Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on May 1, 1922 · Page 12
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 12

Detroit, Michigan
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Monday, May 1, 1922
Page 12
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It.' Tigers Helpless Before Robertson Who Pitches Perfect Game And Wins 2-0 FEAT EQUALS RECORD OF YOUNG AND JOSS White Sox Recruit Enters Hall of Fame, Stopping Bengals Without Runner Reaching First ; Pillette . Pitches Effective Bail but His Mates Can't Aid Him; Winners Score in One Inning. BY HARRY BULLION. As the years roll on and the youth of toxiay is withered, ray and bcnl by the toll of time the memory of an epoch-making performance at Navin field will remain indelibly impressed in the minds of those whom kind fate directed to the stadium Sunday afternoon. Thrc, in the presence of nearly 25,000 people, a kid pitcher of the White Sox, Charley Robertson, entered his name on the baseball roll ot nonor. lite Hero ot a no-mt, no-run, nobody reach first and glory that will be la-liiiR thtoimh this "(reiteration, .several more. - In his climb to iainc of 'that if ' " rare brilliance Robertson subdued i I Varfor-l Came PRATT'S BLOW TRIPS YANKEES Shawkey's Run of 25 Scoreless Innings Stopped; Red Sox Win, 2-1. Herman Pillette, whose perform-! mice was sparkling, yet wasted in , EJ""" the face of the astounding achieve- i incut. One run would have been sufficient for the White Sox to "Saw. win for their brilliant gunner. hu' ; J,';, ' ' they grouped two in the second I nVunmrm. Vr intiing and t tic pair determined the margin. Only Three of It Kind. .Since the inception of modern baseball and the code of rulvs tinder wbjeh the national pasttmo is conducted now only two other men ever have won the distinction that Itobertson claimed t his sinhhnth afternoon. On May 5 in 1D04 Denton T. "Cy" YounK. pitching against vuiiiciics. Kepi nrst iiase Spurt in Fourth Nets Washington 6-4 Victory Over Philadelphia. apw- York. April 30. Pratt citfhth inniiiK liume run with I.ef-hohl on base broke Sli.iwlicy's streak uf sorelc;;s fnning. and en- ; tritintph I . ' 0J l!strn to defeat rCcw York ' . j totlav. 2 to ; next . simwkfly hud pitched 25 scoreles:- -uu,;,;,,,;, !!" :!ks tM sprint up m tnft Ume V ; . -"'M..u noun, win was out s , .M-- n.wiic wiui un injured ankle. j White Sox Hurler Who Breaks Into Baseball's Hall of Fame J.iBTROlT. Sen it Ale II ( PrMt SniiO'. ! M;.rr1s. :: i r::ik-r. -t. ! H -Miller, rn. I 2 I'h'I'. It.. 4 1 Viu. i, I'. I i UlKIKSV, i Ma tit mi, l-'illtitle. i 'Clark .. j ti'iiKjiler I Totals .ScllrtiiK. ii. :t the sullied by Hie spikes of a sIhl'Ip enemy and four years later. October 190S. Addis Joss, then a brilliant moundsman for Cleveland, administered tilt; same dose to the White Sox. H'hen Johnny ttassler, hatting- for Pillette after the first two men were retired in the ninth. Mied to Johnny Most 11 the crowd that remained painfully quiet as though spellbound, rushed madiv at Robertson, and reaching his side before be got to first base on his way from the dug-out to live club house, raised bim high on sturdy shoulder and fought the rest of the way through the throne to the tunnel. Won't See Its ttqnnl. Mny in that (Treat crowd never will live to see another perform-anee its equal. And thoae who wrrr privileged to witness the rhvthmie niiiimer tn which the vou:ig Sn. hurler turned back the Iton-pal? would not have traded their places fur a fortune. Through it all, too. Robertson vhs as cool as t lie proverbial lcehciK. bullet proof Horn Uie snarling Timers who suspected trickery and appealed amstanllv to Hi u umpires for relief from a "delivery they belicvt-u to be illegal. In chartre of the same from his station behind the pl;iie Nail in Min.nv out protested halls frofiuent-lv and snbsittutcd for others Hint Manager Oohh detected discotora-tions on. Hut the youngster, little realising that his work was destined to ereaii- nation-wide comment "i the cnvi-ted character, boomed alonj;, thn in tlie ninth inninc. itprlit on the threshold to fame, kep- uiiMsei. in pcriect control Timers, superintended liv lets, inspected his eIitheF l"or sonie evidence of material used for d!s-. -It-ring- the cover of a baseball. Mulligan, McClellan, uoiuiis. Moutlt. If btrur-.K, v Shoeley. . Schitlk. i: Totn Is i: " ! Tfi(nl 22 7 1!7 10 v I Itiinw Itrlbolil, rie-iMiRi(n, Sroit. 1 . ,".V,.,. ". II on !i iwf-.V.u, Vcri- lilt a -Nl-W YdfK IkiHtun 7. llnntoi u.-n out-liy Slinwko 7. ',nw (HIT. Tim 1 I.'. ZACHARY FARES BETTER t ion a I.- Haite-I for Hleacy la ninth. tltatu-il i or I'll let It1 In ntinlt. Detroit 0 0 0 0 (i 0 t Chicago 0 Z 0 0 li I.' U Twii-Iilisc hits Shecley, Mulligan, struck out By fillet tt! 6. liol.ertflnn fi. Sucrlllo; liltn Ktriink. Mcflcltaii. Collins. Hutu.- t.n !aU:i OfT IMlU-tt.: Left on bases-t'lil- cnyn. Ttm-I:l6. Umpires Nutlln and Tremor irip White Sx. FUNK NOW TOPS STATE SINGLES Detroit Bowler Rolls 701 , Replacing Zimmerman of Kalamazoo. Kalamazoo. Mich.. April troit lias recovered the Iced in tb--si n tries events a t the 1 fill annual tournament of the Michigan I.!uvl-ine association Sunday afternoon when Kiehard Knnk knocked down maples In thre- names. V. Kawcett of Detroit, who had i ! held the lead for 10 days until he ; was displaced Saturday evening by I Robert Zimmerman, of Kalamazoo. I was forced down to third place, j i-'unk's mark is 17 pins ahead of the I last year's championship mark, hi- I Zimmerman rolled 6 and Fawcett bowled over 6nS. The Cable IMpiios and C. I. Smiths, of Detroit, are still tied for fl rst nl in--1 in the five men event" wii h 2.1 " ihis and F. Hume and M. Carmnck i.f Detroit with I. Ho pin." are t ied with M. l-.jrircrt and V. Oillet. of Lansinti. for hlpli honor? in til" doubles events. M. Carmack of Detroit Mill lends i.i the all-events with 1.S2T. TIik leaders are: FIVK MI3N. Wa?hinirtn. April ie" -""Uttli runs in the founlw innii,K today to d.-fe.-lt n,iladelPlH:, ' The visit, ms OU'lisnp from' me ooX ln ,h ie.l hint ci i re r ATm.rrnrs wa.shi.vcto.v ' ,x" a ah n V. a U I Harris. lis ii -lii-in'e. lb!" It J 1 t (rower. rf,..'j u r, 3 liliurrlty. r..J - i I Hush, .lb 3 ; Th Yuma- "i. Jnhtminii. t 5 " Walher. If..i t l'i rkins. e... i JACKIE CLARK TO TEST SAGE Detroit Middleweight Has Chance to Gain Recognition by Winning. iRobertson's Act iThirdoilfsKindl iiotucrnph by fan Kraio Studio. Del! CHARLEY ROBERTSON. M.-.I J- fl .1 znciutry. i n ? ..31 3 27 !fi WVh-h. ' r Uvkc.-. 3 '.ulloway KV-kc "Calloway ..l o Tocils....-! & :i II -r.ilal; riiiliiilolpliln i r j (, "'Kin n n ft g o 0 0 0 . ,. Iluiui-Sinftli. Iliirrj.o, Hie-, Browrr P...k- dicr--l. l-riory -Athlfitlcs , Waitlilnr tn a Tvo-hn. liiis-JlarrU nu.i Jti't" -Smith . h-rtirllir-od Wiilktr Siait'i Double play-WaslnnRioii 3. U-ft i.i " "!l fwUlT k-1- 5- K-.eia.rv - l firuik out-! ) Nayior 1k.r: 4. Ziu-h- i .1 v. V K (,1,.;b,l---'-iks()ti. t.oiili! i iiil'ires (..otinoily an. I Pitching for Chicago at Navin field Sunday afternoon Robertson shut the Tigers out without a hit or a run and did not let a man reach first base. It is the third performance of its kind in the history of modern baseball. Joss, pitching for Cleveland, beat Chicago in Octo-ber, 19Q8, and "Cy" Young, for Boston, beat Philadelphia in 1904. Timk 2:0;i. SOX CLOSE FIRST SERIES HERE WITH MONDAY GAME lliipuiohlle!', ii-iw many realised what Kobei;-r-ons performance men m until i he i-nga!s ambled uj Ii.r tlteir ilnal :urn nt lint could not he nsccrtnined. of course, but the White S.ix. e.o dint; to Cnptain Krtdie foil ins. had ti"t let the t'hoiiKht of a no-hit to Fuy nothing uf a perfect, uaine. flftWi; oil them until hist Ihn-w tm-n i r-nhln rin..a nnlrnil Ftood between H"bf-rtsfii and tli- v. Smiths, ftrnit tar. st haM-ball trlorv. , KhI:uiiu.-..). J'murt. Katn Tn thoFc who watched jn t ent ! v I ):!;'; 1 r.Y there appeared i Ire a faint tremor urfppinc the S.-. Then .steadyiim;. t hey launched t hf-mpl ves anew t n t iie fifrht their rillenutn wns nink-Twenty -four men hud been i-tirf-d in ei(?ht iiininps before liannv ''lark, batting f.r ilimiey in the Tiers' nlntli. faeed ilie pitcher, ''lark swiinc wii-kedlv at the first pitch and missed it, then the f riki1 and made inspect i-u f the lenther. As he had done niiiiont Inva riabl v. Ilohertpon used a fast ball w i t li '"lark. nnd. ciittinir the third -:ie ver. 5nt hi in back to tie lumh. C.'nntlnncd nil Por- Thirteen. TRIPLE PLAY BY INDIANS -St. l.nuU. April ;jft. a triple ptm 1 by Wainb.-jrunss nnd M.-lnnis oft Cleveland and thro double plnvs by St. I.ouis featured the laiter'.s) U to :i victory here today. th third i straight over the Indians. ! Kenneth Williams failed tn in- 1 erensi! lil.s number of home runs Kptns Mitless for the dav. y win--nuiK today's frame, the browns tied .. i oris tenni lor rst n ac Overflow Crowd Sees Robertson Set Tigers Doton X Without Man Reaching First. I V KI.ANIv W;ifiil.v. ieimiis. Xi-'H. l.litnauh. Sa! t UKbv. ii nil Tvajiltls TW(i mi:.v. F. Hum'-M t'aiinnok, IJctroit.. M. l-:isK..-t-V.. i.iilU-lt. Laimini: It. l-:il1s-P. irnl;di. K'iil:.nm?.(m I--. Frv.--H. K';iiKL-n. Detroit r.llls-ji.hnson. i Irmiil Itapiiis. . . IXDIVIDITAI-S. It. runk. Heiroit I :-,!. t . Zitinm-riiiAii. K.U iinaE(ni ln-treii 1-;. IInrtTii;i i. Iiir.-it IV ibTf;:ilin. I A!. I. KVK.NT. M. r)rmre-l;. I'rlroit T. T.-tke. T:.-pi..ii Har'.'fr H. Weaver. 1 -eirelt ;. I.iiih.r-J. ;,-.( m! Kap!ij It. P. Kltnl.ll. Kal'.riiitzoo AH II j Kllerlie. ?.U..:, t 0 Sifcl.-r. I it : 1 WilitaniH, o I M'Mnnus. ' 1 Invl8. v ' Kotp. p. . ! Slmiker., lis.... 3fi H 24 11 Tol.-i!;.-.. k..n for O-.VHtl it, elBhtli tbaucil fr.r Keofe id .-1,,-iith. -e : Sl.-!r. Wi!!i;niu,iiiis J: .i,vi,. lirr .Ifl.'-.tLS l-N-i!l. Keefe, (;Vi.ti i-OL-1 .-!. Tw ...s,. r,jt.. -.otp, . i-N-elll. i-iiii-i-ker. Stole r r, -'''ii--e-wiiiu. t,. i -H vis. . itiu. M.-Iniils. Inu!,l.- pint- si. i.oul-i :: lri.k- j, my -w,ltll,.y i,,i.l M.'ltmi:.. t.,-d K.: Off 1...V.S :t. K.. i. 2.MkX V-iUl ' s'r;;i " Mit-ny Mitvi.- ;i. nai;i,v k lvei-re 2. .;ul.s 1. WtmilnK j.ltrhor ty .tikI Uiiilfl.iiind. Tinn I -loeen. .M.,rl;o- Uroiind rules w-ero in force again. After the stands filled the crowd overflowed on the Held and stood ui sat in a fringe around the whole in-closurc. On Monday the clubs will conclude their forlcs. after which the Browns come for four Kume.i. Willi the Mound City troupe Ls Kenneth Williams, tin: season's sensation as the maker of home run:-. Clyde Mani'.n ftnnlly not a chance to Mart a ball game. The his backstop was selected to handle the delivery of Hernia:-, IMllette. l'i I let to hp.d Mulligan, first man tip, three, balls and no strikes and then struck him out. Chicago's two runs in the second innirif; were cheap ones. One base on balls, nn infield hit. sacrifice and a blow that was more a s c ra t c i i than rea I save them the necessary impetus. Johnny Mostil took a drive off Veach's but with his baek close to the .score board in the Ticers" sec-nr.d. The crowd in t hat sector spread to make the fn- left field-ei's feat easier to perform. In l h n same inning:, too. Hairy Hiopcr made a pietiy. ninninK catch of a hard hit ball by Hobby .lone.-;. The former lied Sux star was on the dead run when he caught tip with the leather. "" " )Z Blue's, error and a sacrifice dttfj for him. Blue knocked down Hooper's slam, holding the runners on the bases and Jones ended the Sox's hopKS with a nice stop and throw on Mostil. Kddlo Collins is just as good a nail player this year an he ever has been. To see him snaring hot ff rounders, pulling liners down and iitherwise croatinu discomfiture for nvalji tlm casual .-b.-ierver nevei suspect that lu: has been in barneys lor so Ioiik a stretch. Often, too. Kddits pops the leather with his old aeeustimd vig.r. I'lay-ers of Collins' caliber and condint arc developed seldom. Strenuous protests were registered by 1 teiltminn and Cobh ami ins t the ball Robertson was pitching. It appear.-.-! tn the Timers that the ball was b- havin; iu : pe.-utiar manner and appeals were made to Umpire Nallin. To examine one of the dis-put-d leathers more thorough!-. Manager Cobb kept one out of the collection. .Sheeley pave the crowd a thrill in the sixth with a whale of a b-lt over the left field fence. Fortunately for the Tig-ers. the wind altered the course nf the ball and Kwept it into foul territory. Pillette and .Io-;ies made a n A nlav on MnlM'Tfiti In i he w.v-.,ill Met ;i ell an bunted with Mtilligan i-m second and rillettc, leaping for th.-hull. slammed It at Jones, who blocked the runner's path to the hag for the out. WOMEN BOWLERS ; START TOURNEY ! Toledo Teams Take Lead With I Low Scores. la.., h ith five " ! 0 ipnl T-.l-, I he - The Na the ports Suits l-'or Town and Country Wear $26.50 to $50 ' (.V-'IHC i (''.': !:.i tr Kniil,-n s t rpHE wearing of sports suits is no t longer limited to men who play golf. You see them on the avenue as well as on the course, Hudson models show many refreshing variations in back, shoulder, pocket and drape. Tweeds and homespuns are the favorite fabrics. H U D S O N ' S Store for Men I It IT of the! annum t ii t lt;i irit-ni of the Nn-I Women's W-iw -ling n.-oeiai ,.u I last night. . ws-Cee five, nl,.! ,' To- ! second will, 1. ?!.-.. ( i i o otn-of-town teams eotnpetrd .'it i the open in'.', b.iih being I rotu S-. i I-otii". the lunne of Mrs. M. Kelly, i J t -. i h.- n;t i j.ina i secretary. I.. r,,v sc.rers. the M:- ! led. i. Major League Standings. AMERICAN LEAGUE. W 1. !vr. - j, p, - Yerk. H :. .f, V.'!r.Ktnn S V .1 I... ins . :i ,t-. Ath!.-Iles... fi ft . n;;). K ...71 lii.!:.,i, r, ;i : ! j S I ..-ireii t II Sinxhij 's ICcMiits. l ond iiy' .it Prlrnl! OAKLAND SCHOOL MEET IS ARRANGED A. E. F. Champion Has Gained Decisions Over Best in His Class. I-ess than a year from the time he started boxinK as a profetVion-al. Bob Sacrc will bo jrlven his chance Monday niffht at the American L.eclon show at Dancela- " to earn a Doaltion among the first lliiihl middtewcights of the coun-1 try when he -meets Jackie Clarke. A. K. F. champion of Alleritown, I ra. It i.s generally a slow climb for the beginner and two or three years arc often spent in emerging from the preliminary and seml-linal bout static. However. .Sage has shown onoucrh In his early bouts to warrant giving him matches with t he leadeiu and In case he should win over Clarke he will be rated with the half dozen best 100-pound boxers in the country. This bout, which tops the card, will be a ease of a veteran who has boxed alt of the best mlddleweiKhts and most of the light heavies facing an ambitious youngster who has much to aain bv taking the verdict. The winner of the middleweight title overseas has won from practically every man of his weight well known in the ring craft. lloth I.PBtonnlrcN. To the winner of tho bout will co the American Legion title as both are members of the organization. Sage being a member of Oharlen. A. Learned oost. while Clarke Joined the organization in A lien town. Jackie has appeared In two previous bouts In Detroit winning from Tommy Kobson and Joe Chip. On both occasions lie proved himself to be a great two handed boxer and his past performances indicate that Sage will be kept busy checking the shower of blows sent in his direction by the former machine gunner. Sage has shown In his last three bouts that his right hnnd is an offensive weapon not to be regarded lightly. He has learned to hook and hit straight with it and in his camp confidence reigns that he will not be on the short end of the decision with Ctaak. (iiiMnutnn ItnxeK ;nii, Phil Oiusmnno and Buddv Gauss of Cfncfnnuti. Junior lightweights, will come together in the .semifinal over the lO-round route. Hlliv I'usso. of Hay t'ity, who was (lui-maiio's original opponent. was forced to cancel the match, due i.. a broken arm. i lauss showed enough in his wnrkottt to :i 1 1st v Matchmaker Harry Tuthill that ho,' troitcr, who has been winning n g-tilarly this sen.s.m. All that Harry Webb and Walter OWlnlley lack in boxing skill th v are expected to make up in nggn.-s-sivenefp nnd ptm.-hlng In their sf-round bout. Iloth can hit ha rd f ot welterwcichtfi and the terminal hm of t he bout before t he end of t h,-sixth round would not be surprising. There will be a pair of four round bout s to start the show. In one Kddie Jordan and Hill-v livan will collide. Jordan's opponent ran out n mm at ui" ia.t Legion snow. Inn. in Itynn he will meet a good boxer who will le-np him busy from the :d art. The flr:;t foui-round set.-to brings out two youngsters. Oeis-ler and Matras. who packed a lot of action in a bout over the sain-distance at the Moos'- show. BRITONS TAKE BACK TROPHY 'Cy? Young and Addie Joss f-Only Other Men to Con-I tribute Feat of That Kind j in Modern Ball. When Charley Robertson, young White Sox. pitcher, blanked the Tigers without a safe hit and didn't let anybody reach first base at Xavin field Sunday afternoon he was the third moundsman to achieve that distinction in modern baseball and the first to perform tho feat In 1 years. Addie Joss,wonder pitcher of his time 'with Cleveland, was the last mail to hold a team scoreless, hit-less and keep first base Inviolate. Against Kd. Walsh, then lu his prime as a pitcher for the White Sox. Joss in 1308 equalled a performance turned -in by Denton T. 'Cy Young ngalnst the Athletics on May 5. 10(M. Or Marked Cn liber. Robertson's performance is nil the more remarkable in that - he succeeded In doing what oni two other men ever did against one of the heaviest hitting teams In all baseball history. This and the fact that Robertson Is serving his first year in the majors as a regular makes his achievement the more astounding. No-hit. no-run games are frequently turned in; the records books are studded with them. Only three ever havo, however, succeeded in retiring 27 men In order us Robertson did here Sunday. Fourth iVo-liit Game Here. Four no-hit, no-run games have-been pitched at Navin field since the lay-out of old Bennett park was altered. Karl Hamilton, pitching for St. Iouls. won the distinction over the Tigers, and several weens later t.eorge Mullin, selecting the Rrowns for the victims. duplicated Hamilton's performance. In 1!)1S. when "Dutch" Leonard was a member of the Red Sox he turned the trick on the Tigers when Hughio Jennings, then leader of the jungle clan, employed efp;ht right-hand hitters in tho line-up. REDMEN'SLOl SCORE ENOUGH: TO BEAT ULSTER Scarlet Runners Annex Soccer I Charity Cup by Taming Irishmen, '1-0. SPEED IS GREAT FEATURE Clever Head and Foot Work Prominent; Goal Made in Second Half. BY ARTHUR SALE. Scarlet Runners overcame Vlsitr I .v. in ino nnai round o the t.nai-ity cup competition at Solvay park. uuwuuj, a. mai esnioaion or B(tu:t: I enuing in iavor or the Redii: 1 tO 0. r ii was a typical cup tie game, full 1 ot interest tnrougnout the full minutes .sparkling with clever ,oo, keener struggle been witnessed. I viuni liiu nivK-uu uisir prep-i, Woof getting in an overhead hr that Sorott Dulled from tnet ... d-er the bar. and this was 'follow not urivo irom urown, w'-ii-h sailed close by the upright. Fmiii the opening exchanges it was np. parent that the contest was to b fast, as the play veered from tnj to end at a great pace, both sets ueienucrs oeing Kept on the iii I vive. Jnrac.i Clcnnt Shot. New York. April 30. The no-hit. no-run game pitched bv Robertson of the White Sox. today, in which no Detroit player reached first base. i: the sixth performance of Its kind en record in the major leagues. In addition to those pitched by .loss and Young, in (he American ensue. three old-time National league stars hurled perfect game WV- nTilly- -"f St. I.ouIp. on July l.-. Ifi.o. and J. I.. Richmond, of Wnrc.ster. and .1. Ward, of I'rovid-nce. within five .lavs of each titer. ..n June 1 J and Juno 17 isk'o respectively. ' The.e performances have bft-n . -M'lallnd i th National I'-imu- smet. its rcirgaiiizatitin. Mitnrur' Sfiirx W in. M -r..,.. Mich. April ::n M.inroe M.t. nit out Steadmnn Lodge, (if The yiH.M were u liable tn t with th.-delivery nfThorne. Turk i. nt jo and allowed but M-rntcii hi). By a neat piece of Individual ph-,1 .iini.usiii . " limn BIIUULlIlg i; tance. but James tackled with p.. judgment and cleared with a kick. W. Campbell was als.. splcuoua for some eleverstopy. hf-l timely chaiging spoiling inacv a! promising movement. Cob.Yn.iai made a quick run on' the left anil tried a drop shot which Sprott fist. I eu away ana averiea tne aanger. corner fell to tho Runners, v.htrrjl was wen tUKurt uy ii. loung, tn Carmlchael came to the resets,. the nick of time and relieved thai prensure. The first half was decided!-.- i: fnvor of Ulster, whose strength" h . chiefly In the intermediate linn Brown and Campbell gottini;! t n rougn a int ot cievcr worn, n i peatcdly breaking up the combine-j lion ami innivtuuai nasnes or the Scarlet forwards, i'rinsie who mad. his initial appearance, was weak "n several occasions, ana cna not u- tail well into the Irish vangtir.i At half time no score hail h' made. 1'lKter Takes Offensive. I'ollowlng the recess Ulster rt-. tracks for the opposition i.-Pringle sending across a .: wMvh Kmsley could only drive - the bar. Stewart cleverly r-l-' Coleman nnd finished his effort : t a fast -shot that Hennessey lin'i-i as Mncoll charged into him. A tn -tifully placed corner by J. Y looked dangerous, as II. V. -j caught the ball with his head . flashed it inches wide of the p"! Heturning to the attack Ma-worked into close cuartera ar,'! Citntinued on Page Thirteen. Oxford-Cambridge Lacrossers Capture International Cup on Total Goals. New V..ik. April y.i :lefeated t.. 1. by tl lliletic club yesterday, 'amhriilwe lacrosse, t r :at-k to Kngland the i laernssfi eup. I he first tr Aitli-nmh 'rescent hf t iford-will mrrj t ' ! na! iunal phj offered t f-Hiiri - i ';i i-iiie -'r I Wi-mcn's (', Ight rial tota Mis.s.itni-I'iieilV- rseers I .;-(. i nt rants in the n;t - i t iona 1 wo men's In rw ling a. social inn': t'-iiriiament inlleii ihoir doubles and: .dncb-f; this ni'ternoou and nne of; Hi i in way able tn roll up a scoi-- tlgurc serious- J NATIONAL LEAGUE. I thin i iy ni The I hi W I. T'et. . W T. pe sew Yirk. i: :t Pitfburch. T x .41 hicny.n .. ,. II r. . I-tilJLiey fi 4 .1 ;t. . s 7 r.Ti . -i-i.-lannti.. .in trooklyn.. S S .."-M H-mm 10 .Z t ; Grammar Athletes Will Com-j pete at Ferndale, May 25. i (irammar schools of th"- south - j western section of Oak in nd county j will eornpete in a track nnd lie!'' ! meet at 1-V-rndale, May 5. i Athletes will compete in classes j aceording to weight. The classe:; ! are no to ,ST pounds. 81 OR tr. I im. IU to 12,-.. and unlimited. ! I : e he r t I .y nd. sec re t a ry of Oa k - land county V. .f. :. A., !s the prune spirit in promoting the affair and has been assured the co-opera- oftchrs and principa Is of it is expected an incent ive to nverjKis mmptti- I ti..Ti in what originally was an American I ndian name. Tlie Knclishmen managed to In. Id the fast I'reeeiu elevi-.i to a Imv enougli sere to give the iiivad.-i;i a margin f five .-nls in the total points they have scuied iifjuinst 1 adversuri'.-s they have met in tin.-; country. Th.. total srmv js t to Since beginning their trip at State coil,.,-,., pa,, April U. rhe Kngl ish m. n have played 1 gain,-s winning eight and losing an venial number. Tin cup was ,-u'ranged for by Syracuse ' Cambridge, h'-n; and arrange,! tin; isiot irii m i i he :t. and .Ii.v. pv .-ingle;: with IS Ail. ii and Mrs . scored mbination, " !i the double s higl Sunday-; ftcmili. the v t ha t t ion schools. very Inst i tut Ion In t he vill enter one or mote nth- ""tnrlnnali St. ijinifl Itrooklyu 1 . Pittsburgh 1 , I'lin-nK'j rhtt-el'li-hln riit-tpaiits. '.ti list we ii 1 i.i in:-, a i Sei Hronk. nf i for the highest i ! for Hie vlsitlmr nd in the mil -of- : rs. I 'i.voii a nd M i s. 1 f Si. Louis, with; Minida.t , Gurnet. ; nt Eliiflen, lia at lir.mklvn' AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. W 1. !V ' I, IV! - iifii.Miin' -ii r. .,:. Jtiniiker n 7 -.n i .li.mi.ii-: ! i; ..-..V, s,. M.. 7 --Mit;r. . .j ;.; Ky, City., T '.. .:'- Suiid;i3 ltiMi)t, - nillliit.iis K-;t(i..:;ls I'lU- 4. St iMiil It. I.-i.l;,-. ill- fi. M:lw,t:i!fe 10. Toli-do :.. Ti,.liar,ii;.oiif! .MiniseaKis i THREE DIVISIONS OPEN THIS WEEK I Plenty of opportunity for evr-rv my tr, emeivif he so desires is mad" os."lble by the j-ft-1 rirt p,n that no chuol ran cm or more than two "ys of any class in more 'ban om EI G HOW MAJOR LEAGUE i CLUBS PERFORMED DURING PAST WEEK I The week's roe- - Played, ; New York. April ?A nrd in e;ich le.Tirne : wen, lest, mIUi rnr.s, hit.. : ifft nn l.nMs and nms scored l' nn- ; iiichidiiiK Kfimes uf K.i t unlay, i follows (he INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE W 1, T'.-t This week will s : the Highland I'nrk. N ' and Clark Park division ; ter. hurch league The:--.; ).-agucf; aie note well n.-- ! j uanized and will start the race for ! I the city church championship with J no preparations incomplete. i ; At a meeting of the eastern nnd.i w I, ivi. .centra divisions managers eaih-d 1 1 t for Mondny night in room -t uf i 5 I -Ji.r j '"entral .1. K. ehnrch. final apilica-i I c ! V"1?5, wi" ,,c -? i. aii ien Ms ! t j ... . uesiring to ent-r nuts; have a rep-esentijtivr preseiil and be prepared j V inal..- ii depoj-if on the budget1 ior th- M-:is-.n. The ,,pet,,rK ,,( )n,. e;ikM.e .---iiSCM " May t :i liC.-eSKt- .ai.-s ;i:if ,:r!y e.;:-ii:- tune. j t hwestern r-f the hi- ! .vat ioNAi, i,i:,f;fi:. K. ,. , u" r- I' k i.h Oil : 'rk , rt I r fi hlcngo R 4 2 14 f,5 fl r.I 37 : .Si Loii-f 6 3 .1 91 30 5 stt "i ;rittsitirKh fi 2 4 :;i fs 7 r.i -'7 : ftrwiklyn 7 i 2 47 S.I 10 5; I'lillMrR fl 2 M fil is 4i ;jfi : I'llielnnntl 3 .1 ) 13 3 "T ."' ii s i 5 2 ;n s 4i h AMERICAN- I.BA(fi;B. npw vork 6 4 2 a i Cleveland fl 1 t 2.'i Ri s ni St. Louis B S 1 L'l . ,1 4.i j; t.'hiengn fi 3 2 lit h", 3 32 ;5 WtisidiiRton . . 7 f. 2 fi2 -st a fi,-, -3 Athi-tk'.s fi 2 4 2-1 52 n 4,) Mest..n fl I 4 17 11 42 Ivtvoil . fi 2 4 17 4i fi 45 17 I'lifente and ('!rw-.iixl plT':.l (;.-, U'nllace t,f (on eh. A. I,. ( -Tolly" 1 WalUiee. ;i,nr,;,l Iilajer and wrfnll. r ..f Ane-fi erHARe v.,t: eli-t-d iillll.-ti,: i,-h f.f imv.i Kalis I Jrli s-ehfwij rn meeting ni Hie .-,oot Jre,-ter- Wnlliti-e will iu- i -lm-m c. i ;n n-.vrii,d. Marwyn Curved at the base of rheneck for comfort andspacedatthefront for style, Marwyn is pointed sharply for satisfaction. I ! OEO-p&Nc?.-,NC- II The Cap Is Always Popular in Spring In the Store for Men you will find golf and one-piece styles in the plain and fancy fabrics that we have specially selected for spring. Some of them are of imported Kerry and Connemara tweeds. Lined and unlined $2 to $3.50. Sports Shoes for Sidewalk or Links Sports shoes, as with sports suits, are now used for town as well as country wear. We call attention to our complete showing for spring, just arrived. Plain tan elkskin or smoked horsehide with dark brown c.-.lf:;kin saddle strap $8.50. Store for Men For a richly mild and fragrantly sweet smoke- 1CK tO 26 I Harry W.Watson Co. fWS I Distributors V C 5-7 Jefferson Ave., W. ' M DETROIT I 1

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