The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1938 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1938
Page 10
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WOE TEN COTfRIErt Uncle Sam's Smoke Eaters How to Keep in Trim at 86 ' 1 Mousing Prog r a m Eacli Man Build Own Resicknoe XlS His uv MILTON NE/V Service Staff (.•orrrspaiirlriit! IXDNDON, Mar. 3.-A man's homo ' is his castle and in liriiain, as in oilier lands, many a man wrmis to lie not merely the tenant bin the master of liis castle. In dealing with Die problem of re-housing a large portion of its population, England lias, accordingly, madi; provision to aid tin would-be homc-owiu-r of .small i means by n system of municipal Joans. Parliament passed legislation in 1930 enabling local cilv governments to extend loans for the pm- chnse of standing or contemplated houses. Under the law. loans arc restricted to the purchase of houses costing under $4000. The size of the loan ranges up to 90 per cent nf the. house's value. The loan is secured ))j- a mortgage ami is repayed by either the "installment" or llie "an- JinUy" method. Tlic owner must niaks all rep.iir.s himself nnd must •' keep the house insured. j Advances are ma:ie in multiples I of SOT .md loans run for terms of 10, 15 or 20 years. If ihado for 20 years, only 80 per cent of the value of Hie house can be borrowed. Interest, is fixeil by the u c, C. tit 3 and 1-e per cent. Payments on (lie loan are umcie quarterly. If the loan is of the "annuity" type and runs for 10 years, the borrower repays $15.H per quarter on a 5500 loan. For the same stec loan on a 15-year basis, the quarterly payments .ire $11.02. and for a 20-year. $500 loan ot this type, $9.00 quarterly. Where the loan Is of the "install- inent" type and the amount $500. the borrower pays $12.50 per quarter on the principal of a 10-year loan, $9.33 on a 15-year loan and $3.25 on n 20-year loan. Interest rates vary from quarter lo quarter but on a 10-year: $500 loan of this type, the borrower pays a total of $99.29 in Interest. On a similar size 15- year loan, he pays a total of $147/12 In interest and on a 20-year loan, n total of S19G.1G- Thc Armistice first gave modem-day England a chance to hike stork of Itself nnd among oilier things it made the discovery that it would have to do something nbout housing, it found thai there were just, under 8.000.000 houses to provide shelter for a population of 37,000,000 in England and Wales. The. Government, thereupon, launched on a system of .state subsidies for the erection of small houses for the working classes. Til? first subsidy legislation provided $750 to $1300 per liirit, over n period of years for small house construction. But it, was soon found that this subsidy brought about the erection of JIOUKCS which could be rented by the "white collar" oroups instead of the working clfiss. In 1923, ^.subsidy system lor the con- Bti'UClipii of special workinsr class houses- was established. This provided $GOO per unit over n period of JO year, when (lie first Socialist Government came lo pmver the subsidy was raised to $1300. Prom 1920 (o 1933. about 1.27(1.000 small houses were built. 853.000 (if them by -local housing authorities nnd 423,000 by private builders. Non-subsidized private bui!din» was also stimulated into activity by the: government's building program. The subsidy period ended in 1933 when the National Government passed an act terminating further bounties except in the cases of slum V,lh fare dumlcal . „ „, va „ , uw mp „.„ t|l| . „ „ A|my aiciniettl bcrvice puts army, navy and marine corps ol fleers throuuh H Edl ',o of chemical ,smoke-eatin» to ert 'en, „«,! to It. -Clic photo shows „ B :o,,p «f olrll . M , fl , )m thc tl ,rce .services ploddln" iKh a „„ the Iraini,,,; ,,,,„„„,,- ,„ ,,>| g ew,»d Md, Tin- lu,»es are throw,, by cv n containing noil-pcrsislcm chemical a-icnls-tlmt is. whiol, ,lo m,t <•!!„.; („ the «„,,,„„ i, m tihlit wilh thc wind. Night Life Coincbacl I Third Generation Takes 1 Over Family Newspaper WOOnVILLK Miss. <UP)_jolm South Lcivfs continued a family tradition in taking over management of the Woodvillc Republican Ml.wl.wippi's oidr-st, newspaper. Lewis, who received his education at the University of Mississippi i'lul Louisiana .suite University, is the third generation and fourth member of his family lo direct the weekly eslnblf.'Jmi in July, i 82 4. W. A. chisholm. founder of the Republican, sold it in June, 1879, to John S. Lewis who edited Hie paper until his death in 1901). Robert Lewis, n .sou, then managed the paper until his death in June, 1934. Mrs. Robert Lewis. Ills widow, was editor until recently retiring in favor or her son, John South Lewis. SHOP II'87! .Seventh Of Total Income' Goes lo lexas and California ItV l-HKIt I'nilcil I'i'f'Mi Htalf (.'unrspondenl WASHlNdTON, Mar. I). lUl'j California iind 'J'cxa.s faniifr.s, combined, produced nearly 15 per n.-nt of the nation's tisiiculliiral Hirwiie last year. acenrdm;; lo !)(•- ixiitiiu'iit ot Aviculture reports. California farmers had the Highest income, i58G,!Wl.WO, IWIrr.v- i:d l>y Ti'Kaiis with S4!)8,BO < J,tW(J. Tho total for all staU.s, exclusive of i;mvi nmimt bcnclil payment, was $>'1,(XM.O(JO. An increase of 8 tier cent in cash farm income hist year was duo, the department said, to lui'sjer receipts Irani crops and to mi $80,000.000 increase over l!i;t(> in jjin'rimneal benefit payments. liiruHK' Up l(;ilf liillinn Income from the .sate of crops and livestock increased $;>2I.OOO,000 over the $7.«:):t.000,00f> received from the same source In I0;((i. Government benefit payments, meanwhile, in- m-useil from $287.000.000 in Ifl.'ifi lo $3i;7 1 ooo.«oo in 10:17. Farmers received n cash income of S3.a82.00p.000 f,.,„„ crops 011(! $4.272,000,000' from sale of livestock ami livestock products last year. In 193(1 the cash income Irom these sonrcjfi was $3,-tG2.000.000 from crops nud Hn 1,090.000 from livestock and livestock products. Five of (he six major geographical sections of the country participated in income gains over I93(i. 'The northwest, central stales—Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri. North Dakota, South Dakot;i. Nebraska and Kansas—showed a 1 per cent decline. A 28 per cent increase in receipts from crops, tij that section was more than olVsel by iiti 8 per cent decrease in receipts from livestock and livestock products. South Dakota income declined II per cent: Iowa, n per cent, and Nebraska, 8. After the Japanese war machine moved out of Shanghai In search of new worlds (o conquer, the city's famous night life staged n quick comeback, and scents .such as thc nbovu wem commonplace. Barkeepers and taxi dancers reported- business, liclter than before Hie invasion-thanks to the presence or marines''nnd soltllliv.'wim money to spend. Air Hostess' Smile Wins Movie Contract EL t'ASO, TC.X, (UC)-A wlnniny .smile gained n movie contract for Margaret Markley. airline stewardess on thc El t'aso-Los Anscle", run. During n recent trip she treated n passenger with her n.snal cour- lesy. A few days later she discovered (he passenger was Frank McDonald, molten picture director, who gave, her a movie contract. clearance nnd over-crowding-nllc- vintlon projects. Today, government-aided small houses rent for mixleM :;mns. The London rale i.s typical, n two-room house for si.cs a week and up to S3.31 per week for live-room buildings. The belter type of cottage is leased at rales ranginj from "$4,0:! per week for two room affairs to SI.18 for live. Thc siib.sidb.ed sniiill- house period resulted in the creation of whole new villages such a.s the White Hart, \A\ne development, at Tottenham, lloehamplon at, Wiimlxwortli and others. Rarotongan natives or the South Sea Islands put (heir graves everywhere, including (lie kitchen of their homes.' where the tombstones may servo a.s table.i. WK AUK NOW BUYING Government Loan Cotton LOU IK A1'I>I,EHAW[ •I'lioiie 1C7. 107 S. 2nd SI. lilythevillc, Aik. Slill capable of pulling a steady oar, Dr. John Ifarvey Kcllogg, noted authority on nutrition, demonstrates in the picture above how he keeps fit by exercising daily on the rowintf machine, clad only in a loin cloth. This photo was made at Miami, Via., where Dr. Kellogg observed his 8Gth birthday. exclusive of earerninciu pnymcnts. Only' Tour otiier slates shoivcd a decline In farm income last vear. try our NEW SENTRV COAL this time It's prepared in America's Most Modern Preparation Plant We Guarantee Every Ton. GAY & ! I'HONR 76 k Too Small or Too Large For Our Expert Automobile Mechanics We pride o'irsclvcs in doing every jol) rteht n o matter how small or large. Years nf actuni experience mid tbo finest in sliop cqiiipmrnl assure ynu of satisfaction. Genuine Ford Parts It costs a lot more (o drive a ear that is out of order than it docs lo have it re- Paired in our shop. All Work • Guaranteed PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 6th & Walnut Phone 810 ,,Us IM s V> * c o^ « sow eC .Tot ^^W"-p- -^T v W »V , <>'. finei pro'inr'i V.TIT shown f '\ Kentucky 'at'-l KIr:rl:lii. :M <>"i»>i!; Texas. 2); North !>akot:i yj; North' Carolina, "l:j- Colorado :n!cl O <"!on. in; Oklahoma, 21, and Washington, 15 , K 'r rent, (•Mliforiiin farmers received S3.i!l,- '•MOQn from CITOJS :ind K».CM ODD f am tile sale of iiv<:Mo'k iind live-- '• Met* jirnduc-l:;. T«xa-, fanm-rs ">- ;' fivcd S3H.332.OOI1 fi'!,iii crm»i an:l ' "81.477.ODO In.m livi'.twk and !iy<- ' u-k products. ' i Ollit-r U-:idiii x i:n..t|.; t ., v( .ri. ; IHinrji-;. Sirji|.3|7,(,(Ji| (j-ojii c!'<,|)!: Wisconsin, $:M.M7.onu frraii"crop-'i n»d S27(l,XW.[|(i-| f,. lim ii V( , s!f »ck- ' Ohio, SHO,(i3I.Ot>,'| !,•„„, ,.|. 0|K .„„, $<!i..45a,001t from livestock; Indi^'3. SCB.aag.OOll from crriii-i and $209.824.000 from livcsto.^. ' ^t'.v York, S71.78»,000 fruiii crops and $^12,301,000 from liveslocl" I'iiuisylvania EC8.791.UW) frojn crops nnd S18B,r,'>9,000 from livestock' Mis- 'Oin-i. ?ef3Si,ooo from crops iind $103.59-1.000 from livcslock- Iow:i Sn7.20:?.con from crops ami sr>l - 1-'9.00n Irani liveslork- Kansa'; SH2.7a8.000 from crops and -:nu 3^,000 from live-stock. Act of Congress Gives Radioman Citizenship TACOMA, WnshT (Or»- James Lincoln Hartley. : i2 . radio operator, was believed to be the second person in Die history o, the United States to become a citizen bv a special act of congres;. Hartley, born in Potiliac. 111., in 1904 was taken to Canada, where us father became a Canadian citi- :cn, when he was 3 years ok! He ^-entered the United states at Blame, Wnsli.. in 1927, At that time, he wild, immigration officers told him he was a Lunlcd S'ates citizen He diet nnd out (hey were wrong until he tried to get a passport to South America yea,-. Under naturalization laws. Hurtley would have bad lo wait five BRAND KENTUCKY STRftlGflT BOURBON WHISKEY <^ft!0(ri'i':.-'. A PL ANT FAMOUS The Shcrbrook Dislributiiiff Cincililiali Ohio Distributors Moon Distributing Co., little Hock. Ark. Weslrrn Arkansas Distrihtithi(f 1'orl Smilli, Ark. cto <7/ SHOUSE^HENRY HARDWARE CO. "TUB PROGRESSIVR STORK" .1. \V. Shousc I'honc 35 Wilson Henrv SH£fiwiN"WiwAMs PAINTS

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