The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 22, 1930
Page 8
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Playing "Devil" of a Game o . Gr^en Eleven from Luxora lilrtable to Cope with As- sbtlmeni'of Local Talent j "Blytheville's football teams of i the future" from 1931 on to about 1935j:*«nt over, around, under and between eleven youngsters representing Luxora high's Initial football :product, for a 32 to 0 victory here yesterday. - Th'e Luxora lyys were hopelessly outclassed, with only the experience of this season' lew .games '* 'jchind them and they .never had a ;hance to .defeat the. Maroon 'and Whlje squad. The Chlckasnw rqiuui seemed able to score, whenever it .''so desired. : but occasionally the- Luxorans •. would sm'ear a Blythe- ville'back behind the line of scrimmage that they'were sill! righting. ... " " The game was only a few minutes old when McAfee, Chick half.' •illuped. across the goal line for n touchdown after, a plunge through ;he line. . ^ . • ,. . • '•":'' The teams renewed ho'sUlltici nnd-J, T. : Craig.scampered Into the cpen'on a,,run through the line and iped~;25 .yards for another touph- dowiy/Tcin .'.Short, who ripped off jalhiof jU description during Hie day.^moTed.around right .end for 30 yards and .another touchdown Hudson sent in a flock of subs and ~.ubsVLuted, thfnv with still furthei oubstitutkms as the half composed • of two brief quarters ended. The Chicks were always able to gain by running the ball but tried passe* frequently. Soon after the second half opcn- . ?d J. T. Craig slipped on end and galloped merrily along for 35 yards and a .touchdown. Before the game ended. Tom Short added another touchdown. Senior, members of the varsity- eleven watched the game from the sidelines along with a very meager crowd. . The opening lineups follow: Blythevllle Pos. '•' Luxora Bone, LE Smith Pride LT Gardner Alexander LG Cook Tipton C Cochrane Usrey RO Meadows Jaggers RT * Howard Wiggiiis RE Andrews Craig QB Bllllngslcy Short . ' HB R. Andrews McAfee HB . Seaton Fisher.-. FB James ' Substitutions: Blythevllle—Sccoy Rayder,.-Blanchard, Harris, Webb . Taylor, ;. Alley, Brogdon, Purtle Lyncli. < ' "' ~ .. Offlc.ials,^Siss!pn' (Missouri), Yef- eree; Gillesple "(Blytheville), iim- plre. . On Tlie Outside-Looking In By "DTJKE" .'. Joncsbofo Comment . . Jonffiboro sport writers devote ccnsWarable- space' in their columns in Thirrsday's papers to dlscusjlou fj .the effort made Wedn^day and Thursday to schedule ancther came between the Hurricanes and Chick- for yestorday. At least a:< fer -as-lhc verj" valid 'reason of 'everything to lose and nothing to gain" Is concerned the writer agrees with, the Jonosboro scribblers-"' , - ; ' from in - the 'IT '"« sxnc extracts onester Riggtns' column Jone;boro E\-eningr Sun BT"?^ Henr> ' Hlldson nn Blythevllle high Chickasaws are not a -litle bit -satisfied with the way they- were pommeled around by the Hurricane of Joncsboro Highlschool a f,-w weeks back and thT5 ; want another, crack at the Ucismen. BUI nay, snys Coacli Gels land the Athletics board and that's that. Tlie CWcks met the Hurricane once this season aixl that's enough. They couldn't do muchj better however, if any - if they were allcwed to' play the Hurricane. " — ^Beaides there would I" thing .to gain and everything to lose by it^so let's not play them- DonaU. Murray in the Jonesboro Tribune writes: 'TUis cfcvious that it would be unwute for Jonesboro to consic'c curh a game. The Hurricane de feated Blythe>-il!e In a. thoroughlj convtnclng manner on the Blyth" -vllle field earlbr In the season Blytheyille clvjse the officials am they Trerc perfectly honest. Th Hurricane's performance was clcai cut. It-was a well earned, har. fought victory for the locals. Bly tlieville admits all tinis but the still want ancther chance at th Hurricane, believing Uicmulvcs u to the task of defeating the Jones boro team on the Jcncsboro field "Since the poiilbllUy of such gade has vanished altogether, it cay sccc foolish to have devoted so much space to a discussion cf why It should not be played. Nevertheless, we have tried to give fans,- who might have felt th»t the game Should be played, a few good reasons why It was not arranged. II ycu think otherwise, va praise you for your originality.' It Leek* Hopeless that the last chance for a IUIEDEVILS' BRUSHING UP SPORTS MUUKAY . The sensational rise of Duke Unit crslty eleven Mils fall Ims Incn rallrd the. south'* great funlball mystery. The Blui: Devils h;i«- l)^n iindffralcd since Hie 0[icninj; same ami have ik-hiiled Navy :m:l Ken- lucky among other ilrour trams. kind en High Upsets Dope to Defeat Fordyce Champs son. Camdcn did not CAMDEN, Ark.—Before a record rowd of 5,000. Camdcn dcniou- trated Its superiority over Fordyce >y winning a state championship •attic nt Abbott Field Friday al- crnoon, 7 to 0. An Ideal day aided H making It the greatest football ay in Cnmden's history. The field vas dry and fast and both teams fere at full strengths Graver Smith, Camdcn hnllback, need 35 yards tn the fourth qirnr- er to score and Captain Long nild- d the point after touchdown with » placement kick. Smith shook oose from lialf n dozen iackters in naking his run. Perfect interfcr- ncc aided him. This victory leaves den the only major undefeated and untied team in Arkansas uid.itjs claiming the state cliam- ilonshlp. Tlie Canulen line outulaycd tho "ordyce forwards the entire game. Vith the exception of the first uarter the ball was in Fordyce erritgry throughout the same. The Red Hugs failed with'their aerial ttack and 10 yards was the longest Jn of the Jordan twins. They were entire oftensc for Fordyce, how- ver, with Martin unable to gain. The work of Greenhaw. Walker nd the Mendolia brothers In the ne was the best ever seen on a Camden field. Bryant for Fordyce nd Captain Null stood out. C. C. ordan's punting was a feature, but its kicks were not as go«l as those )f Padgel, who gave the greatest .,vn, j.m sc , n , xhibition of kicking here this sea- ' head linesman. use n sulj.itl- lutc. Pickctt and Wooilcll at kept Clark Jordan from returning punts In his iisunl tyle. The ol!:ev linemen, willi Tutcrvlllc at csn- tcr, plnyrd the greatest gomes o[ their career. It was Ihc fare\v:-ll appearance here of several of the regulars. The Line-Up LE LT LG C Camrirn K. pickett Mendolia O rci>nh aw Tubervlile Walker J. Mendolia RT Woodell RE McRaniel QB G. Smith TIB Padgett HU Long (c) FB . Scwo by Periods Camden o 0 Fordyce o 0 :ub£titullons: "T~ 4& h - * 1* JtOSKY Devils Are Putting Up! I heir Dukci for Jimmy Deh? South Marvels By NKA Service DURHAM, N. C.—The sun smilci on Duke University's gridiron thisi tiays for the first time In the history of Duke as Duke. Furthermore, the weather forecast for the future is fair nnd warmer, with Wallaco Wade Is deserting the University : make the sunshine a perman?nt : fixture. • - Some may have wondered whv , Wade Is desertln ytlic University •of Alabama, abandoning wealth In | football material and a seat-among ! Ihe nation's successful coaches, f» become head man of Blue Devil ', athletics. But there's no catch to . It: he's inheriting a football team '. i here. • I j Duke lias been called the fcot- i toil mystery of the south this year, , ! and the balloon-like rise of thi' Blue Devils concerns Jimmy De- 'liarl, former Pitt, star who has . worked long and hard and, until ;this fall, had nothing to show foy • it. Now that Jimmy Is leaving at 1 the end of the year, fill Dixie is , saying nice things' about him. : The Blue Devils lost their' open| ing game of the season to South : Carolina by three touchdowns. . Then Jimmy's magic started to work. Virginia cnme here to play foat- : tall. hut Duke insisted on makin- In track meet out of it. After that the Dehartmen won handily from : Davidson, fired a broadside thai i sunk the Navy, smashed Woflord i nnd continued the assault and bat! tcry against Villanova, Kentucky ;and North Carolina State. Dehart now is pointing his mer. nrii'rrn nil11 lhc Tarheels of LI I L U >im Dec - 6 - And wn 111 A I I H a<1mlt tlle Blue DevU U t-l I I L-11 chance to avenge pre 1 Fordvci • Chandler I for the final game of the season motion in any direction except for- ranks them with the best-in the ville, Monday night in a niuht «•<" the Tarheels of North Cam- ward before the ball was snapped, South. And in the same category, football game. This will be a rov- rhile Dixie fans and so that they could attack at place Adkins, a past master in the elty to mos.t, of the players, P\ 1- vils have a fine .any point and keep the bail well art of smearing. light gridiron games wen. p-v'in it n en |e previous losses to hidden. • Murray and Brewer have won big vogue whan these players' were,in u.c ujiapei Hill gang, most of i it wasn't long before Duke's pow- hands for their work in the back- school. Last Sunday's scoreless- iie RprnrH flpan \X/itK , • " rc , rul)b . 1 "K ««* "yes and erful line and nimble ba-ks mas- field. Fast end runs marked by ex- ! between these two'towiu-calk.1 for in n ir . ™ /i ! tered lhc new 1<lcl1 antl raadc il cellent brolcen fi8ld ru ' n "'»S are . a return game and The garni M-i- 4U-U ; Victory: Play Ca- ' nv same P 11116 eleven which click. Much of the credit for the Murray's long suit. Brewer features i (lay Is going ta be close and 1 wi i •,! 4 i r\ '"rued in a fair-sized failure last successful working of the Uehart driving gains when a few yards are fought. ' I'UtnerSVlile lui'key IJay. year has clicked with the new De- puzzler lias fallen since then on needed for first down or touch- I Hayti'ti clear profit cut 3f he:- ciii hart puzzler since the first game ;"Buz" Rosky and Don Hyatt, ends; down. He also leads the Blue Devil of the gate wU go into the 'H >U KENNETT, MO., Nov. 22—The lllis fal1 - Tne initial attempt cnd- Bcnlon : Kennett Indians, local high school "^ d'-astrously with the combina- u .. art i football elc\cn. plunged roughshod tlon Setting gummed up in Us own " ' ' '• ATurrv ovcr the Bearats" ' here Mosclcy ! y C5tc rday in a semi-final effort to' Dehart's master stroke provided Bryant rctni " titular honors to the South- for a balanced backfleld with a Null (ci ctisl Missouri Championship and balanced line, giving an equal at- ........ . , C. .Jordan £ 'n° l!l ered the visiting eleven un. 1 tack on either side. His 'backs faced Emory Adkins. center; and "Smll- scorers. ing Bill" Murray and "Kid" Brewer, bocks. • Rosky and Hyatt have been in the thick of every 'play, combining steam roller power on the defsns? j and speed on the attack. They | stopped the famous AJl-Stars to Battle Again Monday Night i school's athletic fund. Alth • i ihere are no paid professional p.iiv- lers on either toam the me-:-, >re 'good enouyh to intere./. any fc:'- ball fan. HAYTI, Mo.. Nov. 22—The Hayti - There Is a market for 128 com- i = : &?." '"anr^ur^i^ r^l^y^a^^aic^f ' 7—7: 0—O 1 . son for Chandler, L^ccwell for Chambers. Scoring: Touchdown— 1. Passes— Camden completed I fur 10 yards. Passes Intercepted, Cam- dcn 1, Pordyce 4. Passes Incomplete — Fordyce 7, ! line with a dazzling speed and ! crushing attack that kept. Ihe visitors on the defensive during the major part of the contra. Fordycc-A. Vin-1 •.,„„,.„_ star In(llan back(k , M sprinter gathered four of the six touchdowns, tv.o on his own liiitUi- tivc' and two by virtue of Llo-d's L artistic passes. Wilburn, Iiulinn center, speared an attempt at an on'emy pass with seconds left to yards to a marker. The Kcnnctt eleven, undefeated for the season of Southeast Mis- i 4. First downs —Camden 4 for 50 yards: Pordvcs two for 10 yards. Officials: Bridges, (Harvard), referee; Crawford (Oiui- •chtta), umpire: Rlx (Dartmouth* |*° llrl Brld contests, will play ihf field judge; Alexander (Arkansas)! i uhcrsvlllc clevcn fcr ll)c n " al game of the season Thursrtay, I Thanksgivlns D:iy. on the lattcr's ! field. nto camp according to unconfirm- Plant mnkiiij the Scrappers a final ! d rc]ip-:t>. Conference rules fom offer of S-IOO t-. come here Thanks-! U •• r- n TIT- ilmo'-t a complete timer to post Rivin? but that his effort met with ' «aytl rinally Wins sea;on games Iio-.vever anil such n failure. ' I • i •! r • i r- • . Another Grid Contest -ont?st is unlikely even if it would Th; fnme wltli Cotton Plaiit ,>„., ie!p tho ativ'otic treasury c: the arranged after the Fcidyco-Iilvthe- scho'l considerably. • vll'o ga'iie. crigindlly scheduled (or HAYTr, Mi., Nov. 22 — • was cancelled by Blylhevlllc- cffi- slnitcri n comeback this afternoon I cial^dus to fiinr ot a miancbl loss : by defeating Gideon 12-0. Fcr tin fcur gomes of this Believe U or Not Pardon please, but speaking of j -a the game. t ........ ... ,.„,„._.„ u , „„„ ipsels. allow the writer to refer l"-ter iK^ctiatlom lv:wEei\ Ely- '• Hayli held her opponents scorehss •ou to the victory over the Fordycc thevllle and Cotton i'innt stortrrt | Before her fifth gam= Hayti ]"-' s t - ' - " Bi:gs. 102D state champions, i nnd Cotton Plant made the b-st of- r.n-rral cf her fint strins" ' , turned In by the Camden eleven i fer to Blythcvillci to plnv n: Cot'.on | Brin<r handicapped with li'ght'se-- • ' ' .•estcrday, 7 to 0. Tlie Red Plnnt. An n«rc:incnt to t>a;. cf- ', end string men Hayti Io:.t Iho lave been considered the class of • feet. war. reached. Then a commit-j three games, but now nftcr n:r- state high school learns all year '" •' ">•••"•—•'-- »•—> '--•• .'.... and were rated just about a cinch 'o take the Camdcn aggregation Tor a ride. But before 5.000 fans at Ihelr home field yesterday, the Camden varriors. who by the way have not lost a game this season, turned state football circles upside down. The Comticn bays still have El Dorado, a team which held For- Jycc to a tie. before them. Should ' El Dorado beat Camdcn the state clmmplonihip controversy wonl:l be r o muddled that no 0113 wmiH ever i figure it out. j Any team that can defeat those I Red Bugs deserves the state title.! .f Blylhevilic business men , feeling anrial attacks and end rims called en school officials in nn cf- Hayti has again cona to th» front fcrt to have tho game brought tore This afternocn's gome sliowc- 1 a ani circulated, a. petition to miner- .bunch of light youngsters advaire write the expanses cf the gaiw i fro:u the bottom of defeat to the But Cotton Plant rfod by Uie . height of victory. No team bcfo-e soil. Here's hopiiiR Canidcn tjiorts stale crown this year. Football Results Thanksgiving glune here has also or Chicks to Visit On Turkey Day 7 ,'^;f wm be no high school lh ° rs ' a cii£!>m : 5 tibliih- ew V.'ars the Chick* cotton Phnt on Definite 3i:cunwmc:i1 that CX- ton Plant officials had rriur.-J to vcon<.!der the agreement to play h " f 1 - 1 -'" -u Ccttcn — the Kennrtt, Mo. ' Tlij Missouri- ' 'hMnorrJng are undefeated this aeawn and liuriscn iaw -r-, t h » they can t»fc to '.Chicks every prevtot ' ' I offer to I North Little Rock 15. Becbr (i. I Bcnton Seconds 26. Ks=t SiJi' Junior High 12. Hot Springs Junior Hi-h M. North Little Rock Junior High 0. ! Arkansas Tech 14, Hcndrlx-Hru- • dcrson 12. ] Arasnolla A, & M. 19. Jones 1 .;urn . A. &" M. 0. i College of the O/arks 20. Okb- honu Teachers C. Camden 7, Fordyce 0. Springdale 20, Booncv:l!e 0. Ashdown 20, DC Queen 0. Hamburg 6, Warren 0. Van Buren 120, Bentonvm? o. Star City 21, Rlson 0. Slloam Spgs. 14, Fayeltovlll? (tie). Berryvlllc 18, Hector 0. Stuttgart 23, England 0. Belleville 32, 0. Rogers 39. Gentry 0. Ocrmoit 28. Monllccllo 0. Newport 28, Ssarcy 6. Sublaco 19, AUtins 0. Plggott 0, Harrlsbur" 0 (lie). Coming 8, R«tor 0, I to the height of victory. No I bt'fore, in tho history if Hayti's '•MIIIS. has shown the fight. :.;\i spunk that this lille learn showed this afternoon. There was no scoring tn the first • mi.irtcr, hi the second I Slricff. Hayti quarterback. ! off a 65-yard run fcr a tcuchd-'.vn • For 1 -. Gideon snagged a pa:-, an: ' nn extra point, in the 5omo c,i;;irt?r Kir7. Hayti. fullback mac? a toucli- j (icwn via ixiss. In third nr.d fmirtii ; liiiarCrs there was. n-i scoring. ; The lineup was: i Oldocit Pos. 1 Scluniicfc" Harrison Nonce Levee Tax Pay ers LEVEE SAVE PENALTIES Osceola Court House, Nov. 17 to 22nd Inc. Blytheville Court House, Nov. 24 to 29 Inc . Slurp . Milnj S Turkcr ; Kin? ! Fowler i'ope .: liull LE LT LG C RG RT RE QB LH RH FB Khour,-; 1 McDonald i Chapnnni Dailey i Mnrlin ! Randolph Slricff^ Barnes Barkovitz King There are 18 national forests in California wllh a, net area of more than 10,000,000 acres. 1 Bradley U, Cotton Vailey (L.i) 0 Conway 30, Cldrksvltle C. I Marshall (Tex.) 13, Texarkana , (Tex.) 6. Lyn P. Gooch, Levee Tax Collector Blytheville, Ark.

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