The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on October 19, 1869 · Page 3
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · Page 3

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 19, 1869
Page 3
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FINANCE' AND TRADE. Knhiiviiie Quotation of Slowly noil lullt.lL. FINANCIAL, COMMERCIAL. IIOUK JIAItKET DAILY KEVIEW. 1 iminirv I'lvvuih d tliroiipbout tlie dav. whn h nulled a deal .if fivm- neU on the .art ..I' Wdcrr-.the market i-)..-inK Verv Mealy at the liur. -,,11,,1,-d U-V'- The dimtflie- from l,ii-. if-7n) and .ir York of wicli nilb lu.iie confidence iban fui' -ome dm - lia-1. Ve. iv.- the r.tlloirin- -itmmnrt- of 1'iirins Y.IRXH We piote at li".W l! (i--.'ic fur "(Hi's, llOO' and 30ll'n. (VTT.ivSK-IJHvrts areoIleriHiiS V bi!-liel of :m SmvTixns .re quo ted at lCglOli 1',.,- 1-1. and 14U. 13c for 7-S. HAI.E Kdl'E Wc qtiole at 11 fur rre.'iil''Jtl; MfeiyJcfor Mi-ouri B.-vtSfilXt: We quote -lb Ky. Py afi'.'e. .!. U., and ll-!h hemp as "luiUMji CoKN'-(;.n-i'pts 1 UKtKiMS We .juot.. nt tig 1 BtJJLDI.Vd' JIATEIftAIj Tlie lead- ,viien iarpf Jots arc taken. Kor brick the ruling rates ai min a kiln. rEiiTlLiZEitS nunc bust, $13 t CKAlN-Troii-iiftion nominal. I ;eiVl--.ofalI kind.-light. Vmi-,t II.K-eL.,L- .,r I .(KM) biisbcb Nt'e-i of :!iJ bustids red. sicked lind :lelivered iu depot . atjl 30. We quotu lln- mark.-l as dull at the following ild.,rs ik SI 14 for nackeil ed in dejiot. For 1 the prevailing figun vers are ottering G fittc for S u-ke.i frr.,., 'toi-.'-. 7no. Sacked and' dviivotcd ill the dejjot, 73(5.MJc, with siJm of 300 liu'siii! nt the. former ' Bahi.ey Buyers offer ?1 2til 3."i, tw Eve Tiio buying ratf is Sl'tHlg 1 10, with only n few oQerinpx. BItEADSTUFFS Tiie market rules quiet for .ill escopt the lower grades of ilour, which are in good .lutnawl but noininnl supply. Flokb Shipments of 270 barrels. 1 The market d(Hrs heavy nt the following rates to tlic city trade: .rally... ' CornMg.ii. For loose unbolUtl there is a. fair local demand, which is Blip, nliefl at $1 10 per bushel. City Kiln-dried is held at&W. PmrsTTTi-s Sales at f24 3 ton. Biias Wc iiuole at $0 ( ton. Mitini.ivnFino nt40 ton. PKOVlSIttyS Tliere h a, moderate liti-inosa doing at the rates quoted LiriMr We quote:" ,uM. Laud We quote nt '22c for keg. Tierce ralr at i-IUc. D1USTRY 1'RODUCE Recoil) ta light. Driwl apples arc bought ut "i(S ilc. Butler couuninds25ic. Eggs brought ns high as U2l!c. Young chickens 20c apiece; old do. 'H&fii. Beeswax Sfic. Ginseng in dull at 7tte. Feathers 'lc for prime live gese. r. iiiiiu SI 3.i for ctim-, well-dr'u'd. 'ili aiies at 'Ji.'t fiuaJmls ut tliat quo- 'gIiIVeIUES The rates given bc-in are lor 9rt lot.-, and (hat from ) to ii ' cent. t added in filling nail uriior?. W'n ijuote: Star, light weight. V lb. 10 ,17c-; summer mould. V box, $rt (HI. L'ueese Factory, IV J cents: English airy, iSle; V. R. r7J(SI-e. Curt'tx Common to atrictlv choice Rio. 'iv2.ic: Java. 37c; Lajiuvrn, 2aj V.7c" , half barrel. $12. $A 5lj,9 (10 aud S?'75 hi; in Kits ."os. 1, and J, f- o, ami Smrpji Commnii to e fi.lfif 'J3e; New Orleain. none: golden sirup, Wc fcf I ll); sorgbuin, crude. Salt For the. 7 b'u.-bei barrels, by car load SI fill; table, dot, ?J S 2 7i; Liverpool, snckwl, $3 W)(3 !B. S...ii ("VmimmiW to i.e.. rosin. 5m St- "f Hi; fancy, 1 dot, 5Ug.73c. icniersm, I-tMtic; Porto Kfco, Hit. r.c: 1T1S,1Sc; A mice, 17ic; B do. lGje, and C do., !!.l;ES Have dwlml to $.( rel. HAY We quote at ?-J7 IKW'iS 00 1011 lor prime iimoiny. II IDES Drv flint, -Oc;; green salt. llt; IJc; green, JS.llte.' IlillN Tennessee, craimion bur, 71c V Kentucky do. 4jc V IN; Temies- ee iianil. Ue; iventucKv do. in:. VKSe quote common recti led whiskev.'f gallon. SI ISO f' Robertson ouutv.Si 7.'.(" .'i BourUn.$l f.nfe iftii. 'Hislnvines5120. LEATHER ilpyt hemlock sole. 33(S; tic: oak.4:if -i.'e: uiiicr,S3b lRi4 I kin-. S.V.Xio..7S(): harnc-s. 4 If-. 4: SEEDS We quote: Clover, S9 75(Bl Itl INI: timothy. S-'i mt: hcrd-i pro., i'Mi; orchard gross, S2 50; blue gnus, Nattftirrn (oltaD Hnrkrti. October 15. Market dull and la. live; pri.v- nominal: sales of B4 Atlanta, October I"). Market ipped H the tile !;irke rathe aft.-m.-.ii at U'4c forl--t c Wii.mwTiiv. Kctobcr 1-V Market Hc-idv. with low midillimiafJllc. .iv;it.i. Ifctotii.'!- ). Market acliri1, with Ion- middling; at 'J41c; salesi lo-day bates; fur the Keek ".M: ru-ceijita to-dav Stili; for t!ie week ;(,ti!2; tock 011 luiud 4,10t) hale. S.iv.wm, fkitotwr 13. Market very linn, with middlincs at iiir: sal en of ."ilKlbalcv; recei'!-'-',-:!: exports :),13S '' iui:I.i:-.t..v, ( ire, I.'.. Mnrkc ijiiiet and le firm, with middlings a J.V; sab;-i L1K bale!.; receipt 1.111: licirt to lir-at Hritain i"Hl7; coatwi-t I.:!..; bah-. Montt.K. iictober 13. Murkct clooil steadv and bare of oircnu stock, with miihliine- at i!J'"".-4c; -ales to-d;iy 450 bal.--: fur Ihe week. li.lMI: receipts today I.3.V2 imlcs: for the week. S..'lll7; exports lo-ilay bale; for the week, lo Great Uriiuiu, 2,333; to France, l.:i3'j; i-riaatwisf, 3,24-J; stock on hand. n..yj;: bale. Railroad & River Intelligence iinmr-taUim Ira jj-ptitttay. litilMi EASTNonhvllli 1. SeVH'e Aim .nnilTii.ijtiu. Cilinnlila Dliat Clcncral Thomas Say Abont It. fipm.m! Opotcp II. Thoma.. hi lade :i thorough inspection of Alaska, urinthe tiBstimiinltn- iut fo hii report to the Ww Depart-ti.-ni It l;ikes a verv different view of the purchase from the one presented tat! it' not the only nreent value ol the new territory, if in the effect its timi-frr to Ihe 1 nitM SlntcB will hav upon lookup the bnli) of Englanil upon revenue and other civil officer there n iL-elepS exiieliue. n.- Ihe only benefit will be ti tho-e who draw s atari ct, llo thinks tlie inilitaiiv yxnM should be Hel. The exnen-e of cunulvi Uiemaro euomious, nnu ine eipciiM v..n- Car Rneod the revenue colli The Territorv was a constant Imrdcii to Ifu-ia, and she held at great e t. nmrnlr for iho lieuefit of a li company. There, is 11.1 probabilty of anv emigration 111 tliat inriTtion, there is not tho slightest iiHlucemt for anv. Xo mines of valuable 111 ends have men discovered which 1,1 , -,,rk There is tileutv timber nil coal, but plenty of ns good ii tbnuMnd n)leaooth of the Territory There lias lieen no change iu the trad, on the part of our merchants. Tin r. ir liouswi cnmiepfl in it before ibi purcli:ise still continue. The fur trad of ibu interior must continue to do carried on by natives. A an agricul- Crnin enn tint 1m rawed, and tho few '-pgvts.ilc- thai can he produced rot, if suiier-abundance or rain and great lack !,! cultivation of tlie soil. The re port is long and exhaustive, hut the A drunken man iras picked up by locomotive going through Kochcsti tlie other day, carried some distant and rolled off without serious injury. Columbus. Oeoriiiit. i said to a single lawyer who returns a large enough to tax. Tlic Style or Mnb Corbin Ih. The N'ew York correspondent of the The fact in, that Corbin turn' out. to a men- hypocritical-knave, who ex ploited his matrimonial - connection witli General Grant's family to draw But Cochin had no m&uence. and em ployed none, with Grant or any other member of the Government, and the sniveling, cowartllr ' nenmp became- inLjnwnM ni toe noise 01 me rai-chinetr he luul aided to nut in motion. and ton away. The worst feature of the miaerable mess consisted in his otter disregard of the thieves' codo of honor in attempting to Ho out. and whereupon SlMwrs.-Fuk.aad Gould! nrtiice, exposed the whole affair. Population of Atlanta. From Hit Atlmiia Cuiiiiiiitiim. Tlie report of ihe canvassers of the tv nroner. have all been relumed to Council of the cennus of Atlanta: Total white population 15,933 Total cnl'-rcA wmuliiiiun 13.14 Total mulca. 7,462 Total female and clnLiuvn S1,71H Population of the city proper ij.lfifl BOOKS, STATIONERY &C. WILLIAM C. COLLIER No. 40 Union Street, Scliool TJooks, Blank Books, Stationery j PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS, ABSOLD-K WHIT1XU F1.CID, tOPJSnK. ETC. Initial Stamping done in the neatest mi latest styles at snort notice, WEDDISO ASD VINITlXC CABIM Agents for the Presbyterian Committee of Publication South. All Bible nad Tlnin(i fiold at Sew Torli Wbolnale l.i-it Price. All BOOKS, STATJOJtJCJiY, eic., ,.1.1 011 W. T. BERRY & CO., Boolts ellera T SO.- 39 PtBUC SQV.IBE, HAVE JCKT OPENED A LARUE COL- Medical Books, Law Books, School Books, Blank Books. French and English Note Papers. XV. T. BERRY & CO.. PAUL, TAVEL & BANNER, mmmm PAUL, TAVEL & HANKER, So. 41 I'd I an Street. QF ALL KISWH ' F ALL Kl'l H.K UhULt.Miiwj. PAI'U TAVEL A IIA o. 4n fa I'AUL, TAVEL i R E SINfiLETON, BOOKSELLER, STATIONER .lol Ii-iixtei' OX i-vitrlh tilrrrt, nrnr' .UbId Postofflce Building, N'AHHVILLE, TEST). Wholesale and Retail Dealers ia Medlrnl. Keliool. yUocelhnroD nod Blank Book-, Fnmtlx Bibtr, Fnnfo. Rrph Albanw, rietnre onU Pic-t nrf FmoiC". WrUttiK Paper. EurrlaiHMi Gold Pem. racket CallrrTt Elr., Ele. 1 LI. UOnns fiOI.D AT l-Ki.-i. nwwm receive prompl atltmlmi. Iiulsvll!e, Ky., or Na-liville Tent. Brtntb if tbi Jikitwt 7j;i Ftxaarj, FRANKLIN TYPE STEREOTYPE ELECTROTYPE FOUNDRY, 168 Vine Strtet, bet. ih &f Stk, CINCINNATI. Allison, Smith&Johnson Mjou&ctmai of, ud DalcT) in Book jnd News Ttpe, PRINTING MATEMAXS, Of eery iocriptioB. STEREOTYPING it ELECTR OTYPINQ la ill ttclr virioui bnncbo. Wood Enciatujc, amp Patthb Littim Fdcwbuh. BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Urdu Kill be Iuwi-ml In tli in 4'41nDlu t a charge of Onr IHilLnr per line pr inontb. , TJA.KK. T lilfir Jonnt, Coili ic COOK, IR- W. C Offlre N0.0 UunreU House JlmlJunce o. 1S3 Sun III Wpruce pAXHorX CO., , B.-JEWBI.118 tUX. WnxiAX-NOTAnY PL'BLIIT, T and 1'nltfd Htairt Clttnll Uourt Om-Wntoner, SUilille IJlstrlct lit Tunneww. 11. M CticrT?-Htrrel. oc3Iy. PEOPLES nAMK.-Rreelvc DepcwIK lWvU iu ti.ln, Opvi-minciil Brcnriu.-s, ata, curaer Colon anrf ChgrrrHts. mMBif ANNOUNCEMENTS. LEtilfiUTlYE CANDIDATES. Ii fnrVllli 'i"?fa"lWe"Twun-r,eii 11- (J, WOODARU, NTATE TBEAMl'BEB. tSf We are authorfuwl t-iii-ral JAMEFt E. 1UCKMAK an rurally IhTunler. CBUUXAI. Ol ttT tXEttK. W n eiuidlilntr .mll-lalc rir C1I111 NTATE I-IBKABIAX. Con FTKO LL tB. .r,. ntitlinrliHl to nnnm itTn-afury nf tlieKliitf Murium, "ulncLral otl the in Cor.TY KU RT CLED.K. A-JOHN V. HIDE Is a cnndlcliit l!. y. CHEATHAM n ran'SSGielor tain WILLIAM 1 :i. ISM. n-lidat. I- To tlie A'olrrs Qf Davl.lsini Cunty. n-liy auii.jiiDcc myll iu. 11 ciiiiill.lnie lr Mareli rl!uuii. J.'lL mcAN" u.Ve are outtiurtu,! tu UJininmr.' i.AC lTTuS iuh a aimllitnlF fur fln-ult C.iutt :lerk at llir eium!iiEMarrh elecMim. m-9 til nlVenn-tltli(ried iaiaanaun TlliM : LllV.NK us a mniliilnle for flmilt I 'nun RAILROADS. 1 mills ib ay-Mm Sliort Lino HAUroocl T13IE. - FIVE HOtB-S. FAKE. $3 50. Ilia. TninsiVr (riini Dcpnl 10 Hot IUM.leiice In lliieli.iiall Kne. i'a. Ji LliirfntiBll Fjpnsn 11:Ua. si. 1 A. 3ll'r.uiVni(toii tlx prIin "Jo aI a 1 P. lln0.iiEjpri-.j.- !r. ) if I'liiurkTiKi . It I11 r nf tin- i-xpfcsi Irail ila iinJl'tijaui: The 3:33 train ran ilu ran -by IrliiEtootliDe.lilr nrn win"!aRi ft'irSu.'ltij-vllk'. Ftti ivluyvllleStSi. Tli-lii-tforil.-nli!Pi.i limiM.-, Tlilr.1 Hliil Main, ntiil Lnulnvll I. HAMUEl.HII.U LOUISVILLE & NASHVILLE fist hailhoax) "IO.MMENUIXO MAY lSt, TRAIN'S Luius anil all jhlIiiI Nurtli, Eaj I1I1 Unlieil Htatm Hull Llnebteomen Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad. . Nnnuvllle ilally, an follows.: liny Cawnrr. 7. -HI A. nrrfvy ut t'liat- MbIii. FnmTiflr, U r. K-iarrlvPotCliatt rlSaSj KIrvplne Cnrn on nil Nlcht tniln. Both inuua manect at CtintuinooKa ' Jhnat, Mmiu Atlunta ami nil juilntji Pv.ul ant Tcnnnwro mid Vlrdola, will Ilie Short Horn RncciiBP LeavosSnhvllli!t uenl Ticket AReu NASHVILLE AND NORTHWESTERN . ail n. o a to . MH.Ml'IllS I'AHUENG Ell LcaviM N'UHhvllle at Oin r. . Fnlace Stirplfle Cum m all nlxHi trnlni o Mi-mphU, KVw Orlcani nil all Impnrunt point NXKCDTTI.l.S ArU-OSMODATlOS LravotNnhvlll'lnr. . ltaii(Ma Ib-ptit. Chnteh Ktrci t. A. L. tAsDISJ, UuntTal AjrriiL W. I- DAHLKY, Uea'l Tlfkrl Aglt. ED&EFLELD & KENTUCKY Eraasrillf, Ilcn4crsoo ud Sishiiilc Biilruu leave llnklniivllle 1 Thlt tmtn aiakif clixr connerllDiw M Oat Mei'iinliH nn1 LhuWtII ' H.L-fiHEFUERD, Gencml lJHTlcrtnlcnlen,. W. H. HART, - EV FORMATION WASTED. rpHE rXDZHSIO'ED WISHES TO PIANOS! PIANOS! a. DORMAN, M03IC KMP0EIDM, ! MASONIC lEIUPLE yASin'ILLE, TESSFSSEE, i IS RECEIPT OF RECENT IITVOICES or Plan, firm the' inauoliirtorlni of Iclterlnc M HJer, OfDrenW "J"( foJJer 4 Co, Inilromcntt la paiwdallT invited.. I tMUTWOO Ihoc of oUirr makers, beuevlni' that ac- OHJ A N rf, from 1 1 m u ili Q piclurtni nMlin Eiailni, Mmilcal IiwlruiuenK neiiermllr, anil H miiiplele mook 1 hticfl Music nt all Uiuca FARMING IMPLEMENTS. E. CARTER CO. COTTON GINS. rpHF. HASIPLE PRODUCED BY TIIEKE man tnc nini'ilo made by any oilier iuhJco ii Pratt's Cotton Gins FOR SALE HY McAlister & Wheless, COTTON FACTORS Commission Merchants r lo T. M. KtTTKKi.i stid T. (I. Fit: Mnnn-Con lit v. ami TlliM. y. 1'Kt Vfftfainunii Count)', rtiesw KTIitfr- onifu varietj-' u( Steel f'h.w. Ilrouni Com' CARRIAGES & BUCCIES. SOUTHERN CARRIAGE MANUFACTURING COMPANY 1. 40 and SO Front fMreef. V. VT. MltLEB. PwuMmt. "IITE REFER WTTII CONFIDENCE TO 'n turn out a Cairlg, Ramurliv nulebrre o?'tiiInttll from kCifm CARRIAGES AND BUGGIES. AT THE Old Established Carriage Factory MYERS & HUNT, 101 ami 103 Karth Bwkcl Slitfl' HfK HAVE OX 11AXD A2iD FOR SALE YY all Uic latat style or CARRIAGES AND REGGIES of the ni-vcnt ilwlnnis which we arc oflVrtng : KiwiiTn tuarkrtK, aa our todUUKi for nnfuciurlns are greater than ajiy Other slitrriJjsnany burari-, in whlcli private oms or back hire. ORDERS FOR VELOCIl'EDI Mylia of llaniQclit always LEATHER, HIDES AC. J. LTJMSDEN & CO., HIDES, UIjLi, LEATHER FINDINGS ASD CURRIERS' TOOLS, No. 23 Month Market Ntrcct, So. 24. lu-l ly yauli-vlllo. Tciin. HUDSON & HICKEY, HIDES, OIL, TALLOW, Leather, Sta findings, Etc, No. 13 BnnulSuwt, Seor Uic River, rnnhvlllo, Tenncww, E INVITE HIE ATTENTIOS OF THE Imdn to one" FALL AND WINTER CK. whl,h we m wl lo h1 Hi piltoi (lint will prerpnl IB. cHTOIIUmun(IT BOOTS AND. SHOES. Fj4-LX TKA.DE. WHOLESALE Boots, Shoes and Hats. A. &. ADAMS & CO., OFFER FOR SALE. 3t cans Men's Brosami, aiwortrJ; lUO ctjb) Hea't Wax Kip half C. tj. Bootn; Bgg ctutts Men' Call V, F. Half D. B. Boom; 100 cases Men's Dm D- S. lloota; JCO emvn Bon' "H"al Kip half H. H. Hoots! am nisca Y.iutla' Wax Kip hair D.H. Boots; WtJ BnatatltiW Wi KlpliaU D. g. Boots: 3 cases Wi.mcn's Pa wp Sole ppgsnl BalV, 500 raM Wnnen'i half D. B. VCKcd Bol'i 3U cuea Wpruen'i Bewcd ball D. B. Bal' 300 cast Boys' and Yonlhs' pegged Shoes, d Child rei 1 Hhoet, as. ) am Ucn's and Boys' Cantmera and Wool Hats, assorted. Ill sell the anovc gtmu 0 low as incy A, a. ADAMw . CO. Premimn Boots & Shoes main. 1 One uock of Uenllemea'aHcotch Botlom BuoU, :: 5SSE : " On.SaklGtm. miln iU Dill Gilten w Lwllo,' Bolton GiOtere, " Italranral h inimlnm at tlie Fain ilnrina tliejiastrew ,eeks. WKtSTEAD flnaf- ocli tf 2lo.11 north CoUcfa SMcL ,C0LIC,. CHOLERi MORBUS, -SUMMER COMPLAINT Aim - '"-' ' ' Fever - and --A-pue- CAN HE cured UTra Pent ri' Fain Killer. "IITIvBEu LEAVE TOCALLTIIEATTEX-f 1 tentloh fit Ibe iiullllr in thin lonr cele-bmtnl and nnriTolal FAM I Lk MEH1C1KE. pvaail; nntl Wlp Ji toa perfrcUfJaife ined-lEUie r"trn In Ihe mmt onnkQirnl linniln. if CIIOI,KIt., iban nnvTrttii-rlEnirmi as ml Clilna, wVrc llili 'Fer"r!SJ ill be more om-ptahle Iban a Fcri "in and mil (or DavlV Fain Killer. M-SnU by all DrnssUU. A Good Family 9tedlclnc ALLENH erlfbrattil LulK RatAarn rum AM.F.-iSreIehrntidLuiii:IlaWiii lmparta "'ALCKS'reiSraSjil Lung Bolnani li i.Kvs nieiira!pil Luna Ilnlnai irlvn nfnrtlno nrtb." n lun.lwl. II U niMiiiiiieiulnl by p. mil h Arm law In lui nature, ll ta a powrrfol " Fole"llErKRtpEMOV tnjilivilif, ami all DrusgUt". hSJuiciiU . Galen's Head Dispensary, Offlr Toi Jrnron Btrret, brtwtrc IXJCI8VIIXE, X.TT.. -pfrfAnLIKBKD MBO, -USD CHARTERED ami Eincnitlv uriiiiB of both win," lmUm Siel-h'mnillK'lnK ibe klilHry aim Mmlih-r, anil tli-ulKaiM-io: A liliM'loil paniphlrt,cnntalrilni:illr!an tiALKS'fi HEAD iilNrKNHARY, AH TJNRXV A T.F.D REMEDY FOR THE CORE Coughs, Cold, Sopc ThrootK, RyHpcpMa, Asthma, Scromla, DlHordcrcd Slomacb, LiT-er and Bowel and all NerToD Affortlonx. DR. A. C!. GOODLETTS Houck's Vegetable Panacea Acta npanine'lrcniaiiDLcrinioji.Ba mrta thrtr trnttrarj la all Dla-mn wblrh srlclnal In Vitiated Blood, Dlminl Liver, DvprSTCd Ap-pctllr or Prihlliipvaltliin t Affection of Ihe tnuns It "onrlhl. Nlrrnjrtli- and Mnpporta tno Ryalnn, and conacinFntl I'l-olongn Lire. BEAD THE EYIDEXCE OF JAMES A. 11 All WOOD, A iieiitl.mnii will auil laviirubly known tu Mcwm. DuirTcii A IlAnnoi Knili I tlmn.- for the iH-tii-nt ot tin- arlltrti mnkr. 11 .Uitrtn-nt In mant lo Dr. Ooo.llelt'i IluuckV Funno-a. IwanalT for wvt-ml ymint with a IIwm pninoi mint of m-vita cmlDf-nt ptiynlrlno, but iiL-ck dUctiornc (rora one to two quart pijr n?wiuncnriiira"le; m' to?ritt'l applied E.U will liaTsac 11 In written. JAMES A. HARWOt Atlrut S, ISO. Fur uti- by oil rtninAil UOKTCII 4 DISTILLERS. WE ARE MANVFACTT obnvr. Wlilifcy at oar any quantity on MILLINERY. O g i 4 : Mimncrj and Prewtmiihlngl IRON FOUNDRIES. Brennan Iron Works, MACHINE SHOP T. M. BRENNAN tt BRO., PROPBiirroas. Hechanical and Constmctuig Egfneen mOST STBtET, SEAtt BHOAD, stflJm NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE. WOOD & SIMPSON, jiAaiirAcTCBtms or - H"ASHVTXI.B jg RlKO THE .ibiitllcry In STEAMBOAT, STATIOSAItl AXD 1UKT-rUile noUcr, Wrought Iron Ruins anu Uiruen tor bnildlna, Stitrt Iron Work, I Order Inr repairing JJolJeni and KnxlOn n auo prtcu (uannted. Applf tooradilreas r ' WOOD SliLTfiON, Comer of Brand Jid Front RtrFcta. NiuliTlllc, Tenn. WOOD, SIHPSOK A BEES, Proprietors or THE "WOOD" IRON . FOUNDRY, Front BL, near Broad, Sasliritle Tenn. Recently established tin cinnrcilun wltb posHlluitmpnved tkclllUc for niukln( 10 Iron Castings, Hachinery, Etc New patWrtw am aoaOntlj being aflJeJ Order?respectfllly wllelled. COTTON FACTQHg. Sample, Ordway & Co.. COTTON "FACTORS s,- ; ASD . . COMMISSION MEBCfiAKIS. RESPECTFULLY IKFORU THEIR Friend" Ibat titer bate neeeoled to tba Ontwnr A CU at their OLD HTAilD, vfir they will IuuhII Cotton aa low ai any re Bagging, Rope and iron lies, las tnont Bpprotfil make, wlnen win ba i u low na ilia lowcM. CASH IDTAIIED On Cotton In Blorf nmlilppl lolhrlnrlnulA Bootiin. . . a" SPERRY & M'CRORY, Ootton Faoton COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Arsis n lor tlie Halo or Pure Copper and Log Distilled Wnisfccy, No. 3S South MarkBt Streeet (spnisaRooK iicildiko,) .1A-11IVILLE, TKSS. Rosin Soap. lOrXn BOXES OTf COMMIOSMEST TO 1ZOU Mile low tothf whiilauualrancby QQQ BARRELS PURTF-SFjWECOP- Boap and Bagclng. OKrt PIECKS HOPE .ASB BAKUISO u'l hl'ERHY McCItORV Thos. Parkes & Co., Ootton Factors AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, NaHhrille, Tnnpwee. COUNTRY PRODUCE a Commli'H, paying particular attcntlOD : OOTTON". Ii vtag ample &clUllei for Storage, Selling Advancing, prepared to TRANSACT ANV BC8I- Dlxpntch and PromptneM, .1 n pon as FAVOILABLK TEEMS as any CASH ADVANCES 1ADE OS COTTOH linigntd 10 w of to our friends In New Bagging Rope and Ties on Hand THOS. PARKES &. CO anSIC Jlarfcr Sim Gilbert, Parkes & Gord on, COTTON PACT0ES, GEOtTEBS Conimissioii Merchants No Wand 82 Booth Market Btrrct, S Aft II VI LI, E. TKMS. Agents for Sale ot Lawrencebnrg Yams and Sheetings. W OHLD RESPECTFULLY THAXK OUR psirunaKi.' WOOll Hlwearrftllj-prrpiiiwl to HAN HAN- DLE unJ 8TORE ALL WTTON AND FIIO- NIcCREA & CO., occctasoESTDiirait ccnwco, COTTON FACTORS, STORAGE, Produce & Commission Merchants wcv 43 Sprlna; Brook BBlldlnsa NASHVILLE TESNEE8EE. VT7n nTTMOVFTI TO VO. Hroolt Buildings, opposite 01 Caiton lUrsn and CosnniUalOB ns DEPAItTMENTa A.XD BRANCHEB. Wo art amply prepaiwl to nnnuie Cotton mid Other Produoe, And onr cbargrnsliatt be s moil mite as othe: Arv-e km brrawtn the city. Oar WarebtniM being supplied with STEAM JTJL E V AT O B, Ualtes lthertOrTaralI!iJsftrlhe OferWdriScilptlonlnlarBeiinantllleB. We "'We areaacnu lor Ida (tale of Englr Sf Ills Htaadanl Cotton Tans, wfilrh will be snjirillnl tu the traue at Ui( cnmrnl prices, Willi Uia twuai uucouni on We will also krep a connunt supply 01 Yoimg'a Copper Distilled Whisky lmicliwIUtesoHltolbeiraoe on r Wo IwM by strict attention to the tnlnmrts nil em JleCrea A CO. Porter, Page & Co., tBneoewori to W.J. Porter Ca,) Ootton and Tobacco Factors general Commisaion Merchaata, HO rwrl Street, SEW YORK, Liberal aib adnocea made by oar Agent. ED. R. PF.KSEBAKER. Ei-. 99S Front Hlreet. Urtaplils, Tom.; nAVIillt it. ifiTiWATiT. EMO hn nnnUvUli- anil Belma. Ala. Louisville, fcy. McNeil, wsiqht & sandees, COTTON FACTORS Comiiiission MerchantB BAGUAC.E, KOPE, IHOW TtTK. TO M Main Street, hut. Keconil and Third. LOTJIHVILLE, KY DW Liberal advances made on ConsHnmenta. J. P. DAKE, M. D IMERRT APROFIR BTHEHO- phlo. and lor many years m eitenalT practice In theWtyTii Piuabimh. Offics and tesldecce Ho. SI North Vlni Blreet NsahTlIIe.TenneJe. trJTJm -crrLaasBntiaa TolSlt IRON ROOFING, "Onteall-s PstnL" T70R RESIDENCES, BCOAR HOUSES J; Cotlun Gins, Bridges, etc. HOESBERQER A CO Lontsrlile, Ky. IBpoMlctanalne. aeMdlm win) WANTED, Bye and Corn. J Olll" B. AXDERSON, EDUCATIONAL." University of Nashville. Departmimt of Hediclna and Surgery. I860-1B7O: PACIJI.TV. M. K. BOWLING. M. D.. Prof, of .ho Theory and PracticOof JUcdicine. AS. K. WISSTOX. M. D..Pror.of Ubatetnca and Dut-oios of "V onu n and Chiliirvn. BEBItlEK LISD3LET, if. Trof Chemistry. SLT. BR1UU.S, M. D., Profoasor ol Surgery. THOS. L. MADPIS, 1L Irot of the lntttttntea ot Medicine. VJL L. SIC1I0L, -CD., Prof, of Olini- cal Mt'dicini! diiU Dhcaiea of tlio J0H5 n. CALLESDEIt, M. D , I'rof. ot Materia Jledicn and luurapei i.ufi. B. CUUUAi'AS, M. D., Profc or o: Aiiaiomj-. AS S. LINDSLEY. if. D., Profsor of Surgical Anatomy. HENRY M. COMPTOS, M. D., Doroon. sLrator of Anatomy. rpHE rim iloiiilHj- o ritoillm or practical ly are not nunuscil u COIltTtr, nuil under the ruutrol ut tb lkmrulnR.lnsood housw, M to Tia wJt. MEDICAL. iMedical Office NO. 13 CEDAR STREET. Dr. OOXiBMASr -nitre Huminnill Ii k country, slnn Uso,u ipectftilly returns many i hanks u, his frlenda irhaneeor (he system; especially any dis-iM-uf the icnltnl onpuis 111 either malt-or le blood Hin-miatnrtioca and all dlsensmol males And children. DR. CO t EM AX asbeen encMrd laths ptactlre of mull- u bietf apply I n IfbJ i r FrnrwylTanla and icll to lib profession ,iirin(. well am In nhlkxoDhy. which thouli simple, ore yrl Invariable and lncon-tmilblr. and hVe 1 br nmlle and sian t the Aeddental sncn ins dangers ic LUd-1 and In- and will not endui pn-ribnl rrtii-mlly by individuals oturly 1101 ti rant ot the "fimclloiui or the hutuau dbKrrtmlBaiinEpabllasaan Impostcr. Thos imllrltins; my practlee oy ktlerwl Dr. Mpal til na-s CASCEK, LESO, EYE ASD EAR DfFIRMlARY. 1JKIVATE OFFICE, CTTT HOTEL. COS- PAUPERS Kilted In 41 boon, without knife or pal PILES, COSSCMrTIOS, RHEUMATISM, AtLbma. and all old Chronic dhwasca treated swxesBiuiiy. V-Parllcnlar attontlon paid to diseases mrMaSldati seat La all parw at tho worli A SKIIXFl'L, lADT jSE BOTTLE OF DR. BTALDINOU ELECTRIC OIL - DEATH TO RHEUM ATISM.-M EXECTBIC OIX jksfKlDICET-n And EUddcr dlsenses , a turo remedy. B-EI-ECTRIC OH-S Dlasnlves all Stone and Gravel In t ELECTEIC OIL Kills Corns and Wait without iJD. ELECTBIC Oil Will save your Horse with Bo Us or Clio For sale iffSHt iWRvJTSiovnxB -co. t'bnlLsale AcenU. ILL ED IK FORTT.EHJHT HOURS KSIFE OB PAIS! JtO BURNCiO SALVES NO CACHTIC8. Patient easy, quiet and entirely free from 3E a i aa; , At SR. SPALDIKa'S BUt lAma ml Omar Inftl maiu, Sbelbyvllle, Bedlbrd Coanty, Tenn. BR. SPALDXHO'S HUB all Painfl in Two KnnteB! . nllTT-M T-1M JfirRRAL- .Old I BoreTpllea, Kidney Dlsessea K;'enVtEn lappTledto Uu Eye, For sol' IS, PENl)LETOS 4 CO-. Who 'tshv1 MISCELLANEOUS. JOH1M....W. MORTM.-n tt' ' v-. - w. w 'ii.i -ssr.a T iSEtreiW ""WATER OS DR.VPUHT. r TIG Gr 1STS ! Aee-ii t.rGL-EI.I.MlTTTr':- EXTIIACT OF Jl'SU'EIl. n IODIZED 3ABSAPARILLA. AND STIlXINGLi, ' Extracts oi' Eucliu." "(Jliill, Cmv." , itLTAiL AUESUi ruit DR. "Ni'ii.tH-'.s " i."i.i:i t: oil." it FCitLic Vlii:- WHOLESALE iiaABWABE CRAIGHEAD, BREAST & GIBSON ANH0UKCE TO 3CERCH A TfTS ONXT, That they are prepared for the Pall and Winter trade with a 'eomp!-;?' assortment of Seasonable Hardware. The Stoclc is Entirely IVev- . From lbegiiiiiing to' end, having For Cash, at Low Figures and Cheap Freights. MAMMOTH AGRICULTIJ11AL WAREHOUSE T. H. JONES & CO.'S Southern F'anners'-rlJepot- T. H. JONES & CO., aannfaclnreiw and Denlnn. WtioIalr and Retail, la AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMEKTS.MACHIHERY.FiELQ SEEDS, ETC, SAVE TIME, TROUBLE AND FREIGHT r Purchasing 7.our Goods of a responsible House at Home, who'Warrant I their Machitery! .t-. Sot. 2. and 4 .'ollcpe nnd Clmreh rilreft. ' K"ashville. - - - - - - Teniiesispe. ARE 1XISSTANTLV ADDiNi: TO THKIIt ISIME'f-l: BTOCK njr '. A'i ' - . ' m.-l mwntjoij!. ln jj'l"; y"il" ,'JJy,;i V'1'-1'" ' eaic Lonlsvllloiirt'la.-lniiml prli-mtuti i.ny srhtneiT1 W Veiatb.'nniona whldi inenttlarMrles In tu." world JAVERY" PL Sautbem HUles' 'Vim nml IWon (st vTIjSTE AJSTD "Bockeye." 'Champion." "Amer ittj-,- -Ilulchliwiuo. I," "Hutt PL O W S ! GRAIN. DBIIiLS! "qonrrion" "Hockey," 'TJcltlDnl ft Jlnflmfln," "'i,ll!ot-j!hlij"" "H rooren,-"Beyraoiir. - MltGO OH aE MlLLH tvarlou iwHyriw'- . BVAPORATOBS. Corms'l and F!at Bottom,; CalTOTtlml COTTON GINS. OOLLETTB BTEEL BRUSH OIS I- Tbe drortle ti! tlx- Hoalb, lnkt iho most beoulirul sample; wUl not choke ir Gin. M,' AiiB.omnj int mT i vse! FARM GATES! e have tlie exclusive sal eanfl of "art-en's Patent Farm Gat,'- a volai iprovcment, nod icrmeinmE em (Irlst MUls. Hark .Mills, "ii'i1 Hlra,ttcythw andrMhjinRFtnir., TTw Sill k m. V ill Flalunm lloaii draper, stuir ami nnUnaul . Tr SIjuos. J'awni Chun apple iin.l I'ch t'aten, Lunn Mowlnc Ml !w?m 'mSwri ii?rVraiur. Horse Powerv etc. IS fornlsh any maeblne mannlarliireil In ihe nHrjl IbIm ""V dem fW""" !''"' i.toemt UIspoqui 10 COWAN E CO., jiTo. 37 IMxTollo Square, Nas-riXL-c WHITE GOODS, HOSIERY. GLOVES, NOTIONS, 23U, ! 1TTE HAVE SOV.- OS HASD THE LARGEST AND BESiTfTW W our line, weal or tlie mountains. Look toytnrownlnteitojidbuyyotirBooiNii"iiiaree:.o ( "White Goods and TCotion Hon;'. COWAN ft CO. stUStal . . s a. sr.a . m . . .. jsa; ssy ssa; J, been bought since the late fire Merchants visiting Nashville will SAVE MONEY" By fiTiimining this Stock before purchasing elst where. a?-No old stock of any Mn3 on hand.' Located for the present at No. 80 forth Market Street, in the rear of Evans, File, Porter & Co, and Douglas & Co. Agency of FAIRBANKS SCALES and other IMPORTANT SPECIALITIES, ilifnelu Hie .ipiniiren. iv.r. arc Ibi-following J--ow . ny -. H; J-- . ' '"ws, wij a, r CIDER MILLS ! Sfrflui" WHEAT FANS! rimut Stachluc In cHJUnici-. Tu uns wh. : iurMl nnd marltrt; elmns It from wnu:. ehest, rorkri, hlHrhicd broken and nl.rlvv ' imilii" ami will chntT rnm tlim- iu four hni" drill biulii U slical per day. It will rlmii Wtint.rucn.UaiarI(,-r,.lIarlT, RIcrTlim-thy, Mover, Cora Mml, niii.p. Flu. Mill1 -, HunimriBri Onw Fcos,rtc,' and if Tlai'itb) unit CToTcr an- mired It will sp(ni 'hi . WARRANTED IS EVERY ItIl'ECT. In nnd Cupper IMn-, Toi inns. Corn -an d Cob mstuj, Ilanintl II idler, nnil Clenn-n. ItIr7Tlir.-lierf Kir. ntHnlky liny RTlteSjIlay:Le-jdi,liiil mniimm. -Rn miliiirt Hfwirir aiochlin-. illetn, H tin - traili-. T. H. JONES & CO. . - :

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