The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 27, 1934
Page 6
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.PAGE SK TEIL OF IHEIR Camera and ik- Alertness and Accuracy Are Outstanding Attributes of Good Baskeleers BY F.VF.RETT S. l)K\N fia'Wlball Cojrh, Ijjhna l.'nlvc-iHly Here are a lev ideas of what ihe leading taskeir.all coaches oi ihe coimiry are .looking lor In ih(- ft-ay of player qualifications. r il-ey should oe of particular Interest to high ii-Jn.ol pluyers »-hu rre contemplating entering cot- . Klmcr Klpln, Vale Tlie firsl <|ii:illf,i-alion of a lct;il forward Is Him lie inn: have Ucirkeiuall l)r;iins. His n unions on Hit- floor nmsi i perfectf-d !0 a degree 1 thai [lie tft-m liistlnctlvc. Ho iiiiisl b. above medium helpht nmt uble ti run ol iip speed lor -10 minuter IF-SI and shifty on the floor, i timer sure toll handler, find in ariisi BI feints nnd fate. Hi: tl:oi miisi be fast and nccutaii l:o(h from inside mil oiilslc!i- tin Icul line. J. •nmie Itul.v Illinois Physio! ly my Kk-nl forwari would bo nboul ^x feet mil: weigh about 170 pounds; huvi good eyesight. slims shoulders large hands, loos- hips, power hi legs,, nicilluin-siz-.-d ftet mid i good .sen;*" of balance. He shouli Ve fast, nigged, r.ncl well co-or> diluted. Mentally (his forward inould "rather piny basketball inin eat." (iecrje K. Edwards, Miisnurl Serially, and mcvaliy my jd^i forward must live cleanly nnd inspire the rcspeel .-; his associates. Mentally he must ix- nblc (u carry scholastic work win honors; bo tltrL nnd Killing i o lean, ' nctt - snd better methods; show fast ti,d original lliliiKr-g mu | cr PR . S . .•lire; possess a ,'eslre to tt u unit In team play; i, ;lve UBBrc . s . s'.ventss n\n\ n win U) will . Physl . tally lie musi rmo .speed unu ilcmina; ability Io luimlle itie cnll nnd uuss :u-ciii-ni«ly; judj;- nient nnd nccimcy in luskri rhootliiB, nnd strength In ileii-n- Mve play. John W. Hum. StanTuril In choosing lunvrnis I luok lor ll.ree nbilltii-s. Fust: ability to score from nil pr,-iiions nn itie ccurtr-21 feel or closer to the basket. Second: in Kcvcment about the court — In dlier words, rend ten time. Qnick- MSS rnlher limn spec*! Is um- i-hasized because Laskctbalt is not £0 much a game of great spied " It Is i game of Quickness, .nird: judgment ' !n passing and •Willy for (earn p:ny Hooks and Slides Broucher IN CHANCERY COURT OP MfSSIBHIPIT COUiViY, ., , CII1CKASAWBA DISTRICT l.o-jKl 01 Him-tors, t-:i. l-rjucii l.c-n-e District Plaint!'! SATURDAY. i ". writes one of o,-r |:ii|;j.«'ln ? loaders, -(hiit F| ? i Ul | A wins nine roniKls of a 10- rom ,.i i '';•>" "•'»» Fli-'liW B. l , '-I'll '.noilu-i' i.iul down rocs'A' | !•:«•.- mini-, liiu hi- t;et.s lijj iiunlir i mid walks Mrnlplu Inlo OIK- which' l! - '•">•"••>'• on tin- huitoii. A i-o,-' •t-i'-Mi mid stays this lhn ( -. -Vh,. ; i.-Ji-i.v i-:m c-,,,,,11 („ mo. n m ,,- h:.|'i:'-N-. Hint Jusi ns he Is ruiMi,'- hi. n.ui.1 Ir, yuy '.Mi,,,.,- „,,, ", „ Hi-- i-iKlliic (he |l|.|,i. "Alti'i- il,o bom A Is out for tu-,, • In in.-.. ll<- m.k.'i ivhat Impi-^ne.i •Jl»-v Ml him Him ])e W01 , , |( . • 1.1-1,1. Ilnvlng won nine roiimls and in; l on.-. A iiflf-s down in the lj(m |,. ' wlimi'i' ol u,ai on, ' ' I.ois, F.'iiim-r, 1-1 u]. i,nd Cirtiiin Delinquent I3nc- -. and TruiiuvMl;, Ucfcmiuiil; .N'OTICK .-rnoiis ui- tnriKjiatlua; having or chi'niiiiB nil Inier- ;ollf.\.jii f ilr-.vrllx-il Hinds, (own lots, mllroaiis tram- u-trfciapn :m.| power lim-a, are nen-hy notincd thai In tin 1 Cl:ai:u-ry (,'niut of Mis.s|-: 3 i n ,i Conmy. cnicfca- Ai-i-iii«ii:-. in .-nfortt- the tolli-ction r;i i-enuiii u-vfe .'.I 11.-1 u! (unit-;, tiijieiher i-.itr, th- *rrlonm- ',-v- llpfill i-lirli 11; v ,1 ' ISAWIU l»IS1l(irT-:\]lShIS£>il>PI C'Oi:\'TV Total Tax and voilon .^c. Acfres y t5 DM. Penally 111 NORTH, RANOJ- KIOIIT ;|8) EAST Mill « Lbr Co Chi Mill & Lbr Co Ci-.i Mill & j,i, r Co Mrs Jam«£ Dudley William JolliB Chi Mill Owner Part of n>i:im:i'.N Kl-. 1 -- - - SW" Hi.'.ion shares k \; .onyj,.,- •; (:•••:» Mill cV: |,| Jf <;:i-:-.) M;li ,\: Lbr Co ('!"") :\li,l ii)"!i o: W A I.-UKI <'•'••••'.'•> Mill ,1 1) W.ilhic-,. h F' W I .nil,-! luii I' W I.iiur-il,,!, : I J W (.intern, ! ':ln Mill W of Dllni " '.';,. Mill ,V. l.t,i- W o! •In.i l-'mli-y ••"" l l,, , L] ;, L o ,l ( , } , . «...'. f..r ,„,..n.r,.ways think n won! M'A Ar,her H ', •; 'riino Caini-ia, world's In KyimmMiims for his lonhccmiin,; t^ m[ ft m, dniniplon. isn't trainlnj; i-nlii,--; the chump Is sh Irnm CtnriiKo —and i: Oililllirs | .. -lirhon- I think ;: 0| (00, iH'CIUIM. ! , | i I Imu- wen tilings liapp.-n aimoj ': ju ihl-i- Ihi- hyixitlu-tlcnl ca;x- im«ei-i- '• ™ u-d by •'.'iiijjpo.-.lnc Homier." 1 | rl \,. ! .''I'l-n a llnliliT win cU-hl of Y, | rounds Inmiily. j ost , ,j lc oUHi| . j (i-ii-n by a wide nmi'fc'ln and .still' I v.'in tin- nod thoiii-li he was out on | hi; f.'i-i in Hie last, hell. 'i 1 I hin-p .so,.,, u II K I, U , V w)n wvni | j clo.-.i; rounds and losi; the l:u- : lihu-c—his tni-e.-i bucklinc In th,'. lenlh-but .still (-el (in- decision' i ,,!!.'....!!"., a " nih " r "B" 1 ' ""mail! Louehran and His Mother If Commissioner Says Yes, Boxing Shows To ' Johnny I oxer of Green. featherweight New York city, Ls In Elythevllle sizing up piospects (or icvivlng the boxiiiji game here. Green expects tr. start boxing shows regularly here within n ii«- weeks, he snicl yesterday. lie- not conferred yet with the Iwal boxing comm'ssioner but uc- lii-ves he will be r.ble. to Iron out c'fTicultlcs Hint have prevented other promolcis front workiii" here lately. The New York" fer.lhenveisht slill Ii an active fighter nnd <-xpecl.s to meet Kid Wolfe at Memphis ii the near fnline. Record books c'bclosc. provided I c is the Johnny Green known to :r-e upper (light of the boxing worlu, thnt he hits fluent Kid Chocolate. Edille "Can- icn Ball" Martin and other lop- lotchers of past pud present. Green plans to :n:ik'e his headquarters here for awhile. Holland and Steele Teams Split Two Games The Holland and steete learns split even in two games last niglu. The Holland girls won 19 to 17 nnd the Slcele boys triumphed, 25 to 15. The Holland girls staged n las', quarter comeback afler iralHiiB seven jwlnts and forged out lii front with-moments (o spare. The line-up O f lhc girls "game fonows: Holland. T. Richardson. Parrlsh. centers; Holder and Edwards, forwards; Lester and Slaton. guards; Kinley ond Parrish, substitutes; Sleele. 'i-aylor anil Massey, centers; Con-ell and ils, guards; Yeager and Moore, tor- wards; Jenltins and Heathcock. substitutes. nn even birak In the scoveka-pinB ! . IOM In th<- iriith otrauw his \^, stnrted Io bleed nil over the Vlni'- j sldt> nnd ihr ivforee hnltrd it ,;. ; ;' "U'clink-al kayo." : Ki'i-plm; :corc nrbllrnrlly | )V i lumiN hiis piovoil n system which 1 nomlls of miu-h error. It often oi-riirs Mini «rl!ers at the rin-'- siili- whii ,-ivi- one iKjlitcr nine or : •ten roiinii:: of iho if, rounds slil! j "re roiH-lnp.-il Unl (h c oilier mm, wins (In- (li'lit. One battler mlghl I Hive-hi 1 , o.jpi.nciil a tenific pa',1- i hi|r in n loiind. mil If he losr-s tin onr. bv . F'l'-vr-n on ll:i- .scorn sheri.s. J L - K allevcn, A! tin- :«roiul Sliarkey-Kchinel- iii',' np.'hi Tor the world elininpion- sliiii (hn boxins; writer;; were <|iv- i Idcil nlnmn nqiially over the do- clsion. Half declim>il t-mphalically fin SchiRi'liiK!. Thn nthci-s iminti-d io thi'ir srorc phcoLs which showed Khurkoy tin. winner In the miin- bcr of rounds. I ihouuhl Srhmcliiiir had woi 'bat one. but admit limit- wcri M'vi-iiil rciuiuh which might have bi'i-n i;ivon (o cilher man The lOi.-il-.-rorini; svsteni divides Iho lii-.h! i<!-lin:llv into iri H-jiaratr and (Ji-:lh!-; cntawnients of ibn-e nii'.iifi.s ciich. A rin.'Sidr- r-r mi.-1 jnd!!M i-ucli nf (hf«p tlm-c- nlinili- baitles, and then add up to d.'U-rmine tbr? winner. e\-L-n llui'ivh Kid Napoleon mny be Wiii.-rloni-d In the round. Why shiiiildn'i lhc .scorckix.-])er jnds;i- the -tri minutes of liKhlin-j n.s -.1 whole, on iwinls oi punrtiiili: iHnvi-r. ng;rfs:-ivciit-.s.<;, di-fenslve ibiliiv. .skill and tlio ,;onilitir.n of the two men at Hie lasi ton,'? Here's Tommy LoUBhran. wlw MX,,, will Kl«, with bis moih,, Th, ,„<-,„„ ph,, 10 Luein lnillltll( . fur Uio wui . ••>hi|i bout. Chickasaws Slagc Comeback to Gain Evan Break With Weiiie i-i> fvi-'n break m i Iht- fnsl Weim-r hi by deffaliiu; th -6 at tin- nrinorv Wi'iiu-r five had V' c".fr. in an adrn.r ^ w —- '•»* " S °l ) l >orlll "»v to p,k- up 1; '" <1: »« >•"*'• »" lonk - "ith , , ,- l - '' ' lrst l! "" c w "'' lr lopsided scon- r>r c,.,, « ; ...... -12 ( 0 -)j . ' '"' <" vp " urf-i' - n: mark. 15lvlh,.ville ' ' " •' >rs w thf Ramsay MacDonaW Holds Affection for Frying Pan LONDON (UP) — Premier Ram say MacDonaM IIMS gone doaics- llc, and revealed thnt he holds I particular affection tor a fry psn. Writing In a rer.e.-it issue of tile t-lklng magazine "Rucksack" he - said: "How rell I know the frying pon. One can get down to It nnd, vith sleeves up and elbous out, control the opejptions with a lork. Compare U'K more dilatory methods by which victuals simmer, arid cook Ultra elves, and give — a .frying Pan with Its savory '• encouraging my efforts." forward, iii th.- (ol- lin-ivil to mil-, "' Chicks' mi,,,,, UOIV fjl| ., v ily tlutriljiiii-tl .-imoiii; nn-ii!b,-r: Ihr five. ii-.t'sMiisia M,,,,,i n Mov-'.-y. I'm iv ;,,,,, IKiint i-.ono:, Milt-- i-ili-ll !>omt man tin ie points T,p. »f the iifi.-r- - n-u.-v ymsJTlplon lied fo ,i • i fer tho locals wi: i McClltlpy 11,-if. Hie visitors \\; Ion was hold garni- x I'.irtl,- :>. ili ,-hl,-r 2 -Siiljsiitiilions '•vi-n :'. rtyiFv : l!vir,n;,n. Sfntvii <:nmr \Vi in,-r i \: llilisoii Vn-.lll:: 1 .lunis 1 Mi-riil!, v ind his return "lie night sirup; ^r>re his mntes Weiner had of i30i M« lit I'- the In-.nup ui : Mosoley B wcmed to li-.o greater eftor: first , ""'v K.VUI-J ti>iny way almost from (he start Tn' Crocks played a rough game nnd iibck-.iell 4 JCorhler 3 WH.-oii 4 Tipton 6 F r C'. o Yen! Jnnos McCniley Wilson Senate's New Aid v ?In Air Mail Probe Lot u NW'i All All All NW SW K'.-i MR',; NB' SE", KE'.i NW; N M ,i SI SW'i SEU SW'i SE'i NE'-l SK'., SE'i i W 1 .. ch,«-Y;brco wi.-.^^;: Chi Mill & LV Co W'. SE'i KJivanl Spencer W 1 -.- NE 1 ;" NE'i t'i.l Mill ir Lbr Co E'-. NE 1 , NE 1 ; Chi Mil! & L'jr Co W 1 , NW', NE'.j Kmvtinl Spsiu-er E 1 • NW^ NEV, O I, Miller • SE ', NE'i Cili Mill & LW Co £,Vf' t NEU Chi Mm & i; or Co All C'.H Mill i: Lor Co E 1 -Chi Mil! i- l,br Co w, EV. &cc-pi R!gr,i of Way " C:H Mill ^ Lbr Co All Chapman i- Dsivey Co All Ex- ccpi Drainage nighi of Way C!U Mill A L'jr C-j All IMrrlscn & Oreer NE-; SE"; Ciil Mil! La;- Co All Exeepi E> - NE'i i NT-: 1 ; SE 1 , E-.l C.iru-r N>, SE 1 , NE 1 ! J-'il C'.ilti'i 1 S'. s SK'i NE 1 ; Chi Mill iV Lb,- co " SW 1 , sW'i up 23 23 .23 25 Si, 26 M -^ Llir Co Al! l-:>:(-|;t W '•Hi Mill A•1 t« U'jriilH.-r J (': llf;nili,-r,;i-r aw "til Mill ^ I.ljr Co NW 1 C. 1 Mill ,t |.|jv Co N .1 Cl llurnhrri-er Clii Mill \- i.Ur Co t. W Wil!li, ms n (; OosiiK-r N"KI Mullcy H'-lx-i'L l-:.isun W W .Shaver '1'n'iT liros i\; lii-n nice I- W William-; I- w Williams •' I- Mrallmm A J Hi:oll J I, !< A .1 Scolt '- W Williams . u -':nn II W Coivan" C C Willi:im.., -I W M Ciii Mill Chi Mill .t Co Chi Mil] & l,| Jr (;o Chi Mill i i,., Chi Mill W of D-tc;- Chi iMill ,>; i; W 01 •lini liosn-etl NW IJ:tcll f-'HI Mill ,t l.!j, co NE", NE l'_W I.nUerloh l. ol -, ,v «},.; J? Hi-nry Collins Pi] gi.-. Chi Mill fi UK Co NE n-pt Hl«l]t o! Way L'ili Mill i- Lbr Co SI- 1 W of ujtch II I) Mli.sti-ns Lot -I ,' "W 1 , E of RK H If Klyini C! i Mill ,v Lbr Co C:.i Mill ,t Llir Co C:-l MIH fc Lbr Co cm Mill .v I.;,,. (j 0 I-'Khorly & C Ci:i Mill ,v Lbr Co Chi Mill ,t Lbr Co Karl Williams Chi Mill & Lbr Co NW'"; Ol'i Mill h Co H O IToii£-.-n !i O lloiHc-n Lot 2 a-ip Snr Mary Muner F^.i Loi 5 Sii|> Sur I! O Hciibfii 1,01 6 sm.1 Snr Mary Muuer Esi lal 1 Snj) Sur Mary Maucr Est Loi 8 W of L»vr : e Mmy Maner Esl Lot a K of Lane ^fll!•y Mauir Est. Loi 11 W of Lcvoe Marj) M.-iner Esi Lot 11 E of I c-vee Unknown s", SW 1 .; E of Ditch Tobe Uryriiit u> ls |.- z . 3 s ,,.j Sul . l-od Matthews Lot; 4 & 5 S,.- P Sm H & s Levine SW 1 .', SE'i T J D.uiglieny E;t SEV, SWV; Unknown NE',1 Frl S'. ; - NW" A C Mariin S & W of Lake & ' Dilcli SW 1 /, and W'.L- SE 1 /, -I W King l't NI.. ~ NV . Nwl| Morse i Rirshncr NE 1 ,; NE 1 , O B Chapp?!! NE'i NW", Ori- Sur W H .llntton Par- SKY, SWV, Orig Snr H W Harris SW'i SW'/, w of Dilch R A Douglass Lot i Sup Sur ion Mnlthcivs Lots 3 i 4 Sup Snr Jpff Davis Lot 5 Sup Snr Chai-hc lirisrln Lot 6 Sup Sur Dr H A Strom! Lot 10 Si;;, S'ir W H Overtoil Let 'E'.of NE'/, Sup S:ir A Douglass Lot 4 Sup Snr R A Douglas-j )x)t 5 Sup Sm- Orin P Dean Lot 0 Slip Sur W R Overtoil Lot C of NE 1 ,; Slip Sur D S Parrav Lo: 13 N of L»vee Sup Sur C H Glass S'-'- NE" W R Overtoil Lot D of NW 1 /' ' Sup Sur W ft Overtoil Lot Snp Sur W K Overton Lot G of NW'5 Sup Sur R C Rose SW!', ovig Snr UIIKIIIW,, L-t 1 w of Ditch Sup Sur C B lio'mis Loi 2 Sup Sin- C B Holmes i^t 3 Su ' p Sur unxno'*-n Lot 4 w of Ditch C B Loi G SIID Sur Unknown L- Jt 7 E of Ditch Slip Sur Unknown Lot 8 E of Dltcii Sup Sur Cnn.s E McWliiitrr .'NE'/, NE',; 80 40 16U 40 40 320 40 40 80 20 20 20 20 •SO 4IJ 640 520 136 640 use U40 40 S20 20 20 40 1M1 1332 1932 ITri 1S32 1932 !S32 1932 1932 1932 W32 1912 »32 I9« 1532 1912 1932 1932 1932 25.25 12.15 iU.25 12.15 12.15 100.25 12.75 12.75 25.25 C.50 •(i.SO 6.50 C.50 12.75 12.75 200.25 100.25 42.75 200.25 '•3 1930 35 1930 31 1530 36 1930 13 1930 'K 1930 11 1930 •» 1830 22 1S30 19 1930 112 1930 43 1930 40 40 1930 14 1930 INK 1931 193! 1931 1931 1031 1931 1931 1931 1931 1931 193) 1931 1932 196.15 !S2 2W ' 2 5 1932 12 _ 75 1932 lei 15 l'J3L> c -fy 1932 e'.M 1935 12.75 (9) EAST 1932 24.63 1932 1932 1932 1932 1933 1932 1932 1932 1932 1932 1932 1932 1931 1932 17. 82 7.G8 16.95 ti.45 4.89 5.73 1.50 10.65 4.32 21.75 8.82 12.75 12.15 - 13 . 89 fi 43 4 40 1930 IB 1930 1931 1931" 1931 13.69 'l.50 12.7:T 1932. 4.H 2 !930 1931 2G 20 1930 1931 38 1930 1931 28 1930 1931 52 1930 1931 20 1930 1931 2 1<I31 «> 1930 1931 -•0 1930 1931 32 1930 193! '•> 1931 t 1930 1931 80 1930 1931 1932 1932 1932 1932 1932 1932 1932 1932 1932 1932 1932 1932 1932 1932 1.14 8.38 4.50 7.89 6.00 10.50 C.39 1.04 8.25 8.25 C.93 2.98 1.50 75.75 18 1931 1932 3.52 1931 1932 5.44 20 1931 30 1930 1931 18 1930 1931 40 1930 1931 30 1920 1931 8 1930 193! 34 1930 1931 14 1930 1931 8 1930 ia:tl 40 Page 7) 1932 1932 1932 1932 1932 1932 1932 1832 1932 6.00 23.00 4.14 8.2. r ) G.39. 2.25 7.14 7.05 4.35 12.75 SUNDAY ONLY Tin? I.AKK I'l.AC'JI) ill uj.- Ml It MS, !,.,[ |, y |,,,,, m SIOV(1J1 , li"hl Hi.- world'j hniwi,.,! iworrt' SH-|TXl-:ui..A.\l) has- 15. 19 p,- r • •em '^l its impiilalluii. iht _ Nuiinan Thomas, n SOCIAI- 1ST LKAI)i:u, «.,^ rtlt , Kn . rialisl C A N |)| I, AT a KOK riSKSIIlli.NT lu lv.1;: Head Courier News Want. Ails Sunday - Monday Matinee 2:30—1 Op - 25c Nile K-A5, 10-25c What goes on under the roofs and behind the locked doors of New York's ! houses? Vaudeville Starts-1:15 P. M.—7:15 P. ,\I —10'15 P M ADMISSION - - - 20p * -Ulc UNTIL 5:00 P M' ' -AO.MISSION - NIGHT - - .jflc TO EVFRYBODY ON THE STACK IN PERSON fR -4*? -iA r •it*:; — i cross-sectVoir O/t/lC t manity of OKADK A Raw Milk I'hnne 74 Craig's Dairy y Chicks f:t ; .STOJI HATCHING Marilyn Hatchery _W»-' Buy I >ou I try Colnrlitfiit nlili |l,o s; P lion of an <. Mi-n.-i,,,! null] fininny « :is Hi..- rii'uuirl of Coionol r:. i,. u.sunt- lalu^-'ri as special as-istam so ti !0 ,\n,. r S^Tn 0 ^',,! 0 rcvlow . lt ' s "'"<'iir ' »| ship and air-mall cor.uact'a I'eToTo 01 ui° " commliico. Colom-1 I Kr "n'« 1)"° !hc " l ' n al lili'JMk"^ Cudill's Agencya -' Writrs l-'iro. I'roin-ity Unii lision. lltnijhirv nnd tin- vin-iou TNSUKANCK a- ran «ri(e Far Tlu-a. Tornatio . I,l:ibilily. Col- ],ifo. Accident otlu-r forms ol ! BONDS We l>io]K-rLy. All iii-d ;ind Ix>s- R.ARRAINS IX NEW * VSK\) FURNITURE R.J.DODSON .10.1 E. is.s Wallace Ford Dorothy Tree f Mary Carlisle Waller Byron" I Walte, Connolly S"»en pity ty Jf S Directed iy Jtlktrt KOJSi; ,,.,," |K COtUMBlA PICTURE X Cnmerly "One Track Mind" With Xusu Pitts anil Thclma Torfd '• on the Scree?i CKCIl, H. DeMII.LK'S TOUR FRIGHTENED PEOPLE', With ClaudcltD Colbert and Herbert Marshall —Latest Paramount News— COMKDY—"DIRTY WORK" with Laurel & Hardy CONTINUOUS SHOWING Ji_Coniplctc Shonvings of Vaudeville and Picture

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