The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 23, 1939
Page 4
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ST POPULAR GIRL Contestant To Be Awarded New York V STANDINGS OF CONTESTANTS Hhc flKUiTS listed miiM be uonxldrrci) Icnlalivc MS Ilicy represent Iho votes al llio. 'Cuurlrr. Ncivs Offieo. Naturally llierc arc many In Hie ixMsfssion of omilcsiaiils and oliicr jicrsons ivhfdi, its yet, nol ]>ccn turned In.) • .I;t!ie Aclnn ..... . ...... ......................... 5,2«.000 . Vcra Doris Kay Unfiyns Georgia Cox . ... Sue Hall ., ....... Sena Trmnlilc . . Marie. Abraham . Mary An nNaliers Kugcnla Crawford l^lllc Mac JMdfii Kvclyn Ayiiaek , Ooodrfeii ....... »nly volia have Votes . .1,389.0(10 . .-1,245,001) .. . 55D.OOO ... 52G,o»o . . 95,00!) . . 50,000 .. '12,000 FACTORY CANCELLATIONS IN PATENTS AN!) JAPONICA TANS s h o cs <hi>( were sold from Sfi.75 to $12.75 n pair, no\v ON SALE and Vi'c have been selling Iliese shoes for S3.9S and $1.98."All si/cs but not in all styles. We still nave many pairs of ir- rcs;nlHi- 5!)c iiosc 'as advertised last week. Kogiilais .fl.OO. ZELLNER'S SLIPPER SHOP Phone 270 Across From Kirsl Natl. IJanlt EXPERT WATCH & JEWELRY REPAIRING Bring Us Your Watch and Jewelry Work Mr. Don Kolbachcr who, since January, lias been taking a special course in finished watchmaking in J ihc school of the Elgin Watch Factory, has returned lo be with us again. Alt Work Guaranteed GUARD'S JEWELRY STORE KAGLE STABIPS EAGLE STAMPS ,' Eagle Stamps You Save DOLLARS ON GROCERIES and MEATS BY TRADING AT PICKARDS Facts are worth knowing aren't they, Well, it is a fact thai .ynu can buy the finest nt Oroccrics and Meats at Pirkard's al Ion- prices. In addition, you «ct your extra savings in EAGLE STAMPS. Pickard's Gro. 1044 . WE CHICKASAWBA DELIVER PHONIC 673 TIRE SALE! SAVE 50 ON TIRES PIMCIJS ON THK SUPER SAFE PHARIS TIRE AHSOLUTKLY LOWEST IN TOWN! * POKMHR TRICK SALE PRICE $14.35 YOU SAVE $6.87 Former I'rice Sale Price "You Save 4.5(1-2] §10.00 §5.05 .: 5-1:95 '1,75-1!) SIO.M S5.23 . S5 07 5.50-17 $13,20.•••: SG.83 r S6.37 JOHN MILES MILLER AUTO SUPPLIES Across i'"nim Hilx Phone .'i75 CARTER'S Deluxe Circle New York FAIR TOURS "I'll B« Right There" Personally Escorted EVERY WEEK Bo a Booster—• Toll Your Friends TOOX OVER 8,000 TO THE CHIWGO W0*m FWH "I Gat My Fart" Illinois Central ft. R, -—- , Baltlmefe & Ml» B, H. CXACTLV AS nEpnE5E«TEo Ksw York Central R. ». EVRY SUNDAY — NUTSHELL! c ",'," "'" "'"• "«« '" '- " '° ;r '"' ••«•,,„ >•„„ c ,,. '' WHAT Yu~GET a. • Utp ol domounUblo oeal-bedi on itam3. •Holol room, piivslo halh. WasWnglon. •HoltUoorn. p (i , alo b ,, h . Hc , y j fc I» K M " m l d '' n '"" s in Di " 1n ? C <"S- •B.eafcJ«3ls and dinncn in Wuhfnoion ?'•'"?. F.° ur o! W«I>m7l«», Al«°". d.u. A,lingl on . Hl . Vc ,r, on . •Broakiasla a. n d dmneis in New York. w iT S a< "° cily Musi <= «*>'• Worlds ttrffeat chow. . passenger and •Big boat cruiso by Slain, ol lib«rly. EJLw Island. «lc. •Gland Molor Tour ol lowoi Niw Yoit (College Lccluror). •N.w Vo,k "Allor Dart" Tour by mo. tor. (Collcye LgcluTOl) •Night Trip lo tin Sky; Rjdio Cily Towor. cTwo admissions lo lh» r&ii. ''Souvenir'.' TicVels provided. •Two iTftnsJeja fo lh& Fair. •Two hflnslcis liom the Fair. •DytuKO Motoi Tout o! F«il Grounds wilh Guide. •Two waiving |au n of Faj, Grounds with Guide. •FiElh Avonue shopping lour, luggage Jie!\vafin de[3ols «nd hotels. sj Iriends m»y b« inle 159 Union Hotel Pcabody riione 8-1135 Memphis, Tcun. Well, Not Exactly, I5ul the savings you fid on Gas and Oil al ;Tcr- ry's arc -almost, as good. Any way you look at, it, i( is moncy-iti-Uie-hiiuk when you trade at Terry's. Standard "Ksso" Products Ark. Gas. ;U Mo. Prices TERRY'S SERVICE STATION Ark-;Mo. Slate Line •hone 5-L'-21 PRESCRIPTIONS •THE FOUNDATION 01' EVERY DRUG BUSINESS '1 lie rtinc Mure if lodiiy is .1 lol il;rrcrc'i>t'frnhi 'Uul of yp.stcrilay. Modern, scicnlilic rrn^Tcss" has made Ibc drug store one r«r 1I)C most inipor- (aiil busincsics in munily. But the same liish rriiicir-lcs of service li n 1 d true; lo fill the ivccds r,f tlic bic\(. Krinjf your, prescription lo Ilonim's Hie next lime. PHONES 121 & \'12 Pretty as a picture, practical as a Barbizon invarial ''y ' s ' Tllis smirt ncw camisole slip ls ro ^ uM an£ 5 hardy in spite of its frail, feminine look. That embroidery edging around top, straps and bottom will wear and wash right along with the slip! A minor miracle of tut and fit, with a softly draped top and a bias skirt. Choose it in petal pink, bluebell, pompadour pink or white. Short or medium lengths.. a size to fit you perfectly! Shop in Coo! Comf»rl—Store Completely Air-Condllloncd. All the glamour and excitement lhal is symmyl awarded to the winner of (his contest. Contrasting music,' modern streamlined exhibits, and everything 'come-true for the millions of people who will see i(| This contest, sponsored liy the Blvtheville Coif lirms, will ruiri'2 weeks, with 'this section appearin/' ot the contest, August 4th, the votes will be count number of votes in her possession or to her credit York World's Pair. With every 50c purchase you will be entitle,! i bcr of coupons you ma)' receive with one purcAasI you make. $ I By. trading with the business men advertising will aid your favorite contestant in her efforts to every Friday. You will appreciate the bargains ;i| watch the progress of the contestants. RULES OF THE CONTEST: 1. Any single'-girl, .within this trade-area, is elicibkl daughters and employees of the business Hie n u| 2. Girls entering this contest must mail or phone tor, Courier News. 3. Every coupon must have the name of the conies I '1. Coupons may be kept by the contestant or placl the contest. . " F 5. No coupons will be.issued, after mid-night <Vf A 6. Contestants kecpin/r votes in their possession vl News Office not later than 5:00 P.M. ThursdaJ are cxceptcd from this rule. It will be satist'acil votes for counting: every two weeks.) 1. All voles must be presented at the Courier NeI You may mail your votes to the Courier or bril accepted after the lime slated. «~ ' 8. The name of the winner will be announced in . the votes are counter!, .and the winner'requested! that arrangements for the tour can be marie. Your PLUMBING Is IMPORTANT! We have a DOZEN COMPETITORS still we SELL 60% of all PLUMBING FIXTURES and make ,-•;.. 60% of all INSTALLATIONS iii : Blytheville. /"" ' '' * There Miist lie a Reason! Wr THE PLUMBEi 22 Years Plumbing in Blythcville 109 N,First St. PKonclOl tm \ FREE OIL CHANGE • WITH A ;SF/T OF i GOODRICH SILVERTOWN TIRES Here is your opportunity; to-gel a scl of America's Safest.Tire.s anil »Iso a free oil change. Everyone knows the value of Silverlown. The tire.(hat sweeps ine "road dry. For the utmost in .'driving safety . .. . buy Silvertowns TODAY! SMALL DOWN PAYMENT EASY WEEKLY TERMS SEE BfCVCI-ES, K,VIHOS. AN1J TIliKS! SHOUSE-HENRY HOWE. GO. TRADE Ask For |A Trip To The With All tiLI^S lious with a world's fair is the pri/c to be colors, bewitching 1 atmosphere, beautiful else lha( makes the World's Fair a dream- [icr News in cooperation with these local I every Friday during (hat time. At the close II and the young lady with the grcaUst • itl be awarded the 7-day tour of the New . one coupon (worth'1000 votes). The aum- isAjmitcil only by the size of Ihc purchase lore and saving the coupons received you \vm Ihis conlest, Watch for .(his section 'crtiscd and at the same time be able to' o enter HITS contest, with. the cxccplion of • here. THE ITINERARY OF THIS 7-DAY WORLD'S FAIR TOUR IS SHOWN BELOW Air-Conditioned Equipment' Throiiifhoul. 1. Train from Hlylhev.Hc to New York (by way of Memphis). 2. Meals on train, (going and coming). 3. Stopover in Washington, I). -1. Grand tour of Washington, cir name and address to the Contest Ecii- | it printed plainly upon it. . wifh the Contest Editor until (he close of I «st <i(h. : . . it present them for counting at the Courier | Jf every week. (Out-of-town contestants ': tor these contestants to present their Office not later than Tuesday, August 8lh. them in personally but no votes will be [-• news columns of this paper as soon as • come to the Courier News Office in order 10. 11. 12. 13. 15. Hole! accommodal ions in'New York. Meals in New York. Tour of National Rrcadcastinjr Studios at Hmliu City. York, Admission Tickets to the World's Fair wifh transfers bolh Special tours of World's Fair. New York Barter Cruise, Statue of Liberty, Ellis bland, Fifth Avenue shopping tour. Free boat trip from New York to Albany. Visit to Niagara Falls and Toronto. Return to Slylhevilie. SAFE-WAY "My Coal "Is Black But 1 Trcal You While" John Buchanan FOR SUMMER SAFETY ^ ".•Guard ajs*inslda,iisenxis fowl •bapje^iji J>y using pure ioe.iu 'jour'refrigerator! N» objet- llonablc mingling of. oilnrs, »o parts io break donii jiist ivlicn you nccrt protection most! Phone 107 YOUR KELVINATOR DOLLARS BUY GREATER SERVICE AND SATISFACTION AT LESS COST! : Never before s ti c h savings as these. Ke!- vinufor Silver Jubilee .models ;il amaziiiKij' !<>«• prices. AVe will Rive you a good trade in allowance on yotir present refrigerator and easy terms for the balance. See onr models now. Cold Chest—holds M Ibs. of meat. Uoomy Vegetable Kin— lets you buy in quantities and save. Ice Cube Release—pops out instantly. Shelves move up and down ,-for more room. ASK FOR TOUR WORLD'S FAIR COUPONS ; As Low As 149 50 $5—DOWN Buys a 6-Cubic Ft. Kclyinator "Thrifty G" E. B. GEE SALES CO. 109 S. Second SI. 104 W. Main, Ulythcvillc H. K. ROUND STEAK, Ih. ..... SALT PORK Pound 25 71 fi. K. CHUCK iCc ROAST, fl). 13 •KUNGALO BACON Pound Lean, PORK CHOPS All Meat BOLOGNA KS-. HENS AHD FRYERS K. C. BEEF KOAST 1A Potiml . ... • • |*f K. C. Loin-Round OC STEAK, Hi 09 Assorted Luncfi AIEATS, Hi. . MIXED SAUSAGE BREAKFAST LINK ^ 1-- 1'iirnsnovv. Double Yonr Money Itack If t? -i j T -. m . - "..- L.^-.H,, imirv 11 iijn jail to l,ikc Thus Fiour. 5 II) 25 C; 10 !b. 4Uc LEMONS '-APPLES,'"Early j, me *< Green,. II) , H CORN, Fresh Green 3 for 10' BEIJ/ PEPPER Pound TOMATOES, Fresh Home Grown, II). . CABBAGE, New Green, ]b. i WHITE SHOK POLISH, Gadi .. EXTRACT, Vaniila' •I n-/.. Bottle MILK, ,1 \ K c. or s" Small Cans '. Wonder Ade, Make 3 ftCc Gallnns Cold drinks *3 Grapefruit Juice •jr c 46 07.. Can 10 PURE LARD 4 Ip cri. 35c 8 Ih Carton g9 c 9 25 Ice Cream Powder 3 For PARAWAX J lf>. Package ... SEALING WAX Package . •,,. Morton's .Salt Marbles Free, PI TEA Full -I oz. Pkg. .. Dairy Feed, tfi% 100 Ib. Sack 15 5 H c — 11 25 * 25 15 1 10' 10' 10 SI .35 Sold at the Lowest Price ' Sena Truniblc . . s..M;iri(. Ahralmin , ..,'.', An iiNubor.s .... a Crawford Mne lloldcn .'.. AyiTOk . . . STANDINGS OF CONTESTANTS 0 lie Hurt.* jJMr.1 wiuC be tonM< rod ( f «(i»«w «» U.fv ; : Kr§p«=-^-^s™^ Vora "'KIIMM'U 'SU,: Wi3 ' MO Buns Kay . Gcorsta Cox . , r.Sue Hall . .,...2,082,000 .,2,075,000 ..I,MS,OM 559,000 SWi.OW DS.WIO 59,000 U.WO Did You Know Clean Clothes Are Cooler? Well, they nro. Kw Ihis reiison: Cleanjng doilies frees (lie fabric of dirt : 'nnrt grime, ranking, it [icssiiiic for the air lo \. circulate easily, thus allowing liwly heett to escape. You'll notice the difference !im mediately. HAVE YOUR CLOTHES CLEANED REGULARLY HUDSON'S •'CLEANING': SII'OP PHONE 53 Vnlcs- Dining At The Noble.. is certainly a grand for <* HER these hot summer. 1 ' months. Cool, Air-Condition-,' cd dining * room, excellent ' food, cooked and served the way you like il. She will ap-' predate a "vacation" from the hot kitchen especially ' when it costs no more. Din-, ntr.s «t the Nol)lc nre always ; , reasonably nriccd. You . get . so much for so little. Dinner, HOc Up Hotel'Noble "\VHKRE HOSPITALITY IS A REALITY' 1: ' THE FOLLOWING DEALERSHANDLE Shibley's Best Flour n«n«n/>er£ itiese Dealers Will Give You Coupons With Every Purchase of Shibley ARKANSAS l/nrrl«in Oro., O.rancll. Ar*. M»r) n ,, ..=.,. c<... »....,... ARKANSAS Birifsonir .Grocery, llirrlsong, Ark. .T. C. Nuhnsiriy, " " J. W. Smith store, Jllack Oak, Ark'. .1. I>. N;ilmre, Blyll)i;vlllc, Ark. Gus Ulicrdl Store, " " .Hni Vi'lJlLiins Gr«. " " I.ces Gi'nc.fry " " Hose Sfrecl Oro. " " Christian grocery " " Itccdy's Grnccry " " C. L. Nariors " " Friendly Nonk Grr>. " " May's (Irocery, " », Frcil Cnirlwoll, " " C. A. Ilnvcy Oro, ». A. Wllllnms Cctil I.OH-R Grn. I'lbniy C'nNli (iro. Hnppy.Itoiir Gro. Kile 1'rloc Gro. E. ,f. Sponccr Gro. 1'cnnj' Saver Gro. (toward Grcli Gro. Fair !>eal Slore, Hcnc George Gro. K. H. Alley Gro, Homer Fislier Gro. K. C. I'.'irks Gro. Tories Grocery, Ellis Bros. Gro. V. M. Ksvls Grn. J. J. Johnson Gro. Community Grocery C. Attrnhnin Gro. •Tohn .'Lum Ore. Mow yiok Grocery Mrs. T. J. Hnrkc Jonts- Grocery jMcCormlek .Grn. I. M. .BentIcy " " • E.:M. aicDonoid, ntirdcuc, Koorice Grocery, So. 61 Itl- way, Ctly. " ' Cacc-Wicclcr Grocery, Cafa' way, Atk. Charlie Sniilh, " " Economy Variety Store " Vice Grocery . " " H. IV land,' Chnlford, Arh. Mrs. W. ,1. Uautleaux M.-T. ,Byrrt Holland's Grocer}-, ncckcr- i-llie. Ark. ' , Mrs. F. N. Bonn's, Double Bridges Mrs. Lillian Thtclkcld, Eto- TOh, Ark. Kpaili Glrdlcy " " Rfdgcway Grocery, Way, Ark. Savcway Grocery, Brayanls Grnccry, tov n, Ark. Emery Dean Gro., -GiHmcll, ^an Clove Gro. " . » M. F. CranTnril, " n Ruby' I'oll^r, ' " , M li. l\ .I'lnkeriniin " " 'J'liree .Way Inn, lliRliway id Clay Mays » » J. M. Spencer, Jcrleo, Ark. Walla™ Mllhr, Joiner, Ark. Harris Grocery, Joneshoro Ark. ; Liberty Clash Gro " " Selilslcr Store, " " Kcc's Grocery, " " I''arr;ir Bros. Gro., •" " i. II. Anrtre«'s, ." " John iJcarn Store, " " Miiric Grocery, " " Cook's t'RSfi Gro. " " C. F. Konl, Kciscr, Ark. Frank Voiiu/r, " " Ilnrvrj' Wilson, " " K. C. Cook, " " John Kcrat " " Troy ' Kay " " R. Ilcan Cnlbrcntli Grocery, l.nlic Cily, Ark. C'nsh Hnllfir Store, I.cach- villc, Ark. Aitron Gro. Store " " Cloy Jones Gro, " " A. G. Taylor, " " .1. W. King, Lepaiilo, Ark. Mrs. Cleo niocki-r " " .1. M. Biirn* Gro. " " Mrs. E. W. Hall B. Jl. MurphCy " , ", 'IVclls, , " " - Klmr.r Halt Oro., I.n.vors, Ark (iallop A iKingslon, " " \V.-_ J. Gntnjcanx, " ". Jr,ssc Brown, ; ' " " Jliirlin Grocery, Manila, Ark. A. R. Ball.iril, " •" •Gabriel Mite, •' " » SavcK'ny Gro. " " ' ' Jn'lirt Gro., K.F.n. " " Hill-Wilson, iaiarie. Ark. Jop Singleton, Marked Tree, Ark. Marlin Worthy, " " SHni Walker, " " Bob & Jim, " " Mrs. Gco, Grant, " " C. • A. Worthy, " . " ' G.- D. Powtll \ " " Ted Hcndrix '• " S. D. 'Wilson, " ' " I)cmjisc)' v s Gro., " " Midway Grocery, " ; " Picas -Hcndrlx " " J. S. Nichols, " George Wcstbrook Gro,, Mil- litan Ridcc, Ark. Hcnslcy, Grocery, Cash Store, Matlon, MarJnn Ark, l>. IV, Gllhert, Monclte, Aik. Wilson Groccrj, " » Norman Blankmshlp " " Jai. BlAnkrnslil], » » Joe Dawkh Store " " AIoKcnncy It. Tapu " " Alexander Grocery, Nellie- Ion, Ark. A. AMo Grocery, " » Nolrs <t 'Son Grocery (hce- ola, Ark, Main Jackson Gro., " " O. W. Kniflit " » Gny Bryant, » " W. E. Hunt Gro., » " Cusli A Curry, » i' .'. N. Hill, Highly No. « Murplicy K, M'ccms, Tru- rnmm, Ark. Holier! Hall Grocery, Tur- rcll, Ark. Joe Kasi Grocery, Tyroiua, Ark. Trammclls Grocery, " " H, Fi, Br.innan, " " J'rfce. Qunllly, " " J. W. Nunnnlly, " " Mrs. K. Mangrnni " " C. G. Anderson, West Itidsc, Arkansas J, n. Ove.rbcy • » » O.VHM Nunnally, Whittnii, Ark. Tiirtrll Grocery, Varliro, Ark. French Grocery, " - " Hnrnliam & Thompson " MISSOURI ^ J. A. Johiison Store, Austin- vllic, i Mo.' A. G. Sander Store, ISrage City,, nto. DC Priest Gro., " " A. G. Sanders Store, Bra^' gadocio,. Mo. W. J. ^Purvis Store, Canada Switch, M». ' C. c C. More Store, Canilh. Mo Tcroy. Grocer}',' Carullnrs- rille, Missouri. Spaldliijr ' Market,' " " Fred. Brown, , " " ,1- E. Proctor, " " ••¥. 1^ Davis Grr>. " <• ' K»st SMc Grocery, " " ' N'clsdn's'' Gfocerj', " " Martin Grocery, " >' Hensley's Grocery, •" '• Collier Grocetj-, " » Tennessee SUIlon, " " • M. *. H. Market, Jfannlng's Grocery, Shaw's "Grocery, CHff Jackson, M. M. ErercCt i Ellis 'Grocery, World's Fair 's Best Flour t/.i Font Grocery, . Conraii, -Missouri. > Cecil Towlcr Grocery, Cooler, Missouri. IWcC'.mn Grocery, " " Cliarllc Ball, Highway Ko. (II, Hajtl, Mo. Guo. B. Webb Gro., " " Koloslek Grocrrj-, " » ' 0. C. Clark Gro., " • " ' Tonijiilc Ball Sforo, '" " Rune-Itane Groc., " " ' W. T. Sntnlcrs, " " ' / A. .G. Sanders, » " J. Travis Gro., » . » R. I.. Gilbert Store, " "" F.Hes Grocery, . , ." " Sandy Beach Grocery. R F •1)., Hayli, Mo. PrcvKl's • Grocery, •' " I- Berry Gro,, Holland, Mo. Frcil Raids Grocery, H«r- ' ncrsvllle, Mo. ' West Side Market, KcnneU, Missouri Lambert Grocery, . " •>' Goodman Grocery, " " Garner Gro. Store " ' Ross Cash Grocery, ntlssonrl. Myers & Son, Klchardscn Grocery, (on', r Missouri. . - A. T. I'lticy Gro, " » ' Mann Bros. Store, Inc., New Madrid, Mo. Ruth Gladncy Slorc. " Mlcklc Mercantile, Wsosia " Missouri. •• • J. A. Kcllum'Store-'". « Prapk McCollum, "..-•• Segal Department' Store, Porlagtville,. Mo. ,. '; Shake Kajf Grocer}', . Skake Kf>f, Mo. ' v. ' Bullock Grocery, < " ,'- " Jollnlc Mwket, Steele, M«. K. E. Frakts Gro. " " J ; II.. Morgan " '" J. R. Akins, K.F.D., Steele, Missouri, E. Jf. Slaynarnt, R. p D.., ' Stecfe .Mlssonri. ' J.' I.. Adair Gtocerj-, Stub ' Tonn,-Mo. ' ' The Exchange , Store,' War. ' dell, Mo. • Ked * White Store "-, ' " Bivins Store, . '*- " Martin NJt Gro., . " " Ballard Grocery, • " » Tillman's Grocery, " " Bargcss Grocery, Hljhmy Ko. 61,, WardcII, Mo. „> Swiff Grocery, " 1 >" Jnnc Moore Gro., "• - " Tanner' Grocery, " "

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