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Louisville, Kentucky
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10 THE. COURIER-JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, SATURDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 24, 1917. CE TRACK Come To Church To-morrow Do The Announcements of Various Churches Printed Herewith Are Invitations to You to Attend Their Services. POTATOES TO SANTA CLAUS Entire Churchill Downs Crop Given Camp Christmas Cheer Club. The Covenant Frelytcrlan church.

Nineteenth "and Jefferson streets, the Rev. C. Connor Brown, minister Sunday-school 9:45 a. m. Morning service 11 o'clock, subject, "What Church Is For." No service in the evening, aa Mr.

Brown will preach at the Calvary Presbyterian church. Thanksgiving service on Wednsdav evenlmr at 7:45 o'clock instead of on Thursday. The Tubers Worth Hundreds of Dollars Will Be Sold At Haymarket Square. Military Coats lor the Boys $7.50 $10 $12.50 like their fathers and brothers, the boys, too, want overcoats which express the military idea. And the "Boys' Store" has them! A wonderful collection in the season's most Interesting fabrics and patterns they bring joy to every boy.

With collars that button close up to the neck; some with convertible collars. Splendid garments of quality fabrics; in value they are unexcelled. Sizes 2 to 10. And many other Ideas in overcoats for boys of every age. In the Face of Russian Anarchy and Italian Reverses Germany will be defeated by France, Great Britain, and the United States, and at the last, the lion's share of the task will belong to the United States.

This opinion, advanced by many competent observers since Russia's lapse into anarchy and Italy's staggering reverses, is accepted by our press in all parts of the land in a spirit of quiet and unfaltering resolution. "We have drawn the sword and we might as well throw away the scabbard," exclaims the Chicago Herald, "for it is to be a fight to a finish and German successes in Russia and Italy indicate that the struggle may be prolonged," The only German drive that the Allies have reason really to fear, many of our papers declare, is the coming drive for peace terms that will leave Germany secure in the possession of her present absolute control over middle Europe, and whichjwill doubtless find expression through various pacifist outlets in America. "What I am opposed to is not the feeling of the pacifists," says President Wilson, "but their stupidity. My heart is with them but my mind has a contempt for them. I want peace, but I know how to get it and they do not." The leading article in THE LITERARY DIGEST for November 24th, deals with the present war crisis and it throws a flood of light upon the subject that is stirring the soul of America.

Other important topics covered in this number of "The Digest" are: America Vast Labor Army to Cooperate and Win the War Union Heads in Many Branches of Industry Declare Their Adherence to President Wilson's Program for a "Stand-Together" Policy Until the War is Won Ladies' Missionary Society will begin their "Mission Study Claw" next Wednesday night All members of the society are expected to attend. Cordial Invitation Is extended to any who may be able to attend these services. Highland Presbyterian church Services at 11 a. m. with Bermon by the pastor, the Rev.

T. M. Hawes; subject. An Encouraging Note." The church will be closed at night, the congregation uniting In the montn-end patriotic service at Macauley's Theater. Second Presbyterian church, Second and Broadway The Rev.

W. A. Hopkins will conduct the morning service at o'clock. The Rev. J.

Gray McAllister w-ill conduct the evening service at 8 o'clock. Fourth-avenue, corner Kentucky street, the Rev. Charles W. Welch, minister, will preach at the morning service at 11 o'clock and at the evening service at 7:45 o'clock. An Invitation is extended to all people to attend these services.

Kirat Presbyterian church Morning service at Fourth and York at 11 o'clock; subject, "Are We Worth Dying For?" ISvening service First and Orms- Committee Is Anxious To Re ceive Gifts of Nonperish-able Sweets. to praise and prayer will be held on Thursday at 10:30 a. closing promptly at 11:30. Sunday-school, with Bible classes for all ages, at 9:30 a. ra.

Christian Endeavor meeting at 7 p. m. The Methodist Temple, Sixth street and Broadway, A. R. Kasey, pastor.

Preaching by the pastor at 11 a. and 8 p. m. Morning subject, "Back to Pentecost." Evening subject, "Bottom Rock." Sunday-school at 9:30 a. Walter E.

Snow, superintendent. Epworth League at 7 p. Frank C. Ducker, president. Prajrer-meetlng Wednesday evening" at 7:30.

Fourth-avenue Methodist, corner St. Catherine, the Rev. Frank M. Thomas, pastor Sunday-school. 9:30 a.

Mr. E. S. Woosley, superintendent; classes for every age, especially for men and women; join the men's good fellowship class. Morning worship, 11 o'clock; subject of sermon.

"The Secret of Endurance." Epworth League, 6:45 p. come. Evening worship, 7:45 o'clock; subject of sermon, "God's Selective Draft." Strangers welcome-Wesley Methodist Episcopal church, Jefferson and Twenty-third streets, 01-lle G. Ragan, pastor; parsonage, 2S22 West Market 9:30 o' lock eac rs conference; 9:45, Sunday-school, S. W.

Shields, superintendent; 10:45 sermon; subject, "The Life and the Task," Romans xil. 2, booster choir rehearsal; 6:45, Epworth League; 7:45. sermon; subject, "Contagious Religion," Matthew 13-18. In both and evening sermon th pastor will iscuss the work being done by the churches and the various business organizations of the city in relation to Camp Zachary Taylor. Ilroadivay 3Icthodlst church, near Floyd street, the Rev.

J. R. Savage, pastor Morning bermon. "God's Greatest Gift the Guarantee of All Lesser Ones." Evenfng topic. "The Spirit of the True Christian." Sunday-school at 9:30 o'clock.

Class 23 extends a special Invitation to men. Epworth League at 6:45. Soldiers and visitors especially welcome. One square west of Preston, on Broadway. BAPTIST.

Broadway flap 1 1st church, between First and Brook streets, William Warren Land rum, pastor Sunday-school at LETTERS COMMEND PLAN MARK Cr AT TH I filled by experts SIAIL ORDERS oy dock; subject, 'TJie jeaiouay of God." Warren Memorial Presbyterian church, Fourth and Broadway, the Rev. Dr. Aquilla Webb, minister Morning worship 11 o'clock; sermon, "Old-Time Power." Evening worship 7:30. Mu.ileal nra.ii; a hv Mr. Charles J.

The potatoes grown on the historic field at Churchill Downs race track since the running of the Kentucky Derby in May, 1917, have been generously contributed to the Courier-Journal Camp Zachary Taylor Christmas Cheer Club. Uetzler. violinist: Mr. Earl Hedden, 'cel list, and Mr. Carl Shackelton.

organist. The Drotrramm is as follows: 3 Louisville housekeepers soon will be given the opportunity of buying these potatoes, which, for quality, SATURDAY 24, 101 equal any ever raised in Jefferson th-. county, famous throughout world for superior potatoes. China Objects to Our Japan Pact The Dawn of Order in Russia The Jews to Rule in Zion Volcanic Ireland Near Eruption Wine for the French Soldiers The Microphone in the Trenches Shakespeare Has a Chance in London Varieties of Anti-Germanism The "Poilu's" Protest Against Unclean Plays Negro Segregation Unlawful The Causes of High-Food Prices (Prepared by the U. S.

Food Administration) Ingenuity of the Camera-Man Sanitary Soda Voting by Electrical Signal A War Call for the Schools Shall We Despair of Civilization? News of Finance, Industry and Commerce ACTION ON GARBAGE Yesterday Charles F. Grainger, nresident of the New Louisville a. i'niio C. superintendent; John Z. Short acting.

Morning worship at II o'clock. Subject, "Scars of Honor." B. Y. P. at 6:45 p.

m. Even PLANT IS PROMISED jockey Club, representing himself, ing worship omitted. Union Protestant Trio Military March Schubert Violin Solo Deep River Coleridge-Taylor Trio Song Without 'Cello Solo Melody Saint-Saens Trio Barcarolle Offenbach Sermon by the minister, "'The Alienor Chain." JEWISH. Temple Adntji Inrnel, Third avenue, between York and Breckinridge streets, Joseph Rauch, rabbi. Services will be held Friday at 5:45 p.

Saturday at 10 a. Sunday at 11 a. m. Subject of sermon this Sunday: God On the Side of Humanity." All are welcome. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE.

First Church of Christ, Sclrntlwt. Third street and Ormsby avenue Subject of lesson sermon, and Body. Services at 11 a. m. and 8 p.

m. Sunday-school at 3:30 a. m. Testimonial meeting every Wednesday at p. m-Free rending room and circulating library.

620 Paul Jones building. The public is cordially invited to the church serv- ices and to visit the reading room. Second Church of Christ, Scientist patriotic service at Macauley's Theater Col Matt Winn and the other stock in wnich this congregation joins. holders, called on Gen. W.

B. Hal Twenty-second and Walnut-street Baptist church, the Rev. William Nowlln. ptuitor Morning subject, "The deman. chairman of the Executive Committee of the Courier-Journal, BOARD OF WORKS ASSURES COMMITTEE SOME PLAN WILL BE ADOPTED.

Kind of a Church the World Wants. Evening subject. "Getting Ready for the Greatest Event of Life." Sunday- with the information that the Jockey Many Striking Illustrations, Including Full Page Reproductions, and Cartoons "Digest" Readers Acclaim Its Worth from All Quarters of the Globe scnool at clock, Supt. A. I3ent, Club stockholders had voted unanimously to present the entire crop of Deer Park Baptist church, Henry I iff any, pastor faunday-school ai 9:30 a.

S. D. Boden, superintendent, ulad Hand class for men; graded lei- sons, classes and teachers for the school. Preaching at 11 Splr.tual Efficiency, and at 7:45 p. hat Does God Do with the Sins of the Christians?" Everyone invited to every service.

letters tell how it keeps the prospectors in a far-western mining-camp in touch with the world's affairs and how it is passed eagerly from hand to hand by the "Tommies" and "Sammies" in the trenches on the Somme. Wherever men gather together it is read from cover to cover for its crisp, condensed, and wholly impartial summaries of current happenings. It is cosmopolitan in its scope and universal in its sympathies. To read it is to become a citizen of the world. From the steaming jungles of Senegal, the fertile plains of the Argentine, the temple shades of Japan, the teak forests of Burma, the coco-palms of Hawaii, the blue-gum groves of Australia, and the far-flung acres of Saskatchewan, a single mail recently brought to the editors of THE LITERARY DIGEST a sheaf of letters telling of the writers' gratitude for the opportunity afforded by this most comprehensive of news-recorders of keeping posted on all the great events of the day.

Other Clifton Baptist church, corner Services at Elks' Home, 310 West Walnut street, Sunday at 11 a. m. Subject, Soul and Bodv." Sunday-school at a. m. Testimonial meeting every Wednesday at p.

m. Free reading room and circulating library, 1222 Starks building: open 10 a. m. to 9 p. m.

A cordial invitation is extended the public to attend the services and visit the reading room. Thanksgiving service Thursday at a. m. EPISCOPAL, Christ Church Cathedral. Second.

Frankfort and Bellalre. E. C. Stevens, pastor Sunday-school, 9:30 a in charge of Supt. John Martin teacher of the men's Bible class, A.

Sampson. Public worship. 11 a. and 7:45 p. Preaching by the pas Churchill Downs potatoes to the Christmas Cheer Club.

May Be Auctioned. These potatoes several hundred barrels of them are now stored underneath the Churchill Downs grandstand. The method of selling them has not yet been decided in detail. The suggestion has been made by members of the Christmas Cheer Committee that they be auctioned. The potatoes will be sacked-- in two and one-half bushel sacks and carried on trucks to Haymarket Square.

Jefferson street, between Brook and Floyd, where they will be sold. The proceeds will be pooled with the fund being raised by the Courier-Journal Camp Zachary Taylor Christmas Cheer Committee for the purchase of gifts for the soldiers. This sale will be a rare opportunity for housekeepers who may come with wagons or automobiles or by tor. subject, My rseign bor." Evening subject, between Green and Walnut, the Rt. Rev.

C. E. Woodcock, D. LL bishop; Entire families are especially urged November 24th Number on Sale To-day All News-dealers 10 Cents Questions involving the proper disposition of garbage fn the city of Louisville were brought before the Board of Public'Works yesterday Dy a committee representing the various civic and commercial organizations of Louisville, and at the close of the conference it was announced by D. G.

B. Rose, chairman of the board, that some plan will be evolved within a short time to dispose of the garbage in a manner suitable to the citizens of the city and at the same time bring In a revenue to the city. The delegation was headed by Mrs. Lee Bern-lieim, chairman of the Waste Disposal Committee of the Woman's City Club. nd William E.

Morrow, secretary of the Board of Trade. Chairman Rose said it was the belief of the member's of the committee heard on the subject as well as the members of the Board of Public Works that all garbage can be collected by the city and separated and each class of garbage disposed of at a profit to the city. He said it had been Buarsested that the city dispose of its garbage in the same manner it is disposed of by the United States Government at the various cantonments throughout the country, and that this plan, as well as a number of others. to attend the evening service to consider the facts about dancing. THEOSOPHICAL.

Louisville Thcosopblcal Society "Growth Through Reincarnation" Sun the Very Rev. R. L. McCready, dean; the Rev. F.

W. Hardy, senior canon. Holy communion, 7.30 a. morning prayer and sermon, 11 a. m.

choral evensong. d. m. Holy communion The day night at o'clock at 954 Third street. A buffet supper and a dance Thanksgiving day, 7:30 a.

m. The cathedral will take part In the united service on Thanksgiving day at Calvary church at ju a. m. 11 A. M.

will be given for the soldiery Thanks giving night at o'clock. CHRISTIAN. First Christian church, the Rev Te Deum Laudamus Jordan In Offertory Anthem Praise the Lord, Jerusalem 4:30 P. M. E.

L. Powell, pastor Preaching by the pastor at 11 m. The congregation adjourns to Macauley'-Sv Theater for the street car. Versicles, preces and responses Means Hundreds of Gifts. evening service.

The second of the Ma Tains' Ferial cauley Theater meetings, under the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis auspices of the ar Recreation Board Tours in and Religious Activities Committee, will Offertory Anthem The Radiant Morn he held to-morrow nignt at (Jen This generous and patriotic action of the New Louisville Jockey Club will add several hundred gifts to the I total to be given the Camp Zachary Taylor boys. Back of the presenta- i Has Passed Away Woodward FUNK WAGNALLS COMPANY (Publishers of the Famous NEW Standard Dictionary), NEW YORK Harry Hale has promised to be present St. Paul's Episcopal church, Fourth will be thoroughly investigated by the board before any action is taken. E2SIS5! street at Central Park, the Rev. Dav.d Cadv Wriffht.

rector Hoi communion. tion is a story: On Derby day last May, within month of President Wilson's mem Chairman Rose said the ashes and cinders in garbage could be put to a good use by the city at a saving of thousands of dollars per year in expenditures by the Board of Public orable address to Congress precipi tating this country into the war, 40, 00U persons looked out over the vast Works on the streets and alleys of sweep of Kentucky bluegrass Chuichill Downs field. "What a magnificent potato patch that field would make," hundreds of put partisan considerations behind them and contribute to the advancement of our city." Mr. Cronan thanks his friends for their confidence and support in the recent election and closes with the declaration that he would rather have the friendship of Col. Whallen than he Mayor of Louisville for life and lose that friendship.

WOUND RECEIVED AT the city, and that practically every other class can be disposed of at a profit to the city. All that will be -necessary, he said, to carry out this Idea will be the installation of a separating plant, and It is the purpose of the board to ascertain the cost of erection of such a plant and its annual maintenance before deciding definitely on the best course to pursue. Those present at the meeting besides members of the Board of Public Works were: Alfred Brandeis and W. B. Morrow, Board of Trade: T.

B. Duncan. Rotary Club; Garr Jones, Kiwanis Club; J. C. Murphy.

Engineers and Architects' Club: Mrs. R. P. Halleck, Miss Louise Morel, Miss Alexina Booth and Mrs. Lee Bern-helm, Louisville Women's City Club.

DANCE PROVES FATAL IMPORTANT CHANGES EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 25. INDIANAPOLIS AND CHICAGO ALL STEEL TRAINS CHICAGO DAYLIGHT EXPRESS-No. 317-DaiIy be glad to forward any money or gifts left with us. Your plan to remember the boys in khaki at rump Zachary Taylor at Christmas time is very commendable and one that we feel will meet with a hearty response from the people of Kentucky as well as other at ea i i i a boya in camp there. I inclose herewith my check." A.

B. Rennker, Cashier People's Deposit Bank, Burlington, Ky. "We will gladly collect and remit to you for your Santa Claus fund for the 'boys' at Camp Zachary Tavlor. Success to you in this great undertaking-" W. E.

Rfddell. Presi-dwent Boone County Deposit Bank, of Burlington, Ky. "We will be glad to ask those who intend to contribute to any of the soldiers to send same through you, and should we len.rn of anyone desiring to contribute we will make an endeavor to talk or communicate with them, asking that they send through you any presents or gifts they 'care to contribute to the cheerfulness or happiness of any soldier. I am truly glad to know that the bovs at Camp Zachary Taylor are going to receive gifts from Scvnta Claus, and know that they will appreciate same, and I hope and trust that they will live to realize that the people back home have not forgotten them." Ira Kemper, Cashier First State Bank, Monterey. Ky.

"AVe will take pleasure in assisting you In any way poisible for the comfort and cheer of our soldier boys." C. W. Alexander, President Bank of Cumberland, Burkesviile, Ky. them were heard to remark. The words seemed like sacrilege even to those who uttered them, and none had the faintest thought that the fair bosom of the fieid was soon to be torn by the tooth of a plow.

But the suggestion met the approval of the Jockey Club officers. Patriotic duty was put above aesthetic taste. The beautiful blue-grass was turned over by a plowshare and in its place was planted the beet Irish cobbler seed potatoes obtainable. The visit yesterday of Mr. Grainger to Gen.

Haldeman and the formal presentation of the crop to the Christmas Cheer Club is the sequel. Gifts Are Wanted. It has become apparent that it is not generally understood that the Courier-Journal Christmas Cheer Committee is appealing for gifts as 7:30 a. m. Sunday-school, Adult Bible class, primer and women, 10 a.

m. Morning prayer and worship at 11. This will be a harvest home festival. Decorations of fruits, vegetables, are to be brought there for the Home of thf Innocents. The rector will preach on "Thanksgiving in the Midst of War." Evening prayer, with special music.

The rector, as chaplain, will have the holy communion at in Y. M. C. A. hut No.

154, at Camp Zachary Taylor. Grace church, 321 East Gray street (nineteen minutes from Camp Zachary Taylor via Preston street car line) Holy communion at 7 a. m. Choral eu-charist at 11 a. m.

Solemn evensong at 7:30 o'clock. All welcome and all seats free. St. Andrew's church. Second and Kentucky streets rHoly communion at 7:30 a.

ni. Morning prayer and service at 11 o'clock. Evening prayer and address at 7:30 o'clock. All seats free' and a special Invitation is given to join in the service. Calvary Episcopal church, Fourth avenue, between Library Place and Breckinridge, the Rev.

Harris Malllnck-rodt, rector (chaplain 138th Field Artillery), the Rev. Walter B. Capers. D. rector in charge Sunday services: Cele.

bration of early communion at 7:30 a. second, third and fourth Sundays. Celebration of the holy communion at the 11 o'clock serlvce on the first Sunday in each month. Sunday-school and Bible classes at 9:30 a. m.

Morning prayer and sermon at 11 o'clock. Evening prayer and song service at 4:30 o'clock. Mixed choir of fifty voices. Frederic A. Cowles, organist and choirmaster.

Cordial invitation extended to all. EPISCOPAL. St. Mark's church, Frankfort avenue and Kennedy place, reached by Walnut-street car line, the Rev. Lvs.

LOUISVILLE Arrivua DOWN SUCCUMBS AND DOUGLAS GOODMAN IS CHARGED WITH MURDER. INDIANAPOLIS. .11.20 am KOKOMO 1.15pm LOGANSPORT 2.00 pm CHICAGO Engletrood A.A7 pm Union S.lOpm 10th and 8.20 wn Hth and Main 8.31 am PariohCar: Louisville to Chicago. RXBTACRANT CH SEBTtCi: Louisville to Logansport (Cafe). Coach Siryici.

CHICAGO NIGHT EXPRESS No. 307 Daily Lv. LOUISVILLE Arrives INDIANAPOLIS. 1.45 am 14th and ihuu u. fiOKOMO JCT.

8.45 am well as for money with which to buy Drawiso-Roou Sleepwq Car: 4.25 am CHICAGO FnElewood 7.2t am Union 7.45 am and to speak for a rew moments on "The Camp and the City." A big chorus, under the leadership of Mr. Chester Solomon, will furnish the music. The sermon will be preached by Dr. T. Hawes.

of the Highland Presbyterian church. It is hoped that a large number of the soldiers from the camp will be In attendance. The meeting will be made both patriotic and religious. The public is, of course, invited. Sunday-school at o'clock.

Afternoon reception and open house for soldiers from 3 to 5. Y. P. S. C.

E. at 6:45. On next Wednesday evening, and each Wednesday evening, a dinner Ls served In the assembly room of the church, with a nominal charge of 20 cents, to which the soldiers are particularly invited. The dinner is for all who may choose to come. This dinner precedes the regular midweek prayer meeting.

Brondway Christian church, between Floyd and Preston streets, the Rev. William Newton Briney, minister-Sunday-school at 9:30 a. m. Preaching by the minister at 11 a. m.

and 7:45 p. m. Topic of evening sermon, "Daring to Defy tho King." "A Young Man of Moral Courage." Christian Endeavor at 6:45 p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday at p.

m. All always welcome. I'nrklnnd Christian church, M. O. Erwing, pastor Sunday-school at 9:30 a.

in. The unveiling of the honor roll of the young men who have enlisted In the army. Preaching 11 a. m. and 7:45 p.

rn. Christian Endeavor 6:45 p. m. Night Bible school 7:10 p. m.

UNITARIAN. Church of the Messiah (Unitarian), Fourth and York streets, the Rev. Dll-worth R. Lupton minister Church school 9:33 a. Thanksgiving service at 11 o'clock.

Subject of sermon, "Can We Still Give Thanks In a World at War?" Music: Organ Recital 10:45 Thanksgiving Clifford Demarest Barcarolle from Talei of Hoffman Offenbach Vision Bibl While the Earth Remaineth West Children's Churus Solo. Mrs. Ellis. Organ On Wings of Song. Duet Come Unto Him Faure Miss Peter and Mrs.

Ellis Postlude Finale Rogers Mi3S Louise Hollis, organist. MISCELLANEOUS. There will be a meditation and healing service Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock at The Restawhlle Metaphysical Library. 124-1 South First street, conducted by Mrs. Frances Larimer Warner.

Come to this service; It will do you good. The Pettlcord Evangelistic Party, of Kansas City, will begin a campaign in the Trinity Evangelical church, on the corner of Twenty-fourth and Cedar streets, beginning November 25 and continuing for three weeks. Evangelist Pettlcord is a man with a message. 'The party consists of four men, a male ouarLet and a saxophene quartet. NEW THOUGHT.

I Louisville Truth Center Service in! the reading room, 30S Bernheim build- 1 Fourth avenue, at 11 a. subject. "The Indwelling God." Readin" room open daily from 10 to 4:30. We want you of whatever race or creed to meet with us. A special invitation i3 extended to the men at Camp Zachary Louisville to Chicago (ready S.30 pm).

Indianapolis to Chicago (ready 9.00 Dm). $40 WORTH OF LIQUOR STOLEN FROM SALOON When the bankruptcy case of C. August Vessels, proprietor of a saloon in the negro settlement know as "Little Africa," was called in the court of Referee in Bankruptcy George A. Brent yesterday to consider the sale of assets. Trustee C.

W. Johnson reported he had been informed the place had been entered and a portion of the liquor stock, appraised at over 5300, removed. Sub-eequent investigation revealed that more than $40 worth of the "wet" goods had been removed by thieves wlio left no trace whatever. A compromise offer of $100 was accepted in the case in which the bankrupt Kentucky Automobile Company sued the Standard Automobile Company for $1,000. girts for the soldiers.

The committee has received a number of communications like the following: "Louisville, Nov. 21. 1917. "Courier-Journal Christmas Cheer Club: Why should the Cheer Club cheer only for money gifts? Many who are unable to give dollars might be gladly willing to contribute choice handiwork from their stores of summer's fruits or vegetables. 'If I were a shepherd I would give a says Christina Hos-settl: so why not as a housekeeper give a similar Christmas gift some CR0NAN WISHES PROSPERITY Jacksonville, to Indian- Coach Sebvicb.

apolifl, leaving Jacksonville 8.20 pm (may no occupied at Indianapolis until 7.30 am). No. S4T-Dlly Lvs. LOUISVILLE Arrives 3 SEYMOUR 4.05 pm UthandMain 231 pm COLUMBUS 4.50pm PimoR Car (Broiler-Buffet): FRANKLIN S.36pm Louisrillo to Indianapolis. 6.10pm Coach Service.

No. 327 Daily Lvs. LOUISVILLE Arrive! James M. Maxon. rector Services Sunday.

November 25, first Sunday TO MAYOR SMITH'S REGIME BreaJiing the silence he has main Crittenden Down, a former mail carrier of Loretto. died last uight at 6:30 o'clock at the city hospital after lingering for eight days with his Intestines perforated In nine places from a pistol bullet. Down was shot in the abdomen during a free-for-all fight at a dance at Seventeenth and Andesorn streets on the night of Thursday, November 15. Douglas Goodman, who has been at liberty on a bond of $300 after being presented in Police Court on a chaxge of shooting and wounding, was arrested last night by Patrolmen Fla-hive and Fitzpatrick on a charge of murder. Goodman has from the beginning, although admitting participating in the trouble, maintained that he did not fire the shot that struck Down.

Goodman was arrested following the fight at his home at Seventeenth and Breckinridge streets. Goodman and Percy Dunn, 19 years old, were both cut in the face with knives during the encounter, according to the story told by them to the police. Dunn was arrested at the time on a charge of disorderly conduct, but was released on bond, pending the outcome of Down's injuries. The body of Down was removed to the undertaking establishment of L. D.

Bax. Acting Coroner Kammerer announced that he will hold an inquest early next week. beiore Advent. jioiy communion. 7:30 a.

m. Church school with adult Bible class. 9:45 a. in. Morning Diayer and sermon.

11 a. m. All nrt tained since the election Charles J. Cronan, the defeated Democratic can cordially invited. Seats free.

didate for Mayor, yesterday issued his first authorized statement BIBLE STUDENTS. Associated lllhlc Students Temple, 1342 South Third etreet Mr. W. J. i-hich he expressed the wish that 8.13 pm 8.40 pm 9.07 pm 9.S0 pm LouiFville will unaer Mayor 10th and B.50 pm SEYMOUR HthandMain 7.01pm Dratttng-Roou Sleeting Cab: FRANKLIN Louisville through Indianapolis to Pittsburgh.

leaving Indian apolis in No. Hi at 10.10 pr. Thorn, of Boston. will lecture at 3 p. Sunday; subject, "The End of the World, Are We In It?" This lecture by Mr.

Thorn has met a hearty reception all over America and Canada. You are cordially invited. Free to all and no collection will be taken. Coach Service. No.

827 Daily Lvs. LOUISVILLE Arrives 10th and Broadway. .11.00 am SEYMOUR 12.43 pm HthandMain 11.11 am COLUMBUS 1.20pm FRANKLIN 1 48 pm Coach Beetice. 2.39 pm LUTHERAN. The First English Lutheran church.

CHECKS SENT TO COVER LICENSE FEE RETURNED Washington, Nov. 23 Dollar checks received from bakers in various parts of the country offered as payment of their license "fee are being returned to-day by the Pood Administration with an explanation that the licensing system requires no fee from anyone handling foodstuffs The checks came mostly from Illinois' and Indiana. Smith's adminis-tration and urges all good citizens to lay aside partisan considerations and co-operate with the new administration. Mr. Cronan said: "For myself and for the other Democratic candidates I now wish to say that as citizens of Louisville we wish Mayor George Welssinger Smith a successful city administration and trust to see Louisville prosper and expand during the next four years.

We are for Louisville iirst and are a unit in hoping that the citizens of Louisville will Broadway, between Preaton and Jack-ton streets, cordially welcomes strangers and everybody without a regular church home to its Sunday morning and evening worship. The men of Camp Zachary Taylor are specially Invited. The pastor, Dr. S. 1 S.

Waltz, will preach at 11 a. m. and 4 NO DELAY HERE IN MOVING PERISHABLE FOODSTUFFS Get Ticktts and dttaik at City Ticket Office Fourth and Guthrie Streets: Phones: Main 519 or City 519 or address C. H. 11A CER 7 Assistant General Passenger Agent, LOUISVILLE, KY.

-a p. m. Morning sermon theme. Is it Worth While?" Eveninrr FJ nion theme, "Does God Care?" A war- time Thanksgiving service of special Interest, with appropriate sermon by I the pastor, good music by choir and congregation and the President's call thing as expressive as the shepherd's lamb? "1 would like to start the list with two dozen glares of assorted jellies. Cordially yours, "MRS.

CHARLES A. MEGU1RE. "1256 Willow avenue." The Christmas Cheer Committee will be glad to receive sweets such as Mrs. Meguire enigrgesus. Fruit cakes especially desirable.

Preserves, and, in fact, all nonperishable sweets can be put to good use. Soldiers are noted for having a -sweet tuoth. Glad To Do Our Bit. "1 see you are engaged in the laudable enterprise of raising funds to do someih ng to contribute to the pleasure of the boys at Ccimp Zachary Taylor at Christmas. I wish to aid you.

and so I am inclosing my check." V. C. McChorri, Springfield. Ky. "We will be glad to do our bit." S.

Evans. Cashier First National Bank, Adairville, Ky. "I am very glad indeed to chip in with my bit to help make the Courier-Journal's undertaking the rousing success ft ought to be and surely will be." Henry Klauber, Ijouisville. "We wish to express our best wishes for the plan and offer our cooperation. We will in the contributions of our citizens and our own to reach you in plenty of time for Christ mai--.

Any other assistance we m'tjht be capable of command us." C. S. Mahan. Vice President llrst State Bank of Palmyra. III.

Letter From a Mother. "Permit me to thank you for the copy of your Sunday paper with the section given over to our bovs at Camp Zachary Taylor. The pro- proposed Christmas entertainment will certainly be a big help to them, and I wish to assure you of my co- operation in sending presenta for The transportation facilities about Louisville as far aa foodstuffs are concerned are in good condition, according to C. B. Stafford, manager of the traffic department of the Board of Trade.

Mr. Stafford stated last nie-ht that no complaints of a serious Taylor. Come! Washington D. C. AND Return The National Bank of Kentucky Capital and Surplus Over $3,000,000.00 And Assets Aggregating -f "The Sig of Good Gasoline." MAXIMUM POWER Means maximum mileage'.

rown t-Tasolme gives more power and more mileage. Xo offensive odors. Service Ktations York $14,000,000.00 my boy, Sergt. George W. Birney, and some other boys." Margaret Birney, Chicago.

"We hasten to inform you of our hearty approval of your plan. Certainly there is no set of men more worthy of public favor and consideration trail tiie boys at Camp Zachary Taylor, who will eventually he called upon to go forth to foreign lands 'and defend, first, that grand old banner which is so dear to us all. and, secondly, to co-operate wit.i our Allies in upholding the standard of democracy. We are forwarding you to-day our check, and in compliance with your request have appointed one of our most young members, J. Carlyle Schmitt.

to act as a part of your Committee." H. J. Hennessy, President Trinity Council, No. 230, Y. M- I.

"I assure you that nothing gives me more pleasure than to inclose you this small check to help buy the Yuletido gifts for the soldiers My heart certainly hs with these boys and I am glad to do anything I can to promote their comfort and happiness. I hope that every citizen in Louisville and in the State of Kentucky will respond to this appeal." I. 1j. Rousseau, Louisville. "Should Do All We Can." "I think your idea bully.

Mv view is that we ought to do ali we can to make these men who have come into this community feel that we are thinking of them, and that our hearts go out to them, and that we want to make the work they have undertaken just as bright as possible. I inclose check." Charles Allen, Louisville. "We axe pleased to have you en- -roll our name as a member of the Christmas Cheer Club, and we will nature regarding perishable stuff has been made to his department. He said that "he was at the present time making an investigation and welcomed any complaint where the shippers or receivers were suffering loss to perishable goods through delays in transportation. II.

R. VWteside, head of one of the largest local produce and commission houses, said last night that the local situation was satisfactory, but that advices had been received by his firm of the enormous loss in Colorado, where nearly 1,000 cars of potatoes and other vegetables, many of them bound eastward, were destroyed by freezing weather when left, on a siding. Loases like tails he admitted were bound to affect the food 'situation generally. street, between Third and $99 fh( 0N SALE N0V- 29 30' DEC $LLf)J Return Limit December 12 CHESAPEAKE OHIO RY. Two Thru Fast Trains Daily 9:00 Reservations, Particulars C.

O. Ticket Office 141 4th St. Phone 272 Desirrs to meet or corrp-upond with those seeking new banking: connections. LOCATED AT Fourth; Third and Breckinridge; Fifth and Bloom; Baxter and Broadway. 231 West Main St.t STAPARD01LC0.

Established 1834. TOOTED STATES DEPOSITORY. Incorporated in Kentucky. tmiMHIIHtHltltt.

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