Wilkes-Barre Times from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on February 11, 1902 · Page 1
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Wilkes-Barre Times from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, February 11, 1902
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t r LAST EDITION. WEATHER FORECAST. r Eastern Pennsylvania: Increasing cloudiness to-night; probably snow la northern nortion in A Wednesday snow, rising temperature to-nigm in nortnern portion; light to fresh -westerly winds. f PRICE ONE CENT. s it let SCHQOIR RESCUED .. - - ' THE TIMES ttF.n?TVTrt; TTTTT T TTTTT TQWPtJC ODrcc'ermrr " t , '? TflTI Hit . - . - - - - - - .-.LI- ' - ' ' ' v' V. jioxLJUU loow TUESDAY P.VRMT1tfa.T?P.BPTTuv n - : a v.. ; in nit n nnniir nn? . . - ? . Cri v -btt tj w ivii ii i &sr?utie. IIIs! . fi. I V. TT TTV mm til PATERSON, N. J., Feb. 11 The night In this Are devastated city was a quiet one. Four or five times the smouldering ruins biased out In spots but the firemen on the ground quickly suppressed the flames. There was no attempt at looting; the soldiers on guard had little to do besides their routine patrol duty. Gangs of men are again at work , this morning cleaning up debris, dynl-inltlng and pulling down walls and doing all that can be done at this time 'In preparatlsn for a speedy restoration of the burned district. Telegrams are still pouring in from all sections of the country offering aid. (Mayor Hlnchllffe. replies with hearty thanks and with the information that Paterson w ill take care of her own sufferers. RISING LIKE A PHOEXIX. - ) The fable of the phoenix Is being rewritten here. Already the shock of Sunday morning's disaster has passed, and strangois coming within the gates of this industrial beehive are amazed at the equipoise, the cheerfulness and philosophical spirit of the townspeople. Despondency and pessimism are almost unknown qualities. Every one you meet Is more confident than another that the city will quickly get on its feet again, bigger, stronger and more ornate than ever. To-day business men and lawyers, "bankers and Investors stood gating at the ruins and discussed plans for rebuilding. Men met each other smilingly swapped stories of personal loss books, records, papers which .could not be replaced. Nobody was looking for sympathy, and if there were any who Imagined that their tale of woe overshadowed that of their fellows the moral and mental atmosphere pervading NEW PLAN FOR RAIN MAKING. RICHMOND, Ind.. Feb. 11. John A. Baldwin, the aeronaut, is preparing to make an Interesting .experiment next summer, the first time there Is a drouth In this section. His plan is to speed 1,000 ballons from different points, each to carry a dynamite bomb, each to be exploded as nearly simultaneous as possible, the object being to produce rain. SPECIAL NOTICES. FOR CITY TREASURER, Your Vote is Kindlv Solicited, OWEN D. JONES. McNulty and O'Brien's. Dinner 20c Wednesday, Feb. 11. Soup Pea Roasts Roast Beef, Roast Veal, Lamb Pie, Frlccassee Lamb Vegetables Mashed Potatoes, Greea Peas Dessert Rice Pudding Tea Coffee Milk I meals $1.00. 21 mealu $3.50. For a Business Administration By a Business Man, Vote for Chas. W. Tammany For Mayor. Election Day, Feb. i8, 1902 PRESCRIPTION r ' DRUGGISTS. . n . . . . Cr.EEN'3 PHARMACY, COpposite te Sterling.) Just Think offl ; Potatoes $1.00 per buh4 and meals (all you can eat) only Z5c at MOORE'S DINING PARLORS, Opposite Post Office, Never Closed. Purcell's Turkish. Russian and Korean Baths, No. 67 North Washington street, are never closed. Bed and bath. 75c. 8 baths, J5.00.. Skilled thlrci i dlst always In attend, a nee. W M. J, PURCELL, Prop. Like the town hushed them ere their dirge had yet begun. WONDERFUL SELF RELIANCE. It was also wonderful as a magnificent tribute to the self-reliance of a people who were now showing qualities of which they had hitherto deemed themselves incapable, and with which no outsider had credited them. Paterson's repute. If the truth must be told, had not been quite so high as that cf some of Its sister cities. Many had legarded It as a money grubbing place, vhere the scramble for wealth had developed abnormal selfishness and had deadened the moral and intellectual forces of the community. What will go down into history as "The Great Fire" has changed all that. If the inhabitants had studied moral philosophy and the Galden Rule seven day a week since childhood they could not well have come out of this ordeal better than they have during the last forty-eight hours. Everybody seemed anxious to know what he could do for his neighbor. Self-reliance was evident everywhere, and there were practically no appeals for aid or charity of any kind. Everywhere one observed good nature, even optimism, and this applied as well to the tired soldier, fireman and policeman as to the victims who found themselves homeless or without a shelter to conduct their business. There as no lamentation no weeping or wailing and no growling. Each per son was apparently vying with his neighbors in the matter of maskine misfortune with a smile, and all were readier to talk about the future than to make funeral orations on the mountain heaps of smoking debris and gable walls which stood as eloquent monuments to structures which but yester- GERMAN BANK REDUCES DISCOUNT. 'BERLIN. Fdi'fl -lTh ti ,n- ! count of the Imperial bank of Germany nas een reduced ,o tnree pe r cent. SPECIAL NOTICES. To the Voters of the CitfTof' Wiikes-Birre: v . It his tome to me through Various channels that one of the arguments b-elng used Against my election is -to the effect that if elected Mayor, I will not give my whole attention to the duties of the office by reason of absence from the City. Before entering into this contest I arranged my personal business in such a manner that if elected my entire time would be devoted to the duties of the office of Mayor. J. Ridgway Wright. Belle of Nelson at Hotel Hart. The whiskey that made Kentucky famous, old-fashioned, hand-made sour mash, the finest and purest whiskey in the market put up in full quart bottles. Sold everywhere for $1.50 a bottle. Our price $1.10. Sold over the bar at 10c. a drink. f.u Mayor's Election Proclamation. In obedience to the law, I, F. M. Nichols, Mayor of the city of Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne county, Pennsylvania, hereby give notice that the annual municipal election will toe held in said city on Tuesday, the 18th day of February, 1902, from 7 o'clock In the forenoon to 7 o'clock in the afternoon, for the purpose of giving the qualified electors of said city an opportunity to vote for the following officers,. to-wit: Mayor For the term of three years. City Treasurer Fol the term of tnree years. City Controller For the term of three years.- - City Assessors One of the term of three years, one for two years, and one for one year. , Select Council One member of Select council in the Tenth ward. Merrtbera of Common Council One member of Common Council in each of the following wards, via.: First, Third, Fifth. Sixth, Seventh. -Ninth, Eleventh, Thirteen and Fifteenth. Alderman One alderman in the Twelfth ward. Constables One constable In each ward of the city. . Ward Assessor On assessor in each ward of the city. - ,, Other Officers One assistant assessor in each election district of the city. One judge of election In each election district Two 1 n8pector of . election in each election district. v p. u. NICHOLS, Mayor, hoen day had pleased the eye because f of their beauty, and respect because! of their seeming strength. FIRE WILL NOT HURT. This fire of February 9. 1902, will not nurt raterson. undoubtedly it must take some individuals years to recover from the mntcHnl 1rta ..nonlallv a few - r - of the smaller shopkeepers who had no insurance. But the city Itself will come out of It, five or six years hence. better than ever in every way. Mean while there may be some temporary embarrassments and difficulties, but these Will not tirnvc Inauersihln tn the people who have shown such spirit ,-as nas Deen manirestea nere, and is being shown now. The Industries of the town are not affected. Work is going on merrily in the mills, and once fhe rubbish Is cleared away thousands ?of masons, carpenters and builders will swarm around to cover the vacant spaces with substantial and In some cases handsome buildings. There was a wide variation In the estimate of the losses by the great fire. Some placed the loss as low as $6,000.-000, and some at twice that figure. The insurance companies were of the opinion that they would have to pay losses amounting to about 12,500.000. Some jf the smaller companies may be swamped by the payments. It was discovered that all the records In Paterson's! Tax Department h$d been riefltrnvLil TVin tltv ma, lkia about $6,000,090 in back taxes, unless tiere is legislation compelling owners qf property to furnish proof of the payment of taxes. I Morally and intellectually Paterson has met with stoical fortitude the work of the Destroying Angel. Ere many days the triumph of material rehabilitation will have begun. 110 ENTERTAltlMEtIT L HENRY NEW YORK. Feb. 11. The committee having in charge the entertainment of the Imperial officers of the Imperial yacht, Hohenzollern have called everyi thing off until the arrival of the Princfi. The yacht is due here Saturday of Suni day, a week before the Prince arrives. It had been planned to give the Hohen zollern's officers an elaborate reception 'but now a quiet hint has come from some mysterious official source calling all plans off. The committee has been informed that European etiquette forbids a reception to any of the Prince's suit until the Prince himself arrives It Is believed that this hint came direct from Kaiser KWilhelm through the? German ambassador. There is good reason to believe that the Kaiser will.' if he has not already done so. inform Count Von Baudissln and other dit-tin-guished retinue of the Hohenzollern that they cannot accept entertainment before the Prince arrives. VERY FEW EVICTIONS IN IRELAND. LONDON, Feb. 11. The Royal Irish constabulary's report of evictions during the last quarter of 1901, published to-day is as follows: "In Ulster county, 7; In Lelnster, 8; in Connaught, 11; and In Munster, 14. The total number of evictions for the year, according to the report was 175. During the year 2,482 tenants were converted Into care takers. FATAL FIRE. HACKENSACkT nT J., Feb, 1L The residence of James Russell, at Oradell, a short distance from here, took fire at 4 a. m. and , burned like a tinder box. Russell's mother perished in the flames His sister escaped with her life by jumping from a second story window but sustained severe injuries. The origin of the fire' is unknown. Loss is about 15,000. AGREEMENT NOT ENFORCED UNTIL AUGUST. LONDON, Feb. II. it is stated here thftt it is Impraboble that the new trans-Atlantic passenger fares ; under the arrangement between the various steamship lines, will be adopted before next August. BISHOP OF PRETORIA DEAD. PRETORIA, Feb. ll.-The Right Rev. Henry Brougham Bonafield, "bishop of Pretoria, la dead. He was bora In I83i - 816 FIRE AT CANTON. HONG KONG. Fefb. 1L A disastrous fire is raging In the suburbs pf Canton. Four hundred houses have been destroyed - UNTI PICE ARRIVES CAPS MAT, N. J., Feb. 11. The blackened hulk of the unknown three masted schooner, which was hurned. seven miles directly off Cape May last night is now floating about in the ice off shore, but is only visible through a glass. The schooner burned continually from S o'clock last evening until 5 o'clock this morning. ; About 5 o'clock this morning the Delaware River pilot boat, Philadelphia, ran alongside the wreck and succeeded in rescuing the schooner's crew and carried them to the Delaware breakwater. The crew of five life saving stations A A E, A ARREST PITTSBURG, Pa., Feb. 11 A bloody dime, a shining new coin smeared with the blood of a human helng was spent for beer in the hotel Schrelner. TTnion avenue this morning not 15 minutes after a brutal murder had been committed in front of the hotel Nutridge on Diamond street. That coin nas the innocent cause of another murder. fAund weltering in his own blood at a iAJi ii. lit t ,ir vciii mi. Tris o hni.t J.4A ,kl. i . .. .. uvui i.ov luis inurning Dy ponce lieutenant MeElroy. The officer not thing-lng the man dead, summoned the ambulance 'of the Homeopathic hosDitai but the doctor the e imnaedlatplv nrn. nounced the Victim nf the nlc-ht trart dead and bis body was sent to morgue. Three men were arrested tthnrtiv aftr the tragedy hud been fraftwi The. are strongly suspertci! of the crime but iiif cnargi ap.ainst them is that cf being suspicious characters. It wa ore c thw trio of nur.t urowl era whn snpnt the tell-tale coin. The bartender at the scnriener pointed him out to the offl- bSnK?116 aft6r arreSU had been made... A fourth man Is held merniv a witness, he bavins been a onmnnninn with the thret men sn-d thai... vHm earlier in the niprht. Tne men who are RiiArteotai r.t horin. murdered the Clevelander for his little store of coin are L. B. Ravmnnri r.-u1? Aurella street. East End. this cltv J L. Updegraff and James Kain of Leech- curg, v&. George Brown was held ihv the tif as a witness. The Dolice are onnfirlent they have the men guilty of the murder ana roobery. Yesterday. Herman, who rnmo frnm Cleveland three or four dava :l p ft n nrl was stopping at the Red Lion hnte! Sixth street, reported to the police that ne naa been robbed of $40 in cash and an overcoat by three negroes, but was unable to give a description. A fierce struggle on Diamond this morning attracted two electricians, who aooeared on the scene Just In time to see Her man ran to the street and his assailants run away. BRUTAL MURDER BLOODY DIM QUICK EX-SECRETARY GAGE TO BECOME PRES. UNITED STATES T New York, Feb. ll.-Friends of Ly- man J. Gage, until recently secretary of tne treasury, say that he has decided to accept the presidency of the United States Trust Company. He will suc ceed i. Stewart, who it is understood Will continue as rhalrmin nt tha- Ko.l of directors. Official announcement of these changes will come In a few days. Mr. Stewart will be eighty years old on August 26 next. He founded the United States Trust Company in 1853 and except for a brief Interval during the Civil War, when he served as assistant S STONE'S POLITICIANS LONDON, Feb. 1L-Spencer-Eddy; charge d'affaires nt th ritta . . V '1VI.U UVO-kCB embassy at Constantinople haa iih-ot ,here from the Turkish capital. HHiie no reiasea te be officially quoted your correspondent learned from him that the negotiations for Miss Ellen M. Stone's release having taken on the most serious phase' yet. There is now no doubt that the captors of the Ameri can missionary were politicians who r "vmi0 Vt I1U captured iMlss Stone for the purpose of MIS CAPTORS ARE along this part of the coast attempted to go out to the rescue last night and kept on strue-ellne- with the .floes uatU 3 o'clock this morning." Then they gave up. Most of the crews returned to Anglesea, as they were unable because of the Ice hlock and the tide conditions to get back to their stations. The night was very dark and the burned ship could be seen plainly from 7 until 11 o'clock. The fire after that time seemed to die out gradually. The burned ship has been fast in the ice since last Saturday. She has been carried back and forth with the tides, being helpless. GAS EXPLOSION BLEW SIX BOYS THROUGH ENGINE ROOM ROCHESTETt, N. Y Feb. 11. A few minutes before 7 o'clock this morning a quantity of coal gas that had accumulated in the fire ibox of the engine in the "boiler room of the O. C. Orr & Rugg company, s-ash. door and blind manufacturer, on Davis street, exploded and blew six boys through the door or tne Doner room, one of them being ' I 6eJ'&usly burned hy gas. They are: i Tl I n offhafl IWfna. V . IJ . W m. Callaghan. Irvinsr Yost Henrv Adams, Oeorge Schucknecht, George Osborn and John Hogan, employed as helpers. About 6:55 o'clock the lads had all arrived at the plant and while waiting , for the mill to begin ', operations they ,ent to the "boiler room to get warm and when they were standing before 'the fire box suddenly a sheet of flame burst through the Iron of the 1 rnn hnT thef orce of the explosion carrying the-, boys through the doorway, the door! havinsr been blown tn anllntara intn h yard, stunned by the force of the ex ' 'sWwer all burned about the face! plosion and hands and thplr. hoii- wi. kflT. As far as can be "learned ftuut - ..WWUJ can 'be blamed for the accident. VISIT OF PRINCE NOT POSTPONED. BERLIN, Fei. 11. In view o the fact that no alarming reports have been received from the German embassy at Washington regarding the condition of President Roosevelt's son, nothing Is being done in the way of postponing Prince Henry's visit to the United States. SANTO'S DUKONT FLOATS IN AIR AT WILL. MONACO, Feb. 11. Santos-Dumont yesterday made his third trip over the ibay. Splendid weather prevailed. The aeronaut made evolutions, -with complete success, for thirty minutes, and returned to his starting place amid the plaudits of the great crowd assembled. secretary of the treasury with head quarters in New York. h haa directed its affairs. The company has been advanced to a position of pre-eminence among the financial institutions of the world. The United States Trust company is classed as a Standard Oil Institution. The directors include Wi. Rockefeller; D. O. Mills, . James Stlllman, Edward Cooper; John S. Kennedy; Gustav H. Schwab, John Claflin, Marshall Field and other men whose names are associated with Important financial and industrial enterprises. showing Macedonian lawlessness and thus obtaining foreign intervention for the expelling of the Macedonians from Turkey. They now fear that Miss Stone, who speaks the English language has learned so much of their plans that it would be dangerous to release her ahd are therefore' trying to get the money lor her release and then cut her throat. Hence the refusal on the part of those negotiating for Miss Stone's release to hand over the money, until she is safe.- The brigands refuse to release the missionary tn those terms. If they had been ordinary 'brigands Miss Stone would have been released month ago. Gargiulo, the Dragoman embassy at Constantinople, is continuing the negotiations during 3r. Eddy's absence. FIRST LEVf E A STAG PARTY. LONDON. Feb. lL-4rh fir. jatmes palace to-day. ; It was a brilliant show and waa attended by nobles. "tti.v.p ' l .VWCI - women were present. RUST GROTON, Mass., Feb. ll.-There was a somewhat decided change for the better to-day in the condition of Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., who is suffering from pneumonia here, though he is yet in grave danger. Secretary Cortelyou at 8:30 this morning said that a little pleurisy had developed In the right lung but that the temperature and respiration of the patient was more favorable than yesterday. "The crisis In the left lung, which was the first affected,' said Mr. Cortelyou, "has passed favorably, but the crisis in the right lung was yet to be met." PATIENTS MORE CHEERFUL. President and Mr. Roosevelt took breakfast in the Gardiner collage shortly ufter 8 o'clock. All were more iht-erful this morning, though they realize the danger is not passed. The crisis In the right lung is expected today. The development of the disease yesterday was of such rapidity that the final crisis is thought to be soon at hand. Should the disease fail to reach its culmination toiay it will probably skip to the seventh day, a peculiarity of pneumonia. The double attack of pneumonia has left the young sufferer In that condition which makes it Impossible to say whether he ill recover or not. The youthful patient passed a restless and feverish night. Most of the time he spent in talking with his mother w no was xy his bedside. Then he would relapse into a delirium. The President remainea oy tne boys bedside until neariy midnight when he retired for rest. .He remained in doors yesterday. HAD RESTFUL SLEEP. t , .Early this morning young Roosevelt ROIf S NAPOLEON OF FINANCE, IS UNO DETROIT, Mich., Feb. 11. Vice president Frank C. 'Andrews, of the City Savings Bank, arrested last night, charged with fraudulently securing i.ww.vw is a young man, who has been rated as a ni:ii:cr.aire for the past two years. Seven venrs ago he w nnt'i f""cauy. inK Andrews's en-n the financial known in the financial world beyond me corner grocery. He began to dabble In markets. taking long chances to make big profits, although he was obliged to speculate on a small scale. Though there were many men who invested thousands where Andrews only had di liars, be soon became known because of his nervy work. Luck dwelt with him and a golden shower followed his plunges. He became an example for the younger speculators, and iany boys made themselves wealthy fallowing the lead of the handsome young fellow who soon began to wnrrv tttnUA old financial lions. In three years he became known as the Napoleon of Finance, in Detroit. Then he mixed up In electric railway matters, promoting new lines, injecting new life into feeble one and holding stock In all the properties of this kind in the vicinity. He mixed in politics and got a ripper GREAT GATHERING OF THE ADVOCATES OF WOMAN SUFFRAGE WASHINGTON. Feb. il.-Begwtng to-morrow an international convention of Woman Suffragists will be held n this city continuing for a "week. , Many or tne delegates have already arrived. Pioneers in the movement are expected from all over the world. Th ininf sloa will inculde the National African Woman's Suffrage association and the t Woman's Suffrage association and the International Woman's Suffrage T?n Ion and the meetings will ibe -nreMArt by Mrs. Carrie Catt, the successor of the ramous susan li. tAnthony. - The first evening session th arm k present women famous for" their work ior many years, among them Julia B. Ward, Rev. Antoinette "Brown Black- weu, tne nrst woman preacher ever or others. At this session, :the youngest speaker will be S3 years, old so that It wui oe a meeting of real pioneers., Mrs. r ui oe a meeting of real pioneers., Mrs. I Stanton is 87 and attended . the first lea an fejl into a restful sleep which lasted attout two hours. So far as can be learned the treatment that has been giVen has not been unnecessarily drastic. During the night strong cordial arid pulmonary stimulants were admin-, isfiered and it was said that oxygen was also given. Dr. Lambert, who arrived from New York last nixht, after a consultation with the attending physician, declared that In bis opinion the diagnosis of the case was conwt H. ra. mained at the bedside the greater part of the night. The President has especially requested the newspapermen that tht send out no bulletins of his condition but that they Incorporate such in- lormauon given by Sec"y Cortelyou. iPr'8ident RooBevelt has so far forbld-dei the making public the temperature, putse and respiration, though he maybe prevailed upon to give out the Information to-day. THE POPE IS SOLICITOUS. ROME, Feb. 11. The Pope has ordered Shot he be informed daily as to the condition of President Roosevelt's son. i CONDITION ViERY GRAVE. The morning hours of to-day brought little change In young Roosevelt's condition, which remains about the same. The temperature, puis and respiration, whch Improved with the shot sleep the! sick boy had just before dawn remained the same, a hopeful symptom at inis stage. The pleurisy,.whlch de- I Veloped during the night ha only been ! sifgnt aitacK so far. Some apprehen- Eton was felt when sirn nf rtlourlcTr o . .,...j miemoon. . C-l,tlatKe?,y8,ma r abr No information regarding the obj scess might result, but thia armeara sn far o be only a possibility. Secretary Cortelyou at 11 o'clock this morning said that-ilftoe his statement at 8i o'clock nothing had developed ahd bill through the legislature practically mans mm aictator of the city. He; had D. W. H. Moreland made commissioner of public works and him self made cornnrsisoner of police. Be-twecu the twe they' also Tntrniimi th jcity politically. Frank Andrews's en- ment, or any city or political job. He waa regarded as a sure winner and in-fiillble ia finance and the andriAn ttimhi. of his structure of vapor created the greatest consternation among those who believed the Napoleon of Finance could, do no wrong. It was Andrew last summer, wha ordered his police to charge, ar crowd which surrounded a sinslej tax orator and a salvation meeting on. the campus Martius. Mounted police rode into the crowd, striking right .and left, but could not put to route the great throng. Then Andrews ordered; out the street cleaning department With a hose to niav a itn.n - wateron the people. Detectives chafed unmp tne necessity of charging the cltl-er.BTThey felt it was an Insult to them and their townsmen. Andrews made himself unpopular with his police by that-order. Yesterday two of them placed him under arrest. U i meetlig ever held at Seneca Falls N Y In 1833. Mrs. Anthony Is still as active as she was 50 years ago but" has given the reins over t3 the younger element, hAh.a,teature ot ntion will be thetihtroduction pf a mass of statistical formation regarding the status of wotnen in -legal, social, educational. S!? re,l8loua Present political life, throughout the world, the fir-ures being secured from Vmerlcan consuls send missionaries. . England will be represented by Mrs. F. p. Mtlle: and HI S. aiatch. the talented daughter of Irs. gtanton; Canada, by Dr Z Mullen, professor of children's diseases in the Woman's Medical College of Toronto; Dn melia Yeomana rom Winnipeg and Miss MabeLPeters from vtW Brunswickr .Gerwmy will send Will halve Huidtrhnv nt 1'y!SZh SIl.-JJ: IJ"L W?? " Congress at will said airs. Friendland, who was a the V arld'a Fatr at Chicago; and Tur; key, Sv.-eden and Kn ,m , - rerented hy Miss Fenshaw. of Corwtanl tlnopl Mrs. Bvald and Mrs. Drouson. W. a LEE'S NEW YACHT. PORT RICHMOND; S. I., Feb. 11 -Wm.;5; Leeds's yacht Nona was successfully launched from" : the Burlee yards it 9 o'clock this morning. The acuv is zvr reei long and was de signed Uo be the finest ma wL. 1 her class afloat fastest of i ANDREWS. ER ARREST 1 that the boy's condition' was unchanged. .' . PRESIDENT ATTENDING TO PRESSING CALLS. The President Is in constant communication with Washington and I attending to such public business t demands his immediate attention, sai l Mr. Cortelyou. ; j ' Asked if there had been any chane : in the plans of Prince Henry's visit o account of the illness of young Roosevelt Mr. Cortelyou said there had not been any. Mr. Cortelyou said that ti ? President, was still ODnosed tn maki: public the pulse, respiration and temperature. The weather at - noon continued clear and cold with the atmosphere dry. . - The story that the boy's illness was a result of hazing administered week? ago, is denied. No credence is placed in it. - . SECRETARY LOKO- TO JOIN PRESIDENT. Secretary of the NavySWng Is expected here this afternoon fron? v.v (,a home in Hingham, 'Mass. He te. graphed the President yesterday ths he wculd come here if fcfe could Jie of any service and will arrive here t result of a message from Mr. i. velt. . ... - ; Secretary Long sarrived in Gr t early this afternoon and was dim i t once to the Gardner cottage. He: ?. long conversation wlth the i'rfr. . and will return to Bingham late V.. aiternoon. of his trip was vouchsafed, tout it v, tnought by outsiders that perhaps conclusion .In. the Schley -appeal . been reached and the President ,j arranging for its announcement. ' A LOCOMOTIVE ftUNGES INTO TKE Hudson: e - 'ALBANY, N. Y., Feb! It-One of tha Central Hudson locomotives' is at the bottom of the Hudson near Ransaeller. Engine 655, which draws the - through freight from Ransaeller, N. Y. with an oil car and caboose went ' to the oil house for a supply, of oil last-'night which is regularly delivered to stations along the road. It is said a hostler boarded the engine to move it a short distance. He was unaible to reverse the motion and the locomotive ajjd oil car plunged into the river. .- The ealboose hangs partly over the dock. LOCAL MENTION. Increasing Popularity Of J. J. Becker's dining parlors, 32-4 W Market and No. 7 E. Market is shown by the steadily increasing patronage of business and professional people who are Used to good living. If these is anything good to eat, Becker serves It. n Kadams Randolph, the renowned mind reader and clairvoyant, trustful and reliable, reads your life correctly, buslnesss peculations, love and marriage, law suits divorces, absent friend, lost or stolen property, locates treasures, causes hap- gains the good will of any one you de sire, unites inose separated long or short distance apart, cures spells and mvSterloua slrknpaa Th unj w , uauilie does not claim to be a Fortune Teller, " Rives w a correct reading and reveals facts to your distinct advantage. Consultation dally , at 38 South Main street. ,j jl4fli. Hotel Hart. l x WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY VI, 1902, Scum Consomme Clear !: .'.". ..egetabl9 Fish Sea Trout, butter sauce Potatoes Saute - : - Relishes " Celery Olives D1U Pickls Chow Chow Radishes Mixed Pickles Beets F!ntreea . Stewed Chicken, a la Reine Irish Stew, family style . Berliner Fritters, wine sauce . Roasts' -:. Prime Ribs of Beef au Jus ' ' Loin of Pork, apple sauce Vegetables Mashed Potatoes - Stewed Tomatoes Boiled Potatoes Buttered Carrotts - Slaw-Browned Sweet Potatoes - - Salads ' Lettuce and Tomatoes ; :- " v." i "- ! Pastry :: : , ;'': ;- Suet Pudding, brandy sauce ' 'Apple Pie . Lemon Meringue Pie Dessert Chocolate Ice Cream . v Fancy Cakes Mixed Nuts Fruit " Cheesa Tea , Crackers Coffee Price BO cents. - Any cart of the above bill of far l" caie curing tnesl hour on tlrt European plan, at mo. "Kill be served In the cafe during meal t ( (erate prices. i r

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