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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 1

Detroit, Michigan
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Sunday, April 2, 1911
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. If TWBKTY-TAGE ILLUSTRATED HAOAZIBB With Today's Free Press. The Weathsr. FAIR; WARMER. VOL. 76. NO. ,1 87. DETROIT. MICHIGAN. SUNDAY. APRIL 2, 1911. NINF.TY-F.ICHT PAGES RIGHT PARTS PRICE: FIVE CENTS. WILL KEEP CONGRESS BUSY UNTIL AUTUMN WEALTHY WASHINGTON WIDOW WILL WED DIAZ HEEDS NOT GUILTY DECLARES AN AFFINITY WHO IS ONLY HALF HER AGE THE REBELS DR. BOYAJIAN'S JURY DEMOCRATS MAP OUT BIG PROGRAM. Party Caucus Adopts All Reform Rules Put Through Recent Session at Demand of Insurgents. VOTE TO REDUCE HOUSE EXPENSES Doremus and Sweet Are Given Good Showing in Distribution of Places on the Committees. Wn i ,Bpe5'1 10 Th Free Press. Washington. April 1. The Democrats oC the house of representatives in caucus from 10 o'clock this morning until latu tonight added several important chapters to the JilBtory of that bodv. with ordinary harmony and unanimity of 1 uiiMsr, iney abolished six liouao committees and house jobs, reduced the annual expenditures for patron-nge by $18:!, 000. unanimously In-dorsert the comml-Tteo assignments.' Agreed upon a comparative legls- I la. five program for the tpeetal se.s-! tion and adopted a new set of ruloa ! lor the conduct of the house dur-lug the sixty-second iwngrtss it "'nB i big day's work urtd un asu-piofous beginning for the Democrats The legislative program agreed upon is loiijrer and covers inorc iiih. joets fhiiii TVns a u t Udpu ted. As a result th P'-mocrat and Republican loaders declare that congress Mill b- in n-slun practh-allv all mm mer. rh.nnp (.'lark doubts ff .rptenilier t will see the legislative slate clear ami It la view iv genera u-aceeptod. Here Is the resolution containing il..' legislative program which wu ndopled hy u unanimous vote of the Demoeruts this evening: lroirrnni for (lie SeMon. Ilc.otved, Thnt 1 he Democratic luembers of the various coiumi t i-s or the lionsn are directed not to ivport to the hoiiK- during the first rsWnn of the .sixty -second congress unle.T. herem'tei- directed by this, taiut!.-. any legislation except in vefereure 0 ihe Coll. .v. his mutter!' Meet km of Ijiitivl Mates pn-ators by vie of Hie people. 'ogl.-bitluii referring to the publicity of campaign coutii-, buttons before and after election. The Cnnadian reciprocity nc-r-'cmeiit, Ken-r;t tariff leg!:-:-laiiun a n.l legislation affecting the reemie of the government The reapportionment of the lump to conform to the . 1:1th ronsus. RcaolutlonB of luqulrv and resolutions touching upon Invest !ga t Umi-. of the t ulive deparimenf. .The ad mi.;, ion of the territories n f a rl no ti a wed N" . w Mexico. -ny deflelencv hills thr:; r),P rxtgcn.-ies of the gove i n men t itiay require to he considered ,- t this time juid bills to correct the enrolling of the a pprtiprhi -lion hills passed .March -i. i:1' Legislation relating to the district of Columbia. Of the proposition on the Demo-eratfe program fur the spc, i;,i Mop (he direct election ,,f j-ej-.i tor Canadian reciprocity, reapportion-' ment on tho basis of member of the Invtend of ;:'., .i ml t;ie ("I mission of Ariz-mil ,-,nd NVU-Mexho. f.iHeil In the It. pi; hii -jin congress wiip h cxp-r.-.l :- M:n-.-h 4 last. On Trial of M l-riredn. The including of the ,-.r,-iith depart men I In vr.t ian-.n- , t'ie program mlm i- i h;i t I !i- Pcmo.-ri t are poin to M;t n w It tn.-i t dlay on a hunt of vl.lrn.-- ,.f 1 :. n;i hi n corruption and mis:, in a a cmu-n t. The ollbial df-K.- of v..r v- . iurne(j loose :.t oo-t- and tlicv will Prake tin- political welkin rinc as they follow tlo- in hltnnm.-r trulls from depiuM m.-nt to dopiirt iitdi t Tho Denio'iii ! .j toda - a!o;ted all the amendment to the ruls made in the last two catv ;i.s the result or the pr-rslstent ,o tlvit of liopub-can itisiirc-nts iifded In I ''nt fnr:t t v Tho I c ni'.cru i s. however. l,;u'e Coullnuet! i.n Vnn.t 7. r,,,n(1 3 MAY SOON WED MISS KATE ELKINS WILLIAM II ITT. Rumor Is associating t lie name of "Billy" Hitt with that of ICatherine Klkins. Hitt is a sop ol" the late 2i. It. Hitt. who was a member of congress from llllnoi.-:. n had been attentive to Miss Klkins before sh mot the Duke d'Ahrunnl. It was re- fortcd fro:n Kuropo last year that lilt was in conslaiil attendance on - Mis Elklns on hor European trip and now the rumor Is revived In Washington that sno is lo marry the faithful "Billy." Clark Academy of New term next wek. lancing. tSxwy tun a tifltud fctre life 1b-I, FOR HIGHER BOND LIMIT Beal Estate Board Says That the Members Have Sounded Public Sentiment and Find It Favorable to proposal. VOTERS DECIDE BY BALLOT TOMORROW City Engineer Directs Attention to Urgent Need of Sewers; Dr. G. I. Kiefer to Contagious Disease Hospital. It will be up to the voters tomorrow to decide by ballot -whether they wish the bonding limit of the city raissd from 2 to 3 per c?nt. This is u proposition In which tho real estate board oC the city has been Intensely Interested, -go Intensely, that when tho bills authorizing- the increase were before the legislature it sent two of Its members. Fred c. Shlpman and Walter VV. Smith, to Iwinaing to work for the measure. Mr. shlpman and Mr. Smith did not loso interest ufter the bill was Passed. They have been sounding public sentiment and studying: conditions, continually, and yesterday Mr. hipnitti said that practically every person in Detroit will be dt-icetlv affeeted for tho better If the limit. Is raffed. "Wn need sewers, we need a contagious disease hospital und we need mor" suhooltr," i?ald he. iivt K.vpert Testimony. To support Its contention the rial estate board secured somo expert testimony from the department of public works, from Health Superintendent V. C. Alartlndale of the public schools. The cunt rlbutlon from the D. P. . t.i tn the form of a letter written by i; H. MeCorniiek. city en-glt.eer to Cm.mi.ioncr Haarer and Indorsed by the com mission or. It follow,-: "lleKi'i'lins tho need of the Inrye trunk s-'-.v.trs r.pu which we are asKiny appropriations this year I desire to y.tsl'i that the existing public .-ewers rmmintr from tlio r" vai-. -.north liavo oeen cirrtcil far beyond their original drainage dis-trlets and thtr umudtv is. so over taxed hy a heav rain storm or tho mcHlmr of snow in tlie spring th'nt, In sonio parts of the city, the man-hol a covers have b;en forced off and the waters runs out over th' pavements. "With this pressure in a public ' Tin: conn-ins- arc lorcea o;ick thi-':ic:h the laterals and house connections Into the basements, result -inn it: sickness. general Incon-veii h'ticcs and loss of nrooertv. "in tho l-'alrview district wo aro nsk i uk for itintls to complete the l.i i ire sewer between Conner's c.i.'k and Vox :rcek. This district, coin tiff about 2.000 acres, i-rn pi.Ily holna: built up with d ell -mi.j and nianiifaoturlnff plants and tii.- only sewer Is a I! 0 -inch croc it, unfit originally to drain the pavement on Jefferson avenue. So mativ latiral sewers have beon connected to this fewer that, at different periods In tho spring, the pave- Contlaned Qn Pa ire 12, Column ,1. EXPECT TO SAVE THE MAIL TRAIN Michigan Members of Congress Join Senator Smith's Fight for the Saginaw Valley Service. Spertnl to The Free Pi--:!-. Wawhinnioii. April Mich item's delegation, which will probably be complete Monday, can be counted on to stand solidly against, any en tailment of the rallwa y service in the stale that may result from withdrawal of remuneration for ma i i carrying. The announcement hy lhc pnslolllcc department (ha I com;.ep-satlon for can vino- ton Ms on i he Pere Mai'(tielte train out of n-troit at j:-u a. m. for Saginaw will cease and the resultant annoimet'ineiit hv tlie Tero Martinet (a road that i' would have lo withdraw the train if postal compensation ceased, has brought, such a powerful protect as will. It Is said, insure the continuation of compensation and of the train service. Senator Win. Allien ymith too.; the lead In registering Michigan's p"' test. II--- has presented I he protests oi the Detroit, Grand K-.o-id.i and Saginaw commerce hod'e-. and with the arrival of other tneni-bers of the delegation .-'enator Smith's protest is augmented. Hep-resent a lives Doremus of Detroit, Sweet of fjrand Rapids. Wedemey. r of Ann Arbor, and Hum SmitV:. t: Pontiac. are unanimous that no curtailment Of the postal servl'-o thai also results in crippling of the postal facilltloH and indirectly in curtailing of railway fncimieH eo necessary to commerce, can be permitted. "Postmaster fieri era 1 HttchcO'.-k has broiigh t about much sainp in the deraTtmetit." declares Ip. Pain Smith, "'and the annual deficit if BEreatly reduced. Knt any saving that kills train service on the pleat highways of commerce Is fatnl. It Is not economy." Iteprescntatlvc Doremus says: "I believe Senator Smith's protest is sufficient to savo. the compensation sind thus the train service-. But I am trolng to talto no chances and I shall register the protest of the first district In person. Tho correspondence I liavo had from Detroit is conclusive that removal of this train will bo a grievous economic loss to the commerce and .Industry of Michigan - Hotel Ohitrlevolx. corner Park and fcitzaheth. tlreproof. fcuropeun. ?t up: meals 50c. Get you- chicken dinner at the Slue Ribbon. Sy Grand River. 35c. Picture framedL to, order. Friagl MRS. A. C. Mr. Hemmick is the young Wash-. Ingtonian who i to marry the" raa-clnathiK Mrs. Harney, though sn& is some tlting like twico his ase. Mr?. Harn.-y is the widow of A. C. Harney, who left her a fortune of several million dollars and with It she went to pari:; a:td took up patching with such -uccess that when she HALLY OPINION LIKELY TO KILL IMPROVEMENTS LEADERS "DUCK" RECIPROCITY ISSUE Executives of North Essex Conservative Association Refuse to Call Mass Meeting. J. WILCOX SOUNDING VIEWS OF CONSTITUENTS Party is Not Jumping- at Offer of Borden and Whitney to Come. Kvcii the leaders of the Con-"rv;ii:vo forces in North Essex do not present an unbroken . front in 'opposition to the proposed -reciproc- , it;,- a rrangement between Canada and the United States a fact which was demonstrated yesterday afternoon at a meeting of tho executive coiinnhtec of the association held in WitnLsor. Tin: meeting was called at the re-rpie-u of Oliver J. WllsO.t, Conservative member for the riding, to dis-cuss the advisability of holding a iiiifBs meeting. U was Intimated that TS. L. Bor den, leader of tho opposition in the hoii.,- ot commons, and -rfir James Whitney, premier of Ontario, could ha secured as speakers and the pro- IK..-..H w& iu uuiu . (juimo meeting in ahuiit two weeks, but for one reus.. ii or another members of the executive commute turned t he proposition down for tho present. One or two of them intimated that they are far from being opponents of the proposed pact,- while others nrg.-d that tho time is not yoL ripe tu uike action. lii the. end. it was decided that no ni-eilrig be called until the measuro bus been dealt with at Washington and perhaps not then. Mr. Wilcox has been Bounding o .iiium in his conFtituency-r-ami as -oiinK against the party" s considered a great breach of political '.llius. he wished to get. direct ad-vh f from the people. Mr. Wilcox is sal.l to entertain opinions favorable ro the measuro. SKELETONS ARE WHITE AND BARE Brother and Sister, Who Died 30 Years Ago, Brought Here to Be Cremated. In th iirr-ei:ce of nevoral physicians and ci.ert e:nla I fners, iva corpses which were jc.h-M In thn ground .TO-years ago were mi' overcil In ih undertaking entabtlsh-rmni of Kent & Co.. C32 Vlx avpnue, yes-tenlaj- inoriilng. Tiicy uro the-hodlcs of a. brother and stftrr of K. F. Macsenzald, iO Kenilworth avenue, and were brought here from To-letio for cremation. As a vivid leaaon in th development la the science of embalmini. the uncoverlnc of the bodies was a rcv'etatlon. The modern mctlaid of withdraw lug the blood frum tho arteries and hy . lntroducinc for-niii l,lrhyd into th velnn. cauahiK It to circulate throughout the body, was un-Ic:iovn when then bodies were burled. All thp ft rah ha.l rflnltifrniu. n,. t... and the skeleton were white and bare, for even the cere men hi which covered them Pj- the methods now In vosuc. the e-n-balmerB claim, "tMl lea which had remained .n the Bround an loflg an theae have would rialn th appearance Which wnn thetra tt-hfl.n. burled.. The fluid haros th rtii Bi prearve it althont petrifies it BARXEY. returned to Washington . suo-zwaa famous as an artist. She hae floured conspicuously hi Washington-society since. Mrs. Barnoy is now in Paris. It Is said alio has conveyed to her daughters all the great fortune her husband left her because Hemmick. who Is wen I thy in his own right, does not want it said he married her for her money. ASSERTS TAX LIMIT INCLUDES BONDS. Holds that 2 Per Cent of Assessed Valuation Must Take in Bond Issues as Well as Direct Taxation. MEANS BIG SLASH IN ALL ESTIMATES Will Practicallv Out Sewer Budget, Reduce School Appropriation, Smash Paving Fund. Corporation Counsel Hally gave .Mayor T :i m p.--it an opinion yesii:!--day iliai j.t on;ises to malte much trouble in conn-,:!.) on with tho city's .finance- ..l.irin- the coming tc;il year. It m;iy knock out all the salary in-i --;i:-cs Unit tlm teachers, the iii'.-n:.'!!. inc polinemen and otiicr ,-iiy .-ihi-ioyes wore hoping Tor. it uvay cut down the appropriation for pu:.;c ewers from $!.-04D.O00 to jim..lf,o: greatly reduce the appropriation for schools; defer the imrcha-.' of a si:e for the Cariicci.- Jii.'-;i;v for at least, a year; wipe .cm ih.- proposed $::0'i ndy auditoric:.! for v.,- n-w Art luseutn site: compel .1 .-.ashi!!; of the aj.-propriati.itw lor paving and im J. i oc. ti,. -:it--. ii. iic rally cut the i,:idK i :' pr;.-ii.-;iily evcrv city deparimenf : U:, water iioard. The iue:if o' i;.c opinion is ttiat the provision in home rule law Ifni I line; t he tnx.n in ;i nv one year to two ic-r .-r-n' ,.f tho i- 3e'ed vnluntion appIi-'-s ?o money raised hy iss'iini; iss", ihk .rftno-i a.- wci as Fie hoI:s that th. .'iiy ciinnot lef?:il-ly raise in ony car more than two per cent. ei:h--r hv bond:, '. taxation, or Loth. Can't (onftider Inerenne. Tie also hold ::n: th' hici:.i of estlpialCf. in .let.-; uiir.ins -of the final brail;, t .-..i.not i.ikn mi.o consider! ion t he in create It; taa af'-'ossed vrihiii lion th:i t . ill .e added hv the hoard of a-s-sor-.. f..r the reason thai I Iff will not be offieiallv det ermi :ied i.ntil nfter the board ef-ii mates ad journs. That meanjt. if t;- 'ipinlor. "nlds. that the estimator- iivbi r-it tin 'end-Pet from $ 1 1 . 2 01 , 7 4 ." I", which r, th.u frross amount nllow-ii h the roin-mon council, to ST. 1 p.i.Ouo, which is two per cent of 'he present assessed valuation ot" f:;7-j.oin.noo. There w!H be a I it tie tic re money available. about ("MI'T.. from liquor taxes, noi r v $ 1 .fiiKi.iiAO from the state prmiarv s-miooj runn. and the earninps from li.-cti-'"'s :ind other sources, hut the eMimatorf: will ti!l have to cut an civ1: fie from 82.- 5 00,0 nO to from t .: appropriations that the council allowed. A Tlmmpnon Rcqurxf. This nninlnn was orenared at 1li special request of Mayor .Thompson, who has been dtgxinff Into the subject of the city's finances himself, and It is a part of his plan announced in his Inaugural, to keep the lty tax rate not nipner man 81S..jff. He (iKiiies th:it with this limit on the city's ability to raise money hy bonds and tiixc", and by tislnpr honds to the utmo t extent thnl Ilia. r-hnrlPP will allow. the f oDtlnurd on Pnre 2, Colantn I. Wedding Announcement. 1-q , Antrvu Vrtfl IT! ttlA proper stvlft and correct ' good form'" by leaving your order with u- (Jttlgv Tha ntchmond s Backus Co., ,111-113 Woodward Ave. DEATH IS RESULT OF SALOON FIGHT Maurice Joy Dies After Beating Alleged to Have Been Given by Clarence Boss. JIM EIS0. SHOT IH HEAD IN BRAWl, MAT RECOVER Assailants in Both Bows Escape and Police Start Search to Capture Them. Mm mi. .Jity. "2 vpnt-u nlrf is tfi.a Mrt;tH. Wit;: :t alius -s.-otiy ' Hues. In front of 147 Uraii.i KirHjr uvenue, last night, fi" "iad- ape. livery police 'ly "as furnished His ups'-i ij.i ion. I".v was found .lying- on tho k, 7. . , frt,nL ot" Fuearty'e saloon 5:' '"'rolnian Arthur iilchards. Ho wh'i'i' .f0 onei 'info- n?n was earrlcd into the blltiard room. I4ii ji'and I.iver avenue, next door Thomas w.,"' called, "joy .iYela few minutes, after the doator ar- ouu were in rosartys saloon when tney became Involved in.a.,? . oearty put them out r, . , c t, to ttb rencweu in the , Vi. .."an .nucK joy tour times . ,i ":e: und !lu ff?ll- Several w . . ..t.. adj noss Klf-Ked Joy several Ump, after lie fell. ,," ', und ' wos 'M out bv Mrs, Joy mother, of the dead bc.v. i?. l , ,or, ti'V- saw the fishi. hen Joy fell ho caUKlit Boss and 1 - ' npia .nini but bv- .stani ers made him release lilm. and nomas says he thinks death , iL iraerured sltull. : c rn s,rlKI''S side- body to lhc conn,.. Shot In saloon Ilrani. .. '.'"".hi?; "' :,32 Macomb street . s shot throuBh tho head durlne a I.Hlit In Peter Mlrabile's saloo "i? i i , . street, shortly before mid-iiisht last night. The man uho ,1 i.l l',?u""K. ma,!o '' escape and " ' """ee. havo no clue to his whereabouts. '.'."V?.4 the. man who 'hot him el - . ,. anl Itlso's l.ur- i. h.ii-0 of tn-o clEurs for five eenti Mai led a quarrel. Several men "were at first Involved in the iiirht one !f. eSr "w.c.k 0V!.,' head - th a ;.ei bottle and made his Che man who did the shoolin- s known by Itlso. who cannot ?peak la"? nle'ht"1 """u,l o li Wounded Man May Live. I'litrnlm.. t.. . ' i i 1 he Third -'M. Pat duty last niftni e,,--'iLof the many Itlaik I tun. ii n T k . m I!,e saloon .1 mi-?. .he ct'.-i. eJL 1(!fl "ml staitr.l a' T f..SomL"h"" they heard th- rho, hnr tiV 11 uiJCK to tlie sa oon ,1" II;" man who dlil the sbooi- i . " ,uul with the revonvt- i-. M.o'V.Vi'l made hi, es.i,e before tie fell. OUI a"u ran a M" " left eve JiV Rlso under .:; tSi S. .na, lven.t throiiprh his head tie nas taken to St larv' n.' ;"'"""-, Dr. Br?nnan , l?i L., " ''Sht Italians, including Xurahn. station u ana "'""Snt to !! WELCOME CANnnp U1" tit-RMAN LEADER French Papers Say Bethmann- nuiiweg is Bight in Opposing Universal Peace Idea. rirV ABL,T TO THF FSCt rkt. i :,.!:"'" - nowspapcJs an ' oSno'r " Bive'iSniarcTToShL,r"'SmS yerTaT artltlS!."1 is rllJi lLtio" Proposals. What ran l'oli' l , , Onancellor's "brutal ' welcomed bv everv com-mntatOf- It l the apeich of a wise ? 1, Tem1,' statesman says lhSTfm'"', which continues: hetie" SJ1S'?a arbitration treaty iYJl , t an0 the United 2!.?? ftrftes observers as mo riT. Vk.. wnen two countries the" iaZ?Htrlr'W$l:. J'" treaty they are KettinK " " . " v. alliance, nisarma- ment or the limitation of annu llable." lo'm .kJ. .. L "e fans says: "r.ess than ever has the world room for Utopian theories In regard to universal peace." .iie re. no itepubllque, the ministerial organ. says: "it would be easy to USA thn ,...!. ... .1... in their true: position the Utopian. If generous 'Ideas,, of those who want France to Initiate disarmament. let us note carefulbr this recall to sound -tiu ..vvriiy mat' comes iron, Germany? p.'-' Hexioan Ruler Says He is Willing to Grant the Demand That - Presidents and Others Shall Hot Be Re-elected. READY TO REFORM JUDICIARY SYSTEM Promises to Fix It So All Reasonable Complaints of the People Shall Be Heard and the Ballot-Box Be Enlarged. . San Antonio. Temi. Aorll t. On what aeenu, abiiolute authority, the tatemeDl t ninde lo-altrnt that nn unofneinl preliminary peace ronfrreuee ,vlll be held la Kl Iao, M,j, a, hlch e'ranelst'o I. Mailer... ,r and his son, Alton.,., nlll m, irl.h Salvator .llndero, a mend ot President Dlar. Mexico (.-it;.-. April I- -t.'unimtt-tlne. himself to adv..., .,.?:. of tunny of the reforms di;niaii.,.f "M- t;:,. revolutionists, altlioiiKii prof,..Sid!y boWltiK OIilV to r: . 1 , . .1 ... . lie opinion, l-i . ..i.b .Ilt j,,,.;-.rjo Ml-,? answered his , ri,l ihroiiKh 1,1s semi-annual ,,, , ,. inj today of ,i. mtu,KM vmlmtmi enjeyed hy" . I,,.,., ' 1 SSv -' vm.- -ere iove,,,"""'"- ""( hQly-'''-i;:-r1 Sent nfStr. '," "-r."'"' 'enuvatlon" u '""''''s "i Miiestiot. should bvU v.o,i'',',: T "v,n ""plained oi j itMiHn- h, tho rural districts . lJ '"' i'i't-d. a;cordiiii to the p.i::. o i;i Mr;..! hy j,rf-Mdent. - r,'. ,.'"-,i,"",,iL I'OIos.-s ia i,n-.V" ' 't"jy r " u Julilary Ui. oiifch t arefui .-ftluctton ol I's l ..r.iunii. i and lenthiu!n& of the tor.urc- ..f etlu-e Kflleacf ous punlHh-iiiO... ot judicial funciionarie.-i for malfeaiuiK-; is to be brought about stririK,.-tit m'cahures. Mention of Reforms firings Out Applause On the subject of th division of tho ffrnai private estates, first broached by Minister Umantour In his Paris Interview, the. executive declared .hit determination to iind efficient means for bringing about the innovation. In no previous message of tho president has there been anvthinir in the nature of a recommondatlon. t util today his nn'ssajjes have betn rey;nnes uf things a.oonipllshed. The puhjic, knowing that the pr.'Mdent would in (his nn-ssaKe to th.- iwtiny-fifth" c-mpns, dopur' fr .m i ht ordinary eour.- and sun-i;- -1 .-p.-"'! i ; legislation, has shown urn-it intense int-i---si. Thla '"litis "f ',.P'-etaney f.M.rui exprod- in th- member-'-- conBress ;i t.'i i' -!! i i he mi nm.- the chief ; itivi- .'iilerOfl tht- cliamher of i i ' ' i i " !"Mil the last wi.rd of his :i: .i (i t-vi-ry man on ( in Moor, as j wci th i.-" pernons in the RaT-I h t."-. ':K:-"f,i in tenth-. Evry n i. i Tii -it-- in tlie galleries was I fn'fj ,-i;f..-i- hy dipiomats. nub- y llmse fortunato obtained cards of ;ipp eared no more hi he did when ho mi September, and -i i i.,ii i he readlitK liiirr- 'hat; an hour. at. ;on- iv. -t.- )?- xv.-) n spon--, :.!;;!.:: h;i::d- for ono ' n ir;. ;i!i-i !h-T. 1 1 ' rn'ire was ,i If-sf. wh.-n !h hlK r,..-ii r.U I: 'Iclap- . , ,....;"-; ' i; : tii the nro- :' ,- ; I-. fl-irji-p- Ihe last n-ori!: ' : 'fe i.Mfiiy Ihe n tinned On I'ncf roliiinn I. I MAYOR GAYNOR IS CHALLENGED Magistrate Corrigan Asks Him to ! Prove Assertion That New Yoik is Orderly. N-,.- York. A-vi '1"T o'l'deriV !''.' - 'H," Maji r-rl : r I.- Mi Mayor '.('o " "' : . '"I have hre ':- who c;ui fo'.nd sort;; and on she - t: ris-'n "Also t! -Np iien , 17 prof ' : -i itidr, M l.a.lKfl wIi!'-ti w;.'. :y . !!..- tl:t- uddrf-J'ses aN' "f 4 fiOii-,-s. -doiM.-' PdTit. . i.d t;.f.,Mi..' - tin that one nuin : e-'.r.-.i t'i corne a-To-s wi;u t." .i-- .- n.'-. . this iiiotUu lor pi ol e..-: i is -i game.' " The magistrate c.ivn 'i:e i,.i:i;fs And addre.-rep f half a - : -jf lekCed InwnraKers rt"'w i y a.d, wert plyiiis: t -fir .!. -..inv on moles t"ii aim i'i.n t-ut. n ..i fear of lnt.:rftretK'fc. If -erldy nould line " V LOCK." evt ryhoily would l.ave ! au-t If tit. clean, soft, trlossy. I-isi : hair; nd plenty of it. Aik -ur druggist or harbor ahut It, It Is a significant fact thn; n::r- get their lutnbrr applies frutu i;.e Dr. Garabed Boyajian Quits Jail Free Man DH. OARABKO. Et.tAJlA.V. BLAMES 6 DEATHS TO POOR PRAYERS Preacher Cuddy Says Senate's Chaplain Doesn't Stand Well With Deity. HE WANTS THE JOB ON A TEST PLATFORM Offers to Show That His Praying Free Won't Kill Off Any of the Senators. i Special to TIip Fr-e j Washington. .April l.--IM the I chaplain's rayers lo.; f i senators j within six mouth:.' This is the question r;iised in u circular letter sent every s"iiatdr ? representative tonlRht by a ciindtdatn for chaplain of tht, slxty-itt-cond consresa. Tho letters are sltriied by one W. A. Cuddy, prealdent. of Atonement Vn-; ion, WashitiHton. Cuddy specifics hta Willi nfjness to become chaplain of? either houe or both on tho platfornv of "Mo prayers for sale." Ho,-, writes: "The early iho plains never' receivaii pay for their prayers, thus doing Justice to tho taxpayers, who did nn!- heUavo - in paying; tfxs for prayers. - "Six senators died within als month a durlue" (ho stxty-flrst senatorial eliaplaiii'.y. J C God doesn't answer my prayers better than that I promise to resign. I will take the adeice of ,iesu not to be seen of men. hiit y u t home tn secret and he win reward my pray-ora:-' by eelni? to H :u;r. no six or iyou will ti ie In nix :i-',nihs. "My , ohjeet in si-kins Mn.- position' is to re mo v.- i i- liuser of scorn pointed hv in tills nation who i el I me 1 ;. i -' ; :i n i : y rotas them to uphold ,-i r-iiied which they- do not undcrsland i.v laxlns them for prayers. No 'wonder Gixj fik senators die" when they on- "f f.hf anti-Christ I'm tin -l.tti ;u ew-rhers chaplain ii-- -v.i - Mr. Taffs pastor. This Ls a wartiinff thnt. if either party nomln.i : ;i :-.?ts another anti-Christ pi-.-m-J-h:. ','f will smite this tuition " The recipients of th-- l-ttTs r-mark that Mr. Cuddv will mx --k either post. STEALS PERFUMERY TO PEDDLE ABOUT New York Druggist is Caught in a $30,000 Robbery by Mere Accident. Sew Torlt. April 1 . tinnier valued at $15,000 and pt-n iur-: valtfed at JSO.000 w.-rc a mom; t thefts called to the ati-mimi of '.w police today. A i.-'ifth -ivennc ;.; orcupyinff the old niatisl.-.n ,.f K.,--soll Safre. now a buslnesn st ru'-t ure, lost the swirls and braids" last r,ij,-'it at the 'hands of a thief who lsab no! been captured. Percy W. ShWds. a drufffc'lst. was nrrfKted. for alleged part !el p:i t ion In perfnmery theft from a law prn-fery tlrm. Customs ofllcers. learning' perfumery wan btntr pfdiib-fi about the city at renin rkabl v low Irtee.i, suspected smuKSllnp and :ti-earthed the theft. AMSTI3RDAM Reports of a serious outbreak of tho plagna are nomins? from the southea1 tern portions uf Java, hut the, colonial rr.'r:-l't:y declare that they have ti knowWdjie of the matter. It 1.-stated that Sf.O cases, of which 3Jl proved fatal, have occurred in various districts there. TWO PLUCKY WOMEN SHOPPERS SEIZE PICKPOCKET IN CROWD See Him Snatch Bill From Another Woman's Handbag, and Stop Flight; Struggle With Thief Long Enough for Police to Get Him. Tt o plucky women were victors in ;ni exciting' battle with a pickpocket, yesterday afternoon, the af-r.iir causing great estiement in the crowd of -Saturday shoHpers In tho vicinity of Gratiot ' avenue and I :-.-;ier street. '1 alleged pickpocket, who was a i r' ! ted, cave his name as David H,- -Iter and said ho lived in Ohio. T!,e pert.m vhoi.e pocket h; ia charged with picking la Mrs. M. Miller. 3-1 IMvidere. avenue, and the two women who caught him are Mrs. .S-ott Thompson, 211 Lincoln avenue, and Mr.-. Barnard, 14 Tt Fort street we."T, Mrs. Thompson saw the man. she ?ay.-, open Mrs. Miller h handbag as she emerged :rum i'etar W;nith A; rfon'n grocery tore. S . tratlot avnup. Watch out. th:e. Udf- Mm. TAKE NINE OVER NINE HOURS TO AGREE Deep Set Eye of Vengeful Father Gleam Anger But There is No Sound As Verdict is Given. OFFICERS ZSCORT PRISONER TO HOME, "All I Want is to Get Out! I Will Make No Plana,"! Declares the Doctor in al Brief Statement. I "Not guilty" of th murder of him nephew, Haratoon Ooatanlan, de- j-; dared Foreman Moider at "-l-Ofi'H o'clock this morning as the Jurr ' i faced JudKo William F. Connallv i -1 I aetenae was - temporary in- ' aanlty. . . 1 The jury hud retired at 4:82 p.. m.. nutkinn nine liours 'andalx'-l minutPfj tliat were consumaa In de-' liheration heforu a verdict was glv-1 en. The dcei-sion was reached about)' half an hour before that time, but ' Us announcement was delayed untlVi JudKu Connolly ojtiid rrifih thtt I: eourt and It eoultl bo called to der. 1 . : The possibility of n. tr?glc scena-wht-n tho verdict was announced was fully realized and Lieutenant; i .a nuu mix policemen were on hand to prevent any outbreaks. 'Wltlti tin- 12 jurors lined up behind tha-loiiff tables which had been spread, in the courtroom for their dinner, I 'i dye Connolly warned thotfe proa-ent that there must bu no disturb- ' anee and no outcry of any kind. In-. stlm-tiely all eyes turned to Qo-- taniau'w father und wister who ati '' fa" back in a corner of thti roona:'-witii ;hree hurjy policcinefi. siandlric-'. ' dlreelly over th'iin. Other offtcerR J were scattered about tho room. But'J' tho announefciie:tt of 'die verdict1'" ws greeted wi.'i no v.iroar. Tfia'' deep-set eyes of in, rnigefiil father Kleanted their anger, but . there wa no sound. Ur. Hoyujlan rushed upon his sis- ": tet and brother and embraced, theni;-" then be' grasped the Jurors ' Urmly by the lnjid and fervently thanked them. . ' . Telephone My Wife. . ''Won't some oho -telephone 'toy .wie!' Jies shouted, forgetful oC 'the. cpjal.iniljnstloii. ..t.Tlat; was ttiii Wrs.; fioyiian ...was not at 'tha-1-1 : 'copihoUiie.,an' day. The cider - '.lllMtHiriU.J- -Mil a'-Ci;mi OL -tno UPS- ' turrtjanee 'iWlirt ho 'committtd Pr-'dayi" wtt; ii'oti'allowkjd in the rooni.'" durlnthe day, contenting: himiieli: nrihh i,H4nnalTiT ur .tlia ' Muni- ah fduriiithe.' lonfj wait, ho nevor uiuveu-xroiTi tne ouuaing, ana wnen the Jurjcame in. he too was allowed to enter (he court room, but under guard. -Ho -was tlnm escorted from tho building- -Detective Black and-nine other police officers escorted Boyajian - to his home a fe,w minutes after the verdict and some time before Goetanlan was allow-, ed to leave. Onljs..aif ew people, be-MdeH eourt attaches, policemen and n.-WMpap.-r men -heard the verdict This Is certainly the happiest: riiiniiem of my life." cried Attorney Frank Dumps, who has conducted' both eases for Boyajian. ir. Boyajian showed, plainly tho strain under which he hadv been, ; but he had mado a brave and' sue-ces-sful effort to keep up his anirit;' ' Ills Philip for the future are lnS-- detiniie. . Declare flaw o Plama. -All r want i.s to get out," he-said ufter tho jury had retired. "I .. will make no plans until this la .selUed." lie hud bfen In the county jail . months ;i nd t hreo days when iii-MUitted 'and roleai-ed. I'.Uate amon the jury was for thi- m-i'i.-i. pan MUtet, two or three Thin--- wiiu in of l JUvored ac- , .jtiiiiai .i.Hiit-' most oi.tne tat King.-' 'I ll- .'s:iet tils IhIoii could not he 1 . le.i rtit:,l. but it, Jk understood that-; i rrce ;i n stood out for some time , ": f-.v a it-F-fr verdict than murder -is: :')c-t, decree. The Jotlpit'it Charsc- vv". j :dir- t;-i::iio!ly"5s' cnargft to the -ii;-- - . in part -is follows: : which you and I." x-i:- of l ';.'; Jury, have spent: C t:-. ..-u; ar.-j judgment (f this..-' .,ef i rnen i ii an noneat x 1 tm-t. to v'ndicate the- law. i;v that T mean the iw -f t!i state of Michl- v, h,tt- find know no other 'v-o ;' :hf law of the state; e y.nii'cd l.'-re tiy no other.',: 1 1 iv (.-,!" the state. - i:-i urn divided into three'' -reusable, fclon-."- if t.-. -e classes does h.'t:deide helonz? : ;i--i-'.v". t thn ou est ion - t-f justifiable? I c.i,M.. th.tL defend-.-raiitari w as not This I say to .y a. woras per-homk-lde Is one ?d "He's trying to pick As Mr-:. Miller turned hurriedly to protect her property. Keeker, she claims, .snatched a Jl-i hill and r.n. Mrs. .-Voit and Mn. Barnard seized idin, atiil although he broke away frm them after a hard struggle, l-.e wn caught by Truant .Officer. Attsrut yteinhebel. The delay the , women caused Becker in their r ptueuy tight was fata, to hie chances of liberty. The polie- will welcome anyone who has had troublo with any pickpockets lately, if they will try . to identify Uecke.r. Mrs-. Thompson is a woman ;td- ' vanned In year?, but felie did net-hf.sltate to tackle- Becker, and Mr..-Barnard. a young v'onisn, etiually plucky, decker tried to us. tro women rougntv. n was siaiett hut they handled, him ma roubW mm .mm?:; ..

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