The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 27, 1934
Page 5
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JANUARY 27, 1934 "CLASSIFIEDS COUIHKR MOWS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING I.M'ORMATION "•'!iy i ute per lir.c for coiLsccu- Lve insertions: < Five average \voj'ds to i\ line) One time per Hiw 13c '1'io limes per lino l«r day .. 08c 'ilurc UIIIPS I'" 1 lin " I'- 1 ' ''"I" •• Mc Six times jicr line |wr day .. tIM Month rale per lira: 60c Minimum ciisrge 50c Ads ordered to 11 three or six times and Mop]>cd before cxplra- fon will l>c chai'stc for the number of limes the ail appeared mm adjustment, ol bill inaui*. All Classified Advertising copy .submitted by poison;; residing outside of tliu city mist lie accompanied by cash. Kates may IK i-dslly computed from above table. No responsibility will lie taken .'or more tlmn ana incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Advertising ordeicrt for Irrcsu- lar Insertions take tlie one time sale. RADIOS All Kadios, inoludln; R. c7A., are btlnf closer! out at cost for CASH at llubh-trd » Co. ib-kg-i; _ POUJ/WY K KC-US Ficsh cess dally, direct^from hen- nery. Plekard's Grocery, 1014 Chh-kasauba. Gp M-6 FOK KENT CO A I, & WOOD 1'IIOXE 107 i\ok sen! with us now for Mm clelivery. They nvc sure to ' ly Treat ,ou While" DC M & IM.ANTS Sionevlllc No. 4 C< price $1.76 hundred. See F lilii... or Clnrencc McLVrinoit :il lily-' Oil). Oc k2-ii iviuiil' lionsokccr-iiig room mm Di'drooins. Koss Heavers, 123 N. 5t)1 - a&c Itti Two unfurnished rooms. 516 Cliiek- •isairba. Miss Minnie Lee Jones Plione I02ti. •OY 11KANK. KIKf-l) PKAS. Testi-d fin!. Sp'i-L'.l prlri's. Karl ; ii'iilfln-: 1 . f.lll lillS-J ML- k'2-'M ! Mini 1 than ( Ijlcyelrs are i ns;'d in Japjn. ' Iowa is fiii' Ic.idin,; pmdmvr of :nn in fis .wintry. Are | '. Gas ISTANHUL (UPj-Womcn typ- [K HI T'llrlr 4c-t< .rn,. A ^_, . .^.' Ists lit Turkish government office? ere to be replaced by mules -as ;w«i> ns the latter can qualify •; The decision Is due to the short-' • I < .illiT .vmi year* ( ,f M .|)ii-|'> ihmhvns home, ludiei' und'nlng. mid nirboj, mnnOYlrio aw-~"~ ~~, " " ""* w mc 5n °>'t- ••"•"•'• llu- Thomas Smith f:nnl!y |fu "'' «w minllcd whrii Smith | killed nil three mu *'«c HIM- BBC of employment for educated 1 .Miiiiii'ld i-i'iiv line-, was milled :( ' :t:lllli '""I a »oiue fur them at | ' , men, More than 300 women in "li''r'\Vy'^u" I \ l ^|"' l ' m V ll ' l 'S^ i1 ' l ' : ' 1 " > "" i;t ' t "" " mom °-j ""-mown Iwc.nV.t ,i,. a f al n,,,!^^! 11 ^ 1 w »l ^ affected by the "''"' ''• i;:i:i j °'"' I'i'iny nlnlit while Ihr thm.!''" 1 " ini'hidnl Smith and Ul '"' hrrakliu: In tlu'lr nciv Two homes, 1115 Walnut and till Heani. All modern conveniences. Heasonablc reni. Thomas Land Co. LOOK WE GOT'EM! PRICED RIGHT '33 CIIKVKOI.KT F O It U U it SEDAN. Looks Liku New. fi.OOO Miles $1'J5 '30 CHEVROLET COACH. Looks and Huns (iuod Jltij '30 rOKl) TL'IXnt SKIIAN. Slieeial S1L15 '30 KOlil) J-'OllDOI! SEDAN. liarRain S1U5 : M niJli.VNT KI-:i)AX. A lical Buy ;; 15 TKUUK UAUGA1.NS '32 FOKI) 1JS TON TFtUUK. Closed jQab, Dual Wheels . S3lii '.'2 ''CHEVROLET i!' TON TRUCK f3;ia '3C CHEVUOl.L'T I 1 -. TON TUUCK $ 95 '2L 1 FORD I'ANKI, TRUCK. S)eLu^c $ U3 '3D F O It I) l>IC!vUr. Closed Cab $1U5 IVc HKVC Tilaiy Ollicrii To Cnooae TIUITI. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 2UU E. Main Street J'honc 8Ki-8ll Illyllicvillp, Arkaniis IJUSINKSS DIRECTORY Dairy and Mill Feeds Grain and Hay, at Market Priu-s Cash Feed Store 112 E. Main p 10-pk-2-ll ce figure diagnosis in your home. Mrs. J, J. Davis, I'hono 121 Sncnccr Corseticre 26ck2-2(i EXl'KRT Typewriter and Adding Maehinc Hrpairirj;. U. S. Hlank- cnship, I1G K. Ko^c. Call 165-J. 2lc k2-21 Flows shar.xncd — Farm Implc- mcnls huuRht ana sold by John Wade at Tom Howard Machine AUTOMOTIVE Heuutifully furnished bedroom, men preferred. S!8 W. Main. Call SOU. NICEIjY Furnished bedroom, phone 303. 310 W. Walm I street. 1:2-1 FURNISHED Ijcd'-com, 1017 W. Walnut. Mre.-Eil Harriin after S P. -M. 2!)c kli STEAM HEATED BEU1JOOM. 514 W. Main. Phone !>8. 2c K\ FOR I.KASE for Lease—!0 Hirts cut over land. Two year lease. Will build house :< miles west of Itlytlwville. t'on- way A: llouehins. ' 15r kit WANTED We pay more fj- ;xrcans, furs, hides, brass, copper, radiators. ;iimninitm, lend, lotteries. Phone 170, Wolf Arum, i;« E. Main. ANNOUNCEJIENTS OUR»()AKI)!i\Cll01]Sl!; ^ SET ^"i i>v Alien 1 : AI.I.IOY 00l r Head Couri ^^sw^Ad.^l.^i^S,:^'^^^ city ,„ HURRY, MA^CK, L? »UT —^-THERt ODMtS "TWA>T i\S OFF-SVAORE WIND? —HE'LL ~B/\CK YOU INTO A CORNET? /M4t> TALK UNT\L EARS WILT |-^.WE TR/XPPEO fv\E TH" OTHcR N\G f\ND GA,Tl ; Et> SO rAUCH V\\? L.OOSEHETD CLlfMtt) WAS HE TRYING. TO TtVL : /' HE . EVERYBODY WHEN Ut STAR1S TO 'BLOW OM TV\W SUBJfC •ESPECIALLV \ ( '-.l'S6<*r iM t VER TELL1M' ME l'-'. ^'.-•^ j QIAO _tliAT5 ( BOV.' I'LL NEVER " '" "' , ' ' , I TlIC G^K 0.7P PACKS AN I AWFUL , I\WAU.OP.' KKJIIT IN WITH A I'MYMATK! I '' vS xt^ ' HFAVP Til 1 / TO TELL * ' , '-V » \ f ~- - K^s^-:-: ftlrs. L. 31. Rnrnettc annunncrs tile nprrjn^ of short hand, typewriting and l>uokkccpin^ classes. S(K- lial Prices. Call S'M-W. Ic td-1 REAL ESTATE •10 acres near Holland, Mo. All In Cul. 2 houses and barn. If sold quick, price. S1650. ?5DO cash, bal. 1-2-3-4 yr*. Possession now. 40 acres mile, of Blythcvillc, on gravel road. Good residence with clcc. liKhts. liurn and ten. house. S3MHI. lone time payments. Possession now. THOMAS LAND CO. FOR KALE 17 1-t acres between [he Cotton licit and J. L. C. & E. Railroads just west of the Federal Compress. Will sell all or any part. Select what yon want and write me lor price. K. N. WAKE, .IR. Tallulali, Louisiana I'OR SALE—10 acra, all in culti- v:it!ori One mile south of Gos- i.ill. Roland Green fie htl LOST Child's gold rimmed glasses In Dr. Wert case. Reward, call Redman at 101G. 25-ck-29 SALESMEN WANTED Auto Class All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo lumber Co. IOC k2-10 C-'.ll MS-Kcd's I'Ji.e-118 E. .Main For Au(o Painting Body am! I'cndcr Service 23c hl LAK(iEST S'l'OCK USED IMRTb Uetwccn Memphis and fi'.. Louis AUo Anto CJla.'.s—Phone (i6 JACKSON AI:TO PARTS co. GOOD POSITION OPEN Large Ohio [nam.!;!ctmer of na- VoivaUy-atlvcrtiasd prodiicl. reco'^- ni/cd as leader, h^s opening for a ccunty salesman with opiiortiinity for auvancement lo Distributor. Prefer local man v,ho hears first ci.".sr, chFiraclcr nr. ; . who is capable of interview!] a school heads, thief executives, business concerns, [.nhlic institutioDS. country clubs, toantrs! csiales, trurk and bus own. evs and better clris of fann and i city home owners. No hoiLsc to rouse work. An exclusive product with more than '20,000 of America's leading cone's ns now listed as customers. No cr.pital reauired. Conservative rarni'.js estimated al S2CO.OO a month it present with ccod opportunity t" double as business improves. Write complete de- Ir.ils of your business expevicncc. ci!c. etc. General Sales Director Box fiM, Dayton, Ohio. jll Us When In Need of Ouaranlccd Mcrchirdisc Ti res -Ritte rics- lie jM.irc men I Parts TCAKIIWARE co. Automotive Dcpl. Ic k2-l CARPENTERS "• .L I'clerson — ;M) N. 21st SI. Carnenfer Worh of All Kinds lie k2-n BATTERIES New ford Diitlcries TUte & RA1TERY STATION 2CC kl-26 S.ALK IIAV FOR, SALH I have for sale at my barn i'. mile miilli of Hurdcllr 50 tons hay ot 510 |wr Ion. C. W. Kamey. Blyth"il!e. 23-ck-2-2o MUST be sold nl once-small dry good.-. .Mnvc in well established location, cheap for Cash. "XY7," Courier news. 22-ck-2D I'ORDSON Tractor equipped wllh disc, imnlo? »'OWE. Paul Byrjm. "r 'k2-24 • ? ^c^.oW»y^l K*^*X /J y {^ --'w J JV^ I • ' "•.. "|J WELL AT lft<;T I'M nin r~,~ ~\ AEf,?aTM KMiJlUBlK:-. SMALL WE ueAvc in 1 PRISONER INTO TIV PIT, SIR? THROW 'irv\ IN RIGHT ON WELL! AT LAST VM RID O? T!irvr PEST! NOW,MRYOE CAM \lAVf SOME PUACE • i AROUND HERE ' HOO'l^i AM) UKll C"\ KiMH MHK—' — . Mri^rmii f & MA. SOO iuc; inivAS! >» r i 01.0 COV.OR -\\\s; K TOWN! CK /v. COUPE , ,A«O WASH TUHUS THAK By Martin OOUAR 1 il~ V ~^= ; ~ w*t /WHAT THE BLA?ES\'PON MY WoRp' YOU THINK, -RilG )SIR, I CANT Fl&QE] IT OUT. NOBODV'S SO AUCH AS TOLCCHtD 'THE VMHISU& CORD. Hv Cram IS? A "V SAI.KSJIAN SAM GOOD CO A), IS THK COAL There is no coal. West of the Allegheny Mountains as hifli In heat and as low In ash as tlic CUPREMEl? •* Supcr-ircat ••* "Vgc,,, Tlial is T- bold ^^ sUlrmcnl. hut it is ethical. IwaiiM- it's true. We have aullinridilifc analysis on file on all cnal and i.nn prove tlii.s claim. XLTHKim: fiuprt-Hcal is the nn'y roal of iis kind and sold n«1y l, y this company. 6x3 McrtJum t>ifcc Lump Ton - ST.oO !; ToiiSLOO Cash A Rich Mjm's Ccial ;i( A Poor ,"\I;in'a Price Superior Coal & Mining Co, SOi ff. Walnut - Phnne 7M ^:>,,0 fe\^ r-* i r>-". ""T7- -, ' ~~~—~- ••***• \",fi-ff-~- Pa :EFUL. t-s£ L T? T BLOWS, MOT OW.-..OK ; K-v.;; f -g^7^'gJ^£i^_ 8UT pm^:w.t!^v ^i^ijjy A IIOSS^N'SAMI MEUER KNOW! SPIRITS TO CONE ABOARD, Slff. UNTIL ^ NOW. ' i THOUGHT YOU SAID THERE WAS NOTHIWQ (VtlEEK ABOUT THK S>,P. ? r:r7i«..- !''',(s!'-' v-' \M' / !30 J r( Vo ^-^ _ -:-;._ ^-^(\;^. f / ,/, - / ••' i , c-rrl.-^.'- „ /// Hy Small | cA'et «r T.v-iKAus.-iHis {NFT, ^ M ' / 13^ C n B , , p;i>o 3CO TO X. — ftM 1 I uOf^S OM /-( v,'ci" LUCKV ' 'V._, t"-^l^ _r--r^^v W1FF \ IW /~,' ^ ^ O, ^ BOTTLE CF CHAt',PR&Me? tF'fou coeRE on '((^i .yp, ' COLLECT6D PLEMT'/ I i . t '-- : ' T - I v /, "P"7~. nr\ fl/ ^^£l^5K^'i £^-^rvy ^_ FKI'X'Kl.KS AM) His' YEAH... 1 '--^}^ C _ AIL '^_ W3 \WATUP , 'WANTS, ^ WUTTY? •jAYif.'vJ 7JAT J;G V-WTS TO TALxC TO US 1 i' iS) ;ff i V :.. /\ #~'.<--i'\ P503ABLY GCSWA GIVE /| WE RfcTS ABOUT MY } j LAT!;J....LAT,fj 15 3>j CtRTAKJLY i To ME BoYS i-:.\(;i.isn .\s IT is ',^-cnl A '.07 r<T -'«=s : —-I— Y> l X?l?.!".*-!" '•" '-'^cr lie T REC. U. s PAT. Ofr- i IN 15 ; " E "J VEMTIO'j VERY a BUT I y^v/E f --i IM VOL: . BY HIossci- CWT.IF IT p:.o/F:3 A -• ,-^A : I SUCCESS. T:L Pt^i--'.'.'. 1 .!.-- 1 T_; ' v-ii>: YOU'? \ YEAH, .ix,;. •. ti.'j_:s;j.rSEc'<!.E3! / vfe-j kMew i^®«-/^ • ! .;[OJi - .."':&«.. . J

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