.U0. $4.70 2 Mercury. 110 (Thomas), $3.30 3 Time, 1:13 3-3. Brainstorm, Knight of The Heather and Dick Deadcye also ran. Firth Race Princa George Handicap; purse. $2,300 added: 3-ycar-olds and upward: mile and one'sixlocnth: Bunga Buck. 124 (Lan.7). $3. SO. $3.30, $2.30 1 l.tuietta. 103 (Thomas), $3.30. $2.70.. 2 Bygone Davs, 104 (Brooke), $3.10 ...3 Time. 1:40. King's Champion and Slippery Elm a! -t ran. Sixth Race Claiming: purse, $1,200; 3-year-olds and upward; mile and seventv yards. Our Birthday, 113 (Lung), $3.10, $3.30, $2.70 ' Romeo. 113 (Thomas), $3.30. $3.00.. 2 Ettahe, 114 (Kummer), $3.70 3 Time. IMS 1-5. Hobey Baker. .Toaiiuina. Lusmore. Austral and Timbrel also ran. Seventh Race Claiming: purs:? $1,200;. for 4-year-olds and up; one mile and a quarter: Attorney Sluir via (l.angi S'i 70 "S2 :to John Arbor 10S (Thomas) ?J.S0. . $2.S0 , Lucv Kate 103 (Freishon) $3.10 ... ? ;, Time. 2:14. ' ! Little Ed. Jack Ro'eves and Pattern . also ran. ' . ; . Company A Wins. : Company A. of the Louisville Indus- J trial School, defeated thc strong Shop- , herdsville High School team in the 1 opening game of their scheome on lh t school Kvvmvlfi by iho score of 1 to 4. , Brannon and Gihbs were the battery . chosen by the U.I. K. hoys Brannon r strikin' out eleven men and allowins i ut six scattered hits. Gibbs and ilano-ford were the featured batsmen, male-in a perfect average. Etly and Camp-bell hit home runs, while Hynea and ( Tinker Gravson and Cook handled their chance;- with precision. Profes- ;aJj sor Sanders, for Shepherdsville, played well. The score: 2 L. I. S ' f a Shepherdsville 16 4 Batteries L. I. S., Brannon-dibbs; J S. H. S.. Bradshury and Stansburry. 8 Umpires Hynes and Udell. i I SBBSSSBSSi .100 .104 .104 .Io:i . 11!) . !I0 . 00 . li 9 13 : Lindsay an.l Burwell and Marion Wins. Special lo The Courier-Journal. Siarion, Ky., April S. Marion defeated Clay in a track meet here today, 44 to 40. Knowl starred for Clay, end Dillard made the most for Sla-r'o:i. Washington Wins. Washington, April S (Associated Press). R. H. E. Boston Nationals 2 ; 0 Washington 3 7 4 Batteries Slarquard. SIcQuillun. Ocschger and O'Neil; Slogridge, Zach-ary and Gharrity. Passon neau made it clear mat ine matter of joining was left to the individual grower and that no coercion would be thought of in obtaining members. Snffc MnrL-ot CiiiiPf. New York. Anril 8 (As-ociated Press). ' Tile raw u-ar market continued uuiet 10-j .lay and no sale- were reported. Thc nnder-1 tone w.-i- eas.-. with spot Cubas olfrm! at i2Sc cni-t and freight, euunl to a.OSe. for 1 centrifugal, with later shipments at 2 7-10c. 1 co"t and freL'ht. ciual to 4.04c. Kaw sugar future were ;ui"t and pri'-cs ' irregular with trading of an evening-up j character. Closing price were 1 point lower I to 1 net higher: May. 2.52c: Ju!y. 2.71c: September. 2.80c: December. 2.:i..c. I I PAID UP I II I iff IPffcEif I ' S SKCFRKD nV FIRST ! .MORTGAGES ON I .OF- S E ISVILLH AVD .7EFFKK- i ! SON COUNTY REAL B I KSTATK. 1 11 11 iu i Press). R. H. E. nnilANAPOI.IS. ! Special to The Courier-Journal. ! Indianapolis. April S. Wheat Steady: ;No. 2 red SU'ISH 1.30. Corn Firm: No. i 3 white 50':. Otic: No. 4 white 5Sc5ifc: i 'No. 3 ycllnw 5S li ti 50c: No. 4 yellow! 571: '-j5Sc: No. 3 mixed ...'-st.isc: o. t 4 miscd 5057c. Oats Firm: No. 2 I white 40 'i 42c: No. 3 white 37 1 3.1 '.i - ri.i.-.icn. Anril 8 (Associated Tress). 1 Ha-,- v... 1 timothy -1.S...UW J.': .Mt. 2; ,.-ro,i out.. cHahp 00U: Lib- ttrti.thr SIS4, is .".ll: No. 1 light clover. i 'by. McNeill 3 'i : Swift' i Co. ios'i: Swilt I mixed ' Sl7.3U'j 1M: So. 1 clover hay 513! International W: Union Carbide 5S &20, CIlICAdO STOCKS. April 8 (Associated BEST AND SAFEST INVESTMENT ON THE MARKET. BOOKS FOR SALE. D5 ViDENDS EXEMPT FROM FEDERAL INCOME TAX Greater Louisville Savings & Building Association Incorporated Greater Louisville Isldg. 419 West Market St. Municipal and Industrial bonds of Germany offer possibilities of great profit bought at their present low prices. $105 will buy the following: Marks 5,GG0 City of Hamburg 4 Marks 5,000 City of Berlin 4 Marks 5,000 City of Bremen 4VS Marks 5,000 City of Dresden 412 Marks 5,000 City of Munich 4 The normal value of this unit of bonds is $5,950.00. Other cities or industrials as Krupp 5,, German General Electric 4 !;, Hamburg American Line 41A may be substituted. Mail orders accompanied by checks will be given prompt attention. Prices are. subject to change without notice. If further information is desired write or phone. W. H. NEWMAN, Jr. 407 Louisville National Bank BIdg. Slain OS!). ' .Clly 330 Mm of Redemption U leSiers of Mr? Ms and Others Oseed Notice Is Hereby Given As Follows: 1. Call' for redemption of 3 per cent Victorv Notes. All of these 3 per cent series of United States of America Convertible Gold Notes' of 1922-1923, .otherwise known as 3 per cent Victory Notes, are hereby called for redemption on June 15, 1922, pursuant to the provision for redemption, contained in the notes and in Treasury Department Circular Number 138, dated April 21, 1919, under which the notes were originally issued. Interest on all Victory Notes of thc psr cent series will cease on said redemption date, June 15, 1922. 2. Suspension and termination of Victory Note conversion privilege. In view of the cal! for the redemption of all ?y per cent Victory Notes on June 15, 1922, and pursuant to the provisions of said Treasury Department Circular No. 138, the privilege of conversion of Victory Notes of either seric3 into Victory Notes of the other series is herebv suspended from February 9, 1922, to June 15, 1922, both inclusive, and on June 15, 1922, will terminate. Victory Notes accordingly cease to be interconvertible, effective February 9, 1922, and on and after that date no conversior.3 of the notes may be made. 3. Detailed information as to the premutation and surrender of 3:!4 percent Victory Notes for redemption is given in Treasury Department Circular Number 277, dated February 9, 1922, copies of which are available at the Treasury and the Federal Reserve Banks. ! A. W. MELLON, Secretary, of the Treasury. February 0, 1922. . vi 31 I

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