The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1938 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1938
Page 9
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THURSDAY, MARCH 3, 1938 BLYTMEVlLLti '(AKK.); .COURlJiR NEWS ""•"""'- PAGE NINE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate yet line for consecutive Inseclions;- One time per line Itic Two times per line vicr day ...!)8o Three limes per line iier day ..OOo Six times per line per day ....05c Montii rate per line 60c Curds of Thanks SOc & ISc Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six limes and stopped before expiration wJll be charged for the imm- i p lor of times the add appeared nnd *juslnie;il of bill made. All classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing out side of Hie city must, Ijc accom panicd by cash. ItiUes may be easily computed from above tfll Advertising ordered for Irregular insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect Insertion of niiy classified nd. Business Directory HARRY BAILEY'S CURVE IN CAFE (iuod Food at Good Trices All Kinds Sea Food Frt'sh Crappie Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. 1'honcs fi-F-1 & 878 For Rent i Furnished house. Mrs. C. A. TaiU ' Call 428-J, or 5.5. 2-ck-9( i, 3 room unfurnished apartmrnl.. 521 E. Cherry. Inquire ;A 510 So. I'lanklin or Morse and Kirch ici 2-ck-O Sea-Coin^; Farmers Comfortable Ijcdroom. 'Ml Uui,,in Reasonable rules, l-pk-ti Nicely furnished rooms. Hoard II desired. I'honc 602. 112 15. cherry. 26-ck-3-5 DUPLEX—3 & 4 room furnished npurtmcnts. Private baths, call 280. IM-ek-tr Coinfoi'tttbli! bedroom, 11)17 Wal- uul, Call 103. lll-ck-if ComfoiUblo bedroom lor aentle- inan. Phone 277-J. Call :it 025 W. Main. 17-ck-3-17 Nicely furnished lied rooms, yicam heat. Convenient, lo bath. Coll 560. )5-ck-3-lS Nicely fiirnislicd slemnhciitcd Ixd- rooin. 003 W. Main, call G42. 14-ck-3-H Comfortable bedroom ndjoinlng bath. Gimllcinan only. 1t3 W. MHin, |)lionc 80S-W. 1-ck-tf One comfortable bedroom, Call Mrs. S. S. Slcriibcrg, 984, 1'209 Holly. 28-ck-2-28 Personal Coal My t'aal Is Black I!ul 1 Treat You While, LOCAL HAULING John Buchanan Blytiieville, Ark.. I'lionc 107 Radio Service EXPERT RADIO SERVICE Complete Line Of PARTS, TUBES, B'TERIKb Hanlaivay Appliance Co. HENRY 1VERNKR Main & giii rhonr. H Batteries SERVICE J. Ben Clune rlione 8 at Tom Jackson's tirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers For Sale l!osc Wanl MEN OLU AT -iQ! GbT PEP. New Oblrcx Tonic Tablets contain raw oyster inviEorators and otliei stiinulanl.s. One dose starts new pep. Value SI.00. Speda] price 89c Cull, write Kirby 13ios. Urug-Stoic Found Leather folder with 2 keys. Owner can have same by paying cos of this ad. Black leather key holder coutaii ing one key. Owner can have same by paying cost of this ad Courier News. Metal key ring with 13 keys. Found near High School. Owner cm have same by pnylng cost of thi ad. Lost J liirgn polntei' Bird Dog, 1 year old. White with bluck spots, tic- ward for return to Rustic Inn. Call 440. a3-ck-4 Room and Board Hatchery Baby Chicks PUBLIC HATCHING. Mmily Hatchery. Blytiieville, Ark., Jl.W 01 North, Phone 712. Glass 10 \'iirlc'llr Crime Myrlle. . m, large mid small, nea- tons Home of Flowers. 28-ck-7 Good iiociini; mid lumber "choipl Mrs. IJiniiy Rclilnliiti, 15-|ik-;l-13 tlvliiu room, bedroom tuid ktlclien furniture', Stove*. l>Jiono 012-j ^rs. lloMe Morris Jr. M-ck-3-S Burke Hnrd«aro iixlures lor sale. Vox •')('•, Courier News. _ _ __ _ H-ck-3-i't ll:iy-Soybeans--OiiTa Kifrt Com— Milch Cows And Tractor Work. Hce W. l,. Tut,., Annorel, Ark. Comiilele lu volinno set ol'Vlmi- dnrd Hcfcrcnco Hooks will! loose leaf binder. Call 'J30 or 102. 10-la-rn t i Not, often does the uproarious North Sen permit- men to pole calmly ilong its surface in a cockleshell boat ns (ho;c in the picture above ire doing. In Mils instance, the sea, impelled by Rales and abnormal spring (ides, burst a gap three miles long in defenses—believed lie biwjesl sen wall break Eiu>L Norfolk, EnyJnnd, lins Miirereil In 51) years-and .wciil.over 20 siiuare miles of farmland in Ilic Horsey area. The photo shows some of (lie Jfifl refugees being rcacucil fro a marooned fnrmliousc. Cedar VVAHMNU OKDKK iiell'lo Moiils dud Emma U, Morris, his wife, ivrc warncrt lo np- licar In tiie chancery Courl lor (ho Chlcknsnwbu Dlslrlcl of Mississippi County, Arkansas, wllhln Ihiily dnys from llils date, innl nnswc'r a complaint lllcd i\[iulw,l them in Midi courl by Union Bnv- Ings Iliilldliig and Umn Ar.socia- tlon. Uali'd this Kcliruiny U, 1038. 1IARVKV MOII1U8, Cleik. iirld inul I'Jvranl, Attorneys for Plnlnllll. 10-11-U-3 I'wls, 13), (: w. jel~M. Itt.a, Bmlthvllle, Ark. Salesmen Wanted man for Kmv- Winilrd: lU'l Iclfih IK'nkT.sliip |n M|.<isl.v>lpn Couiuy. W. l(. Allen Mild lu'ie sii«- t'1'i.i.lully fur 111 ycum. \\v tunilMi erylhiDK bin car I'rodiicts may be bounlil for ca s |i ,„• on |i, m , "''He if you nr« iiHcvi'sU'd in (,,,(, ih'i; into it iicnntini'ii'. and praill- (ible biiylnrss of yo ,,,. (UV]1 j A "-•j«»'s. ',• The W. T. llmvltlBli Co.' Mi'iiiplil,',, Temi. St. Louis University Gels New Seismograph Base •ST. I.OU1S (U!')--A new sclHiio- lirniili liUillon, the Ihlrd point of n li'lnnglv with HI. l/uits nnd i.ltllo Kni'k, Ark,, nl Hie olhiT polnls, has Ijwn I'sliiUllshril for si. Lcuiii Unlverslly «t GVIJIC Cllvar<lcau. 'Hie Blnllon will aid In deleiinln- l»8 the qjlceiilm of small t|iuikes In Ihc New Madrid. Afo., aivn, T)u< New Miidrld ri'Rlou luis bcuii (he loi'iilo ui nei'<>nil small enr(!t(|uakcs in riHX'iil years ami in of IreinendoiB propoillons. The new slulion has IMCII built on tlic grounds of Ilio Cajw Olrar- 'nii Teachers FOWLER DRUG CO YOUH PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Main & hi Phone HI The gasoline'lax bill of-American otoitett is JnfreMln* «t the rate cf $ 100,000,000 a year; ' ; (SOI) and Vt Ark«« ami Missouri lixnvesl ratcs-^ txpuuw ALso fltj prapniltn DON II. KA8SKUMAN niomas Lnnd Co. Ofllco P. O. Uox 470, Phone BJ7. Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SUKGKRY & GUAHANTKUIJ Ssff, «uro »nd with lt«« discomfort All dtasc* «nd conditions of nervom orljln, cured .1 our clinic, foot ailmtnU and Ala c*ncm tr(»ltd and DRS. N1ES & NIES Osteopath^ PAlf $2 Ami Swiill Down 1'n.vmi'iit KNJOY A (JENUINK CHKVKOLKT Aufo Radio ONLY UHliVKOLKT offcr.s you Blinrnntard St'lcct-O-Wallo Tuu- ItiK. PiiKh ii Ijulton and Ilii'a-'B your i.lallou. Come In Toduy! y«: mill Hear tlili) Di'iiMilliHial new radio. Von too \vlll wunl uno on your car. Auto & Household Radios Repaired TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 'Ml Wnlnul I-IKIIU, u:u ILECTmiC * AORTUNE ' WELDING AT BE9T PRICES • PROMPT BEBVUOS Bar ksdale Mf g. Co, ' '.or--- -,,,^—'• -' - '-'::.^_^~ggg^gi Drs. Wert & Wert OrXOMETEISXS Over Joo Isaacs' store "WK MAKE 'KM SBE" I'hone B40 J. C. EVANS nox cat mj'lhovlllo, Ark, District Manage HAMILTON TltllST Btxwsorcd Jly llniiillton Depositors Corp. Hubert Utley's Service Station and Cafe All J.radiiig l!ninds of Beer, Wihticy, Wine, Gills Ami Cordials UKAI.KK IN Coal _ nay — A _ Grains I'llll.MI'S Go 1 GAS K'/JK TAX PAID CK1AHKTTKS 2 l>lf. 2.1e or ¥1.15 per Cirtdii 24 Hour Service ".IV. Cl, riionu 17 Holluiid, MO; Now locattil *t lOl'NOrlh Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU WON EUWAHUH, Propriety ilrlni;—Vnrls 1 "' "«'""" Typewr'l««, Adding Machlun ln ( c—i > iiriK-.i{|]>i > o,i JI| . SAVE XIIE Top of Your Furniture With Glass All designs cut & finished. CALL US bteam heated room with hoard Hljthcvilln I'aint & Wallpaper 803 W. Ash, phone 151. 12ck3-l'J|Phone 880 111 S. 2nd Versatile Actress Answer lu Previous HORIZONTAL 1,9 Motion picture aclrcss ! C- Knock. 14 Competitor.; 1.1 .Self. Ti> Impetuous. 171 .coparcl. !RTo DcrutJ. I!) Soon. 21 Parly in lawsuit. 2.1 Buried 37 Pitcher. ill) Heavy siring. 31 You nnd I. -\i> Indian nice. area. 32 Incarnation of 52 Knglisli toil). 2 1',-irt of moulh. Vishnu. :,3 llculticn god. :t Bugle plant. 33 Coif device. S'lTo rub out. J Combed with 31 Eqiiipajje. r ' 5 Rodents. ;i cyrd. 35 Rubber trees. 57 She was born f, senior. 37 Before Christ. 38 Festival. 08 Slic is the 3fl Genuine. 11 Smoldering ' coals. •15 Full of puddles. 48 Korm of "be. G f!cccssion. 7 Prize contest. daughter of a 8 Tiny lake. famous theatrical 0 Leguminous plant. 10 One who ranis. 1 1 Since. 12 Lion's home, 13 Year.- 20 She Mis in comedies in s.- 22 Not many. 23 She iiclcd in , on the / singe. 25 Clirislmas • 1'jF' carol. ! 26 Elm. aBMcrchandiscT 1 . 2 ( JTo eject. 3£Miidc of steel. 37 Fierce wind. 38 low toft hat. ' •10 liiiilroad. •12 Manufactured. •J3 I'orcliead. H Wine vessel. ! •15 Pretense. j •into pull along. 47 Tnrciy. 50 Noah's boat. 1 51 Distinctive ^ theory. •{ 03 Within, '; 50 Senior. »Y V. T. HAMMN . SO.", YOU'RE OOMKJA HAVE MV HIDE, ARE VUM2 Alt RIGHT —MOWS AS GOOD A TIME. AS AWY/ HERE LAW, HIDE AKJDALL/ • OH,THAT'S IT-VEK60NWA MVMlDEOFF.ei-l? WELL,VOU'LLFIklDIT ' TOUGH-RUT 60 AHEAD VOLmG JU^T 71-1' FELLA BE£M LOOWW -.., VOL/GREAT . at& MASTERFUL MAW.' WHAT A DROLL SEWSE OF HUMOR VOiJ HAVE/ &VOLIM WOT 8E TCOHASTV.'CAM'T BOOTS AND HER 15UJ)DIES BY EDGAR MARTIN • CEC\L! WAWTlhifo 1O"\£VS_ WASH TUI5BS \V«Jih In Fed Up, Ton BY KOY CRANK HERE'S YOUR. WAWOEWW& BOV, A,\A'\\. HWW HE DlDIJ'T H\VE A.KW CLOTWES QW— HE DA.M6 WEAR. VQU SUCCEED.' I'LL ME? DREAM IT WOULD 6EUK.ETW.. I TRVIWG TO CURE vou OF .J^NT^^46 TO ^ BE LEAVE OURUnLe) PRECIOUS! HC*AE A6AIW AS LONO KSI LIVE, HOUEy , TIHED OF KKIOCKIU WHERE J ABOUND, TOO * 1 - UP TOVON, GET A. NICE, STEA.DV JOS, SETTLE DOWN, KKKCKKKS AND IHS I-'KIKM)S No !\Iorp Track \Valkin •i HY MEUR1I.I, .iBLOSSBR C) | C>: V J & lt>W'T V/A.JT YOU PAYIW<3 RE.MT YOU BUY IT ' AW Lo ' J G ER "R>"THAr MISfRLY V/ELL,MOM,T GUESS J OH, BOY, WHAT A ••' -••'-' -^gV K4CES AT V> THATS How v/E USED TO'Ge T \L OUR COAL. THOSE: _ "THREW THE OWLY THIMG V/WAT TOp. ? Z "WAT V'AS HAH CfY '•! , HOUSE ! GEE, ALL VA V/OW'T HAVE TO GO DOV/W . SCUTTLE ! HE'S HAD YOU GOTTA DO,TO GET "fO "THE FiAILROAD BRACKS OVER A BARREL. LOWG HEAT, JS TO PRESS ANYMORE AIJD A BUTTOS; ,AMD THE PACES AT "fWE FREI-31-rr , HOUSE IS V/ARM !.' EWGIKJEEP.S .

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