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Louisville, Kentucky
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r- THE COURIER-JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 28, 1921. tion in the industry with a vie making specific recommendations the conference. Evangelists In Revival of, Twenty-three Baptist Churches CATTLE RAISERS' UNION PROPOSED Plans for Nation-wide Cooperative Association to Act On November 10. BAPTIST REVIVAL DRAWS THRONGS Average Nightly Attendance of 10,000 for 23 Churches Reported At Meeting. ENLISTMENT DAY SUNDAY AROUSESSTORM Democratic Senators Condemn As G.O.P.

Men Laud Talk On Race Question. 'REFORMS' ARE OUTLINED Washington, Oct. 27 (Associated Press). Formation of a great national livestock producers association is recommended in the report prepared by tho Farmers Livestock Committee for presentation to the conference of livestock producers in Chicago November 10. The association should be "builded around efficient marketing," the report adds.

The committee was appointed by the American Farm Bureau Federation for the purpose of studying the situa FOR A CONSTIPATED CHILD Cw Some, of the evangelists of the Department of Evangelism of the Home Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, Atlanta, who are miidm-tins revival services in twenty-three Louisville Baptist Churches. Lower row (left to right) The Rev. C. C. Elsey, Raleigh Wright, T.

0. Reese, James V. JelUs, H. T. Stevens, W.

W. Hamilton, superintendent of the evangelists; J. A. Srott, and V. S.

Rowland. I'pper Row (left to right) The Rev. V. F. Frazier, Jacob Gartcnhaus, C.

A. Owens, W. P. Martin, J. D.

Hoffman, and L. C. WnKe. DENUNZIO DENIE A small dote of Dr. Caldwell' Syrup Pepsin will bring quick relief.

MOTHER, when one of the children is constipated are you going to give the first laxative within reach? It is dan- ferous to do so. Some have een known to rupture the intestines of little children. Don't be beguiled by the outside sugary appearance. Look into the formula. Calomel is seldom necessary; salts, minerals; coal tar, never! Unlike these, Dr.

Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin is admirable for children, as it is for grown people, too. Mothers have Seen giving it to children for 30 years." They know it does not gripe, and is free from narcotics. The formula is on every package, and you can see it is vegetable, just a combination of Egyptian Senna and other laxative herbs with pepsin Use it yourself and you SOUTHERNERS ARE BITTER Washington, Oct. 21 (Associated Press). President Warren G.

Harding's address on the race question at Birmingham evoked statements to- from Democratic Senators, criti cisms 'he Executive's remarks, and from Republican Senators, commending Mr. Harding's position. Democrats who criticised the speech included Senators Pat Hani-son. Mississippi; Thomas E. Watson, Georcia: J.

Thomas Htflin. Alabama, and Kenneth D. McKellar. Tennessee. Republicans who in formal statements declared their approval of it included Senators William M.

Calder, New York; S. P. Spencer. Missouri, and Frank B. Willis.

Ohio. The Democrats declared that Mr. Harding's remarks were inopportune and that his policies would (end toward social equality of the negro with the whites. Mr. Watson said Mr.

Harding's speech was "unfortunate and mischievous." Won't Permit If. "We are not going to permit social or political equality of the kind the President advocates," he declared. Mr. Willis said "the President's ringing statement in defense of political and economic equality of individual opportunity, with recognition of absolute divergence in things social and racial, is as courageous as it is true." "There is no use in anybody getting Into a quarrei with facts." he added. "The President has stated the facts; political critics may wish the facts were otherwise, but that does not change the situation.

The country will applaud' President Harding's clearness of statement and patriotism of purpose." Mr. McKellar declared Mr. Harding's speech was "ill-conceived, ill-timed, ill-planned and can serve no useful purpose." "Its only effect." he said, "will be i-to arouse racial discussions and racial 'prejudices that hr.d better been left dormant. Speeches of this kind will not benefit the negro and may do him I'serious harm. -J "It is unfortunate that the President should have seen fit to discuss the very heart of the black belt the race question on his first trip after his election to the Presidency.

was no demand for a discus-l-'sion of, the racial question at this time." Mr. Calder declared the speech courageous. "I thoroughly indorse the President's statements," he said. 'I in-ilorse his views for political rights Sor negroes. We have elected ne- groes to the Xew York City Board of Aldermen and to the Xew York State Assembly.

If they should have the majority of votes they would be entitled to a seat in the United States Senate." 5'. Mr. Heflin, in his statement, said In part; "Lincoln, in his debates -with Douglas in 1S59. said: 'I am opposed to making voters or jurors of Social Equality Next. "There is no escape from the con-j elusion that absolute political and economic equality between the white i man and the negro means the wiping out of all color lines in the partnership in business and in the election negroes to office over white people.

"Social equality Is next door to jsueh a humiliating and disgraceful So far SBHUCJSS-cen-cerned we hold to the doctrine that God Almighty has the limits and boundary lines between the two races and no Republican living can Improve on His handiwork." Mr. Spencer said that "the timely utterance of the President is all the more necessary if there is any disposition to disagree to its manifest truth." Veterans Leave Mexico For Meeting of Legion Mexico City, Oct. 27 (Associated Press). Col. James A.

Ryahn, U. S. rctiri-d, and Irving C. White, adjutant of the Alan Seeger Post of the American Lvgion in Mexico City, left here today for Kansas City to represent Mexico at the American Legion convention. "Bayer" on Genuine Warning! Unless you see the name "Bayer" on package or on tablets you are not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians for twenty-one years and proved safe by millions.

Take Aspirin only as told in the Bayer package for Colds, Headache, Neural A HOUSEHOLD "MAKE BARKER Ji BN. Other suggestions which will oe lorwaru inciuue: Establishment at terminals of ducers commission associations with. allied stock and feeder strengthening of local co-owSc0! livestock shipping associations- nn. aration of an orderly marketin'i: gramme; establishment of a tns tation department to co-operate iS? the federation and with state bureaus; interpretation of llvciv statistics, which are declared no, i be "inadequate and inaccurate" extension of the market for meats. The report provides that the 'ten-i nal commission association shall fmt tlon much as do existing old-line cm? panies, with the essential dittereni that commission rates will be ejtai lished on a cost basis.

Regular m' mission rates will be charged, but in profits will be rebated to the Batrehi on a patronage dividend basis The funds for the establishment of the terminal commission and the allied stocker and feeder em, panies will come from memberjbhi sold to co operative livestock sbipn; associations and to individuals. Mcr bejships would be available only in lona fide livestock producers. will find it is not necessary to take it every day, nor to increase the dose, and that it is pleasant to the taste. Bottles can be had at all drug stores, and the cost is only about a cent a dose. Have no hesitancy giving it to a baby in arms.

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The Rev. Dr. A. F. Beddoe of the evangelistic party, will deliver sermon this morning at the Broadway Church, and the Rev.

Dr. Raleigh Wright of the party will give his last lecture of a series on "Personal Work," it was announced. No central service will be held tomorrow, it was announced, as the workers will prepare plans for four street meetings to be held lit night. "Enlistment Day" will be observed Sunday. The programme includes family prayer in tho homes, Sunday-school services, evangelistic services in the various churches, Bible reading and prayer and hours in which to visit the sick.

In the afternoon a mass meeting will be held at the Municipal-Tabernacle, at which the Rev. A. P. Beddoe will preach on the subject, "The Ku Klux Klan Can't Cure." Three Kentucky Couples Wed In Jeffersonville Kentuckians married in Jefferson ville yesterday were: Elhridge V. Har bin, 22 years old, baker, and Miss Mug- gie Welch.

19; Clyde C. Willtins. 21 clerk, and Miss Sarah Burk, IS wrapper in a department store; Arnold Broyles, 24, employed in a hospital and Miss Delia Webb, 22, nurse, ville. HOSPITAL, TRUSTY ESCAPES. Residents of St.

Matthews were awakened early yesterday by Jesse Milner, 30 years old, a trusty at the Central State Hospital for the Insane, Lakeland, who escaped from the in stitution and proceeded to knock on the doors of homes in the suburb. He was 'not captured and his family at Big Clifty was notified. Notice to Masons! AH Masons should be acquainted with the health and accident policies of the Masonic Protective Association for Masons exclusively. Costs much less than that of commercial companies. Pays and $50 weekly indemnity for every accident find every disease, with added benefits for hospital and nurse hire; $50 pep week if injured in own automobile, traveling, cyclone or tornado $75 per week if confined to a hospital or employing nurse at home.

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27 (Associated Press). The sixty-third anniversary of Theodore Roosevelt's birth was observed today at the brown stone house on Twentieth Street where he was born: in the village school house Bay, where the former President used to play Santa Clans at Christmas time and at Young's Cemetery, where his grave was visited by hundreds. There also was a pageant by 3,000 High School girls at Carnegie Hall under auspices of the Women's Roosevelt Memorial Association and a dinner for Boy Scouts, who were told that the great personality of Roosevelt "typifies better than any other man in history the principles of the Boy Scout movement." A letter from Mrs. Warren G. Hard ing, expressing interest in the work of the Women's Roosevelt Memorial Association to restore the "former President's birthplace, was read there.

"May Roosevelt House always be kept as a fitting memorial of that great man's true Americanism and a place of pilgrimage sacred and inspiring to the people of our great country," the letter read. HARDING PAYS TRIBUTE. Engineer's- Book on Special Is Signed Under Roosevelt Autograph. On Board Special Train in Georgia; Oct. 27.

A tribute to Theodore. Roosevelt as "the greatest American of his time," was written by President Warren G. Harding today on the fly-leaf of a volume autographed by Colone; Roosevelt nine years ago. The book, a copy of Roosevelt's "Winning of the West," belongs to M. It.

Smith, the engineer who brought the Presidential special into Atlanta today. He sent it to the President's private car with a book mark at the tiy-leaf, on which was scrawled: "To G. H. Smith, with all good wishes, THEODORE ROOSEVELT. "September 2S, 1D12.

It came back with this added: "Gladly seconding the good wishes of the greatest American of his time. "WARREN G. HARDING. "October 27, 1021, the anniversary of Roosevelt's birth." Aspirin say 'Bayer gia, Rheumatism, Earache, Tooth ache. Lumbago and for Pain.

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With 2,697 building permits issued in the first ten months of 1921 with a total valuation of the big gest building boom in five years is under way, directors of the Louisville Real Estate Boardsaid yesterday. A meeting of the directors waslield yesterday afternoon. Those attending explained that increased activity in the real- estate market has been noticed during the last three weeks. Title companies have been forced to employ additional help to file records. A letter from Irving B.

Hieatt, presii- dent of the National Association of Real Estate Boards, in which the Louisville board was asked to appoint a committee to assist in starting build ing activities, was read. C. Robert Peter, president of the board, an nounced that instead of the committee, the board will draft a letter explaining the building and real estate activities, and that there are few unemployed here and building operations are easily financed. Mr. Peter, Caldwell Norton and K.

Leland Taylor were named a commit tee to assist the sale or worth of sewer bonds. A conference will be held with the Sewer Commis sion to determine plans for marketing the bonds. The $1,000,000 school bond issue and the proposed school amendments were indorsed at the meeting. They will be presented to the board at its regular meeting today for ratification. Thomas Bohannon, was ap pointed to the executive committee of tho national association to till the place left vacant by the resignation of George W.

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City Deliveries Free. MAPLE LUMBER FLOORING DOORS SASH HIRSCH BROS. Incorporate Louisville, Ky. and Pittsburgh, Pa. HUG I More for Your I I Money I Always 1 On Salgds G.

0. P. ASKS56 'PURGED' Eight Motions Are Sustained By Acting Judge Gifford; Democrats Overruled. Of fifty-six motions prepared yesterday by Republican attorneys in purgation proceedings before Morris B. Gifford, acting judge, eight were sustained, nine overruled and thirty-six withdrawn.

"Not entitled to vote" was marked beside names cited in two of the motions, and "not naturalized" beside that in another. Adjournment until Monday was taken yesterday afternoon, and Robert A. McDowell, attorney, was appointed to take tho place of Mr. Gifford, who is to attend the National Convention of the American Legion at Kansas City. Other court business caused the two-day recess.

Three Democratic motions to strike names front the registration books were made yesterday and these were overruled. Names stricken on Republican motions concerned persons in the Third Ward. They were: Third Precinct. E. T.

Ruggs, 705 East Jefferson Street; Fourth Precinct, Mamie Smith and Annie Trent, both of 610 Fehr Avenue; Seventh Precinct, Margaret Boerke, 731 East Walnut Street; Eighth Precinct, Misses Annie and Marie Montgomery and C. A. Montgomery, all of 1C20 Ellwood Street. Although Mrs. Anna Melchoir, 643 East Madison Street, was born in Louisville, "not naturalized" was ordered marked after her name on the books of the Eighth Precinct, Third Ward, as she assumed the same status as her husband in The two Republican motions.

vote." wSi made "against E. Jackson. 92S East Oak Street, and David S. Burd. 121 Swann Street, both in the Eighteenth Precinct, Second Ward.

Republican motions overruled were against P. Hess. 811 East Washington Street, and Alaine Purvis, S39 East Washington Street, both of the Second Precinct, Second Ward; Mrs. Alice Synder, 71a East Jefferson Street, and Jack Splllman. 737 East Jefferson Street, both of the Third Precinct, Third Ward; Rosil Brintz.

1472 Shelby Street, Eighteenth Precinct. Third Ward; C. F. Metcalf. 2321 Sycamore Street, Twenty-fourth Precinct, Third Ward; Mr.

and Mrs. L. Bruckert. 1623 Jaeger Street. Forty-fifth Precinct.

Third Ward, and Morris ohankenfelder, 1023 Lydia Street. The three Democratic motions overruled were against James Bryant and James Buford, both of 719 East Jefferson Street, Third Pre cinct, Third Ward, and Roberta Price. 2222 Owen Street, Eighteenth Precinct, Twelfth Ward. ANOTHER AUTO THEFT TRIAL IS DELAYED BY ST. CLAIR'S ILLNESS (Continued from First Page.) of tho stolen car, was permitted to give his testimony.

At the same time the Board of Public Safety announced that the trial of James Cunningham, suspended police captain, would be tried Tuesday. Cunningham's case was postponed in the Criminal Court Wednesday because of St. Clair's illness. The board had agreed previously with Cunningham's counsel not to try the suspended officer until the Criminal Court hearing. However, developments which caused the postponement of the court tria' caused the board to decide to hear the case as soon as possible.

Should the case have been passed until aftei tho court procedings, a new board would have to consider it, as the next administration will be seatejcl by that time. Mr. Nemorovski testified in the Police Court that attempts had been made on several occasions to steal tha car. He placed the value of the automobile at $3,275. He was uncertain as to the date of the theft and was recalled to the stand.

He testified then that the car had been stolen during the latter part of May or the early part of June of this year. He identified the car by marks, patches on the upholstery and the top. The peculiar marks on the lumper also made him certain, he said, that the car was the one stolen from his garage. 94 AIR Beats Electric or Gas A new oil lamp that gives an amaz ingly brilliant, soft, white light, even better than gas or electricity, has been tested by the S. Government and 30 leading universities and found to be superior to 10 ordinary oil lamps.

It burns without odor, smoke or noise no pumping up, is simple, clean, safe. Burns 94 per cent air and 6 per cent common kerosene The inventor. E. K. 609 W.

Lake Chicago. 111., is offering to send a lamp on 10 days FREE trial, or even to give one FREE to the first user in each locality who will help him introduce it. Write him today for full particulars. Also ask him to explain how you can get the agency, and without experience or money make J250 to $500 per month (Advertisement, i BOLTED G.O.P. Didn't Speak, As He Isn't a Speaker, He Says, Breaking Silence to Aid Quin.

"I have been working for the Republican ticket every night since it was nominated," Nick Denunzio, defeated in the primary for the nomination for Jailer, said last night in a speech at Pfister's Hall, Twenty-fifth and Market Streets. Nine other rallies were held last night. Mr. Denunzio was refuting a charge, circulated by Republicans, he said, that he had not been in favor of the Republican party since his defeat in the primary. "I am not a speaker," he said, "and therefore have not made any speeches up to this date.

I want all of my friends who supported me so loyally to support the Republican ticket. I am not a candidate for any office." The speaker declared that Huston Quin is the people's candidate. His rearing, environment and activities Mr. Denunzio said, have brought him in direct contact with all the people. "He is in sympathy with the working people," Mr.

Denunzio continued. "Overton Harris, on the contrary, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He has never taken a part in the working people's interests. His associates and backers will preclude him from sympathizing with the worltitv--people, should he happen to be elected." Mr. Denunzio said Judge Quin is a self-made man.

He started to work when he was 14 years old, and acquired his education at night school, he declared. He has been active in all social welfare efforts and is atir.esen' president of the Kentucky Child Iji-bor Association, Mr. Denunzio said. Charles H. Moorman and Matt J.

Holt also spoke at the meeting. The speaker's bureau announced "Democrats and Republicans" will speak from, the same platform at a mass meeting tomorrow eteiuus "-Scottish Rite Cathedral. The Democrats scheduled for addresses are Russell Broaddus and Jeff Keen, railroad conductor. C. C.

Mengel and Augustus E. Willson, Republicans, also will speak. Fifteen Republican rallies are sched tiled for this afternoon and tonight. Joseph S. Lawton and Mrs.

Aubrey Cossar will speak at Mengel's Paper Box Factory at noon today. Mrs Howard B. Lee is scheduled for an address at 2S12 West Madison Street at 2 o'clock this afternoon. H. E.

Tincher will talk to a Middletown gathering at 3 o'clock. Speakers for tonight are: Twenty-sixth and Rowan Streets J. L. Richardson, Joseph Selllgman and Brent Ovcrstreet. O'Bannon's Schoou House Charles F.

Ogden and Brent Overstreet. Clifton and Crescent Hill Quin Club Edward G. Hill and Ben J. Brum- levc- Baxter and Hamilton Avenues M. R.

Varherry. William A. Earl and Homer MeLcllen. Seventeenth and Main Streets Eugene M. Dalley, Judge William llenrv O.

Gray and Airs. Cossar. f.Mmhrinus Hall Augustus win- son, William Marshall BulUt ana Thntnhcr. Thlrtv-th rd Street ana western Parkway Mr. Overstreet, Gardner tviiir and M.

R. Yarberry. seventh and Hill Streets Roscoe Conkling, B. F. Brunei! and J.

G. Gal lagher. Hancock and Madison reels S. A Anderson, Nat C. Cureton and Charle; Rilpv.

2125 Lvons Avenue- Ruthenburg and James A. Ross. Preston and Woodbine streets r-. G. Asher and John P.

Fleming. No. 15, Eastover Park Mr. Tincher and Mr. Lawton.

Church Women Elect NewFederation Head Mrs. W. A. Mills was elected secretary of the Churchwomen's Federation to succeed Mrs. J.

H. Dickey, who resigned, and other officers of the federation were re-elected at its first annual, meeting at the Unioi Methodist Temple yesterday afternoon. Indorsement of the $1,000,000 school bond issue and the two proposed State Constitutional amendments and reports of committee chairmen marked the meeting. Besides Mrs. Mills, ofiicors of the federation are: President.

Mrs. Helm Bruce; vice president, Mrs. William Black, and treasurer, Mrs. William Heeb. Trial of Sid Hatfield's Alleged Slayer Passed Welch.

W. Oct. 27 (Associated Press). The trial of C. E.

Lively. Buster Pence and Willian) Salters, charged with the killing of Sid Hatfield and Ed Chambers, who met death August 1, on the steps of the Court House at Welch, was continued until November 1, by Judge Strothers in tho Circuit" Court today, when it was reported by a physician that Salters was too ill to appear in court. Lively, a Baldwin-Felts detective, is the principal defendant in the case. Hatfield and Chambers' were well known figure in the Mingo County industrial disturbances. mm 316 South Fourth Louisville.

Olcn Saturday Evening. A. few Exclusive Emej-sori Agencies are opeq to reipo sible shoe merchants. Write to Mr. O.

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Mr. Crigham is a famjliar figure at all the fairs and races as he never one. "I was so bilious that I'd get dizzy and would have to stop my work till it passed off. Every morning I'd wake with a vile i MIJr and a coated tomrne. k-j tired, achy, stretchy feeling.

"Dreco has onrloH nil ii.nBn by cleaning off my liver and started a regular bowel action. I am never dizzy these days and I get out of bed feeling fine. Dreco is an honest medicine of real merit, that's why I'm lo recommend it to our Dreco acts EAT Delicious Creamery BUTTER And Whipped Cream 518 Both oy oay on blood, thereby relieving NOTE Call ody at JWhemeyer's Drug Store, Fourth and Jefferson, where Mr. headquarters, and let him tell you fully gently day by day on JjLCXiIlU 11 B-rfC- health. There B.os., the big corner drug store, Fourth Ave.

and is no charge. BuscheBW." JeffjWB A4vertlf 33 i-.

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