Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 23, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1896
Page 2
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A NEW DYSPEPSIA. CORE SUNSHINE. AND HEALTH, Doctors arc often handicapped- by the tnerc fact that when treating the diseases of women, they suggest and insist on ' examinations" and "local treatment.", A (treat »any of them do not know that this is abso- Intcly unnecessary. Many a woman lias been thrown into a dangerous state of nci. vans excitement by the mere suggestion of »uch treatment Many women he to the doctor. That Bounds hard, but it i» undoubtedly true. They know that if they adroit certain symptoms that the doctoi will inevitably insist on an "examination. They do not give him all the facts in the case and so he works in the dark. Qmte often the doctor is too busy and too hurried to make the necessary eflort to obtain the fects. He frequently treats symptoms foi what they -appear to be on the surface, when the real cause and the real sickness is deeper ind more.dangerous. A derangement .of the distinctly feminine organs will derange the whole body. The woman herself.may £rt know «actly what is. the matter w>t& her but whenever she is sick, there are two things she should look out for first. One is what is called "female weakness; the other is constipation, for these two things frequently go together. , Dr. Pierce', favorite Prescription is designed for the cure of diseases imd disorders of. women, and it does cure them. It has been performing its healing mission for 30 years, and tens ot thousands.of women have been made happy bvit Dr pierce's Pleasant Pellets are for constipation, and contingent ills. Dnagpsts «ell them, but sometimes in well meaning tenorince they will try to sell you something else. There is nothing "just the 2m?" or "just as jfood." . The druggist who tells you there is, is either mistaken or dishonest. If vou cart to know more about your own body, •end « onf-crnt stamps to cover cost of nmilins S^V'rte^^W^bci^^^^^ ,n, Buffalo! N. Y- rnbcrcalo»li B«»aUy Develop*- 1» lH-Ventll»t«d Boomi. .. ••; A merchant noticed, in the progress of years, that each .successive bookkeeper gradually lost his health and finally died of. consumption, however vifforous and robust he was on-entering l-l service. At length .it occurred* him that, the little rear -room where the books wore kept opened hi a back yard. S9 mwwnded by hiffh walls that no ,unshiiw came lnto.lt from one .years end to mother. An upper .room,-well was immediately prepared, and . • ~.j*nfl Tt.nriUvVl PVI*1* jo-M-ed was mmea , fa cleric* had uniform goorjhcolth ever """familiar cose' to tfcneral readers is derived from medical works, wherein •• erve entire family became ill. and flies seemed to fail of their usual results, Vvheh accidentally a window glass of the family . room was broken,, in cola weather It was not repaired, and forthwith there was a marked imP™ ve ; ment in the henlth of the inmates. The physicirm atonce'baced the connector, «' Continued his medicines, and ordered that the window pane should not EXCURSION TO BLUFFTON, Via Vandalla Line, October 13th .to 15th.-0n October 13th to 15th the Vandalia Line will sell excursion tickets from all stations In Indiana to Bluffton, ind., at one fare for the round trip, account Baptist Convention and Young People's Union of Indiana. Tickets good to-return until October 19th, inclusive. For full particulars call on nearest Vandalia Line Ticket Agent, or address E. A. Ford, General Passenger Agent, St. Louis, Mo. GERMAN CATHOLIC CENTRAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA. Detroit, Mich., September 19th to 24th. -The Vandalla Line will sell excursion tickets on September 19th to 21st, good to return until September 2Gtb, Inclusive, from all stations at one fare for the round trip: For full particulars, call on nearest. Vandala Line Ticket Agent, or address E. A. Ford, General Passenger Agent, St. Louis, Mo. " __ t ROCK ISLAND ROUTE. Playing Cards. Send 12 cents in stamps to John Sebastian, .Gen'l.Pass. Agent C. R. I. & P. R'y, Chicago, for the slickest pack of playing cards yon ever,handled,.and on receipt of such remittance for one or more packs they will be sent you postpaid. Orders containing CO cents.in stamps or postal note for,same amount will secure 5 packs by express, = charges paid. . ." . ;.. ... I FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing .Syrup has been used for over fifty years by. millions of mothers for. their children while teething, „ -with perfect success. It soothes the ; child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures, wild-colic, and Is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer 1m- medlatsly. Sold by druggists in every part of .the iworjd. Twenry-flve cents a bottle. Be sure and: ask for "Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and take no other kind. . \ JFrcncn iaay became ill. The most eminent physicians ofhrr time wore culled in. but failed to'restore/her. At len-th Dupuytren. the ISapoleon of phVsics, wLi consulted. He noticed hat she lived in a d im room, into which the sun never shone, tie house being situated in one of the narrow streets, or, rather, lanes of Paris. He nt-once ordered more airy and cheerful apartments, rmd "all her complaints van- ^The lungs of ft dog become tuber- oulated (consumptive) in a lew weeks if kept oonflned in a dark cellar. Ihe most common plant grows spindly, pale and scrawling if no sunlight faUs upon it The greatest medical Barnes in France, of the last century, regarded sunshmn and pure air ns equal agents in restoring and maintaining health. From these facts, which cannot be Disputed, the most common mind should conclude that cellars and rooms on the northern side of buildings, or •martments into which the sun does not immediately shine, should never be occupied-ns family rooms or chambers, or- ns libraries or studies. Such apartments ore only nt for.purposes which -ever reoulre persons to remain in them over a few minutes at ;. time. Ana ,-very. intelligent and humane parent will arrange that the living-room an<J the bedrocms shall-be.the most commodious,, lightest nml, brightest opart, ments in hlsdwelling. WITHIN THE CITY LIMITS.. Oycr 0,000 People In State of Michigan Cured 1 in 1804 by This Ne,w. . rreparntlou.': : - Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets, the new discovery for stomach troubles, -Is claimed .to hav.c cured over G,000 people in the State of Michigan alone : l'n 1804. •These-tablets have become-so-popular with physicians and people who have any'form of indigestion that they havo^ the endorsement of such physicians as Dr. Harlandson and .Dri' Jennlson as being the safest, most reliable remedy for sour stomach, chronic dyspepsia, gas, bloating, palpitation, headache, constipation and in all cases where the appetite Is poor or the food Imperfectly digested. ' • . It .is safe to say that. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets will cure any kind of trouble except cancer of the stomach. They nrc not a secret patent medicine but composed of vegetable and fruit essences, pure pepsin, Golden Seal, ginger and the digestive acids. They are pleasant to take, can be carried lu the pocket, and they cure because they digest the food promptly before it has time to ferment and poison the food.^ Druggists everywhere sell Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets, full sized packages, At 50 cents. A book on Stomach diseases .and thousands of testimonials scut free by addressing The Stuart Co., Marshall, Mich. .THERE ARE TWO KINDS. Chicago Post: "Do you consider him «. good financier?" ":' ..•;.' ... . ''; '.'Which kind—public ,pr private?" :: - "What-is ; 'the difference?" -.,*•"• , ' "All the difference in the world. Do you mean n- government financier or just.apla'in,-ordinary financier?", .. , ., "I'dori't believe I grasp your mean- "Well, It's just this-w«iy:. If you mean. a. m«o who knows all about the finances of the government and could give John Sherman cords and spades TROUBLED WITH INSOMNIA. at aud then beat him out on telling ought;to be. done to-keep .the. country prosperous, he's a bird; but if you menu a man who's ntole to'handle his own finances so's to wake-his business pay and'keep his family-clothed and haippy,,;he isn't in it." .v^vi,™— AND TRAVELERS. Speak In high terms of the preventive and remedial properties of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, a medicine peculiarly adapted -to the wants of .those called on to experience the vicissitudes of .clt- mjate, the inclemency of the weather, the hardships of a sea-faring or out- of-door life,.or the dangers of a malarial or otherwise pestilential atmosphere, A small quantity of this agree- able'tonic nullifies impurities in water, and fortifies the stomach agn-Inst the consequences of an 'unhealthy or un- accustomed diet. It also enables the KHPUBLIOAN MASS MEETING. On the occasion of the .Republican Mass Meeting at. Peru, Sept 24th, 189G, •the Wabash Railroad company will sell excursion tickets at rate of fifty cents for the round trip. ' Tickets will ". be good going Sept. 24th and good returning not later than Sept 25th. C. O, NEWEKL, Agent. New York Bousts tho Site of on Old Indian Villas*. In a .seldom-frequented and isolated spot within the limits of, New lork city is the site, of what was once an Indian village of considerable e.v/e. Between Spuyten Duyvil creek, about n quarter -of a mile south.of Ihe northern end : of Manhattan island, and the hills that mark the hank of .the Hudson ther? is a comparatively level ecmi-c.rcular apace of 20 or 30 acres. Here stood the Indian village. The hills-were.a..pro-, tection from the weather n.nd at times from enemies, and the strongtide which runs swiftly in. and..out of Spuyten Duyvil creek is treacherous and afforded a protection /against the approaches of any but those well skilled in hand- limr a boat. A mound ^was found here 'some years ago .Hat ,extended over three acres, and it consisted largely of millions of .oyster shells,: evidently, the debris of ayilJagfe. Among these shell", have been found .bits of,rude broken Indmn. pottery, and arrow heads, and In the caves of the hills .back of it were found excellent .•proimens .of .Indian pottery. In Bryant's history the story of Henry Hudson's.voyage in the Half Moon up the Hudson in 1009 is..told, a-nd iP states that, on his-return down, the. river, Hudson was attacked by about. 100 Indians ,who .came r out .of-. Spuyten Duyvil creek and were finally beaten .back. Presumably they eamc ironr.the village whose site is now marked; by 'the olfl mound. ( POUTICO-HISTORICAL. ^ A Cnrloni Incident In Oermiin Int»r- it»t« Relation!. ., A "KleinBtaaterel" has been abolished in Germany, says the Westminster Gazette. The little village of Kurnbach, which has hitherto belonged partly to the grand duchy of He»se and- partly to the grand duchy of Baden, was recently by"-treat v. between the 1 .two powers, solemnly and forever Incoiporated into the grand ducal .statevof,Baden. The oddest thing about.the.^int.jurisdic- ilon.under which, the KurnbocherSfhave. hitherto lived WSB that, the houses we»e not allotted' to Hesse or to Baden by: their position inside or. .outoide; any frontier. - line betwixt the two states,, but by',the-date of their erection; built : at one.period belonged .to Queen Rnuiivalo of Madagascar cele- bJirted tlie French natlo'na.1 fete on July 14 by "iviuK a bull at tho royal palace. She received In an old style, and saw that-there was-plenty o£ champagne for her guests. The cotillon was led •by- M Philippe Razinnamllnlby with a French young -lady :md bv «. French Captain with the Queen's niece, the Princess R-azofluaDdriaimnitra. ELECTRIC BITTERS. Electric Bitters is a medlc.!jie for any season, but perhaps more generally needed when the languid, exhausted feeling prevails, when the liver is torpid and sluggish and the need of a tonic and alterative is felt. A prompt use of this medicine has Of ten averted long and perhaps fatal bilious fevers. No medicine, will act more surely In .counteracting and freeing the system from the malarial poison. Headache, Indigestion, Constipation, Dizziness, yield to Electric Bitters. 50c and $1.00 per bottle at B. F. Keesling's drug store. constitution to bear up 'unharmed against unhealthy climatic influences, and the system to sustain, unimpaired In health and vigor, the fatigues of traveling. Emigrants, tourists,. miners and others who have thoroughly tested the efficacy of the article, declare it to be a sovereign preservative of henlth under conditions most favorable. T V ••'• •' W° O tt ^*- t ^ iu fc'ftrm. • "VVas; i fever troubled with insoninia?";- ' .exclaimed'the Chicago drummer, in re' ply to' the 'question of an.ucquaintance, relates the Detroit Free Press. "Only one season, when I was about 13 year- old, "but'that was enough." \Don't car|| for tiny more of it in mine, thank you. "Do you mean to assert that you had the insomnia,-at the early age of IS? demanded Uhe other. , . "Didn't assert anything of the kind. I said I was troubled with insomnia, not that I had it. The party who had it was an old farmer for whom I was working at that time, and he hnd the queerest and also the most persistent and malignant case of it I ever heard of Couldn't sleep mornings after four o'clock, and he. used to get out under my window, and. begin splitting wood and singing like a.whole camp meeting. . "Xo use trying to sleep after that, so I used to take the hint and get up and go to work. "Then evenings his insomnia would come on ag-ain so he couldn't get to sleep, and to kill time he would take n lantern and go out to the barn and thrash grain or husk corn until about •midnight, and of course I was expected to f?o along- and keep my end up. "Well, things kept on in this way until that insomnia of his cameplaguey n«ar wrecking my constitution, and then I collected my back pay and quit. That was my last experience on a farm. Keeping awake 19 hours n day, not to mention the bard work, was a trifle, more than I could stand, so I decided -to get out and go into some business where I wouldn't have to bang around the premises and help sit up night.? with my employer's insomnia, in case he happened to have it. Th.it's why I like traveling 1 —my boss can have insomnh, or fits, or anything-he likes, and I won't know a thing about it until I come to drnw my month's salary," ; 'Ot severest trial ami test prove •'••'" In regard to Hood's Sarsaparilla 1st, Greatest Merit I secured by a peculiar Combination, Proportion and Process unknown to others — which naturally and actually produces 2 d, Greatest Cures ; Shown by thousands of honest, voluntary testimonials—which naturally and acfjally produce 3 d, Greatest Sales According to the statements ot druggists all ower the country. In. these three points Hood s garsaparilla Is peculiar to itself. Hood's Sarsaparilla I» the best- It Is the One True Blood Former. ~~ TI r-fii are the only pills to ttke HOOdS PlIlS with Hood's fersaparU*. REV S. P. KLOTZ. PASTOR U. B. CHURCH. Advices from South -Africa confirm the report that Olive -Schrelner, the South African writer, Is in somewhat straightened circumstances. Her honrc in KJinberlcy is a -very small place, consisting of two' rooms.and a kitchen. The author-does her own house work, and may be seen any day cooking dinner on a paraffin stove in the dining room of the tiny cottage. MARVELOUS RESULTS. From a letter by Rev. J. Good«nnan, of Difondale, Mich,, we are permitted to make this extract': "I hare no hesitation "in'recommending Dr. King's New Discovery as the results were almost marvelous In the case of my wife. While I was pastor of .the Bnptlst chwch at Rives Junction she was brought down with Pneumonia succeeding !La Grippe.. Terrible paroxyms of coughing, would last bouts with little interruption, and 4t seemed as if she could not. survive ;them. A friend recommended Dr. King's New Discovery it -was. quick In its work and highly satisfactory m results.". Trial bot- tles-free.af.B. F. Keesling's drug store. Regular size GOc and ?i..OO. . The newest thin?, the roller steamer upon which Mr. Basin proposes to wheel himself across the-Channel next month, is not, it seems, new at all. In 1880 a Captain Bagot patented a vessel essentially .identical with the Ernest- Bruin, and a year or two later one similar In idea was said to -oe buUdinj? on two Hudson. ' If you have ever seen a little child in the agony of summer complain!, .you can realize the danger, of the tronhle and appreciate the value of instantaneous relief always afforded by DeWItt's Colic & Cholera Cure. For dysentery *ad diarrhoea it is a reliable remedy. We could not afford to recommend this as a cure unless It were a cnre.-Jno. M. Jobnaton. "We are very sorry," the Macon (Ga.) Telegraph says, "that we cannot enthusiastically commend the position of the candidate we support." The candidate the Telegraph "supports" is William! Jennings Bryan Many a day's work .Is,, lost by sick headache caused 'by Indigestion and stomach troubles. DeWItt's .Little Early Risers are the most effectual pill for overcoming such difflcultles,-Jno. M. Johnston. It is reported that Emperor William has been getting fat lately at an'alarm- Ing rate, and that'luTls now taking long and fast walks every day In order to reduce his bulk. Durlng.hls recent visit to Norway, he .'is -said to, have nearly .walked his staff off their legs in his frantic attempts to dispose of his adipose tissue. ." : , ' . BUCKLEN'S 'ARNICA SALVE. The.Best Salve ln : tbe world : for cuts, i, sores,.ulcers,.salt rheum, fever - .'.'•'* j "•_*._—ii«Ji t^nmla nTiUhlftlnS. Idaho ranks fifth in the production of precious botals-?35,201,C29 of gold and $1,000,383 of .silver. Poison Ivy, Insect ; bltes, brulaea, ,calde, burns, •are.quick'ly. cured by De- Wltt'a Witch Hazel Salved the great pile ; OUI . e ._.7no. M. .Johnston. ;• A foot ball team, has ;been organized at Winchester,-'/with Shields S. Macy a« manager. It-will open the season with the Knlghtstown team, October 2nd: Srbucrlbe for The Journal. r SALES prove the grwt _„„»» of HooJs Sarsaparilla, Hood's Sanaparilla sel'- fc " Accomplishes CHEAT Kouses built at one.period belongea .TO bruises, soreB,,ui«w«,,o~"Y. one "nationality," houses built at an : , gores, tetter, chapped hands, other pcrjod,belonged to the other. One J —^ and a ii skin eruptions, ijolicem.'.n was found sufficient to keep A .. ,_;,j. . ^ no , nr.no..nav order to^bott •«tata.,and toj,.niform jor.iDOiin Hi»«:>!, «»"« ""• ""•— — vas, .-consequently, particolored,. .• his •rreen- coat showing .that he;was;the. offlcer, of; Baden,-and: its .blue .facings;, i,nd:trimmlnga,bearing, witness, that ha, officially represen,ted..tho : ;majesty; ; .of, Hesse. Now vthat.the blue-has/been " • -off, and n'othinff'but the Baden •mains, .».He*niani newspaper, iucirests that Ws, old coat-should be presented.*!? : the .qermaii',museum as .a, noHtleo-ljl'iiforlcal telicV,.- ^ ; . ,..... pores, i«Lw=i, i-"**i/t'v'* .'. corn* and all skin eruptions, and posl- ely cures piles, or no pay reanlred. is-guaranteed to glve/perfect Batter . ' • .._^._« JI^A •: ' I P"|2C'".25 faction- or money refunded. 'cent's per boxi For sale ; by;B. F. Kees- ... "Baiiiil'8irlvpny'i.the. it weil;V.He,l«ft. 30,000 heu'd;pf : p lilaves, 30,000 OBnces, iofrgold r v—^ :T -.,. 000,000 in the Bank of England, $7S,000; worth of gooda In Ws owii house, ft palace, tind oth«r buildings at Antananarivo, the land" on which the French resident general 1» bulU, 1 lor which France pay* W.W° a yww. ^r 6 * W«»* Sarnw, rtal estate 1 at Tamatave, and half th« profit* of a gold mine con»e«loi} made to an English company H» Is bellevid to have left beajdes treasuws • ' ft Ambohlmauga and other Don't trifle away time when yon. 5iaye cholera imorbug '.or;. 1 .diarrhoea'.':.Fight them In-ithe. begmmng : vrtth DeWItt's bolic & Oholera Oure.Vsrou don't have to wait for Tesults. /They; are inatan- itaneotia and it leavee. the boweto' In healthy condition.^*. ^Johnston, ', ,Bn-vy : te the caricature:.of respect-; Fliegehde Blaetter. ' ; ., .. . .'.' WbM> Bi*y »M «lrlu "• K" 1 Than «h« ww « ChlM. »h* frtrd 'or <*****> I nU)dieb«»ru6Xtl««,«i» in.,* to CwwHa • WHY IS IT, if catarrh Is a blood disease, as some claim, that physicians frequently advise change of air and climate to those suffering? Catarrh Is a climatic affection, and nothing but a local remedy, or a change of climate will cure it Ely's Cream Balm -Is so efficient as to do away with' the necessity- of learlng home and friends, causing. Instant relief and Is a real cure of catarrh. William James, aliardware merchant of Mitchell/ lias made an assignment for the benefit of Ills creditors. Milton N. Moore is assignee. The assets will, it isexpected,. cover the debts. Tneorles of core may be discussed at lengt* by physicians, but the sufferers 'want quick relief;, and One Minute Oough Cure will glve.lt to th9n»,.A tile cure for children. It: Is "the omy harmless remedy that produces Immediate resulte." : -Jno. ; M. Johnston. . . m commemoration of the 1,300 annl- versaiy of the establishment of-tbe See. of-Canterbury, It Is proposed to erect a statue of Theodore of Tarsus, the only Greek Archbishop of Canterbury. The w-hole system Is drained and undermined by Indolent.ulcera and open sores; DeWItt's -\vHtch Hn7Pl salvespeedily: heals them. 'It Is the best pile cure known.-Jn'o. M. Johnston.. . Kaiser Wilhelm-. carries,;with him a email but servicable revolver, cither in -hlsvpocket or in his belt when he is. in uniform. .. !. . -.....-' , : It dbesn : matter, much whether sick headache, biliousness..indigestion and; eoutlpatkm are caused by neglect or- by '.unavoidable circumstances; .De. : Witt's Little ^Jarly Risers will speedily, cnre.JhemaU:rJno.M. Johnston. ' Nearly 10,000 leading'articles, have. beeStrlbuted.by Sir Edwin Arnold to the London Telegraph- • ' ' 'BOYS will be wfi — - , .fforf to lose any of them Be ready fo^'the green apple aeaaon by having DeWltt's CoHc & Cholera Care In the • ,,,e,_<|Tio. M. Johnston. KIPLING'S INK SLINGING. One Peculiarity or the Great Story Writer While «t Work. There is one peculiarity of Kipling-'s work, says a writer in McClure's Magazine, which I really must mention- namely, the amount of ink he used to throw'about. In the heat of summer.. \yhite cotton trousers and a thin vest constituted his office attire, and by the day's end he was spotted all over like a Dalmatian dog. He had a habit of dipping his pen frequently and deep into the inkpot, and cs all his movements were abrupt, almost jerky, the ink used to fly. When.he dnrted into my room, as he used to do about one thin- or another in connection with tike contents of the paper a dozen times in the morning, I had to shout to him to "stand off;" .otherwise, as I knew by experience, the abrupt halt he would make and the.Nourish with which he placed the proof in his hand before me, would send the penf"! of ml:—he always had a full pen in his hand-flying over me! Driving or-sometimes walking home to breakfast in his.hpht attire plentifully besprinkled wiUi >"k, his spectacled face peeping o«t under an enormous mushroom-shaped pith hat Kipling was a quaint-looking ob- fect. That was in hot weather,, when Lahore lay - blistering month 1 after month under the siiDV-and ever>r white woman P-nd half of the white-men bod fled to cooler altitudes in the IlimaJayaB. and only those men were left who, 1 Kipling and myself, had to stay. So it^maUered little;hi^vlvat-costiiroe Ave went to nnd from the office. 'In the winter '. when ."-society'.' had returned to Lahore,. Kipling.w.as rather scrupulous ,1 the matter of dress, but his iav.sh- ness'-W the'm'atter of ink changed not with the seasons. ' MARVELOUS CUBE OF LOCKJAW. BM Sobered; for warenoo, ind., Sept. 8,1»8«. -osln Syrup Co.: Dear SIr:-I. have been afflicted «.vei twenty years with dyspepsia or soot •tomacb. I have tried different reme- <,.* without much benefit. Finally I ,,ugbt a 10-ceni bottle of Syrup Pep•in and found that It benefited, roe. t MII convinced that It will do what U • recommended when taken according ,. directions. I bav« taken nearly one oottle and feel like a different peraon. Si P. KLOTZ. for sale; by B. F. Keeallngi Grahsmi&MortOB TRANSPORTATION CO. CWIOB DAILY STBAMBBS TO CHI-. •AGO, CONNECTING. WITH THB VAND'AUA .RAIIr WAT AT. ST. JO" SBPH. Beginning May^oth and contlnnlnf «nttl about Sept. 80th the •teamen ot thlillne Viirinake two trJpi each way iWJly'between 8t; Jc«eph>na Chicago, 'in 'the following'icheilnle: . i: - teaye St" Joseph at 430 p. m- »»- toiSOt.'m.; dally, Including ttm'Chlcago at 0:30 arm. and ? m., dallyr Including ; Snu'day; ; I trlpi on Saturday leave 8t Jo«epn at I it. W.; and leave Chicago at 2 p. m. v Kuonlng time acrwi lalw *, 1 » < > Bri - • . Iwoiifcj r r*»t«''p""","• .; . • : " A-c^ethai^rde^onHhemiracu- > • J\. CILI C 11J«» u w* — — - - • lous has been effected in r fralmost a quTrtor of a century. ^^ssss^^ hospital and-the improvement In his condition,^ 1 " simply -wonderful.,,. _._,.; fSSni^ab- years' lie hd'd *een-an- S^P^l o-rettt success.:'- : -.--.- '. Jlr White was kept on the operating table for'eight consecutive hours, dur- ,„„ which in. his cheek —.-,-—-.... ~,. apart. The bones had become „ and had grown, .together..*£'*£, T,fbirres8 of theifever. '"Mr: White then MTC up a strip of skin from his breasn which was paeted over, the parts thai bad been bperated upon ^ He >s »ow able to u«- bia. jaws and: his teeth, a well a« an^person who^neve^ had th»-misfqrtnn« ;to go .through, suon » •iege. . .. _ Up*to*Dftt« JftP*n* ; Pai-tics who-reside in Japan wishiner to obtain-iwwmlU'machinery, with al . . . . ' ___n-_^«^ ; «TiH ImnrOVe «« Madagascar r , PArt of the Boulevard deVauglrard InSrte has been recbrlstened Boulevard Pasteur. , rrt--weenj"- •lenuici" » yr .--—.. ——v. „-.,_ «ving iSti JosepJi Monday, Wednesday . »nd Friday-evenlaga. The equipment of thla.Une Indn««- thtalde wheerrteaffieraOlry of Ohlctgo.- 1 City of Milwaukee^ (the lar«ert a^ ; *D^llt W p*rope»« City ot ^'"j!;, 4»rylce first-Cla»,:OonnectlOM wttft all fandalla taini: Tlcketfl'on aatoat,-H.- f Mdalla' iTJne : a1ta«o««»i ; Chicago < Wabajb avenue.1' ; . . J. .H..GRAHAM, •'";"•• Be»tdn ~ IV DUfc***** W»TT*M»*- •—; . the modern appliances: and knents for.Bklllf ully sawing ^--'-..^ Wrd recently to Menominee, Mich, rthrongb.the Japan** consul at-Taco^. IWMh asking the works to make bid. it their regular rates. The bill calla •at stress on the f act tha i they wa »^ Trade BLOOD; •••,NERV££LIVER 4B B;B.B. cured':- ' ach TrpuWe and ParcJ - :; it since tlie war. J--.-Muncie,Ind- 4B.B.BBarepure:v Put up in ca-Eules.#ix;;. Thirty 'days' treatr^ ,.--v • Price $1 per bos, or -~. • ' , Manufactnrsd V-v. r • c i Conneravtlle, Ind. ....£,L\. r^-. •-,v- v^l..?v }^ fl^illfe * I'J > duaHty "T&natves are e Sarties Interested, and they are pushing toe matter with vigor They want a jbif bandmni. with Its machinery. 'is-ifv

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