Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 23, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1896
Page 1
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T YOL.XXI LOaANSPORT INDIANA, WEDNESDAY MORNING. SEPTEMBER 23,1896. NO- 228. « , trimmings aid never compared quality cr in • price. want yoi to come -aEdl Double PJnsh capes best standard plushes, tniblt ed«e upper cape, front and collar, full' 125 inch sweep, well Hoed, $6,48 Great combination sale of boacles Irish friese?, American beavers and cheviot jackets. All in the latest fashionf, worth $7,50 like cut $4=48 of Beaver, double with velvet collars, worth $4.50 fe'r $3.75 A double cape with velvet collar, six rows tubular braid all around with velvet insects and pearl buttons, worth $10.50 opening price .. Dress We have a bargain iu 25 pieons all wool novelty goods 34; in, wide in checks stripes etc. worth 33 cents • 21 Cents We offer choice^ of fifteen pieces 88 In. all wool boucles. broken checks and small plaids worth 75o and your choice for The Qreatest Bargain in the Department Is a line of Imported Nove.tiee in heavy cashmeres, bouoles, french repe etc. They're. worth |1.25 and tbia week they are Agents for'Butterrick's Patterns. SHOES .? .98 • 1 - 48 '.• .98 ... .98 ..... .98 ... 1.48 .... 2.48 HERE THEY ARE, ' ' - 1 3CB2L LBADI NG LINHS OF THE BEST OU BARTH. EOB THE MONEY: Ladies' Prench.Dongola Coin Too, Button or lace . . . ...... ......... Ladles' Dongola, Button, or Lace. ..... :„...-... ............ • ..... . Bpys' and Girls' S.chool Shoes ,.,. ... ...... . ..... ..' ........ ............ Boys' .and -Glrl.s'.Dress Shoes .-—•..... »....-^- ------ .....•»•»... --------- .-...-.»• UABGEST'MNB OE CHILD B(EN'S SHOES IN THE OITT, Men's Dress .Shoes, Lace or Congress ------ . . . .... - . .................. .' Men's Working Shoes, Lace or Congress ---- .. ..... ...>• ..... ,,.....,-.,„. Meti'a Fine Dress Shoes , ...... ,.,.-•.. ....... . ............... ........ Men's Hand-Sewed Calf Bals .or Con gress ...................... • • Gei a pad and ruler with each pair. IE. M. Walden & Company. 315 Fourth Street. SOLD ON MERIT It Is profitable to purchase First Class Goods of my kind but especially is this true when buying your ALL AND WINTER SUIT, as there is nothing that shows cheapness quicker than a poorly cut and made garment. Quality to suit the most exacting. Prices to suit the times, Carl W. Keller, AT CANTON. Failor and Draper. 311 Harket Street. Natural Qas Rates/ Partail payments annual rates begin Octo- 1st 1896, ..;•;." Consumers desiring to avail themselver of ..ie annual rate, on the basis of six paymjBnto Ihould arrange to have their stoves coonected 1 yy that date in order to be on time. Logansport & Wash YaUey Gas Co, ; 317 & 319 Pearl Street. Goods, Are here; 1p?ll and examine them be- •^.« requisition papers. frbni ; PenjiKylyania, ;-;:>;. The Pra^al Peirt.Street.Ta^ Delegation of Fanners Call Upon .Maj, MoKinley, He Makes a Speech in Which He Declares National Security Depends on a Big Republican Majority. Canton, O., Sept. 22.— The..advance gunrd of this week's visiting delegations reached Canton shortly ai'ter noon Tuesday. The delegation • numbered a"bout 300 and was composed of formers ,from Holines county, 0. Headed by 1-heir own .band they marched to. the McKinley residence, where Dr. J. G. BLg-hnm, of Mill'ersburg, the spokesman of the party, made a short address, to Maj. McKinley. Tie spoke ot tlie disastrous effects of the Wilson; bill upon the wool growers and . farmers of Holnijs county and upon the laboring- men generally, lie declared .it. was the duty of every America*!, regardless of party or. politics, to stand log-ether for the honor and prosperity of the country in this crisis. The speaker concluded as follows: '"Iirthc nnme of- the faiyners of Holmes coini:y t I congratulate you upon, the suffic-ient^i-. deuce of an overwhelming; victory. Maj, McKinley W«s loudly applauded when he stepped 'forward tp'rcsponi!. Maj.'McKinley Talks Abont Sllvur. Maj. McKinley referred \o th.-.ut/n- grcWio-nal campaign of 1800, wh?n the •tin peddler wns abroad in Holmes county and predictions regard ing the pvice of tin were made but never fulfilled nnd then said: "Now.' It Is free silver. Free silver 13 po- InE to cure all our 11-s. [Laughter.] -Why, my fellow citizens, It don't make any difference how free sliver la to be coined In the United States, you will not get one dollar of It unless you give something for It. [A voice: 'That's right' and applause.] If we had mints In every state of the union and In every county In every state and the. silver of' th&"--tfbrld was brought to these mints as.la.'proposed by our.political opponents, silver won't be any easier for you to get than-it Is now. [A voice: That'R -right.'] And besides, In this country, we don't proposed have a dishonest dollar. [Great applause.], We propose to have the best' of everything that's going; we've got- the best coutttry and the best men and we propose to; continue to have the bent money. [Great 'applause.] There Is another thins, •my.ifellow cltlzo'ns, this year the people meatti to put at rest the question of their Kfcnesty which was never doubted either at) home or abroad until put In controversy by the allied parties In.this political contest, 1 I say allied parties; tho one a democratic party assuming an old name, the others little older and falsely claiming to be^-the peojle'H party. It Is to tho credit-of thy country that many of the time-honored leaders of. one of tho parties hove IndlsnnnUy repudiated those who have assumed tfliquestloh the public honor In tho name.oti'jjemocracy:' [Applause.! An Appeoi>f° r tt B'C Majority. "Tho contest should 'be settled .t'his'ypnr; that no party hereafter can-alarm tho business world -and-- shake public confidence by the proposition to scalp.our debts, either public or'prlvate.' [Applause.]' We cannot altor.il-, as. a...nation to have the question raised 'every, four years .whether the nation will'pay-or repudiate its debt:. [Applause;] •jphl* l» a year,, my fellow citizens of Hplmei county, to .close that, question forever. : [Applause.] It can be so det?r- mlnedrthjs year, that It will never present Itself aealn In your lifetime of mine, a sweeping and Impressive majority against the comtilnod opposition will do. it. [Applause.] And nothing else will. [A voice: •We will do it.'] : . "Not i bare majority; but-a mlfchty.one, placing the party .of national honor In control of every branch of the government will 'do It, anything short of that will leave tho. question to .further dispute. I>et-us settle .It. once for all that this government Is'one of honor and of law, and that neither tho seeds of. .repudiation or lawlessness caii find root In our soil or Hve.beneath our flag, [Applause.] In this'contest all the tanner we .Want. Is the American flaff. [Applause.] .That represents all our alms, our policies and purposes. It Is the bnn- nor. of .every patriot,. It Is, .thank God, to-day the flag of every section of bur common country, i'No flag ever triumphed over It; It never was degraded or defeated, [Applause,] It was never degraded or'dqr feated, and will : not4iow be'-when more patriotic men are guarding It. than ever before in our history: 1 ' . [Great cheering.] At two "o'clock a'delegation of 1,000 persons from.Jamestown and Chautauqua county, N.'Y.', arrived. They called immediately 1 -upon Maj. McKinley..-.Arthur C. :Wade.. acted as .spokesman-. Among the towns.represented in the delegation, are Salamanca,. Randolph, Frewsburg, Lakewood, Watts Plats nnd Panama. • ; WILL NOT FUSE., , Republican! and ,"Sonnd Mbneyy Oemo-v «r»tii Full to Make a Hitch In Alabuma. ; Wu'ti'lvixg'tbn, Sept. 22. — A dispatch from Birmingham, Ala.i'says: The republican state campaign -committee,, after a prolonged session ; "here, have decided not :to -fuse with the "sound money"-.democrats or with any, otlver party, which act-ion was approved .ijy^ ,the advisory committee. The 'repub-,' lioan electoral ticket and .congressional nominees will' stand, and' a strong ft jrnt will be made-lor them. ..The republicans; ha-ve opened ;state. headquarters^ and sent .out literature. to ,18. counties'., The leaders,say.'they .wlil'.mukea ylg-'- orous campaign lor McKinley-in this state: The action of' the republicans tnakes four"electoral 'tickets in Ala-: 'bamn a fixture;-mmel'y: v 'Silver,' democratic,' nattaflsil denTOcraticj'republican? and populisTC 1 .'. 1 ;.;.-:,-.,.-.-.. ••:•';' t •-.- ;;•:••'. '•: .,',.-- KILLS , HIMSELF AND FAMILY. Vfttful Butchery of a Family Hear In- l, Ind. .'Indianapolis, iud-< Sept. a:.— Tuesday morning a neighbor culled nt the homo of Charles Pfeiffer in Bright-wood, a •little suburb of this city, and was horri- fled.' ; to,flnd the dead boJy of Pfeiffer hanging- from the transom lending to the r '.lining-room. Further iuycstiga- .1 ion -revealed the bloody corpses o£ Willie, -the two-rnonths-old bnbe, and Mrs. Jennie Pfeifler, his wife. The -body ot the former was lying in it.s carriage anrl one> tiny 'hand still clasped the bottle from, which it Lad drawn nourishment. Its throat waa cut from car to ear. Th?> bocly of 'the! .Wife. was'found stretched upon a bed. with the head almost severed from the -body. '• The couple were married 'about ii year ago, and hncl livcd'hap- pily!. They' were, at the home' of Mrs. FfeifEer'tf. parents Monday night' and • "' 'left - ... ...'there about. eight o'clock, going to their own home across "the'' .street. This was the lust time-' they wi;re seen ulive, and iudi-. .cations' 'point to the fact, thnt Pfc.iifer committed, tlie crime almost immediately after "they.', had retired. He took a ra/or 'from r. bureau drawer, gashed his wife 'and-' -'child, 'then drew on his trous- crSj'-Cvevi-li-iiito tiie back ynvd, cnts)xfeet 6C rope from a. clothesline, ami, return- infr'lo-tlAi hoiise,-disposecl of himself, Only-o'rie motive C-.ITI be assiarned for the horrible deed, nncl Coroner Castor is of the b'elief that it is the correct explanation. 'Ifc assigns it to temporary in- sanity.'produccd suddenly and in n po- c.nli.i'r a'ml' tmusunl manner, not un- kno\vn; ; 'Tioweyer, to medical science. : . ''.., "''TROOPS ARRIVE. Sife>Kobber-Arre»ted, . /New YorkyS^pt,-.22,-r-Marcu8-ScU6en-: man, alias •Sfeijman, wanted.'} in ^P^tts-i ', jburgh, . McKeespprt; Philadelphia •Va'u'.a. EliBabethporij j5r. ; j.v ond seye'.riU'otJiet;, 'places' 'f o'r. -'ioBtfi'iig' thi : safes' 'pi flniia In. those piaceSVwKile in 1 .their employ of sums rarig^g'.irom'.$5,000; to 1,000,. Was arrestcd;VSr6Vday,'.nig;ht;»'' He.'was Presence of :the boldle" In LeDdYllla Cun»o» a FuolInK of Safety. L'cadville, Col., Sept. 22.—A special train of.'eight coaches, after waiting for n second'section, with companies from Greeley ."Boulder and Longmont, also a-.Jorig line of freig-ht cars, containing horses,•.-.ammunition 'and provisions, pulled (into Leadville at-3:30. Tuesday morning. '.'.The approach' to Leudville ' wa's^madO'With' great .caution, 'three iiorap'nriiesi o'f"' : In'f:vntr\" deploying skir- hiistier* for six ^miles'-bo:fo.re"reaching- thejcityi Tho men slept in .the-ears all uight, brenkfa'iit^Ueing- served nt 5:30 n; to. iTh.e movciiicnts of. the militia are being snileiily wiitclicd.uy rhe. groups of strikers, ' Gen. Brooks has decided 1o pitch camp .in the pit] baseball grounds near the dcpoti'the-space; being-nmply suffl- Tbe Second-reg-iment: tlint. nrrived Monday..!s exposed'.to weather-in the coldest part of town. By. n sing-Ie bugie call a m'pbilizatibn of,trooj>s conlcl be effected;|rf-..ten'mintites ih : the business heart of (iie'-city. Everj'.thing is under guard - and : .citiens:rnre-r.,iinm|easurii lily, relieved,,'- ,jA-' fracas- which might- have resulted'^itLVii..widespread uprising was promptly !q'u'ellcd Tuesday morning. The-Btreets are _filled with idlers of .both sexes',-few: having-left 1 own. Lend- villei S: --ihowey«j f ,'.'vhaR .-witnessed few nights-na, quiet as Monday night. ,; : HOLD A CONFERENCE. Feople'i 1'nr.ty 'National Executive Com; • i/n>ltt«o Maet at St. Lould. _• " ' ! •'St.-li'ouis'.-'Sep't; 22.—Severn I members of-.the people's party national executive, committee were' in 1 , conference here Tuesday.. Those in attendance were Vlce..';i'resi'donti'nl C.indidnte Thomas Watson i George-']?. Washburh, of Chicago; II. W.' Eeed, of Georgia; : Morris '"C/liahkin, of Terre Haute, Ind.;ChnrleK X'.'MhtWhews, of Indianapolis, Ind., and Chairman Roselle, of the Missouri-state, 'committee. -;. .. .,• -...-•" . ' , • 1 Th'e -tionferetice began behind closed dopf's; shortly afteri 11 .o'clock and lasted •abou't an lioui;," when'recess was taken tintil three p/ni. • ' Those in attendance are very reticent nnd refiisc. "to' divulge the nnture_of the ''proceeding.-'.or the.action taken. It is. learned; however,..that it was decided that Watson'should continue in his po fi'itioii n>\ the vice.presidential nominee of th'i'people's .pr.rty:. Another thin£: -alscussed wa's : the advisability of. issuing iin address to -the members of the peo- ple'rfe-p'rfrty. throughout the country instructing them to vote solidly for Wat- (s'cih-'electors.. This matter will come up hfrairi n't Tuesday afternoon's session. h-r; ! vA 'MLfNIFICErvlT : GlFT, Mr». Jail* Bradley Give* Her- Fortune ot •'- .Clia.-SfOO.OOO to Chloaao Bnlrenlty. {•"Chicago, Sept.' 2S.—Mrs. Julia Brad-" leyf-nn-Nngcd'"woman" of Peoria, 111,, has ••bestowed 'al.'h'er fortune, estimated at •«2,SOO;000, upon' the -University of r Chi*ago, on condition that a,branch school •*hBU 'be built,at Peoria. Sirs. Bradley ;Ji'a8,pianne.d fo'rthegift.forlS years, but, th'e.faet- has only now leaked out. Some •iim-e'JBgo she dcc'ided tllat she would like twkeeiSie'school ai'wbrk.before she die*, and : tho incorporati&n, papers are now Veingi"ftrawn'.-,:It.',wJJi; be r coiled .the ('.'Braaicy.'• rdly^echnif! ; ilnstitute,", and two' of .its seven directors, will be con- necteao»'iththepniT.er'8ityof Chicago.,. . MIVEN TO SUICIDE Edson Keith After Long Continued Ill-Health Drowns Himself, Waa a Prominent and Wealthy Business Man of Chicago—Interested in Many Enterprises. Chicago, Sept. 22.—Edsoii Keith, head of the great millinery firm of .Edsoa Keith it Co.. Wabash avenue, and Monroe street, committed suicide by jumping into the lake at the foot of Thirteenth street Monday uight. The fact was not made known until late Tuesday morning. Keith wns seen to jump from the pier cf the Illinois Central railroad company at Thirteenth street, but his iden- lit.y was then unknown. The Cottage Grove avenue station was notified, and two crews have been drag-gh.g- the lake for the body, but without success. Kelson Keith was the htnd of probably the largest millinery establishment in the United States, lie was also a well-known club man and financier of no mean reputation. Later reports show that Mr. Keith took his life-Sunday night or early Monday morning. When Mrs. Keith tried to "open the door of his apartment Mon- duy morning- she found it locked. She summoned her son, who found that his father had occupied the bed, but was missing 1 . Ills wo-tch; money and articles oi everyday wenr were at band, showing that >Ir. Keith had not taken the usiial oare with his toilet. Believing montal trouble had overcome him, the police were; notified and spent all Monday in a fruitless endeavor to locate the missing rann. Tuesday morning information was received that a hat and coat had been found nohr I he breakwater at the mouth of the Weldcm slip. These were identified as hoving belonged to Mr. Keith and convinced the searchers of his suicide, .doubtless while temporarily insane. . Physical ill-health and -fcnr of the possible troubles to result from the coming presidential election, are the causes'assigned for Mr. Keith's break- flown. His financial affairs are said to be in the best of shape. Mr. Keith was interested in many prcat enterprises, and was considered one of the larges't capitalists^in the west. He was the financialTnan behind ninny of this large interests in the natural gns districts of Indiana, including the immense-plate glass pliints. at Kokooio, Anderson and other . points lie wns also'oife J 6f the largest elevator owners In the United States, and was interested in several bonks end a stockholder in 'railroad : corporations.' He 1-iwns'a member'.o'f the Chicago,, Calumet, Union League; Union' and other clubs, and a member of the Chicago board of trade nnd stock'.exchange. YELLOW FEVER IN CUBA. ••"Washington,-Sept.. 22.—Vice dent Scott* of .the-Unioniiron.worlvS, San Francisco, has signed,,the. contruc't.Ior- one- of the new battleships w-hic.li must be/'nn|koea"wlt£ih three years from lost; sfcaay', .Contracts for the-two F P.'xjiilen. M. P.. Dies of.-Heart Dlimil*- '• Adelaide/ 'South "Australia, Sept: 1 22.— ilon^'Pr.! 1 . Glll.en; M,'P., commissioner of'«rbwri:laVds,,.'died suddenly Tuesday 'frpm^h.eatt.-disease, while 'attending a 8'tlll Dolnir It« D«i»<tly, Work Amonf the. Spanish Soldier*. Washington, Sept. 22.— Marine- : hcs- pital reports snow no abatement, of. yellow fever in Cuba, nor is tie disease less virulent thn : n it has been all summer. Th'e United 'States kariitary : 'in : specter at Santiago de Cuba, however,' reports smallpox steadily decreasing' nnd expresses the belief that, in about one month the epidemic will be pnc- tically' over.' "'• ' '"" ' • The following deaths from yellow. fever nnd new cases in' several 'ci!ies : for' the last week are reported by United States consuls- nt those ports: ..Matan- 'zfisi 4] deaths; Cnrdenas, 12 ricaths, S-l jiases;'; Santiago, 9, deaths;' Sugua ia Grande,' 10 deaths, 46'ciiscsi'and Hayai»a, 43 deaths. . .'..... Thirty-two of .the latter occurred in the military hospital among' Ihe'.Span- is'h. soldiers, .with' 8.9 n'e'w^ca'aos report-' ;ed, ..and the remaining 11 .were nmong civilinns in different parts of the city, with .approximately 31 ncwj^ises. Diamond Match Stock Sold. Chicago, Sept. 22. '— The postponed Auction sale of TOO shares of Diamond Jifatch stock took place at the real estate board here Tuesday. ' There were two bidders for I/he stock, it being finally knocked down to Frank N.- Gage nt $130 per share. The board of directors of- the.lliamond Match company held a meeting Tueiiday'morning 1 at which the resignations of the Moore Brothers we» offered niifT ncceutcd. • 1 Fttpor, t Irran Uurnea uuc. New York, Sept. 22.— A fire in the iix-story Carey .: building, corner of Beach -and Hudson: streets, occupied by various. paper. companies, caused alos» to the occupants .and on the buHfliug'.of $30,000., The .principal loss vs.- to the etock of the- ElsaS , Psper . :coinpany,- which .occupied -the four .lower floors. OVEK THE STATE. To •-.X«§t .'' "Frankfort, Kyv'Sept. 22.—-The state auditor is preparipg to bring a test suit In the state'courts'to settle the question as to whether every corpcro-tiori in tne''state should -p'ayii franchise tax,; In. accordance with the recent decision of United States Judge Barr. ••"• '"• '' " ; Schooner Driven Ashore .in .• Storm. . jAlpena, Mich., Sifp't 22.—The schbon- ;er Badger was^driven,ashore .Monday,. 'night nearv : Moriaghon's'.dock . by',..;the norihcast gale., The crew was taken off : by 4.he Middle. Island .life-savers. .This boat is;owiiedin Toledo, and.will prob- !only be a total loss. ,.•..:-,.. ' : Futnoiu Frlm*: Donn» Dead. : , Septv22'.—FTa.n,Kathailn«' Events In Various Portions Of Indiana Told by Wire. \ SIlTcr Service for the Indiana. New York, Sept. 22.—Gov. Matthew*, . of Indiana, and the party of distin- J guished citizens who accompanied him to this city for the purpose of present- ] ing n silver service and library to th* ' battle ship Indiana, boarded the United States dispatch boat Dolphin off \Ve»t- Thirty-fourth street shortly lifter ton j o'clock Monday morning. The paity were joined by a number of Now VTork- ; ers who were former Indinninns nnd by officials who were to take port in , the programme and other prominent- persons. Ex-President Harrison and ; Mrs. Harrison were among the number. Capt. Evans received his visitors at the gangway of the Indiana. The c'lip had been made roady for the occasion by g-ivjng an extra scrub to the whilB , decks arid an additional polis-b to the ((hieing brass work. The services were brief, :md consisted in the presentation of tlie service by Gov. Matthews in behalf of the stata of which he is the chief executive and • short speeches by ex-President Hsrri- Bon and the representatives of '.he navy department. After the ceremony the guests, weie given an excursion on the Dolphin to West Point. A|;cd Trlllcr Must Pay. Peru, Tnd., Sept. 22.—By a decision friven in court here it is oilicially held that men of over 70 years have no busi-' ness "making up" to young women unless they mean matrimony. The court ivlso decides that to damage the affections of a widow is not as bad as damaging- the affections of a young woman who has never known what true love is. The decision was made in the'breacb of promise suit of Mrs. Alice Stockber- per, a widow of Kochester, against John Walters,, an aged, nud wealthy farmer, living near here. The jury ha« returned a verdict of $4,200 in her favor, as she was feir to look upon and smiled sweetly-on the 13 men while telling how "Johnnie" had won her heart and then thrown It aside, ns worthless, but the judge,.no doubt thinking ihat the de- fenda'nt had bad worry and trouble enough, reduced it: to $1',200. .:.-,. Come'v Near-Killing Hlnwelf. •Mxuicie, .Tnd.,,Sept. 22.—Patrick Billow came n«ar meeting deut.h in a pe- culiar'ininnerr While walking down Ihe lake Erie <fc Western tracks a bug flew in his mouth and he swallowed it.' From the taste the insect left-in hii throat, he thought it was a'potato bug, nnd he hastened to a drup store and purchased 15 cents worth of,paris green nnd swallowed a large quantity of the drug. In a. short time he'was suffering with pains in his stomach and; became unconscious. Pbysicinntwere called and 1 bdministered emetics which- 'caused- him to vomit, and sure enough a potato bug.came forth with the paris green.. He is out of danger. •' Alleged Ticket Thl«t Heidi .Indianapolis, Ind.,'Sept. S2.—A special agent of the-Missouri, Kansas & Texas railroad arrived here to invest!- , gate the case. of..Cunning-ham,who is under arrest, charged -;with stealing railroad tickets.. The agent says that Cunnihgham'was'eniployec! by the com- jfSjiy at St. Charles and thus had access to' the ticket case.. .He says that Cunningham took tickets valued at $500, end,'with'the exception of one tickej* Bold' in St. Louis,' all wer"* offered fot sale; in this city. The agent has decided to .take Cunniivgham back with him. . , ';...'• • Bidden on m R»1L Grawfordsville, Ind., Sept. 22. — Mttt^ Davidson, of Bristol Eidge,. a republican, cfieered. for McKinley as a democratic procession passed his home. At midnight a party of hoodlums-visited his home, dragged liira out in h'is night clothes, and rode him on a rail for nearly a mile, con- st'nntly -firing revolvers in clcse proximity -to* his> head as they bounced him along. Davidson was finally left on the roadside, completely exhausted and badly,bruised.. . , . . Will.RooUtlm.9OO.OOO. Acrci. Michigan Citj-, Ind.,. Sept. 22.—The organization of the Kanknkee Eiver •Improvement' association, having for its purpose the reclamation of 100,000' ncres of :and .in the Ka-nkdkee swamp region, hns been followcdj by the organization of a company oi Chicago l.ind owners, articles of incorporation having been filed, to take up the work in the counties adjacent to- those itt which Indiana capital will operate. • • Hfy»trrlon« Dlsappewiinoe. MJchig-an City, Ind., Sept. 22. — Excitement prevails nt Otis over the mysterious disappearance of Mrs. John Sparling, the,;wife of a farmer, living pear tjiere. She has been missing since September 3. The report reaches Otis froin Chicago thnfra Mrs. Sparling was shot nnd killed there, her body beingf fiv.md buried .under a sidewalk. ' '' Sentenced, for Stealing. ! Fi-flnldin; 3id., S<jpt.2?.--J'ohn (Joins'- was, setite.nced to four years', imprison- . Mieiit in-the-penitentiary:for larceny. Coins'ofTensc was steiil.'hg five chickens., This will make his third trip over the". rond for small offenses^ , • '••.;..:. W"rtrn Out. Markle,. Ind., ; Sept.. 22,, -.-;A carrier •j.gcoii', pretty well-worn 'put, .Trith tlie?" r umb'er T., 34,823 .on a 'band encircllngv crie of its,legs,'flew into a .bu.Uding ner«. |ind was t-'apftircfl?:'- •••__'. ''.''.}',-. '"'.•.;.;•'.'.'>• '•'.• ••_••'

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