The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1930 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 22, 1930
Page 9
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1930,.. KLYTIIRVn.LE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first Insertion and one ceni a word for each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement lakcn for less \ than 50c. Count the ;words and send the cash. v-' : - I'hone'-306 ' FOR SALE FOR SALE-^Sacks for cott<Jlscefl. Junk - DeiWrV. .'6J)ixK!te^ I-risco ''' '- FOR RENT FOR RENT—(.'unn'slicd - he'd- room for gentleman or couple: Ad join- ins untlj. ' f'lS • South Lake St. •'-•"''.'".' -v. 22P-K26 FOR KENT-Fuvhiahcd apartment, uai-age. 309 pougaii.-. .-'; Hp-k28 FOR RENT—"9 .room house, two baths, (ill newly painted and papered, -Iccatcrt on corner Highway 61' and Highway 18. Ideal location for tourist rooms. ?40.00 per mcnlh. Call L. -L. Ward/ 008 or 650. ' , , 12C-TP FOll RENT—Rooms. One month rent free. '914 Hcarn. 13P-K27 FOR REN'T—2 rooms, furnished for light', housekeeping. 025 Wai. nut St., Phone ' 521. Mrs. S. P. Cavcndnr. . HP-K.24 FOR RENT—Modern 6 room -house. Garage,' 2 lots... ! IGth and' Main. Will rent .or trade 8 room house on Lilly st J.'W.'-Maloney. 17p-k24 FOR RENT—Furjitshcd apartment, 108 West Kentucky. Phone 683. P-K-25 FOR RENT—Nice'tedroom. Gentlemen' preferred.-Mrs, Paul Marsh, 101 East Davis. . 20P-K24 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, close in. Jimm.le Ledbetter, Clarence Saunders store. CK-TT FOR RENT--8 room residence, 2 baths, Walnut St., new garage. $40 month. 21c-k25 FOR RENT--Prelty'country home, right at town, bath, lights, water, terraced lot, shade trees, enrage, servant house, chick yard, wondsr- $35 a month, Thomas Land Co. 2ic-!c2n WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent' 'white woman. Mrs. Drown, 701 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF WANTED — Sewing. Reasonable prices. Mrs. C. O. Brandon, 715 West' : 'Asli. '••' -' ' PK-24 WAXTPp^-Faniily fallings. Alice Be'a>d/'1046--.So.' L MEN (WHITE) EVERYWHERE- Experienced or inexperienced, interested in distributing free circulars, samples lor rrianufactur- ers. No selling. Write quickly. Consolidated, 1608 Milwaukee Aviv, Chicago, III. . 22P-K24 WANTED — 100 White Leghorn hens. H. E. Kooiiee, Blytheville Route, 2. 22P-K27 PERSONAL TAXI—P. A. MCGREGOR Day or Night Service, Phone 16. 1C-K30 IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF CHICKASAWBA, DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. State of Arkansas, Plaintiff, No. 4762 vs. Delinquent Lands, Dillard fc Co£. fin ' Company, Clear Lake School District No. 4, S. W. Warren, THE HEST HOT 1'IG, CHILI AND COFFEE WfRT He JMakcs 'Em Sou V. R. WASHAM—Transfer Daily trips (o Memphis. Will l»ck up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. • Special rates 0! i carload lots. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-031 GOOD STEAKS ANI) HOT FISH TOM'S CAFE aiifl Sewer Taxes IJisLi-ict No. 1. Now Due G. G. CAUDII,!,, Collector. Uiittairs in Ftirmers Bank Bids. Itl IIKCIX . 1IKKK TU1MY xviim •>iioKxii.y> i>i'M>i:n in- IrnJf, in 1'll.VXV CH*1K, tkr cii,- Irlvt tiltoinrr'x «rrrrtury, jitLr IrllK Ijlni slip In ttclnic lu ibr Snl- Drdrty lirtdnf-lttnrlu-on i>f ihr I'ur- «)tf AluniHiir ltrld«r riul*. ul\fa Itjr ait IjUKurary nli-ubcr, J(!AM- T.A Sl'l.l^l. lluitdfe Irarn* ituit I'cnnx vinm tofceA ttt nark hrctiime • f Mrr fnlkrr'M l>H»lnrin fnllurt nnri dlinpiicJirunrr, .\ll:l fx mr\r rrnflrif; Ihr hiiUKf Cniln k.-lH tiulll Iran, J(.:|X;K 3!M1SI1.U,I,, llho. 1'tnn, b;:« • fnljca fcir .Mta. Mundrt ilrlvr» l r «nnr l<> tkr iuiuihrnii, Mfn, nt flr^l vrrr frltiulljr, rrJK^((-ncd nn hcJirlDB lir In n <li-- irrllvr, l.nlr Ilitit ntliTHunti M(a lit r.iilrLlr-rri). At flir Srlltti liiiusr, "lifrc rAl"i'AIX ST11AWX U hl- rr.idr la i-hnriii., Dnndre nr-tm 7i\l.\ hn^rcd i,vi'r her Utc*«lnK Infclc, iThrrr j<tir imx Khul Ihruucb tfar Iirnrt. nw fth*> pn\vil*rrd hrr f^ce. Diindrr nlijrclfi In Mrrmn'ft Ik 11in(-.Kljf \\i'i: Mini! ItirnuKll dn V nit. Ht'r qai'allLin Ilir KUI'M(K, lci:rji Iiifto thr tlvlnir roum Inlruilurrx litin id thrm llnllnic xllRlnly uvrr Ihr n^nu- of IJI:\TI:H .M'jiAia.n. l>|iirulli nruni^tnv anLl ulivlnusly nllcii. On ns-f;tTkK ir cv*rj-<inr ln- lilcd N tlivrr. Dnnilrr Ifnrn*- Ihn* II A I. I'll HAM.MdMI, or<-i- 1'rnnr'n ]irr>(irrly hut . ^nncvcd Ijj Ntln, [• fuMiln^:. NOW GO n\ IVITII'Tlli: STUIIY ;.* CUAITKll IV iSp.OODBY, dinncrt" uiuaned tlio rlump, hlond little man had 'been .inlroiluccd as Trace) Milts.. as he aorrowlully jiattcJ Ills valber- prominent stomacli. "Don'f worry, ilnrliiig. 1 ' • (lie thin, dark, neurottc-looklnf Voman who was Flora Miles, Ills wife. "I'm sure Mr. Dundee • ask Lydia— poor Nita's maid, you know" — slie explained In an aside to 1 Dutidtc — "lo iircparo a llglV supper for \js H he really needs to Cetain us long— which I am sure ue won't." "How can yon think of (cod oov.'?" Tolly Bc-ale, tile tall, sturdy girl with an ahciust innreiiltue Imb ind a (juilc rnasculino tsveed suit, dsnianded brucqucly. Her voice had an uiiCcniinlnc lack of luodu- fcllon, but when Dundee saw her fiance toward Clive 'Hammond he realized that in spite of ant'ear- anccs, Bhe was wholly feminine where he v. p as concerned, at least. • "Of course, we are all 'Ireadlully cut up over poor Nita's— death," gatprd a rather pretty girl, wlioso ANNE JgWgN..;; HIE BLACK PIGEON HIE AVENGINO PWMOT "MURDER BACKSTA'BS' "She fas dead vhtn Son reached her?" Dundee assisted fitr. left fhe room, when she became dummy?" "I can (ell you, because 1 hnd just arrived—tho first of- the .men lo get Here," Tracey Miles vohia- teered, • obviously glad' of the chance to talk—a characteristic of the man, Dundee decided. "I looked at my walch -just after I stepped out of my car, because I like lo he on time to the dot, r.nd Nita—Mrs. Selim—bad said 5:30. "ft'eu, it was exactly E:25, so I bad fire rhlniitcs to spare." "; .. "Yes?" Dundee speeded -iilm up impatiently. . "7,'ell, I enmc.riKrif. Into tho ball most distinguishing feature was her crop of clinkly, light-red hair. , "I assume (bat to, be true, Miss '' ani1 hung my hat in the closet out Tltiymonci," Dundee answered! "But I t'nere, and Ulna canjo in here. It we must lose no more time getting " !u!t have been ahotit 5:27 by that NOTICE / \\,.h our rccenl parlnershh'i with Mr. Gco. Carney, \vc now Have Ihc best equipped ind'c- pcndcnl s |, op („ ima [ CA8NEY.JENKIK5 GAHAQE :/;;, Pickwick. ljulldii..' .. r at the facls. Just when was Mrs. ?elim murdered? 1 ' At the briital use of tbo v;ord a shudder .ripple:! over Hie small crov:d. -. Hf-tcr Sprague. "o! New L Y6rk,.v. dropped 'bis -lighted cfearot, ..TT^ere Jt^wpijUl have btfrned a.h"ole7 Turner, on guard over (be room !or Captain Strawn, had not fclouehed from bis comiT tu plant a big foot upon It. "We don't know exactly when It liappenej," Penny volunteered. "We were playing bridge, tbe last hand of Ir.e last rubhc; 1 . because trie men were arriving for cocktails, when Nita l>ecame dummy an:l went lo her bedrcom tu—" "To make Herself 'pretty-pretty' for tho men," Mrs. Drake minikkcd: tbcn. realizing ber cattiness an'd its possible effect on Dundee, she defended herself volubly: "Of coarse I likcil Nita. but she ditl think so terribly much abont her effect on men—and all tbat, and was always fixing her make-up, and besides—you lean't suspect me, because I was playing ay.iinst Karen and Nita—" CCTMIANlt you, Mrs. Drake," •*• Dundee cut in. "Docs anyone knon- UIB «ract lime ^Irs. Selim won't you shake up 'h« cocktails for poor little N'litt?' . i .' You know, a sort of way sho had ol coaxing people — '" "Yes, I know," Dundee agreed Trlth a trace of & grin. "Go on, a» rapidly a; you can, please." "I thought you wanted to know everything!" Miles was a littl peevish; he had evidently been en ! joying himself. "Of course, I natc I'd make Ilio cocktails— she sold everything was ready on the side board. "Well, Nils Mcv,- me a kiss from her fingertips, and rml out of th room. . . . Now, let's see," h ruminated, creasing hia annburnei forehead beneath his careful!. combed blond hair, ''that mus have been al exactly 5:30- that sin icft the room. 1 v,-ent on into th> dinine; room, anil Loli— I meai Mrs. Dunlap— canio with me, • be caus time," be explained, with tbe me- ticuiousncss of a man on the "witness stand. "I shoiitcd, 'Hello, everybody! TIo'v;'s tricks?' . . . That's a joke, you know.' • 'lion's tricks' — m .e a 11 i. n, g '^tricks :in bridge- -" . '-/'Yes, yea," ^.Duhdee'.'idfnitte.d, frowning, but the restVf the'com- pany exchanged Indulgent smiles, and Flora Miles patted, her . bus- j ,. • ,:",-— " "• baud's band fondly and proudly. sllrc Mr ' Uun(icc won ' (hflllt ''" sip t said slie was simply d> fdr a.'cavlar sondwleh and °,'f-<*T7"..-..- ; .:• . .,;: P Scotcb. c Tracey," inp cut in, grinning. Dun "I'm "Well, ,N'[ta jumped up-from tbe 1 bridge lable— lliat one right there,"' Miles pointed to tho table nearer the arched doorway, "on;l she said, 'Good hcavcr.a! Is It bait-past five already? I've got to run 'a-iurmakc myself 'pretty-pretty' for Just such great big men as you, Tracey—" "'Traccy, darling'!"- Judge Marshall corrected, with a chuckle tbat sounded odd in tlie tensely 'silent rcom. Traccy Miles flushed a Falraon pink, and His wife's fingera clutched at bis itand warningly. "01], Nita called everybody darling, and didn't mean anything by U, I guess." be explained uneasily. "Just one of her cute little ways— ^Vcll, anyway, she cauio np lo me anil straightened my necktie—another one of her funny little ways —and said, 'Tracey, my oic:i lamb. a continued tippler, so yon migli as well tell the truth, the. who' truth, and nothing but the trutl Poor Tracey has a deadl fear that we arc all gqins (o lo: the last shred of our repiilallons i tills deplorable affair, Mr. Dun dec," she ndiled in n' rather shak. vcmion of tbo comfortable, ri<- voice he had Heard earlier in til day. "I'm not going (n pry into cc ars," Dundee assured her in U same spirit. "What else, Mr. Miles' "Nothing much," Traccy Mil confessed, with apparent rcgre "I was still tnUinj:—nr», I'd begu to shake tho cocktails—whcu heard a scream." "Wliose scream?" Dundee manded, looking about Ibo roor and dismissing Miles Miiinkfulb "U was—I," Judge Marshal OUR BOARDING HOUSE; livhlo l.i'-HMrod, lilnc-cyoil little rid In a voice that llnvai- rise lo hyslcrlH. Jsie all about It," IMiudco teully. "Vos. sir," sho quavered, while er li::sbiind's nrm encircled her In courtly fashion. "As i-'i'y told you, Niia wus duiniu;-. "1 I was declarer—(Hal Is, 1 t'H ic Mil, and played the band. It —It wai quite an exciting end for '"> tlm afternoon of bridge, lor m not usually awfully lucky, «•> bin Penny Imil ilgnrcd up tlio -ire, bcnuisc I'm not goml at rllHinellc, and I knew Nita ami I rolled np an awfully big scoro, "I'ed up and run Into her room ?ll her the Good news, because lie liailn't eomo back. And—ami —thcio Klie- w«s-all boweil over er dressing table, and uho—slie 'as—was—" "She was dead whun you readied • f-" Dnnilec assisted her. "Yes," Karen Miushall answered nlnlly, anil turned to bide her ace ngatjist her elderly Husband's Dundee's swift cj- C s took In the arylng 'degrees of wliltencsn mid Ick Horror tlial claimed every fiico n tho room. Tracey Miles looked II he would have no Immediate ravine for his dinner, mid Judge larsliall's fine, (bin face no longer ookctl so "well-preserved" as bo Tided himself lliat It did. As for Dexter Spraguo, bo almost folded P' against the coral brocade dra- erics. It was the women, oddly nongb, who kept the better cou. rol over their emotions. ''Of course yon all rushed la when Mrs. Marshall screamed;'" hs :Sked casually. T*WK!jVK heads nodded mutely. L "Did any or all of you touch he—body, or things In tlio.ronm?" ".Mr. Spraguo touched her h:\Ir, and—and Utted one of her bands," ~'enny contributed quietly, "lint •ou'-jtnovf how It must have been! Ve-eaii't liny of us tell exactly every move we made, but Ibcrc uas ouio rushing abont. Tbe men, mostly, looking tor-Mor whoever did It-" "Mrs. Marshall, did you see anyone— anyone nt rill—In or near [nat room when you entered It?" The svhUe-faced young wife lifted icr head, and looked at him claz- idly. "There wasn't anyone In— u that room, I know," she [altered. "It felt horrible—being in Micro with—with her—all alone—" "Uut near the room? In the main :ial( n or In the little foyer where Iho h Lcloplioiie Is?" Dundee par- lilted.-•/"l~ don't 'think so. ... T can't •^remember—seeing anyone. . . . Oh.'Hugo!" aid asaln she crouchud against her liUBbund, who soothed her with trembling hands that looked incongruously old against her'childish fair hair ami face. "\Vhcre were the rest of you— exactly where, I mean?" Dundee demanded, conscious Hint Caplatn Stra'wn had entered (He room ami- was standing slightly bcliind him. There was such a babel of an- sweis, given and (lien hastily cor- that Duadee broke in suddenly: •i Vf'Vcant a connected story of 'tbe events leading np to (he tragedy.' And. I want someone to tell It who hasn't lost his—or her—bead at all." He looked about tbe company, ns If speculativcly, but his mind was already made up. ".Miss Craiu, will yon' tell the sfory, beginning with tho moment I left you and Mrs. Dunlap ami Mrs. Selim today?" (To lie Continued) Cale Bradford, Wavrell Bradford, James Hicks, Curtis Bradford, Jesse Ricks, and Louis Hides, Defendants. WAS XING ORDER The defendant. S. W. Warren, Caic Bradford. Warrell Bradford, James Hicks, Curtis Bradford, Jesse! Hicks and Louis Hicks, are warned to appear in the Chickasawba District of: Mississippi County Chancery! Coiirt within thirty days and answer .'the cress-complaint of the' defendants, Diilard & Coflin Company and Clear Lake School District No. 4. Wiirser-s my hand as Clerk of said Couvt. and the seal thereof, on Ihisi 15th day of November, 1930. 'W. W. HOLLIPETER, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. 15.22-20-6 New Orleans Cotton HIS FRIENDS Lous V.LL rr TAkS yxj To O4 YOUR wisrea SOT "me ow BVSHT SID OM TD DAY AKID TUtkl VlE'LL Soon FRSCkLES BACK.... LET we PLAMK! MEW ORLEANS. Nov. 22. —Cotton closed steady. WASH'TUUHS High 1084 1091 1098 1104 1123 1134 1147 1159 1168 1178 1!SS 1133 WUEN srv c6 p^.H^^\^, e/wrs RISES GET UJPl 6£T ^CKet>— —.. Spots closed steady at 1065, up 5. New York Cotton NEW YODK, Nov. 22. (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. Open High Low Close 1085 1083 1101 1100 1130 1157 1174 1103 U6 HM, NOT LOST I r CIRCLING Spots closed quiet and unchanged at 1033. I Dec. I'rx SPOSEP "TO BE A COLJPLA CRICWSTS-, A-T MI<SH-T i- -tHeM SOME MICE AW n -7H' MICE WAKE CAT AW He -To up is AM EVPRS SSioMiST.' «.|s AM 1 LOW, STAR'T" TicaK-f; "atf^ TAMILS rMUSICAU BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ' BUMPS WINS EV-ECTtOM TODW WA. WNO WBR TOM Wfltt MA. A FAST ONE! uw*ii IAM9S, >.vS WW COWitS TO A, STOP, VfcOF. JllOVW fkftt fcpWED To VT.

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