The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 27, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE THE BLYTHEVILLE COUKIKR NEWS TUB COURIEK NEWS CO., I'UIiLlSHEHS 0. R. BABCOCK, Edl I cull. W. HA1NES, AaverUilng Utn^tr Sole National AavertUlng KepiecenUtlvos: Aikiin&u r.Ellics, Inc., New York, Chicago, Del soil, ,'ft. Louis, Dallas. Kansas City, Lltllo Rock. -._ !."A"i'HEVll i UJ L jAnK.) COURIER NEWS Tubllshed Every AJiernoon toccw Sunday. Alfred 04 .vcona class mailer fit M you oillcf at lilyllievlllc, Ar- .-snsas. miller acl of Congress Oc- lober 0, 1917. Served by ilie United Press. By cnrjler in me City or itlylncvlllc, 15c per vtek or iC.SO per yenr In advance. By mail within a radius of 50 miles, $3,00 per year. Sl.50 for six months, S'jc for three months; by mail In i»sial pours Uu to six, Inclusivi', Jcj.oi) )x-r your, in zones seven mid tight. flO.OO '.w-i yi-ar. payable In advance. OJ First Importance Str:iii!, r i' ;is it may SITSI lo most iL'aiii'Vs ol li'is ]);i|ii'r, '-'.i-i'i' aiv t'cw romnilimlii'S in I]u> I'niU'il Sl:ilr.< limn; <lrj;cnil'.']U iijjoii I'oiviL'ii 1 >•:;<!< li:;in our own. Xo ships iltn-k lim> In iv iiiinl n- of till! ]>;irl ilisi;i!it lain!:: n!;iv in our I'rumiiiiii- w« ll'iti-r, Imt tlic I';..,: ivinjiin.-: lli;ii liio i!(ill:ii-s thai I'iiv.ihli. IKMV mini 1 , in liii-jo' p:n"t. I'l'ojii ,i!j]-n;:il. CiiHiw is l!n! lai't-'c'sl Anirricaii r\- l»irl product. l!lytlu:vi!!c is die i-ciili-r of llic KiviiUsl tollon pr" liii-injv :u'u;i in lliu win-Id, anil .Missis-i[.-|>i i-oimly is UK' lainri't-l foUini jvn«l\u i ii'.j« nnniiy. Dinxily or huiiivtlty ni'i.-l nf inn- in- fdiin! conn's from i-ollim, ;ui<i half of ;i norill.".! AliUTii-itn i-ill-m crop must lio solti :lhro;iil if il is In he r.olil al all. Fen- Uicsi: reason- i--.'v'v:i! in roi'Livii tnulo is in the Innj: run nniro imiioi'l- JIII'L lo us llisiii iinyiliiiii; i,>\-\> lh;ii may lie <ii)iie Id fuittiiibr ei-oiidinic liujiix-s-iimi. How can w exjioi-i \-> i'.i'iiievu suli- siiinliitl iiiiprovunn'iit in expin-i hiisi- IH'SS? \Villi:ii» ('.. Uutliii, SIalfs ainlias.-uilin- M Museow. is H'jj.-inli'il as ;i I'viuiul of Snvit'i Russia \ni in an Hililrrss at I'liiladeliiliiu shiirMy ln'fui'e Im sailed for Kns'-i;i ho wnnied a^ainsl siTkiiiK tarjri 1 . s :dL's uf Aini-riraii t? c '"d-in Russia !li!'(iiii;'!i the rviinlini; of cxi:i'ssi\x' civlits. lie m\K\-.( have applied the same warning in n-spi-i-.l to liny other i-winlry. \\"e tvi-d thai in the pusi-war ycav.s ami nil \ve j;n( for the goods w.: ^enl abroad was a lot of wurlhlL'ss Ijunds and oil.;;!' promises tn pay. "{'ralits," said lir. Kulliii in re- i;;i!'d to Uiissin, "in some rv.'asnre are no doubt justilialile. Inu i-irdils iiiei 1 .'- ly postpone the day \vh-n :!oods liavi; to bn talc(jii." "If you ask me Imw nine] i! u . iSnvief Union can buy I'rotn us." (i (T ]aved .Mr. Bullitl, "1 must ask- you in t nn , | I(1W mncll in fjotiils and servii-"-- von ;ire ready to lake fn>iu the S'-ud Union in payment of the ^>™l- .'•• u sen! lo tile Soviet Union." There are in Rus-ia and in i,lh:;r nntion-: of Kumpe and A-ia i-i;oti K h people who htully nrrd Ar----i.-an p.(ton lo i-fiti.snme ;il] \ve ( _-,- ]t p r ,,[i; !LL .. But we I'iiis'l ,:olt k, them uvies.s v.v are willing to hnv from them. If there is. nothing in tho way of fore;-,. Kt ,,,d* ,,i- services whieh we are wi!!!-^ le ;;i.e<'pt in Irjiili 1 fur Ami'rie.'iii eotlDii and olher (.'.xpurt t'iiininodilies we ;nii;l ultimately iihundon our world po.-ilbn in eol- lon and mlmv mir pi'odni'tioii to a doineslif uini.-iiniptiiii! iiasis. 'I'hat means eultinr prodiii'iioii ir ,'ialf, which is si'ai'i-ely thinkai'l!' in vi"W of Ihe lai'i that no "l!ii-i- jimlila'tie use f'ir any considei-alilr i>;u't of u'lt 1 irullun land is a\'ailalik-. The ri'inrdv, li:i •ITI'IJIV, 1:1, f;n- ;is this eiiinmunily and the r.itire eollon ••oiilh is i-oiiri'i-i:! •'.. itin~l in: soilKlit liironirli MII-II lai ill niodiii'.-.iliniis mid trade :i|,'iTeiiiei!|.- v/ili; !uri'J t ;il nations as will permi! us In dis]n:e of our eotlnn. \ l > " c'lil'll niir ]r. i:.;', in •(!' ahnosl literal .sen.!', l,v pl-.irlneinj; (-r,itoll. It is the fiiriimiiiiiiy \vliieh K:- Inve to trade i'"i- aliiioM (",'i-> ;i:i. ./ ,.;-,. \M. need ami '•'''• ll I ln j riiii-n.i .'fi pfn.'iicinK parts of the United Sl;:n-; ; re nmdile lo tl'ade us what we nnd I'D,- what we have, | |:eu .-.'.nvly s.r have a li.trhl to di'mand ihul nh.-.i;iil' lo mil i.rade svilh ollu'i's lie n mnveil. Ajler Recognition Ui-ui'iiiilinn l,y ihi> I'iiilcd States government nf [| ;l . M .. w Ci : i,an regime headed iiy I're.dd. n! (.'arle.-; .\lendieta I'l'iiijr.s I he lrnni.U<| alfaii-s ,,,' thai im- forlunale re-piihlie ;ipprc<'iaMy nearer a solution. !l is only just. hnu-evL'! 1 , to reeoj;- nixe I he fai-l that a j'real ( i,.,|i remains !" I'e done, -and thai a lol »f it iiinsl In 1 dime in \Va-liiniri.HI. hH'nre Culjail aliairs ean lie truly sound. 'I lie snj>.ar siitialion ha. 1 tn lie. un- l^injded, snmrlinv. This rninlry |in»b- ahly will In. asked tn admit from 1.7(10.0(11) I,, .•;.Dnti.iiiid hms v { Cuban sutrar; Ihe prns|terily nf'lhe islati<l ile- I'ends very |ai'.i;ely nn l|i,> exlenl. In wiiifii Wa>hinj:Uui is pi'epared' to lie ^elK'l'ous in [|, ;l j vespoi'l. Ahrnnatim, ,,f the I'tafl a'lH'iidinetd, undej- whieli the United States has reserved the nVIil | ( » inlervane in Cn- I'Jin alf.-iirs, i.< another r :U (ier that awaits iittention. Since tlio adininistra- Hon already Hs minouin-e ( [ dcfinitnly that il. is diseardin;r Ihe pol-'ev of inler- veniton, ihis sliould present no dilfi- i-tilty. Uiven .-, little assistance ;-i \\'ashiii K - lon. Cuba can face the fimire with enliliilem-e. iincl .'iauloi I-VCP. lu u iluko. iy.n, I]!I; IT „• t : u . Diikr o! Viv.i i-,,r. in;,;:, ,,,,1 ;i |,,.,. llv .,...,.,, f»r iii-..i!ii.-,tion i! you inkc ilic f -..] K Ihe i'!id rj| iimiiry i-xix-riiiii-nl-. M. W. SiiM-ac. ,.| tin-, Prof O. rible. . :•!•,.., •:. -.s, r!ovu:il ol ;,'.'.. -- l-.d'.viii M-,u>-.- haiu, f:tl::u:l.^ po-:!. ¥ * 4 I hoi:'' ihe ,'.i-.xt witii^s ui • , SJ-.UIM, di v IC'n.Mfh: ilu'iuy to ii^i. — SCILUOI- C'a:lor Gl iss of Vireinu. at tli<- 5cn»le lu-:,-n. : . nn D.irik- i"-:T iiiu: fin fL'iic\ . SATURDAY JANUARY 27, 193-1 S1PE GLANCES By George Clark OUT OUK WAY i.t-1 'a* i:<C::~,n~M, a .~ •- : -v-m, N ,.,,_(-, '(NOGS OOi- 5«V3A Aiy By Williams 'SI -JH 3S'3H JWH-i ON ,H.L , ';', ^. r ^, /.S/V : I 4il,;fe' Sunday, Jan. 27, 192». No paper. Monday, Jan. It, W24. Hamilton uuic, wlio has been '.lending law school at Cumber- and university, Lebanon, Tenn., reived liomc Saturday following raduntion c.xevctses. Mr. UHle was alcdlclorian or his class. He pass(I Hie Arkansas bar examination nd lor liic present will practice aw with Little. Buck ana Lasley • t • ' Russell Phillips left Sunday for ttlcago where he will spend sev- rat days attending the auloinoblle how. Assets of the Consumers Ice and Joal company will be sold to ilie igliesl bidder by W. B. Williams cceiver. Mr. Williams slates in a lotice lo creditors that he believes assets will cover all claims. JLJ "Is it I'm mil wualtliy, HiirriottV" CHURCH EXCUSE "Dill :;cck ye UK' Kinvclom of Ciud and his viurucoiiMics and iiil these (Inn^i shall i:« ai!d<d nnto yn:i " —Va;ihews l! W A'lTKJNJ) CIIUIU'll Sl : NDAY L'omnntlee. Modern Surgery Finds New, Jobs lor Injured Worker KV ill(. iHOItKI* I'lSllllUN 1 llilm-. Journal ,,f (| u . ,\lllirirall -llrdiial AssurLitmn. and i>! Hycl-ia, (In? llr.lltl, <• j Thanks to co-opc;;uion of st.-ial j ur-aiiixalions. pencils who have fc-l tin- usrr of Kii-ic llnil- or ;:iiin. <inr to acc'.di'til or d:-'.i-;e, row an- iH'int; [iliicitl in occnp.i- i:nn.s that .suit tl'.-rm bi-si, ihiit tin not cull 111:011 use of the crippli'il limb in- joint, and dial slill cnnljle "«• partially IncapncUiiled lo i\irn :i living. Tin 1 Stiriner.s. tlu- P.niariiiiis. UH- Kiwanis clubs. 111-. 1 Nallimal Hf- ii.thililaiion Association, nnd many . prciiil tii^^iUiM;, jn many i'lies are doing Uunr utninst lo i:<-l[i Ilie cri|;p:rd, ivalis'sii'; lliat n liauililalioii of si,,-li pri.'-ons will! vast .sums [n ti;,. ;,| a i e [ m Thi- now work ininui [nr sut-li i-topli- also rc-sius-v.- thi 1 hltllvicluai ii.-pec-l- of many :,n invalid for luimr-lf anil r-nvr.; iiini doni the ("'•prexsiiiK inenuil contrition into vOiich invalids '.cMi'liim 1 .* fa]i. Much nl mo:v:-n : a;- :;c ry is i i,:i:ni:ti primarily ;o i,.-.-)re cotn- ]•'•'-•'.'- uoikinx f--:ic!:t::: to t:.,- BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO from the flic* of Uw BJyUi«rUJt Dllly Conrti-r Jrand Old Packet Book Now Being Dismantled PITTSBURGH (UP) -- The ineen City, one of Ihe packet, oats which plica tlic livers be- ween Pilisburgli and New Or- e.'iiis, is bciinj reduced lo a hum- lc wharf boat-.. Once it was th- mO st nmgniri- ent of the packet tails claimim; 'Ittsburgh as their home |x>rt. n s being dismantle rl on the Mo- ongahela river, just above Hie tint where ihe Allegheny nnd :.Jonongahehi riveis join and form tl'e Ohio. Built, in 1897, th.e Queen City nil was in service lasl summer. ANNOUNCEMENTS 'Ilie Courier Nc.v.s l-.-.n Veil au- thorised to nnnoiinu (!:• follmviii; r.s randidales for p:,hlic <a:rc, subject to the Demi-crmi; primary I'ixt August: I-'or Mcmln-r nf foirrf';'* CLINTON' I,. CALIiV.'ELL For County TiraxiiTi-r JOB S. DiLLAIil'.NTY For rirriiit Ccnirl ('[rrk HUGH CHAtG Fur County Cnurt ("l.'rk Tor lie-Election ft);- j:,;i Term lor AsM^or K. L. 'luu.Y o.\i::~.3 Vi. C. IIKKI HUUS<j>; .•:i : es lliat liavr- i ; , en injurcil rtiniiiiscil by lii.'.c-.iM-s or acciilen !; tluis iH'curiu-s :. part of a coin plrte imxri'.Ks ailki; i-elinbililalion. Ao rehabilitate t. man who lias •i temporary im-axirity, it first is ivcessary to lirinn about recovery : : l any ilamaKOd tissue. Then a study is made of the condition 10 ...••evrni a .similar occurrence in i Miei- iirr.sons. Viiriniis iiliysic^; mctltrxls urc l;c.ipfi;i in ivconshnction and re- iuibilitiiiini. At tlv fame lime IL ;''.;:>• fce possible lo develop for (he li.H.'iu a new OL-c'!,::,t[on for wliich l;is pliysical lon.inion docs not i.ii-.dii-jp iiiiu. -I'l-.f entire proccs-s of leliabilltailon i< :: lona one, in- •'j!viii!,' no; only ;':c work of ihe :.i--ii!rmi. but nLso o.' ihe industrial i-:iu'ioi;cy oxjxjn. Ihe social worker, Hie occupational thi-rap;st. Ihe pnysical therapy trchniciaii. and .-imilar iisslstaiilJi. A fine example u.' tlie kind r-l iWMliitai thai is concerned here is 'lir joi:il thai l:us Irccomc stilf af- 'er a (itvlociiilnn o:- a fiaclure or vt-:ne :>:iaiiar inju.-y In mmr cases, '; i; «-liich il is :u:i pn.^siljle lo si'.-ure a return ol ic:>ip!en> iiiolinii t.> the joint, n l:cccmi-s necefj.iry lo act (lie mo- lion up in Jic maximum by application, nf I-.KU, massage, ant: !n;;iiip;il.v.:eii and then to fit the] concerned to a job in vlilch l lie stifl sl-culdcr or elbow •-.r oihcr joint iv not a serious handle.!-). ri)it tnv on K r.s Election Tuesday. .\p;;: 3. For City (Icrk S. C. CHAir, H. b. M.-KNIOiif (An.irrrrs Housemaids Organize and Blacklist Some Employers .CLEVELAND tUPl-Maids anil oinnesiics here are tiirnini! the tables and lioiisewives found to be • uiitlc.'iirable" emplo.vers nrc beiii" "olacklisicrt." The plan, wliicli Includes giving » lull case history of each woman L : b'.-lns :ni! into rffect by a newly oiaamzcd "Hoiiwhold ' Workers' Welfare Association." A girl thinkins; of taking a joh "•ay look np her iirospcctivc employer's record regarding i, 0 w mncll she pays, wlmt !hc expects wlwi s!ic allows ti, rm to c . u . „„„ Her general attitude. accordin« lo >IIM Colette Kelley. president" of THIS CURIOUS WORLD S William , Ferguson c. 0 WAS NAMED AFTER A A\EXICAN INDIAN... & EN I TO JUAREZ, ONE TIME PRESIDENT OP MEXICO. O IBM IV KU tuvxt IK. '."T A FALLING '' METEORITE DEVELOPS A TEMPERATURE OF ABOUT 7OOQ OEGREES. HAVE MORE THAN THREE TIMES AS /MANV NECK VERTEBRAE AS GIRAFFES, ' v _^ Almost nil animals have seven neck vertebrae. A girair'- to, n.OR. thn,, a wha]e. But Ihere seems lo b ? no stanUrml amon , , Mr , A swan has 25: gccse iiavc- 19; ducks atom 10 Fvtll ,1 .. i hnnnning tirci has no I™ (Han 14. in-:i:ix IIKIIB TUDAY ,. i,n a Jilm und tvhnm f BIK^rs 1 liiiiut- -lnr Icll* i;yp, T IIHIVP uniii-d I. I. Mil in, ill Ihr ••,il mill lll»-,, liinr l.v|i :, iiKj, nn ,I .!•,„ I. line lalan il nnd r.i'r* »<irrj- lor *ivnu i>i c-nvj-liiK her. .\u\v (;o u.\ ^vri'fi Tin: CEl.M'TEH XXI r P!ll-: slimmer waned nil too swiftly. itluo days, golden 'lny:; there were in August, when ttynsy Huns her anus al.-,ft for :.hrer joy in living; when there was not a cloud in iln> sky; when ilie borders blitzed wilh nhlox and lavki'.juir iind -zinniaK; when the nix!:ls were drciichn,! with ilcw and you wakened lo cool, scented, j vy IIIOL nine's. never was such a FIMII- ninl muslin, willi only the top of a rosy head showiujr;, lay on Gypsy's arm. Her curls were freshly brushed, her eyes had llio peculiar deep, lambent glow thai comes lo youiiB molhcrs just out of the shadowy valley. Tom had eyes only for lier; " : "Isn't .lio'-;th'e sweetest! most adorable you're not Tom Weaver. paying attention to ' your son! You're not listening to u word I say." He grinned at her. "He's a wonder. Uut honestly. Gyps, do yon think he's iniu-h to "look at right now? I was ailiuirini; you Do you mind 1 ;-' "Hilly!" Klic protenrtoil In be annoyed. Ignoring Hie tliillery. "Ho's Ihe moat lie.iiilifni itiin K Gcd ever made! Aren't you, precious 1 ; Aren't yon the most bcc- yootifnl UiiuK Cod ever made? l.ook al his liitlo hands. Tommy Marvelous!" "Your inollier says he's like llio fllynna." t-aid Tom slyly. "Jliit 1 ,. say he's (lie living huaijc- -if inv r ; Cleat I'ncle Tobiai." <!y|i»y looketi ii]i (inic-kiy, lo say wilh pride. "U'liy. Tommy, ha looks like no one else in (lie. 'ivoniil re never was suc a Finn- ese n iicivonii] r. Tlie Morclls came over from I>IU ycm - "'"*' co "'d anyone say " " Mine Hills in die slnibby car and llir-rc were picnics on the grass under the laden apjilo trees. Steaks were broiled over the rrvulc outdoor oven. Tom rushed hmne early, exulting in Ihe luxury of his o«-n line and fig tree, and iiiere were two wonderful weeks 1 ho lo(ll;s lilic Undo "^adful fat old man!" Tobias"; whci lie homo altogether. . Th .• corn ripened undur (tie sun alonj t!>9 liishwnys. Tlie fruit him 5 hc-.-.v-- on tlio trees, flay was stacked in golden tents in (lie iicidj. And on one gorgeous day ••n late September (iypsy'j child v.a:; born. She lind been rushed lo Hip city hospital Ilie night before. 1'or 10 lung lionra she had v.-riii;cd in pain, digging her nails her flesh, trying to stifle the , ifj lliat were wrmis from her. Al S o'clock llio baby's -<> ..... led and the watching wail hn:-!.-;!inI, pacing (!:e corridor oul- 5:d':. sagged against the distempered walls in an agony of relief. "It's over. It's over," he wjiis- lirr.-rl. Wucn they allowed him in lo L'e? her an hour later she was lyin:; white and seemingly broken in iln: narrow bed. Only her eyes "nrr- :,;ive. mnvlnj alertly in her LcMiacd voting face. "T-^;::"iy . . . or;, tiarii ( s lu c .,| al (be clothe s, week-old ,„„, Tlicro were crumbs O n slove ail sink. Tlio coffee pul, with scruff of grounds on suonl and li stood on the window silt. H was the first niorniun voii "ad got out of bed before brea fasl. under doctor's uriicrs. N t she donned one of her-old sin mor prints and. having assiiril herself that the baby was wrj nnd wasn't in n drift, she lacked Ihn kite],en. Wasn't Tom L - O niinK hrn Would she have to 1,-uile wj Tom roaini way she ha.i ri.^oii | 0 th o bait. I been Of course Uaviil Morell Weaver! was the vrry isnago of his fallicr' oitp Ihis disorder all day? She hew lo regret having lot Mru. Jlnrl I so, ,-is wnvc after wave nf w ness swept over hur. Hut h spirit was valiant. She filled ill dishpan with warm so:,[,v wai.l rinrl stubbornly 'altnckc-1 llio ,]ij cnnr.iging lask. Khe had stac tho ciina anil saucers in t , drainer and was bcKinnint; to r-J Iieriencc the fine flavor nf c couragemcnt when EUC heard thin recily wail. nbe hurried to the baby. "\vii:| is it 1 .' Wlnst does ho ivaiu, tl [ darUng?" Ob, what all iiliot she was! was used to his bath nt ]irc--i this hour. Mis. linrliy hnd . pressed on her tho importance at I IIP aan I doing (lie same tilin time for David. And sliu lia Of course he w.i : ; "You're Ihe mn.!| exlraordinary girl." Tom mi:r:nnred. "Lasl year you v.ere just a kid, dancing, vlayiim- ariiiirnl. .\ Ui i !lnw you're a fiill.|ieii:;cd ii.jreiu, bristles and everytliiug." "You slop tensitis; iuu." C.yjwv told him with dimity, "j am now .1 full time molfier. with , u > , : ,.| lse of Im mor wliere my child is concerned." The JIcKinr.ons had returned from Minnesota during (ho early pan of Gypsy's hospital sojourn. it siead was tn thn apartment in- "f I" ihe Hltlo house that tho yoinis Weavers brought David '"""TJI icy arrive,! (here one brisk - - . her illuming, s-jnired by a j wondered. Was il possible tlnl slow, plump, talkative individual, O!! 'y "• month and ;x ba!f ago slJ who had been recommended by | h;lr1 ll(: ea slrong. resled, lhat si'l Morell. Th Octol was nol, really, slron! enough, bul il sonned v.-ortl holh labor and oxhauslion tn 11 rid of UIQ ilawdliii!;. ncver-silcil conipl.-iining Mrs. Ijurhy. The flr.l day (Jypsy was carried lllroui:] l>y sheer force of wilt and ncr-f ons energy. Tom tried agcn-L after agency. Inn there soeinrl no one ansioua to do cooking anl Sraeral lionsov.-ork in a family will •T. brand new baby. At the cnl of i'l hour* youn.LT Mrs. Weavil found herself almost rcsretlinl tho dcparliire of her crstwhij assislaut. Her back ached anl her foot were on fire. There v:c| ovm-yihing slill lo do. Beds wei| only halt made, dinner half pi pared. How did yoiins molliu., niauAso without assistance. C:>|i;| Uoctor McCuirc as a prartical • ' la<1 llionght housework an I his own CVC3 nurse. And imi.iedialely the torn-' cooking amusing? j m) of life changed. Tlie hospital j Slic was too tired to eat. , .IM iiocn dull—(iypsy i, a ,i looXed | watched her jinsiously as sho ...- j.o. ward lo ctmuns home—inn al : .'IHite exhaiisleil. on tho day I,;. 1 i t-.isl the routine hcen precise] "This can't go on." he s.ii ine baby had gono "I'll bring someone in, fir.U lint n.rr :n «ymp3iiiv v . or ' c ;>- n ' 9 «abj had gone 'Til bring Fnmeone in, Unti "Was if'jo :erribi*. ooaresf" i Wrti,,'- 0 •!?• ". 1 ,' ricr - v a(tcr every in the morning, if I have to sanrl He had i.--r :iar.,- : . in his. Hi,| . " L,T "* '° ym '", s molhcr ; 1n $ ''"•" A " rt '"> w lh « '""I r.-es we^ roi ia-: anxiously ove-:^ '.,.•• s ol " lc r " UIi:l o lv "s frying. ]i c . Ind to bo clianse.-l " ' irj rk>< ia.7 sn.\iou3!y dear, faiiiiiia- ie.uu.-es. She si'.'Jt her eyes, or. a !o:j~ sf.^h. "J.el you so^ tht> fcs'jy?" "Xoi yel. honey. The nurs* sai, • .o. baths, nsajvra nnd airings. ; fed; his bed had lo be marie fre.dl ..on- cvt-rythins was different. I There were tiiles ut small ga -Mrs. ^Bnriiy w a!j n-,.,|nc:ent thongli mcnls wailing to be washed. j ajni.-iolu. Gypjy's own room was n \ "It's endloM." Cypsy v.-aj], li-.liter of pOK<!i-r cans, raicly' on si Ions sisii. tollaiisin^ i-.n| , Pir.s. :;-ht!.\: snm:: c,ivuii>ut3 and a' lied. Tom patted hor sbonic!" . fin! 1 ." the doilor lotrt him. "Hii"! ^,'.l' 1 '* oro : .'- 1CJ .';::-„ t!.ro,, S h aplonniniy.". ^ ; d ' El <" evermore. Tiiin WAS not convicncd. H:.; jliiceS -^ males railed him robustly nn hia -Y~ ia= c=li •"' ilia second week -ri:riiiesj. "As it they knew u-ha; ~ " : ivn.i .-i! nJioai," liio Psor Iti-i '' r:l *•'• | self out. only half rested. Yoirnj j David had awnkmrtl in th^ nir.hi ,. lot for fneilia?:. low thnnght .:>.s ,•-•.i-.v-j i).iih-ircl l>;llly ' s (i - 1 "- 1 ' : ' ! - 1 w orn iiiesorahl S!-^ -•: i''..','-,',„..,,',..•" ••-,' Toni scramble:! loaetber hfs -i-.vl """ ••-=!'-""-•• • ' hasty and <!yii;y .Ir.inl lo l-s all ri-V.i. all rlsht: lie and Gypsy aa-l "I"- iittlp fellow: tt'hy. Uial «.,.. .l-.iru-i.ii-c. I 'l.--:i i know 'Aiierc t" li^cin." h« 5,11-1 wr-Hlij. Ti-.c livmc, J " ' . * 15 hsbv. * nundln of rijnk waken Mario new! K |, e wcnt (o ,.,„,„ h ;.., rosy biintllo of baliyhoo;!. mn,,H'ii!f laier and even :• ev «, |, r ij h!ell! ,4 at the s„;.,._ .. (To

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