The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1938
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VOLUMR XXXIV—NO. 298. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DQMWANT HBWBIMPElt OF JNOtm<KAST ARKANSAS AN1J SOUTHEAST MISSOURI BlyJIicvlllo Courier Hlythevillc Herald Mississippi Valley Lcntiov HlylhDvlllo DnUy FLOOD'S DEATH , ^{KANSAS, KKinAY, MARCH ,|, I'm SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS TOLL REACHES 169 Unofficially Holds Refunding Board Cannot Postpone Mar. 10 Session By TAT WALSH United Press Correspondent LITTLE ROCK. Mar, 4. (UP)— A special session of the general assembly .appeared imminent today when Attorney General Jnck Holt gave an unofficial opinion that the state refunding board is liot legally empowered lo postpone its March 10 meeting. Holt told the United Press that 1hc group in his opinion should hold its meeting on the assigned date. Meanwhile. preparations were made for Issuance of the call close friends of Oov: Carl E. Bailey said. They expressed belief that the chief executive would inform legislators to report for the call Wednesday. Approximately $5,000,000 will be involved in the prospective highway program, the major item for which the session will be called, reliable sources said. The, refunding board was expected .to approve issuing of $1 - 5CO.CCO In bonds at Us March 10 meeting and make reservations for another $1,000.000 issue within 30 days. The state's money would be matched by federal funds for the highway building program. Duplication, br_ the funds would require •ferrtoval of tolls from bridges "on highways. . it. was reported.- The- legislature's nclion would IT to enact n law providing for transfer of the $2,500.000 from the rr funding group's funds to the highway department.' Observers said a special session likely would be a lest for some of tile chief executive's recommended legislation (hat was passed in the regular session of 1937. Several of the bills fostered by B-.iiley whir;'.! biought realization ol. some of his campaign issues, pi'jbnbl.v will be contested. Bills e-wroted tti be it: the line of fire nre the civil service nci i-ml (he nnto tfsting law. Two other proposals expected lo be intro-Hiced are appropriations for a building progr&m for two tubercular taniiariums and one to enable rural schools to have nn O'ghl muni us tenr.. WPA Roll Increa^ris Still Not Definite The number of men to be added to the -WPA rolls in Mississippi county will probably not be announced, Ben Wiggins, county engineer, snld today. There will be an increase in the number used in the nrea of six northeast Arkansas counties but these will be placed where (he need is greatest and it 1ms not been announced where this will be. At the present, Mississippi county has workers for its projects •with about 275 men nnd women on the pay roll. This number may fce increased slightly from time to lime. It was announced several days ago lhat Arkansas would greatly increase its WPA rolls. One Killed, 15 Hurt In Explosion NEW YORK, Mar. 4. (UI>)_An explosion Unit shattered windows i Itn blocks distant wrecked the Ilorlon BrfMvei-y ice plant loday. killing at least one employe am Injuring at least 15 others. Three lite alarms were turnei In. Half a dozen ambulances, n do/en police radio cars and three police emergency squads raced lo the scene along with (he fin- i pa ni Ins. HIS-SIXIH Fifty years will be required to chart the coast of Labrador, according to estimates. The British Navy has started the job. 1U T€L BY BOB BURNS National armament Is a whole lot like glvln' a kid a bean shooter It's all right If he plays with it in his own backyard—but pretty soon, he gits to wonderln' how much further his beanshootcrll shoot Ihnn the kid's next door. Some of these aggressive countries could take a lesson from Aunt Boo. One day Uncle Unle says "You know, Boo, we been married a. long time and I think It's about time we was flndlh' out which one Is boss around here!" Aunt Boo says ""Well, Unle, you'll be a lot hap pier If you don't try to find outl" Issues Second Appeal Son's Kidnapers Act To To NEW KOCHELLE, N. Y., Mnr. 4 (UP)- Murray Levine. New York attorney, Issued a second appeal today to the kidnapers of his 12- year-old son, Peter, assuring tiiem he was ready to pay a ransom of 530,000 for the boy's release. Levine directed lite appeal through the press. It read: "Tlie last note received by me demanded J30',000. That amount Is ready. The go-between, directed by that note, tried very hard to de- 'iver the money but, failed. He is itill willing to act and so am I. "I . am sure that any other re- Ilablerperson selected by the holders of my boy would-also be willing to act" "'.'• ."•'• Levine gave out the- appeal by telephone to reporters In the office -' Detective Lieutenant George of Reisenberger. Before reading It to a spokesman for the newspapermen Levine exacted n promise from reporters not to call at his home or annoy him with telephone calls. Gigantic Search Underway For Big Airship, Unre- portecl Since Tuesday . FRESNO. Calif., Mar. 4. (UP)— A fleet of. 60 planes was organized today to search for a Transcontinental and Western air liner, which disappeared In the vicinity of snowcapped Castle peak, CO miles east of here. Tuesday night with nine persons aboard. Six searching planes flew over the area yesterday nnd 400 ground searchers, including 300 members of n. CCC camp, fought through heavy snow flurries and biting winds without finding n trace of the liner. Says Ship of Slate Si ill On Original New I) e a "Course \ l , F Peers Trvlo Future WASHINGTON. Mnr. 4 Presldent Roosevelt today iui')- opened his six-Ill year In office with a i'_ affirmation- <;f faith in the principles nnd objectives of the New Deal. He characterized the prime <ui rent, objective of the administration as the attainment of an Increased -purchasing power tor Ihe mnss of the nation, declaring that "after five years the ship of slate still Is on the same course." Of specific measures he said little except to issue a frank appeal foi continuance of present tax law provisions for publicity of corporate salaries and reiiumernlloii ill brackets above $15,000. This provision Is eliminated in the' lax revision bill under debale In the house. Tlie fight on sjwcinl privilege, lie declared, will continue and cited the undistributed profits tax and the tax loophole act of 1937 as efforts to carry forward this campaign. Mr. Roosevelt reaffirmed his determination for enactment of a wage-hour measure. He said it was his intention to put a floor under wages and ceiling over hours. While it may not come at this session of congress ho snld he hoped that it -would. He said there would be no relaxation of efforts lo end special priv-' Itege. To end It. he declared, is for the good of Ihe country. It would be good, he asserted for slocks und bonds and business generally. Asks $1,000 For Estate Of Road Accident Victim Susie Myers, .administratrix of (he estate of Landrum Myers, has Hied suit in common pleas court here against Mrs. Rose Lewlsion of Detroit, seeking damages for the fatal Injury of Myers in a Highway 61 accident near here several weeks ago. Myers, a pedestrian, succumbed to injuries received when struck by Mrs. LewistonV; car and the plnntiff cliarges that such injuries were due to the negligence and carelessness of the 'motorist. She asks $1.000. Claude P. cooper Is attorney for the plainliff. Says Japan's Relations Entering upon his sixth year as president of the Unllcd Slates President Roosevelt loday looked confidently Into the future nnd declared thnt the "ship of slate" still sailed squarely upon the New Deal course set when he fast took office in TO He said the principal current objective of his aclmlnlsfralion was to raise the purchnslng power of HID ' masses. [§' Llltil Biytheville Negroes Among Those Sought As De- 1 fensc Witnesses LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Mar. 4.— A defense mollon ..lo subpoena 10 witnesses for a .hearing Tuesday before Federal Judge Thnmns C Trimble on a petition for n writ of habwis corpus for Jim X. Car- vuthers and Bubbles Clayton, Mississippi county negroes, was Illed in united States district court Hemon-hage Fatal to Con- Newspaper Chain POLLING PUCES Take'6,000 From Bank At Danville lo Fanners Arc To Vote March 12 oil Cotton Marketing Quota Polling nlivcp.s In Iho Chlcknsnw- bn district of Mississippi county for Ihe cotton minkollni; quoin referendum. Miiroh 12, wci'c announced loday by i>, B. l.tinlrlp, county agent, nnd the county oiirleuUuiyil conservation rommttioe. They are: Mnnlla School, Lcneh- vlllc School, Carter's din, Duckeye Gin, Pawhecn School, niackwntov School. Hi-own SHOT School, Lost Cnne School, Forty ft Eight School, Armorel School, Tomato School BlythCTllle City Hnll, Promised Land School, Ynibro School, Mum- TVA I)irprrnr« Inln In R 0 !i' Nine Cllu, Clear Lake Farm liVA u " e CtOIS Join In Ke- Store. New Liberty Home Gin. -••—• > I"'- rM... v T Dell School, Closnoll School, Half Moon School. The polls will be open from 0:00 n. m. to 7:00 n. in., in order to give every eligible runner full lunlly lo vole, Mr. Lanlrlp snld. The ballot will be secret. Each farmer must cnst his vole. In person, nnd ench farmer producing cotton In 1937 Is entitled to only one vote, in cnse several persons, such ris husband, wife, and children, participated In. the production of cotton 1037 under a lease or sharccropplng agreement, only the person or persons who signed or entered Into thn agreement are eligible lo Vole. It two or-more persons engaged In producing cotton In 1037 Jointly, each such persons Is - entitled to vote. Corpornllons, firm's, and associations, who own land on which cotton was produced In iD37.;vylll - be allowed one vote ns'n- cbrpora- lion lo be cast by a duly authorized officer, nnd tenants or sliare- li-nllln "c» 11 II ~"t cr °l'Pers on such Innd will be cn- tl Oiling Stockholder of titled to veto as Individual prod" "' ucers. "All eligible farmers should vote In Mils referendum, which will dc- SAN DIEGO, Calif., Mar. 4. (OP) j elcle whether or not the 1D38 pro- n "'" > " P.- Scripps. controlling | gram will be applied to nil prad- —Robert, *.- >-«,n|/|M, tumiuning [ &*""« >vin i/u unmeet LO un pruci- stockholder of the Scrlpps-Hownrd "cers • alike,. or If it will bo u ol- - ncwspapers. died at 3 p.m. (c. s. t ) Thursday aboard his ynchl Novln del Mar, off Santa Margarita island in Magdalcna bay. The news ivns received In n --- -"~f-*+.i- .../n. t --.», ,.<_ ,,., im.-) i ftirn cu j|l K. IIIL'S- yesterday by John A. Kibbler, | sage to navy radio headquarters lawyer for the pair. The negroes here and released by Rear white Toman "l, .a, unite woman in 1935 since exhausted every le»nl remedvi " S " 1Cli> "' Qannnn - c °''''™ have eleventh nswal district ""MriLi. rnl Stock Prices NEW YORK, Mar. 4. <UP>_ Stocks and bonds moved Irregularly in dull trading loday. Commodities declined nnd business reports registered further curtailment. A T & T 135 j-2 Anaconda Cop 32 Assoc D O 71-8 Beth Steel 5B 3-4 Boeing Air 28 7-8 Chrysler 52 5-8 Cities Serv i 5.3 Coca Coin 1221-4 Gen Elec 38 5-8' Gen Mot 3-15-8 Int Harvest g6 Montgomery Ward 34 3-4 N Y Central 173-4 Packard 41-'' Phillips Pet ." 38 1-2 Radio g 5-8 Schenlyl Dist 2 4 3-4 Simmons 30 Socony Vac 14 3.4 St<l Oil N J 50 3.4 Texas Corp 403.4 U S Smelt eg U S Steel ' 53 3.8 in the slnic'cou'ru'-in'nValicmpU Wlrclpss m **W* said that death lo avoid the death penally p™-'> due to an Internal hemorrhage. I Witnesses nskcd lo be summon- Robert P, Scrlnps' father, E, W W 'iL~D • >m r . ji' . nrc: Artmir Adams, Jonesboro' Scrlpps, died aboard his yacht, Ihe 1th KUSSia Delicate nt'orney, who defended the ne- Ohio, In the harbor of Monrovia groes by appointment of the court Liberia in 1920 and was burled at in their trial at Blylhevllle; C. J. sea. TOKYO, Mar. 4. (UP)—Relations between Japan and Russia are "delicate." Foreign Minister Koki Ilirota low the Diet loday. As between the United States and Japan he said there is "no chance for a clash" if each maintains Its separate sphere of Influence. Little, Blytlieville; Ihe Rev V M . Townsend, Little Rock; H. R. Godwin, Biytheville; w. B. Moore Armorel; P. B. Tilhnan, negro undertaker, Blylhevllle: B. E. Roberts, negro physician, BJythevillc; T. H. Keith, negro dentist, Blythe- Ic, nnd J. R. Webster of Blylhe ville. New Yorft Cotton „ J"l,™?™. s _ con , lc . nd "»i tiuyr NE\V YORK, Mar. 4. (UP)-Cot- Ion closed steady. open htjh did not receive n fair and impartial trial at Biytheville due to a "mob feeling" and other concli- Mar. Oct. Dec. Jan. 909 912 916 925 925 927 913 916 922 931 931 933 low 904 906 QH 921 922 925 close 905 906 911 921 922 925 Spots closed quiet at 912, off 15. i\ew Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Mnr. 4 (UP) — Cotton futures broke 65 to 15 cents a bale today and closed barelv ftnnrlf * steady. Mar. open hijh low close Chicago Wheat open high low close May 921-4 923-4 901-4 903-8 Jill- 87 873-8 843-4 85 Chicago Corn open high low close May 591 : 4 591-2 583-4 583-4 Jul, 003-4 61 601-4 601-4 Oct. Dec. Jan. 919 92 4 930 938 938 93D 922 928 934 942 938 939 915 919 925 033 935 933 915 919 025 034 935 936 Livestock tions. Company M Federal Inspection Date Set Tlie Adjutant General's department has issued orders of the date of federal Inspection for Company M. 153rd Infantry, which Is to be held March 16. it has been nn- nouticed. The Biytheville unit will be in- spodeci by Captain Jnck R. Gage, infantry, United States army, who Ls nn instructor of the Kansas National Guard and who will inspect all infantry units In Arkansas. He made the Inspection In 1935. OT mmv«- ' (UP)—Hogs: receipts, 3,500 Top. 9.50 Heavy weights, 9.25-9.5Q Light weights, 7.75-8 25 Bulk SOWS, 7.85-8.15 Cattle: receipts, looo Steers, 7.00-8.25 Slaughter steers, 6.00-9 tt 3lli o nl' Slaughter helters, Beef cows, 5,00-5.15 Cutters and low cutters, 4.00-4.15 Roy Spence Asks $15,000 For Injuries In Accident j LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Mar. 4.— 4. j Roy SiKiice, former state comp- j trolljr and now on the WPA ad| minlstratlvo staff, filed suit for I 515,000 damages against Ihe Rose j Citj- cotton oil mill in circuit court I here yeslerday. i Mr. Spence alleged he was in| Jui-ed seriously June 2?, 1937 whert j he was struck by an automobile • •" belonging to the company. Tlie ac- Instruclioiis Are Given Religious Census Workers Approximately 150 volunteer workers met at the First Methodist clmrcli last night to receive Instructions regarding the city-wide rc- untary program," Mr. Lnntlp snld. Result,"; of the referendum will be announced by Secretary of Agriculture Wallace ns soon ns possible. Marketing quotas will 6° Into effect on the 1D3B crop If approved by two-thirds of farmers voting. Defendant In Russian Treason Trial Tells Of His Treachery MOSCOW, Mar. 4 (UP)—Payment of approximately $1.000,000 wns made In the last few yea re to the exiled Bolshevik lender, Leon Trotsky, to carry on plotting for ""iu> ii-jjurciing me cny-wide re- iv, , ,, , ,, „ " Hglous census which will he taken , f' ,n° fa l le , Sovlcl rcglmc - ll - • n 'vns testified today at the treason Sunday. The meeting was opened with a hymn find prayer following which people were assigned to their teammate nnd to their section. Sixty teams with two people on each team will canvass the town. Tlie remainder of the volunteers will be used to fill in vacancies and to help out in the congested sections where I wo cannot handle the situation. Members of the Ministerial Al- llnuce say they will go ahead with the census despite the weather, nnd they ask that the townsiwople cooperate with them by remaining al home until 3:so o'clock Sunday afternoon or until a census taker has been to their homes. They also ask that everyone give the information desired without any fear of embarrassment. Announcement has nlso been made of a radio program which will be given dally from now until Easter by Ihe alliance wllh the pastors of the different trial of 21 prominent Bolsheviks. Arkadl Roseniroltz, former commissioner of foreign trade, who is one of the chief defendants, testified thnt "through wrecking we were able to give support to Germany nnd Japan and finally give financial support lo Trotsky., Rosenglotz described how he had sTo'!? r>"Tr* = '- - ^%£%z war's - P ° e Sl( * ro ' whlch hc P lnns '« "Pirate, it years. Transfers of money, Rosengoltz " , various foreign trading corpora tions doing business with the Sov iet regime. i Smith Infant Dies At . c!d?nt occurred at the Fourth and Main street intersection while Mr, spcncc was crossing the street. In the group i wnn me pastors »"<• ""«'"• «m ui »u. mm »irs. nis home until 1 churches represent- .Thomas Smith died at the family short time ago ' p taking charge of residence on North Tenth street _____ i rotation. The Rev. » l eight o'clock last night a few Ihc programs in rotation.'lhe Rev. J 1 ei8ht ,.°' d !* :1 i, George W. Patterson, pastor of lhe ho " rs a 'r r b . T-ii-__i —1 ... ' • ••"••-'* «* m\* T?r)V\arrtl cCt-nlisn First Christian Church, will be heard over KLCN in the morning at 9:00 o'clock, and he will be followed on Monday at the same tlmo by Rabbi Herman Pollack, of the Temple Israel, and on Tuesday by the Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pastor of the First Baptist church.,>.tu U M "v *-*upiv viiunc- vcuii;- ajjuj.iv>, in tery where burial was made with developed Cobb Fun oral home In charge of funeral arrangements. Tlie baby Is also survived by brother, Thomas Jefferson, two sisters Mary Ann. IMNVH.I.K'. Ark., iMnc. •[. <Uf>) I'olkv from three counties mill tale (rcopm today worn believed Emm; of. Thousands Of Square Miles Of California Damaged By F]ood__ .- —,~ „..,, „,-„, uviiuvi-u '' oa ANGELES, Mar/4. (UP)— .. be closing In on livo men who j Ncw nwroiuils of death anil deitruc- oblii'd Hie bunk here early loday. 11 |0 » were gathered today from the Tlif men who held up thn bunk 30.000 square mile area of Southern 11. tl nnd escaped with $0,0001 California, devastated by a flood as «M-I> believed trapped In (he Dim-(the waters began receding and com- Mtii mountains between Hot mimlcntlon lines gradually were re- b|i]'lni!» ".ml here. They were stored. • forced two bunk oillclnl sources- reported that Iliere were 130 dend or mtssltig and Ihiit propsrly'damage was approxl- innlcly $as,000,000. LC.M Ihan half the bodies of those 1 listed ns dead had been recovered. Some still wore burled under debris, others were swept out to the ocean when the deluge sweeping down from the mountains laid waste a rich nnd thickly populated area of scenic countryside nnrt caused havoc In more, than 100 towns within a 100-mllc rndlus of Los Angeles. Meager Itenorls from Santa Ana Mnny areas' still aro isolated, There had been only meager Indirect reports from tlio stricken city of snnla Ann. r "~ * In 'some nrens food ni^d water supplies were running dangerously low. • i ,,,*». Waters receded .today. Tlio weather bleared after four days of cloudbursts but tho task of rehabilitation was yet to'start. A score of ' (owns wore/without power or lights. Somo wore still hall submerged in ebbing walers. Bridges were out, roads were "blocked by landslides nnd Uipusmids.y,'ere homeless; Rcsci'io 'workers followed the draining- water, hunting for rjodiee In the debris. Fo«d,-W»ter. Shortage* ' ' In the iit»H?ulth ,we>e>Jso| a te<« cases of looting. " quest For Chairman To Resijzn WASHINGTON, Mar. 4. (UP)- Prcsldcnl Roosevelt made public lo- dny n filalcment by H. A. Morgan mill David E. Ullenthal, directors of the Tciuicsseo Vnllsy Authority, assorting they no. longer could work with Dr. Arthur Morgan, TVA chairman, and suggesting ails resignation. The'letter was made publlo otter Dr. Morgan requested a congressional Inquiry of the TVA and Ihe long-time feud between the board members, Both house and somite members liave proposed • that an Inquiry be undertake]), r '/vt The"'demand for Ills resignation charged Dr. Morgan had iiscd nn- umjgiu LJL, murguii nua used nil- VLI "^" v » luviwujj. ethical methods to "obstruct nnd I Food and .water-shortages were subvert" decisions of Uie majority I ft hazwd to health In one place- of tlio board, it charged him wllh I fl ' OI>1 a bursled sewer and there,was pursuing a' ; pollcy of "rule or ruin" a Ulr e«t of fire In another from a In TVA administration, Bailey Defers Execution of Lester Brockelhurst, Newt Sims wrecked gasoline tank. Pood sales were restricted in San.' I neniarclliio,' 00 miles east of' here. ifUiln water was collected to drink In sofno places. Among those without adequate" drinking water were residents of Mnllbu beach, an exclusive residential colony of movie stars. Rain' water there was being saved. The latest count of dead and missing was KB. Tho toll was growing hourly. Perjury Charges'Filed Alibi Witnesses LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Mar. 4 _ Two convicted killers, Lester Brock- „, , . , elhurst, 24, "crime tourist" of Gales- SI S n M confessions of. two women burg Jl!., and Joe Newt Sims of n ™ a " inn wero Presented' Trnskwood, Saline county sclicd- " lcl P aI CQurt toda y as evidence in uled lo die In the electric chair at °J? CMCS o! four wno werc charged ttawn today, gained two weeks of wlth P"-™ 1 ?' The cases' grew. out. lite late yesterday through a stay Bmn[l larce »y cliarges against of execution Issued by Ciov Carl E Jnmes Btaclo ™«l n»d •!• W. Ver"-"- mllllan, of Manila, who were Bailey. The reprieve was Issued ns Brock- elhurst, who said he had "given up charged with stealing chickens. Dudle Brown and Lady Wilson, alibi witnesses, admitted perjury, as to 'shave his" head'." Aefvis'ed' ofT]ic! dld Jnck Smlth - also of Manila, it r ^,t..!~..~ i.^ r-,..,., «-ns said. Vcrmlllian. who was reprieve, he fainted. The reprieve set March is lor Ihe execution of bolh men. stays were granted lo give lawyers for the men time to exhaust legal remedies, the governor said. Brockel- hiirst's lawyers asked time to perfect a pleading for a writ of habeas corpus in Unllcd States district court. Sims' lawyers asked time to wlth drivm 3 w " ! 'e under the In- seek a sanity hearing before Jef- nilmce ° r 11( ! u °r, was fined S100. . seek a sanity hearing before Jef fcrson circuit courl charged with a similar-offense, and the three who confessed were ordered held lo circuit court. Vcr- mlllian as discharged in the recent grand larceny case. The four were arrested by Leach- vlllc officers'. George Ratmcr, vho Was charged with driving while under the in Herbert Is To Operate Auto Parts Store Here - „- ... — — —»» Hugh Hurbert who until recent)r manipulated the foreign trade was In the grocery bus ne" has commlsarlnt. to flnnnra-Trntebv ot- •- , .. *V . ' ""sincss, nas purchased tho Interests of Chester was announced today. Tills store was located In the He was granted au appeal and made bond of $200. He was arrested last night by city police. Constable Harry Tailor arrested one man, charged with public drunkenness, who was fined $10. To Help Prepare Income Tax Reports E. Da lion, deputy collector with the internal revenue department, 'raosie's m money, Koscngoltz Tills store was located In the the 1n « rna l revenue department, testified, were arranged- through Glencoo building until it recently atrived here V«teday to assist various foreign trading corpora- moved across South Second street B1 >*<=vil]e citizens In making oat woven across south Second street X Mlc * un> ««*«« m mai lo the walpole building-. The store thelr '"come tax reports. will be known as the Ozburn-Abston' ilr - Dalton will be here unlil & company store, which Is the 4;0 ° o'clock Tuesday afternoon, name of the head of tho chain al «l up unlll that time he can be stores In Memphis, Little Rock and i found in the lobby of Ihe Goft Unt«n Or. W«»»L T^ tL other cities. hotel. Home Un IXOrtn ICnth Miller plans to return to Dyers-! There Is no charge for Mr. Dal- bllr 8. Tenn.. !\farch 15. This was ton 's assistance. r«. k ""'B. Avim., lututu 10. inis was ,^. "Ll" ,^,°J .^ •»•>««: '^ horn* until he moved here a WEATHER nirs after birth. The liny little shoots that grow 1 Arkansas—Partly cloudy, warmer Funeral services were held this up from the moss plant are the ln east, showers in northwest por- ?»tS r 'lS,lL h,M a i P f <3 ™ VeJ cen )l~ ? 0res ' from whlch new P* 3 " 1 * are i llon tonl?ht; Sahirdiy cloudy and tery where burial was made w th rfcvoinru.rf r-nw** n.nh ,>>,„„-.,_ /„ »<r .. j colder with showers In north and -—. central portions and caW 1 • M «™ d "P? JH* J »^^WK2ST' tw 0 -^-ifiutf-tsc .s^uwsu?i,^ r 58; ^rts^^ | UyU.WQ pfifSOIlS. i ...... - - ^ w *

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