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Louisville, Kentucky
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SECTION 2 THE COURIER-JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, SUNDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 30, 1317. ouriet-Journal Camp Santa Ciatis How greetings to you and express the hope ANTA CLAUS "over the APPRECIABLE EFFECT UPON -DISCIPLINE! CHEER CLUB FUND CLOSES AT $7,541.15 CHEER CLUB SANTA WAS SOME SHOPPER Samuel W. Russell 10 00 Alexander Gilmour 2 00 E. Y. Johnson, M.

2 00 W. T. Shanks 200 Julius Stege 1 00 E. C. Mitchell 1 00 Elizabeth Ellis, Sturgis, Ky 1 00 Citizens of Ifr'indsor.

through Commercial State Bank: Commercial State 10 00 Mrs. Mollie E. Barker 2 00 A. N. Athey 1 00 J.

Harvey Tull 1 00 H. L. Smysor 100 Dr. J. H.

Donovan 1 00 Howard Donovan 1 00 I soldiers themselves were among Santa's chief aides in the offensive of the week. While one instance after another occurred to show the com-rariesiiip which must make the American fighting man distinctive among all fighting men, yet the work of a corps of army truck drivers must not be overlooked iir the present brief review of the events of the Some of the for the soldiers did not arrive until late in the. evening before Christmas, too late to be transported to the camp that night. Camp officials were appealed to by the club' 'for and' Christmas morning fifteen trucks from the camp were dispatched to the railroad station. The work was hard and long.

It was nearly noon before the car was unloaded, and it was long after the noon hour before the trucks had returned to the canu. The men missed thair Christina dinner in camp! Did it go hard with them? Possibly it did. But here is what on; big; smiling truck driver who, bcr fore another Ghrlstnra is likely iy be pushing his truck' over the France, had to say: "To hell with dinner. These gifts have got to be in camp before evening so the boys will know it's Christmas." Likely enough it was here that Santa busted his gallus. But why try to describe it.

Let "the boys" do that. The following, letters on a subject close to the hearts officers and men at the camp have come to the Courier-Journal since Christmas day: 325TH MACHINE GUN BATTALION. Company A. Courier-Journal: I want to take this opportunity of thanking you and the members and subscribers to the Xmas Cheer Club, in behalf of the men of Company A. for the pleasant time tbey had Xmas eve, made possible by efforts through the Courier-Journal columns and the presence of Lewis Walters at the -barracks.

The men enjoyed the presents immensely, and all agree the little surprise made them feel like thev were home rather than in camp. S. C. MEXGEL, First Lieutenant. Company B.

Courier-Jqurnal: On Christmas eve vnnr nnnfir- wiLa rem-esented by Mr. pleased and still wears that sort of smile which won't come off. They havt hastened to reply to the individuals whose cards' were inclosed, and desire me to express their gratitude to you. GEORGE N. UNGER, Captain.

Company D. Courier-Journal: The boys of this company who were so very fortunate and were made so exceedingly cheerful by the Christmas gifts and tree given them wish to extend to you their slncerest thanks and appreciation. Unfortunately, very few of us were able to go home, but these gifts together with the splendid turkey dinner, made possible by the "we-are-behind-you-spirlt" of the folks at home, made our Christmas one full of cheenulness and jQllity. The bigness of the gifts was in keeping with the bigness of the glvfng spirit behind them; reminding us of our great responsibility to the folks at home. VICTOR H.

ENGELHARD, Captaih. Company E. Courier-Journal: The men of Company want to thank the Courier-Journal and the members of its Cheer Club. Eighty-one of the men in Oils company were happy to receive very useful gifts, They also' appreciated the show Christmas talks by the members of the Courier-Journal staff. Indeed many of them enjoyed tlhe Christmas eve programme and the big Christmas dinner so much that they were heard to say: "We couldn't have had so goood a time even if we had got a pass to leave camp." Many of the men were spending their first Christmas away from home.

We were glad that it could be so merry. PERRY E. O'NEAL, Captain. I Company F. Courier-Journal: We wish to take this method to express our deep appreciation and sincere gratitude to the Courier-Journal for the many beautiful presents received by the men of F.

The men received the "presents in the spirit in which they vfere given and the old-time Christmas clieeif. was very much in evidence in Company' barracks. The pack- ages were found to contain articles of great benefit and use to the men. WILLIAM D. HARRISON.

Cap'tain. Company G. Courier-Journal: I wish to express to you our sincere gratitude for the successful efforts of yourselves and your representative, Mr. Dempf, in making a very pleasant Christmas away from home, and which; but for your thought-fulness, might, have been void of the home-like cheerfulness that is dear to us all. G.

W. BLISS, Company I. Courier-Journal: As the commanding officer of Company I wish to take Occasion on behalf of the members of this organization to thank you deep and sincere feeling of gratitude towards the Courier-Journal for making possible the celebration on Christmas day. The serviceable presents and beautiful Christmas tree contributed greatly to the already present Christmas spirit of the men. CHAS.

B. M.ERIDITH. Second Lieutenant. Supply Company. Courier-Journal: Your k.ndness In furnishing the Christmas tree and the presents was more than appreciated by the men of the Supply Coa.paiiy., It brougnt the Christmas spirit home to the men and helped to relieve the homesickness of those' who were not-able to go home to spend the holidays.

E. I'. HUNTER, Captain. Machine Gun Company. Courier-Journal: On behalf of the men of this companv.

I take this opportunity to thank the Courier-Journal aha those who have made possible for them to enjoy some of'-lbe 'yulijjrlde cheer even liough it was imposSBle for tnem Christinas 'with their triends ar.a i.nilies "back home." The Christmas was set up in the dining hail and presents were distributed Ciir.stmas -ye. Personally I want to compliment ihosp in charge in' their selection of presents and of the preparation of the jugs. Everything'contained in the package has a value greater to a soldier ihan is realized bv most civilians. Trusting that the donors of these remembrances will be amply compensated tor their Sacrifices and receive the blessings they justly deserve for their Christmas spirit in this work, ANDREW P. CARTER, First Lieutenant.

Medical Detachment. Courier-Journal: The men of the medical detachment of this command gratefully acknowledge the useful articles of your ('beer Club, ihe presents were distributed among the men wiio were present to enjoy the Christmas festivities. JOSEPH D. FARR.R, Captain. Company A.

Courier-Journal: Allow me to express my sincere appreciation for the way in which the men of this companv were treated on Christmas day. Your work- was thorough and splendid indeed. Most of the men had never been away from home tor any length of 'time and very few of them passes to gb home, as the company was under quarantine lor measles, so. truly, the gifts received and the thoughtfulness shown was doublv appreciated by this company. EDWARD DURELL.

Commanding. Company B. Courier-Journal: In behalf of the men pf Company I desire to take this opportunity to express to yon and through you to your many cheerful co-workers their sincere appreciation of the pleasing and useful gifts distributed here oy Mr. Crawford. Many of these young men were separated from their homes and dear ones -for the first Christmas.

Nothing could be of greater inspiration in their service to their country than this concrete expression of interest and good will from the civilian -population. JOHN C. SMITH, Captain. Total 31! 00 Previously reported 7,521 15 Grand total $7,541 15 After all the merchandise is paid for that went to make' up the thousands of gifts sent Camp Zachary Taylor by the Cheer Club, along the Red Cross Christmas packets and the gifts that came from "the folks back home, the small balance remaining will be used' to purchase something yet to be determined for the Base Hospital. for the Christmas tree and presents distributed to each of them on Christmas eve.

The company has had much pleasure from their gifts and we assure you your interests in our behalf are much appreciated. H. SADDLER, Captain. 334TH INFANTRY. Supply Company.

Courier-Journal: The officers and enlisted men of the Supply Company wish to express their most sincere thanks fo-the Christmas cheer for Which your paper-Has responsible, in the form of th Christinas tree and iiackage for eacii man. Your, part in helping dispel the gloom which was sure to gather in a company of men, many of whom never HEADQUARTERS eIS DIVISION CAMP ZACHARY TAYLOR KENTUCKY top" last week at Camp Zachary Taylor. He admits to the time 2 tile life. Hie career filled with thrills and experiences entirely foreign to all other careers, never fjelore was. marked by such, a yule-tide.

Ha had such a glorious time he busted a gallus without ever noticing the fact until the whole thing vus over. GC course Mr. Claus did not elflshly have all this fun hy himself. Hto great drive and his victory did not come without a defensive. An.

army numbering some 20,000 strong displayed keen interest in his move-: ments. To be perfectly truthful about it, this great army's defensive took the shape of helping the old gentleman negotiato the final "over the top" laps. Perhaps the army- had something to do with breaking the Kallus. Mr. Claus is not quite certain how or' when it happened.

The greatest Christmas celebration in history, -like other truly noteworthy events, will have to await the chronicler of the future in order that the event may. be pictured with proper perspective. The drama was too elaborate to permit it of description ao goon after it was enacted. The story is the job of a historian, instead of the task of a newswriter. There are just "few outstanding features worthy of attention within less than a week after the Courier-Journal Camp Zachary Taylor Christmas Cheer Club completed its work of reminding the boys in khaki dt the Louisville cantonment, that "the folks back home" are solidly behind them in spirit and in fact.

The soldiers in 'he Louisville cantonment have the distinction of being the only army men in the entire country for whom such celebration was planned and carried out. -Of course Christmas was observed in the other fifteen national army cantonments over the "United States. But only at the Louisvillecantonment was there a great, concerted community movement to remind the men that Christmas was at hand and that they had not been forgotten. And such a community effort as this one was! For all the world, the movement was like the snow ball started at the mountain top, only to gain force and size as it rolled on. The Courier-Journal set the movement into being and sction: The columns of the newspaper had not more than suggested the subject until Louisville folks took it up with nthusiasm.

Then the "folks back home" in Kentucky and Indiana and southern Illinios saw that the idea was good and indorsed it. Practically every county in -the great whence came the majority of the men in camp was represented in the club. Name and fame of the organization spread beyond the confines of the States. most directly interested. Messages of encouragement came from afar.

Newspapers reported what was happening and'riiuch of interesting paragraphs la personal correspondence was to details of what the Cheer Club was doing. 'Christmas cheer took on a new meaning this year in the big territory' directly affected by the activities of the club. Anyone who, half followed the daily news in 'connection with the have been impressed with this fact. There was a universal desire that the. men should know on their first Christmas in uniform that friends were thinking of them.

So while dollars poured into the treasury out of which gifts were. to be purchased other thoughtful spirits prompted willing hands to work gifts more valuable than money could buy. Love, pathos and sentiment were mingled in the products of brave' home hearts and nimble fingers. Many a gift among the thousands which came to the club by mail and express bore, traces of hours and days of patient" toil. Stories of sacrifices were told in letters of children and aged mothers.

A sister sent with recjuest that her brother in the guardhouse-should not be overlooked by Santa Claus. One group of little girls voluntarily surrendered the proceeds of a little Christmas bazar to the fund which mould help brighten the Yuletide of the soldiers. Perhaps nowhere else could be found so striking an example of what the efforts of the Courier-Journal Camp Zachary Taylor Christmas Cheer Club meant to the men in camp as in the case of the "regulars." There are hundreds of men in the Louisville cantonment who have seen extended service in the army. One unit, comprising many "regulars" like all the restwas supplied with its Christmas trees. On Christmas eve, when up time came it was only one man out of this great group of brave defenders of democracy had been remembered with a gift from the "folks back home." Practically every State in the Union is represented by the men in this unit.

Probably 90 per cent, of them Had been away from home for years. Christmas for most of them had grown to be a season of the year not much different from other seasons, save that those around them seemed to have a better time at that period than in any other season. So imagine the rejoicing when Santa Claus. made, his appearance In this unitl He was instantly recognized as a childhood friend re-turned after a long absence. As Christmas packet after Christmas packet was distributed until every man in the unit was remembered, emotions held in restraint for years broke away from brave hearts and a spirit of audible, tangible thankfulness hung as a halo ovr the unit.

The thanks of these men was in itself enough to repay a thousand fold for every effort, sacrilice made In connection with the i Christinas Cheer Club. Husky, typical, spirited American Colonel Henry Watterson, Editor CourieivJournal, Louisville, Kentucky. Dear i tnat tne coming year uuis -large success for you. GEORGE NFUH.LBLLER. First Lieutenant.

Company H. Courier-Journal: On. behalf of the men of this company, I wish to express sincere thanks for the vali.uvble and useful Christmas presents and the Christmas tree, which was displayed CnriBt-mas eve in our company barracks, also wish for the Courier-Journal ana those who did so much for us a happy and prosperous New Year. JOSEPH CRIPE, First Lieutenant-Company -I. in heha.lf of Com pany I desire to express appreciation for the very kind remembrances to tne company of the Courier-Journal and tne Red As tnis is me nri majority of men have been away from hpme on Christmas, the efforts or the Courier-Journal' to the, Christmas of the men was more than apprec.ated by them.

The letter of Jlr. Watterson to the soldiers at Camp hoc wn to them a higher appreciation of cheir responsibili ties and of the reasons causniB be in the service and away from, home on this Christmas. JOHN M. WEIR, Captain. Company K.

Courier-Journal: Your interest in the men, shown by the of Christmas presents, was certainly appreciated by both oliicers and men of this organization. Your kindness added much to their enjoyment and pleasure, since they, could not be at home. JOHN F. HULL, Captain. Company M.

Courier-Journal On behalf of Com- nany M. I desire to express the ap preciation of all members to your or ganization for its earnest enorts ui-ranging the Christmas Eve entertain ment and distributing the presents to our company. As you are no doubt aware, Christmas in an army camp is a gloomy day at the best, and any enort made to brighten the occasiop is always fully appreciated by any man who is compelled to stav in camp. CONWILL, First Lieutenant. 336TH INFANTRY.

Headquarters Company. Courier-Journal: In behalf of the members of this organization I take opportunity to thank you for the generous way in wiiich you remembered us on Christmas. JOHN JUSTICE, Captain. Supply Company. Courier-Journal I wish to thank you 0:1 behalf of the men In this company for the manv Christmas nresents sent them Christmas.

Your generosity- lias made them very happy. STEPHEN JI. BR1E.N, Captain. Machine Gun Company. Courier-Journal: The men of the Ma chine Gun Company desire to express to you as their omciai banta uiaus their deep appreciation of the Christmas cheer and spirit which was given to them by the people of Kentucky through vour kind offices.

The spirit of Christmas is the most comforting thing in the world for men away trom and also the most difficult to ob tain. Let me thank you in behalf of the men, and officers of tins company for, that spirit which was'giyen to us on Christmas Eve. GEORGE M. ECKELS, Second Lieutenant. Medical Detachment.

Courier-Journal: It is with much pleasure I extend to you tlys grateful thanks for the enlisted personnel of the medical detachment of this command, each of whom was the recipient of the generosity' and bounty of your esteemed publication on Christmas day. We all, officers and men, most heartily congratulate you upon the great success achieved in this splendid project. We all send hopes for a prosperous ensuing year. C. C.

OSBORN, Captain. A. Courier-Journal: In submitting this meager appreciation of your generous and whole-hearted -work in behalf of those of us so unfortunate as to be absent at this time of the year from our hearthstones I take genuine pleasure indeed. Our absence the result of a noble cause. Your work is the result of a noble purpose.

The two go hand in hand, and together must surely accomplish the cherished endMThe entire company, both officers and men, join me in grateful1 acknowledgment. MORRIS B. GIFFORD, Captain. Company Courier-Journal: On behalf of the men of Company who represent the counties of Nelson, Shelby, Spencer and Taylor. I wish to extend to you our heartiest thanks and appreciation for your thoughtfulness and efforts in making this, our "first Christmas," one to be remembered in years to come.

Wishing you and yours a happy and prosperous New Year. JOHN S. SCHWAB, Captain. Company C. Courier- Journal As company commander of Company allow me to thank you for the useful presents received by each man of the company on Christmas day.

Your Camp Zachary Taylor Cheer Club instilled In our organization Che Christmas spirit, might not have existed had it not been for the sacrifice of your efforts and time during the past few months. The men fully understood and appreciated the efforts taken in their behalf. The material value of the presents was notso much as the spirit In which they came. Nothing makes men more contented than to know that their services and their many sacrifices are appreciated by their home people. This was realized, and made many hearts glad.

FRED E. ADAMS, Captain. Company D. Courier-Journal: On behalf of the members of Company I wish to express my appreciation for the great things you have done for this camp and especially this company In the way of Christmas cheer. There were presents for each man and the presents were of the common-sense kind that made a man know and feel that there were men and women whom he had never heard of befaind him and wishing him well.

The Christmas tree and its decorations lent a touch of brightness and cheer to the entire barracks during the holidays, and the memory of this Christmas will linger long in the minds of the men who are doing their bit for liberty and democracy. WILLIAM T. RADFORD. Captain. Company E.

Courier-Journal: In behalf of the men of this company allow me to thank you for the genuine pleasure you gave them through the medium of your Christmas Cher fund. The tree was a huge success and the presents most appropriate and thoroughly appreciated. JAMES STONE, Captain. Company Courier Journal: The Courier-Journal Christmas Cheer Club has 1 certainly set a new, mark for patri otic service. The spirit behind it is the spirit in the hearts of our people that will enable the nation to finish this wur as it has all wars with foreign foes in victory.

On behalf of my company, which was a happy participant in your wonderful distribution of gifts, I desire to express our thanks and the heartfelt appreciation of the men. GEO. F. SENGEL, Captain. Company G.

Courier-Journal: I wish to express the appreciation of the officers and men of Company for the happy Christmas eve made possible by the citizens of Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois, under the leadership of the Courier-Journal. There was a Christmas tree decorated in true Christmas fashion, a present for each man, song's and much good cheer. It-helps the men to know that they are not forgotten by those left behind. J. H.

McCHORD, Captain. Company H. Courier-Journal: Your wholesome Christmas spirit and kind generosity-brought a very merry Christmas and a happy New Y'ear's prospect to Company H. It. gives ne great pleasure to express the appreciation and giati-tude of the officers and men of he company for your kindness to Ud.

LLOYD T. WHEELER, Cap'tain. Company I. Courier-Journal: I am taking this means of expressing the appreciation Office of Provost Marshal, Camp Zachary Taylor, December Courier-Journal: There is no question in ray mnS. but that the action of the Courierj' Journal in providing a Christmas enr'! terrainmeht the enlisted men of Camp Zachary Taylor has had aai appreciable effect upon discipline in the camp Louisville during the holidays.

When young men are idle a vAit for their energy must be supplied or that energy will take a wrong direction. Necessarily a number of men were obliged to remain in camp over the Christmas holidays and- if. no entertainment had been provided for them in camp many of them tvould have ifJfd to Louisville to supply the deficiency and I fear that 'some of them might have looked for recreation in places where the, recreation provided is not of a suitable kind. Therefore, the fact that the home; atmosphere was to a certain extent supplied by your Christinas enter-tain-memt lightened the work of th military poTJce and provost guard, which the undersigned is very grateful. Yours very truly.

C. F. CRAIX, of Infantry, N. A. Provost Marshal.

of the members of Company for the gifts received through you on Christmas day. Too much credit cannot bp given tiie parties responsible for the contents of those packages, every article being a necessity to tho ounfort and pleasure of the enlisted man. CLIFFORD BOWMAN, Captain. Company K. Courier-Journal: If there is one time in the year when one wants to feel he is remembered, especially when awav from home, it is at Christmas The officers and men of Company wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in their behalf: You made the day a very happy one for us.

Wishing you every-success for the New Year, MFRR1T .1. NASH, Captain. Company L. Courier-Journal: 1 wish to express the sincere thanks of every member of Company for the Oh rfstmtf-s Cheer packages so generously provided through your organization. As you are aware, very few ot the men were able to spend' Christmas at home, and a feeling of iloom pervaded the barracks.

When your representative arrived bringing the Christmas tree and presents this feeling was soon dispersed. Mr. Hayns mude a talk to the men wiiich oheered them up and showed them that the people of America are backing them up to the limit. You can assure every contributor to the Christmas Cheer Fund that they will be long remembered by the boys of Companv. JOHN M.

AVHAVNja, Captain. Company M. Courier-Journal: The spirit manifested by the Courier-Journal and its friends in distributing Christmas cheer among the men at Oamp Zachary Taylor is an additional cause to make the men of Company glad that they have gone forth in the great cause that they are to represent. The re- membrance of such friends will make our burdens lighter and our service more cheerful. S.

B. BRASH1SAH, Second Lieutenant. 327TH MACHINE GUN BATTALION. Headquarters Company. Courier-Journal: The buvis of the Headquarters Company extend tu you their, heartiest rhankv far the miisiv Christmas presents and kind rcnic-m-bpances.

Accept our best wishes for a happy and prosperous Xeiv Year. u. u. UAViS Second Lieutenant. Sanitary Detachment.

Courier-Journal: I take this means of expressing the appreciation of the boys in my detachment for your kind remembrance to them this "Wishing you a haony and nrosnerous Xew Year, FREX L. HOfMA.N, First Lieutenant. Company A. Courier-Journal: In behalf of Com pany 327th Machine Gun Battalion.

piease accept our most he-artrelt ami sincere thanks for the most useful and beautiful Christmas rVmombrances received by this companv throush. the Courier-Journal. ROY HUCKLEBERRY. First Lieutenant. Company B.

Courier-Journal: The officers and en listed men ot Company 327th Ma chine uun saitauon, wish to thank. thu people and the Courier-Journal for the great efforts put forth by them to give tne men at uamp zachary Taylor a real Christmas. The Christmas boxes were a source of joy and prido and the efficiency of the Courier-Journal in making the distribu tion of same was something in which they should not only be thanked by us (but by the general public. A great number ot our men received presents, and wonderful presents at that, who would otherwise nave ueen forgotten; as it is every one of our men is happy and contented, and feels that the people have an interest in him and wish to thank him for wiiat he is doing for them. It was a great source of joy to the officers to be able to assist the Courier-Journal to some degree in the distribution of the gifts and greeting's.

T. A. HARRIS, captain. Company C. Courier-Journal: The bovs of Company C.

of the 327th Machine Gun Bat-' talion. received your very kind Christ mas remembrances and appreciate your thoughtfulness very much indeed. Kindly accept our sincere thanks and wishes of a most happy and prosperous Xew Year. JACK S. YOUNG, Second Lieutenant.

325TH FIELD ARTILLERY. Headquarters Company -Courier-Journal I am extending you the thanks of over fifty men of tin Headquarters Company for your sue-, eessful efforts to help make their Christmas a merrier one. It naturally follows that I am grateful for this kindness to my men. May success attend the Courier-Journal during the coming year and all future ones. MELVIN J.

PROUD, Captain. Battery A. Courier-Journal: The men of my organization wish- to thank you for tits fine presents that they received from tne Courier-Journal and also, for the interest that you have taken In making this a most enjoyable Christmas for CAUL, P. SHECKS, First Lieutenant Battery B. Courier-Journal: 'Ve are Indeed! grateful to the Courier-Journal and fhi good people who changed our Christmas eve from dreary to cheery.

If the fatli- ers, mothers, sisters and brcthersspf; the boys of Battery could have seen the genuine joy so spontaneously expressed by our young men on receipt ot-. the Christmas boxes they would have." ben fully repaid for the sacrifice of sending them into service of the We -were delighted and we hope thatWa: may be able to show our appreciation when we get to the battlefields France. P. V. RUCH, First Lieutenant Battery C.

Courier-Journal: It is a privilege to be able to express, even in this feeblfcw way, some appreciation of the spl WH3 spirit wn cn actuated me sending appropriate remembrances oftv Christmas day, and to assure you of tic i gtiiuiue ciicci dimrueu tne men tnis ui gtiii. AAttuu lu receive wish to commend and thank you ftf your action. Were I able to give jo'4 Below is a partial list of the purchases made by the Cheer Club from its fund. These articles formed the basis for the thousands of gifts each fourteen pieces of merchandise tied up in-a khaki handkerchief which 'with the Red Cross Christmas packets and the gifts from the "home folks" made possible the success of the celebration at the camp. Khaki handkerchiefs 8,500 Boxes of candy 6,000 Cans talcum powder 6,708 Tubes dental cream Shaving sticks 007 Shaving brushes C0i Clutch pencils .132 Combs ,6.220 Cakes of.

soap 7,780 Soap cases 6,000 Tooth brushes Tooth brush holders 6.011 Pipes 360 Hair brushes 4,510 Military brushes 1.437 Electric shoe shiners 5.787 In each Cheer 'Club gift, were two packages of cigarettes. After day thousands of plugs of cheving tobacco, sacks of smoking tobacco and additional cigarettes were sent out. to you our highest appreciation of the splendid Christinas gifts presented to the men of this detachment: also the cheerful manner in which this Christmas Cheer Club was conducted by your paper and its many friends in this State and others. R. H.

GANER. Captain. Company A. Courier-Journal: I wish to express the appreciation ot myself and the officers and men 'of this company for all that you did' to bring us Christmas cheer. Through your generosity and the cooperation of many of Louisville's most patriotic citizens each man present witli his company on Christmas was given a useful and cheering remembrance.

There were, as you may know, a number of the men of this organization away on pass at Christmas time. As 1917, these men come back to us they are being given the gifts provided for them by your Christmas Cheer Club. RENNIE R. ROBBRTSOK, Captain. Company B.

Courier-Journal: I wish to start this Chrlstman day by expressing to our friends appreciation of your kind and thoughtful remembrances and untiring efforts. We enjoyed to the fullest extent everything planned and executed so efficiently. Thanks to the Louisville Chapter of Red Cross and Mr. Hlggins for his personal efforts. EVERETT V.

JONES, Captain. Company D. Courier-Journal: I take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely in behalf of the members of Company for the Christmas cheer your company afforded them upon this Yuletide. I realize fully what a big task the management of the Courier-Journal took upon their shoulders and feel that such a huge undertaken is. indeed commendable.

H. A. SAUNDERS, First Lieutenant-Company E. Courier-Journal: In behalf of the officers and enlisted men of Company I wish to extend our sincere thanks to the Christmas Cheer Club. Words fall to express our deep appreciation of your kindness.

Enough to say that faces were made to smile, hearts were made glad and the cheer of this Yuletide broughtto us through the untiring efforts of your organization. A. T. GARRETT, First Lieutenant Company F. Courier-Journal: Every, man in Company wishes to express his thanks for the Christmas presents received through the efforts of the Courier-Journal.

JAMES R. ZASTMAN, First Lieutenant. Company Gr. Courier-Journal: This letter will endeavor to express to you something of the gratitude of the members of this company for your effort to make their Christmas a happy one by your supervision of file gift distribution among them. It is not extravagant to say that the effort was such as to make the day and season one of largo enjoyment and good cheer, and that Its absence would have deprived them of the pleasure of which they are so deserving.

May we in turn extend our cordial December 5tht Very sincerely yours, It oe comes my pleasant duty and privilege to acknowledge receipt of your message of Christmas Cheer-addressed to tiie soldiers of i3i is Command. Having just read it" I am still under the' influence of its inspiring eloquence and am sure the 'officers and men of this Comrrand will receive the message it hears with a feeling of deep appreciation of the truths. and sentiments so hravely and convincingly With assurances of every good wish for your welfare and cordial1 greetings, for the Hew Year, lis if if j-Cusick, who- gave put the Christmas presents to-the boys ot tins orgniut-n-tion. The. 'presents were very appropriate and were greatly appreciated by the boys who'were not fortunate to be home during- this period.

These presents and the well-delivered talk by Mr. Cusick made the evening a very jollv one. All of the boys join me in saying that the Courier-Journal undertook a tremendous task when it endeavored to deliver presents to all of the boys in the Lincoln The boys thank you for the presents, and also want to thank, through vo'ur paper, the kind people who made it possible that they could have such a delightful Christmas. They wish your paper a prosperous New and the people who aided the Courier "in this big task, which was handled to the satisfaction of all. LEON SCHNBIDRIt.

First Lieutenant. Company C. Courier-Journal: In behalf of the officers and men of Company 1 wish to express to the Courier-Journal's Christmas Cheer our deep appreciation of their efforts to bring a real' Yuletide spirit to the boys far from their home fires. The success of such a -generous and patriotic movement like yours is the greatest reward one could wish, and we are all glad to say that a merry and a happy Christinas eve was enjoyed. I also' wish to thank your representative, 13.

J. Wight, for his kind assistance in the carrying but of the evening's programme. C. WING. Captain.

Company D. Courier-Journal: I wish to express my appreciation and the thanks of my men for the Christmas remembrances of the Courier-Journal. Under the direction of George S. Bain, who presided at the Christmas tree, the evening, 'which might from loneliness have been a rather sad one, made enjoyable and happy for "all of the men. The good accomplished cannot be overestimated.

THOMAS A. MOORE, Captain. 326TH MACHINE GUN BATTALION. Company A. Courier Journal: On behalf of the men of Company A.

326th Machine Gun Battalion, 1 acknowledge receipt of the beautiful Christmas presents awarded them, also the Christmas tree decorations, which made our Christmas celebration complete. The Christmas, just passed is one long to be remembered by the soldiers of this company and camp. We cannot express our appreciation of your most thoughtful and practical aid in carrying out our excellent celebration. It would he putting it mildly to say how much your gifts were appreciated and the spirit in which they were given. Again we thank you and the Christmas Cheer Club, and wish vou a long life and prosperous Xew Year.

GTJS J. Captain. Company B. Courier-journal: The officers and men of company join me in this feeble and inadequate expression of my appreciation of your most thoughtful and practical aid in the carrying out of our Christmas celebrations. The Christmas lust passed is one long to be remembered by the soldiers of Camp Zachary Tavldr.

and we are wholly indebted to your most timely and appropriate gifts for the proper and joyous commemora-t'nn of that great event. Again we thank vou and the Christmas Cheer Club arid wish for you a long life' and prosperous New Year. B. M. MAC GREGOR, Captain.

Company C. Courier-Journal: On behalf of the men of Company 326th Machine Gun Battalion, I desire to acknowledge receipt of the beautiful and most practical Christmas presents, for the Christmas tree the beautiful decorations and boxes of apples. TP say that We appreciate such kindness would be putting it iv ormreciate your- spirit and we a'r'e pleased to know that you appreciate our men and the service they are rendering our country In this time of need. eain we thank you and the Christmas Cheer Club, and wish you a long life nnj verv prosperous New York, and a veu STEWART, F.rst Lieutenant. 333D INFANTRY.

Headquarters Company. Courier-Journal: In the heart of every soldier of this organization there Is a TWO DAYS AFTER CHRISTMAS On December 27. Mr. Garfield closed a letter to the Courier-Journal with the following: "I am sure you must have had a fine Christmas celebration. "Again let me "express my heartiest appreciation of all that the Courier-Journal has done.

"Best wishes for the New Year." Company C. Courier-Journal: I desire to express the most sincere appreciation of both officers and men of this company for the splendid Christmas afforded us through your thoughtfulness and generosity. Every man present received a Christmas package containing appropriate and useful gifts, which aided materially in making an otherwise dismal Christinas most cheerful. Kindly tender our thanks to our "Good services and cheering remarks were greatly appreciated. MAURICE P.

O'CONNOR, Captain. Company D. Courier-Journal: There was wailing in Company on Christmas eve, 'for a Captain-doctor v. ith a heart of stone had slipped up behind the company earlier in the day and had plastered a "measles" sign on the That meant two weeks' confinement to barracks and all furloughs knocked in the head. But a little later in the evening the distribution of Club presents, and the Christmas tree, in the mess hall, and the crates of apples standing around with no one to count how many you took, gave the barracks a real holiday spirit.

And they were singing when "lights out" sounded, and the officer of the day closed tiie celebration in an official manner that is peculiar to officers of the day, railway claim agents and police magistrates. KAEL Captain. Company E. 1 Courier-Journal: The men of this company thank you heartily for your generous work in providing each with a Christmas package. Such praise-Worthy efforts again remind us that we are being backed up and encouraged by the united effort of a united people, and with this kind of support we will cross the pond with a firm resolve to return victorious.

ROLL1E R. COOK, Commanding. Company F. Courier-Journal: I ani taking this means of expressing my thanks for the men of Company for the Christmas entertainment and the presents received- through the efforts of the Courier-Journal. Could you realize the pleasure afforded the men on receipt of these presents' you would know how greatly, your presents were appreciated.

Best for the success of the Courier-Journal in the new year. ROBERT N. KLAEHN, Captain. Company G. Courier-Journal: On December 24, when some of this organization left camp for the holidays there were a number of supposed unfortunates.

There were longing glances cast at the departing' soldiers, and sighs of disappointment could be heard on all Sides. When Christmas morning dawned, the men 'who remained at the camp seemed very dejected, but your exceptionally weil-planne'd campaign of cheer began to operate, and before evening we had the happiest, most home-like. Christmas an army camp ever witnessed. In behalf of my men, I ask you to accept our heartiest thanks. One only had to see their faces when they opened their presents to know their deep appreciation.

WILLIAM E. DURHAM. Captain. Company H. Courier-Journal: The members of Company hereby express their thanks for and appreciation of the Courier-Journal Christmas presents and entertainment.

Considerable efforts were put into' decorating the tree and mess hall for the occasion i with excqllent results, leaving only Santa Claus to the imagination Tree, decorations and presents were, eagerly received by all. A guessing contest over the number of apples in a box afforded much pleasure, particularly to the six who were tied for the prize, which was split between them. JAMES E. BOND, Captain. Company I.

Courier-Journal: Allow me to thank you for myself and on behalf of the men. of this company for the presents at Christn-as time. I assure you that- if was appreciated by every -one of us to be so generously remembered by the people. We wish to express to you and the donors our appreciation- of your kind remembrances and our pleasure upon receiving the very useful, presents. We wish you and them a Happy New Year.

JAMES THORNTON, Captain. Company K. Courier-Journal: I want to thank you on behalf of this company for the remembrances and for your good message. You brought real Christmas cheer indeed to the men of this company the entertainment you provided them compensated in. some measure for the pain of absence from home and home ties.

FRED O. FREMY'ER, Captain. Company L. Courier-Journal: Through the efforts' of the Courier-Journal in nro- I viding a Christmas at the bar-i racks of this company and presents here during the Christmas time, the real Christmas spirit was brought to our "home." and the men of the com-i pany take this opportunity of ex pressing their appreciation. RALPH E.

JONES, Captain. Company M. Courier-Journal: On behalf of the men of Company and for each officer and myself, I w(sh to thank you Brigadier General, Commanding. cordially and sincerely for the Christmas tree and the presents presented to the men on Christmas eve. The sixty-five members of this company who were present at that time had their Christmas day made a little brighter and more cheerful because of the thoughtfulness of those responsible for the giving of those gifts, and I am sure that they considered themselves fortunate in that they were assigned to a camp located so near to -the hospitable citizens of Louisville.

W. P. EVANS, Captain. Company L. Courier-Journal: On behalf of the men of my company I thapk you for the pleasure and cheer your efforts in their behalf brought them -this their first Christmas in the service of their country.

May those at home brighten each Christmas for these men as you have done this year. There was a package for each man en duty with the company that day, MERIDITH P. REED, Captain. 335TH INFANTRY. Headquarters Company.

Courier-Journal: On behalf of the officers and of Headquarters Company I wish to thank the Courjer-Journal for its kindness and forethought at this Christmas time. Let me assure you that we all appreciate your mighty big spirit that prompted this kindness. O. M. Huey was present as your Bpecial representative, and to him and his efforts we are much indebted.

C. C. ROBERTS, Captain. Supply Courier-Journal: In behalf of the boys of the -Supply Company 1 wisn to express our sincere appreciation for the Christmas gifts sent us. LEWIS H.

iiHOWN, Captain. Machine Gun Company. Courier-Journal: On behalf of the Machine 'Giin Company -permit me to thank you for your generosity in providing each member with a (present Christmas day. It was indeed very thoughtful of you and very much appreciated by every member of the or-gazination. WILLIAM E.

REILEY. Captain. Medical Detachment. Courier-Journal: "In behalf of the medical detachment I wish to express had been awav from home on a holiday before, calls for all the praise that can be given, not only from this company, but from each one fortunate enough to be remembered. J.

J. PATCHELL, Captain- Machine Gun Company. Courier-Journal: As commanding officer of the Machine Gun Company permit me to acknowledge on behalf bf such organization our very deep gratitude for your most thoughtful and generous Christmas remembrances and expressions, which I beg to assure you were indeed keenly appreciated and treasured by every member of same. -t' rrnr O.V 1 0 T1 fl Ajl flTl HllS OC- caslon are indeed thoroughly and sin cerely reciprocatec. PERRY COOPER, Captain.

Company A. Courier-Journal: The men of Company wish to express to the Courier-Journal their heartiest thanks for all that was done for their entertainment and cheer on Christmas eve. The enjoyment of the evening with the tree and the gifts lor ever man uiu vcj pensate for the absence from home; and the thoughtfulness of the Courier-Journal brought Into the barracks a holiday spirlt that night that will long be remembered. It is with a deep sense of appreciation that the members of Company A send their thanks for the generous spirit that prompted this remembrance of them. L.

B. CUMMTN'GS, Captain. Company B. Courier-Journal: I take this opportunity to extend to you our thanks for your most grateful Christmas gifts for my company. I cannot really express in words our feelins when those gifts were presented, because of this'being our first Christmas from home, for a cause as great as ours and' at a time when we are honoring one whose birth means everything to our world.

At this time I also wish to thank the citizens of your good city for theinost courteous way in which they have received my boys and in trying to make them feel as much at home as possible. R. B. NICHOLSON, Captain. Company C.

Courier-Journal: ff-js my privilege and pleasure to thank you for the pleasant Christmas you furnished the men in my command. The variety and usefulness of the many presents eaoh man receives came as a surprise to both the men and officers. Each man "was genuinely Mr. Garfield, of Red Cross, Expresses Appreciation TWO DAYS. BEFORE CHRISTMAS Under date of December 22, R.

Garfield, manager of "the Lake division of the "Red Cross, which co-operated with the Courier-Journal Christmas Cheer Club in providing gifts for all men at the camp here, wrote in a letter to a member of the Cheer Club: "Please accept for yourself and express to Col. Watterson and the other members of your committee niy appreciation of the fine work you are doing for Christmas. "Good luck and' best wishes.".

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