The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1946 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1946
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL <1, Many Problems Confront Cards , Dyer, New Manager, ; Faces Tough Task To Round Our Good Team By LEO H. I'ETISllSEN United Press Sports Writer NEW YORK, April 4. (U.P,) — Eddie Dyer, in his first season as a major league m.a.nager, is on the spot, "and ho one is more conscious of It than Eddie himself. Nearly everyone except a couple of rival managers are picking his Cardinals to win Ihe National League pennant. Thai's all right with Eddie, but there is oiie thing he Is wondering about—Is he goln; lo have the players it takes to do It? Dyer himself doesn't know and that is why he thinks the 13 to 20 odds which make thc SI. Louis entry the favorite in thc wintci book arc absurd. So long as he doesn't know whether George (Whitcy) Kurowski will show to play third base; whether tin arms of pitchers John Beazley an< Ernie White will come around :m< Whether pitcher George Munsc and catcher Joe Gargiola are [;0 Ing to be released from Ihe aimed services before thc 1946 season is too well along, he's wondering how the odds-makers could come up With "such ridiculous figures. SI'ORT I'AKAHK D eso Tossing Pasquels Luring Good Ball Talent To Mexico BV OSCAR FKAMSY lars. Uiiilrcl Press Sjwrls Writer The saving is only temporary. NEW YOUK, April 4. (UP)—To- Kven with Shcphcns the Browns days lesson, kiddles, Involves Hie were n long shot. Without him Mexican taseljiill league—and thc they are sunk Irrevocably. They fnct tlmt even five brothers don't probably could have kept, him by run a modest inheritance into a mediating between their $13,500-a$60.000.000 fortune with tlie type year offer and his $20,000-n-year of butcher shop brains which conic demand . sit 00 cents a ix>und. Without Owen the Dodgers were There has been much talk about a fairly lonn shot annlnsl the Ihe Peso tossing methods bv which Cardinals. Mickey nindc $17,500 mm thc Pasquels ot old Mayliloo—Jorge, wanted $20,000—which he not ill Bernardo, Oirardo, Alfonso and Mexico. So $2,500 kicked Ihc Dad- Mario—have lured star players ijrrs ;iit of whatever race they away from the major leagues. The might have been able to make, consensus is that the open check- The pity of It nil is that the Dodgers, even without Owen, probably will make money this year. The nice part Is that Ou'en. Stephens anil all thc rest of thc Jumpers will, too. The Pnsqucl. arc on their own, because COO demands no sympathy. Crax Primed For Another Pennant 'Noogans And Chicks Will Present Strong Flag Contenders book methods of the five brothers will have been so destitute 111 u shorl while (lint they will, be lucky to be t\ble to afford one dish ot chili amoiiR them. In rcbullnl. It takes a long while lo spend $60,000,000, even in baseball. And furthermore, thc brothers really are getting Rraric A bargains despite Ihe present tariff [or dissatisfied ball players. Take, for Instance, thc case of Vcm Stephens. the St. Louts Browns' late shortstop now performing for the fans In old Mexico. Stephens didn't get lefl al the payoff window—and neither iltd the Pasquels. The hombvcs holding Iho bun aic the St. Lcmls Browns. Stephens was. conservatively, n Durocher of the that even thc loss of Be: Jh'ow the race wide open. Kurowski is scheduled to see owner Som Breadon in St. 1/iuis this weekend in Ills campaign for tnbrc money. The rest of the infield is pretty well set although rookie Dick Sisler. son of the Browns' great first baseman, is giving the veteran Ray Sanders a sel battle for the initial bag. Emil, Verban, war-time holder of the jobs, seems to have beaten out Lou Klein for the fecund base post, with Mnrty Marion, of course, at shortstop. Should Kurowski fail to come to terms, Red Schocndicnst probably will be at- third, with Erv Dusik of Joffre Cross ready to take over ,if he doesn't, fill the bill. In the outfield it will be EIIO.S Slaughter. Stan and Terry Moore wilh Buster A'.'.asns, Harry Nelson, Hogan Favored To Win Rated 3 to 1 In Masters Tournament, Play Starts Today By Unlled Prest Southern Association Baseball managers will have a pretty fair Idea before the week Is out of what BY HAROLD FOREMAN Unilfil Press Sports Writer AUGUSTA. Oa., April 4. (UP) — v m ^ ilv „ „,„ ,„ „.,.,„ \K llyron Nelson and Little BCI tiicy ma"y~cxpec"t"fronTlh 1 e l |u's'ty"At- Hogan were rated 3 to 1 favorites lanla Crackers thLs season, and '" COD the $2.000 first pri/c monej Karl Mann win i" lhe revived Masters Cracker president Karl Mann will begin charting thc course of a hefty Investment, Thc Atlanta team broke spring training quarters at Gainesville Fla., yesterday and arrives in thc Georgia capital in time for a good ii\ the revived Masters' Golf Tour- nanu'iil, opening today at the Augusts National Golf Club after a three-year wartime lapse. A field of 51 of the nation's top golfers stood ready and primed for ihe t)i« event which will sec Nel- Oklahoma Quint Vies Kentucky In Cage Classic NKW CHILEANS, Ajirll 4. (DPI— Kentucky and Oklahoma A. and M., two fast-IJieaklnK kingpins of the bnskctb.-ill court, will clash In the 1040 Sugar Bowl classic Dec. 30. It was announced today. Tills will be the first Suisar Rowl ul«hfs sleep before making a de- son defending the Masters' title but appearance on home soil Fri- he, won In 1942 by oullasttng Ben day afternoon. The team's exhibition scries wilh the New York Yankees who are flying in from Texas will feature an aggregation that Mann hopes will carry him to another pennant by Autumn. He apparently hasn't spar- Second Pla d that crlnklyn green paper to nl >« "™' d 1>' RCC showed Hoean by one stroke. Bob cochran of St. Louis and Lelnnd Gibson of Kansas City tee off at 12:24 p.m. to lead the way in the 72-holc event which carries total cash prl/es of $10.000. during the Florida practice with Walker and rookie Hill Endtcot in rival mm »rs a> bcUcvcs' cnl ' liric<1 check. That $50,000 pur- nslcv would chase price plus his salary for three years at an I « settle ua«c of sis.Ofl, would make him worth S35.000. So Jorge Pasnufl. thc astute leader of lh<, five brothers, grabbed ftoulicns lor a $5.000 bonus and $20.000 a year for three years. Instead of costing SM.OOO Stephens back the Pasnvicls SI5S.OOO. A net profit of $30,000 for the 'astiucls. Then, as in Ihe Stephens case, here's Ihe instance of Mickey Cwen, Ihc crslwblie Dodger catcher. In these bad backstop days, Mickey on the open market would Ins at least $15.000 from many major league team, lie rcportrd- reecivecl $17.500 annually—so for five year period his lotal cost to n purchasing ball club would have been $102,son. The Pasnuels got him for $112,- plug the nxly gaps gr which up the under contract. material he could put pnc of the last fold before for Georgia to come In the Continucd $1,000. warm, sunny greeted the golfers today and even j J" "' tin old master. Bobby Jones, grand • l «°-' l lin to pick up a two to one exhibition the 'Crackers headed j victory over Minneapolis. The Pels, was Inficlder Jim Car- afler five straight lasses, banged out 12 hits against the American Association club last night. break- He was caught shortly after left the Boston Braves by the reserve. When Breadon sold walker Cooper, regarded as the best catcher in baseball, to the Giants foi $115,000, he was hoping that Gargiola would be out of thc service in time to take over. Bui there has been no indication whci he will be released and until he i,' vi Is, Dyer will have lo go along with i ,J n( ) 500—or a savin? of $50.000 for a the' veteran Ken O'Dca and Del Rice and Del Wilbur for his receiving. Thev don't form a championship caliber staff. Bcnsley, White and Mimper are question marks. Heazley had a* dead arm which has shown sicns' of coming around, but While's , arm has failed to respond to treatment. And Mungcr still Is overseas in service. They are three men Dyer is counting on for regular mound diily_ along with Howie Pollct, Max Laiifer.' and Red Barrett. Fred Martin, a rookie whom Branch Rickey of the Dodgers has tagcd .RS a $50,000 chattlc although he is without major league experience, has 'shown enough stuff in exhibition games to give Dyer hope that he could take uu the slack which the loss of cither Bcnzley, White or Mungcr would entail. And back of them arc such five-year period. They purporledlv paid him $20.000 for each of five years and a SI2.500 bonus. All of which simmers down lo the facts that the Pasquels are not y.any even with ;*csos: Hint, foi the first lime the ball players arc -.a .-, share or the profits that, being penurious with the basketball game since 19-12. Except for football, the carnival of sports was eliminated for the duration of (he war. Kentucky will bring lo the Sugar Howl a bevy of lop-flight honors. Coach Adolph Kupp's mingling ca- gcrs won the Southeastern Conference championship this season and hen blared on to victory in thc ladison Square Garden Invitational Tournament. Oklahoma A. and M., coached by Dawling Henry lira, won the NCAA championship for the second straight year. This will be thc fourth appearance of a Kentucky learn in the Sugar Bowl basketball game. Thc Vlldcals defeated Pittsburgh in 19T/ and Ohio Stntc In 1933. They lost Indiana in 1010. Oklahoma A. and M. will make Is debut in the basketball field the Sugar Bowl program. Bnl the Aggie grlddct's defeated St. Mary's n the football game this past Jan. 1. Sugar Bowl Sam Corenswct, in making the announcement todnv. saitl that n doublehcader was contemplated for thc Sugar Bowl cage event. He said the other two teams had not been selected. In preceding years, high school teams have played Ihc first game of i\ twin bill. .simple arithmetic of outbidding scv- eral other major league clubs who wanted his services. Carlln bit at his first curve ball Helena A,rk.. back in 1937 and novcd on through the Piedmont, Snllv and Eastern leagues before gong to the majors. He has four years of .professional experience ml four more with Navy teams. Manager Ki Kl Cuyler will start lim at first base where he will elicve tht Injured Pat Petrino during the Yankee scries. Carlin's' appearance is expected to Improve the situation in the Cracker Infield which hasn't been all that Cuyler wants, or will need when the competition geU rough. The Chattanooga Lookouts, for example, are ready to get in the show with a club that boats It can match anything th c Crackers or anyone else can offer. Thc Lookouts have plenty of players with major league experience and developing a top-flight out- leld. on c of th e .league's best in- Iclds and some heavy hitters. Man- igcr Bert Nlehoff Is now concen- ratlng on his pitching staff at Jacksonville training grounds. The New Orleans Pelicans meanwhile got over their losing streak ' ing a one-run tic In'the ninth inning. I Al Mncon, Ga.. the Nashville Vols 1 announced that catcher George La- icy. who was recently released from I thc Boston Red Sox, was enroule from Florida to join the team. The I Mobile Bears also picked up a former big-leaguer, Infielder George Falkm. late o f the St. Louis Cardinals. Sent to the Alabama city on a national defense waiver, he will hold down thc second base spot. slam champion of 1930. was raring to go the full distance on his lire- ess, pinno legs, Jones played only nine practice holes yesterday but Ilk 34 was enough lo convince the gallery that thc one-time great tias a chance to finish among the 20 money winners. Hogan turned in thc hottest practice round here, a 64 on March 20, which tied thc course record held by Jones and Lloyd Mnngrmn. Jones' 04 also came during proc-1 tele shooting but Mangrum's came on thc first day of the 1940 e vcnt here and was the lowest score ever lurncd In for 18 holes in a major tournament on a championship course. Sammy Byrd, the former New York Yankee outfielder, catne u'ith- n onc_ stroke of equalling that record yesterday when he fired a 05, going out in 34 and coming In with a 31 on the 12 par course. The field In the lOlh playing of the traditionally tough invitational tournament found six of the seven former Masters- champions on hand. The only one missing was Gene snrazen, winner of the playoff of the 1935 tourney against Craig Wood. He wired from Detroit that business would keep him from attending. Thc other six previous winners arc Hoi'Lon Smith, who won the first event In 1934 anJ who repeated in 1936, Nelson, the only other winner who copped thc event in 1937 and again in 1942; Henry Picard, winner in 1938. Ralph Guldahl. who turned in Ihc tournaments lowest score of 279 in 1939; Jimmy Demaret, who won in 1940. and Craig Wood, who copped first prize in 1941, all were sel to repeat their past wins. POULTRY WANTED! 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