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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 19

Detroit, Michigan
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Sunday, August 27, 1922
Page 19
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heilmann BADLY HURT AS DETROIT WINS OUT, 8 TO 5 jetrxrit $m xi$$ Sport News Financial News Sport News Financial News ; VOL. " 87, NO. 334. DETROIT, MICHIGAN, SUNDAY, AUGUST 27, 1922. " PRICE: TEN CENTS iitiMtttiititmiiiiHtiii iiMimMimt)HmitMHiiiiiMHinmniiimmtinm i utii i imiitHti t m n i(t i hi hi w " mr ""v w- -m i ' 'HiiMimmntiiniimmtniitiiiiiniiniii 11 whihii hi hi i iihh i hi i itium iiii mi h mm ihihihiiii immwmi im I ihhw nwminn i intm i rtttii nm ttwwm hihh mnmmi mtttw mm min muuttiim mi nittiiwitmitmni liwHimimitimiiiiiwi imwin utiiimimtui hiUih h tS r A Ml 1 1 S 1 48 II ,18 r'TTU AMTk DAATC! lirilTnTT ilTTT T WATUrnnmn TT rmn i mm i rvm . nmrtTn .W-rv I iniuniiiiiiiMiHiHiii imtiiiMiii,.1i,.,,Mii.ii,iii.HmmiiiiMimiium.miitl, Mi mmmi ii m i if 1 1 m iii ii htti hi M tii ii it it i it 1 1 it I j ,l 1 ! . r fig ' xfrne right is Paul Strassburs's Babx, S,,rB Cur,. entJ ! ,kl hZ r'u I Z- TT T.. c"V'ta"'" c'u,5er racf ommoaore chantz, rvho . shon next to A., toat. BriH 6c commorfore of the regatta. On the w ..w wit u nivwiuvui juecii icluiui. iviiu is u f ui niei luinnt'i nr in t ifi BENGALS OVERCOME LEAD OF SENATORS BY HARDER HITTING Washington Jumps on George Dauss in Early Innings and Piles Up Advantage ; Moore and Ehmke Effective After 'Jewel' Slips; Topper Rigney's Battery Features Tiger Attack. BY HARRY BULLION. Washington, Aug. 26. Overcoming a four-run lead that the Na-m:uls assumed early in the second game of the series this afternoon, Ti;cTi bysupcrior hitting, and incidentally a better brand of pitch-u;, '-irncd back the Nationals for the second time in successive days. The. Tigers' victory, achieved by the score of 8 to 5, could not tiis-otiT'.i the loss they suffered through a severe injury to Harry Heil-;n:;;i, who sustained a complete fracture of the right collar bone in ..'iii-ion wnn rratiK urower in the sixth inning, however. louottui wnetner iieiimann' !i '-ciurn to the Bengals' lincupt tins year, since the season little more than a month to MiMtmann topped a pitch and - -:'M bounded off to Brillhcart's in a spot that eliminated the .Vr'i chances-to get-Heilmann :i tisrow to first base. But the insurer pegged the ball anyway, : li.ully. In reaching for the tii-'r B rower was directly in i- " "i!ins path and a crash was ii-.--:lab1e. lliirdlen Ovrr llrowrr. ; , v.r was stationary and Hell- as In . motion, and In tho I Harry hurdles over 'Tiir-':" lioad to tho fur Idi; of the aliKhtin ll'-ilmann hit on k :md shoulders and crumiil- Hi rotnined tho presence of ' tn crawl buck to first huae, lie sank to the Rroiiti'l. initiation provorl that In the n f.r fnll the riKht collar f the Kiant Callfornlnn had ;: ".1. IU' was rat sod to his feet, v.-.-.s aJtout to KtagKer aain :i s-veral of hiw teammatea iift-tt i and carried him Into the nouse. : that Inning the Titfcrs with nina broke a tlo they created 1 t hreo thn round before, and ;ri!. d a lead tho Nationals, fac-l'.hmke tlion after pauaa and ! were relieved in turn, were - to overcome. ouIdnt Hold Irfnd. ..I'-ntly the Nationals recall -V tho orgy staged at their ex-- y the Tiffors on the laiit .Tfre, when nln runs Wirro . hi t he ninth inning. h a fun r-run HflvnntaK thin 'mt in The third inning thoy t nut hold It. a constant at- tinaily overcomtnK it and a ' d as.sau! t by the Tira U- .ory for Het certain, ai'hary, who pitched, ono in-T.-id lirilthuitrt. who went tii? 'lie rout.":, the It-nKflls eol- ' 1 saf'.-ties of various dtmen-Witli three errors, a couple on Iwills and a hit bats-. ti. help tho r.eti;al c;uise along were accounted for Plate. u ho stnrt form runs wliich i :! on Viifsv for tho Tl-npiotely nnd sed the Jun-tTcnty-four. Costly Victory ARGENTINE 4 IS ELIMINATED Loses to Orange County Polo Team in Herbert Cup Play, 13 to 10. South Americans Fail in First Geme Played Since Coming to U. S. Rumson. NT. J-, Auff. 26. Argentina's poto team which came to the t; tit ted States 10 days ago, freah from triumphs in England, was eliminated from tho Herbert Memorial cup tournament today by the Or-' ange county four. J 3 to 10. tho handicap of five conceded to the Americana being too much for the Lttin players to overcome. Hated as about tho equal of the American four which won the international cup from Kngtand last year, the Argentina players were disappointing, particularly a a Orange county until now had not been considered a probable winner of the cup. Tho short time they have f pent In this country, after an unusually Ions voyage with scant time to escape social fetes nnd K-' down to prafttlco told in their team work, which, however, was better than that of Orange county. The came was played on a soggy field, the turf being nearly as soft as mud from a heavy rain that fell shortly after noon and which kept the attendance down to a few nun dred. With a handicap of five to wipe out the scores began to count; th--.South American pojoists had th-game n Imos t even t the c nd of tho first half In whl.-h they scuied seven goals to three, for Orange county. . Hut. in the second half.1 the . North Americans completely outplayed their opponents malting' five goals to three. I Iouis T. I,ncey. the back of the Argentina team, was the Individual sta r. scoring half of his team's goals and making drives that for length wero not equalled by any one elsri hi the game. While Iicey was an individual star, ho showed that ho also ran : work in close co-operation with his ; learn mates. Many times he did most : ; of tho work In passing the ball (3 1 across the floM but manv times broken turf mused tho ball to rich-K ! ochtu and bound to one side of the ; CToal posts. Other times he took tlv i ball a lop,, from a congested plav r and dashed the IcnKtli of the Held iriv:iiK me nan with such force ly three or four of bin pow-! rok es wc ro needed t o got rnimo oi fjoai. 'aptain W. a. Kairiman. . and C. r. Jtumsey. num ber or firariffe county, plavod supf rbiy. Malcolm Ptevenson exhibited daring horse-nanshln time utridiug several of the YANKEES TAKE LEAGUE LEAD FROM BROWNS Wright Fails to Halt Heavy Hitting and Bayne Replaces Him. MEUSEL AND PIPP HEAD SLUGGING OF WINNERS Mays Holds St. Louis Safe Until Champions Are 7 Runs in Front. New Tork, Aug. 26. Doing some more of their In-a-couple of days and out-a-couple of days stuff, the New York Yanks and the St. Louis Browns swapped places here this afternoon and tho Yanks went back tnto the load in the feverish fight for the American It-ague pon-nant. The Tanks coppod , the second game of the scries by a BCore of S to 2. and made the count 2 to 1 In the four eamv series. The present champions wore not rorcea to a hard nght to win. Carl Mays, the blondo submarlno pitcher, had one of his good days ami when he is right, ho is right. While he had tho Browns patting a path in the mud between tho plate and the bench, the Browns played loosely behind the weird pitching of Wayne Wright and tho Yanks had runs thrown at them. llaln Keep Crowd Down. Tho victory cost tho Yanks around $15,000. Rain fell nearly 11 day and no one expected a game. There were only 10.000 fans in the pork when Manager Hugglns decided to got it over and prevent a postponement that might give Urban .Shocker another crack at his men before the end of the season. Itain drizzled through most of the third game and the athletes were tolling around heavy-footed from the soft going on the fields. The bugs who risked the exposed seats came with umbrelles and used them. Tho Yanks got tho Jump in the second inning with tho help of a weird decision by Umpire Mortarity. 1'lpp opened tho inning with a single and wont dow on Schang's Infield out. Bob Mcusel drove him In with a single and Ward fanned. Call Meuael Safe on Steal. Veusel attempted to steal and the throw apparently beat him to tho bag. The Browns were almost In the dugout when Mortarity called htm -safe. Much argument resulted and when the Browns went back to work, Scott diove Meusei In with a single. The. Yanks counted again in the fourth inning mi 1'ipp's double. Sivorcid's error on Si-hang's wacri-flco and a wild pitch. Two more pattered over in thti fifth inning when I'ugun singled. Tobin muffed Ituth's sky-scraper flv and Mc-Manus made a wild throw on an cany e banco. The, Yanks continued working In the sixth and seventh : Continued On, I'nge Twenty-four. ! SHOCKER SEES 13 IHIIIHUII "'t"OIIMItlllllllinMIIIIMlllllllMIUIIIItlllMIMIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIUUIIMtllMIMi:i Disabled HANDICAP GOES TO MERRIMAC AT DEVONSHIRE Marie Blanche Noses Out Favorite Tycoon in Fourth. When Lady Boss Quits. FIELD HORSES FINISH WELL IN THIRD RACE that orful within i tnimh'-r HARRY HEILMANN. " Tiger tight fielder who probably will be out of the game the rest of the season because of a fractured collar bone suffered in Saturday's game. ONLY BROWNS YACHT RACE G0ES I PLAY THIRD ROUND rUTHKLAMWKJDI WK DENM PRIZE Club Is Hitting and Young Pitchers Are Coming Through, He Says. Frank Fair's Boat Leads in 12-! Plum Hollow Members .Vow York. Aug. 26. "If Mile Race. go , nnd again Argentina play haeit home within one game of the i Yanks, we'll win the pennant." Urban Sh..eker. spitbal ace of tho j St. louis lirowns, was doing the i talking. j I'.rown.i arc hitting. The ; by Jiirk Nelson ; .tolin Mt!.-s f; j .. I.. I.itcoy . . . . . So, 1 . . ...n.'tcit. xOransro rfl. ri3) '-'ii V. Itftrrlman 31 . ' Itumspy ..(I) M. .Strvensen ...ill Mttiiiiunt ; xHndleiip of 5. Total 1 Snrn ,y periods: 1 OrntiK'e Coun:y 0 j Arjrentliio .1 i Jujtts from f : Argentine 3. nil Ijv tjicey; i 3: Ilum.wy 2. Ifarrimnn t. Tho I-ikcwood, ski pper'd Frank I-'arr, won the yacht undor the auspices of the jjetroit Yacht club Saturday afternoon over four other contenders. nn fh,P J 1h,,i rclocniin8' through t 4:33.2ft for the three legs, to wlnd-ho?w.;-' ' ? ' fftvor. i Ward. spinnaker and ciose-hauled. ?-7M-p,edii.tht n,row,ns toiTho distance of the course was ., . .. . ,.ci irom ine lounirr ciud. ?jpook, i'lin iicnry, rkip- Ka . - , ... ; per. was second, with the time .. .;. r''i i score X:33:la, 4:10:M and Orftne County j ..ft 0 1 1 f) 1 - hlt- V',!- Hiniey IJiiMolsr. FlHCdtcid. T.f'. i''i loiWilvr ity.Joii'-s te I'ntittiMiv. ;i:Vl '' 1 -I troll lu; V';'.j,liIiii,-ten IS. 'il. (!1 bulls Oft OaiiMK 1; i:rtllli.-i.rt 2. y,-.'.'-' ,s,ri, oin-lty !;rillh.-iirt u. . F.tnnl!o 4. Hi'i 'irr lmusi fi in 1C , , .v. ."'r'', I" - 1-3: IChmko S in 3 2-3. Vr.i'J.' r. ln, I: r:ri;!lie:.rr 14 ! S Hit l.v ; r 7i-y -i" 'ltrllih.Mrt: :y Unit-l:tj" u-ifr1, .: -If,or.- (Browfr and Coh-rr-iZH? Piteh rirtllhuarr. Wlnnlnir plirh-Bires-Tiwi J-';slnF Phchrllrilihe:irl. L':a- ... um Adiiui. iiine ..a. WATCH HOLDS WILL. Palo Alto, Cal.. Auk. 2G. Keeu- tors of the estate of M. V. (Dadt M'ulton. noted nth I otic tranif-r or Stanford university, who died July 19. opened his watch and took irom it his last will and testument. hloh wsts written on ;i cireulsr plfCe of Piiper and pasti-d mi th inside of the case. The will left an estate valued at $1,000 to hia widow, da t. Mouiton, for first place in tho American "I wanted to i the second Rame.t I was right And I know I could have knocked them off. Wish we were here for four days I could grab another same. Maybe T will anyway if LOO I'oht will let me." he said. The one joy in his life, is beating-the Yanks and he admits it. The Yanks "sold him down the river" several years apro. Ho has neither forpotton nor forgiven. 'They're all naylnff that the heat'U get us when we fro back to St.. louls to finish the season. There's rothinjr to that. New York and- Washington are both worse than St. l.ouls wher. it's hot.Thcre's some air our there, "What's the matter with Ruth? nothing. He's ttanding fiat footed a lot." and the Mcagha, skipper by Kurtz. worm, was tm ni wttn 3:3-t:io, 4Q and 4:40:55. Tho St. Claire, piloted by Hen-drie, made the distances In 3:30:40, 4:30:10 and 4:40:5S. The TJetrolt, with Tom Van Sieklo as skipper, finished with 3:46:30. 4:40:35 and 5:10. WINS ALABAMA TITLE. Montgomery. Ala., Aug. 20. H, '1. Siebels. of Birmingham won the state golf championship of the Alabama Golf championship of tho Ala-ernooti, defeating J. W. Tu'.Hs, of Montgomery, 7 up and 5 to go In tho 36-hole final match. Midst of Tourney. 11 urn Hollow golfer. have completed tho third round of the tournament for the . U. Dennen trophy. Two of the third round matches were decided on the eighteenth green and another on the nineteenth. The results: H. I-. Itlack beat William Bratev, ono up. T. lioolhby beat It. K. Ma-haney. one up. A. T. Nauman beat K. T. Uarthel, up I'J holes. H. Weeks won from f.;. W. Mason by default. A. J. Itosborough beat II. C. Clarke, z anI 4. J. A. Fessler beat A. I). Moore. 5 and 3. NEW TROTTING RECORD SOUGHT Hartford. Conn.. Aug. 2d. Peter Manning, 1:57 3-4. world's champion trotter, will endeavor to beat the Now England trotting record of two minuter flat at the Orand circuit meeting at Charter Oak park. September 5. The record ia held jointly by I'eter Manning and lou Dillon, ' both horses having made the time over the IteadviUe track. Lady Felix and Athanna Reward Backers in First Two Dashes. Merrimac ran one .of his best races Saturday to win the Windsor handicap, feature of the opening card at Devonshire, showing speed when needed and receiving a nice ride. The son of Wrack and Resignation took command at the third turn and stood off all challengers from there in. A $2 ticket on Merrimac paid $10.85. Guy, the favorite, was second by a length and Cotton Blossom went tho same footage behind Guy. The time was 1:44 4-5. 3-5 slower than the track record. ItttnRn Illicit FnllM. The hot information had t.o do : with liunga Iiuck. old track fa- ; vorite which has shown poorly in : his Inst three raci-s. He was mad- ' second choice, but out ln the roads where the bets an- deelded he show- ; ed no form improvement. Citation, which has changed hands' twice In a week, started hs guide f'ir the field and stepped a lively -gait up to the three-quarters, where! Merrimac went to the rront and : stayed. The crowd was ubout 1 1,- ! 000 and the track was fast. Threat-I ening showers failed to arrive and i tho events wero run under a s.late ' sky that was a relief to chose who j sweltered on the Windsor Jockey : club griddle earlier In the week. j Favorite Left at Port. j Sir Clarence, heaviest backed ofj tho lot which appeared in the first' race was left at the post while Iady J Felix beat the. barrier and opened up a long lead to win ny five lengths. Once Small wood got Sir : Clarence into motion he ran a game! rare and at the wire was covering ; twice tho ground of the winner, i Statim took the show money a' length behind Sir Clarence. Tn the second Athunna with noth-' r.n to heat iald in the third lit,!-until the stretch when: she sprlnfd strongly and won going away. -;;m 'lulib: wad iiecond ana Virginia Kox . third. f Two field horses ran one-thre In : the third race the winner develop-j Continued On Inge Twenty-nix. NEW MARK SET I BY BABY GAR III: Wood Wins Allison-Fisher Cup, Making Last SO-MQe ' Heat at 41 3-10 Miles an Hour. ! Hamilton. Ont., Aug. 26. P.ahy , Oar III. owned and driven by Gar j Wood, of Detroit, set a new world ' record. Saturday, in winning the j third and "final 50-niHe heat for ' tne AlUaon -Vis her trophy, averng- ! ing 41 3-10 miles an hour, covering life distance in 1:12:33. I Ionic finished second in 1. 2353 j Packard Ilaby Oar third In 1.23:17, I and Nick Xack fourth in 1.39:114. 1 Miss St. Lawrence developed en- ; gino trouble and dropped from the j race on tho twenty-third lap. J. (.i. Vincent's Packard Baby Gar jumped Into the ' lead at the start. Baby Gar III started 300 ; yards be.ilnd the field, but picked ' up all contenders but the Vincent ' boat on the first lap. The latter! boat led for 30 miles, then was com- j polled to slow down because of mag- J ncto trouble. , ! RAIN PREVTENTS RACING, j 12 FAST RUNABOUTS TO VIE FOR GOLD CUP SPEED BOAT TROPHY Event to be Greatest in Detroit's History from Entry Standpoint; other cities strong Bidders for Honors; Gar Wood out to win 150-Mile Race. Detroit will stage the greatest speed boat event of the season in the running of the 90-mile Gold Cup race, which starts next Friday-afternoon, on the Detroit river, and will be completed Monday afternoon. Twelve of the fastest runabouts of the Gold Cup type will race for the famous trophy, long regarded as the national championship. The race will be run on the two and onc-half-milc course between Belle Isle and the American shore and if the boats were evenly spaced around the oval there, would be one boat for every two-tenths of a mile. lroin the entry standpoint it will be the greatest Gold Cup race in Detroit's history, as it far exceeds any of the previous races. As a rule two or three" of the fastest hydroplanes have battle for the Gold Cup with Gar Wood always victorious. This year (he spectators will "likely see lour or five boats battling for the pole on every turn. POLICE SECURE FIRST IN MEET Get Sweet Revenge on Firemen in Annual Municipal Track Competition. Individual Work of Karimo Is Great Factor in Winner's Success. II V STANMSV Ii. IIItlMi. Members of thy fret roil police de-pa 1 1 m-ed :nduro no longer the gibe:;, taunt, nnd Jeers oi their iiremeti rivals ru la live to their iiruwwa on track and Held bt-causu Ijv victory in the second uniiuul municipal affair ;tt Jodd tie. Id Sa lui'dny uf term-on thvy attained their long desired leveiis: for the overwhelming defeat suffered in 1 12 1 . The o flic era wound up their activities with a total of ":i point .1 while the flrwmeii hurvoutcd but 41. Street railways noa-.-d out the office men by gritting ti to th-j bittern 5. it was merely a dual meet between the police and after it developed early tha.; tho other two departments lacked the strength they were thought to possess. Complete, mastery In the Hold tents, p'trliculiirly the wait; h La. played tin- in't jor p:irt in t hi: .sue-.;;-. s of tli-- police. And, then. too. they pusxeddiL-d iiuil vidual s whos all-around ability had bcn con-ci-alud but came to the i'o.-c Saturday. J'oi i,-nii'-it in tho triumph was I.auri;i Kaiimu. A!i lit; ,iid was t.'tl-. ilv first plac.'.i and thr.-e second.--;. He won both the n and I'.w I.urdlf-s, hltih jump, jiiv- hn and sliot. in the r.ti-pound weight, hum-in t: r ai.d diPuu.H ho hroujjht in "-c-fjntl". Without 1,,-iuria. the poli'ro iniKht not huv- iar'd .-"i wt-11. Th-i (ii-Miien aid they wouid have bu.-ii iiw.iv behind. And such at. ob.-cr-vati-.n covers I,aurla' valui, to his team. Kdward O'Conneit was Another polk-cniun who rrndf r.-d yeoman service. His comrloutiwriii wre firsts in th: 44u and thf half miit run and runiilriK fourth man in the relay, Hi.-j sprintlnir in thf. team race k- pt th-: lead e.stst Inioh'-d by the poib-o in '.'no rnhil lap and ai-sured vlr-tory to ti,-; law's guard -Ian . Catlin wltn fir.-t plji-e.-i in thf fhot and di.-'.-us was'-r havy (ontributor. In Kattit riiiK in points in th. woij-hts h- wai Ablv by I'aul Htnitii. Clairf Kn--.v.-r Walt.-r C;iK". .)'- i'r-vanda, Howard .Martin a::d K.I. M-Ph'-rson. To t-.iu a b.rin ta!r- in half, tm- police had a track t.-am whb-h the firemen und'.-rest in;at-d. All th day's laurel s; however, wiu nr. rcur w:in t;1 police foreft. J. Herbert, fir" department, raptured both tn.' 100 and 200 yard dHSh'-a after brlllianr battles with Howard Martin, poltc. They ran a d-ad heat in the century race nnd th-Jrudiffs permitted fhem to run aa1n. Thun Herbert won. In thf ftir-lony, Martin pave him anotner ra.-e but Herbert won out tn the final 2i yards. .Make Good Time. Taking- Into consideration that, the contestants lacked the train Inf which in the fortune of th-; colleo or prep athlete, tne time mad? in many of the events was excellent, in th mile. 4:f.3 was reci- tered. O'Connell won tho 440 in Continued An Vajr 37. NEW YORK BARS PASKE. Three Hacker Kntrle. Amon the 12 runabouts entered for th.. Gold fTup arc two not previously Identified. One la. one ot tlu: -dark horse" entries made before the closing, th Zephyr, one of John llacker'd runabout creations, entered by I'ltuI StrasburB, of tho Detroit Hoat club. The other Is another Hacker runabout, entered bv Edward Grimm, Huftalo jLauncU club, and named Miss Mary. This glvfa Hacker three chances to win the Gold Cup, with the Zei.hyr Miss Mary and Arab VI. 2lmii,M"V "v """ ',rab VI are "'""!, by. r.elnB powcrei with t n,,'r fterlinit enfines of th.. w'.a. ' '. 1pl'- Th! irl'"m entry was not announced earlier due to the tact that he mad., his entry to the raclns commission of the in?,., ''-'rr Boat association. ? ii- to th! "otrnlt Hold an yhe Helle Isle Boat & Engine ccmipnny has the percentaSc In the race with four of fts Bear Cat" as follows: Bear Cat .Special i'S Locke; Demon Bear Cat. K o i'rf? son. Bear Oat Koamer. c. Stanley Moriran; Bear fat Bee. Fred D Sir man. Chris .Smith. bn Ugonli "acinB- '?a "P-t !" hU "-"i""S I"'?; , V,,., ,',r,scr-'r' "".-red Wiu'orrF Var oS- Ollie, l ,le BV, ( hnnce. 'h- runabout, hav. mil ee V, .' 1 r.Ktta com- Blue Bird T.rorZ, h7i B'r1 the nemo,, :,:t''Xib?'iP ContliMied n rnCe T,TnTJ,b. ij Major League f jl Standings j ! " "d: j AMERICAN LEAGUE. te:8if;iS.$i I Saturday's Reuit. Ijctrolt p. U-ahlr.ffton 5. :Mrao Phila'diphia H'jSl-Jii-Clevfland (rain. Sunday' Gouar. f'trolt a; Wmibln(noii Other clubs not whtMiu'iitd. NATIONAL LEAGUE. I NVw Tork. 73 IK 1'ouKhkeopsie, N. V.. Aujr. 28. The Grand Circuit races wero called off Saturday because. f rain. Thi horses were to be shipped to Readville, .Vev? York. A up. 26. The state athletic commission Saturday announced the suspension of Jonnny Paske. "for his foul tactics" in th rlnp at Queens Ferry Athletic club, Btiffalo. on Amcmj st 23. pfndiiijr further action by"tho commission next Tuesday, !ilnr,atl. 6S M & 61 Sat onlay's Rentts. Pittl.urgh 7. Brooklyn h. H-St Louis 7. Now York S. Sunday's Came.. Kenton it Cincinnati. New York M t. Loal. Philadelphia at Chi en tea. Pittsburgh-Brook lya not KOdulflL

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