Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 22, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1896
Page 8
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This Week's Prices Cannot be Equaled EKewhere Great Dress Goods Bargains. Lwge lot of Mixed Wool Novelties 30 in. wid« regular price 2">n a. yd. Choice of lot per yurd , 12}e lot of Colored Wool Novelties in Figures and Mixture* 3S and 40 Inches wide, regular price COo yard. For choice of lot per yard , .' -SOn lot of Fancy Silk and Wool Novelties 40 16 44 .inches wide, regular price Too to 85c a yard. For ohoioe cf lot per yard 48o CHILDREN'S FALL JACKETS • AND Ladies F Capes.- A Little Money does a Big Task iu this department, 300 Capes and Jackets Jackets to select fr iw at prices to suit ;ihe mass s SCHMITT & HEINLY; THE GLOBE. Is the money saving institution of Logansport. It lightens the expenses of li-ring, by lessening the cost of necc ssities. New Fall Goods magnificent 'tm To7ume, variety and beauty received bought direct from the manufactur- «»> paid for all discounts saved, and to be sold at price that credit houses tanft match. The store Jammed full o f clean, sparkling new goods, which •Win please everyone who sees them: We await your verdict. HEN'S SUIT5 300 Men's plain and fancy cheviots worth $0.00, our price 5 3.50 75 Men's black, blue finished worsted worth $8.00, our price 0.00 3JM>Men's plain and fancy casslmere worth $10.00, our price - 7.00 2W Men's black and blue Imported clay -worsted worth ?15.00, our price 10.00 BOY'S SUITS. trimmed and made, 3» Boy's suits all colors, good fitters from 14 to 19 worth $5.00, our price Tit Boy's black, blue, and fancy chcvl ots, well worth 97.50, our price..-...' '. •• IR.Boy's black, blue, and fancy irapor ted worsted equal to custom work, worth $10.00, our price TRYING THE KNEIPP CURE. An Advanced Damsel 'Amb'Jes Barefoot, a la Central Park. 3,50 C.OO 7.50 SCHOOL SUITS. JW) Tweed suits, good fitters, well made at $1, ?1.DO, worth $2.00 and, ,$ 2.00 p Scotch Tweeds, newest fall patterns J2.50, ?3.00 and ?3.50,worth flOO, $5.00, and. Knee pants, ages 4 to 15, special lot AS wool Scotch cheviots worth 50c, our price all colors, worth 75c, our pr ice 6.00 .15 .35 .50 I*,' Remember our stock JB all new and we have all up-to-date novelties i&abenr goods are marked in plain figures, strictly one price. No Mlsrepre- **• ' " an., coine, fee for yourself and be convinced what-we say are facts, THE GLOBE. Strictly One Price Clothiers. CORNER FOURTH AND MARKET STREETS. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co., The nell-KnDwn Specialists of New'.York fcuve appointe D. A. H AUK as agent foe their celebrated Spectacles and Eje Glaaies, erery pair guaranteed. D. A. HATJK bai complete assortment nnd Invite* all to BBtlsJr themselves of tho groat suparlorlcy oJ these goodsover an; manufactured, at the stare of D. A. HADK, 3ole ogam for LaganspoitInd. • •'-.'. No P°ddlers Supplied. Will Buy a od Winter Suit OF- V. D CRAIG. 436 Broadway, Second Floor. SOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. ' 'William HUK5DAY SEPT. 24. r .• ' HAMILTON'S Company of Players. Producing t AQUSTUS THOMAS' Greatest Enochs nizzouRA $1. 75c, 50c, 35c and 25c. •" .'; on sale at Johnson's Drag; store The barefoot fad, alias the Kne'pp -.ire, has struck LojaraiiNjioi 1 !.' It hmsii'r •.iade much headwa-y,,iis n. f,-i.il hew as ./et, ljut no onu knows liuw soon tin; «o!(lheads iivJH hnvu TO got up ;ii';'',«uu- ivlse to 'secure front simts on. the fuuco tli-at surrounds the dewy paslnrus M'be.re the fair devotees of thy noyul cure pcrambul-ate. Tlio -reportpi 1 who [Kissed the Panhandle shoji-s '.Sunday: morning' libo'llt--. the time OM Sol iya« raisin-jr hJs head to look over ;lio treetops, was somewhat startled rojl-iid thu first evidence of Hie present a of thv>, fad in Log-anap'ort ,%mlilliig in the long. grass of the commons nt a. little .disl> ;incc from the East side ot' tho rood.. U'ho evidence was of tlie fennJuliie.sen- dor, and wore, a loosely -fitting . Wuu dress. The dress wa<s carried just high. enough to keep it out of the dew, ami the jjrnss w-ns tiill enough to nink^^iiis elevntiou reveal the infallible ii]d,ica-. Mous of a Kneipp'.patleiit "r.a.kiu'g his medicine." On a log sat the escort, of. tho daririg Knelppist, holding Hie discarded articles of apparel. , • In trepidation the reporter approached the' gentleman who held the garments, and the interrogation point in Ills face nnd the extended, press card disclosed, his mission. To his surprise the gentleman said: "Yes, I.don't tolling you about -us. It'pro-bably funny to you, ..but it Is a very matter of Jact performance to us. I a-m W. D, Dartell, of Danville, 111., and ihat"— indicating, with .a wave of hl<5 cigar, the lady who was returning from lieiv walk— "Is my wife. We were in NeHv York recently.^wheu Dr.' Knelpp first secured permission for Us patients to, walk 'barefoot in the grass of Central Park, anil my wife was persuaded', to.. try the .cure,-? She seemed so benefited by it that she kept it up until we left and she was told to continue It-tis long as the weather permitted. We are visiting here over Sunday, and she thought she would try it, but I guess this is her last -walk, for the frost makes it uncomfortable, she says." The ground .was milky with -the first frost of the fill, and th'e speaker's breath was white ifs It came from his lungs ln,to the crisp, morning air.' But the cheeks of the fair experimenter were rosy and she smiled- as she ap; preached and took the stockings from, her husband. The reporter is a modost man, and, thinking he had endured enough surprises for one morning, beat " Harry Handy 1 ' Arrested at Col- •t f •;,.'"'•;. umbus Ohio.- Held on Suspicion of Being a Much- Wanted Forger. ber .j-4ft.li ' iP ' Enquirer of Septem- contained a spediil from '0.1iJo,.;flS follows: 'fi'mi'dspiue, 'elegantly dressed man, d ..up .lit the Central station last :,.-,is''.'bolleved! by the police to be W^j'e s'ino.othest forgers, bank 'iiv"ail-around' swindlers lu swindlers Iu ......,..»-»-....,,//".•'.'The prisoner states that, jliiJ|SSi"mL>-'.)s. r Hfi-rry Handy, and claims ' '• ;'*''-- '-' <j'ii iV as iiis j lom0) but refuses to t'urnlish -any corroborative in- -fpromtloD ns to'his identity.. "Tlu> sj.rresit wwnuade ostensibly upon a olinrge of stealiiig .fl.OOO worth of din manils'from siDme. Neil, but It develops" today .tliat 1 this Is not the real caus» of fa-king .Handy into custody.' Hi; is stispected of being « man who •wpcrate'iT -several large .banlv. swindles of,-recent date, n.nd paper* found nimonfr his effects indicate thiithe is In lra.g,up 'with s'omo at the best criminal ""t'n'leut in tlie country. "in : a'meinoraiidU'in book taken from his trunk was found the cipher addresses of several bank workers, and one among them, no-w dim with n.ge, is -tliat of Tliomins Hunt, ,',TH-E."MAiN WITH THE COUGK[." ''Who received his mall at Newark, N. .I 1 ."' Xliore was also found in. this mora- oriiiidu'ni book receipts, directions and formulas for dyes and ncids. wscd in al- terin'g bank checks, the nannes of cor : taiii 1 en-gravern -nnd litliopr.ivhers ot bitilk' checks nnd several .chemists, aimoii.s tlio.' latter being a Cincinnati mini'.' Furlihermore, tlie police have a photograph of a bii'nk worker now Wanted for a large job, which answers : ri-every detail the description of Handy.'''' Wlitlc'i-hc detectives a.re yet somo- A-liat mystified ,n« to the prisoner's ex : i',ct- 'Identrty, re])lles. are ncnv being iSn'hi'ittl to telegrams, -which it is be- ifev'ecl'wlll reveal who he is. j'Tli'e-iittontlon of Dpt-<v>r.iv« Humble. v'ho' •caused the arrest of Handy, was flr.st-called to him three weeks jijto, whcii there appeared at police hcad- liia'rters Mine.' Nell -with a request for ii« arrest. The woman stated that she mil known the man -about eighteen non'this, having first met .him at Wash- C. H., 'where she was then living. Ho hiixl plenty of money and in- lier to come to Columbus. • 'Ho was very mysterious, she said. i.i«-.tb'lils"bustiiess ;\ml his identity, but he' iuwl 'money to burn,' a'c one time Showing her a.bnaik book with the '"RECORDS OF DEPOSITS" 'iln one ba-iik. for !?10,000. He disappeared suddenly after the woman had na'eeoi^ipanled him to the city. i. ! :"He "sooni afterward- returned to .Ctolvnh-biis, and took, the •worafim with ii -mm 'Mt> •-*T HERE TO STAY. You arc cwdlsl'y invited.. Wo look for your acceptance with eager anticipation,- for .we arc confident of your entlmsiastic'corninendation of our efforts. We assure you that uo liner stock can be found in this country, ajid you -wtUl agree with us that It surpasses-anything ever before seen lii Logansport, We have entered this field as loaders should, avoiding the time-trodden path, shunning the policies that have hitherto prevailed, but with- un- cqualed facilities and characteristic euory we have sought the best, that you may enjoy the convenience of finding here at home those exclusive styles you hn/ve hitherto been compelled to sect in other markets. The management of. all our departments is in, our hands. We've had ,a life long experience to.guide onr judgment, we know every "Fashion, Inlet" .- ; v • and "Quality Harbor" In this and foreign countries. Behind it axe our capital, our enterprise, our broad gu.age methods. Such a union of tact and talent must succeed. We've gathered a stock that is artistically perfect and marked at prices tiiat'-will be an agreeable revelation to you. Bearing out the reputation 'that we will win for l.liis store-and your confidence. Yours Very Truly, THE HUB. Berwanger Bros & Co., Successors to HARRY FRANK Bargains in clocks.—Ben Martin. iBoirn, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank .Clary, a son. , . . , See the line, of stoves a.t Flanegln's DOW* stove store. • -.-.Old papers for sale at the Journal office, .20 cents a hundred. : J. J. R. trand Mocua and Java coffee fresh' today at Ratuermel's. . bchope a that her nardiho6d has rea,ped Positively the best cup of coffee In . lts rowal -d. The renturesome maidens who m&y follow her example should not chose such mornings as the last three lor their first experiments,' or Jack Frost may. Kneipp their toes. a hasty retreat Tvlthoutylearnlng what ailed Mrs. Dartell. But the .cure |, Is . suid to work wonders ln>almost eyery- j thing from gout toi-puTesls^flljaitils-ro ' 1. - t. .—.1. Jt. 4.1.'.. i. l.-.^'t-- —'jlll-JT— JJ'1, « n unnn-.Ar'l the city at Dykeman's cafe. Supper from 5 to S o'clock tomorrow at the First Presbyterian church, 15c. . Remember tho Cumberland church social this evening at Mrs. Brigg's, 102 Pawnee street. . .School children's dresses, Tarn O'- Shanters, mackintoshes and irarbrellaa, Trade Palace. . ; .For rent,—Eight-room house, with all modern conveniences and barn. Inquire at 113 Market street. . Miss Alice Booth Will wsumo teaching on piamo, mandolin and guditar, September 21st, '90. Studio, 1107 Broadway. .Walt for the fine dlsjplay of 'trimmed hats and bonnets,, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Mrs. W. J. Potter's, 517 Broad-way, near Sixth street Invitation to all. • • •.-•'... J. B. Winters and Henry Sohwler have completed the' appraisement, of the Otto Krsuus shoe stock 'ofi M&rlfe.t street, and are now: appraising: the book accounts. Postmaster Honawait-has been, appointed official redflre'. man 1 , by the Sound Money Democrats. It is not ex- .peCtcd to make much'of a deononstra.- tion tomorrow night,, but there •wlllbV .a big time -later. . .. ;• ',. SERIOUSLY ANSWERED."" ' 'Boston Journal: E. H. writes: "What 'is the difference between, the now 'one- dollar andfive-flo'JlarWHS?"' ' : ' if ; he were to ask Idly; wo should ac-' commodate him with the ancient jest: "Tho difference Is $4," a joke eynchron- OUB .•with "How do you spell stovepipe?" .. ^ ' .-. ' '•'!; But the t han i d^v;rlttag of E; 'H. shows' . earnestness In .'every line,, .dot anM crossing. He therefore deserves a eer- Jons answer. On the one-dollar . bill there is a womai left-h : andea; On the flvo dollar bUivthere Is a'woman left naked. • '. '. . . i - .. , -.- THE LADIES. , ,- , The pleasant effect and, ..perfect safety with iA.whlch laddes'-, may use Syrup of. Figs, ; :'under'all .conditions, make tt. their favorite remedy .-'To get the true and:genuine article, lopk for -the name of the'California Fig Syrup Company, printed near .the. bottom of. ,the package. >For. sale by all respon- 1 slble druggists; •'.:'.. .'•-.',• '.'•'•••'••.••. Jihiron a long trip tihrough tihte West, during 'which time he made -his head- .-•quarters''lit Denver. While -at Denver there wtis a the'flt of $200,000 worth of ;mitning stock, -which the police now Qwive". evidence to the effect was com- •jmlftod! by none other .than Handy. Howevar, that is merely an incident of .the.preiscnt case,, as tho-man -who stole the'mining stock was Vo smooth In his opera'tiins tliat after Jie. had been captured' he compelled his victims to Jn- sju'e hto indemnity from prosecution before: he turned-up the stock from wliere"he, had it 'planted.' ".A VERT MYSTERIOUS CHAR' -; ' ACTER." • "Detective Humble ascertained that during the State Fair -week, 10 days ago,/Handy again reappeared In, the dty. Be. watched him. During his visit- here. Handy expended money wlth-a Javish hand. He bought the •woman a -plaito costing.„ $800, which h 1 ad"talk"en'tlie flirst premlumi at th'e -State;Fair. -He also purchased her a. !,cape, costing $100, -i'tHahdy will not" give a reasonable account ot 'himself. He says he has no'--living^ jjelatives, and that he is a .-broke!" or speculator in mining stocks. Having been unfortunate in this recently:'he says, he has .. "BDOKEDllIP A LITTLE "By,'.various means here and there ovec.tbe country; and eked out a -mere existence'. • He is an exceptionally oily talker, nnd after', telling that" he is well-known in business circles all over the/country, was asked by Chief Kelly some references. This the "A-DM1T.TS HE'S A SWI-NiDLER." '"I'lie 'Pflsoner virtually admitted to Chief Kelly, this evening tliat he is a crook. "When confronted with tlie fact that the Pinkertons have a photograph of him lie said that it was taken upou the occasion of the mining^stock swindle referred to in The Enquirer dispatches. Handy said it was. true that lie swindled a man in Denver out of $5,000 worth of miiving stock and that ihe was captured in St. Louis and compromised the case by turning up the stock." ' AT TEliRE HAUTE. Following this the.TeiTC, Haute Tribune of Saturday contained the following, speaking of the caise: "Since his arrest numerous forgeries tove turned up against him and his photographs, which are now being circulated among' the detectives., of the large cities, axe bringing to light every day. some fresh bit of evidence point- iug to his wholesale operations. He appears fully deserving of the title of Jiim, : the Penman. The "local! police received one of the photos yesterday an'd it has already been identified as the -alleged schoolmaster^ho bunkoed D. A ; , Ormian, the .'bulldlngj and loan ( COHRADES Were U. S. Grant and T. J. Ketiner, of Near Kokomo. Kokorno News: There resides near this city a battle scarred veteran -who was an- early playmate of the hero of Appomattox. We refer to T. J. Kenner, -whio lives two miles southeast of the city. He Tvas raised in the same neighborhood vrfth" Gen. Grant, o,t Georgetown, Brown County, Ohio. Their first school teacher was John D. White, on the village commons th'ey, often played town ball. When the shot •• eimd shell «r~" i--- """fil, after they Ea3 gro-wn into manhood, both heard their .country's call and wore against thrown together. Grant was commander 6t the flagship "Indianola.' 1 the' inbrtar boat that sailed: up the Tennessee river, through the heart of the enemy's country, and Kenner as the trufiry etf- gineer that guided the destiny trf tffe boat. RAILROAD MEN ATTENOMO^. A business meeting of the Railroad Men's Sound Money club will be held mian of ' South Seventh street, out of j at 8 o'clock J.uesday.eyeplng,. Sept $3GG last winter. The young man t 0 prisoner.--admitted he could not do. When asked what he was doing, with the-receipts for removing Ink from bonk.'checksj the addresses of engrav- «£SF : and chemists' In many cities, and other.-docunieri'tary evidences of crime, .Handy iconfei-give no iteasonable et- planation.: •::•&. iufther exaimlnatlon of his .effects todkiy reveals a chemist's formuW'^f or., mating-the metal for. counterfeit-silver coin.- ,'He is about thlTty.ielght years o.ld, 5 feet 10 inches in-height, of .dark•'.'.'complexlqn, dark halr^-aark.salio'w , complexilon, , long, sfharp.face-e'nd-sharp'features. smooth. face;,-nnd''w'eirsia'fine"gray -suit 61 clotblng.-wlth" : sa'ck -coat .and derby.hat- claimed to be teaching at Seeleyville and had a draft for $860, purporting to be drawn on a Huntington, Ind., bank. He told Orman that he wanted to buy $500 worth of stock and the deal. wa!s arranged, the alleged pedagogue giving the draft and receiving from Mr. Orman the difference of .$360 In cash. I He -was to call the following Monday and receive his stock, but he never came and the forgery was immediately flfccoverod. Then it was learned that a draft of corresponding number, but for only §1, had been issued' by the Huntington bank. The forger hat raised it to $860. It was also, 1 learned that he had attempted the same game upon; John W.Gerdl'nk before; going to Mr. Orman, but the- former'asked the young man to; get Levl Hughes, whom he said he knew, to endorse the draft. .He left, promising to do so, but failed to return. Mr, Gerdlnk, Mr. Orman and G. A. Conzman, cashier at the VI- go County" National' bank, :-where-the draft was cashed, have identified the photograph as tlmt of the alleged school teacher. The picture received here bears on its back the inscription, Will E. McDonald, Logansport, Ind., a long list of hts many aliases, being also given. It is certainly a striking like "ness." • The cut in the Cincinnati Enquirer bears little resemblance to Will McDonald and the general description Is not 'good. It is thought ttULt there Is some mistake.-In. identity'. ' Will McDonald has given his relatives in this city deepest sorrow byhis wild career but it has been in moments of recklessness that seemed to'come to Mm, and It is not thought that he is implicated in this. He passed a forged check on Harry G.. Tucker of this city about a arrangements for attending the "grand rally' of railroad 'sound money clubs ait Terre Haute, Ind., Thursday evening, Sept. 2-tth, for which purpose a special train will leave Locansport at 12:45 Thursday afternoon over the Yandalia, As the rink is not available this meeting will be held at "Republican headquarfers. . A. F. HOCKENBEAMER, Scc'y. year ago, and In.one.effort to find him his photograph doubtless; ca&e Into the 'hands .of city detectives. Tt^ls probable that this, led to. the supposed identification in this case. . -..;.-. Mr. McDonald's relatives are .among the most respected citizens, and' have the sympathy of''the .community;-In their hmriillatloiL,' ' '.;. "' ;v' '. If you want pure spices for your preserves you can. get them-a.t Ben-.Fisher's drug store. ! . MISS MARY MIJLCAHY. Of the Bee Hive, has ( just returned from Chicago, where she attended'tlie openings of the Chicago dressmpkliis deiJarlments in. search of new fall and winter styles for our many patrons. She has many suggestions'to offer tn new styles and combinations.—Wller & Wise. Diamond rings.—Ben Martin. PRICES THAT TALK. Women's Good Rubbers ..«.»>. .»23c Women's Storm Sandals 28c Men's Good Rubbers ;.... 36c Men's Arctics ., .-.-. ,-.5Sc Women's Arctics • -4Sc Misses' Arctics - -38c Men's Overs for Felts 9Sc We also have the celebrated Goodyear Glove Rubber goods. No better brand of goods in the world. Women's Kid Patent Tip Dress Shoes, Button ..<38c Women's Vici Kid Patent Tip, Button .>.98c Men's Velvet Slippers 45c Men's Buff Bals, Plain Toe .......98c Men's Buff Congress, Plain Dress . Toe ...:... ?8c Youth's Good School Shoes .......T5c Boys' Good School Shoes ,98c . Boys' House Slippers ...'....... ...45c, Women's Very Fine Needle Toe end New Coin Toe, Lace and Button, Kid-Dress Shoes, Good Value at $2.50; Our Price! on thls'shall be.?1.48 The above goods are all fresh new goods, which arc arriving dolly, bought direct from the manufacturer for cash, and our customers shall have the benefit. -..'..";.• •. ••••'•• ,-• -•' Line W. PJlllng, Shoes, 412 Broadway, Logansport, Ind.

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