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Louisville, Kentucky
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The Lnst Pans Sensation. THE POTENCY OF PRETTINESS. Buried Alive or, Are Yon sure that your Relative is actually Dead, when the Coffin is -Fastened, Never to be XHE COURTS. AUCTION MWJM.MAM. Opened FOR RENT.

Benefit of TISYEEKLYCo Not long ago, at four o'clock in the afternoon in Paris, many of the numerous passers alon the Boulevard Montmartre observed a ladv of fifty years, clad with elegant simplicity who suddenly paused before a man of immense stature, with hair tinged gray, a pale complexion, and flashing eyes. This man pro-nounced distinctly the words "Toiyonrs moi always I-which were heard by all present WANTED. LOmSVIIAE CITY CODBT. HOX. E.S.

CRAIG. mESIDIKG JUDGE. TnnRSDAT, July 16. JULY IT, 1868. nn KXT -HOUSES On the eoutli side pf FRIDAY 9I0BNUVG JT.

J. JUettenheinuir How a Charming Widow Got her Patent Extended. Washington Correspondence Cincinnati Times. Another widow lady has been pressing her claims before Congress.and hasafeq successful Her name is Martha M. Jone- and hf is the administratris ox Samuel J.

Jones, ner husband, who obtained a patent some years EDUCED HATES. From the Rochester, N. Union and Advertiser. This is a startling question, but it is one that nvonr iii-'nn- noKnn chnnlrl Keriouslv contem 1 drng X1 CbeBtnut etreet, between Center filrtrtf. i hook-keener with- SGOO.

10 canvassers, containing 12 rooms; on tnc ca eoniinueu ll.K- ife.l LOCAL ODDS AND ENDS. -wi 2 drivers rLtlfi Slno 6 roonis; on the Boathwest corner of he seen hfthe fo.lowlns Arterburn, bus- first-class nd Chestnnt streets. containniK i r7r a Chest nnt streets, containing rooms, riross rii-iln nnft Pfimntitli and 1 nortor. chanzo tit Ti aj-U W. D.

DULAKEY. 7 west Broadway Seventh mid Eighth. J' Qc ply to Second Tier jyl7 df i- evury-'i corner Fourth and Jefferson streets. fpol i-'lvn-niiftr-i Tintentliis wruow uuau ooisen of indomitable perseverance, is Newark. N.

J. Old Kentucky Friends -A" Kentnckian's Rural Homer Manufactures-Castle Garden-Am. val of Emigrants. LSpoclal ooi-respondence of Louisville Courier. New Touk, July 13.

HEW ARK. On Saturday afternoon I went over to the city of Newark, N. eight miles distant from New York, to visit three Kentucky families, whose heads were friends in other years, whom I easUy found, and by whom I was received with, all the cordiality with which Ken-tuekiaus, whether in their own or in an adopted State, are accustomed to meet their friends. Newark contains a population of more than Colored Private lioxes S-Thnwork Inside of tlie new Gait House Is progressing unely. S-There are upward sixty prisoners rusticating In our county Jail at this time.

e-TYflvni tiironiri. thp cltv has decreased very tptj itEXT-TtOOMS- Centrally located nnu dMlraWc oart of the city, one or two VI Auctioneers, 93 Jefferson eten Third and Fonrth. WE resnectfally oJcrpur 1 cllnlnB honsckeeplng ana "JJj-jy ntlonond qnlshlns husfueBs, entrSted to our prompt cash returns on ait uuoiu care. Tfenrv McFer By perm sslon yitSi Berry, Hall ran, Armstrong 1 "Irit Trabne. Davis Long H.

S. Bnckncr. J. ColdSwev, F. H.

John Simnt wSStnaSiBn ScMckedantz Kcani iisraev HntfiMA A. Scroll, V. S. Hnldcman, Harney, ungneaoy to $1JK50-Qool opening for a Doctor or a graduate of mctilrltui Vt 'Vnptl capital, as associate and partner in louK 'V? Eood-lookine, intelligent and highly eaucatttt-sStcd hfr own else to the Souse Commit front rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with or wituoui lionr.Un a private family. Terms very fW-11 Hill.

rofewniT.1 eXCUaUECll. JMiuiwa iJ- tee on Patents, and the bill sMw mieres teu Hi dllU bdllUlUdlKb nijlllC- jylTdG- mucn within the past few days, ana me missed. Stevenson and Klchard year. SS.OOO. Call on or address J' NTUl'KY EMPLOYMENT ANU IAL EXC V.

Jefferson street. J-ii- ts-e flee. AGE ife rSuIcldyit micuac. .0 await the ac- the have plenty 01 room lo spare. i Tinneirs Two new HaTsuspeTeafeforsusiendedtoawalt action otthe grand Jury.

fined S3. Creek drove, 'inie houses, on lirecfctnrldgc, between -lackBon tmv lnmber yara, on would eo over to the next session, and perhaps might not be acted upon for a year or two. Erjp to this time our market has been scantily supplied with fruit. The apples, peaches and pears are scarcely lit to eat. first-class servants at once, hi, -S'ir vomer WM.

STEwAlvl plate. What a thought it must be, to have tho mind harrowed by Uie idea' that a beloved parent, sister or brother, whom we have lately consigned to the grave, might possibly be alive at the moment of inteimeut. In the enjoyment of health, or in the pursuit or active business, the thought seldom occurs to us, that possibly wc may be buried alive. Yet such has been the fate of many an one more than the world knows of and eaeh individual runs the risk in his own person of this awful reality. It is a wonder that the subject ha3 not attracted more public attention than it has; for we read vary little about it in the public prints.

This silence may be accounted for partly the fact that comparatively few caes have happened of which we have any knowledge. But why is this so It is because the closed coffin shuts out forever the tci.lble revelations of intense suffer-inntr. from suffocation which the comparatively dead have to undergo. The livuig can never of the mortal throes, the agony of the n-ravo. That a nerson mav be dead, to all ap and Hancock streets.

Apptj Chestnnt and Preston streete, jyi6 dtf charged. hv Alice Mcuon- We noticed many wagon-loads or cotton girls iii the city looking for 1 1 "AVil depart uiont. snnerintends lie then Qisappeareu, terror and fell upon the pavement She was toon borne into an apothecary shop, where a few attentions revived her, hut as she was in a terribly nervous condition she was accompanied to her home. Twenty years ago Mme. was married celebrated for her extraordinary beauty, and managed with her husband a very large business.

One day while alone in her shop two men entered, and one opening a porte-fcuillc, said: "Madame, I love you; you never take a step out of doors without being watched by me or my men. I have resolvel to divide my fortune with you if yon a re not msensibk ito my love. Here is a contract of 40,000 francs in rent, and 60,000 francs in bank notes, which I offer you. In exchange I demand you shall leave your husband and live in my ai'iteaii In this hope I leave the contract and the oO.OOO francs 'T And the two men left saying to Mme. X.

that they would give her lime to reflect over this. The lady was stupefied. About half an hour later the two returned to receive her answer. Indignant and insulted, Mme. X.

declared that she had not even ninnev. that thev had iied at cost or plaintiff. at cost or plaintiff. Ihr. onst passing through the city yesterday for shipment dismissed Consequently, on vYc.uuei.uav, took a position in the marble room, and send-ino-her card to various Senators succeeded in SSning an interview with each one, for as one wouldcomeout to converse with hershewonld 0., Agents'.

Aiw.n Ktmn. drunkenness East on the Jeffersonvllle Ballroau. 'oTan disorderly con- twRi-n Green and 'walnut. Apply to J. G.yiLSOjr, 1S Wctst Jefferson Etreet.

Jylo dtf II neat two-story ON THURSDAY, JULY 16 THE steamer Jolm Oapt. Jolinsoo, will Jl the foot of Third street at 9. 11. andG o'clock, stopping at Clav-street Landiufi and JellVreonville for pasfengers. Come one, come all.

The candidates will be there, and wish to see their friends. Will have a great Jollification. There will be spending, dnucinp refresh me ts. aud musk- on the grounds. Komid trlj.

one dollar. For tickets or any further information, calloa B. J. CAFFliBY. jyll d3 o.

Third street. tsif The Metrnnnlltnn police have set to work Henrj Mm J. A. WHARTON. J.

WIIAJKTON AUCTIONEERS, REAL ESTATE AGENTS, Auction Room i Street, Main and Market, LOUISVILLE, KTT. llouso or rnttaizc. five roil nn requcst-him to send out another, aim way she stated her case to all pereonally. Main street.

Jyi7ds- lnit TlENT STORE-ROOM On the corner of Ninth and Chestnut etreeta; also dwelling rooms if' desired. A good bargain can be had. Apply next loor or at my law office, Xo. Court Place. S- D.

MORRIS: JylO 1X one hundred thousand, ana is liiaiiuiw-s city, in which almost every article of American manufacture purchased in Hew York is- to bo found. The goods are made in Newark and sent to the great metropolis to the stores to be sold to Eastern, Western, and Southern buyers. one was a muy 01 v-v j. tu oontibilities of the Brave and dig white cook. wiislier Jii nnpi mtloi nified Senators till sbe succeedea in ganitng all Senator Wlllev.

Of West in earnest, and we hope to chronicle a good re- drunKenness and timsfag his port of their labors henceforward. failly; flued JOOO tor WJlve mon ths. m- Quite a number of horses have died from AIlccDonaW, tomk and dlsorderlj nned the extreme heat of the weather within the past mferandoMe Soy, disorderly; $2C0 for few days. three months. jot.

50-10 rnr six 5S- A very light shower of rain fell yesterday Wm. Arterburn, disorderly conduct, SW ror six afternoon, which cooled the atmosphere and ren- months. al30rderli conduct; dls- dered the evening quite pleasant. charaecl. .1,1 -IIOTJSE A nice, comfortable two- EXT in uci able- reference nceu "I'll1-1- tvl' Third Street, between York and story frame house; tour rooms; nueiieu, story frame STEAMBOATS.

pemlssion ire refer to. jj 'prKwinedy Co L. Jcuereon, uu-j Virginia, who stoutly opposed the hdl. He alone in his glory, however, for when tie vote came to be taken he was the only one op- situated Inasliadvnlace In Portland, or As yon approach the city u. Walsh.

apply at the grocery corner; of. Commercial terms. -t- vrncti AMSTIIEPSKS A number of first- need apply. Also ,1 si "'V "rjfi "si 3 Mar-Pet raetorv of E. SIA1K AM) t.

LO-- 0- i kct street, between First ami Second. pearance, and yet life be not extinct, has been often demonstrated, and it is from this fact that we should be keenly alive to an apprehension of its recurrence among our own friends Wp Ip.arn from a renort made tO the and ceond strc' jyl5 d5 Jyl2 d3m Another seduction case has come to light Fred Keck, Injuring proponj uo.n.uuvu p. FaSlds, John S. Hnbbard, and others. Eli which, of eo.

Passed and the lady in New Albany, and will prooaoiy come up ue.ort: rioay nd wounding Fergus Dona noTTAGE A handsome brick cot- -ork a the Police Court of that moral city on Saturday. rooms, located In a pleasant part of the re KENT I tace of 5 r-iiv states Mail and Adams Express Steamer For Owcusboro, Evaitsville, and Henderson. TAliASCOX C1LMORE. Master Will leave as above on lliis Day. MOOKIIEAP Agents.

For Cairo arwl St. Louis. SIGHTING ALK .1. A. KHAZ1ER.

Master. ro. Will Uiue as above on This Day, l.tli. at 10 a. m.

MONTCALM LEVI. Agents. A7AXTEI-A prrrATlON-Jo oine TO-DAY. hue with Intent to kill; KKinr- dKmlssed. authoiities of Berlin, that in the course of went on ner waj

hia the debate, Senator Willey "twitted, hrs fellow Senators for being captivated with the in- ity. will be rented to a good tenant wish will lie rem ail tu-iviil'- faniil; misjudged her, and threatened them with arrest "AVe will go," replied one, "but you ill repent your scorn." The beautiful shop-woman did not dare to sneak of this singular adventure even to her 'en give t'io befit of answer. i.rn. ftimo to answer. wliti'li fs ncarl Tonne from tlie coniitn to character.

tSWednesday was the hottest day we have had In this part since the summer of 1865, when the thermometer Indicated 100 degrees in the great bargain. A rare chance for any one about to commence housekeeping. Apply to J. K. BALL lllk liDMO.NDSOX, 'n5.

Elizabeth Hopkins, larceny; dismissed. The court then adjourned husband. Eight days later they reiiirneii, iic- chads. futnsireei. ITOR IIEXT-STOREROOSI-A ne storeroom on Fourth ercet, opposite Central Mnrkci, with jmpanied by four young men, all very ele "iho ravo.

and dtonifled" Legislators all of thirty months, ten people, who had been supposed dead, were found to be alive, and were saved from real death. In the large towns in Germany, mortuary chambers are established, in which the dead are placed, for some days before burial. Dr. Manni, a professor in the University of Rome, offered, some years ago, a prize of 15,000 francs, to be paid Wo tho "Rivneh Apademvof Sciences, for an coi We notice more dogs unmuzzieu umuuiiu- B3T C.C.nUTOlitlWSON, Salesroom, 70 Jefferson bet. Second and Thlrd Vuetlon Sole of Silver-Ijlatcd Ware and Auction -ghMOItraplAibani SbEvkerV9Sedlobwr Paducah, and Cairo.


whom "acknowledged the corn" and Keveray zledon our streets. The yeuow gantly dressed, 'lhey seizcu jHinu. -v. amgged her into the back shop, where, despite YATEI1-A position as TKACIII IU la a familj or.rin.ol. hi who lias Hail long expert-enco in 'tuition, and can come recommended.

Acinlremcats-Mnsic lllic piano). Uerman, trench, he ujuni branches of e.liu-alion, renuired. Address Box 1 01). Lonisvllle, Ky. jylldeodiif dwelling axiacneu n.ntnOTllV KfiP.n UDOUt OUl CUV, 11 uu mna hoforo the court yes rmz, win leave uuove on rtiuaj, 11th.

at r. 31. ilkS3i FOKSEE, Agents. TT-Olt ItEXT STORI5ROOM adjoining uie VfV ollice on Jefferso.i street. Jnqun-e of EDGAR XEE0HA5I.

Cuslom-housf. tu" Mayor's "sandwltches." annual convention of the col Johnson frankly atunuieu. admiration for the lady The most amusing part of the debate was Senator Willcy's effort to prove inconsistency noon the lady in her AXTBU-HOUPKW-EnfKU-A gentlemen of St AY KEP1DENCE Fine de-lrahle resl- ored Baptists will meet at the Finn-street coiureu comes manliest ney-stacks attached to the numerous establishments. The town in this re-sneer resembles the pictures often seen of Sheffield and other manufacturing town, of Elh a famous place'for the manufacture of jewelry, with which the fair daughters of our land adorn their persons and add to their Smsta the -eyes of the small-hatted, rjgtat-mnted short-coated, patent-leathered, paper-ffared and and perfumed young-stofof the masculine gender, who dance at, ntro-TeSie matinfactories of Newark that of a trio of Kentuctoans, Bless, Drake Bless, of Mason county for the production of' self-hcatiug smoothing irons The idea of such an "institution" as a self -Kin" iron was conceived by a young lady of Bracken county, and was carried into practical aeration by a couple of Mason county me-SS geniuses; was patented twenty years and the irons are being now manufactured on a large scale in this city and sent to almost all parti of the world. Yet this valuable Kentucky invention, so largely used elsewhere, Poking: place.

a place of reside, I terday charged with assault and battery on Jane was adjudged ProbaMycuIlty and reenlred to give ball In the sum of J200 for hlo op-nearance at the October term of court. The aument in the case of Bachman vs. the J.iSSemer Gen. Lytic was concluded, years, ample ineaiib, essay on the signs of death and the means to be taken to prevent premature interment. The essay was written but nothing satisfactory was fiiinitpri Rut nnhllc oDuiion havinrr been Instead of Elgin street, ao over i-Tycars.

to superintend hone and take inrldge. containing 8 HENRT CO- i.n.mtiriii vnrd audshruh- Tiiihtinhpd yesterday. BI S. 6. her resistance, sue was mauu uie wtum peated ouU-ages, after which those who had wronged her took to flight, leaving the ady in-ennblc This crime was made the subject of leal investigation, but the most earnest efforts of the police were fruitless.

A vcar after this event Mme. walking along the Rue de Faix.was saluted by a mSu wh5 was in a splendid barouche draw by four horses, with a lackey ui livery behind. It was the author of crime. Pro.V0,".'fii 8hn rA to rosoonslble tenant. For statements before the raient uuaiuuira, which Willey is a member.

In bar written statement she set forth that her beloved husband, Samuel Jones, was deeply distressed in mind oue night, and could not he inmned UD. CS- Ky. Jy-UU1 rrat 10 o'clocK. Regular Kentucky River Packet. Ll'CAS Master, THOMAS DARLING Clerk.

Leaves for Frankfort and Woodford PLs.Sltti--A cverv M.mdav at 3 o'clock l. leaves for on con and Shakers' terry sverr Thursday ai3o'cloi-k p. u. Je25 dtf Jl'DGE FOKSEE, Agents. tST- The play of the "Drunkard, or the iaucn fJt time to consider the case.

jus. fit ot 'ffesn awakened to the subject, laws were afterward nasscd. founded upon actual observation, by terms inquire at 0. and Second. vn-ni-TiKrilAROKD OFFICERS OF YOL- tiwclB, cotton hosiery, lawns, and no- savea, uicu im uc p.

wu BANKRUPTCY. winch mortuary houses were directed to be es loweia, ujh. tlons. UN i to ksiow mat, in night for the benefit of the Good Templars, Is one ntltled to pay (as of eep. I've cot It!" S.

G. HENBY Auctioneers. eiit act of Contrrv'ss.' nit hfT- DRY GOODS STORE-On Mar-I kel street, one of the best Elands the lower part of the city. It is suitable for any otlicr I SuM- Vti) from ila tablished.

Cases of suspended animation, tiirtiio-ii nnt. vrv numerous, for the reason be The following discharges were granted yestci grade (or com iipnremnilof as w. ALESANB3R CO. of the most thrimng anu -put on the stage. It will he well rendered.

rzff heard several reasons asslgne I rosneclHUiy POiiMr iiiy pu ncss. Annlv on the premises. day claiming: meaning he had solved the problem of his invention? She begged him to come to bed, but he walked the floor all night and in the morn Edomphis, White Rivor. and Little Hock United 3tates mail Line between Eleventh and Twelfth. fore given, have happened sufficiently often to put us on our guard and it will serve my pur-nfKi.

in nnrmtp. fi few which have occurred. cutlonof et.Lims of tlie above class, and will makcno for services unless collection 'nadc. I vrill tired as nroofr coimnlssion.nuister-in-rull.' Hui.irtf as COTTAGE Containing for the comparative small number of deaths by sun-stroke In our city. One is that the mist from PACKET Arid am military orders reretveu uiniui, Rent Ad- ing made a practical ica-t which succeeded even beyond hg expectations This was all very pretty, but Senator Willey MorrTSnP.HeVdy,Bullltt County.

Ben P. Doom, Marlon County. John H. Carter, Adair County. Thomas E.

Ballard, Nelson County, j. H. Murrell, Adair County. John W. Btilrd, Adair County.

cinc-wllCI-l nOSSCl icntrcr the falls of" the Ohio keeps the atmosphere damp, p.v R. E. Miles, o. 54 Main, It is related Uiat Rev. Edward Wolfe, the writer of the memorable and popular lines on rim rir-ntv.

nf Sir.Tnlm Moore, who fell at Co- and LIltEK- a'tir ni'fiTitli. Annlv to Since that time, every wuui un when least expected, Mme. mec.s the mysterious unknown, who, fixing upon her a magnetic glance, -repeats simply the words, and disappears before sac lias recovered. This is the last Paris sensation, and a ast number of rcspedtablc elderly ladies are sadly vexed by rumors which declare them to be the undoubted originals of this adventure. of Dress Goods, White Goods.

SKgaSrca7, aTdTlne Wine; ofgatsof every description; EedTlcriing, Jeans, Checks, and neutralizes the heat of the sun. Xo. 2 leave Mfini.tiis Tnrs- street, Louisville, Ky. bet. Second and Third streets.

stcdnpomt mere was a Ca Ci tS-The beautiful new stone front edince In r. or oroet.ion on the west side of Fifth street, -STORE ROOM A handsome store- runna, Spain, was a posthumous child of his nn.orW. ho was hnrn alter the sup ancv iu the siatemcue, uiiumuu. Jones aforesaid had applied for and ootamcjla 17011 ItEST- room in the YV snirai part i'i PARTNER With a cash capital of 1000. to take Half interest in a well, iliurinir and woolen mill.

ur further ddress" J. M- B. Itus otllce. between Jefferson and Market, Is receiving a beau MAGISTRATES' COURT. Trial or Ferguson.

posed death of his mother and her buriaL The story runs that after she had laid some time in tl1P vnnlt fnr hnrifll nhlCC some Sac- natent in Kugiana lor uie years before -this afTecting incident occurred! It was no use talking, however, against tae ap- ch tectural taste displayed in its residences ttan anywhere else; lots are larger, with many of the houses sitting back from Uie front, and side yards. tiful metallic cornice, conceived ana oemg executed by Mr. Ai. uo.iriier. It will present a grand Jy dl r()l! "REXT RESIDENCE A desirable resile Tence! iilst thoroughly painted and newly naper- The Survivor.

onr. fnLcrcstinar widow annnarance when finished. dav and Saturday at 5 1'. M. for all points on nite riSr "unm ctingnt Duvull's lUnff with tne Mernnlils and Little ltoct ltidlro.ul for Ultle ltoct and Itot from Memi'liis to Llttlr hours.

Freight rcccintc! ttironu-h to all points on the above 11 Via llic llallroad at lowek Tcstliaa tlar rotu f.y Olllrr over Smith, Stnrc. on Kuurtlt street. Jel dtf FOU CINCINNATI. Ol.I) KEI.1AHI.K tTicTiftiro ATI. APE AND CLEMENT.

rilegious knowing that her jewelry and nurses. lamilfes fall jit llic th twelve rooms. Lm, iSw. shrnbbei v. vines, aud flow on(X.

Gazette lias the follow- BY S. T. MOORE. No. 127 Northwest corner Main and Fourth.

KB-Miirv of our citizens are leaving lor we a- room above, iiminnrvtrini nf TnViH Ffrpuson. charged s'olhc WOTthy Senatofhad all the opposition to xllc Trcut, himself, and came off "second best I can KFATUCKV KMl'LOVMEXT AJKN(' cor. fonn ble. carriage. coal-Iiouf had not been removed from her person, tn rnh lmr in liersrrave.

They did so. rlous summer resorts In this state, Indiana, and it ml Iri-Pt ''Ct a TOOll Lirl at once. Uirif term 01 yeara ty a No. ivate Residence. with shooting McGrath at Cedar H1U on the Fourth instant, was resumed yesterday at 3 o'clock, and nt Snlfi of Furniture at a 1' direrted to lioincc free "I eiiargc.

a V-Tb te.rn.Vt. Apply on the prcm'lsw. SO snnih Vide of Uroadwiy, between Brook and Floyd. Ohio. The heat of the city is almost lunuue.auio, OICB, UlUL Kivu uvivu-;" AT A TTGTIONi ers The prevailing color of the houses is lMt drab, and altogether the city more closely resembles Louisville and makes a nearer annroach to it in its residence portion than any violently that in tearing the rings from her lingers they caused the blood to flow, which nperiiiteiids the lemaie nepariniem, "feather tne eviaeuce iui luj m-icuau uwu.

and thousands are being reuueea to The last survivor 01 tne yum. dies who strewed Uowcrs iu the path of inn-'ton. as he passed through this city lu Senators are not insensible to the lascmauom of "interesting widows." Jesse nammumii um juituieuaui, v.v weights." Third District; was at the picnic at Cedar Hill on ouUd the Fourth-of July. These was a good deal of themtirohouholdfnrmtureh revived ner, ana snuwus. buuMjiiucuui from tlie grave and afterward bore the author nf tho nfnrnsaid lines.

U. STATES MAIL LINE STEAMERS. "The completion of the raiiroao uuw butashorl lime. Jiusu nlH time. Also AFTER THE PIAY.

FARK fall bloom, and ontf lot oiitui hStvr lnS irom ioia y- mii. iiv aMw disorderly crowd; helped to A remarkable instance of resuscitation was in tho TTronnh Spnat in 1S65. bv Cardi witbont reserve, as.the parties art. naviub ou his way to Sew ork to assume llic rei-i denev, is 'Mrs. rSarah Hand, now nearly to I years of age, and a resident of Cape May eoun-1 tv and.

notwithstanding her advanced age is i s't ill vicorous and in trooS heal th. On Sunday. June li, she walked to church at Capo May Terms cash. MAIL MORNING tlMi AT IU reducing the trip from Louisville to Cincinnati 10 o.cloclti wneQ 1 was at supper, I heard a S. T.

MOORE, Auctioneer. UNITED i Si 'the odlce3f Central Market Building. Jy5dl2 wage- by applying 'iVVrb'; i inn II rT ROOM A nicelv-furnished front room.vilhout board. Apply at No. 78 Jefferson three hours, allowing tneiurumuij Dii- disturbance on tne grounds, anu 1 rau vu Um nal Donnett, as having happened to himself; it being short, I herewith transcribe it: "In lbJo t-iir suriflpnlv struck down, un BY C.

C. 3PENCER. express and passenger trains. .1,. rio hes heard the The Amazons of the Black Crook in Actual Battle Array.

From the Chicago Times, July 14. It is the last night of the Black Crook at McVickcr's. The play goes on smoothly, and nms on the last act Au 11 I iNlEKON li- it- WADK.Mitsu liv" v. CKU)EK. Man.

landirn; at all points. EVENING LINK AT f.a One of the mi. a. and -Trn-Tf) 1U 1 1 street, auove iunu. Marbles.

city I have seen either Hast or est. ilo a man cau couseutto live in ew York or Brooklyn with so charming a place as Newark so near and' so convenient to it I cau con- CeOn'sunday it is the most quiet city I ever saw-at least the portiou which I saw was. Its street ears all cease running Saturday night, and resume their trips only on Monday morn-; over tl.o tu r--'r the trams make "tout eighty trips daily, back audio, each trait, hartng six ears, but on Sunday not train is run, and New York and Newark are serrated as completely as if a thousand miles Oleanders, Furniture, S-A petition extensively signed, ui nf TlstoT shortly after In the 'v'or which Hie liltfl" conrt-honse anu uaci. lo uc. tance of half a mile.

The account of the beautiful ami tasteful in irouiuj with the spnted to the New Albany city council ul ius uwi i7non had cone Sonunes, AT AUCTION. FOi; KENT TI LT 1 four-story uusiness noohe on sueet, between Main and Market. Apply to C. It. COT TON.

jy2 dtt conscious, in the pulpit of a crowded cathedral where he was preachiug. The funeral knell was soon after tolled, and a physician declared certainly dc-d, and obtained leave WHITI'EN. Master. and ran meetlnff, praying for the passage of an ordinance a seCoud report be secured Kv. Apply Jeso dim' AllEKltA ceremony wuieu -ur.

ii.ui. i mm July 17, atlOo'clpcK, CARTER. Master the shooting; saw r. imnnimdinirof nil dons found running at lhr; direction of 1 1 1 ho Void at auction rooms 5 lartoicanue. dience and actors ore loath to part af ter a long I s0 oftcn published that we need not re-season of mutual enjoyment, and whUo a num- prat it hcrc in deuiil.

A triumphal arch, sitp- SirUATIOX- heard anomei saut tO ar- it jiiii; dwvi DI InatpnH OT KllllLtU liiuiu. oo mi. i man UlRii uoiu i ..0 cot-neclions at Oincln-natl with all the early morulns tr.tins for the Eastern Ity a vonng lady who a-wing" machine, and is wnric 0:1 it. stoves Kitcucn uluiihid, fBihtw ornorallv: also Will lul B1-- -1 n.ona fi-nm Fi'rcuson. anu 1 rau anu onrl ran 3 I for his buriai uwt any.

The bishop of the cathedral where this event had occurrcu iiad recited the 'De ProiiindU' bv the side of the bier. 1 ri ii lot of toy marbles, china and glassware, ltENT -HOUSE The desirable two-story brick dwelling house. Xo.t2 Flftt. street, bet. Chestnut and Uroadwify, containing eijtht rooms, gas, witer cellar, stable, carriage-house, coal-house, ice.

nas been thoroiighlv renovated, and is in first-rate condition. Possession given immediately. Apply tp rest the person who ma me bTa rils- i- i lies but bring tlie city some revenue, anu umu ic I tr Eastern passengers ber of the former linger yet 111 "l-1," ported on thirteen puuuj. peerless MorlaecSi and others of the ballet, grioge over the Assanping in ortlinarv costume, come before the cttrtam, bridsel, with the inscription: "The defv-uilers iu v. pi.per the he he nrotcctors of the an'engagcmeni either In a private fani-- rloak establishment.

Best or references. Ad- Mi" care Courier oUlee. jell alt tol in his pocket. 11V 1 dre he more jU3t than the present law The coffin was being already prepared. Night was approaching, and the young priest, who nnd sundries.

Sale positive. Terms easily c. C. SPENCER, Anctlonccr. tw S.

F. WHALEr. change from Louisville to anil tsalliniorc. utght and two loss railroad travel than by A A TCU iUiiiu my2C dtf VASTEl)-MONEY TO LO cntnisicii iet. of the ballcf improvise a con-ran a rml and.

as Washington parsed under and Eighth. T.milsvtilo Citv Parli. ucaru au Luei-u preparations, suuciu He was onlv tweutv-cisrht vears old, and in iidou-i sire vniH tt L. in Ion" clothes, given with the utmost the matrons ami can-can, in Ion: was in two churches-a Methodist and an Eniscopalian-both very line and costly. In each one I saw something I am not accustomed to see In the Methodist church the minister kneels in lime of prayer, but the congregation Desirous of conforming to usages in others at good interest on g'-oil security.

Appij ui Biiildinsr Lots on ixtncrosH street and cheekeil on board 170 K.ENT-DWEI.L1 No citizen oi l-ouiavmu not Know jieuia -r- (leild "hero way wim niv Law Utlice, o. 1. om'i riai e. perfect health. At last lie distinguished a voice of a friend of his childhood.

ThU caused him for all points East aoanaon. was ercetc r.iTiinhi'Tl anil Wcnzel. Inquire at. GUTHRIE MCCARTHY. town; Fertruson shot Mc- from thc Company's myi dotn i objection to the prudent outlay or money oj me fnr- iho nrircbaae of crouudlnthe lifAll the a.iove oeiorei tion i buu" Third street.

Wharf-boat. I ulj ko reitt- Gr.ith ornot. JOE CAMI'lON. Agent. FOR SALE-CITY.

Sck W-I am Lieutenant WoiltKomcryBirKii, AT AUCTION. 0' FRIDAY AFTERNOON, July 17, 18W. at 5 o'clock I will sell, on the premises, situated as above fCPt each, on the northwest. cor ner of Montgomery and Sixth cross streets, and ilote. Alwi roodt pnch on the west side or hixm cross house 01 worship i euic, every vet in tlie auditorium.

It does not 1S24 on thl! of the reception of t.en. sound like tf rushing of many waters; neither LafavcUe, and. if we are not mistaken, a por-ie It lmc iv and jovous laughter. It is rather tion'of thc is now in the possesion of ominous of battlc-battle between the Ama- s. Ashrow.

hiHttn has refused to vote a tax on hlm- was at tne picnic at ueaar am m)vcmeilt3 0f the audience ana am couuu na Third District. to make a superhuman effort, and produced, tne wonderful result of enabling him to speaU. The next day he was able to preach again." This atoundiu narrative, related by the very who had benn the subject of res-tnv'iiinn tn lifp. nrndiippd its mid with if ore on POR RKNT-IIOUSE-Thc four-story storehouse, 115 on the north side of Main, bet: Third and Fonrth streets, at present occupied by Cochran, ll'icket fc Possession given 1st. July next.

Apply to II LINDENUEKGE1I, at MercbanLs1 Rank oi the large assembly I70II FIXTPRES Itusinesii tight and protltabhv In- on --o 1 was In- uiat no. bia orS saw onlv In fact. 1 saw only 1 MarKrl st nflvnnppmfillL Ul IUC luiwww reiS UU iuk nnr. nr. nnnr fni'P P( 111 11I11U Ul J-" icneeieu in umu at the Cour.i u'.

Loulsviue. This is allverygood. formed that KK zons oemnu wic nonce was right. The Amazons trere at log- River News. ana nave spiemuu um "c- w' flirKCH 01IC.

AN Con- and pedal. Apply to Kcv between Eleventh anti iyl6dC taining eiglit -d But no one seems to late any saw Ferguson, and tiskea Art cles some other instances which were mentioned by other Senators as having fallen under their own notice, caused more attention to be paid S. P. VTIALET, Auctioneer. 6 Who that has witnessed thc Black Crook comfort and welfare of our slck joor dlstufbance.

1 Us attemp.lngm Jyl2 vt.iim urays' "West streeU. CANDIDATES. I'OK CONGRESS. are anihorized to announce Hon. ASA P. a a candidate for te-elechon to frtffii the Fifth Pifiriet. jj 1 dAwld TiOYD WINCaiESTKK is a candidate for Conprcse li from the Fifth District, subject to a liemoenuis convention. Hrfinte To the Editor of thc Louisville Courier: VOU will please announce thc Hon. PA Mb. il- FOR ttENT ItESIDENCF, The property known as Rose Cottage, with 25 of land, situated on Market, street, a snort distance from the termination of the Market-street railroad.

Will be put In good repair, licntlowtoa pood tenant. Apply to Market-street Foundry, bet. Eighth and Ninth two kneel, ana occuyitu "-i -had an extensive view. in a Southern Methodist church a failure on Uie part of the membership to kneel during prayer would he deemed disorderly. Iu the Episcopal church, into which I had only the opportunity of look-ta-toward the closeot the service, there were ten little boys robed in white, who seemed to tuniotino- oloro-vman's assistants.

Ihe BOATS LEAVING TO-DAY. (For particulars see advert lsemeiit.o forsale, at a PftK SV1K-0LD TYPE We hav 1- inn- i'dOO "fold movement by which the needy and helpless In our 'lS'odothes, and another man attention. to arrest the AN11E11SON cteu. Apiy BV OTORHIS, SOUTHWICK CO. Two Jackson-strcct nouses andliota, AT AUCTION, ON THE PREMISES.

n. onor medical t00l! beating anu anu Cincinnati St. Louis LYTLE men who were ugu 6 llad Deen dldn know aicui.uu no action has yet been taken; and here we are, in of a hot summer, with every influence tlib dis- 1E T1FAE ESTATE Splendid butldinr; BOARDING. tn nte: WE TIIKi: as a cauaitiaic ior "'OR i the.

minister ouiciatmg Soruum.ret.nrneui-0 nrodnetlon of endemics and epl- iriet at the request ji Jyll dtf ANY CITIZENS. north aide of Broadway, bet. Eigh- -July Ifitli. iin In private family, for a at the Methodist church were appropriate and to the subject of burials, tne faeuate ior-warded the matter to the Minister of the Interior, and by so doing implied that the existing laws on tlie subject of burial were insufficient. Another case on record is related by a for-ei journal, of a female supposed to be dead, who was saved just at the right time from be-in" buried alive.

The srirl had sickened aud died (as her friends thought); she was laid out as usual, and remained, to all appearance, a corpse for three days, when the time arrived wlii oh whs armointcd for her burial. AVhen docs not remember the peerless sieuuu, She with the matchless form and sweetest face Weight about one hundred and sixt Suds avoirdupois. And likewise the Sins daughter of Israel Leah, with tlie winsome smile and glittering teeth. Weight somewhat les It appears that these premieres, dissolute or a-ffieas they may be called, got into a mts-tiudcrsumding about the time the curtain dropped. The cause of the misunderstanding beiu-of rather a delicate nature, it shall not be revealed Let it suffice that lhey got into 5 ,3, and, sad to relate, undertook in a- i.cntlVman.

wife. Infant and servant; room and still nerfect apathy reigns in regard flon of where I 'had seen Ferguson; don.t know mh and Nineteenth. iOxllO i'ect on sonth side of Magazine, bet. Eisli- must he -nvll ventilated. Address W.

Courier 01- einptory to the hlghestbtdder. jyld d2 1 the enlargement oi tne euuiuj iTnitril ct-itce tin. Gen. Uuell, Cin. "vc N'Sra Kv.

liiVer. Leonora So. 2. MndUon. Kob Itov, Cim Havana, Kvausvlllc.

Nightiugale.Clu. (nth and Nineteentn. lU-e. poBirively stating terms and location. )rth aide of Magazine, bet.

Eigh pixa-w leeet on in leri Jyll Nota day passes hut what eight or ten worthy MahJn Oml three shoht; hrard elpt or ten applicants are denied Into the hospital whenrath wa, Jte teenth and Nineteenth.,nih hr-t- I pOAROIXG-A gentleman and 1) -iii'-le uentlenicn, ean be accommodated ith a i fiiie larL-e front room, with jrood board, ui a private was lyiu Tnu- lilin lJaSiaiieei wl-bi "affafeefoSweM side of Fifteenth, bet. Chestnut FOR MARSHAL CITY COURT. i LEX GILMOllE Is a i-anilidate for" re-clectlou as A Citv Marshal at the ci.suing August election. li CIRCUIT COURT Cl.URK.

1 HUtUOFH is a candidate lor re-elect Ion to tl. the otlice of Circuit Court Clerk of Washington countv. UICH U1 T. OWEN is a candidate for the otllce oi nctk of Shelby county. istnnt street, between rcli-'loris free from tUe pouucai wutu Vhibhhas so lately prevailed in feNorthcm and Eastern churches, and which I wa told bj several peisons prevailed at Newark during Si wnr to a painful extent.

A marked change for the better has occured. A KESTDOKI AS1 ItUB-VL HOME. spent a ni-ht with one of my Kentucky fricnT, at hiresidenee, three miles i the I family. Apply at 1 0j cm a hie crowd around the There Is no other refuge In this city for those jy9 deodtt streets. Third and tour ai Ferguson and another man tue-imdertaker came to screw down the lid of who are In need ol proper umauig the coffin, a slight perspiration was noticed attention, and that Institution is aiviuyt, scunnng; tuo Hxliil feet on north side ot Madison, corner of Eigh- lds'propertv ill He sold cheap arid on terms, Apple to MEUDIS 1 SON.

1 -0 Maiu'slrcct, up stairs. joSC dtf I 1 11. I FOR 'SALE COUNTRY. tunes; uccuseu wna llftcen DEPARTl'RES-July lGlh. Ciilted States.

Cin. Oen. Dove No. 2, Ivy. 1 vcr.

Leonora No. Mamson. Uob Itov. Evansvillc. Havana, tin.

Lonitville, New Orleans. DOATiS IX PORT. Nightingale, city wharf. Bei-muda, citv wharf. Tink arble, citj r.

Norman, city wharf Cincinnati, July 16. vmi-S foot ti fnchtv in one hospital bed for every four ivas scuttling witn, rE FARM Situated two miles bouin- SWSSL1 him I nltln'l see very serious manner, lu faces Both are agile creatures, incomparable in the can-can, and while quick to auger, are-no less suddcu'to execute. It is to be feared that the dear creatures would have distigured themselves in a horrid manner had uot thcir respectivc husbands appeared Po JSJ-Although the appearance of the latter for the moment ended the battle, the husbands wore ii.uuir.. chivalrous). country, rcceiiu vivw frhe vision and where I write this letter, inc x.

nrnond lominds me of the blue grass mile of the ICi niter reiB ou as ivith teen hundred inhabitants, while new mri provided one bed to every five hundred, and no nhont one bod to every six hundred. Ired and ninety a upon her skm, winch being mimcuiaxeiy regarded, an examination was made; life was soon found to be in tho body, and she was restored to health. The most interesting part of thc circumstance is the account that the girl gave of her own experience, during the inanimate state. She said she appeared to dream she was dead, SomwhVrel'sa" ninir six 3TTJ TURE SALES. BIT HAY2S BIcNBTT.

Center Tnlilef, Whatnots, Curpcts ami and General Assortment ol re. Cook Stoves, Rook Cases, tuoKxue3GSfii Watch, Manic Cases, Chronometer 3lovcment. AT AUCTION. rX SATURDAY MORNING. 18 at 10 o'clock, at our auction-rooms, on Fifth street, near Jefler-son, we will sell as above.

Terms cash. jJAYES McNETT, Auctioneers. tlie prem 1 U-K MiGENT is a candidate for Clerk of the Jet .1 "ftrson Circuit Court at the August election. 1. 1 OHN S.CAIN is a caiulidaie for Clerk of thc.Teffcr-J non Circuit Court. COUNTY AM CITY ATTORNEY. ii office of Citv Aitornev. tn the cily of Louisville and county of Jetierse-n, at the ensuinK Auaust ejection. 111111 visible the nieadowof bo'ipbt from Charle" Millr llrcfki'iridpe. The honf These facts are startling I Does any one of our citizens suppose that mechanics and laborers can Hctlrath H.ul nW a ybotl A rood.

of water in lift-vard and a ncver-failliijr sniiir on the einiss. Vln-re ibo a lln- seh-. liotl of fruits, eoiisistinol qimb's no -li- pears, plums, ftc ixty ncren of this f- sixty-live in clover and Av -VI whole is choice land, In a hfeh state of vided with all the mouvni nrawii 100 feet front by 00 deep h-a 30 loot allej I ill eiih-r the Iiouse and entire lot, or with SO tfl feet -f be preferred by a parcliasur. Appl, to Dr.G. W.

P.AYI.I-:. jjlldll th Weather" clear. Thermometer IU. fsnecial to the Louisville Courier via Ohio river lelc-11 graph Line. 11ENDKKS0S.

July 10. be Induced to settle ncre pei vision is made for them when they are sick and throw him doivu. Ferguson snot mm got up; saw aicur.m. "Vhore Feriuson shot from for thev took up the quarrel where it was left off bv their better halves. lhey commenced with high words, aud finally drew out ugly weapons, commonlv known as revolvers.

Before proceeding farther it may be well to say DO our authorities flatter themselves that the 1 will be sold on reasonaine lenua. vmises to MRS. MARY COOPER, Executrix. but was sensible to everything maiwas around her, and distinctly heard herfriends bewail her death; she felt them envelop her in the shroud and place her in the coffin. The sensation gave her extreme agouy, and she attempted to speak, but her soul was unable to i.or-imriv Shn her svmntoms nM uu l.erhodv.

She described her symptom: tinny ui lunj j-. ponntson had the soldier; don't know whether rciguson Ullrty or forty yards me soituei, raw SM.E-neinibic l.OT on i vmitn. im-m-I Ctr.irehiil, Oldhani and Oak tm-b-. cultivation. Apply on the Jyif deodll of a cltv park win attract tnei.iuu.,uB a nei-hbor, and at early morn the laborers are ht the icld and the clatter of the machinery of the mower is heard as the many knives lay low the bending grass.

(1r From another window I see a foiiet ol chestnut trees, a hundred away niindiug me of another section of Keutneky iffcrcnt from the blue grass counties here in childhood's days, I hastened at the dawn of lay wi a dozeu 'of village urchins to seek 'Son- the grass and leaves and burs, the FOR -MARSHAL CHANCERY COURT. iVHsirc autborizeti to announce A. J. Ml MAN as a candidate for Mandial ot the Louis-villc Chancery Court ui the August, election. teJ3 die when It is known that she is been summon to ai.

i llmti A ffir -1 "(H-lfUllV LAND A boa titi fully timbered lot, rrh ninclnuatl and other Western cities in ITnvcol Mon between and Mo- 70 SA liE- 1 conlaininjj I SA ljE M. l.l'.Vt 1 1. 1.AKIV ply to plV tO vdT0. 5 r. Moruiiig Star, from Louisville and return, 5 r.

m- ,1. i lilvcr al a stand. Business dull. Thermomeier iU. last ewillUK.

with 4 mix' c. XAI'TS. indc'iendeiit canmuaie 101 OHN C. fnrthp Qfclf TlOnr? -i MnfJnltll Wfl when Metlratl was fett die 1 shalol minutes' walk of Pewee Station. snft- and l'l eiocii a.

JJJJLl Court i maKing proper yiunaiu" n-hritv council should vote unanimously for that no uiooa was su. was spilt there was a large overflow of gall, and there is no telling what would but ot-currcd had not the urTjane manager, Sam i crs who at that moment came on the stage. 1 oi the tiutidate for Mi Gratb; don't know The counsel for the defeiise here that they had other witnesses bu did jptcou i.ldu -DRt'C. STORK- mi nlde for a nh-i eonntry seat. Intiuirc of J.

L'-Ki: 7ii JeHV-ison street. Jylfidtf T70R SALE id the next Auyust court rn but she should at tne same in the feel inchc jaSdtc and Market streets. incl'idinc at least S10.000 for theen- SALE' 1 mv home place at Eranklort. 1 iivf ln--rni. a neat brown mite Uiat nau iaueu as verv contradictory, as if she was in and out of her body.

She attempted in vain to move her arms, to open her eves, to speak. The agony was at it hight when she heard the funeral hymn, and found they wore about to nail duar.l lUo cofBn. Tl.o bono, ed UellJg buried alive gave new impulse to her mind, ter in the chute, and 1 foot 5 inches water then closed. The argument tor me rru.nd's linusc has all the con n-tland to announce J. B.

PAtiKS as a Marshal of the Louisville an jyrideodlm are author! lo BY WHARTON CO. Auctlon-rooms, No. 71, National Hotel I'PaSs- Fourth street, between Main and Mai ket. TSrHw-m sell at auction, on SATURDAY" MORN-S 1NG, the 18th at 10 Fine Hook-cases, Wardrobes, Sofa-bottom Chairs, Sideboards. Elizabeth Rockers, Looking Glasses.

One handsome Walnut Bed-room Set, ToceffiwlMK8SrAnne of hmnKhoM goo. rocks. Four una mm icy- ordered the theater policemeu to win mem boll, out of floors. The order was prompUv executed, and once more order reigned behind i.ither eoil- eery Court at Ihe next An. of No.

IVIUnot the leading members of the Council Will -o biftingti bur wasieponeu tasi t-wiuu--. linnes verv warm. A lliiht shower the air somewhat vestcrday af-" There was 1- "1 iHvn rut. out o'nrV or wic'-. If for veniences thai iimcnius Yankees have been all tu l.ouse convenient aun all i ictivf A furnace in the cellar heats every Lint, mid warm water are sup- tta-'e This place is noted for its beauty and nee The cellar is deep and larc, and tlie under the roof of the house.

There Is a en on the place, now furnishing almoHt every melons jirowiiifr. ber-iiie. coal and wood lioie, stables for horse and carriage- house, an elegant cistern, with attached, shnibberv. fruit and shade trees rniinelilman Miller, who got an appropriation for won will ix'sold eheaii. a cheap inimiiatter to heartr Jell'e rrentlce for the defense.

which resumed its power over its corporeal organization, and produced the effects which excited the notice of those who were baout to convey her to a premature grave." win oot who Is conversant with fair show of business iu river circles yesterday. A New Orleans boat left with a fair trip, aiul all of thi: local packets had moderate trips. EST The Niirhtincale and ov 'iifiic-" Tutr treet, between Mar Jyli deod3 castors, act of dining table ware, including a line trnqnltnl. take the lead? Discontinuance of the Local Agencies of the nd in short, this is one of the mos-t ue-s in the citv of Frankfort. Frankfort is ipoons, Jyl7 tl2 Lli-OROCKKY-Onc of tin ds In the citv.

witli stock and Will not the Councilman fi om the Seventh ward, thccurtain. it wuoacunuuj -75- aud real life, and it is to he hoped that the fair one who have entered upon a journey to Philadelphia, will behave themselves better in the future. Romance from Rome. LFroin the New York Evening Mall. Rev C.

Van Meter, of tho Howard Mission in this city, is now visiting in Roin(N FOR CIRCUIT 1 unfiF II BOLES, of Barren county. Is a caiitll-J a for Vrc.Vit Court Judge of the Sixth Judicial mstrict, subject to the action of a t-osed offi cimies of Jdierson BulUtt, pioneer, Slielby antt Oldham. jeia aio ii iiiiLF.s. of Glasgow. is a candi-J for Circ Ju-Ikc i the Glasgow District.

suWcct to the action of i lie Democratic Convention. jclOdto nnfartVl. Sh" reliWa lot of Wlllllr Another case oi recetiL oecui loucc i.i.uuu of a young girl, in the State of Ohio, who was TlCREAC F. it A. ASS'T OFFICE, I J'erert for Tlis stand ims a who Is looked to as the champion oi tue 1 u.

al it 1 will the health. ndi nil implements al State of Kentucky, logis. city She leaves the oromuncedtlcaa uy tne physicians iu auwieuco. TI.O uOOiciun the i. 'or its trood society, schools, scenery anu Main families from the South and tlie cities lie summer there.

For information call on or me at mv otlice, National Hotel building, ISO. stairs Main street, near lourth, Louisville, on PHIL. SWIGEliT, at Frankfort Kv. tcrest, do something lor tnosu ui um considerable irelpht ncre. anil ivin pay any 1 grot'erv Inisiuet-o.

lyll dtl BANKRUPTCY. are most needyr wlmri at iu a. ji. io-iiaj. The 'rarascon Is Circular To the Prccdpcoplc of Kentucky: That the Government may be relieved from A trood l-iO SA1YK-HORSEAXD RO KAW.

Dlietl to every room, and the bath room just as a city, supplietl by water works Eyeiy cou-yenience of city lioiuses is supplietl to this rural home, even to gas pipes through which the subtle vapor will after awhile How and illume tlie house from his own gas-works' in UlThe Keutuchian in the East is not a whit behind the "natural born lankce." As a manufacturer be succeeds as well as his neighbor as a ruialgentlemau lie is equal to others, and tw orthive who have got into the gold and to exchanges, roar and bellow as lottdU- any of the "bulls and bears" or Ymk. SiilVHK MANUFACTORIES. Develop City. of Kentucky, SS. Io fiant-N rnptey At Lebanon, Kentucky the 10 th i day ol Tan he seen at uexiei 1 jys uu 1 hors Of aUO lOl LUU good Illustration oi wnat ninuui.u.L..i.3 I I'llGE ir let able.

Els't street, tietwecn -uam anu .. JIUV, A. U. me notice of his appointment as assuince of WllAM iaeo when oiicouraced. Is OR AlilC-RKAL KS I A I lias for Hie following lands, Ac: electii afforded by believes that the lime has i the frcedpeoulc of Kentucky should jyu 11 was acquiesced in' by the girl's friends, with the exception of her mother, who noticed that the body still retained its warmth.

Efforts at resuscitation had been made in vain, and it was determined to consign her to the grave. But the day before tho time lixed for the funeral as the account states "while one of the noio-hhors and the mother were standing by Under the date 01 -uin, that citv as follows: Another weary day has ended, and I sit and review with a sad heart tho dungeons aud or cauion, Ohio, where Ball mill's has I'JO head of cnirrd iincn. in ro-SSvlKfr Giimore goes to tlie Springs to rec.ipcrat.;. and Ciipt Billy llollcrort will take charge or the Mav towed In- Fletcher ov.5 toJeirersonvllle yesterday, where she will be laid up for repairs. Bni.niNO during tho.hoate.! term hot begin to learn i Arm mowprs are mado.

Whon the luven- nistncl. HW. BKCCE is tho Ninth Judi son, Oldham, Shell' candidate for Circuit udsein. District, coiui'osed of Jeiler-, Spencer, and Bullitt counties. and Mat" 'of Kentucky, within said district who lias Assignee.

iil lots to suit. Ki' Oldham county. thorp, few vears was tho dullest, tu.3nay,,,,u..u.; cells, visited to-day. rue icij WATERS, Goshen Pos-lotU' Jys dtf ami least productive towu in the State, and was United the local agencies of Ihe Bureau IS ngenclcs-one at Lexington, one at oitse NOTICE District of Kcntne-Ky. ss.

in uij. Xt Winchester. the -Ai the inquisition inauca calling the scenes of wickedness and indescribable cruelty witnessed and endured 111 this place. The political prisons arc closed and dangerous, Willi t. .,,1.1 roonirn WCCkS to PSSS OU a tOUT Of thc jalj dtf FOR CHANCELl-OR.

rt- ii COCHliW is a candidate for the office of 1 Chancellor of the Louisville Chancery Court. jaSdte Three line iiirmn in iimnnm. Ten farms in Kentucky. Five farms in Missouri. Ten farms in Kaunas.

or cr a. rniow. four 11 Ho.ies ami lots for Kile ill nil iJorthceltvan.l Jefferson county. Call and ei-a! in" 1 wi" Show all the oily and county I lave for Se free of clmi-ire. I or my assistants will take all palm, to explain and show the propel ha; for sale or rout.

1'lcasc rail and see llic at 1 Jefferson street, between Fourtl. tsrs. i tic in Shell Terniti easy. Iflorti LOTS sei for rent. Main slrcei, jy- ut" 170RSA1.K-T.wo 1- Ai IT and the otlii'r in cm Alo.a good 11WK1.L1NU in the on and Soi D.G.

VKNAlllJC. K' -ii Ksi.v'e A near Fourth street. latitude, present tnoiilhf July, not only in th' pndueah and oneat Louisville icm.111 10 Sl St over freedmen's allalrs. of the efforts of the Bureau since North. In the and the extri but at the south within said District, who has been nOKCd a ban Court retrograding in wealth and population.

He asked for i 10,000 from the citizens to help him start a manufactory. They raised and envc it to hint. The following arc the results of the Investment: Two large agricultural implement manufactories, one of plows exclusively, one of stoves and hollow ware, one of reaper and mower knives, one of saddlery hard observation tliroiigli the many manufacturing cbiAmicnts of Newark, and I had not time for the undertaking. I passed througl. oije hat establishment which turns out throe thromrh one watch manu- hv the District of lis establishment Jiave been era mm, runt upon ills own petition.

of WAi 1 N'S acres F. U. DUDLK Assignee. Jyl( i- reL'lon round about ouroui.iui-. weather has never been equaled, i cx (.

save and except In thc year lbo-J. i hei now commenced in carib in USttallV agaiusL uu, successfully struggled for freedom and ta, tonncntors. The histories in it will not be re-vrale(lcxcept now and then a brief extract-until "tho books are opened." I have conversed with Count who was a judge sixteen the side ot the supposed corpse, tho door, which had been left open, blew shut with a loud noise, which had thc effect of so acting upon the girl as to hring her to, and sot her life-blood in motion. She sprang up in bed, and throwing iter arms around her mothers node wept for ioy over her escape from the horrid death of being buried alive." The lady, describing her sensations, says "that when she felt herself sinking she had no fear of death, but turned upon her side, and, is she did so, all pain disappeared, aud she ianL- to sleep ns peacefully as a child. She lay.

FOR S1IKRIFF. nr(, nntltoriited to Capt. JOHN YV lAuTO as for slicrill' at the Aa-gut election. JBjute FOU CLERK HANCEUY COURT. fur three weehb near isrnaov.

ay. til" streets of tiic either ivnv without efdire ti'ael. except reel and the price rictoi-v wiicrc line American watches are n.o thousand, tho process of tne uiontu oi i''V 770 I1 Tlie schools. rt thl3 aione hT FMcCR VCKEN COUNTY LAND uudersk'ned offers bis farm in Mtirrnrkj-n A ig on the road from 1'aducab to 1 landy 1 le v'miicti from Paducah.nt private sale. 's land in said tract.

And aboat four-fifths XfOTICE-Dlstrict of Kentucky, Bankrunl-1 cy. At Winchester, the 8,1 day of April. A IBS. 'The undersigned herebs 'gives not ec of his ap- wlti said rfstrlct. who lias been adjudged a bank-ruM SpoD lila own petition by tho District Court of sa dD strict.

F. n.DUDLEY, Assignee. JyH F3 which was explained by practical operator, nt.temut to describe. at v.iii' ware, two 01 norse-raae, uuc one of cultivators, one of wrought-Iron bridges, one of soaps, and others more or less extensive. Those are not small concerns.

The machine lu; lily. SnVvflle Clianccry Court. my3 dt' i ahoutsi. roo Tvcrvtbimr is done by machiuory aud with I ground on Twcnt sti et 1 Tide property is bn-Mted i'mt city may tie extended throiisili It causing the loss of a of the such as 'may he nece.wiry for the at which ii is offered far bcl-uv roperty is selling in tlie Ua ALSO, 23sir)l to a paved all'v. on the i- eutcenth and Wiilniii.

C3CSK) on the norHiwe-t corner i alnut. '1'hese lots arc 5 feet above tin; si are paved and graded all round. streti, i 'nit li It the the land with verv little rain, ami iu i ,1. heat which was steady, Patent ami ntrns On the 15th day of July 15I. the Ho -nnl at their ship-yard in lie ei -gasred in building and packing the sW-s i la at ft Cant.

Sterretl of Texas, a packet to pl tlK Rio Grande, from Galveston to Houston, nVi. not its. On that day the themometer ranir- lital'lrMoraii lann i i.t; iii tinetinilie' THOMPSON'S a K- but 11 Is not all" Tour sick, destitute, C'2 ot well, and is canal to any tobacco arm ul .1 tt mono stmuorts 2,500 men. Tho town has tne L.OU1SV1UO by TOT ICE-pistrict of Kentuelry. rqTCEDi8tric sue thinks, unconscious, lor an nour ei for when she came to herself, though she could nt move or sneak, she found that she was laid trebled its popaianon vu? of your nice have a liome marKct tor ittrm yiuuuc ir-.

three -improvements on said tract, v. iui luu.i.;vvj ot er neerssarv out-bulldingB on each Hie Perkins and Massac creeks, and con-SS-nt'S ttther. It i-ould be divided Into two or uuiuiue- Vou lave ocei years but who arose witn uaiiuaiua lu 'Italy, was captured by the Austriaus, sen. to one of those hells used by the Pope, and there endured long, sad years of cruelty and want the French troops were withdrawn lie was liberated. He made a pen out 5f a nail, aud by some means obtained ltd! and kept his journal by writing on ins -white shrrL I saw it It was written all over with the history of those years.

Permission to visiUhe prisons was refused me except in a single and unimportant case, but I did cuter and examine them. How I obtained admission not. be told in this. Thc Reformatory been provmuu out ready for burial. She could see her mother bv her side, and all those who came to see her, talk and understand idl they FOR COMMONWEALTH'S ATTORNEY.

liwnfivr of Daviess count is a candl- ii-c arc authorized to announce J. D. LILLARIV of Owen, as a candidate for ComniouwealthM Attorney in the Eighth mliclal District. Jail fliwU tin-aid of small macuiuc, cc of the complicated machinery of lino tel es. After witnessing the process of watch I was led to exclaim with the olu Ke whcn U0t pha .1 "Great is the invention of which Is stimulating production, and enriching farmers In the country tributary to It.

Tr i rs.nn moonlight aimSiTitment as assignee of SHE WON l-' of in the conntyof Franklin, and Keutneky, within said District, wlm l.asbeen adjudged 11 bankrupt upon his Assignee. 1' or lurlhcr partlenlat a PEARSON, i dncah prom of the oest Southern KenltieKy. anui 1.10 West Main street vnr further F.H. DUDLEY, said. She tried to speak to mom, uim un educated you.

It 1B the act a jm, Court of said 11 lstriet. dtf je'O marUets lathe imrtieulars, apidv lo itiKlerslftned. on the pr. Robb, Paducah. or to the ivs.

JOHN HOBU. tumrne relnsei 10 OO Its ouieu, euu IHIL. LEE is a cauu 'laic ior dc22 ABDEN AKH1VA1. ur 1,, ounlfl not: anil thCTC SllC tlV. lllCSS dte excursion of this popular club on the steamer Norman, last Wednesday night, was In every par-, tuo most dell-rhtful affairs of the CASTLE GA -RELL-Oiie nd pounds; I torncy in this District In United SiatcsCcurr for District of cd at KB in the ship yard, and the vorkmen, ami all were compelled to "knock on, aud iuit work Many were prostrated by the heat and it wSJtmnoiole to withstand ihe Intense heat of tin' "ays, and the workmen had to change ''DurlngUiV present year ISftS on the 15th of lulv the aiders.

Howards at their villC. wltli a full fnrco of linrtrt-. wi-re tlpSTv ansing the sides of a new boa. for Si, Sfm'tt of Texas, for the Identical trade he was engaged In in 1550, and now as then the "term was the same, the thermometer ul 103 and the worsmcn prostrated by thc over-comlng heat, and were compelled to succumb and u-orl- so that ll will lie seen that the pres to New York 1 came to oaslie tor it. reiusai to mio.v eo Returning on to witness the arrival ui tuip.

season. It was attended by a largo and select par nt. r-i- t. ia, mis utruii uiidu'ulLU conrt-tionse or steamooiu, iui mu ft FOfiSEK'S Steamt'oat Agent: fctreet. Main ami river.

by Afifii, of the cennty ofllait.Miite oi rni COIISTT l-'ARM-I offer for I' farin.lii Union county. Ivy. It contains 213 arres: Shout ISO aeres cleawd and In a boo state or rtilllvntion. There are jzood houses, barns, l' ni 11 es wllhln 1 miles of St. Vinrenfs 1 ior. snip u- i for Boys is a miserable affair. The Foundling Honit for illegitimate babes 13 a grand affair. TJ- Superior told me thev have a present from the old world; RAILROADS. i iniR tic-n Ketituckv, i'hin -an! Ui-trict. be buried.

Ppon two occasons, when ner mother was alone with her in thc room, it seemed as though she left thc bodj-, and, stand-in" bv the side or her body, could look down upon-it as she could upou her mother. Itti.n bv ihe District in the naruor. ty who "tripped tne ngnt lauu.u. music of one of our best string bands. I he boa nt.

sv o'clock p. M. and extended E.L. a bankrti imon Cmrt Of -aid Di in" Green, Ky. them are scattered Jsffersonville.

Madison, and Indi law provide 101 PlX0 agents or troops will be lort to guard your Commissioner hopes that the wmssggm atheater, and was SubeTLvorite resort of theater-lo a long 'r nnnearcd thc trip to Madison, at which place she arrived at 2 o'clock A.M. The gay and festive pai tj -la bankrupt- for nt Lebanon, the itt la oiju'y anapolis nanruau. ent season has had a parallel, though all 01 us are tllF 1). 1M. 1 lie iiiiiierc-iumiu hvilu.

D. disembarked and, headed by the band, starlet on a serenading tour, arousing the denizens of ha thoir slumbers by the sllvery POH a 1 REAL ESTATE-100 feet of liand-i1 ground on the south side of St. Catharine street, between First and Rrook. on south side Oak, 1'irst and Lrook feet, west si.le of Urook, bet. si.

Catharine Pidc ot First, bet. St. Catharine and Ordcstreet-f. 31?) feet on Goss avenue and Mrcet ivet ou Wnlmit, lici. Ei-liiteenth and Mnc- leiLTici feet on Madison, bet.

Eighteenth Ntnetcenlii streets. This is hiiautlful huildin- property, and should command the attention of buyers. Apply to anpointnien. ns Ass.cnec o. 1 1..

S.a.0r liV turt your schools, or destroy Wr -v On Vficf. men, too, uicio red in this citv but a week or two since, that ol the little girl who was found drowned, as it was thought, and carried to her home for preparation for the grave. But fortunately attempts were made to restore her to life, and after several hours of unwearied labor lliey were successful and the little child in a short time was asVtiU of life and animation as she had ever been Now what would have been her fate eniil'uistiict, who has been adjured a tajnK-nun anon petition WUi; I ourt ol D.strlcr. in.AUH 1111.1 P. Assignee.

stralns of music sweet. The Mayor, editors, and were comnllmented, and tney SrXddaUon-: it is open for man and beast a is generally well covered with Bleep-'n'fv'-agabonis who' lie outstretched on the iiid n. mav be thev nave, me amomr families. -l bAn 1 of thetn, aud apparently well cared for. The child is placed at night in a box in thc wall aud then turned into a recpUon room, a bell tlie nurse comes, and that is all that is known I was told that every fourth child Rome is a child of shame for these priests and nuns in order to induce the people to take care of them call the child "Ftglia de la Ma-donna," Child of the Virgin.

Thus they cover the Virgin with shame rather than honor. Thev wuorshin her, and then lis our Saviour will he at once posted in the outrage may.ocom. m- gents to ui.iu, tin- uufiinfT is now the recep- duly acknowledged the favors. The happy excur-otonMs started on the return trip at 4 o'clock on Thursday morning, and arrived here at 9 A. con- Held, the eonnty seat.

Liberal terniswil beiu-ven a i.nrchiiser. Kor further liili.rnnitlpn, apply to 1 Y-R of Union county or to myself, in MILLS. Jyl63codeiweoir3ni 1,7,11 vi.E-nESIHABLK (lOIISTRT RESI-T HK'( K-And 116 Aerc of Land x-'nlle from Po-wee Valley Station.on the 18 miles Elo "i-vil to. on the Uallnrdsvillc pike. "re a good doMo modern style Frame Cottage 'oven roonis and kitchen, good donlile cottage tor servants, excellent barn and oarrlaite-honso and other 1, les.

The place Is tastefiilly ornan entcd, a touiids in fruit of all kind adapted to this dim-So Land uiostlv In grass, with 3 acres woods stare It is 11 line -stock or fruit farm, embraces i For1 further Information apply Io nic o.r or to Messrs. Mori-s outh.vick, Louisillc, KJ. WM "si USES. IVivee Vallev. Ky.

apLidcodtt i t7i ijl r.uit.aliiiii 1M acres, some et, up tjlair3. now as then extend lo another week, or a single new boat, will be ready to travel in .1 couple of weeks, and we have the assurutico hat she Is to be the stunchcsl and best adali.ed onn ror that trade ever constructed. She is lo be a LKle craft, including outut. and we are glad to learn that Henry Wcbmliolt the punctual and reliable, has the contract In full for Ko'ltcd states Marshal, at Pittsburg, mimense uiilulh imnf of forciirn emigrants. Hi- smp ME 1)1 Mr1 EERtiCSON, 1 M.da sr 3C dtfESiutT ai.lom.lilv fat irued from tne nignis icsn.uita vu -XTllTICE-l'isti-lct ot KentuctT, ss-In Dankrnpt-iN if 5l icbanon.

lieaOlb day ol A.Tl.lEliS. Tlie hj. Wahloo sa'd D.slii d.whoUns been .1 a binltrnpi upon his own liy tbc District Coiirt of saiu district. EDW II1LPI'. -lssisuoe.

ie short distance way and the pas-iiuiaiiuwi banrcs: thev en itta'. had not kind friends interposed and restored snsncmled animation? We cannot say with counsel and advice. in Portland. and EetTV P)l l.E-One of the be bitnated on Third bet sare-L'tri. lot feet by deep; The Assistaut CQn.

ternthe3main doorway into thc vast buildin-, ter ine nS former vears. ccrf but it is more than probable that ai- ceiL.uuj, after ihe. had hcctl North and West. USf KSSS depot (Immediately opposite LonlsTille) -s rouows. TJEPVBT ARRIVE.

fet sun. uSi 't sat I 3 x. daily ex Monday rfrdav and Sunday. I On Sundav, truiu leaves at r.lj p. m.

Baggage checked through to all principal poiule. Floiiflnt Bleeninff cars on all night trains. Forondene(l hrough timetables n'lcoo garden, fruit. 1 extern of II. LAWRENCE, was born of her, so they can tat not born in lawful wedlock her children.

Bad Ha. the placid waters of the Ohio. The moonlight was by some oversight, we suppose, left out or the programme. A KEMARKABLE Umix OF CIRCUMSTANCES. A Snon-nnut 1." i harriiH.

For to 1 JetVeron, l-ourtu ami 1 S'cVKdann Rome is, was not picpaxeu soldthe tow-boat Traveler, on Tuesday, to l.u-more Perry, for boat, fitted up by some of the gains. Be honest ana iu, From here il wm "t- All vi.trht minueu meu STORE-In WINE. vl! selected, nature- V. u-urk wreckl is at wotk Franco and Great Britain, and hope to reach STSlnS commlttod upon you "local," whose Imagination is equal to any emer- gency In these hot aud dull tlnico, says that the only incident worthy of note coming under mn observation yesterday was a gentleman passing a I' ei r.a or.vucus eteareo iiuu ter a snori, tune, laid in her coffin, scaled up forever from the world nature would have resumed her functions and the little girl would have awakened onlv to undergo tho "unendurable oppression of the luns; the rigid embrace of tlie narrow house- tlie blackness of night; and the unseen but palpable presence of the conqueror mire is suspended in case of drowning, thc address iles of the coal boat boys, wbtrb r-uo L'unboat, General Beauregarii, nirn St the head ot the bend below- Memphis in mt, and each ship-load is i "Slacc in Ihe building, to await How tiip tmitea states courts are open to jun, ju offlcSlhereof will always be In the future a. Third-street Nyshville railroad.

Hie e-xtciisio! you anouier iciaci uuwi ho frlrm of .1 or-cnli and tell e. Ut in ihr nlaec of destination, incj seesmail tiliis.ann can ri.ivrt nnd Main streets. Louisville, Kj. iiiibcred aud IIOUSH AN i l-Ol'- ravel divules this tracr ire c. Iirooks.

A part ot the tract fruit store, and stepping upon an urauBo The gentleman slipped and stumbled against a they have ueen hi uie p.u, wrongs, and award to you enual and exact justice. ...111 t-nm limn tO tlmfi ir aivnie li om of what see unu -i-the pwplc andput them on their guard against the Lngs that crush these people aud threaten v. ll. L.

imnroved'citv property will be taken In cx-ge! or and long time on deferred pavn.onts. ain tle'termiued lo sell this property ami will give i UOl'Aue- swi General Snpcrlntendcnt. JAMES FEKKLER, General Ticket Agent. JclTersonville, Jan. 1, 18GS.

Jy in the's ate Vo look after your 1-III Port Grape ladv, also passing, himself, upon a large hog, who was examining the gutter geographically for de bris. hog. proper jt to their place u.on ln. If eybavc foreign why may it not happen when otter causes produce death, or what is taken for it? May it the engageuieuL ol.u. t-The ferrvboat John Shallcross conveyed a pl'nlc party to Goose Island yesterday.

-r-The Norman, with thc Norma club oxcur-siouMs oil hoard, reached the city yesterday mnrnin" between 8 and 9 o'clock. Our "Local the party, aud for a gushing account Sf the affair, see local columns. rar-The st. Mary's freight was roshlpped on the Interest, hear your complaints, Ac. to overwhelm us.

K'r 'at of ir sVX! Xiehison. Court for American money, they All comraumcatioiis uumw. money to exchange i AMEBIC A JOY US, So. -1 frightened out 01 nis yrupiwu, bent-ecu the legs of another gentleman, who In i iiv iiffiispu iiLiiin.ui3 Col. J.

S. Catlin, Chief Sim Asst com a POK. SA LK-HOrK- 1. Walnttl street, heiwei lot feci hy in teet fans li rooms. kitt'hiMi.

nl! tiic iKiiise: ha The Genuine Can-Can. not be that the vital power, tnougu not is uot extinct, when it appears to those who surouud the death bed that the ui.unrtedJ llle. Brevet Lieut. oi. u.

falling frightened a span 01 nursea -We think we have seen the can-can in Amer- de- Coiu'r at Lexington, Brevet i W. II. LAWRENCE. t'Cairo Wednesday. -M evecllcnt islness stand and dwelling house.

verv Vies rablc country residence and storehouse wt ke Mi offered for sale on very reason- vine11. cauu LOUISVILLE NASHVILLE AND MEMPHIS LOUISVILLE nut uavu uvju -a- xi, 'Iv the un romled to. -pb disoases which most nearly simulate dnoino- of La Blanchisseuse, l5 Ctoamboatmen at St. Louis are forming Isctl hv Fmir-flniis of tlie Xcw York and rinl siilelphia Congregations for Clinrcli Coniniuuioii Poriioscs; ALSO Prescribed by thc Mpjt Eminent Jrgxinm of the East uml of st. l.oms, who liuve iiivestlirateil the Mutter, its the Most Bcliablc Wine to be had.

IU1S UlllW.lVUl Co thnt T-Oll Will shop near nn-e aovmrmr and Blair eiuu able terms; or would cxetiange 101 ie Assiatimt uororaiitw nt upou starting up a steamboatmeu Kanawha vide li of tne aiaoiue, i rnimh of Mahille, trnth com' 1 For particulars 1 1 i-iv rfl feet. In' are catalepsy and tlie state of trauce or uroloncd svneope. In lie first of these death is uot so perfectly counterfeited as Tl.o naiout. if dlioto from gOOd ot the alley jyl dim dropped his lighted maten upou tne beino- originated. Thus ended thnt.

wp. do not think the corre- FbafyouwBlcu ivate rmndly rela white of Kentucky; that you will labor d.llg?nSy?carryi yrnree naigL-i o. vestMday. ot ae picnic party "tufve FAKM-About. acrcf 1 he "CSuSoncrs Foreign Immigration," for the Section of etnignrnts and thus they hundred emigrants already in the building, -mv Kondcnt cxgerate, Those who have seen Lnub- this budget of accidents me niei authority) lies immovable and greatly um 1 rs Innulr.

of je; dtl I'KSIDENCE l-'roailway. bet. con Knmfcf' ird's ttuii nl slntiu nlna the ASD Al-o, Wednesday uiguL, standing on conscious: the limbs are rigid and cold, uie icjcb tbrsnbioined tlian we, who only pass St. Louis Fair. rEgsssrg -jaiScHriLCl atBariarfP street yesternav mo, mu.0ut.

tne EXCELLENT FOR LADIES WEAKLY PERSONS. 170H sai.i:- otatSym. and privileges of American citizens. By order of Brevet Brigadier General fioq onrnptimes remainum uueu, unu tuf ai. 17.

R- But the resemblance to i al ill'. Those of our readers who wish a list of prizes to Louis Fair this fall, can get nehen. cellar, clsten our opinion from heresay. Shall we ever na. the real trenuiue can-can America iiU hnton and the pre- iaw sometimes drops.

alle; in irli isi. trams will run ii to acr'soi lanl. w.ll besolds-mt-veili rii-b'W App on "Va.MUI-;i. in or MOli tltf.MtUTH .1 st et. jyS s-lllLi au t.

cm.o or death goes no further. Tne body and ncaa re-: ni the nulso and breath- dock and he shodTlhrw her into ihe river. SrraptalnMllt Aiken, of the Bermuda, came .0 Kvansvllle, mniilot. form hv sending their address ise. I.i.lSOxilO IVel to oai-s' i-i't'tlit.

IfdSEired. llokc. Apply to myl? dtf rrv P. BUSKLE, Brevet Coloue. a Chief ifintaarV notes of the orchestra are heard La 'to col John C.

Kay, office of Fair Grounds, corner UVollowa. Leave a. m. 6 Arrive at Nashville MO- ff a. Arrive at Humboldt a.

m. II.uj A. LAND Iffl acres bottomland, ftve intr can always be noticed if pat ticular atten of Stuff. HOI" Blancuissense, uie lul. otrndt iinil Wasningiuu i-uun AND LOT I tivo-'tori Walnut street, between Irlf HilMSL1! eOtl- tion to tnem.

lot Xt'B, ISO The iattcr disease is thc cause of much more is paid in Shelby. Missouri. for thc now that they are saie How many CApo.tations aro beiug m- Iff Sme'oPSr! t. Kelween oui lu Foarieeiii ami kUehei stable, eel- 1 sir. Ratification Meetin oud Arrive at Mempnir, The C-30 p.

ii. train connects at Humboldt and Jle: iJiis for all points South- 7 nicotine: cntl error, because it more eioseiy resemuicsiicaiL, l.5u. n0Vise abashes tho maid t. unmp'le. from New Orleans for St.

inr cistern, and i'lt bi iflJi-eUVont nartieubirs luriuire Tn v-. hPi-Phv withdraw my te oatieni is- uiuuuu- place i4 cneeks. But A very large anu -imtT court hv 101 dei-n to "X-r-vM all' mon brotherhood arc accompanied by their iiiiconsc.ions. although he name as candidate ibr nt the Louisville Ve10 at tne coui-uw CAWKF.Nfli, i at -Wi a.m. anu tilt' day to ratify the action wives and a numerous progeny.

Jl tucj 1 ulumllv aware o'f what is passing around Fourth and iltli. Chancerv Court. For your earnest supiot i ten- Se time for action has come. With an artistic wave she throws her clothes soincter than her head and iashis. forward-there is nim Ti.o nnlsnt.inn of the heal and arteries, rnu mv sinpfire tlianks.

nd in indi- J. SPEED PEAY. and the breathing gradually diminish in force Stic Convention chosen chairman, aud E. ll-l tarv of tlie meeting. Helm Esq.

on taking the chatr. stat meeting in a brief, forcible ir SS? ySrt.Wl nighty acres cleared ml In -nUHal i an.l twenty acres in good timber. ou" i "i id good bearlns frnlt trees ot One a -lies ani.les ruspberles, and ill trait PK Hundred grape-vines, all bear-f, tools ring of water. A line t.vo-storv n'k l'. is" coiiTainiiig seven rooms, kilcben, linh i 'i ell.

Good cistern, an.l ootlionses. ioobanVirflyleetscinare, Good school aivjelinrel. and fre.mency until they become at last rpiiie oJTtliE thing is nnbonnd- r-ra- Rowland, tihotocrapher, Frankfort. Bram-li train leaves Louisville att Vuu- l.eb ion "'liville and 0rab tccUni bj staSo all Important points in Soul eastern Kentucky. Burtlstovvn train leaves Louisville at 350 p.

M. TheBardstowuttin connects at Saiuaels' Statl with stages for Faifileld and BloomOeld. impcrccpumo; ri.T sTie manages to get rid 01 the votumin- Kv has sent us a ell-executed picture of the Sftv-two cords' elNvoodr She will probably lay up "cSroe Brown, of St. Louis In order lo the harbor of ice during nest inter, has Siaid the ram Vindicator, which cost the SSreKnt tc Tbiitld over one hundred and thirty Iron are playina sportively, alter their lona-contocment- shipboard; men women OTOWS CUIU, uuu luw -v by throwing them over elotimPorllarjl. Ivy i also -f r- house in which Frank P.

Blair, was horn. eaateuujcL, resolutions were adopted: Je 'rso'nslreet, lietween Fourth and fifth. JcMtf days. How (tho writer asks lrom mm ou her disenthralled is one iu sucu a condition known not I'eyhOUloe freedom. she to be dead? JS.w hata off.

stands on one leg taming; i are lle and cnts seiiiuu llb. railroad rs-Thcre is to be a grand Democratic ratiQca- I-E LANDS In MbBissippi, near A'iiie vnrd, New Jox-scy. a.nv- the sl a.m. train daily, except Sundays, da EJ, tne a. T7 OR SA Natchez, A noise Iikc tue voice ui nro various ways Known to meiaiai comuiueii STRAYED Of? STOLEN tlon meeting at Teak's Mill, Franklin county, on Saturday next.

A number of prominent speakers bv which the dead body can be dtstiu- sudden ly ian "Vr SS ALBEKT FDIK- cent bunda, and N. B. vn.r!r"5riwo LLimlsin Missouri. Lands In Imliami. Lands in Ohio.

xi. TinrMnn hv fa leQ ansculta- called residi Jys dtl 1 on I'road- ami white many waters iulc luo lull. --in over its rocky falls, like Niagara pouring torrent over its precipice-rises from the andan odor like that of three hostilities, it ib luc of keeo- ill be on hand. tt.TWRKXCE. jfthe blood, thrusts it far above her head, and becomes a 'lSrrril for the nonce, turning round and of the blood, thruste it SJv't gufhS from the living pcrson-by fion by mtcroscopal cximalnation Appi: of "Han-." A lib- I rrtt bet.

Fourth and Fifth. to iti. A I I inoscopy, inai. a uuus rarest- whirhgigi and the conservative i'rj'the T.itrht Daiynins: Unon ths Men and ation 01 or retui Third and Main. iniiisuiiiR.

cincinnai Lex nsio manaiteries combined strikes my olfactory or- acres, situated one upon the place is Ky up cdog. U. ATMOiiE, 1 mile hack of Hickman. 'v in-Mumsc of rooms, oM-bonsce. cx- tanuvimdausn clous issues of lis diberallons.

gi and smcll, SnaTvV.L'Stf.S i Stol, au3 I bidadicn MILU wpr flflrahle for a nnr- Brethren. From the Natchez (Miss.) Courier. il a. uouutntion nf thc dark- RAILROAD. odfh in some cases pfoved faltcious-es- JXT string in (ime cases Uiuvcu oulu umuuzv, "Castle Garden." J.

W. C. EhVhX c.ea?or.ce?n 'the so 7sio Sre a transit across the Mississippi at all seasons of tBeSar-r io umclnnati, receTvedU150 hbls of rement for Cincinnati at this port yesterday. Z3T The Government snagboat It. E.

Beftussy Is about six miles below mouth of the Osage. During the week ending Saturday, July she ha? cut down 150 trees situated on cutting banks. rt'ofv far mi will sell at one-tliird cash ami balance on sirLK-From a et.i-itrovvii mule. on hind ieet in- CITK YS I) OU STOLKN- ble "ear i about years old.

IS hamtsbljil rSseeoS neeiallv the last named, whicii uas ueen pro- uuw Bhe crawls sue aasnes ner-noed as a test in of catalepsy and syn- ogjwtbe earth, shekickfl, tramples, squirms, L' I fii.iiv Tiantinir and worn out. throws her- Speer's Port Grape Wine. For particulars colored waited their white-skinned brethren tho other day, to inquire hether it ii i.wiiENCE. 159 Jefferson street, hii return to" MASON SMITH rS AST) AFTK APRIL eo, IS6S, trains will run myS dtf LUH. nnr, rr which nt 1, ar mnndr whn rdfiftiveS the bet.

Green ana aimu. 2.30 p. 3... aud at A NEGRO BUTCHERY. 1 t.

bieh is alike signiucant oJiv precious buraen with si-uificaut gestures and precious miiminstlv celebrated native wine Is made from the TffiofSieOporto Grap raised in this country. an.1 rmiiPd fortv-two dangerous snaes. One ptiiieti It 1jE LAND-176 acres of land, within 2 dies of the Court-house. If cslrable. wo win was really true tnat tney, TSt, had been beaten.

"Are we really beat? Oh, yes; fraud, fraud, fraud!" was the reply. niu tbon-ic-rnsnokesmau. STiI between TH-. Fifth of July, a red snurii. as well as or decieve.

It is mva- Leave -P' Arrive at 8:10 A. 10:35 A. and 7 P. M. meiamiaiilt ains connect at Christlaastrarg Shelbyyille.

Faretbroagh j- "utch itemvaiuaDie Tonic and StrcnglUcning Properties ircet. Co. tG'2 Sixth i wnat are we wum rtTiiu. votAd Hamburg nolGdtf riably cerlaiu. American Girl in Prison.

Wo have onenueu our oiu u.uu., morancauuu r- doubt Are unsarnassed by any other wine. Being the i pure observable there i eervliv- th Hambnnr penitentiary there is now a moui voice of the house, niade. an eloenent address of about lifteen minutes, in which he inspTrcd alFwith an enthusiastic fcehng favor of the ticket, and convinced them that convention tad tone iLn. Yithin Twenty-four Honrs. From tho Nashville Banner, July 14J Wore wild stories of bloodshed and murder reached city from Maury county yesterday.

Suudaj 'night, two or three negroes en naiustthem, anngoi. uoLuiu, do?" "Why, do as I have to do," said the dl- CAJNEIx COAL. and it is a question and -COW- Cl-ltAVED Ott siTOl.EN-C; PUBLIC SALES. Constable's Bale. WILL s-11 at public auction, on thc 17th davof July.

1 cnmmenciniratO o'clock A.M., on thc west side Ol i rr.l inlle.i cm, n.nii in Ltivcn for tlie tpred a room inwnicu a ot deeomposiuou uou.u ae toingflrms at the "Huh." She eloped good condition. "Wc must an utlu auu "Do vcr? well for you to tall, dat way" was the "on got ourmoney, and never had no friends. You can take your. carpetbag and travel any of these dark horn here; got no other home; got to stay and SSddchlllta'ted, and suited to the various i ntlmcnts tnat afflict the weaker sex. It Is, in every respect, a Wine to be Relied on: E.

FRlzum, Secrotaiy. same. East Blrcet, between Walnut and Chestnut, one sio well Canael Coal. Call and get a supply cooking and other nsc. Also, the best qualit, Pittsburg and other Cog GOSE.

Il-1 deodliu 1 Fourth sired this beats any yet found in the Missouri. From our Exchanges. iThe St. Louis Democrat or Wednesday says: cta-'C of water to Cairo, quarter-less twain; falling steadily: to Keotnt4W feet, lllinoia and upper 3d at good stage, and with an uncertain Tutnre. The June rise is reported on the wav having plaved the laggard this year.

Business Sir ibr the season. Although these are the dallt times we are advised that a steamer the Peoria City -will arrive to-day from Omaha with the largest Chestnut naSfreoSXoftwSto of. thIa Sm within a few hours Kecame the inmate of a fashionable nwtson de TltA VEIK. VTI 'wood machine, one desk, and a lot or kindling wood, to a distress warrant in favor of S. Orinsby, against 'Fletcher Jenkins.

Ctf-For parties and family use it is uncxcelled.ffil allow lowest; nii-KU oas; sum y. ai t- was accused of larceny, convicted, and P. for three years. Five aS sigts oTlife disappeared encas eti Jn-j dl i-arJ will be paid for or iniormaii' or inn SOLD BY ALI. STORE.

No. 243 BROADWAY, K. itifettirn here 1 can get Preston. Jy til starve. Our old menus man; nin' away.

You're a no account, tn- SiSg Yankee." And Mr. Yankee left with a small sized hug in his ear. mtthe strange sights in Paris none is seller. He tmu- W. L.

'MUliPHx I pverbroucht out of the -Missouri. io ooau. Blarkot Street Mills For Sale. nl-ncc of A. 1'.

Clark, bankrupt. I will at A oVlorkr. tlielilst (lay or July next, upon xi-OLiOLti-Ji on tlin nroncrtv SiemornSgeg The Nominations in Missonn. July 11, 1S6S. rSSScnK SSisSr be "deemed and wheeled into thTDemocratic column.

If even one fitt of her lawful voters are allowed to vote, the state will be secured to Seymour and Bair-IKple, among whom are closed some lett ior tne other with WHOLESALE ASD RETAIL DEALERS IS t'Xiite Ur.WAKD-h red small crop oil right brush of tail, cut tolerably rs old. The above reward wilt right ISAAC CROMIE. toni but has full engagements at Cairo. The weather was the hottest of thc year so far. had a little breeze from tlie north, immense Danes of clouds, and be nald STlSvinFmnrdred young Free-on the cbaBm gjjj t0 have beentodged hm accompUce was immediately in tail, but herjKcomp carried rlr fiM Otler lca-JtoherVHvcry to or mm iviu lUCHAUOSON.

JeJfjiltf embrace of narrow hou were PJ- totJatt Great cjtutiou i should be Ob ition6, just so much asls.lndispen- moru curious luuu lu ---dies a large and shallow handcart through the streets, covered with huge snails crawling all over the sides of the cart, with horns nd on back. A dozen can be pur inoinistlie'-MarketStrccl Mills." situated on tl.o norit, side of street, between and Klnf.1 streets and numbered 67 and CO. 'I lis lot Is 40x 10 cel lo an al ev. Hie building is 40x100 lect. four Etories 1 lab and cellar beneath, covered with metallic The wnlls wliich are of brick, are ot anunusual Ynd tlirco feet stroke.

The -oilers, two in number. seized by a paru nr-iieved to have Wholesale nnd Retail Dcnlor In Best Pittsburg and Youghioglieiiy For Parlor, Cooking and Steam Use. LOST. Wm out MIl in tbe woods not far n7- SS negroes supposed to that have hereto ore of ide of Third near Main. a few rain drops, out tne neat oi uie auuospuci uui- standlng, was almost inantferable.

jSTue Portsmouth (Ohio) Republican says Mr. S. C- Herbert la now building a boat for Captain TJ. Scott, for the' Osage river, Missouri. Her Is to be ISO feet: width or beam, 25; depth of hold draft of water, 5 inches.

She Is to be built as speedily as possible, and ran for a week on the Ohio, when she will go to the Osage. S-ffiMS. "yakeUutm iis nUorion ofprison -A dnin hook of an venlnti, a insmoran Office, East chased for the small sum.of twosonB; you can select them and carry them away a paper bag. Some people, eat them raw, like nf, iben, with savorv herbs. 'outsS'tho TnildinL.

Vierl'Sr'e' three lW tnri. In diameter, ami one SG inches In S5S neen concerned in the murder of Freehand uoffin to And the "chnging 01 tne uuus- between Main and it The finder will be No. 107 Fifth street. and by leavin; no2dU r-nonffresB Hall. Saratoga, has one hun ments" about him, the in the is stiuat large.

t.nd. have been ZLJi 0A. Ij. OltDERS promptly ailed at tlio lowest market rates AXlAt, near Third dred miles of bellmre. busEelB per acre.

TJrtnTiACtJir .111 IV lOOO. diameter: The capacity of the mills are MiB ttow and 1 000 bushels meal per day, or 200 bbls. familj flour Whbls. rye "our and 1,000 bushels meal per day. The machinery Is In good runningioraer.

1 Tems-K cash, the balance In eqnal paymcntB of 9, 12, IS and 21 months; security required on deferred payments and Ilea rctaUied. the oest snans come autumn, and are fattened ou the vine leaves. Those now selling are gathered in i every mteh outside the city, the several cameteriea yielding tie largest supplies. no reuftow bic.riii., ouxi Assigaije of A. JT.

CUtrt. JeSOdtd S. BARKER jupnlets. and was I.

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